Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lawrence O'Donnell uses Sarah Palin to shame John McCain over his remarks about UN Ambassador Susan Rice. Oh, this is going to leave a mark!

I was all fired up last night about these insulting and derisive statements from Lindsay Graham and John McCain directed at Susan Rice and was prepared to go all medieval on their asses.

But then I watched the Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell and realized I simply could NOT have done it any better.

Here take a look for yourself. It is a thing of beauty.
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  1. Anonymous6:43 AM

    It's a good piece, however with the vast treasure-trove of irresponsible comments made by Ms. Palin, I think he could have chosen something more damning than her Putin comment. But yes, the thought was there!

    1. Anonymous7:24 AM

      It was a great piece! LOD Calls out our stupid MSM, he calls LinseyGraham the New "JoeMcCarthy" he calls out John McCain and his pick of Sarah palin, "When Putin rears his head...where does he go"?
      He did a great job!
      The spineless msm is all over Petraeus and doesn't even see the crumbs leading to Benghazi there.
      McCain & Graham: Oh yes, Susan Rice, lets vilify her and get the heat off Petraueas!

  2. Anonymous6:48 AM

    I saw it last night and was wondering if you were watching. Lawrence didn't mince words either. Too bad none of the networks will call McCain on his bullshit talking points against Susan Rice. Lindsey Graham...I just have no words for him. Lawrence summed him up well by calling him little man.

    Primogen 1

    1. Leland7:08 AM

      I am seriously embarrassed (and have been for a long time) Graham is a SC Senator.

      As for him being a liar, I knew that YEARS ago - ever since he ran for a second term, which violated his promise to NOT run for a second term.

    2. Anonymous8:34 AM

      Don't be. There are lots of elected officials like him from all over the country. It's just pathetic that people don't take into account a persons character and integrity when they elect someone for office.

      Primogen 1

  3. I’m stunned that McCain sticks his neck out like that.

    It’s kind of like a fat person criticizing other fat people, as if to dare you…

    1. Anonymous7:28 AM

      They want him to choose John Kerry so that Scott Brown will have another chance to get his job back. Two stupid men.

    2. Anonymous7:56 AM

      McCain is a master of controlling "history" in his head. Nothing that diminishes his self-image as a worthy leader is ever allowed to darken his thoughts. He deludes himself that other people admire him and value his opinions. That's what ditching the first wife and exploiting the second wife's fortune got him.

  4. Anonymous7:07 AM

    All the more reason for us to have a serious national discussion, and a referendum on term limits for Congress. Some of these office holders like McCain, have simply too archaic in their thinking, and need to be put out to pasture.

  5. Leland7:09 AM

    Ever notice that Graham's face seems to always have that red "drunk's skin" look?

    1. Anonymous8:22 AM

      His red nose makes him look like a clown. His words prove he is.

    2. Anonymous9:40 AM

      Like 1,000 times. So true.


    3. Anonymous9:40 AM

      Being a closet drunk wouldn't be the biggest of Lindsey's problems...


  6. People used to respect John McCain, even some who disagreed with him on most issues. Remember that he was a close friend of Teddy Kennedy. But then John McCain picked Sarah Palin and, even though that reckless decision has been pointed out and proven, he has stuck by her out of a warped sense of loyalty. But wasn't he supposed to be loyal to his country? Wasn't his slogan "Country First"? Now McCain is a sad and bitter, angry little man incapable of rising above the loss of 2008 and now more embittered than before because the man who beat him has been reelected.

    1. Boscoe7:45 AM

      I would've voted for the 2000 version of McCain. The whole reason I *COULDN'T* vote for him in 2008 was because of his ROmney-esque flip-flops on every vital issue...

      ...and choosing the Alaskan moron Palin as his running mate. That was the final nail in his coffin as far as I was concerned.

      Between that and his "leadership" during the financial crisis, I really had no choice whatsoever other than voting for Obama. Same as this year.

      And it pisses me off to this day that the Republicans are so idiotic and assinine that I feel I have no choice at all other than voting against their stupidity.

      I'd *love* to have to decide between two viable candidates, but until the Republicans graduate from kindergarden, I have no choice whatsoever but to keep spanking them with my vote until they grow up and stop pandering to the uneducated.

    2. Anonymous8:56 AM

      he has stuck by her out of a warped sense of loyalty_____ Like a den of thieves. They know each others secrets and where the bodies are buried. They are loyal to covering their own a-hole ONLY. Not loyal to one another.

      A curious 18 days in the life of the next FITNESS GURU. Yes!!!! We need to know how she does it!

    3. Anonymous9:46 AM

      Yet he threw the first wife under the bus. John's midlife crisis- where men think with the little head, has lasted quite a few decades.

    4. Anonymous10:44 AM

      9:46 AM

      Nancy Reagan wouldn't have anything to do with him for years. He was a loathsome vile excuse of a human being. Nancy saw up close how he treated his wife, who had been in an accident. He shunned her for the young Mafia Princess. Rich Budweiser money and he could re-write more history.

    5. He didn't stick out of loyalty, he stuck because he's totally incapable of admitting he made the most appalling mistake.

    6. I was for McCain at first. I had never heard of Obama after all, he seemed a bit young to be president for me. Then Palin and the ultra-conservativs joined his camp an y respect for him ropped daily after that. I've just now lost all respect for him whatsoever and i can't imagine ever getting it back.

  7. Anonymous7:17 AM

    John McCain chose someone with absolutely no foreign policy experience to be his VP. Having a narrow maritime border with Russia, shaking hands with Henry Kissinger and talking to fake President Sarkozy on the phone is not foreign policy experience. In fact, Sarah had little knowledge of American history, what with ringing those bells and firing those warning shots. But, that doesn't stop her from four years of criticizing President Obama in the most disrespectful way. Sarah Palin has become the punchline to late night jokes. She has no relevance to the political discussion. Stamping her foot and demanding apologies is all that she can do. President Obama doesn't pay attention to her, and Bill Maher never got his donation back.

    Where was McCain's outrage when Condi Rice was nominated to be Secretary of State? She had been the head of national security and she missed all of the clues that would have pointed to September 11.

    1. A. J. Billings8:20 AM

      Actually, I don't believe she just missed the the clues to 9/11, she ignored just about everything that RIchard Clarke was screaming about attacks being imminent.

      George Tenet (CIA Director back then was also yelling about imminent attacks via air, and running around with his hair on fire, but Bush and COndi were too busy planning how to start a war with Iraq during August of 2011.

    2. Anonymous9:02 AM

      Where was McCain's outrage when Condi Rice was nominated to be Secretary of State?

      Why are there zero indictments for the worst cabal and war crimes of this century? It is common knowledge there were no WMDs, the Americans were lied into war at shock and awe speed, yet the criminals are free to wreck and ruin more lives. Why would they stop when it is so easy to lie?

  8. Anonymous7:25 AM

    ouch!!! that was one hell of a smackdown.

  9. Anonymous7:28 AM

    I now have a massive crush on O'Donnell. I didn't think I'd ever hear anyone get called out on National News that boldly again. An honest ump.

    1. Anonymous8:35 AM

      I've had a crush on LOD for a long time--he's a hottie and a smartie and has balls!

    2. jcinco7:42 AM

      That beautiful black woman on MSNBC, Tamron Hall, is his girlfriend!

  10. Anonymous7:31 AM

    It's awful that these two yesterday, (McCain and Graham) have become national bullies, trying to injure a woman's career and reputation, just so they can get, as it's been rumored, her replaced by John Kerry, whose senate seat would be open to place their Repub man in.

    Or these guys are just doing it cause they secretly hate women.

    There's no hypocrisy greater than McCain's. His silence on everything Sarah said and did is deafening. Her stubborn refusal to remove her map with crosshairs, when one of her targets, Gabby Giffords (AZ) had days before spoken on MSNBC voicing her concern about the map was a wake-up call. Where was McCain then? Does he think that foreign terrorism is worse than domestic terrorism?

    THen the tragedy. Still, no voice from McCain. His ex-VP candidate was raging her little facebook and PAC wars, affecting people, and causing concern with her hateful rhetoric, and nary a peep from McCain.

    1. Anonymous9:40 AM

      Enablers like McCain are just as culpable for damages, deaths and harm as his sexed up running mate.

  11. Anonymous7:35 AM

    John McCain was a legitimate war hero which, unfortunately, does not mean he is an honest man. As a presidential candidate, his choice of an absurdly unqualified running mate, says all one ever needs to know about the man's judgement. Lindsay Graham, is just a nasty piece of work, no matter how you look at the man.

    1. Anonymous8:58 AM

      McCain's status as a hero is in question. Read the Taiibi article in Rolling Stone about him.

    2. Anonymous9:28 AM

      8:58 am, if his history of how he treats his wives, picks vp candidates, and pals around with lieberman and graham are any indication, much of his legacy is questionable, not to mention his judgement.

      Yes, I too have heard some interesting things about his service record. Lucky he had a father in high places.....

    3. Anonymous9:44 AM

      Not actually a legit hero or warrior of any kind. He had connections to cover up his mistakes from the get go. He married into the mafia and more aberrant doings and cover ups.

      It is understandable he would be attracted to a fraud.

    4. Anonymous9:55 AM

      Agree with 8:58. If you do a little reading you will see that McCain was not a hero at all.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. DetroitSam9:55 PM

      Will someone please, PLEASE explain to me what did McCain did to make him a war hero?

      Be captured and held prisoner? What about the hundreds of other Americans who were captured and held prisoner by North Vietnam? What were they, reality show contestants?

      John McCain WAS NOT THE ONLY AMERICAN HELD AS A PRISONER OF WAR. Has anyone ever heard McCain or the excuses for media even mention any other POW?

      There were almost 800 American POWs, with 661 returning home alive.

      McCain did not go through anymore than the other 800 Americans. Some of these men went through more than McCain, ESPECIALLY SINCE THEY RETURNED HOME IN A BOX.

      McCain is spending the end of his career obstructing the President. He is just a bitter old man who can't get over the fact that: 1) he lost the election, 2) he foistered the word salad, ignorant moran on us, and 3) he lost it to a black man; A BLACK MAN.

      How sad what he has become. Why won't his family try to get him to resign?

  12. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I am going to email McCain that he is the last person who ought to condemn Rice reminding us he stuck with Palin who has lost to Honey Boo Boo in reality showings.

    Old man ought to keep his mouth shut calling people out.

    1. Anonymous8:43 AM

      I emailed McCain. I told him I had only one thing to say about his intention to besmirch Susan Rice: Sarah Palin. Sorry John, but Sarah's stink will surround you forever.

  13. Randall7:47 AM

    All anyone ever needs to do to discredit whatever John McCain is saying at the time is to say: "Sarah Palin".

  14. Randall7:48 AM

    All anyone ever needs to do to discredit Lindsay Graham is... let him speak.

  15. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Lawrence O'Donnell can't say it on TV, but I can say it here. Selecting Sarah Palin for vice-president candidate was treason.

    1. Anonymous9:09 AM

      He had to know about the Palin's AIP and the monstrous fake baby hoax. Why would his people move into the house of a potential in-law to a VP candidates daughter? Why all the shuttering on the internet and people who knew the Palin's computers ??????

  16. Anonymous7:53 AM

    The Republicans really can't back away from Benghazi now. They got their base too riled up about it and now they own it. Anybody with an upcoming primary fight is going to need to push on it if they want to keep their jobs, no matter how clear it is at this point that there's nothing there worth investigating anymore.

    So is "But what about Benghazi?" going to be the "Show us the birth certificate" of the next four years?

    Only when Trump says he has some secret papers on it.

    Seriously, during the Benghazi uproar Rice was on all the Sunday talk shows and put the muzzle on Netanyahu.

    Trust me.

    She kicked ass and won the heart of America.

  17. Anonymous8:06 AM

    McCain is the last person on earth to judge someone's capability since he picked Sarah Palin as his VP.

  18. Anonymous8:11 AM

    You can find articles debunking it left and right practically instantaneously even now. Republicans are defaulting to their 'find made-up conspiracy bullshit to smear democrats with' but they're doing it in an age where fact checking is instantaneous and therefore look like fucking putzes. The thing is they should really know better by now.

    They literally learned nothing whatsoever from the election loss.

  19. More outrage needed after you take a look at this clip:

    It appears that McCain decided to play politics in front of the cameras rather than attending a briefing about the very situation that he claimed that he wanted information. Oy Vey!

  20. More on McCain skipping the briefing:

    1. Anita Winecooler6:33 PM

      Yeah, he got particularly nasty about being caught. He just proved it's all about politics and not a thing to do with getting facts, asking questions, and finding the truth.

      But when did facts stop him?

  21. A. J. Billings8:36 AM

    Hey, do you hear that? Can't quite make it out...

    Oh, it sounds like a crashing sound..

    Tin cans hitting a fridge door somewhere?

    A vicious tirade directed at a guy named Todd about some little tramp he used to visit?

    Was that a medicine bottle of Adderall being opened for the 3rd time this morning?

    Snowdrift Snooki just has to get on Fbook, call RAM, and talk with her harridan cronies on how to respond to folks "makin' stuff up" , also too.

  22. Anonymous8:38 AM

    O'Donnell wasn't the only pundit who called out Sarah Palin in response to McCain's tirade against Susan Rice. I counted 4 comments last night raising the "Sarah Palin" choice by McCain. She really has become the face of political fail. Sarah Palin went "rogue" on McCain and he still holds her above reproach. McCain has totally lost his mental faculties.

    1. Anonymous9:38 AM

      Sarah may have gotten him in the sack for blackmail later. Maybe he is afraid to tell on her or give his real opinion and apologize to the public, especially Republicans. I think the two women in the Generals scandals are holding evidence too for blackmail.

    2. Anonymous1:16 PM

      @Anonymous 9:38 AM.
      I agree there is something more than saving ego going on between McCain & Palin. I just don't think Sarah would put the effort forth to do the nasty with McCain. Could it also be possible that Todd set up McCain with escort services?

    3. Anonymous8:29 AM

      @Anonymous 1:16 PM If Sarah Palin did the 'Nasty' it would be PUTRID with her lack of Hygiene.

  23. Anonymous8:51 AM

    One word - "Beautimus"!!Mrs. McCain should hold little bantam rooster Johnny responsible for calling her the C word in front of reporters. What a liile creep he is.

  24. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Can anyone say SMACKDOWN of the highest order! I just LOVE Lawrence and his command of the language, his political acumen and his bold forays into truthdom.

  25. Sally in MI9:18 AM

    You know what was worse? When the second general's name came up, McCain urged restraint, because we don't have all the facts yet. Let me guess. The general is a Republican, and thus can do no wrong, huh, John?

    1. Anonymous10:49 AM

      Just like Condi Rice on WMD when she was the Foreign Affairs Minister -- a part of the Bush Administration and McCunt showed his Mugg on the Today Show this morning saying that was totally different in that everyone including foreign countries thought they had WMD. Funny -- that info came from the US intelligence and got passed around.

      This is when the media totally pisses me off as they don't follow up with facts -- yet they get paid and paid very, very, very well for this. The interview on Today -- Matt Lauer who's income is guestimated at $15 million a year. The man needs his Mommy to dribble his dick before he zips up.

    2. Anonymous11:14 AM

      McCain is not the only one with that spiel.

      He's saying that Susan Rice has to own every speck of information she passed along, While he can say any nonsense argument without being responsible for what he's saying.

  26. Anonymous9:32 AM

    McCain Skipped A Briefing On Benghazi To Hold A Press Conference
    At least one Republican senator is criticizing McCain for skipping the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee briefing, The Cable’s Josh Rogin reports. Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), “who was there at briefing, and Senator McCain, who was not, are members of our committee, and I know they would play very important roles,” Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) said.

  27. Anonymous9:33 AM

    @ANONYMOUS: Me too, loveLLOD. Favorite of all on MSNBC!

  28. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Strange that we haven't heard from Bristol or Sarah. Bristol only tweets bible verses. Sarah tweets a couple negative remarks. Huffington, Politico and the other outlets, including Fox which she hasn't been on for a week, are just not putting her in their news anymore. I wonder how Sarah is taking this. I wonder what big thing she will do to get attention. Her book will not fly, everyone knows she does not cook and her body is not what anyone would consider healthy. I think the news media and Fox used her for ratings, and she is of no value anymore. She is old news...

    1. Anita Winecooler6:39 PM

      Yeah, Beefy's been quoting a lot of scripture since Nancy left her stranded. My guess is her next career move will be a travelling tent revival.

      That worked out so well the first time!

  29. Anonymous9:50 AM

    McCain has always be a lying nut case.

    John McCain Worked to Arm Qaddafi in 2009
    The two-year-old "zombie tweet" in which John McCain brags about an "interesting meeting" with the "interesting" Colonel Muammar Qaddafi is nothing compared to details of his 2009 promise to arm the Libyan dictator.

  30. Buckeye Bitch9:51 AM

    Oh, Lawrence...& Gryphen...thank you. Made my day. And is it me, or does McCain look as though he's already been embalmed?

  31. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I've never understood how McCain got his 'maverick' nickname. Oh, sure, he'd talk like he wanted bipartisanship and would compliment his opponents' stand (once in a while) but if you examine his voting record, on the totality of it, he always tows the Republican Party line.
    He's no more a maverick bipartisanship wunderkind than is Palin.

    And as for her coming out and wondering who is leading our country??? Ms. Palin: President Barack Obama is leading our country and will continue to lead it due to the fact that the majority voted for him to do it. Quit parroting your talking points you get from Mark Levin, Glenn Beck or Greta Van Whatshername every morning. Sit down, shut up and let the grownups fix things, OK?

  32. Anonymous9:52 AM

    What about Bush's statements on WMD?

  33. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Who can trust these committees and bloviating government employees if the head of the Secret Service is willing to lie under oath?

    Mark Sullivan makes Sarah Palin having her daughter lie to a Federal jury look like small potatoes.

    "Bristol, it seems, told the sad, sad story of how she didn't have a cell phone for weeks after her number was compromised via published email and her phone was confiscated by the authorities. Is it really possible that nobody thought to get the pregnant 17-year old Bristol a new emergency phone to use in the interim, with her parents gone and no land line at the house?
    When asked to testify about the text messages and voice messages left on he phone after the number was revealed, she had this to say:
    "There was one that really scared me," Bristol Palin testified in federal court. She said she was concerned when a bunch of boys called, claiming they were at her front door and needed to be let in.
    "We live in the middle of nowhere in Alaska ... in the middle of the woods," Palin said."

    1. Anonymous10:11 AM

      Did you know you paid for Bristol to give her testimony of lies? Useless Todd didn't say a word, but you paid for his "unusual expenses" lodging, food and travel.

      Federal government spent more than $29,000 in Sarah Palin hacker trial travel expenses.
      The 34 pages of Justice Department expense documents obscured the names of witnesses 58 times, making it impossible to discern how much in travel expenses was incurred by Bristol and Sarah Palin and the other witnesses. It also wasn't clear if any other witnesses who flew in from Alaska wound up not testifying.
      But one three-page form that authorized reimbursement of unusual expenses showed payment was made to Todd Palin. The section of the form where Weddle provided justification for the unusual expense was blanked out.

  34. Anonymous10:47 AM

    John McCain needs to hide his head in shame for trying to get Sarah Palin to be the vice president of the United States of America.

    God was looking on us the day that President Obama was elected.

  35. Anonymous10:51 AM

    For the rest of his life John McCain will have to live with the ridiculous choice he made for his vp pick. Trying to shove that nincompoop (sp?) down our throats as an energy expert when she doesn't know shit about energy.

    Sarah Palin never worked for an energy company.
    Sarah Palin never went to college to learn about energy.
    Sarah Palin never attended any trade schools regarding energy.

    So John McCain what is it that made Sarah Palin an energy expert?

    You lying piece of shit!

    1. Anonymous11:18 AM

      Senators have great medical insurance. These old ones are on medications. I doubt they remember much more than what they are programmed for on a particular day.

    2. Anonymous11:52 AM

      Yes how well I remember Fuck up Mccain saying on a news program that Sarah Palin knows more about energy than anybody in this country.What a fucking liar.

  36. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Bill Burton plays Palin card in dinging McCain

  37. Anonymous12:01 PM

    McCain, it is Barbara Ann, not bahmeram

    1. Anonymous1:52 PM

      He is saying "Bomb Iran", because in his warped mind, that's funny.

    2. Anonymous2:34 PM

      He was singing bomb, bomb, bomb Iran. He was critisized for this F up during his campaign.
      What a maroon!

  38. Anonymous1:14 PM

    May be we can just call him

    Senator J. PALIN McCain

  39. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Sarah Palin's TV show on TLC may be long over, but Martin Short thinks she and the cable network's newest reality stars have something in common.

    Short mocked the former Alaska Governor's family on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Wednesday night, comparing them to the cast of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo."

    "The only difference between [Honey Boo Boo's] family and the Palins is teeth," Short joked, to which Kimmel added, "And a few pounds, maybe."!

    1. Anonymous1:56 PM

      There is another difference between Honey Boo Boo and Sarah Palin's daughters.

      Honey Boo Boo never got pregnant

  40. Anonymous1:47 PM

    When John McCain said that Susan RIce was a key player in the Benghazi debacle, he set himself up for a comparison with Condoleezza Rice's key role in the 9/11 debacle. She was the Bush Administration's national security advisor. Susan Rice is ambassador to the UN which, as far as I know, has its headquarters in New York City not Libya. How was our UN ambassador supposed to do something about an event that no one suspected or had reason to suspect was about to occur?

    John McCain is senile - that's probably the nicest thing a person could say about him anymore. And why does he always hang out with Lindsay Graham? Has Lindsay Graham been appointed his official keeper?

    Susan Rice is far superior intellectually than either John McCain or Lindsay Graham and she certainly has more significant foreign policy credentials than either of them.

  41. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Martin Short Compares Palins To 'Honey Boo Boo' On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' (VIDEO)

  42. Anonymous2:10 PM

    This is all you need to know about John McCain. LOSER!

    1. Anonymous3:11 PM


      A closer look at the life and career of John McCain reveals a disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty

  43. Anita Winecooler6:12 PM

    I Rolled while watching this last night! Larry was masterful in his smackdown of Lindsey and John - including Palin, especially the kindergarten shirt on the "Family Vacation" and the "Putin" clips were like the cherry on a hot fudge sundae.

    I copied this reply from a you tube comment the other day, and it was so true!

    * 2002-2006 - Karachi consulate attacks: three separate attacks killed 18 people (including an American diplomat) and injured 87.
    *2004 - Civilians Nick Berg, Jack Hensley, and Eugene Armstrong kidnapped and beheaded in Iraq.
    *2004 - Paul Marshall Johnson, Jr, civilian working in Saudi Arabia, kidnapped and beheaded; five other Americans die in attacks in Saudi Arabia in 2004.
    *2008 - John Granville, US diplomat, assassinated in Khartoum, Sudan
    *Total lost under GWBush 7,500+ Americans

  44. Anonymous6:39 PM

    HA Ha HA even Arizona recognizes that John McCain can't point his finger at anybody since he was the dipshit who picked Sarah Palin:

    Remember Sarah Palin?

    Sen. John McCain is quoted as saying Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, is "not qualified" to become secretary of State. He also made some reference to her being "not so bright."

    Has the esteemed senator forgotten that he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008 to be a heartbeat away from the presidency? Need the senator be reminded that those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks?

    1. Anonymous10:41 PM

      He also made some reference to her being "not so bright."

      Well Johnny who picked know nothing Sarah Palin to be their running mate?

  45. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Graham is McCain's buttboy. McCain won't say a bad word about Palin cause she has the goods to out both of them.


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