Saturday, February 11, 2012

Can I touch your hair?

We can argue all day about whether or not President Obama's election really represented hope and change in this country.

But to one very special demographic there really is no argument.


  1. Anonymous2:13 AM

    Oh my... that's awesome!

  2. angela3:09 AM

    This is one of my favorite photos.

    Having spent the early part of my life a black kid in a mostly white midwestern town in the 60s I cannot tell you how many times someone asked me if they could touch my hair. And I don't mean just children. Of course I came to realize that they were curious and most did not mean harm.

    They were seeking my identity. I already knew who I was and was damned proud of it.

    What joy must have come over this little one when he realized the President of the United States hair felt just like his . . . .

  3. Sally in MI3:43 AM

    You know, all the ad people have to do to promote this man is put together a slide show of him with children. Contrast that with the finger pointing, screeching, scowling conservatives, and there is no contest. Yo can elect a calm, compassionate human being, or an angry bitter rich white man who cares about profits for corporations. The choice is ours America...choose wisely.

  4. Anonymous3:53 AM


  5. Ok, he gets my vote. Again and again.

  6. Anonymous5:37 AM

    The little boy wants the confirmation of touch to convince him of what he sees but does not quite believe - the President of the United States is a Negro like himself.

  7. BAustin5:46 AM

    such a great picture!

  8. Anonymous5:55 AM

    That is adorable. Not staged or calculated the way they'd do it at CPAC.

    The only authentic moment the Palin's had on camera was when they caught Piper licking her hand and wiping down Trig's cowlick. That was adorable and bought them time as an asset.

  9. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Wonderful photo.

    I sleep well knowing Barack Obama is the President of the United States.

    I'm looking forward to four more years of restful slumber.

    Thanks Mr. President!

  10. shughes728@verizon.net6:27 AM

    I've witnessed many first families through the years - President Obama and his family stand head and shoulders above the rest.

    They remind me of the Kennedys in many ways.

    Of course the racists in this country will never get past their moronic belief that the color of your skin is more important than ability and leadership.

    We still have a long way to go. I love our First Family.

  11. The President's comfortable and caring interactions with children, along with his policies to ensure their safe and prosperous futures, are all I need to know for the next election.

    Obama 2012! For the children & the country!

  12. Anonymous7:02 AM

    And Fox news will start yelling that President Obama is bowing to another leader and apologizing for the mistreatment of short people again in 3.... 2.... 1...

  13. Anonymous7:09 AM

    OH yeah, loook at the apologist-in-chief kow-towing to future street gang thugs!

    LOL sorry, I was having a Fox moment there...

  14. I love this photo. And I agree with Sally in MI who suggested putting together a slide show of the president with children would be a wonderful ad.

  15. I love this photo! Thanks, Gryph.

  16. So this is the man who the right loves to attack as aloof, cold and out to destroy the country? I hope the more moderate repubs and indies see those empty claims for what they are --- propagandist bullsh*t!!!

  17. Anonymous8:02 AM

    This makes me so proud of the young people today. What talent, involvement and hard work. This is so catchy that I just keep playing it over and over again!

  18. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Our president is great with children. Such a decent, loving man, and all children respond to him. Thanks for posting such a lovely picture.

  19. If BHO's pr team is presenting these photos to manipulate us into feeling soft and mushy toward the President and, therefore, voting for him.....IT'S WORKING! -:)

  20. laprofesora8:17 AM

    President Obama is a great human being.

  21. Angela, a close of friend of my son made that comment one time about white people wanting to touch her hair. It made me feel really bad, because I had that same tendency to want to touch it. It was so soft and pretty. She also said that she hated racial stereotypes because she loved watermelon and chicken, and she was too embarrassed to be seen coming out of the grocery store with them. I hope one day all this stuff will be behind us.

    When I was traveling on a bus in Guatemala several years ago, a little girl couldn't keep her hands off my (at the time) long, straight, blonde hair. I thought it was lovely to be petted by this sweet child. She later fell asleep sprawled across her mom's and my lap for the long trip to Guatemala City.

  22. Anonymous8:32 AM

    That is precious.

    I'm not a big Obama fan.

    But I do love the photos of him with kids.

  23. Anonymous8:46 AM

    A picture is worth a thousand words!
    No pretense whatsoever. I have always considered Clinton(warts and all) one of our greatest presidents. I believe this president is taking his place in my heart. And yeah, I am a 62 year old Southern white woman.

  24. eclecticsandra9:11 AM

    Interesting that hair was more important than skin color. I recently read about the Buffalo soldiers being named for having hair like that on top of a buffalo's head. Now how would they have known?

  25. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I agree! A political ad published and shown often would be an outstanding endorsement of President Obama - with children! I've seen so many darling, darling photos of him w/kids throughout the past three years. They always warm my heart.

    Repubs spout that President Obama is unfriendly and cold! All you have to do is see those photos and you know they are lying through their teeth. No other politician has been reflected as well in photos with children that are not his. (I'm a senior citizen and have viewed many with kids on the campaign trail.)

    These type photos shown over and over again in a political ad would indicate how kind, gentle and loving he truly is. He's a great Dad too! And husband! Love that family!

  26. What first popped into my mind when I saw that photo was the opening line of "I Wish," by Stevie Wonder: "Lookin' back on when I was a little nappy-headed boy..."

    Then the sentimental, more-than-half of me kicked in, thinking, "What is that young African-American man thinking? Is anything 'not possible' for him?"

    I hope not. Thanks, angela.

  27. Anonymous10:51 AM

    This picture of hope counterbalances the later photo of that dreadful Joe Miller.

  28. Beldar J Conehead11:01 AM


  29. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I have never wanted to meet a President as much as I want to meet this man.

    You can fool the politicians, you can fool the pundits, you can fool the voters and you can fool the media - but you can't fool a child. They see right through the false and the fake to the very core of a person. And children of all ages and all backgrounds are drawn to Barack Obama like a magnet.

  30. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Once I was having a conversation with a White person about why some people just hated blacks so much.

    He said what it comes down to is this. Blacks went through the slavery thing and when they came out they progressed real fast.

    Then he said once you let Blacks in they tend to take over and the white (not all White's) and that's why the power players wanted to limit opportunity.

    Black people as a whole understand the power of faith and are driven by it because in times that may be all they have.

  31. Anita Winecooler4:52 PM

    All kids are honest and inquisitive by nature. I think some are reading too much into this photo and the topic of racism, and I see no "there" there in that photo.
    Kids gravitate to people who relate to them well, a knack our President evidently has in abundance. He takes the time to actively listen to their concerns and respond.

    Has anyone seen a President as approachable by so many kids in their lifetime?

    Obama 2012


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