Friday, December 14, 2012

Well we knew THIS was coming. Sarah Palin weighs in on Connecticut shooting.

February 2010, Palin receives rifle from Republican party in Arkansas.
Courtesy of Palin's Facebook page:  

My heart goes out to the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy in Connecticut today. Words can’t express the horror everyone feels in seeing such evil manifested against innocent children. Nothing could be worse than the murder of innocent children. Let’s all pray for the victims, their families, and the whole nation.

You would think that after what happened with Gabby Giffords that Palin would stay FAR away from the issue of gun violence, but nooo!

You know the fact is that Sarah Palin has done more to promote the idea of gun ownership and gun use than just about any other media figure in the last ten years.

She evangelized on behalf of the pro-gun agenda on the 2008 campaign trail, famously saying:

"I love meat. I eat pork chops, thick bacon burgers, and the seared fatty edges of a medium-well-done steak. But I especially love moose and caribou. I always remind people from outside our state that there's plenty of room for all Alaska's animals--right next to the mashed potatoes."

She also played at being a hunter on her ill fated reality show.

(You just know that conservative young women all over the country watched this and wanted to own a gun that their daddy could load and aim for them, while a caribou stood placidly in place until they successfully killed it, JUST like their heroine Sarah Palin.)

Palin also used gun imagery to target politicians that she wanted her pack of Teabaggers to take down in the 2010 elections.

And even after she was vilified for that incredibly insensitive and provocative graphic, and the devastating incident that followed, Palin has NEVER stopped talking about the 2nd Amendments, gun ownership, and hunting,

In fact the promotion of gun ownership continued even on daughter Bristol's craptastic reality show:

Back in Wasilla, the excitement meter inches up a notch as Bristol and sis Willow plan Sarah's surprise birthday party. The shocker? They buy her a pink, purse-size handgun.

I guess what I am trying to say to Sarah Palin is, "Shut the fuck up! Haven't you done enough damage already?"

The situation concerning gun violence in this county is out of control, and the last thing anybody needs during a time like this is some pistol packing imbecile suddenly chiming in as if she gives a crap about anybody but herself, in the hopes that she can get some attention.

Well here I gave you some attention, now fuck off!

Update: Look even Grannie Grifter's boss has had enough.

 Jesus maybe we really have reached the tipping point.


  1. Anonymous3:56 PM

    It frightens me to think of that nincompoop Palin running around with a gun in her purse, even though we know she couldn't hit the side of a barn with it!

    1. Anonymous4:46 PM

      Exactly why it is frightening1

    2. Anonymous4:51 PM

      In 2009 as STUPID HO-Bag was giving a speech to the NRA at aprox 1:30pm ET a young Anchorage boy blew his brains out from a gun left on the TV stand.

      She was given a white gun from NRA? She is nothing but a fucking mouthpiece for the NRA. Shut.the.fuck.Up you attention whoring cunt!

    3. Anonymous5:10 PM

      I hope nobody showed Sarah how to unlock the safety on her gun.

    4. Anonymous5:12 PM

      A picture of the father, Peter Lanza.

    5. Anonymous5:53 PM

      Sarah was raised on guns and how to be responsible. This was back when anyone could walk out in Alaska and shoot a rabbit for dinner, which she and her family did after school.

    6. Anonymous6:46 PM

      Well, obviously she forgot everything she supposedly learned since her father had to load the gun for her on her "show" This liar is no hunter, face it, she is a fraud.

    7. Anonymous6:47 PM

      5:53 PM CHUCKLES JR? Tell us what you know about Todd's Prostitution Ring? CRICKETS? You post about everything else Palin, why not Defend the PIMPING?

    8. Bullshit. Whole lotta complete and utter bullshit. If you knew anything about Alaska you would know people cannot just walk out the door and shoot a rabbit in Wasilla.

      I won't bother to explain to you why, because you have already shown your ignorance.

      As to Sarah being raised on guns, well, her performance during the caribou hunt dispels that notion entirely.

  2. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Like many on the far right, Sarah Palin is incredibly hypocritical. It just oozes out of her. Does she worry, do you think, about the arsenal her son has?

    1. Anonymous5:52 PM

      Everyone owns a gun in Alaska. Thing is, they were ALL raised to respect them and use them safely and maturely.

    2. Anonymous6:02 PM

      Did Hell just freeze over?
      Rupert Murdoch comments on the shooting

    3. Anonymous6:45 PM

      5:52 PM "They were ALL raised to respect them and use them safely and maturely", is that why Sarah did not know how to handle them on her FAILED REALITY show? Get Real, PALINBOT.

    4. At Anony 5:52: No, everyone does not own a gun in Alaska. I don't. That said, I got my permit in 7th grade and I'm a dead-eye shot still, well over 45 years later.

      No, All ARE NOT raised to respect guns, to use them safely and maturely. We have many, many deaths and injuries due to ignorance and violent use of firearms.

      STOP with your BULLSHIT.

    5. Anonymous7:24 PM

      I lived in Alaska for 50 years and never owned a father still lives there, he's 90 and has only owned 2 guns in his life..a 22 rifle and a big moose hunting gun..that's it, they were only out and used in the fall at moose hunting season. NO, person who thinks they know everything about Alaska..EVERYONE IN ALASKA DOES NOT OWN GUNS!!!!!!!SO STFU!!!

  3. jcinco4:02 PM

    she makes me sick...

    1. Anonymous8:31 PM

      I want to enlighten people on what Rupert is tweeting about. In 1996 we had our worse peacetime massacre of federation Australia when Martin Bryant went ape at Pt Arthur in Tasmania, which is a famous convict settlement that tourists go to see. He killed about 35 people including some children. After that the government banned semi automatics and implemented a government buy back scheme. I must say it certainly seems we are less troubled by the occasional whacko would be massacrer

    2. Anonymous3:32 AM

      thank you 831

  4. How sick and pathetic is it that several members of The Asylum really do believe that this massacre by a madman was actually planned by the current administration to take way their guns?

    The Delusional Daily Thread - C4P Asylum
    mark1955 46 minutes ago
    Obama already calling for "Meaningful action". Geez,that didn't take long.sarc. Ryan Lanza said his brother "Had a long history of psychiatric problem's". I wanna know what medication's the shooter Adam Lanza was on and what government sponsored psychiatrist and or program ( Like James Holmes in Aurora,Colorado ) this monster was on. If i get Banned here i get Banned,but this was NO COINCIDENCE! This was not random! Obama and his thugs aren't going to wait to use this to make us defenseless against his dictatorship and i am not going to sit here and allow him to do it unchallenged!
    Audrey_I and 1 more liked this

    1. Anonymous4:42 PM

      He has written much worse earlier today. At least some of them told him to shut the f up.

      Surprisingly, an old regular there actually THANKED the President for his humanity in his speech today. Could have knocked me over with a feather!

    2. There's more...they just posted this on a No Gun Control thread...

      "Guns are not the problem, and guns do not murder innocents. People who are determined to harm or murder another person is as old as the bible, with Cain murdering his younger brother Abel. One clear solution which atheists and their fellow liberal secular travelers avoid is, bringing God back into the schools, and into the public discourse."

      There's more...but my stomach is already queasy from reading the Open Thread.

      THESE are Baldy's Base! Sick and crazy...just like Baldy.

    3. Anonymous4:49 PM

      I usually just laugh at the idiots at the peepond and their conspiracies but this is just beyond words. It's a sad commentary on the type of people Palin attracts.

    4. Anonymous8:35 PM

      What stands out to me most is 'geez that didn't take long. Sarc.'

      Errr, that isn't sarcasm, it was literal, going by what they intended to mean. The only way the 'sarc' makes sense is if the line was 'that took awhile didn't it!' or something.

      It just troubles me how far from intelligent these people actually are, that even simple sarcasm alludes them. That presumably even if they implement a simple sarcastic comment they have to explain it to the others to ensure the meaning gets through. So even they are aware on some level they aren't super smart...

  5. Anonymous4:04 PM

    maybe one of her demented followers will return the "favor" in kind to her someday

    cowardly lyin skank that $he is

    1. Anonymous5:51 PM

      Mature. Maybe youll be a victim tomorrow. See how that immaturity feels directed at you? Grow up. LEarn something. Recognize that the person you voted for is not for you.

    2. Anonymous6:40 PM

      5:51 PM So you have accepted the fact that the person that you voted for(Sarah Palin) is not for you? Grifter Granny is all about herself.
      Grow up, BOT.

  6. Anonymous4:07 PM

    It looks like a baby shot up the class room of babies.

  7. I don’t know how this will all shake out, Gryphen, but thanks for all you do.

    1. Anonymous5:50 PM

      You're thanking him for being a slandering Obama sychophant (sp) who's incapable of hearing Savior Obama's lies?

    2. Anonymous6:37 PM

      5:50 PM You are a FAUX NEWS BOT with no mind of your own, SHEEP.

    3. Anonymous7:28 PM

      5:50 STFU..go hang out with your gun loving Palinbots..why are you here??

    4. Anita Winecooler9:06 PM

      And she farts rainbows ,shits skittles, her
      'locks" haveth the scent of cotton candy, All hail the stella polaris, oh make that bi polaris!

  8. Anonymous4:35 PM

    SP = Sanctimonious Phony

    1. Kaley Russert5:49 PM

      Anon 4:35 PM, faceless, cowardly liberal kissing, racebaiting hypocrite.

    2. Anonymous6:03 PM




    3. Anonymous6:35 PM

      @Kaley Rusty 5:49 PM The Queen of all HYPOCRITES is none other than Granny Grifter. The King of all HYPOCRITES and RACEBAITERS is... TODD PIMP DADDY PALIN. The only thing that Sarah Palin wants to do with Minorities is... SLEEP WITH THEM.

    4. Anonymous7:19 PM


      Of Course!!!

      Kaley Russert...

      Kaley Rusty...



    5. Anonymous6:01 AM

      Well, of course we're all liberal kissers here! Do you really think any of us are dumb enough to sleep with conservatives? Ugh...Shiver...gross,,,

    6. Anonymous11:30 AM

      6:01 I have to respond to you on your comment because I agree with you totally!

      Just look at the Republican men out there (U.S. Congress, State and Local governments). The majority are white, fat and as evil in spirit as they come.

      Can you imagine sleeping w/a John McCain who calls his wife the 'c' word to where it was picked up by the media? He said he doesn't use foul language after the HBO movie "Game Change" came out! John, you jackass, you are known for your nasty mouth! I'll wager he can't get it up and hasn't been able to for a long, long time. He's a frustrated ugly, old man!

      What about John Boehner? He's been drinking way too much for a number of years and I wouldn't be surprised to have it affirmed that he is an alcoholic! Another one that probably cannot get it up because of the booze!

      Men with medical problems such as heart disease, diabetes, alcohol, drugs, etc. have erection problems.

  9. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Some of the comments I heard today talked the devisiveness in the country today. How this talk feeds issues with the mentally ill. The conversation then moved to discussion of unifying, unifying, unifying.

    10 cats

  10. Anonymous4:38 PM

    With Track being described as 'NOT RIGHT IN THE HEAD', Sarah should be concerned about his ARSENAL of guns. Track has many internal lingering thoughts about his Birth and who his Father might be. Sarah Palin just might want to keep a close 'WONKY EYE' on Track's activities.

    1. Anonymous5:08 PM

      I was thinking the same thing.

    2. Anonymous5:32 PM

      Britta better hide from Caint Get Right! He's loaded for bear!

    3. Anonymous6:50 PM

      $carah could keep one eye on Track, and the other one on Toad. Her eyes are so wonky she can look in two directions at once.

    4. Anonymous9:04 PM

      Anon 6:50 - Thanks for the much needed laugh!

  11. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Deadliest U.S. mass shootings

  12. I thought that Mike Huckabee managed to eclipse even Sarah with his remarks Lack of Prayer Caused CT Tragedy

    1. Anonymous5:48 PM

      Sarah's never been insensitive. She's been hurt by morons wrongly blaming her for things because they need a scapegoat, but she's never been insensitive.

    2. Anonymous6:06 PM

      If Huckabee truly believed in God, then he would believe God is "everywhere". This means God was at Sandyhook--whether people pray there or not. If he were a true Christian, Huckabee would keep his mouth closed and wonder why does God let these things happen? Christians can wonder and can ask questions (according to my Episcopal church)and can possibly one day find the answer. I'm glad my faith allows me to question because I sure have many-especially after today.

      RWNJ's like Huckabee use religion to make $$$. It's a huge business.

    3. Anonymous6:15 PM

      o yeah, she made those cookies and saved all those Alaskans that one time.

    4. ManxMamma6:29 PM

      Anon 5:48
      Go away. You don't deserve to be heard. Especially today. Sarah is a class A bitch and deserves everything thrown at her. And I doubt she can understand what 'hurt' is.

    5. Anonymous6:52 PM

      I would like to remind you of "sensative" $carah giving her interview while a live turkey was being slaughtered right behind her. Yes, all heart that $carah.

    6. Anonymous7:32 PM

      Sarah was real sensitive to poor females who were raped when she had them pay for their own rape kits.

      Sarah's sensitivity to an unborn disable baby is legendary when you listen to her tell her Wild Ride story. Todd was sensitive to saving the baby from a life as a fish picker born in Texas, what sensitivity Todd showed the world.

    7. Anita Winecooler9:08 PM

      Real sensitive, especially since she used ben gay instead of monostat. That's what that noise was on GVS.

    8. Anonymous4:18 AM

      Oh sure, 5:48, she is just so sensitive that she regularly makes comments about how the first black POTUS wants to "put us in the back of the bus" or "shackle" us and put us into "slavery" by giving us healthcare, and how he's always "shucking and jiving". She is so sensitive when she constantly focuses on his genitalia and makes snide remarks about his wife and children. She's also SO sensitive that when a conservative radio host went berserk and hurled racist comments at a caller for no damn reason WHATSOEVER, Sarah decided to defend her "right" to speak that way to people and get away with it. She is so sensitive that she put gunsights on Gabby Giffords' district and told people to go after her, and then when Gabby beseeched her to tone it down, Sarah ran to fire up facebook and double down on the rhetoric instead, taking a great deal of pleasure in it. After Gabby was almost murdered, all that "sensitivity" she has really came out in the way that, on our day of national mourning, she put out a video where she whined "It's not MY fault, waaaahhh!" and threw out the "blood libel" thing. And then she never had the...cajones, I guess?? to call Gabby to at least apologize to her or her family for targeting her the way she did. Stop acting as if you can keep repeating this bullshit here and convince anyone, we know Sarah Palin well and most of us had her number from day ONE. We were COMPLETELY right when we said that nothing good would ever come out of her. I know that sucks for you, but repeating the same laughable statements over and over will never change anything. She is a fucking psychopath and always will be. And the people who worship her are just as bad. You're all deranged. Why don't you assholes just take the hint and leave us the hell alone. America is tired of your shit!

    9. Anonymous6:08 AM

      @4:18. You forgot about when she laughed about her political opponent's cancer on the radio.

  13. Anonymous4:59 PM

    What kind of mothers are Sarah Palin and Nancy Lanza?

    The shooting today and our gun culture [ that must be scrutinized and reworked ] put the focus on MOTHERHOOD? As a country and a culture we treat our children disgracefully.

    Like it or not, why are there many citizens that follow Sarah Palin's snake oil hokey pokey? FOR THEM "she is a perfect mother from the happy family who has to hunt to put food on the table for winter. Anointed by her God to be worshiped by some"

    What is the story of Nancy Lanza, her son and family? A 20 yr old male child with mental/emotional issues. What led to the brutal tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School?

    1. Anonymous6:06 PM

      Are you seriously calling out his MURDERED MOTHER???

      And comparing her to Sarah Palin??

      The woman's body isn't even cold yet -- and you're blaming her for her mentally ill son murdering HER and 20 babies??

      WTF is WRONG with YOU???

    2. Anonymous7:19 PM

      20 kindergarten children were brutally murdered by a young man with a mother issue. It may have been his mental problem, that is not known yet. There are those that will ruminate over why young children were killed. Nancy Lanza is central to a discussion, not because she failed or did anything wrong. Her relationship with the killer can't be ignored. It isn't clear to me how it all went down. Did the 20 year old go to the school and shoot up a random classroom? What is the connection with his victim mother?

    3. Anonymous10:58 AM

      @ Anonymous 6:06 PM:

      Nancy Lanza was not a victim. She was an accessory to mass murder. She gets no sympathy from me, nor is she in the least bit deserving of sympathy. Her negligent parenting combined with irresponsible gun ownership lead to an easily preventable tragedy. I very much AM seriously calling her out!

      Adam Lanza's mother should have known, more than anything else who her son was, what his condition was, what he was capable of. And yet she trains a mentally disordered young man to be a professional killer by taking him target shooting, promoting guns as a hobby. She turns her house into an armory stocked with handguns, an M-16, a shotgun, and fuck-knows what other armaments, plus thousands of rounds of ammunition. She was asking for it, totally had it coming. Considering that she raised the monster who did it, Nancy is unworthy of anything less than scorn. (You know, instead of spending all that money on assault weapons, ammo, gun club membership, booze, a half dozen face-lifts, perhaps mental help for Adam should have been a priority.)

      And now what happened to her? She's dead. DEAD! Fuck her! And if you have any sympathy for her, then FUCK YOU TOO! Never blame the victim. That said, Nancy Lanza was no victim. Those 20-some little kids were victims. Their teachers, the principle, and other faculty members killed were victims. Their families and friends are victims. My sympathy pours out for them, and yours should too.

      WTF is WRONG with YOU???

  14. Anonymous5:07 PM

    My heart goes out to the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy in Connecticut today.
    -Sarah Palin

    Sarah Palin, by any little chance does your heart go out to victims of Todd Palin? The single mothers and daughters of Alaska who worked for Todd?

    When do you express your sorrow for those women?

    Do you have to wait for an arrest to express your shock and regret?

    Or will you call the Police tonight and tell them what you know and help put away a community criminal?

    What does God tell you to do?

    If Todd is not guilty of pimping, maybe its time for Todd to publicly speak out and ease our community and our fears?

    1. Anonymous5:35 PM

      Same message for Christian Bristol. Do we wait for your fake surprise expression or will you call the police?

    2. Anonymous6:07 PM

      Yeah, did Bdull get the text off to BRANCY to post something "sympathetic yet uplifting" on her blog?

      Or is she tooo busy babysitting KAYLA???


  15. Anonymous5:09 PM

    She's going to be on GWS, too. Who gives a SHIT what she thinks after AZ?

  16. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Matricide is not that unusual.

    1. Anonymous6:08 PM

      Um, most "cides" are "unusual"...

  17. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Knowing that dumbass from Wasilla, I was expecting Sarah Palin to say "Boys Will Be Boys"!

    1. Anonymous5:29 PM

      I was expecting another Blood Libel it aint my fault Sarah Palin video.

    2. Anonymous6:10 PM

      Funny, I didn't think of Sarah Palin for one fucking second until I popped here.

      She's a fucking nobody. I just want to point and laugh at her stupidity and her pathetic family.

      Her opinion?

      Oh please.

  18. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Sarah Palin couldn't hit a caribou with a shotgun even if it walked up to Sarah and took a dump on her open toe monkey shoes.

  19. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Dude. Guns have been around forever. People used to carry them everywhere. STOP villainizing people. Palin was raised with guns and how to be responsible with them. Most womenI know have pocket guns. Just because Sarah and her daughters do as well doesn't mean anything. We need to feel protected as people. Look at all the DC aholes who have already brainwashed stupid MSNBC watchers. Without a weapon, tyrants would be far more successful. Gun control will not curb violence. Criminals etc WILL find a way to get a gun. Now, Monitoring the internet (a nasty place made nastier by bloggers) is a start. But honestly, if the will is there in a person, he will find a way to hurt people. Bomb making isn't difficult. And that is highly more dangerous.

    1. Anonymous5:45 PM

      Palin was raised with guns and how to be responsible with them.

      Didn't Sarah ask Levi to show her how to shoot a gun?

    2. Anonymous5:51 PM

      Dude! really. Go away. You sound about as intelligent as one of the Palin's, Dude!

    3. Anonymous5:51 PM

      @5:39 PM 'DUDE' Get real, your desire for gun worship is because of your INSECURITIES in your life. Keep Fawning over FAUX NEWS, and you will continue to be in a Stupor. You WIMPS worship GUNS because you feel Empowered when you carry one. Too bad that most of you don't have the intelligence to safely handle your WEAPONS.

    4. Anonymous5:56 PM

      Hey 5:39, why don't we just arm our kindergardeners, that would have stopped the guy, right?

      Are you nuts?? I'd feel a lot safer if crazy, untrained, paranoid people like you weren't carrying guns around, trying to 'protect' the rest of us.

    5. Anonymous5:57 PM

      Oh for the love of my athlete's FOOT! THESE are EXACTLY the type that do this stuff.

    6. Smirnonn6:01 PM

      Hey dumbfuck, did you see how well the paylump can handle a rifle in the video above? She doesn't know shit about firearms.

    7. Anonymous6:03 PM

      People in need of a fantasy will latch on to any fart in a storm.

      More monitoring of the internet, radio, TV and so on is authoritarian concept.

    8. Anonymous6:08 PM

      Point of historical fact: guns have not been around 'forever'.
      And guns don't make me feel safer. I see a gun, even on a cop and I get nervous that someone is going to shot even me or one of my dogs. Guns make killing much too easy.

      M from MD

    9. Anonymous6:11 PM



      You're God. Damned. Nuts.


      Can you just, ya know, Fuck Off?

    10. Anonymous6:13 PM

      She humiliated all hunters and Alaskans on her show when she did this ridiculous scene with Chuckie Sr. on how to torture and kill a Caribou. All over the world people learned she knew nothing about guns. Levi confirmed more. Like all her life the gun part is also made up.

    11. Anonymous6:14 PM

      Dude or Dudette @ 5:39-- I am 63 years old, live in the Texas "wild west" wingnut heaven and have never owned or used a gun and never will--neither did my father or grandfathers

      MSNBC doesn't tell people not to own guns. But your station, FOX, promotes gun ownership.

    12. ManxMamma6:24 PM

      Shame on you dude.

    13. Anonymous6:55 PM

      Dude! Will you be so "pro-gun" when someone takes a potshot at her?
      Ya Dude, stfu wallows.

    14. Anonymous6:56 PM

      So Dude...if you have a gun, its ok if he has a bomb...what a flippin idiot you are.
      Dude stfu!

    15. Palin doesn't know how to handle a gun. It was obvious in her "reality" show. That is the Annie Oakley nonsense the c4p idiots buy into (they think she is a sturdy pioneer women... talk about delusional). It keeps them tithing to the Church of Palin. Fools... all of them.

    16. Anonymous4:06 AM

      Dud...ah I mean Dude, there are many countries who have implemented strong gun control laws and their citizens are safer for it. There are many statistical facts and studies which prove that gun ownership actually ups the odds of you or someone close to you dying from gun violence. Of course simple things like "facts" and "rational" are difficult for conservative minds to comprehend. There have been studies on that too. Why don't you use the internet to do a little reading of the subject. Turn off Fox Noise, stop stalking Liberal blogs and spend some quality time actually learning something.

    17. Anonymous6:17 AM

      Dude, there was a massacre in China the other day, too...20 children were INJURED because a guy with a KNIFE went into a school and attacked them.

      TWENTY CHILDREN WERE...INJURED...because he had to use a knife because he couldn't find a gun.

      TWENTY CHILDREN WERE INJURED because China has tough gun laws.

      TWENTY CHILDREN WERE INJURED. I'm sure the parents of Sandy Hook Elementary would much rather be sitting in hospitals with their INJURED children then talking to funeral directors right now.

      Fucking asshole idiot.

      Yeah, let's not limit access to guns just because some people will find a way to get them...This is an idiotic, retarded thought process spoonfed to you by the NRA. The NRA thinks that people from al Qaeda should be allowed to legally buy guns in the US.

      MEMBERS OF AL QAEDA and other people on the terror watch list.

      Yeah, god forbid we should actually have some gun control in this country! God forbid!

    18. Anonymous6:19 AM

      The NRA is also opposed to laws limiting a person to one gun per month. WHAT THE FUCK!!! WHO NEEDS TO BUY MORE THAN ONE GUN A MONTH? Psychos, that's who!!

    19. Anonymous6:31 AM


  20. Anonymous5:42 PM

    No one gives a damn what that stupid bitch thinks! I still blame her for Tuscon and the hate she, Fox News, and the Republican party has brought to our country.

    Fuck her!

    1. Anonymous6:00 PM

      And fuck John McCain for allowing it.

      Let me tell you something, little "lady" Queen Esther. You are DONE. Your name will ALWAYS come up when this happens, and your deranged family's antics as well. YOU made your bed, you LIE in it.

    2. Anonymous10:56 PM


  21. Anonymous5:44 PM

    All these problems with her kids, husband, grandkids and daughter-in-law, why does Sarah Palin have to put her 1/2 cent into it?

    Hasn't Sarah learned not to put her nose into things she is not qualified to talk about?

    Sarah Palin should stick to what she knows best, running scams!

    1. Anonymous6:08 PM

      She looks at the NRA as a cash potential. They will love her image and want to put a face on their philosophy and culture. The Heath/Palin Alaska is marketable in some areas.

  22. Anonymous6:01 PM

    John McCain will burn in Hell for giving this nitwit a national platform to spout her mindless drivel.

  23. Smirnonn6:06 PM

    Awww, how sweet.

    What a charming, self serving little FB post from the self serving, sanctimonious, harpy bitch who screeched, "Don't retreat, reload." Who crosshaired Giffords' district and later claimed those were surveyors marks. Who constantly pandered to the NRA. Fuck you, Serror Paylump. The divisiveness, paranoia and vitriol that she's spewed has done nothing but fan the flames.

  24. Anonymous6:15 PM

    For some reason, I have never been able to leave a comment on Bristol's Blog. I doubt this time will be any different.

    What I posted was:

    "I believe in a person having the right to own guns – for hunting purposes & protection. You and your mother have carried this message too far. Crosshairs on your mother’s Facebook and target practice on Dancing With the Stars (by you) has given a negative meaning to the “Right to bear arms”. Hopefully, the government will take a look at gun control after (one more) tragic massacre by guns.

    Don’t be a hypocrite. You have carried the pro-gun message. People that do so should be praying for the blood on their own hands/message."

    I have been on Twitter since this happened. Our tears and pain can in no way match those that lost their precious children.

    Damn the Palins and those that do not have a clue of the damage guns can do. Damn the NRA!

  25. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Sarah is a pathetic imbecile! She's an opportunist and inserting herself in this tragedy is despicable.

    Message to Sarah: STFU you media whore!

  26. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Track Palin sure has his priorities straight. Guns first, kids last.

    Gun Control Is A Parenting Issue

  27. Anonymous6:35 PM

    As a private citizen she has the right to express her sorrow for the victims and families, but she has no role in ever speaking for our nation. She is a private citizen with a loud, ugly, mouth who needs to contain her thoughts to her private citizen position in this country.

  28. Anonymous6:35 PM

    This hate mongering nitwit is disgusting.

  29. Anonymous6:52 PM

    What a shame that on such a sad and difficult day you choose to let Krusty the psycho loose on IM.

    1. Anonymous7:28 PM

      It's important to remember that there are people who will NEVER get *IT*!!

      And WE have to protect ourselves from THEM!!

      And *THEY** can get guns,

      and *THEY* are UNSTABLE!


      WE. NEED. GUN. CONTROL!!!!!

    2. Anonymous9:11 PM

      That's EXACTLY why Gryph does it. They're OUT there!

  30. Anonymous7:06 PM

    We'll know tomorrow and the next day if you've reached the tipping point by how the 'conversation' is going. LOL As if?

    And btw, it's not Palin who's done the most to promote gun violence in the last 4 years, it's Obama. And even his supporters are admitting it now.

    1. Anonymous9:32 PM

      What are you smoking, my dear? are nuts!

    2. Anonymous4:34 AM

      I think that last batch of meth you cooked up might have been tainted, you are talking like a fucking idiot. Get help!

    3. Anonymous6:21 AM

      Hey, gus, she/he/it as a point. Remember when Obama put a crosshairs on Mitt Romney's face and said, don't retreat, reload!

    4. Anonymous7:43 AM

      Where do you get garbage that Obama is promoting gun violence? Glen Beck, Palin? Other whackos? Palin is one of the greatest supporters of guns in this country. She is also very well know for promoting hate!

  31. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Oh, the irony of this Fake, wasn't Track arrested for cutting SCHOOL BUS Brake lines? If not detected, Alaska would possibly have had as many or more Casualties involving children. Do you not remember your own son's CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR, Sarah Palin? 'CAINT GET RIGHT' needs THERAPY before he goes 'OFF' again.
    Did you Apologize for Track Menard's Crimes? S T F U .

    1. Anonymous9:32 PM

      He actually unplugged the engine heaters on the busses. Cut brake lines happened in Chugiak, perpetrated by a different group of kids. Totally different incidents, just for the record.

    2. Anonymous11:47 AM


    3. Anonymous5:01 PM

      9:32PM and 11:47 AM So he attempted to 'FREEZE' the children? For the record, Track committed a CRIMINAL ACT, and avoided punishment, as did Willow and her Valley Girls Gang. For the Record, is Todd still Pimping and procuring 'DATES' for BP and the Secret Service? We will be awaiting your answer about the PIMPING, which you will never answer.

  32. Anonymous7:40 PM

    We should be sending our love and prayers to the victims and their familys not listening to the nut case Krusty shitting all over this blog!!!

    I'm out of here till she's gone!!!Sick and tired of her BS!

  33. Anita Winecooler8:54 PM

    Gryphen, you're funny! You labelled that first photo

    "February 2010, Palin receives rifle from Republican party in Arkansas."

    When, obviously, it's either a funeral or a Palin Wedding!

    Yeah, that bitch, of all people, posts that lie.

    What "heart" is she referring to?

    This was the perfect tragedy for her to crawl out from under the Track Divorce/Beefy grifting Alaska taxpayers, Dairygate Investigation,shitload mountain.

    OK, you can tell us, who's funeral or wedding was that? The black drapes are a nice touch! Did waller the truffle sniff a pee stick in a trash can or did she put one there? (again)

    Oh, where can we find a vibrant, non-judgemental and sane answer?

  34. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Sarah loves murder, death and killing. She doesn't care about dead babies. She is pure evil and so is her entire family.

  35. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Anon 7:06- shut up idiot. Palin is the devil and if you support her you are brain dead.

  36. evelyn waugh12:50 AM

    Virtually every other Republican has had not a word to say about these killings. But Sarah Palin must -- because she'll always be linked to an horrific mass killing herself, but also because she can't avoid the possibility for the spotlight to shine on her, however dimly, whenever she can do something to get attention.
    Her words make no sense. Twice she talks about the killing of "innocent children." Of course, this is tragic madness. But all victims of mass gun violence are "innocent." And we are all the children of God. No one should live in a world where it is easy for someone else to massacre others senselessly, by the dozen.
    Sarah, just to remind you: one of the victims in Tucson was an "innocent child" exactly the same age as Piper. She's now been in her grave for almost two years. You are partially responsible for setting off the time bomb that was the shooter's madness. You are partially responsible for allowing automatic weapons to be sold and used openly, against a logical reading of the Second Amendment.
    There's blood on your hands, Sarah, and there always will be. Whenever "innocents" are slaughtered, you have had your hand on the trigger.

    Now, go away and shut up, forever.

    1. Anonymous6:48 AM

      The Sarah Palins, Robertsons, Huckabees are the leaders of the looser party, the followers let them do all the talking and then they copy.

      Did Palin ever mention the innocent child that was assassinated at the Tucson market mall?

      I only recall Palin hesitated to say a word at first, since she had put the target on Gabby I suppose she needed time to deflect from her part. When she did speak about the massacre it was that hideous Blood Libel thing.

      Both of Palin's responses reveal her abysmal inner being. Later on, I hope someone does a piece on that character flaw in her.

      So far this time around she only had a ghost write some Hallmark card generic remark that is totally lacking.

  37. Anonymous3:37 AM

    If the Facebook quote from Sarah Palin is all that she wrote, it is interesting that she does not mention "shooting" or "guns." It could have been a fire or a caved-in building. It was a person shooting a gun, a person who had several loaded guns with him. The crime was gun violence and Sarah Palin should have acknowledged that.

    1. Anonymous6:55 AM

      Palin is a coward and not about to confront or deal with this slaughter of innocence from guns. Or the perpetrator being a her spawns age range and with a mental disorder, too.

      She (Bristol, Nancy, Chuck) will use the senseless killing of children to try and look like they are compassionate, sensitive and caring. That is what a total fraud would do. Run from reality and use a tragedy to make themselves look good in some way.

  38. Anonymous9:07 AM

    $creech Paylin has always used guns as part of her personna t Who can forget her don't retreat/reload theme, use of crosshairs, always talkin'about huntin'and shootin'.

    Add that to her hateful, divisive, word salad spew and $he can be credited with inciting violence in our country.

  39. Anonymous9:10 AM

    $creech Paylin has always used guns as part of her cutesy Alaska girl meme. Who can forget her don't retreat/reload theme, use of crosshairs and targets...

    Combine that with her hateful, divisive, word salad spew and $he can certainly be credited with inciting violence in our country.

  40. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Scarah had better beware of her son, "CAIN'T GET RIGHT' (AS HE IS CALLED AROUND WASILLA), Track is a Powder Keg that might go off at any time. His'Love for Guns' makes it even more probable.


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