Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Steve Schmidt schools Sarah Palin on the stupidity of bringing Reverend Wright into the political arena.

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Martin Bashir speaking of Palin: "Did she, ever say to you, or John McCain, that she wanted to use the Reverend Wright against Barack Obama?"

Schmidt: "Well she did Martin, she did all the time, and I think something that is important to understand here, is that this was John McCain's decision. John McCain ran for President of the United States. John McCain won his party's nomination. It was his call. John McCain said absolutely not, under no circumstances, do I want to light this fuse, do I want to inject the poison of race into this campaign. It was the right thing for John McCain to do. It was the right thing POLITICALLY for John McCain to do. And most everybody who disagreed with that decision understood that it was John McCain's right to make the decision and got in line with it."

With ONE notable exception of course.  Clearly Palin NEVER got in line with McCain's decision, and continues to THIS DAY to try and resurrect the Reverend Wright issue in order to discredit Barack Obama, who now has over three years as President under his belt, making the Reverend Wright issue even less relevant as a determination of his character today than it was back in 2008.

An opinion by the way that Steve Schmidt confirms with no equivocation.

Maritin Bahir: "And yet Steve, many on the Right say that he might not have lost that election if he'd used Jeremiah Wright."

Schmidt: "Yeah, well that's dumb!"

Do you hear that Sarah? That's dumb!

Tomorrow I have a rather interesting tidbit to share about John McCain's campaign manager that might make many of you see him in an entirely different light. Stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous3:13 PM

    O/T 'Deadbeat Dad' Levi Johnston Is Broke And Living With Mom!

    Levi Johnston is penniless and living with his jailbird mom at her home in Alaska, according to a new report.

    The father of former Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin's grandson, Tripp, has been left broke after blowing through an estimated $1 million in earnings on "guns, boats and four-wheelers."

    "Levi Johnson hasn't paid child support in nearly two years," a source told the new issue of US Weekly. "And he has little contact with Tripp."

    The 22-year-old recently hit back at claims he is a deadbeat dad and absentee father, telling Inside Edition: “No, I never will be [a deadbeat dad]. I love Tripp more than anything and he is my son but I don't feel like a dad to him. Not by choice …hopefully one day I can be."

    Meanwhile, despite not being able to support his current child, who lives full time with mom Bristol Palin, Levi recently announced he's expecting another baby!

    As previously reported, Levi claims to have gotten girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby, accidentally pregnant after she forgot to take her birth control on a hunting excursion.

    They plan on naming their little girl daughter Breeze Beretta Johnston, the middle name a nod to famed Italian gun manufacturer Beretta.

    1. ibwilliamsi3:27 PM

      Who gives a fuck what a bitter sack like you has to say about Levi? Not me. Not anyone. No one will watch your show, Bristol. I doubt it will even make it on the air. Get a job.

      Honest to God, I wish nothing more for Levi than that he will move on from what the Palin family put him through. He was a kid who was in way over his head. You, on the other hand, are just plain unworthy of any kind of sympathy.

    2. Anonymous3:27 PM

      Bristol, Levi is over you. You need to get over Levi. Instead, you beat the drum of your "stolen" hahaha virginity; dead beat dad when you won't let him see his son; and what have you got?

      Money cannot buy love and friends, although in your case, it might be the only way. Got a new honey lined up? didn't think so. What fool would want to be a part of your family!?! You chose to follow your parents' wishes that you drop Levi in exchange for fame and fortune. Good luck with that.

    3. Anonymous3:29 PM

      Of course Sarah Palin will continue to beat the drum of divisiveness - that's all she knows. Her vindictiveness is unlike any other: she can't let it go even when proven wrong.

      God bless Steve Schmidt.

    4. Anonymous4:48 PM

      There is only one kind of person who could spew this much venom towards Levi and label his mother a 'jailbird' and that is a Palin. Levi, his mother and his sister have been downright abused by the whole Palin family. I wish Levi and his family the very best.

    5. Anonymous4:53 PM

      "a source told the new issue of US Weekly"
      Hmmm Bitter sack...wonder how much $$ she got?
      Well her and her asshole mother better STFU if they know what's smart b/c Lady Karma is about to smack them upside the head.
      According to Maila's blog a commenter says MSM knows all about Toad the pimp and its a pissing match as to who "has the guts" to run with that.
      So krusty, or Bitter sack, your show is doomed!
      And I don't give a flying fuck about Levi except to wish him well.
      Krusty Fuck off and Beefy/Barstool fuck off too, also!

    6. Anonymous5:04 PM

      Even if Levi is broke and living with his mother, he is entitled to see his son. Bristol has kept Tripp away from half of his family. It is too bad that Levi does not have an adult who can offer him good advice and steer him on a good path. Bristol's TV program will show her taking Tripp out of state-- I assume, without Levi's approval. How much more ammunition does Levi need?

    7. Anonymous5:40 PM

      At least he is happy. No matter how much money Brisket collects she will never get over the fact that Sarah ripped Ruffles from her arms. I truly think that will haunt Brisket for the rest of her miserable life.

    8. Anita Winecooler9:01 PM

      Hi Brancy!

      "Levi Johnson hasn't paid child support in nearly two years," a source told the new issue of US Weekly. "And he has little contact with Tripp."

      Q What's better than being a Palin?
      A Being a Johnston.

      Get used to it. Wouldn't want a court ordered DNA and drug test, right? ;o)

      Give Mommy and Daddy our regards!

    9. Anonymous4:26 AM

      Levi needs 1) to get his GED and 2) to get a job. Even in a gas station. Anywhere. Just to get a job and go to work like 99% of the rest of us. Just as no one owes Bristol Palin a living, no one owes Levi Johnston a living. Their moments of fame are over. The real world beckons. Both need to grow up and the tabloids need to avoid both of them like the plague or we'll still be seeing junk like this on the internet or in the grocery store check-out lines ten years from now.

    10. Anonymous2:03 PM

      I wish Levi, Sunny, and Breeze the very best. Bristol not. I am sorry she has turned Tripp into a little camera clown.

  2. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Bristol, chill out. Go drink another wine cooler.

  3. Anonymous3:32 PM

    You can't school that ignorant Bitch. Why even try?

  4. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Sarah is known not to play by the rules or follow instructions. I'll wager McCain is so damned happy they didn't win against President Obama!!

    Sarah is a racist and just plain stoooopid!!!

    1. AJ Billings4:05 PM

      Boy is that ever true. If McCain had won, he'd have had to deal with a raging narcissistic scorpion bitch of a VP on a daily basis.

      She would have caused a never ending spree of scandals, gaffes, and been an insufferable pain in the ass on every issue and at every turn.

      She would have gone rogue enough to actually undermine President McCain and probably would have warranted impeachment

    2. Anonymous4:57 PM

      Thank the lucky stars McCain didn't win. Palin still cannot comprehend she was second on that ticket. And she is hell bent to remind us all of her "contribution" to it. But she cannot rewrite history. The truly sad part is that she is a part of this great country's national history at all. FU McCain! And I am sure Schmidt should get a FU too but, at least he acknowledges he was wrong. For that he gets a reprieve from this Dem.

    3. sarah doesn't' play by the rules because she's not intelligent enough to understand the rules. that's the full meaning of her "going rogue".

  5. Anonymous3:42 PM

    When Tripp is old enough to think for himself, he will realize it was Bristol who kept him from his Grandma Johnston and it was Bristol who kept him from his Auntie Mercedes and it was Bristol who kept him from his dad.

    Karma is a bitch and the Palins are slowly finding out about it.

    We are waiting to see whats going to happen to Pimp Granddaddy Todd.

    1. Anonymous7:26 PM

      NOTHING. The fix is already in.

  6. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Dumb and arrogant. Knowing that Romney won't go down the Rev. Wright path, she's once again setting the stage to say, "If you'd only listened to me, you'd have won" while simultaneously riling up the angry white right. We know she's wrong because, as was pointed out in the interview, Pres. Obama WAS vetted related to Wright during the primaries and the general election and it was a non-winning issue, getting about as much traction as her rants about Ayers.

    I wish someone would ask Schmidt about Sarah's medical records and the last minute release of her physician's statement without a news conference allowing questions for the physician. I think he's writing a book and hope he'll cover the hoax. If the campaign made a deal with her to protect her secrets, surely she's broken her end of the bargain.

  7. Anonymous4:03 PM

    It is obvious that Sarah thought it was HER CAMPAIGN in 2008. Several times she said she was "running for VP", which in itself is pretty stupid.
    She is one of those people who is like a dog with a bone. She knows more than anyone else...and feels she needs to vindicate herself with this whole Rev. Wright thing...

    Sarah is just a trick.

    1. Anonymous5:00 PM

      Sarah actually called it the Palin/McCain Campaign. It was no accident that Tina Fey, playing Sarah Palin, turned to the camera, saying, "Shh, I'm goin' rogue." Then she began to sell Palin 2012 sweatshirts, cautioning people not to wear them until after the election. SNL has to base their comedy on reality otherwise people won't get the joke. There was truth behind the skit.

    2. PalinsHoax6:31 PM

      Anonymous 4:03 PM
      "Sarah is just a trick."


      Ol' $carah sure is a trick - a cheap trick wearing cheap perfume, cheap clothing, cheap wigs, cheap facial reconstructions while displaying cheap values and behaviours.

      Ol' $carah is cheaper than one of Tawdry's tricks aka ladies of the night.

  8. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Can somebody explain to me why the Anchorage Daily News will post garbage about an underage uneducated high school girl who got pregnant in a canvas tent with her friends outside?

    How come the ADN is posting info on Bristol Palin's reality show when they won't investigate or report about Alaska's Shailey Tripp's book Boys Will Be Boys which documents the time she worked as a prostitute for Todd Palin?

    Shailey Tripp was pimped out to a Secret Service agent for Christs sake!

    "Bristol Palin reality show to debut June 19"

    1. Anonymous6:11 PM

      Bristol did not get pregnant on the wine-cooler camping trip. According to her TMI novel, she was date raped that night and lost her virginity but for some reason kept having sex with her rapist for a long time until she did get pregnant. Presumably she was sober and not in a tent during at least some of those sexual moments.

  9. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Palin will continue to cause trouble throughout 2012 and beyond. If Obama is reelected, she will be spewing hate until 2016 and if Romney is elected, Palin will cause trouble for him, too. She might be even worse with Romney but in a different way--pushing her extremist views with the help of her elected endorsed candidates. She is a sick woman-and ignorant. Palin got where she got because of everything but intelligence. Sociopath.

    1. jcinco6:32 AM

      That's why a couple of mormon henchmen need to deal with sarah now. She's doing everything in her power to discredit mitt already, she'll screw things up for him at the rnc if she isn't dealt with stat...mitt has as much of a problem with her as he does with anyone or anything else. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't start with the dog whistles regarding his cultish religion. By encouraging his campaign to bring up wright she has already been undermining him.

  10. Sorry to be off topic, but does anyone know what happened to Floyd Orr's blog, "Nonfiction In A Fictional Style"?

    He has posted some pretty detailed and damaging information about the extremely deeply rooted conspiracy to put Sarah Palin "out there".

    I'm just wondering if any of you know anything about this?

    1. Nyan - other than his blog is gone, no. I was one of his few "Google Friends Connect" followers. He was detailed in his posts and interesting (I bought his book) but he had stopped posting regularly, as I'm sure you know. He is quite the curmudgeon but he has a unique perspective.

    2. Anonymous6:25 PM

      Nyah - Orr's blog is still up but at a new address.

  11. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Speaking of saying things that are NOT in the interests of your favored candidate...

    Did anyone notice that the Romney camp rolled out old John Sununu, declaring him a Republican statesman supreme, and asked him to castigate the Obama campaign, over their bringing up Romney's snake oil salesman past at Bain Capital?

    He blurts out that the Bain issue is one that SHOULD be examined! (I assume they threw a tarp over him, and wheeled him off the stage, after that.)

    Compare it to the New Jersey mayor who was saying that superpac run attack ads by both sides, are not good--and the media and the rightwing radicals went into a freaking FRENZY over the point of starting up a phoney petition to side with Booker against the President.

    Think about how you didn't hear SQUAT about this, the next time some numbnut whines that the mainstream media is controlled by the Liberals.

    The media is now the tool of the get used to getting your news AFTER its been "cleaned up" by their censors.

  12. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Republican Logic about Reverend Wright:

    (a) We have 3 minutes of footage of Rev. Wright saying America's foreign policies caused blowback in the Middle East,
    (b) Barack Obama went to that church for 20 years, ergo,
    (c) "He sat in that church for 20 years listening to that!" even if the actual words were only a few minutes.

    Besides, as Roy Blount Jr. said, everybody knows the whole idea of being a preacher is that you get to get up there and say crazy stuff!

  13. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Sean Insanity tried to get Colin Powell worked up about Rev. Wright and Bill Ayres, and Powell shrugged him off, telling Sean that America saw it for what it was back in 2008, a meaningless personal attack. Sean then went on to exclaim how divisive our President is, and Powell countered that the GOP met while Obama was enjoying his inauguration balls to set in motion a plan to destroy the President. Powell asked Sean just how divisive that was? Sean asked who exactly was at this meeting, since he was invited. Powell did not name anyone, and Sean said that goes to show how much influence he has, since his witch hunt amounted to nothing in 2008, and still hasn't born any fruit.

    Powell showed why he should be a GOP nominee, and Sean showed why that will never happen.

  14. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Sarah is on very dangerous ground when she wants to keep linking President Obama with Rev.Wright-- guilt by association. Todd was a member of an anti-American organization, the Alaska Independence Party. We saw an African witchdoctor place a spell on Sarah.

    The McCain campaign planned to use Rev.Wright before Sarah was ever chosen for VP. A longtime Washington DC Republican lawyer and lobbyist, A.B.Culvahouse, was put in charge of vetting Sarah Palin. The other possible candidates were vetted over an eight week period. Culvahouse and his staff "vetted" Sarah in a couple of days, including, reading all of the sermons from Sarah's church.

    Why would sermons from Sarah's church have anything to do with vetting Sarah? It was because they planned to use Rev.Wright early on. There must have been a point where the polling or feedback indicated that the Rev.Wright attacks would be seen as racist, not anti-American-- or that they just didn't work.

    And, when Sarah WAS vetted, Steve Schmidt knew that Todd had been a member of the Alaskan Independence Party for seven years. Sarah tried to excuse it as a one-time thing, where Todd checked the wrong box on a ballot: Democrat, Republican, Independent, AIP, Socialist, etc. According to Sarah, Todd meant "independent" not AIP. Sarah told Schmidt to get out in front of that story. Schmidt refused saying that it would be a lie, and it would be easily proven as a lie-- which would hurt the campaign even more.

    When Sarah wants to stir up the Reverend Wright pot again, guilt by association, let's remember that Sarah was glad to address the AIP and Todd was a member for 7 years. I can hear Sarah hollering all the way from Alaska to Washington DC if Michelle Obama belonged to an anti-American organization for 7 years. Attention Sarah: People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

    About that Culvahouse vetting: He did tell McCain that Palin was did not have foreign policy or defense experience, but she could be brought up to speed after the election. Sorry, but the VP has to be ready to assume the presidency from Day One. Sarah still isn't up to speed, and she has had enough time to learn why there are two Koreas, who we fought in World War II and why Paul Revere rang those bells and fired those warning shots. (Special note to Sarah: If a guy calls you claiming to be President Sarkozy of France, it's a prank call. They have had an election, and there's a new guy. I wonder if you know who he is. In fact, here's another stump-the-candidate gotcha question for you: Who did we fight in World War I?)

    1. Anonymous8:53 PM

      Even though she thinks she can see Russia, she wouldn't know we actually invaded it during WW1.

    2. Anonymous10:14 PM

      I think Palin's own activities in sending the video messages twice to the AIP before she quit her governorship are far more incriminating than any activities of her husband.

      Granted, Toad doesn't exactly make her look good, but he is a private citizen, on paper at least, and he has never sought a public office. But I do not see how she can possibly defend her association with a group of secessionists.

      She was never properly vetted and I blame our lazy ass media for giving her a pass.

  15. Anonymous5:38 PM

    I wish the GOP would keep Rev Wright in the spotlight, many of us Viet Nam vets would be happy to have Rev Wright's true personna, as a decorated American War Hero, brought to light. Many of Rev Wright's fellow veteran's are proud of his service while France Pants Mitt hid out in a foreign country to avoid service to his own.

    1. Anonymous4:34 AM

      There is video of Mitt Romney talking to a Viet Nam veteran before the New Hampshire primary. They were both "serving" at the same time: Romney was serving his church in France and the veteran was serving his country in Viet Nam. Romney literally equated the two: missionary service in France and military service in Viet Nam. I think it shows how incapable Mitt Romney would be as president of discerning a separation of church and state. The two are one in his mind and that is extremely dangerous.

  16. I'm pretty sure Steve and Nicole would have made sure that $arah was never sworn in as Vice President.

    It would have been due to circumstances beyond their control :)

    1. Anonymous11:09 PM

      Bull. They did all they could to get her elected and if she and McCain had been they would have accepted the accolades. Nicole only started changing her tune when she had a book to sell.

  17. Anonymous5:44 PM

    If guilt by association were a valid offense, then I guess all catholics condone pedophilia. Matter of fact, I believe that all catholics are raging pedophiles, and are not fit to exist in a christian society. How you like them apples?

    1. Anonymous10:15 PM

      I wouldn't be surprised if that is Palin's view of things.

  18. Anonymous5:53 PM

    It was her campaign, which is why they lost. If they would have ran McCain with Lieberman, they would have stood a chance to win. But the GOP placed their bets on a dumb ass Hoe, that they thought they could control. They just didn't count on her being as stupid and fucked up that she is. The Bitch singled handily lost the election for the GOP in 2008. She can spin it any way that she wants, and she will. But the truth remains, that America looked at her and said, Oh Shit. There is no way that we can let this idiot and her dysfunctional, backward family anyway near the White House.

    America voted that the educated Black Man, with the dynamic high achieving family, was Superior to the valley trash hillbillies from Wasilla. McCain was just an after thought.

    So you see, just like in 1984 when she was DEFEATED by a Black woman in the Ms. Alaska Beauty Contest, she was DEFEATED again in 2008 by another Black person. This is what haunts and torments her and her followers every single day. She can steal and pillage all the money in the world from her followers. She can slice up her face all she wants like a spiral ham. She can rant and rave all day long. In the end, she is INFERIOR to those that she hates the most. Black folks have repeatedly whipped her ass when it mattered the most to her.

    Poor Bitch, deal with it. There are more ass whipping to come. Power to the People.

    1. Anonymous7:56 PM

      Nailed it!

    2. Anonymous6:36 AM

      I am a Hillary supporter & would have voted for McCain because of that.

      BUT - once I saw this chick he picked to run with him, my eyes were opened & I saw him for what he was.

      I didn't vote for McCain after all.

  19. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Of course she didn't get the enormity of his call not to bring the Reverend into it. She's never had to work to get where she is, always coat-tails, always throwing those who helped her under the bus when she's done with them.

    She recognized it wasn't a winning ticket so her going Rogue was scripted to become her brand and leverage her brand beyond 2008.

    Now she gets to rest on her laurels and regurgitate all her dog-whistle words for speeches and contracts certainly above her worth.

  20. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Muthee. Kenyan Witch Hunter. Laid hands upon Sarah to protect her and usher her into office.

    1. Anonymous7:57 PM

      And how THAT turned out. LOL.

  21. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Is there a point to this? Shouldn't you be helping to highlight the failures and political games of your current President instead of feeding mindless shit?

    1. AJ Billings8:09 PM

      hey idiot troll, why don't you just get on over to C4pee and join those who think that Sarah Palin is god, and worship her, and send her your money?

      Or maybe you are $arah?

      Do you possibly think that one person reading here is NOT going to see YOUR baseless attacks as mindless shit?

    2. Anonymous8:16 PM

      Mindless shit is your Queen, That's why she's turning into a plastic FREAK. I'd almost pity her but that's narcissism for you.

    3. Hi Krusty! Nice to see you again.

    4. Anonymous8:47 PM

      Ding Dong the Bitch is dead, the wicked old Bitch, that stupid Bitch. Ding Dong the evil Bitch is dead. Hi Ho, and Merry Oh, that scruffy old Hoe is dead.

      Stick a fork in her, the Bitch is DEAD !

    5. Hi Krusty! Nice to see you again. Or is it Sarah.

    6. The point is that some things need to be damned by God.

      I'm curious, Anon 7:44 ~ who's YOUR president?

    7. Anonymous5:44 AM

      Hey Kristy -

      First of all, he's OUR President. Even though I had a lot of problems with George W. Bush, I spoke about him and treated him - when I saw him in person once - with a modicum of respect.

      Second, please provide examples of the failures, etc, you speak of. More people have access to health care and the economy's getting slowly better.

      Third, political games? Like...not throwing Bristol under the bus? not using Romney's religion against him? Give details.

  22. Anita Winecooler9:10 PM

    This racist bullshit, from a woman who did the nasty with Glenn Rice then showered for hours freaking out that she slept with a black man (I'm sure the word she used started with an "n").

    She's a vile, soul less bitch, hellbent on spreading lies and hate.

    I love Martin Nashir, starting to sour on Stevie boy, he was on Morning joe arguing a way that Romney could win- and it was all absurd nonsense. I know he's smarter than that, but did it for Scarboroughs reaction - surprise surprise

  23. Anonymous11:19 PM

    "Steve Schmidt schools Sarah Palin on the stupidity of bringing Reverend Wright into the political arena."

    Now if only Schmidt can school Palin's children in history, math, English and reading then they wouldn't have to rely on reality shows or the family pimping business.

  24. Steve Schmidt has zero credibility after so many failures ..he caused.

    He started as a failure in Politics:
    1993 Failed University of Delaware in Political Science

    These guys hired a failure in Political Science:
    1995 Failed Will T. Scott Campaign (R-KY) run for Atty.General
    1998 Failed Tim Leslie (R-CA) run for Lt.Governor
    1998 Failed Matt Fong (R-CA) run for Treasurer
    1999 Failed Lamar Alaxender (R-TN) run for President
    2008 Failed John McCain (R-AZ) run for President

    2012 Failed Career joins Scott McLellan by ..switching party loyalty.

    Steve Schmidt was PAID OFF WITH LIBERAL CASH to become adviser to anti-Palin movie "Game change":

    Producer - Obama supporter Tom Hanks
    Distributed - Obama shills HBO of Bill Maher infamy
    Actors - Obama supporters Julianne Moore, Ed Harris, and Woody Harrelson

    Steve became a PAID PAWN in revisionist history of liberal fictional account of the failed GOP election campaign he orchestrated. Movie is panned as untrue political propaganda

    1. Anita Winecooler6:03 PM

      I'm so glad President Obama didn't pick Steve for his campaign adviser, or surely he would have lost miserably against McCain and the subject of the movie "Game Change". Reading the list of failed campaigns makes one wonder why Steve Schmidt kept getting hired, if he "caused" them to fail? Are they gluttons for punishment, or just slow learners? Or was some other decision why McCain lost? And what could that possibly be?

      Game Change got 7.5 stars out of ten, most of the comments are positive, picking ONE negative comment from the admin isn't quite fair.

      Scroll down to the user generated reviews, the film was a great success for HBO, can't wait for the dvd with interviews and scenes not shown, and "alternative endings" (irony) as most dvd movies include.
      I have to thank you for the second link, because it has another "gem".

      Hey, Gryphen, Get a LOAD of this- the evil nasty liberals are "attacking" (telling it like it is) poor Bristol Palin in the comments.

      Includes a "sneak peek" photo of Bristol and Tripp in silhouette blowing air kisses in each other's general vicinity.

      Tripp is one cute kid, just like his father's side of the family!

    2. Anonymous7:16 PM

      And which father is that? It certainly is not Levi.


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