Friday, March 30, 2012

The Palin curse continued: The Nikki Haley editon.

Courtesy of the Palmetto Public Record:  

Two well-placed legal experts have independently told Palmetto Public Record they expect the U.S. Department of Justice to issue an indictment against South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley on charges of tax fraud as early as this week. 

A highly ranked federal official has also privately confirmed rumblings of an investigation and possible indictment of the governor, though the official was not aware of the specific timeframe. 

Yesterday, Palmetto Public Record exclusively reported that the Internal Revenue Service has been investigating since March of 2011 the Sikh worship center run by Gov. Haley’s father. At least five lawsuits have been filed against the Sikh Society of South Carolina since 2010, alleging that the group bilked contractors out of nearly $130,000 for the construction of a new temple. 

Gov. Haley is reported to have managed the temple’s finances as late as 2003, and our sources believe any indictment would center on what happened to the missing money. 

As I am sure many of you remember Palin endorsed Haley in May of 2010, and she was one of the few candidates to benefit dramatically from the endorsement and to go on to win her election.

But as we have seen numerous times before, the Palin curse may take some time, but it ALWAYS destroys the host body once infected.

Do you hear that Senator McCain? It is only a matter of time.


  1. Olivia4:00 AM

    It is certainly a curse for Haley, which is a lovely thing, but for the country it's more like a whole orchard full of wormy apples is being exposed.

  2. angela4:08 AM

    Nikki will slime out of it if this is really true.

    She is not liked too much in S. Carolina--even by her own party.
    Kinda like Sarah is a bit of a pariah to Alaskans. She has been pissing the baggers off royally down there. There is nothing fiscally conservative about her. Actually she is a fake and loon just like SP.

    Of course Romney tends to like fakes like himself. . . . .

    1. Anonymous8:04 AM

      Great comment, Angela...

  3. Anonymous4:13 AM

    South Carolinians hate their Haley now. Just like Palin, she's a tarnished star.

  4. I still wonder what Palin will say when about her pal Newty. He's as delusional as she in his pompous assertion that his campaign will keep rolling right on to Tampa. (What he really means is that he and Calista will be following behind the GOP elephant cleaning up its poop.) She was hoping for an entrance worthy of Cleopatra when Newty summoned her to the convention as his running mate. Running out of options and people to hitch your broken-down wagon to, aren't you, Sarah? Of course, there is always the fall-back position: spewing hate on FAUX news and Facebook. Seems that's the only thing that keeps you in the news.

  5. Palin curse? Haley's alleged wrongdoings catching up with her are her own responsibility, and she has no one to blame but herself.

    This is more a case of birds of a feather flocking/grifting together.

  6. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Former U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter told WHYY's Radio Times this morning that he found former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin strong on "sensuality" but short on "intellectualism" when she ran for vice president on the ticket with Sen. John McCain in 2008.

    Specter is hawking his new book -- Life Among the Cannibals: A Political Career, a Tea Party Uprising and the End of Governing as We Know It -- and was asked to discuss a section we reported on two weeks ago, about when he first met Palin. In the book, Specter writes that he noticed Palin's short skirt length and found that she "radiated sensuality."

    "She is a beautiful woman," Specter said on Radio Times. "Intellectualism is not her long suit. Sensuality is. I think people would be interested in reading that section. I don’t want to give too much of the book away on this program."

    Asked if Palin damaged the Republican Party, Specter said he believes McCain would have lost to President Obama if she had not been on the ticket in 2008.

    "I don’t think she’s an integral part of the Republican Party today," Specter said of Palin. "She’s a personality. She’s a media star."

    1. Anonymous6:02 AM

      Puke. An old man using the word "sensuality" is just gross.

    2. Anonymous6:38 AM

      Maybe perhaps wanting to exude sensuality until she opens her raw, gutteral, cawing voice.

    3. Anita Winecooler12:12 PM

      At least he's being honest in owning up that she gave him a "rise". Sarah Palin is the Anna Nichole Smith of Politics, but as Judge Judy always said,

      "Beauty fades but dumb is forever"

      Sarah's been pissing on old men's legs and telling them it's raining for years.

  7. SALLY in MI5:51 AM

    I think litle Chrissy witch avoided jail when her campaign failed. Had she been elected, she would also be under investigation for finance fraud. And really, isn't that the one thing holding Scarah back? Her slush/PAC would have to actually follow the law if she announced, for real, this time she really means it, look at the color of her fake cross tonight, folks!!!! and she would have to talk to real journalists and try to make sense of the misuse of funds in Alaska (yes, Sarah, people know how you REALLY governed, and this time, will be telling all.) Deep down, she knows God will not save her from the wrath of the godless GOP. Keep watching for doors, Sarah...keep watching.

  8. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Everything The BITCH(666) touches, turns to Shit.

  9. DebinWI5:59 AM

    Maybe 2012 will be the year that two Republican Governors will be arrested! Still hoping for John Doe jumpsuit for Walker ASAP!

  10. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Sarah.. loan the Belmont girls to Nikki... She NEEDS them.

  11. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Former Republican Advisor Admits Sarah Palin Ruined Everything

    A former John McCain advisor and Sarah Palin wrangler has admitted that thanks to the former Alaskan governor's disastrous turn as major party running mate, the chance that another woman will be nominated for Vice President is slim. Actually, scratch that: there's an Alaskan snowball's chance in hell that this year's GOP nominee will pick a lady to run alongside him.

    Republican operative Nicolle Wallace expressed doubt that the next nominee for GOP Veep will have two X chromosomes, implying that Palin's candidacy was to blame but stopping short of pointing out why. (Hint: because she sucked)

    "I think in the post-Palin era you can't go back. That happened," she told Buzzfeed.

    Wallace's (likely apt) prediction is a frustrating testament to the tokenism inherent in McCain's choice of Palin in the first place, and of voters in general.

  12. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Nicolle Wallace: Palin Will Shadow 2012 Veepstakes

    Palin's 2008 adviser says the Palin moment may have turned campaigns off from a female vice presidential pick this cycle. May also have turned campaigns off from an unprepared running mate, she says.

    1. Anonymous7:17 AM

      Ha, and she says Nikki Haley would be a good VP pick. Doh.

  13. Anonymous6:14 AM

    May 2010

  14. Anonymous6:15 AM

    In just a little over a year in office, Haley is another version of Palin clone 2.0. She is an ethically challenged liar with an itchy pussy. No she doesn't own a cat with psoriasis. She's been accused twice of having extramarital affairs and threatened to "quit" her governorship if there's provable evidence. One accuser released proof of text messages and were quite damning. She refused to man up and release her phone records and cowardly hid instead. Taxpayers are billed for her communications. During her campaign she promised complete transparency. She turned out to be just another crooked politician with a selfish agenda. She should definitely "sikh" legal counsel. She thought she khindu any damn thing she pleases after attaining the title of governor.

  15. Grey Lensman6:54 AM

    If only Our Sarah had run...
    It doesn't stop.

  16. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Hey Sarah. Since your endorsement is just this side of the kiss of political death, do us a big favor and endorse lotsa more Republicans. Any of 'em. All of 'em.

  17. Anonymous6:59 AM


  18. Anonymous7:00 AM

    I wish the feds would investigate more churches, temples or whatever. I suspect this temple is not alone in its alleged misuse of money.

    Look to Anchorage Baptist to see other reasons for churches to be investigated. That it is contributing so much money for political purposes should make it ripe for having its tax-exempt status revoked.

    For too long, many unscrupulous people have hidden behind religious institutions to gain power and position without regard to the faith they say they espouse.

  19. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Gee, we've seen Gingrich hit bottom (or near enough to count as bottom). Hopefully, Sarah will come out with huge enthusiastic support of whoever wins the GOP nomination. That should seal the losing deal. Let us pray she works her special magic over and over and over, hehe.

  20. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Why don't they thoroughly check Sarah's assets and expenses? Now this would be a story. Everyone knows that Sarah and her family lived and traveled on SarahPac. Did SarahPac also pay for their huge motorhome which was hardly used at all. Did SarahPac pay for all travel expenses for her and her family to functions not relating to politics? Does anyone care or are they giving her a pass?

    1. Anonymous9:23 AM

      Why don't you ask Obama why he changed PAC rules. Why he allowed anyone to donate, regardless of legality? Why don't you think intellectually and instead of shooting off inane ramblings that don't matter to the country. Your President is slowly doing the country in further and you've been manipulated by his media to not see it.

    2. Anonymous11:24 AM

      Disingenuous idiot @ 10:23 AM. It was teh Supreme Court's Citizens United decision that changed the PAC rules. President Obama's stance toward his own campaigns behavior vis a vis PAC's that President Obama changed, andwith very good reason:

      Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said in an email to supporters Monday that the president's campaign "can't allow for two sets of rules" in which the Republican presidential nominee benefits from "unlimited spending and Democrats unilaterally disarm."

  21. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Um Scarah, another pal of yours just bite the dust and oneday you'll be next. ( " I'm still waiting on the pinkhand-cuffs to come knocking on your door! "

    1. Anonymous9:21 AM

      Yet you don't mention similar things on the democratic side. Biased idiot.

    2. "AnonymousMar 30, 2012 10:21 AM
      Yet you don't mention similar things on the democratic side. Biased idiot."
      You are the idiot. This is a personal blog, not a news site. Start your own damn blog and you can complain about Democrats to your heart's content. In the meantime, why are you here?

    3. jcinco2:45 PM

      Nefer, I love you! Great smackdown!

  22. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Is Palin next? I hope!

  23. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Gasp!!!! Did Sarah endorse a NON christian???!!!! uhoh, I bet Sarah was too stupid to know that! and now we find out that "non christian" Haley is a crook!

    BTW wasn't that money missing about the same time that Sarah got PAID to endorse her? things that make me go hmmmmmmm.

    Little Rabbit

    1. Anonymous8:28 AM

      Nikki was Sikh by birth, but she converted to Methodism and calls herself a Christian (Methodist).

    2. Anonymous9:04 AM

      But this is a Sikh temple she was in charge of, so apparently she didn't convert.

  24. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Palin endorsed Haley in 2010, not 2007.

  25. Okay I have NO idea why I typed 2007 instead of 2010, but it is fixed now.

    Damn brain farts!

  26. Anonymous9:02 AM

    An Ethnics lawsuit, filed by no less a Republican, against the SC TP Queen was recently thrown out of court because it was the wrong venue in which to pursue it. The complaints in the lawsuit are now at the SC House Ethnics committee which was apparently the proper place to pursue them, but that's like the fox guarding the hen house. Then again, there isn't much love at all within the Republican ranks for this ethnically challenged poseur. As governor, Queen Haley has attempted to sidestep law and protocol only to be quickly blocked and shutdown. IMO, both parties had her number early on and have been very attentive in trying to counter her antics. One of the complaints in the lawsuit was that she was acting as a paid 'lobbyist' while being a SC member of the house. She twists what her role was very unconvincingly and has been caught in numerous lies. She has a track record of placing donors and incompetent people in high positions (ex: SCDHEC and Darla Moore replacement) as well as increasing the number upper end gov't job positions and salaries for her court. Fiscal conservative she isn't. Unfortunately, SC doesn't have a recall law.

    Recently she was campaigning in Pennsylvania for Mittens and there is speculation that this will be her exit strategy from governing SC. Oh and then there is her book that she recently 'wrote' which doesn't get any coverage in SC. She seems to be peddling that muck in the northern states. Looks like Queen Haley is following in her mentor's footsteps.... setting herself up for bigger and better things and pffft to her 'governorship'. Her epic slap down will be glorious, though. It's Deja vu but in SC.

  27. Virginia Voter9:05 AM

    Please, God, let Sarah and pimp daddy Todd be next.

    If anyone from the IRS want to hit the mother load, they need to investigate Todd's all cash prostitution ring. You've got tax evasion, prostitution , human trafficking across state lines for the purpose of prostitution , and so much more.

  28. Anonymous9:21 AM

    What does Haley's financial problems have to do with Palin? Sarah doesn't control these things. That's like saying Obama's responsible for spewing all radical crap his past friends have vocalized. Palin has done the country so much more good than ill harm. WIthout her, the majority of the country would still think Obama's a good leader with intentions that will help America. So much proves the contrary of that.

    1. Anonymous9:46 AM

      Must pain you to see how lousy all of Palin's choices are, day in, day out.

    2. Anonymous9:58 AM

      Palin is responsible for the shootings in Tucson that took people's lives and destroyed others. Palin is DIRECTLY responsible for encouraging violent, racist, hate during her short run for VP, directly responsible for a HUGE up tick of threats against Obama and told to cut it out by the secret service. Palin has done massive harm to this country and it's political discourse. The majority of the country KNOWS that Obama is an excellent leader with the best intentions for this country, for the people of this country, and for the world in general. You need to take your head out of your asshole, asshole. Go check out the difference in favorability ratings for the two, Sarah is in the DITCH.

    3. Anonymous10:30 AM

      The Bitch is in the Ditch. You gotta love it.

    4. Anonymous11:08 AM

      Did dirty money end up in Haley's campaign funds? Did Haley reimburse Palin or SarahPAC for expenses or appearances? Did any dirty money end up in SarahPAC or Palin's pockets?

      That's how Haley's supposed problems could become Sarah's problem.

    5. Anita Winecooler12:38 PM

      What does Haley's financial problems have to do with Palin? Sarah doesn't control these things. That's like saying Obama's responsible for spewing all radical crap his past friends have vocalized. Palin has done the country so much more good than ill harm. WIthout her, the majority of the country would still think Obama's a good leader with intentions that will help America. So much proves the contrary of that.

      Name ONE thing Sarah Palin did that's good for the country. Ok, maybe that's not a fair question. Name half a thing Sarah did to help the country.

    6. Anonymous3:53 PM

      Sarah has a great group of friends, Nikky, Christine O'Donnell ,Rush Limbaugh, Newt, haha, the cheater of two wives, her witchdoctor pastor. Has she ever had one good friend who was honest or respectible, no....
      People hang with people like themselves. Honest and respectible people will not touch her at all. They distance themselves. She is running on thin ice.

    7. Anonymous3:57 PM

      Not one person is any campaign ever said anything horrible, racial, terrorist talk, sliming our President, targets, reload... before Sarah came on the scene. She started all this crap with a big smile on her face, sat back and denied all of it while continuing to fill her followers with this hatred. Dangerous, yes... hope the government gets her before anyone else gets shot.... Hope the government has been smart enough to watch her closely.....

  29. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I know you aren't supposed to judge a book by its cover, but it IS human nature to do so.

    The first time I spotted Haley on TV my first thought was "used car saleswoman/ liar and thief."

  30. Anonymous10:18 AM

    I'm guessing Sarah Palin is probably one of the smartest people in Wasilla
    That's scary

  31. Uh oh...when it rain it pours! I see that ole "Herm" Cain's campaign manager is under scrutiny by the FBI...and what they did sounds strangely like what Baldy was doing when she USE to give those 100 thousand dollar speeches! Check this out!

    "As the Journal-Sentinel explains, the groups appeared to have run into conflicts with several election laws:

    Expenses totaling nearly $40,000 are listed in Prosperity USA’s internal documents as “due from FOH,” a reference to Friends of Herman Cain, the name of his campaign committee.

    A number of election law experts have said these payments for campaign events appeared to cross the line.

    Prosperity USA also borrowed as much as $150,000 from two unnamed individuals and then gave the bulk of those funds to the Congress of Racial Equality , a conservative civil rights group, in January 2011. Shortly after that payment was made, Cain - who had just entered the presidential race - was a featured speaker at the group’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Celebration dinner.

    Sources said the loans, which don’t appear to have been repaid, were obtained under questionable circumstances.

    In addition, it does not appear that either organization was granted tax-exempt status, even though contributors were told they could write off their donations. Both groups received substantial support from major conservatives in the state."


  32. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Nikki Haley Facebook!

    "Sorry fellas. I'm not going anywhere no matter how many lies you put on a blog. The days of dirty blogger politics will come to an end when people stop paying these guys to spread trash."

  33. Paul - Minnesota12:57 PM

    Come on Sarah, please, please, please. Please endorse all tea/libertarian/republican candidates.

  34. Anonymous1:18 PM

    If Palin is involved in any way, you can guarantee she turned the bitch in! She Ruedriched her, to make herself look less slimy in comparison.

  35. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Tick. Tock. sarah.

  36. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Two promiscuous Politicians on the same stage. Haley with staff(sic willie) and supporters, Palin with Hanson, and Glen Rice.


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