Monday, May 28, 2012

Here's an interview with Joe McGinniss that took place during the recent Sydney Writer's Festival.

I am a few days late on this, the interview took place last week on the 23rd, however I thought that today might be a good day to share this little trip down memory lane.

I cannot embed the interview but you can hear it by clicking here. (It lasts about an hour.)

Joe discusses everything from how he came to write the book, his experiences living next door to her (He says that Todd Palin is 5 foot 5, and all mouth.), and, towards the end, his lack of faith in her version of Trig's birth. (I never get tired of hearing that discussed on mainstream media venues.)

Joe e-mailed me about this event and mentioned this in his e-mail: Incidentally, in Sydney, on Saturday, a thousand people paid twenty bucks and stood on line for more than an hour to see and hear me talk about Trig, among other things.

Joe also said that the people of Australia CANNOT figure out why the American journalists have never pursued the inconsistencies in her birth story.

Well join the club my Aussie friends.


  1. Anonymous5:20 PM

    My two cents is that the wild ride tale audio of SP regaling her drama has nott been heard by the general public. What she claims she did is unthinkable. People who heard the story would believe some "hater" lied and made it up. Palin savors the big impressions she spins. She also savors, like a vulture picking bones, to con people she is the victim denying her own words.

  2. Anonymous5:24 PM

    I've pushed Joe's book many times since it was published. "The Rogue" - Searching for the Real Sarah Palin. He helped bring her down to which many, many of us are thankful!

    Love how he described Toddy boy w/the two-toned, small dick and a short bully with a loud mouth!!! Are we surprised at all?

    Joe, the birth of the retarded child will come out eventually and you'll be acclaimed big time!

    The Palins of Wasilla, AK are idiots and need to be drummed out of Alaska.

    1. Anonymous6:15 PM

      I'm 5:24 - need to make a correction. Joe is NOT the one that talked about Todd's small dick and it being two colored. It was Shailey Tripp in her book "Boys Will be Boys" where it is showing Todd to be a pimp taking prostitutes across Alaska state lines.

  3. Anonymous5:34 PM

    OT Hollywood Insider reports Life's a Tripp will air two (!) episodes.

    Can we have a contest how to repackage the next attempt?

    1. Anonymous6:07 PM

      Oh yay! Bristol's show! Hurrah!
      Okay, everybody, we need to get Twittering so this gets attention. Be sure to reference IM.

    2. Anonymous6:16 PM

      Joe was invited to have a break in Girdwood and meet people quite willing to speak on-record and to see if the other Wasilla Trooper ex-brother-in-law would give him a few minutes.
      He neither responded nor showed up, so he missed a few bits that might have fleshed out his story.
      Evidently it didn't impair his story line.

    3. Anonymous6:45 PM

      There aren't enough dueling banjos in the world to make that disaster a ratings hit.

      I suggest Lifetime run some old "Ma & Pa Kettle" movies. It would be far more entertaining and respectable than this "Hey look how cool you can be if you get knocked up at 17!" reality show.

    4. Anonymous7:22 PM

      I have the first coat of paint drying that first night, and the 2nd coat is being applied and needs to dry the day of the second.

      Oh damm. I'll just have to miss it!!

    5. Anonymous7:54 PM

      I think I will elect to muck out the horse stable whenever it will be aired. It will smell better d the company will be much more intelligent.

    6. Anonymous9:00 PM

      Actaully two episodes will air for each of 7 weeks.

    7. Anonymous4:39 AM

      Thank you for the correction the show is twice weekly for 7 weeks.

    8. Anonymous4:56 AM

      DO NOT watch that trash. You will be validating that uneducated tramp and giving her more money.

  4. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Well, neither have the Australian journalists, the Canadian journalists, the...

    1. Anonymous7:05 PM

      Actually, there was a Canadian network reporter did a segment questioning the 'Trig' trip on Sept. 3, 2008 - a matter of days after she was picked and introduced to the country by McCain.

      I think we can say it appears the Canadian media were questioning before anyone

  5. Sally in MI5:53 PM

    The American 'journalists' have not pursued this because there is very little journalism in America any more. When a propaganda network can sell itself as THE NEWS and attract more viewers than ABC News, we are in trouble. And frankly, when a stupid tramp like Sarah Palin who can barely string five words into a comprehensible statement claims she earned a degree in Journalism, of all things, what does that say about this country? My local paper hires Journalism grads from a nearby university, and I am constantly writing to the paper about their lack of proper grammar, verb tenses, and spelling. A 12 grader recently won some award for an essay he wrote on 'americanism,' and it was filled with errors, some of which made it unreadable. Yet, his was chosen for a thousand dollar scholarship and he will be attending a prestigious MI private school in the fall, where I hope they place him in First Semester English and he learns to write.

    1. Anonymous8:10 PM

      I have an MFA in creative writing and while I was in grad school my brother was in high school and he sent me an essay to read that he entered in a contest that Oprah was running. it made no sense. It was horrible and there was no point. If I were his teacher, he would have gotten a C. And that would have only been for effort.
      He got a 99 on it from his teacher.
      In another essay, he used the term "satire" as a verb. Not "satirizes"..."satire" in "SNL satires current events..."
      His teacher didn't catch the mistake.
      He went to school in TX.
      He thinks he didn't win the contest because he didn't have a black-sounding name.

      Did I mention that he went to school in TX?

      (I didn't go to school in TX...which is probably why I know that his essays stink.)

    2. One of my kids teaches Economics and World History at a high school and is currently pursuing a Master's in Economics.

      He recently sent me one of HIS writing assignments, and i was SHOCKED ~ shocked, i say ~ that his second sentence ended in a preposition!

      Just to be mean, i corrected that error and a few others and sent it back to him. When he complained, i informed him it was my duty.

    3. I remember when my son was in high school and he got an A on a writing assignment while my other son got an F on a different assignment. I called both teachers: the one who received an F probably earned it while the one who received an A earned this by turning his assignment, incomplete, in on time! It didn't matter that it made no sense, was full of spelling errors, etc since I'd read it the night before - he at least turned it in! How sad it that :(

    4. Anonymous5:01 AM

      I am willing to beg Sarah never received a college degree. Last year someone sought out the information on her degree, and the college she claimed to have gotten it from had no record of her ever receiving a degree from their institution.

    5. Anonymous1:28 PM

      What I remember is that someone called asking about a Sarah Heath and was told there was no record. When another person called back to ask about records for a Sarah Palin, they said those records were private. Fishy, huh?

  6. American journalists are too worried about their corporate masters axing them from their jobs if they actually ponder the idiocy of Sarah.

  7. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Our society is terribly dumbed down in our world of today. And, the Republican party wants more of it so that they can control! Just listen to Romney and the crap he spreads about education. We are in big trouble if we don't reelected OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!

    1. Anonymous5:02 AM

      Let's make sure we get the vote out for Obama/Biden.

  8. Kimosabe6:17 PM

    Shortly after the Rep convention, CBC-TV did a story about the wild ride, with graphics showing alleged flight path while SP was in labor. Ended it essentially by asking, "Really?"

    Not a peep on US msm tho.

    1. Cracklin Charlie9:14 PM

      I'd love to see a video. Do you know if one exists?

    2. cdngrlinus5:03 AM

      Ask and you shall receive.

    3. Anonymous5:41 AM

      This one is good. It follows a line of questioning that is logical and pragmatic. What a good MSM should do.

    4. Anonymous5:43 AM

      Holy schmoly.

      Where was this gem?

      Examining youth reaction to the announcement of Bristol Palin's pregnancy while her mum was named as a VP running-mate.

    5. Anonymous6:14 AM

      Wow!! That's a great video. Why haven't we seen that before?

  9. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Important heads up from Chipsticks at the Obama Diary:

  10. Anonymous6:39 PM


    Michelle Obama will be appearing on The View and on The Daily Show on Tuesday.

  11. WakeUpAmerica6:48 PM

    Tell the Aussies that much of the silence is due to their Aussie who controls much of our media, so they can STFU or expose it themselves.

    1. Tania7:48 PM

      Whatever. He's an American. God you're a rude hate filled piece of work. Stop giving Trig Truthers and Gryphens blog a poor name! Partisan lunacy. Really. Grow Up.

      PS I'm Australian. Don't like what you said at all.

    2. Tania7:55 PM

      Oh and WUA, have you tested out that pesky silly scientific 'theory' of gravity yet? Because it's just a theory after all! I've been checking the threads all day for your report back regarding said. Looking forward to report.

    3. One of the major deficiencies of Sarah Palin is complete lack of knowledge/understanding of anything outside of the USA. Your comment is similar - the rest of the world can STFU unless they are supporting the USA 150% all day every day.

      The rest of the world DIDN'T nominate an absolute dumb idiot to be their 2nd in command. Sometimes those outside of the USA are worth listening to.

  12. Does Murdoch have as big of a presence in Australian media as he does in the US?

  13. Hello Gryphen,

    I just want to thank you once again for your blog, and therefore exposure to this tape. I don't always put money into a book, nor always sit down and read it when I do, just because of our American pastime of driving ourselves busy with responsibility and work, work, work. So it was a treat to listen to Mr. McGuiness and hear down to earth information about this Sarah who we wish would re-enter the ozone layer just so we can relax alittle. I'm small on snide, but big on practical, and so I just plain want you to know that I enjoy this practical avenue to feel like this mentally ill woman is not going to harm us any further.

  14. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Holy smokes I would hate to be the refrigerator door in Sarah Palin's house.

    This interview was brutal.

  15. Anonymous10:58 PM

    It sounds like if John McCain wanted to know about Sarah Palin and vet her properly, he should of hired Joe McGinnis.

  16. Anonymous11:08 PM

    After listening to this interview, me thinks Joe McGinnis may have passed up several people on the Sarah Palin hate list?

  17. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Thanks for posting this Gryphen. It was very enlightening.

    Now if only Shailey Tripp was interviewed so she can talk about her dealings with her pimp Todd Palin.

    1. Anonymous8:26 AM

      Joe McGinniss offered.

  18. Anonymous11:25 PM

    According to the comments, nobody wants to see Beefalo on the DWTS All Stars.

    Why? Is it because nobody wants to see another baby fetus endangered?

    Is it because nobody wants to see Bristol leave a wet spot on the dance floor after being rubbed on?

    Could be that nobody wants to see Bristol carrying and snacking on Cheesecake Factory doggy bags?

    Or is it because nobody wants to see Bristol balloon up over night from all the exercise and excellent work ethics she has?

  19. Murdoch, got his finger wrapped when his paper The Australian, went after a politician by the name of Pauline Hansen she was a ditto head, but they didn't publish the truth.
    Pauline, was in the vein of Sarah, all the red necks loved her. May be that where he got his idea to hire Sarah knowing she would drag all her rabid fans to Fox News.

  20. Anonymous12:58 AM

    NO!? Yes he does. Lots of newspapers, at least one of high quality -- "The Australian" -- depending of course which journalist you read in the Oz. It has a fairly broad spectrum of opinion -- it has its climate change sceptics but has been good on refugees. Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, Rupert's centenarian+ mother is a highly respected figure in Australia. She supports many very good cultural projects, and I often wonder what she thinks of her son.

    1. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!5:36 AM

      JEBUS! How OLD is SHE?!?!?

      These people must have made deals with the devil!

  21. Anonymous3:42 AM

    I read that Dancing W/The Stars wants Bristles back for the all-star show!!! They will lose viewers if they bring that no-talent back. Of course she would get a sign-up bonus, plus be paid for any "dances" she does. What a farce, when there are truly talented, deserving young people in this country. Poor Mark, after some of the terrific partners he has had, then back to Bristles.

    1. Anonymous5:19 AM

      As a Bristol loather, I'll be the first to admit it would be ratings gold to have her back on.

      1. She'll show off her postpartum figure, and

      2. She'll have actually worked on getting that big middle finger extended out to h8r's in America.

    2. Anonymous6:32 AM

      Anonymous5:19 AM

      LOL.. you're quite ignorant.

    3. Anonymous8:28 AM

      Naw. Good move on their part. It's about money and ratings. And they'll get it.

      Viewers will flock. Even if they can't stand her. Just like for "Life is a Tripp."

    4. Anonymous1:38 PM

      Bristol won't attract any audiences. She simply does not have the charisma of her mother. As obnoxious as Sarah Palin is, she does have that celebrity thing goin on.

    5. Anita Winecooler8:26 PM


      Care to enlighten us middle finger targets further?

      Tripp is how old? Three? So which "postpartum" figure are you referring to? Trig, Tripp, or the DWTS pregnancy?
      Surly you know her personally, and can easily "clear the air" once and for all!

  22. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Hello 8:10 P.M.
    The paper you are talking about was not,(I repeat not) rejected because of not having a black enough name, but because he went to school in TX. Tx. has for years been dumbing down the education of this country. The books being used in schools these days are printed in TX. I for one am very pleased you informed this young man of this.
    If Romney has his way, education recieved in this country will be null and void. This is exactly what the Republican's and the Dominionsts have been working for a very long long time. personally, I wouldn't live in the South, if I was given one of the States.

  23. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Wow, that was some interview. Sarah is a vicious, vengeful, ruthless, nasty, mean-spirited, undereducated, spiteful whore. Her daughter is following in her foot steps.

  24. Anonymous 4:48 AM
    "The books being used in schools these days are printed in TX."

    The textbooks aren't necessarily printed in TX although some may be. Since TX ranks second in number of schools (after CA), TX textbooks are used as the standard. Publishers don't want to have to publish several different versions of each subject so TX writes the books and then that "standard" is sold to at least half the states around the country. The problem with that plan is that TX has been re-writing history for a number of years so kids all over the country are being taught incorrect "facts".

    Speaking of textbooks and also, too, Rupert Murdoch, I wonder what percentage of textbook publishers Murdoch controls? Harper Collins and Scott, Foresman & Company. Any others? The man is an octopus.

  25. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Great News For Sarah Palin

    Sarah if you want a photo op with the Queen of England here's your chance. All you have to do is stand in front of your tv on Wednesday and have Piper take your picture with the Queen while Katie Couric, a real journalist with a real journalism degree and a real journalist career, interviews the Queen Of England.

  26. Anonymous10:57 AM

    The flip side of that is why did the Australian journalist ever pursue the Trig truther story?

  27. Anita Winecooler8:42 PM

    Thanks for sharing this post. Of all the authors who've written on the subject, Joe's is by far my favorite. I've read all his books and some clippings of his work in his newspaper days in Philadelphia my Dad saved.
    This interview validates and expands on his work.

    Unlike the american media, who were wussies for not giving it a fair shake, The Aussies were open enough to actually interview him respectfully.

    I follow a lot of Eastern European news on cable and the web, and there's barely a mention of Sarah. If they do, it's usually for her stupid antics, but no one delves below the surface.


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