Friday, March 09, 2012

Fifty two percent of Americans believe the President has not accomplished "very much." Fifty two percent of Americans are morons.

There's a new sheriff in town and he's been doing a hell of a job!
Courtesy of Washington Monthly:

In mid-January, pollsters for the Washington Post and ABC News asked a representative sampling of Americans the following question: “Obama has been president for about three years. Would you say he has accomplished a great deal during that time, a good amount, not very much, or little or nothing?” 

When the poll’s results were released on January 18, even the most seasoned White House staffers, who know the president faces a tough battle for reelection, must have spit up their coffee: more than half the respondents—52 percent—said the president has accomplished “not very much” or “little or nothing.” 

It is often said that there are no right or wrong answers in opinion polling, but in this case, there is an empirically right answer—one chosen by only 12 percent of the poll’s respondents. The answer is that Obama has accomplished “a great deal.” 

Measured in sheer legislative tonnage, what Obama got done in his first two years is stunning. Health care reform. The takeover and turnaround of the auto industry. The biggest economic stimulus in history. Sweeping new regulations of Wall Street. A tough new set of consumer protections on the credit card industry. A vast expansion of national service. Net neutrality. The greatest increase in wilderness protection in fifteen years. A revolutionary reform to student aid. Signing the New START treaty with Russia. The ending of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” 

Even over the past year, when he was bogged down in budget fights with the Tea Party-controlled GOP House, Obama still managed to squeeze out a few domestic policy victories, including a $1.2 trillion deficit reduction deal and the most sweeping overhaul of food safety laws in more than seventy years. More impressively, on the foreign policy front he ended the war in Iraq, began the drawdown in Afghanistan, helped to oust Gaddafi in Libya and usher out Mubarak in Egypt, orchestrated new military and commercial alliances as a hedge against China, and tightened sanctions against Iran over its nukes.

Oh, and he shifted counterterrorism strategies to target Osama bin Laden and then ordered the risky raid that killed him.

The idea that this President is incompetent, or lazy, or in any way bad at his job, is completely unsupported by the evidence. Yet so many Americans, especially those getting their information from Fox News, seem completely unaware of all that he has managed to accomplish.

And if you have ANY doubts about that then click the link at the top to read more, and prepare to be impressed. Even if you are ALREADY a fan of President Obama.

P.S. For those with limited time on their hands, or looking for a shortcut, click here to see the top 50 accomplishment of President Obama.


  1. Anonymous5:20 PM

    The Fox propaganda is leading the sheep to slaughter.

    BUT you have to understand the poll is dependent on WHO they polled. They may have polled mostly Repubs.

    Because the presidents approval rating is 53% recently.

  2. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Of course, you've got to factor in the Party-of-No.

  3. All you need to do to confirm that most Americans are morons is look around. The tea party, the love of Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, Mitt Rmoney etc. Eating regularly at McDonalds, Arbys etc. Reading the left behind books and accepting the crap their pastors put out as truth. Home schooling kids, rejecting science in favor of magic tricks, rejecting health care as the plot of Satan. Jesus did your followers even read about your miracles? Oh don't get me started.

  4. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Gryphen, I'm betting that is a "online" poll where the idiots vote over and over again.
    Like say DWTS :)
    There are more of us than them...and they Know it.
    Fuck them...

  5. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Wow! No wonder Sarah is begging POTUS to call her!!!
    He's lookin' pretty fine in that cowboy hat, yes he is!!

    1. Anonymous7:45 PM

      Yes, yes he is!

    2. Anonymous8:32 PM

      Do I see just a hint of a mustache on him there?

  6. Anonymous5:59 PM

    O/T - What it could be like with a Romney Administration & The Hill/Congress. I see a huge difference between Obama and Romney and having seen this video, it gives me more drive to make sure this never happens -- ever.

    Wow, oh Wow and OMG -- Sounded like some info just fell out of someone's mouth that may not have wanted it to!!

    Sounds like an admission that I seriously don't think Scott Helman of The Boston Globe & co-author of 'The Real Romney' realized nor would he want to say. Future Romney interviews -- doubt it!!

    The first 6 minutes were about Keystone & Obama. But at around the 6 minute mark, the conversation turned to discussing a Mitt Romney Administration and what it would be like.

    Alex Wagner of MSNBC speaking about should it be a Mitt Romney administration and relationships on the Hill -- 'It would be a difficult ballet.' Has proven himself not to be light on his feet and nimble. He's a businessman.

    Helman's initial comments of course were painting Romney as dealing very well as he's willing to accept compromise (hold that thought!!!).

    Next out of his mouth he references when Romney became Governor and within a few weeks talking to a small group of legislative leaders, he informs of course he's been in the business world and this is how he likes to operate! I set the vision & I work with my executive to carry out the strategy (vision)! (THUD!!!) So on one hand it could work and on the other hand it could be a disaster.

    Oh just exactly what's needed - NOT. In order words -- the man couldn't compromise to get himself out of a wet paper bag!!! Add the fact -- he doesn't set the agenda for Congress!

    Someone else on the panel said people who have worked with him -- when there are surprises -- not easy going. Hell, that's a standard day in the Whitehouse!!

    Scott came back in during last minute and the red flag was that Romney wasn't interested in back room deals and getting to know you. The one major thing he got involved with was healthcare. Everything else he'd prefer the press conferences and much rather leave the work to the other legislators. WTF??? Sounds like Palin!!!! Doesn't want to do the work but wants the mug in front of the camera. Hell, the guy has been a crash & burner speaking now. They all give Obama hell for the teleprompters but there is no way anyone can give a different speech almost daily.

    How would he meet and deal with foreign leaders, etc. -- Those back room meetings and those juggling acts, the compromises to come to agreements with other countries, leaders, etc. What about that 3 a.m. call. OMG WTF

    You seriously have to listen to this. IMO This is 'gold' that it's the feeling you want everyone to hear and hope like hell the Whitehouse and BO's PACs hear too!!! Another addition to the ever growing AD wheel.

    1. Anonymous8:40 PM

      Why is no one in the media, or government officials, covering the fact the government isn't run the same as business!

    2. Anonymous4:37 AM

      Because since forever Americans have been told by the Republican Party that businessmen know better how to run the country than elected officials, that leading a state or the nation is just like running a company making widgets. Proof of this lie to those perpetrating it - see how rich corporate executives become. No mention of the complexities of providing for the safety, the education, the welfare of the state or nation, no thought to all of the natural disasters that can occur, no concern for these who have the least. For the Republicans it comes down to (and has since Abraham Lincoln was assassinated) to providing for the richest. What's good for Donald Trump, in other words, is good for American.

  7. slipstream6:17 PM

    Lessee . . . George W. Bush rode his bike a lot. He read books to children. He lost interest in locating Osama Bin Laden. He went to war against the wrong country, that idiot. Two terms, not much to show for it.

    And people think President Obama has not accomplished much?

  8. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Boys Will Be Boys Review:

    I have only read the first four chapters. I can only take this book in small doses; it's so brutally honest and disturbing. Shailey Tripp is a woman who has been down a difficult road in life and who by her own admission has made regrettable mistakes. I am not here to judge some of the poor decisions she has made, but I will pass judgement on those despicable men who took advantage of a single mother who was obviously in a financially vulnerable position. Ms. Tripp shares personal details of her sexual encounters with Todd Palin....details that are too explicit not to believe. And she includes copies of the email exchanges with Palin. Todd Palin should be investigated and brought up on charges of sex trafficking. What gives, Alaska? Is there an Alaskan Mafia that controls that state?

    1. Anonymous8:35 PM

      Yep, there is an Alaskan Mafia. Just "Google" the term.

    2. Anonymous8:42 PM

      Also I put the book URL up on Twitter twice now. Had to shorten the title to comply with Twitter.

  9. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Keep in mind the likes of Fox, Sarah and Rush have convinced their mindless followers that many of these accomplishments are negative. Like health care reform and ending DNDT. Hell, even Romney won't admit that saving the auto industry was a good thing.

  10. Anonymous6:21 PM

    WOW! Shailey Tripp does an excellent job providing a detailed, horrifying look at the sex for hire political racket run by Todd Palin before, during, and after his wife was Governor of Alaska. Todd Palin apparently provided sexual services through Sahiley and many other men and women for his political and corporate cronies, even trafficking prostitutes across stare lines for the purpose of winning federal contacts and entertaining his friends.
    Todd Palin took advantage of Shailey, a single mom of two disabled kids, and lured her into a sordid world, while playing the "First Dude" of Alaska. Shailey's tale is riveting , heartbreaking , and finally redeeming....a must read!

    1. Anonymous8:07 PM

      Awesome thanks for sharing!

  11. Anonymous6:23 PM

    The author is also another witness that Sarah Palin was not pregnant in 2008 with Trig as she wants everyone to believe.
    Sarah had a massage 6 weeks before the sopposed birth date of Trig Palin and the witness who gave the massage notes Sarah was not pregnant and Palin herself said she was not pregnant and wanted her abdoman massaged because it was still sore from the Lipo injections she had a few weeks before in order to ger rid of fat.
    Sarah Palin is a grifter, but her husband should be investigated.
    Shailey names some of the "clients" who are friends and business asssociates of Todd Palin and a few are cops and FBI agents.
    What journalist will help expose this illegal and devastating behavior? Here is another example of how women are blamed and shamed for bad boy behavior and how the woman is arrested but not the johns.
    Shailey Tripp is a brave woman and I support her 100%. I purchased both her books.

    1. Anonymous8:10 PM

      Another great review thanks for sharing. is this being allowed to happen?
      Shay names, NAMES!
      CEO from GCI one of which is on youtube talking about Ted Stevens (murder) accident, and seems to be lying...
      Several BP execs
      FBI and Anchorage PD who were "johns"
      How is this happening Alaska?
      Is everything ok as long as the PFD check comes in Oct?

  12. That 52% is the far-right. It's not those of us who know what President Obama has accomplished for our country! Like that cowboy hat! He's lookin' pretty good.

    1. lostinmn7:04 PM

      And the far left for his not doing enough - they are not to be worried over, they will come to their senses at the voting booth when the choice is between Mittens, Newt, Sanitarium or Sara.

    2. I hear ya'! Thanks for adding this. You're right on!

  13. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Sarah is sooooo jealous of Michelle, her eyeballs are quivering.

  14. Anonymous6:31 PM

  15. Rachel Maddow pointed out the website headlines of MSNBC, CNN, CBS and FOX. All but one had the headline that 200K new jobs were created in February, higher than anticipated; unemployment stayed at 8.3%.

    Can you guess which one omitted the story? Their main story was about the Titanic. This is what low information voters are getting in their limited access to current events. These people believe that FOX is fair and balanced. They have no intellectual curiosity to look behind a story nor do they get information from any place other than FOX and Rush.

  16. Anonymous6:58 PM

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    1. Anonymous8:12 PM

      Well they got the recovery part right. B/c these people are STOOPID!

    2. Anonymous8:18 PM

      A whale of a lot of fun??? I think my grandparents who would be 130 years old if they were alive used to say something like that lol. I especially liked this comment "Hoping to see you all there..maybe we could do a tour of Sarah's house!!!"

      Yeah, like Sarah would open her door to them. It's only her purse she opens. Poor dolts.

    3. Anonymous8:45 PM

      You're kidding..LOL!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous6:58 PM

    I just read a transcript of his re-election campaign "stump" speech that he gave at a fundraiser last night - he lists the things he changed. It rocks.

  18. The DNC is not getting the message out and they are allowing the GOP to control the dialogue. I feel certain that this poll will go a long way to waking up the DNC and the White House and hopefully, they will get the message out.

    1. Anonymous1:57 AM

      I suspect they're waiting until there is a clear challenger.

  19. Anonymous7:18 PM


    1. Anonymous7:57 PM

      I have been wanting to scream that ever since I read Shailey's book. Thanks for doing it for me. Reading her book has put me over the edge with outrage.


  20. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Well, what other result could be expected when the poll question response questions were weighted to elicit negative opinions.

    I mean two of the options were negatives and the one positive had a phrase "a good amount" which, to most people means significant. Considering that our President has not been one to toot his own horn, I would say this outcome is to be expected. Not everyone is a political wonk or follows the news closely like most of us are and do.

    Polls can be manipulated with word choices in either the question or the answer.

  21. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I for one am not surprised at the 52% morons. It reminds me of the UK's Daily Mirror who came out the day after Bush got re-elected with the headline “How Can 59,054,087 People Be So Dumb?” I'll never forget that because I so agreed and felt embarrassed for our country!


  22. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Those of us in favor of President Obama have got to get out there and vote in November and promote others to do so as well. I'm delighted he is our President. He is doing a fantastic job in spite of the assholes on the other side in Congress. Vote the Republicans out in November in all levels of government.

    1. Anonymous9:54 PM

      I agree. Some lazy people say Obama is a shoe-in and take it for granted that he will win the elction. Anything can happen and we can't afford to be lackadaisical whatsoever. The teabaggers were on it in mid-terms - we will not let that happen again. Take ACTION - now and every single day whether it's an email, a donation, or a person you meet in the grocery store line - just do 1 thing a day. Show them liberal/progressive is not a dirty word and that we are proud of our President!


  23. Anonymous11:13 PM

    A compilation LIST of links regarding President Obama's Accomplishments

    TONS of info on the link above.

    Enjoy :)

  24. Anonymous5:17 AM

    It's really something that no matter what our predident does they think he's this terrible person. I sometimes get fustrated with him because i think he caves in too much, but he has accomplished things with so much oppisition, and out and out racism. I lived through Ronald Regan, and how anybody thinks he was a good president I'll never know. It's percefption. I saw someone, whom there were stories about him always falling asleep durning meetings, briefings. He got rid of the air traffic controlers union, and that started the downward spiral of workers in America. Workers ended up giving up pay, benefits, vacations ect.I couldn't stand him, but they all want to be ronald regans now, His wife consulted astrolgers- Could you imagine if this first lady did that? Histroy will be much kinder to our Predident than these dumb repb and teabaggers

  25. Anonymous9:51 AM

    ONly 52% are morons?Actually I think it's alot higher than that. Did you know that in IQ the USA ranks 14th among Industrislized Nations.I can't remember the site where I read it. Also it ranks 14th in opportunities for women.Since the GOP launched it's War on Women it probably ranks lower the 14.

  26. You say:

    "Measured in sheer legislative tonnage, what Obama got done in his first two years is stunning."

    And then you list the things. And it sounds good but is it?

    My American friends are horrified at what "Health care reform" actually ended up being (not as advertised).

    >>"The takeover and turnaround of the auto industry."
    ... I don't know about this one, but if this is a good thing, why isn't Michael Moore trumpeting it?

    >>"The biggest economic stimulus in history."
    ... was what, bailing out the banks with no strings? The banks that went ahead and foreclosed on all those homes of taxpayers. Interestingly enough, it wasn't the taxpayers who had culpability for the erosion of the laws that led to the current Global Depression. (The same laws that were enacted after the last Great Depression, you know, to prevent it happening again.) The banks, which *did* have culpability - were given pots of no-strings taxpayer ca$h

    If that bailout money had been given directly to the mortgagees, they would have been able to pay their notes and would still be productive members of society with a roof over their heads. Instead, they are on the streets, many of them in "Occupy" Camps. Coincidence?

    >>Sweeping new regulations of Wall Street.
    ... Uh huh... why, then, is "Occupy Wall Street" striking
    such resonance?

    >>A tough new set of consumer protections on the credit card industry. A vast expansion of national service.
    ... i don't know about these, but in light of previous government largesse to banks, and the virulence of the Obama administration's attempts to silence Wikileaks (which, oddly enough, promised bank revelations) I would guess this is more "appearance" than "substance"

    >>Net neutrality.
    ... this one I *do* know about, Just because you call it "Net Neutrality" doesn't mean it *is* "Net Neutrality." ACTA, TPP, SOPA, CISPA could not exist with actual Net Neutrality... not to mention strong arming the rest of the world to make American dictated laws?

    >>The greatest increase in wilderness protection in fifteen years.
    ... oh, really? What about the Enbridge pipeline deal? You know, *that* Enbridge ~ that just had a little accident.

    >>A revolutionary reform to student aid. Signing the New START treaty with Russia. The ending of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”
    ... and lets not forget that while the soldiers who used innocent civilians for target practice walk free while a young man accused of leaking the Collateral Murder video langishes in jail...
    ... or that the President has assumed the authority to assassinate American citizens at will.

    Okay, maybe, you're right, President Obama has accomplished a lot. Much more than George W. Bush , because Obama understands PR.

    It's kind of ironic that President Obama has done such a great job of fulfilling the Republican agenda. Before Obama, I thought that your two political parties were different. Your country (and mine, which has a government that panders to yours) is a lot closer to 1984 thanks to your President's efforts.

    Personally, I don't think it's a good thing.


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