Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Betty Bowers reporting from the front line of the "War on Christmas."

Wow Betty is pretty serious about going after those who do not provide the proper respect for Christmas.

Hmm perhaps she would like to know about a certain GOP Chairman who seems to have missed the memo about the conservative approved view points on Jesus' totally made up birthday.

"Happy Holiday season?" Oh boy, is SOMEBODY about to get some Republican "clean" coal in his stocking this Christ's birthday morning!


  1. I'm dreamin' of a Reince Priebus
    And I woke up with a migraine...
    Curse you, Reince!

  2. Sally in MI4:54 AM

    See, Reince Preibus (better known as RNC PR BS) "never really wanted to be RNC Chair" anyway, as evidenced by his complete inability to even understand his job, let alone do it successfully. Tagg told us so it must be true.

  3. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Dear Reincie, I'm sending you the warmest wishes too. May you burn in hell for eternity. FU!

  4. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Obama is CNN's Most Intriguing Person of 2012


  5. fromthediagonal6:43 AM

    Oh Sally, RNC PR BS (RNC Propaganda BS?) This could take us into all kinds of interesting combinations, but you should have prefaced it with a spew alert!

    Since the ancient traditions of the Solar Year all evergreens have had their place in the winter rituals. They reinforced the understandings of nature's cyle of birth, life, death and renewal: pine, fir, spruce, ivy, mistletoe. Ilex, those evergreen shrubs with beautifully shiny but painfully spiky leaves and red berries were such common decorations that they became "Holly" because of their connection with the Holy Day of the Winter Solstice.

    What makes the meme "War on Christmas" so typically, absurdly ignorant is that historically the wish for Happy Holidays IS a common religious blessing.
    Think about it:
    In the english language HOLY DAYS pulled together into one word correctly becomes HOLIDAYS.

    So, as I have wished all of you a Happy Solstice and Happy Holidays (Holly Days), I now wish you all the best, whatever your philosophy, religion or tradition may be.

    May we all grow in the new Turn around the Sun.

    Peace, my Friends...

  6. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Blues Cruise

    Steaming past Guantánamo, en route to the Cayman Islands, a boatload of Republicans ponder the plight of a party at sea.


    1. WELL worth the read! Although personally I'd probably fling myself overboard if forced to take an NRO cruise, I did appreciate the journalist who told me what I'm missing.

      Spoiler alert: The iguana who is fed an orange segment by Ralph Reed does not turn on him and devour RR instead.

  7. See, now that RNC memo is funny... because the wish "Happy Holidays" can be construed as encompassing Christmas and the New Year's Day being a week apart (if one wishes to torture the point). Not so with Chairman Priebus's formulation however; oh what a failure, he!


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