Thursday, January 17, 2013

Creationism believing Senator from Louisiana becomes poster boy for the need to teach proper science in public schools.

"They evolve into a person?"

NO WAY should you be making decisions on what is taught in a science class with that kind of ignorance informing that decision.

This hearing is from April,during the Senate Education Committee’s hearing on Senator Karen Carter Peterson‘s bill to repeal the odious Louisiana Science Education Act (the “LSEA”), which allows for the teaching of Creationism alongside evolution in the science classroom.

The bill failed by the way, and the LSEA stills stands even though it was declared unconstitutional.

Apparently the Louisiana Senate Education Committee is unmoved by actual scientific facts or constitutional law.

What a great place to NEVER take your children!


  1. Anonymous4:04 AM

    Aparently, they evolve into assholes like that particular state senator.

    1. fromthediagonal7:10 AM

      Congratulations, that is the perfect pun, since they DO evolve IN the digestive system!

      Well done!

  2. Leland4:09 AM

    Typical ignorant, blind and stupid creationist who is trying to force religion into our schools.

    NOBODY can ACTUALLY be that stupid as to misunderstand what this woman was trying to explain and how she was proving the existence of evolution. He was deliberately interrupting her trying to break her chain of though. Good luck with THAT trick on an experienced teacher.

  3. WakeUpAmerica4:14 AM

    "They evolve into a person?"

    What a mind-paralyzing statement that was. OMG!

    1. Cracklin Charlie6:26 AM

      Even the kids were laughing at him. Not with him...AT him. And, the jackass had the nerve to keep interrupting the speaker with ridiculous questions, trying to throw her off, and make HER look silly. Major FAIL!

      What an idiot.

    2. DetroitSam10:18 PM

      Did you notice that the man in the grey suit bowed his head and covered his face after that stupid question?

  4. Anonymous4:55 AM


    You act surprised that LA is like this!!!

    Let me remind you -- it was that Whimp of a Gov -- yes that one that the last few months has tried to 'play' the adult in the Rethug room as if he's gonna be a 2016'er -- that same little Weasel that gave the Rethug response to President Obama's first State of the Union speech. Remember him?? The one that thought the need for volcano monitoring equipment was far too expensive whilst he had that Rethug blank stare not knowing what the hell it was and he treated it as a joke. That stunned little Rat, that had egg on his face the next week when the volcano erupted in AK. Remember??

    It's the same Snake that's spewing the LA education system is alive and well in his 'travelling speeches' -- you know, like you posted that article the other day which exposes the truth -- the system gets an 'F'. One and the same.

    An 'F' - let me think - how to use that letter to describe said person -- yes, that little yellow bellied Fuckface Gov!!!!

  5. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Oh my.

  6. Anonymous5:34 AM

    "Hear this now, O foolish people, Without understanding, Who have eyes and see not; which have ears, and hear not." Jeremiah 5:21

    BTW, I'm an atheist, but that biblical quote came to mind when I watched the video.

    As a teacher and a human being, I find this attitude towards science and critical thinking a form of child abuse.

  7. Anonymous5:40 AM

    I can't even watch it, I can't stand it.

    So by their values (let's not say it's logic) they want to leave science out of the schools, but want guns in?

    1. Anonymous5:58 AM

      I agree - Can't watch it. I like enjoying my coffee. Have no stomach for starting every day on a diet of stunned & stupid.

  8. Sally in MI5:41 AM

    I wish these people had not evolved into humans, but stayed, oh, cockroaches to be stepped on. Evidently their bodies evolved, but they have the brains of a wonder they so love 20 week fetuses.

    1. Anonymous6:00 AM

      I see it as they can only injure themselves when they habitually shoot themselves in the foot because truthfully, they have no brain matter and therefore anything to the head won't damage anything.

  9. eva marie5:46 AM

    As a native New Orleanian I say hold these guys up to be the idiots they are, senators, governors-let'em have it. But not our mayor, I really like Landrieu!

    Not to go off topic but being home sick in bed I can't avoid the breaking story on tv and the web-Manti Te'o. Anyone else see the similiarity between his deception about a fake girlfriend to the media and Palin's fake pregnancy hidden by a media that just didn't seem to dig into either one of these stories?

    1. Anonymous6:05 AM

      Ca-Ching!! You win the Cupie Doll!!

      He's doing an interview tonight as he's now in damage control. He thought he had until next week and it's blowing up on him. It's blowing up on the school too in that they did a 'private' investigation yet thought there could have involved throwing game, etc. That it was 'his' story to tell. Oh man, they're sinking up to the eyeballs too!!

      Daddy last Oct said they had met a few times - yet he's saying he never did. He lived in Hawaii where she was -- but never met - BS. The excuse he's young. I'm tired of that same ol', same ol'.

  10. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Now that's the definition of willful ignorance!!

  11. Randall6:58 AM

    Wouldn't it be nice if we only sent educated grownups to the hallowed halls of our lawmaking bodies?

  12. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I just love the reaction of the people behind her. especially the face palm by the gentleman on the left.

  13. Anonymous10:51 AM

    On a local paper recently, a commenter named "homeschoolmom" declared that the Texas drought was man-made because, "as every fourth-grader knows," when you impose watering restrictions, no water can go up so none can come down. Ergo, a drought.

    I'm just beyond speechless with these people.

  14. Here in TN, they have taken steps though new legislation to allow creationism back into the classroom. This law turns the clock back nearly 100 years here in the seemingly unprogressive South and is simply embarrassing. There is no argument against the Theory of Evolution other than that of religious doctrine. The Monkey Law only opens the door for fanatic Christianity to creep its way back into our classrooms. You can see my visual response as a Tennessean to this absurd law on my artist’s blog at with some evolutionary art and a little bit of simple logic.

  15. Anita Winecooler6:30 PM

    I don't know which is more absurd, the question or the fact that he asked it?

    And you wonder why little johnny isn't learning?

  16. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Gryphen; you really should mention the young 19 year old man who has tackled this issue - I suggest you do a google on him and his good work he started at 14! I read about him on freethought blogs the other day; he is in the video on the right :)

    Brilliant young man. Wow. I'm 29 and think of myself as still v young and still not taken seriously. He's ten years my junior and has really done such wonderful work. America needs more people like him. Fortunately, where I'm from even in my religious school biology class we were taught evolution as fact (it's essential curriculum) even though the 'teacher' put a huge caveat on it and said though we have to admit is as fact we do not have to accept it in our hearts!

  17. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Btw I think everyone here in the comments are giving creationists WAY too much credit!!

    You all seem to think he would be embarrassed and so would the creationist community by this.

    Um, no. I bet you they end up using this as an example of a 'win' on their side! They are so ridiculously stupid and lie based, they will play this video over and over and talk about how 'confused' he made the 'expert' and how everyone laughed at his excellent point and AT the expert. I know them too well, I don't doubt this is already happening.

    I love to personally try to differentiate between the truly ludicrously stupid, ie those that really think science has been proven wrong and are just so mind bendingly stupid they are of the diminished capacity to actually think creationism is plausible, and those that trade in it, ie intentionally lie to make money off of those previously mentioned 'beyond help' stupid people. What is sure is that creationists are either a) very stupid or b) very evil in that they are happy to mislead people to make a living as well as make the world less nice for the rest of us to live in. Just remember that when you deal with creationists. Some are undoubtedly a mix of a and b, but there are literally NO other reasons for it. They think they are moral and holy and good when really what they are doing is giving atheists like me brilliant examples of what religion does to people. Keep going I say! Get more extreme! Try telling the world you want to teach children that the world is 6000 years old and that Noah built tanks to house each fresh and saltwater fish and mammal species, like the blue whale and another for rainbow trout! Yes people, for Noah's story to be true he must have housed whales because the water outside the Ark would have meant certain death to all seawater and freshwater species on the planet. And let us not even get to how he managed to traverse Australia and catch and house each poisonous spider and snake species, make sure he didn't miss Tasmania and New Zealand of course, and carefully catch and house each of the hundreds of thousands of species carefully enough that they survived not only the years (decades?) long preparation but then the flood itself.

    And once you convince the world that it's a great idea to teach THAT in science class in place of evolution (students will write it all down with no silly awkward questions of course and no laughter!) why not come back and tell us how there will also be a 'Morals' class which will teach the students about what is good and moral in Christianity! Of course, the flood will be the basis of morals, and students will be taught that it was a very good and moral thing that Yahweh destroyed the human race with the flood, the very race that he created in his own image and gave them the instincts and drives that he wished and that when they indulged their natural urges he punished them because that is moral and good. The children will be taught that it is moral and good to kill millions of babies and children for no reason, let alone the innocent animals. Once the students have learnt what morals are, and have learnt what a JOKE evolution is, they will be let out into the real world where they will interact with YOU and YOUR children! What fun! One of these angels will one day be your son or daughter in law! I'm sure everything will turn out just roses, and they will have an entirely healthy and well adjusted family life!


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