Sunday, December 09, 2012

7 year old boy killed by father's careless handling of handgun.

Craig Allen Loughrey
Courtesy of Trib Live News:  

A 7-year-old boy died on Saturday when he was shot by his father in an apparent accident outside a Mercer County gun shop, state police said. 

Joseph V. Loughrey, 44, was getting into his truck holding a .9mm Taurus handgun when it discharged. The bullet struck his son, Craig Allen Loughrey, 7, in the chest, state police said. The boy died at the scene. 

“I know that little kid was everything to him,” said Mark McLaughlin of Fredonia, a friend and co-worker of Loughrey’s at Superior Well Services in Fredonia. 

State police said Loughrey told them he had emptied the magazine of the gun, but had no idea a bullet was still in the chamber. 

“This happens all too often where people think the gun was empty,” said state police Lt. Eric Hermick. 

A weapon that was undoubtedly purchased to protect his family, ends up taking the life of his son.

There is a very powerful message there, but I doubt that most in this gun happy society will be able to understand it.

How many times have we heard the phrase "I didn't think it was loaded." spoken after a tragedy like this? And when was the last time you heard a suspect in a stabbing use "I didn't know it was sharp" as an excuse?

There is a vast difference separating gun violence from other kinds of violence in America, and I think it is time that we as a country recognize that and stop making up excuses for the violence so that we can keep buying the guns.


  1. If "guns don't kill, people kill" how can it be an accident?

    It's beyond comprehension and very sad, but well illustrates the concerns that GUNS KILL.

  2. Anonymous3:06 AM

    How soon before Wayne Lapierre issues the standard press release? "If only the kid had been armed, this tragedy could have been avoided..."

  3. Sally in MI3:50 AM

    I have never even held a gun, and plan never to come near one. This society is on the decline, and the NRA and GOP are the top reasons why. As long as some 'lazy black' or minority dies, they are just fine with it. As long as one of our soldiers is killed, no problem. As long as some innocent in another part of the world dies, it's just 'keeping us safe.' This cavalier attitude toward life is disgusting, on all levels. They soothe their wretched souls by demanding that every sperm and egg is alive and has due process, but their lack of empathy for real people who die, from guns or sickness, shows their true mindset. It is past time to ban guns from public places, ban anything but small caliber hunting rifles (after all, it's what they CLAIM they need guns for, right?) and stop the killing. But we won't. Money buys death.

    1. Anonymous6:24 AM

      I agree with you completely, Sally in MI. I also feel very sad for the father. Maybe in his grief he'll realize that guns are never a good idea and he'll join the struggle to free this country of its obsession with gun violence.

    2. Anonymous3:26 AM

      I feel bad for the man to but it wasnt just the gun that killed his son. It was also the careless handleing of the gun and a lack of know how. Take guns away from good people and only bad people will have them and thats not somewhere I want to live. You dont like guns, thats ok move to canada, me I will KEEP MY GUNS.

  4. Olivia4:59 AM

    And now the predictable chorus of
    "You can't blame the gun, it's not the gun's fault! Quit picking on the gun you disgusting bullies! For God's sake and all that is holy in heaven, will you quit picking on those innocent guns!"
    Yeah, I know, I know, the gun didn't kill that child, the father killed that child.

  5. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Just last week in Minneapolis, a 4 year old boy found a handgun his father had put between the mattress and headboard on a bed. The 4 year old found the gun and began to play with it. He accidentally shot and killed his 2 year old brother. Neighbors said the boys often played with toy guns so they probably thought the loaded handgun was also a toy. The parents are devastated. Very sad story.

    1. Anonymous7:38 AM

      "Between the mattress and headboard on a bed." Does he keep his money there too? Unbelievable.
      And the NRA refuses to talk about gun control and regulation.

  6. Anonymous5:24 AM

    I hope he gets the biggest prison sentence possible. There's no excuse for this accident, none. Even if a gun is unloaded, you still point it away from any people and never touch the trigger. Frankly, he was being irresponsible by just jumping in the car not caring, oops, it went off! This doesn't tend to happen in places other than America where guns are not respected as deadly weapons, but treated as toys to a five year old. About time someone gets punished severely for it for once!

  7. I wonder how many people will be so frightened by this that they rush out to buy a handgun for self-protection.

  8. Anonymous5:43 AM

    The gun didn't just automatically discharge.

    It was fired.

    Can't blame the gun for this one. Sad that a young boy pays the ultimate price for his fathers gross negligence. What kind of a knuckle-dragger keeps his finger on the trigger? Or, holds his gun in his hand while getting into a vehicle?

    1. Olivia6:57 AM

      A knuckle-dragger who is really really scared...of everything!

    2. Anonymous7:48 AM

      Or doesnt have the SAFETY on while not actually ready to discharge the weapon.!!

  9. Anonymous6:23 AM

    stupid is as stupid does. He didn't check the chamber...#1 mistake of stupid people.

    Plus he didn't put the safety on.

    He should be charged with negligent murder.

  10. Anonymous6:47 AM

    "A 7-year-old boy died on Saturday when he was shot by his father in an apparent accident outside a Mercer County gun shop, state police said."

    "The NRA quickly released a statement blaming the shooting death on President Barack Obama."

  11. Where I come from the first rule is stated quite simply: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN "UNLOADED GUN."

    1. That's the first thing the instructor emphasized when I took a Hunter Safety Course over 40 years ago. The second thing was to NEVER point the gun at anyone if you are not planning shoot them.

      When I read this story on-line, it said that the father was trying to sell a rifle and the handgun, but the store does not buy guns from individuals. He then put the rifle in a case in the back of the truck and got into the driver's seat with the handgun in his hand. Why didn't he put it with the rifle?

  12. Anonymous7:05 AM

    I've never understood why guns aren't at least regulated like automobiles:

    Take a lengthy Gun Owner's Ed class;
    Followed by a year with a Learner's Permit where you must have a responsible licensed gun owner with you at all times when you carry your gun;
    You must complete a written and demonstrative exam before receiving your license;
    Every 4 years you get retested to ensure that you're still capable of handling firearms;
    Gun owner insurance would be mandatory...
    and so on.

    But oh no, that would infringe on our rights that some men wrote up over 200 years ago, long before these high-powered assault weapons were invented.

    And don't give me this "what about knives?", or sticks or rocks or strangling... Guns are a whole different animal. Unless you're confronted by an expert knife-thrower, at least you have some chance of fighting for your life unarmed against a knife. A gun? The assailant can be yards away from you... This is why people RUN from knives and sticks and rocks, but will more commonly STOP when confronted with a gun... because the only defense they have left is hopefully talking the assailant out of killing them.

    But sure, let's compare gun violence with knives and rocks and sticks. Because it's totally the same thing.


  13. Anonymous7:12 AM

    If someone else had shot his son they'd be in jail.

  14. Anonymous7:29 AM in peace little man.

    1. Anonymous8:03 AM

      Amen. This is just so sad. And sadder still is that it's not an isolated occurrence.

  15. In earlier gun issue post Gryphen stated "So how do you counteract a primitive response to fear married to a society that conditions people to believe that possession of handguns equals safety?"

    Everyone can start by posting a comment on gun death news articles with this simple fact . . ."Of the tens of thousands of gun deaths each year in the USA, less than one-percent are perpetrated during an act of self-defense."

    This is not a fact the NRA shares with their rapt fan base for some strange reason.

    1. Anonymous11:49 AM

      But if the innocent targets of murderers with guns, had guns themselves, then the percentage of those shootings in self defense would be much higher. That's the problem you know, not everyone is armed therefore some are predated upon by the armed. Once everyone is armed then every gun murder will be an act of self defense.


  16. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Tragic. And I feel terrible for the father and family of that little boy. People don't realize until it happens close to home how dangerous a gun can be around others. There should be a law requiring gun buyers to keep their new arms completely away from children, people, until they are experts at handling guns.

    There are strict no-smoking laws around gas pumps in gas stations. Handling guns around other people should carry the same restrictions. There are warning labels never to use outside gas-powered equipment in homes, packages that say, "keep out of reach of children". Or there are labels for products that have "danger", "poison", or "please read instructions before use".

    A firearm that is lethal should at least be packaged until the buyer gets it home. Why should he carry it out nonchalantly of a store like a bag of groceries to the car with a child?

    Gun law safety definitely needs some adjusting. And, of course, personal responsibility and a dose of common sense helps.

    1. I completely agree with your post!

      In some news reports it is stated the father had taken a rifle and the 9MM pistol to the gun shop in order to sell them. The gun shop does not buy weapons from gun owners so the father was putting them back in the truck at the time he shot his son in the chest with the 9MM pistol.

  17. It is never a good time to be a "Christian Nation" child:

    Las Vegas, NV A 7-year-old boy was beaten to death by his parents last week after he failed to read the bible

    ...Markiece Palmer, 34, and the boy's mother, Dina Palmer, 27, were arrested and charged with murder, child abuse and neglect in the beating death of Roderick Arrington

    1. Anonymous9:17 AM

      The hospital reports: “The buttocks had fresh opened wounds that appeared to be from being whipped..."

      A warranted search of their residence turned up a broken, bloody broomstick, belts, cords, spatulas and bloody clothes.

      Dina Palmer’s Facebook page portrays a very different image of the parents, one of devout Christians

      “Lord please guide my steps… I’m trying 2 do better,” one post reads. “I wanna do better 4 my son, my family, myself, 4 you LORD!”

      According to news reports, the little 7-year old boy frequently received brutal beatings from both Palmer and his natural mother, Dina Palmer, using a variety of household items such as belts, cords, spatulas, wooden paddles, and broom sticks.

      His mother admitted to striking him on his buttocks with a belt & the father admits hitting him with balled fists the day before he died.

      Palmer then grabbed the boy and admittedly shook him hard. JR's ordeal continued when his own mother continued the savage beating with a belt and paddle.

      According to the Palmers, JR ran and fell down the stairs hitting his forehead on a table.

      The next morning, they noticed JR was breathing but unresponsive. His mother called their pastor who advised them to call an ambulance. More than an hour had passed between the time JR was discovered unresponsive and the Palmers called 911.

      According to JR's doctors at the pediatric intensive care unit, he had bruises on his arms, abdomen, back, legs, thighs, and buttocks which still had a fresh, open wound at the time of his arrival at the hospital.

      He suffered from strokes and his pupils were fixed. Doctors operated on JR, but he died a short time after being admitted to the hospital.

      religious motive in Arrington’s beating death is reminiscent of the case of Lydia Schatz, a seven-year-old girl tortured & beaten to death last year by her parents, Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz, Christian fundamentalists who claimed God commanded them to beat their child. The couple beat Lydia for seven hours, with breaks for prayers, because she mispronounced a word during a homeschooling lesson.

      The same day the 7-year old died for not reading the bible:

      Was beating death of five-year-old Dashawn Harris, by his mother Lashay Patterson and her boyfriend Christian Patrick. The couple tortured and beat the little boy to death during a homeschooling session. His body was covered in bruises, cigarette burns and belt marks.

    2. Anonymous9:38 AM

      The Christian death cult's edicts don't fit the so called "Right to life " folks:

      Deuteronomy 21:18-21 requires stoning to death any child who is stubborn or rebellious.

      Exodus 21:15, 17 if a child hits or curses his father, he is to be killed.

      Leviticus 20:9 if a child curses his mother or father he is to be put to death.

      Proverbs 22:15 you should beat your foolish children with a rod.

  18. Anonymous8:59 AM

    One can very well imagine the NRA making the ludicrous suggestion that this would not have happened if the boy had a gun of his own.

  19. Gun knowledge: The man is described as "holding a .9mm Taurus handgun" but .9mm is about one thirty-second of an inch, the diameter of a darning needle. The caliber was almost certainly ten times as large as described, namely .9cm or 9mm, a little over a third of an inch.

  20. We either start to seriously regulate guns, which just isn't going to happen anytime soon

    , or

    Mandatory gun education for everybody. Seriously, make it a school graduation requirement.

  21. CorningNY11:46 AM

    If you are too stupid to check if a bullet is in the chamber of your gun, then you are too stupid to own a gun Period.

  22. Anita Winecooler1:47 PM

    I'm glad you re-visited this topic and I wish I saw more in the real media "man up" to the gun culture, gun lobby and NRA and educate the public about the dangers of guns.

    There are laws everywhere that limit minors from access to certain movies, products like spray paint, solvents, and glues. Bars card people who look too young, and stores card people for cigarettes.
    Why aren't there laws banning children from gun stores? It wouldn't stop gun violence, but it may have prevented the kid in that photo from losing his life because of the stupidity of his father.
    I'm sick of seeing stories like this, with the same lines "He didn't know the gun was loaded" and "It's a common mistake".
    I feel for his loss, but think he should face charges.

  23. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Young Boy Killed By His Father Outside Gun Store

    According to statistics compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2007, over 3,000 children and teens died from gunfire. Most were teenaged and most were victims of homicide. In that year, the gun deaths of 198 children were deemed accidental or undetermined.

  24. Anonymous11:46 PM

    The message is that guns are not toys and should ALWAYS be considered loaded. The only time you point a gun at somebody is when you are intending to shoot them.


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