Tuesday, December 11, 2012

English teacher puts abilities to use and writes novel, resulting in suspension. Wait, what?

Courtesy of Ohio's ABC News Channel 5:

 A sexually-explicit novel written by a North Canton Hoover High School English teacher is raising eyebrows throughout the district. 

Superintendent Michael Hartenstein said Carol Ann Eastman, hired by the district in 2006, admitted to writing the fictional book, "Schooled." However, she used the pen name, "Deena Bright." 

The story revolves around a teacher getting revenge on her cheating husband by having sexual encounters with former students. Several of the passages contain raunchy details. 

Oh, I get it. The book has that "sex" stuff in it.

Well no wonder she got in trouble, after all teacher's are only supposed to teach, not be actual human beings that think about or indulge in basic human behaviors.

Besides maybe she was writing about actual real life people and experiences?

On the dedication page, Eastman wrote, "This work is a work of fiction, fabricated in the author's mind. Names, characters, places, and events are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual occurrences or people, living or dead, is purely coincidental." 

Oh. Well it's still icky, right?

Or is it?

You know it just so happens that I have worked with a number of teachers, and guess what? I think some of them just MIGHT have been having sex. And, gasp, some of them were not even married!

Shocking I know!

And don't think I am simply imagining things. There were a couple of teachers that got pregnant, and though it has been years since I had a biology class, I think there just might be a correlation between sex and pregnancy. OMGD!

Okay all kidding aside, let's be real here. The teacher in this case was teaching high school, does ANYBODY think there is ANYTHING in her book more shocking than the things her students read, watch, and listen to on a daily basis? Highly doubtful!

Nor do I think that having a healthy libido and/or imagination is going to negatively affect her ability to do her job.

Like I said I have worked in public schools and teachers are just as prudish, or naughty, or sexually reserved as you would find in virtually any OTHER profession.

Simply put they are people, people engaged in a rather challenging occupation that requires them to be continually cautious about what they say, how they say it, and even who they say it to.

All day long they attempt to portray the best of themselves as an example to their students, while feeling all through that day as if they are never quite doing it well enough.

This teacher simply used her imagination, and her education, and put them to use in order to create a work of fiction that I bet in a world where 50 Shades of Gray enjoys bestseller status, will sell like hotcakes. Steamy, sticky, and oh so naughty hotcakes.

Especially now that she is getting such invaluable free publicity.

If you want to order your copy just click here. (After all, we've gotta support our public school teachers now don't we?)

P.S. Speaking of naughty school teachers. When I worked at my last job I had a female co-worker who used to LOVE to shock people with inappropriate comments, and sexual innuendo. She was probably the best teacher in the school, happily married, and never inappropriate in front of her children. But let's just say that her husband was a lucky man indeed.

Just goes to show that simply because somebody appears to be a button down professional, and always demonstrates professional decorum in public, it doesn't mean that they don't have a a little lasciviousness in their heart.


  1. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Frankly, if I were a high school teacher and I wrote a raunchy book that featured a teacher having sex with former students I would make damned sure my pen name stayed a secret. What she did was dumb on a lot of levels. Can you imagine this getting around the student body? OMG. Oh, and for the record, I did write a raunchy book and published it under a pen name. That name? You won't get it out of me. That's the point of pen names.

  2. This is just so sad...this teacher found her hustle and these uptight asses are raining on her "free enterprise"...

    *GinaM clicking on the link to check out book and put on her Christmas list*

    O/T wasn't someone asking about a "Game Change" sequel? Just saw this on Newser...don't worry Baldy...it ain't about your bald headed ass...you're a nobody now so you can relax...LOL!

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    The authors of the book Game Change are working on a follow-up to their 2010 best-seller called Double Down: Game Change 2012. HBO, which aired a made-for-TV movie based on the first book, has already optioned the sequel for a movie.

    John Heileman and Mark Halperin will release Double Down: Game Change 2012 in Fall 2013. It will, not surprisingly, focus on the 2012 Presidential campaign between President Obama and Mitt Romney.

    The original Game Change debuted on bookshelves in January, 2010, and debuted on HBO in March of this year. The movie became famous for Julianne Moore‘s portrayal of Sarah Palin as much as anything else, and garnered a more-than respectable 2.1 million live viewers."


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    1. Anonymous4:34 PM

      Wine coolers and a tent is the obvious answer.
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  4. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Wait a second - suspension? for writing under a pseudonym? With what teachers are paid? so you can work at Walmart, but not use the education you paid for in completely legal ways, to make money if you're a teacher? Since when did teaching mean taking a vow of chastity and poverty, enforceable by the school district? If a a math teacher moonlit as an accountant and one of his clients was a porn store or a strip club - would he be suspended? What about a music teacher who wrote or performed hardcore rap songs under a pseudonym? This school district is in loads of legal indefensability is my guess.

  5. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Every kid in that district will read at least one book this year. Nothing encourages reading like outrage over a book.

    If the teacher is doing a great job in the classroom, the district is lucky to have had her. Probably there's plenty of lousy teachers in the district with all the correct credentials to keep the up-tight parents happy.

  6. Randall2:08 PM

    I hope she sells millions of 'em.

  7. Anonymous2:12 PM

    O/T But Gryphen, you may not know that...

    Ashley Judd Runs 4 Points Behind Mitch McConnell In Kentucky Senate Poll


  8. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Unfortunate. Today's culture is all "Think of the children!" but I always favored George Carlin's famous rant, "Fuck the children!" (i.e., there are adult things and there are children things; adults should be allowed to do what adults do, and this should be separate from children stuff, but adults shouldn't have to STOP having or enjoying adult stuff because some delicate special snowflake might be "DAMAGED" by that adult doing adult stuff. That's my own very inexpert translation! Go see the original video, it's on Youtube somewhere. :)

    Jennifer aka Media Insider

  9. Boscoe2:17 PM

    Actually I can see a problem with a highschool teacher writing a sexually explicit novel concerning a highschool teacher having sex with students. I realize you purposely ignored that detail because it might've gotten in the way of your rant, but while I agree with you in principal, I think the specifics of this case could legitimately cause concern with parents and the school would simply have no choice but to respond...

    1. Anonymous3:02 PM

      I totally agree with you. She may end up getting enough publicity that the book gets picked up by a publisher, though. I'm guessing it's not very good, but that won't really matter.

    2. Anonymous3:09 PM

      The storyline does not include the teacher having sex with current students. The character in the book has sex with FORMER students who are post college graduates. Drastic difference between the two.

    3. Leland3:52 PM

      Sorry, Boscoe, in my opinion the ONLY mistake she made was letting her pseudonym become known.

      And why did she admit to it in the first place? Had someone asked me ANY question about my personal life that I didn't want to answer I would have told them it was none of their business. And I have done that with my former boss. (Former because I retired.)

      I'll tell you a little something about Gryphen that I have found to be consistent. He is extremely concerned with children being abused in any fashion. So please don't accuse him of glossing over something as important to him as that.

      The idea that high school students a.) don't have sex and b.) can't get any pornographic material they want, is totally asinine. Fetishes exist. Even students have them. And they have better sources than you can imagine! They would/will get that book - especially since now everyone KNOWS about it due to that idiot superintendent making a big thing out of this. And if it wasn't written by a teacher, it would have been written by someone else.

      As has been pointed out many times in this string, teachers are human, too, and they enjoy a good romp in the hay as much as anyone.

      So the basic question I want answered is why the connection was made between the teacher and the pseudonym?

      If this teacher has an ounce of brains she would go to court. This is a First Amendment problem from my point of view.

    4. Anonymous5:44 PM

      Yes First amendment issue. Unless she a) names names or b) talks about it in class.

      I hope she rakes whoever suspended her through $ hell.

    5. Anonymous3:13 AM

      I've read the bible cover to cover and some of it was quite racy. Maybe we should make sure the precious snowflakes can't get a hold of that tome as well as this teacher's book (and several thousand classic works of literature as well).

    6. Anonymous5:16 AM

      Hey Boscoe, it's about former students, not kids still in high school!

  10. Anonymous3:06 PM

    As if any book could match the rampant sexual thoughts and fantasies ALREADY present in any teenager's mind :-)

  11. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Take the same story, insert "Priest" and "Boy Scout leader" in place of high school teacher and then insert alter boy and boy scouts in place of students and you see how the subject matter might make some people a little squeamish.

    1. Anonymous5:46 PM

      Because priests are supposed to be celibate and they have a private employer, namely the RCC which says it is a sin to even THINK of sex.

      tell me - do you often mistake apples for kumquats?

    2. Anonymous5:48 PM

      You know, there is generally no better admission that one has had sex than being pregnant - do we fire pregnant teachers?

      And what about a couple mini-me rugrats - do we expect teachers to hide their kids?

    3. Because consenting adults and pedophiles are on the same playing field?

  12. Anonymous4:15 PM

    maybe the book is really about the school's vice principal?

    that would do it!

  13. Anonymous5:36 PM

    The situation may be completely benign or it could be more complicated. Being a published author and being a child abuser aren't mutually exclusive. Certainly, the dedication page isn't acceptable evidence that the book is, in fact, fiction. I'd expect Palin critics to be among the most skeptical of such claims.

    The author's use of a pen name is an acknowledgement of the potentially eyebrow-raising nature of the book. By not ensuring her pen name remained secret, she revealed she may not be too bright or.....???

    1. Anonymous3:14 AM

      Do you ever read the stuff that comes on a dvd before the actual movie or TV show? It says the same thing as her dedication. Learn to read for comprehension, dope.

  14. Maybe if teachers were paid better, they wouldn't have to write best sellers.

  15. Anonymous7:13 PM

    mlaiuppa, you are my next best friend!

  16. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Frankly, the book must have been too thinly disguised if the superintendent knew to ask her if she wrote the book. This makes me think the teacher was severely lacking in judgement for writing a book too close to reality and then admitting that she wrote it. I wouldn't want a teacher lacking in judgement in my child's classroom. She should have made her main character a librarian or politician or anything else but a teacher.

    1. Anonymous3:16 AM

      Have you ever taught school? Classrooms all over the place are basically the same. I've taught in public and private schools in many different places and they are all interchangeable.

    2. Anonymous9:43 AM

      Classrooms may be the same everywhere. The people inside the classroom and their personal situations are not interchangeable.

      But think about it. If she were an attorney writing a book that included former clients and the partner in her firm realized she had done so, that partner would have her escorted from the building immediately for her lack of professional judgement. The same situation applies here.

  17. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Teachers are getting fired these days for things they post on their Facebook pages if the Parent Brigade deems their personal info too racy or controversial. And even twenty years ago I had a gay male high school teacher, a beloved figure, get fired from his teaching job because of the following: a parent of a student who attended our school reported seeing this teacher quarreling with a man presumed to be a friend or boyfriend in the parking lot of a store that sold video pornography. The parent complained, the school board fired the teacher. At no time were there ary children involved with that incident; just a gay man having a bad day arguing with a male companion in a parking lot where adult porn was sold. No child porn. No child anything.

    These things are getting more and more common. If you're a teacher or you work around children or in a school setting, there's an expectation to relinquish your privacy and to avoid anything "adult." Sad stuff.

    Media Insider aka Jennifer


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