Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Is there ANYTHING more entertaining than watching Fox News come to the slow realization that everything they have done to the President for the last four years has failed?

Literally while Bret Baier is in the middle of saying that the calling of Ohio in the President's favor is a "major setback for Governor Romney," you can hear in his voice that he is thinking to himself, "does that mean what I think it means?"

However Megyn Kelly is much slower on the uptake and the whole segment seems to suddenly be in slow motion as all the various pundits and reporters start to absorb the unthinkable, that Mitt Romney just lost the election. After that they all look completely shell shocked as if this was a scenario they simply had never even considered.

Gee they must all only watch Fox News too.

After this they brought Karl Rove out, and if you think THEY were slow to recognize the facts, HE was in total denial.  

“I’m gonna ask you a straight-out question,” Wallace said to Rove. “You went through this in 2000, you almost went through it in 2004. Do you believe Ohio has been settled?” 

“No, I don’t,” said Rove. 

Rove argued that there were too many votes not yet accounted for in Ohio, particularly in Cuyahoga and Hamilton counties. He did the math and figured that at least 720,000 were left to account for and that there were only 991 votes separating Romney and Obama when the state -- and election -- were called. 

"This is premature," he told Fox News' Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier, adding: “Our network called on the basis of about 74 percent of the vote being in." 

After several minutes, Baier and Kelly decided she should take a walk to the "decision desk" to see how confident the network's experts were in their call. (You can see video of this at the link.)

"We're actually quite comfortable with the call in Ohio," one of them told her, adding that the largest outstanding county is Cuyahoga, which he called "Democrat territory." "There just aren't enough Republican votes left for Romney to get there." 

But that wasn't enough to convince Rove, who again began presenting numbers supporting his argument. 

"It may be that Obama wins the state, but there seems to be a lot of votes that need to be cast," he said, adding: "Let more of the votes come in and start to see more of the separation and validate it and not make a very early call. The public perception is that it looks a little odd to be making a call with a 991-vote difference." (Actually the final tally had Obama winning Ohio by more than 100,000 votes. Conservatives simply cannot do math!)

Replied Baier: "They are pretty confident back there Karl, but we will keep going back and forth. I don't know if we will send Megyn back there again."

I'm sorry is there ANYTHING on reality TV anywhere near this entertaining? Watching that nasty piece of work Megyn Kelley tromp back to confront the network's "experts" at Rove's behest was surrealist television at its best.

I have literally watched the embedded video three times, and the other videos a number of times as well, and it is really doesn't stop being a kick in the ass.

I swear the ONLY thing better than winning is having the opposing team complain to the ref that the score is wrong, proving them wrong, and then running up the score even more afterward.

And THAT is exactly what happened yesterday.

Fox News lost tons of credibility yesterday. Of course that likely will not change a thing, as the people who watch it don't do so to learn, they do so to be told the fairy tales that match their perception of the world, and help them to feel like victims of some dark force that will not America to be America.

Sadly for Fox, those people are dying off, and soon the majority of their audience will be watching from the rocking chairs in their assisted living homes or from their death beds.

Update: The typical expression worn by Fox news employees last night.

 I should make that the background for my I-Phone. So sweet!


  1. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Did Rove ask her to bring him a coffee while she was at it? Typical misogynist grandstanding.

    1. Anonymous5:30 PM

      First off, Karl Rove WAS surprised! B/c He was so sure he had "Rigged" the election, OH & FL he told NPR a week ago" You will all wake up and Romney will have 300 Electoral votes". Romney did not even HAVE a concession speech!
      If you remember at that dinner 2 wks ago Romney so smug and self assured 'Mr. President, your getting to the end of YOUR term"...
      Those fuckers were all set to rig it? For what ever reason, Maybe Mercury retrograde? Made it so they couldn't rig it. What ever it was, was a complete surprise to ROVE as thinks OH is in the BAG for RMoney!
      Also did anyone notice right after Romney conceded, last on the on the Maddow blog reporting,He amended his 2011 tax return? Why would he do that right after he lost?
      So many unanswered questions....
      Happy, so very Happy Barack Obama is still POTUS!

    2. Anonymous2:56 AM

      That's what I thought......they thought the "fix" was in.

  2. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Hey Megyn, go make some movies. You're nothing but hair, tits, legs, and ass anyways.

    1. Megyn is an actress playing a role on the Fox Fake News channel. She's actually really smart, and yes, she is very attractive so I'm sure I over-estimate her IQ, but still... I don't agree with her because she's nice looking. It just means that I can tolerate her because she's cute and obviously acting.

      Roger Ailes will always be able to put talking head shills out there to lie to the low-info, ignorant Repug baggers, and these types will always believe it as long as it's what they want to hear.

      The low-info crowd will "remember" that the blah guy cheated and that the media carried his water, so all of the blahs and all of the gays, sexually active women (sluts, every one of them), unemployed, lazy people who don't take responsibility believed THE ONE when he said that he would give them (I mean, US!!!) all a lot of free shit so we could smoke dope, fornicate, and abort babies every day while buying smokes and pork ribs and steaks for our dogs with our food stamps. Let's see, what was I talking about?

      Oh yeah, ignorant people will never learn to think critically, because if they do, they'd have to change their minds and not be so ignorant about science and human beings. But then they would be living in sin, and birth-controllin', climate-change-believin' folks would have respect for them for learning and improving themselves. But they don't want to identify with rational people, because then they would be "less Conservative" and God would strike them down with a Hurricane like he always does to Democrats who shake their fists in His face and moon Him from down on Bourbon Street in NOLA during Mardi Gras and St Paddy's Day or during the weekends when the Saints are playing at home in the Superdome in New Orleans.

      It's all theater on Opinion GOP TV, Dem-MSNBC, and Talk Radio Noise. I'm not saying these two are equivalent, because the Left doesn't foster nearly the hate, bigotry or violence that through their propaganda as the RW- Fundie-Bagger-Nutter shills. But both sides are corporate-owned, and this false equivalence is just another tactic used on those who are easily influenced. A divided electorate can be manipulated by those at the top of the food-chain playing both sides against one another.

      I digress.

      Rant Half-over, I think.

      1 of 2

    2. 2 of 2 (unless I think of more shit to write)

      If people didn't believe stupid things told to them by greedy, conniving, lying grifters, I'd consider all of the right wing-nuts to be about as harmless as WWE Wrestling or whatever the name of the company is presently. It's mindless entertainment with a story-line, villains, heroes, sex, violence and all of the shit that happens in real life but done as caricatures and a parody of real life stuff that is often far-removed from our boring lives.

      Wrestling was cool when I was 7 or 8, but I often wondered at the time ,why it wasn't in the newspaper sport pages and why everybody on the "shows" or arenas was always mad and screaming at one another and dressing up like crazy characters. I understood what it was about by time I turned 10, and realized it was just disposable entertainment.

      But if the sports pages start treating Wrestling as a major sport because a bunch of loons report the results with a straight face to the idiot-rightards, then that over-steps the boundaries of what I consider harmless parody.

      I realize that personally, I've got to work on not laughing at ignorant people for doing stupid things and following really bad advice and being suckered the same way I deal with relatives who often believe some of the nonsense, but I am still nice to them and gentle with their feelings, just as I am with children, and instead, say to them:

      "Here's some information that might change your mind later if you want to talk about it seriously. I'm just trying to tell you what's true that I KNOW is TRUE, and I hope you'll do the same for me if you see me getting suckered by somebody reaching for my wallet or my vote when it's to my detriment. There are lots of things that I depend on you for advice about---cars, hunting, electrical work, anything mechanical that I can fuck up seriously or kill myself if I don't know what I'm doing. You wouldn't fuck me over just to mess me up, and you know I wouldn't fuck you over as well. You know I wouldn't lie to you or you wouldn't already trust me and ask my opinion on major shit like your 401(k) or real estate or taxes or your IRA and insurance for your family and business."

      "On entertainment, shit that doesn't really matter, we might be on different sides, sort of like having a favorite porn star and saying that your favorite sucks ass and mine is the best. Sure I'm a Saints fan and I'll give you a hard time when they're playing YOUR 49ers, but if the Niners are up 21-0 in the 4th quarter, I'm not going to swear that there is no way the Niners can win, that the refs are cheating, that the Saints are cheatin, etc., just repeating crazy shit that someone not watching the game might believe me where you know I'm full of shit if you pay attention to the game at all."

      "But real life happens whether we're real with one another or not. The same goes for politics, poker, investments, anything with math... if the numbers are generated by a sound methodology and reported accurately, math is math, probability is probability, and wishin', hopin' and prayin' are all forms of superstitious, magical thinking that don't cause things to happen."

      I've got some dear relatives doing some soul-searching right now because they have been blind-sided. They'll hate me if I rub it in. Instead, I think I'm going to use this as a teaching opportunity, since I've already planted a lot of seeds this past 4 years.

      But stupid people I don't know personally who are trolling on the internet or in-person, you best beware. I will not be as kind and considerate because you have acted the fool and have displayed no contrition. When proud means stupid and ignorant despite evidence, I will continue to LMAO at the ‘tards.

    3. Anonymous3:23 AM

      Great points all. You triggered a memory for me about how easily manipulated and trusting people are. When I lived in LA for a year, I went to watch a taping fo the old Johnny Carson Tonghit show. Before the taping, Johnny and Ed and the producer all came out and chatted us up and treated us like we were all sooo important to them, ( apparently so that we would be a fun, interactive, engaged audience when the show taped). And we were. WE were tops.
      Then the show ended and they turned the lights out and No ONE said as much as kiss our asses. They left that stage like they were escaping a fire. We had to file out of a dark theatre. Alone. Used.
      Big wake up call about the media for me, and how easily we can be manipulated..

  3. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Gop basically "irrelevant" in Cali!
    "Republicans are having a bad day. But it’s going to get a lot worse when they look beyond the White House and U.S. Senate and fully absorb what just happened in California. The future of American politics — a majority-minority coalition handing complete political power over all branches of government to Democrats — is written here for anyone to see, in big, bold, rainbow-colored letters."

    "As goes California, so goes the nation? House Republicans might want to think twice about continuing their efforts to gut the Endangered Species Act. It might not be long before they are cowering under its protection."

  4. My mother would have seen through Sarah Palin and my father would have seen through all of them.

    However, if they were alone and constantly being brainwashed by Fox; especially if any human contact they had (church and cafes) was being turned republican, could they have stood up to it and abandoned their friends? I don’t know. My brother and I were hundreds of miles away, working. I’m glad my parents are not part of this.

  5. Who is the blonde waitress, again?

    1. Anonymous2:31 AM

      I watched her walk down the hall. When she turned to enter the room, all I could think about was Carole Burnett playing the secretary. Remember how she wore high heels, stuck out her butt when she walked? THAT is who immediately came to mind. What a fool.

  6. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Hi there
    No, sadly they are NOT dying off...I know PLENTY of middle class or upper middle or the social elite in Texas who ALL love Fox, hate Obama and are in their 40s. They have been brainwashed by their parents and the whole group think culture there. It's this way in the whole South for sure. Also many of them are very religious so this keep their blinders on. We can only hope that their kids, a few of them at least, will not be afraid to think out of their comfort zone.

    1. Anonymous5:02 PM

      They don't have to blame themselves for their lot in life if they have an easy scapegoat in a BlAAAAAAAck President.

    2. Anonymous5:19 PM

      That's ok, it doesn't matter what Texas or the other southern states do. The white population is going down and the Latino population is going up. The Latino's are not going to forget that it was the Republican's that wanted the "papers please" law and all their other crazy solutions for illegal immigration. As a result they will vote for the Dem's for some time to come.

    3. "The billionaire donors I hear are livid," one Republican operative told The Huffington Post.

      "There is some holy hell to pay.

      Karl Rove has a lot of explaining to do …

      I don't know how you tell your donors that we spent $390 million and got nothing."


    4. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Say good-bye to your kneecaps, Mr Rove. ObamaCare is now your friend.

    5. I agree with Anonymous 4:39. My Sister and I were raised by open minded parents, who almost always voted democratic. My sister moved to Texas after she got married. They have Fox News on ALL day and my sister is surrounded by like minded people at her work.
      My parents & I voted for Obama. I'm sure my sister did not, but I NEVER discuss politics with her....what's the point, she has been brainwashed to the dark side.

    6. Anonymous2:35 AM

      Look at the people Texas elects as governor!! Bush, now Perry? Neither one is too intelligent. What is wrong, apart from the educational system, in Texas that citizens rely on STUPID to run the state? Rove needs to be investigated by the IRS. He claims his Crossroads is non profit? He looks like he eats very well.

    7. Anonymous3:24 AM

      Thats a buzz kill...

  7. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Oh man, so many "good parts"!!

    Bitch Kelly saying that President Obama's attempt to "mis-characterize" Mitt Romney as a "corporate raider", who "doesn't care about them" ...

    when "he has given so much of his faith, of his religion and his OTHER DEALINGS"...


    and Juan Williams around 8:00 saying that people polled said that they trusted Barack Obama more on the economy and unemployment, and this was...

    "surprising", said Juan, "considering all of the negative news surrounding the economy"

    Um, yeah,


    Even the announcer at the beginning at Obama HQ threw in the high unemployment rate when reporting that Ohio went for Obama.


    1. Anonymous10:48 AM

      The funny thing is O didn't do anything, someone just showed a video of the real Romne.

  8. Anonymous5:00 PM


    They abso-fucking-lutely REFUSE to use the terms:

    Democratic or Democrats.

    It is Democ-RAT.

    Every. Single. Time.

    Do they realize they sound like complete fucking morons who don't know an Adjective??

    1. Anonymous7:19 AM

      and yet they seem to understand that it is republican not republic

  9. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Actually, this outcome could be good for Faux News. They can spew more vitriol if a Dem is President. More ratings.....

  10. Hahaha...I so enjoyed looking at the Faux News/Rove meltdown last night online.It was a close third in my happiness,coming only next to Obama/Biden being re-elected,and the rape squad idiots and Brown defeates.I will only deign to respond to one of their many stupid remarks from the clip though. I did NOT vote for President Obama because he ran a good campaign. I voted for him because he is an intelligent,honest and honorable man that I respect and am proud to have lead our Country again for the next four years.And,I did not vote for Willard because he is a soulless,lying,conniving,scheming,hypocritical piece of garbage,as is his choice for running partners Lying Ryan. Heading back to enjoy the video again:)

  11. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Listening to Fox News today has been fun. While there has been a few guests on that are realizing they have to change, the majority are saying the same shit as they always have. We shall see in the coming months what happens with the GOP but I have a feeling they will take the road of insanity and do the same thing over again with the same result.

  12. Anonymous5:32 PM

    My favorite moment was watching Karl Rove, trying to explain his math and vainly hang on to Ohio while his own network declared Obama the winner. No, wait, listen to me, stop, I think that I can kick Ohio into the undecided column. Stop the announcement.

  13. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Trump/Nugent 2016? Ted Nugent Surpasses Trump In Twitter Breakdown

  14. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Big Bird, Binders & Bayonets. Buh Bye, Money Boo Boo.

    The End.

  15. Anonymous5:41 PM

    He he he, Michael K nails it...

  16. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Cognitive Dissonance!!

    I talked to my neighbor next door--18, just graduated Technical HS (electrician), Father was a union carpenter, now BOTH his MOM and DAD on disability. He wants to vote for Romney because of all those people that want hand outs!!!

    This is in MA. Boy I was worried there for the last couple weeks after that conversation.

    I have to say though that they are the NICEST neighbors I have ever had. Always friendly and willing to help out.

    IDK this meme that Reagan started about hand outs and welfare moms needs to be busted by the Dems. BillOboy was just on TV talking about people getting "stuff" code for Dems let lazy Americans get OUR money! Never mind BillOboy is getting a big FAT tax break from this damn government.

    Hey I am the most LEFT WING, TREE HUGGIN LIBERAL out there. I got help when I was single Mom. You know, if your eligible your ELIGIBLE!! We just need to legislate smarter and leaner. We can do it all in this great nation. No one is holding us back but the Zealot Repugs!

    1. Anonymous3:29 AM

      It is ignorant to not admit that there is welfare abuse, because there really is. I am not blaming the recipients. They are undereducated, with limited resources who are raised in that culture. They have no aspirations, they are exposed to drugs, they have many babies and are trapped.

      Then you have middle americ who loses jobs and cant get the same handouts and it causes bad feelings.

      No individual group is to blame. Our society needs to change.

    2. Anonymous7:29 AM

      none of those circumstances can be changed overnight. drug abuse can be physically demanding and require expensive treatment to overcome. undereducated people require years of steady and reliable education to overcome. women with one or more children and low education/skills cannot magically get a job for $50,000 a year with child care and super health benefits -- they get whatever job is available in their community that is flexive enough that they can find low-cost child care and still get to work.

      it is one thing to deride a group of people as drug abusers, low education, saddled with children and it is quite another to comprehend those circumstances and figure out ways for each individual to overcome their circumstances and excel.

      it is not illegal to have no aspirations in life. i don't suffer from that - but know many people in good jobs that have no further aspirations than the place they are currently at - or if they do, they do not have solid, rational methods of achieving new success - but rather speak of lotteries and such as a "way to riches".

      the question may be focused on whether any and all of these categories of problems should be ignored and let folks wander the streets -- or that we (ie., community) create programs and methodologies to reduce the number of people trapped in drug abuse, low education/skill, and children beyond financially ability to raise.

      there are hundreds, if not thousands, of non-profit organizations targeting each of these areas: drug abuse, education/skill sets, and single-parent and low income households.

      there are government agencies focused on them as well.

      we (the community) fund those organizations and agencies. to do otherwise seems folly.

  17. AKaurora5:53 PM

    Fox has its loyal following of fearful followers who simply cannot accept reality. The Southern Poverty Law Center predicts the growth of hate and patriot groups to spike again as a result of the election. Time for me to send another check to SPLC to keep track of these crazies.

  18. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Hannity is saying that the President took the low road with his campaign of lies, etc. He said if he had to win like that he would be embarrassed! Hannity embarrassed of lies?! That really cracked me up, it's like comedy gold. Next up Benghazi and voter fraud. Nope, they're not going to change, they are doubling down.

    Bill O'Reilly said that if the economy doesn't turn around in the next two years the Dem's are done. And not just for the next election, FOREVER! Funny stuff!

    1. Anonymous9:04 AM

      but when the opposite happens -- economy restored -- do we get a free ride forever? no. their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  19. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Oy, the most inappropriate and yet completely accurate description of SP that I've read to date: "She and Trump are past tense. No one cares about them anymore. Especially the Republicans. Hasn't anyone told her she was a cum dumpster for '08 election?" Ouch.

    1. Anonymous3:29 AM

      So Tom Wolfe-ish!

  20. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Love both screen grabs!!!

    schadenfreud fer shure!

    it is good to guffaw;
    thank you, Gryphen.

  21. Anita Winecooler6:29 PM

    Megyn with a "y" Kelly wore a black skirt, black blouse, white jacket and BROWN high heels!?!?! Did Sarah dress her?

    Thanks for the laughs, The first is a keeper and the second link has the "greatest hits" of the "mensa channel".

  22. Megan Kelly doing the march of the stupid based on orders from Karl 'Turd Blossom' Rove into the bowels of Cluster-Fox to interrogate the 'scientist' who just told them that Ohio had just been called for Obama, BY THEM, was priceless.

  23. It's been a glorious 24 hours. I went into work happy and determined not to let anyone burst my bubble. Didn't gloat too much although one could hear me saying "Fired Up and Ready to Go! from time to time. When I got home and saw some people I didn't know commenting on different friend's FB pages how they were seriously depressed, I just had to comment I feel your pain, I thought the world was over when Bush got relected (or more like stole his second election) but as some of my Republican friends would tell me at the time: DEAL WITH IT! hehehehe...

    That was some funny shit coming from Bullshit Mountain. Oh, the joy from seeing their faces.

  24. Sharon8:51 PM

    The only reason Karl said that is because he knew the numbers would be changed, just like he did in both Bush years....Fla in 2000 and OH in 2004. I think it has been well documented how they stole both elections...they just couldn't change them more than 10% and Obama won by way more. The sad little trolls on Fox and Rove....think of how much good all that money could have done.

    1. Anonymous11:17 PM

    2. Anonymous2:43 AM

      Rove certainly made a fortune on this election. His "reputation" as king maker is now in shreds. All that is needed is an IRS investigation to send this fat turd into obscurity, or prison.

    3. Anonymous3:49 AM

      That was my first thought, too. Plus I do think it's curious that Ohio is one of the few places where the vote was closer than the polls. Apparently, there was this big machine that Romney had going -- ORCA -- that relied on the work of volunteers to give them info on "where they had to make pushes to get voters out" ....the numbers they were getting were off and were underestimating Obama's support. I know this is awful but my first thought was -- the Romney volunteers were going into minority neighborhoods and just fudged the numbers...One of the Romney people said, while trying to justify why he hadn't conceded, that the president's numbers were lower than expected in Cuyahoga County -- i.e., Cleveland. They weren't. How else would there have been such a big failure?

      Probably because they failed to properly report the numbers from these areas, they failed to adjust the numbers from the magical Diebold machines, and, thus, lost!

  25. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Jon Stewart Gleefully Rips Into Fox News Election Coverage: ‘There Was An Avalanche On Bullsh*t Mountain’

  26. Virginia Voter1:22 AM

    The Karl Rove On Air Meltdown of Election Night 2012 is now one of my favorite political caught on tape moments of all time. I put it up there with George Bush ducking thrown shoes in Iraq, Rick Perry's debate brain fart, and Sarah Palins Turkey Slaughter . An instant classic that will NEVER get old.

  27. Anonymous3:23 AM

    "Sadly for Fox, those people are dying off, and soon the majority of their audience will be watching from the rocking chairs in their assisted living homes or from their death beds."


    Alan Grayson:
    Fox audience should follow Rethug Healthcare:

  28. Anonymous3:29 AM

    In the Blogroll on the left, have to say that Politico's tagline stopped me for a second:

    Deja vu: Clinton vs Bush in 2016?

    2016 election: Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush?

  29. Anonymous11:12 AM

    The repubs are living in another reality, the writing on the wall about Giffords the scope that marked her, the call to stop putting hate out by sp and nothing has been done, the real polls, R&R dishonesty, Ann's pointing down her finger at "us" women, minorities, all the "others"...yeah, seperate reality.
    Glad that weird hair Trump tweets are gone, another hate spewer that needs to be told you becoming a "terrorist" like sp.

  30. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Thank you Anonymous for protecting the citizens of the US from another stolen to prosecute Karl Rove!


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