Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wise words from a youth pastor.

Dare I say it? Amen.


  1. Sally in MI3:53 AM

    He could have added, "and the way Christians treat Jews, Muslims, minorities, women, and the elderly, and other Christians. Not to mention the way they treat living children." But yeah, AMEN!

  2. Leland4:03 AM

    I am reminded of my favorite line fromTHE WIZARD OF OZ. It was Lion's and done in a heavy Jersey accent:

    "Ain't it da troot! Ain't it da troot!"

    Fortunately, I believe he is going to get his wish! From most of us, at least, since we are like any other group of humans.

  3. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Exactly! Do you know what are the biggest tell of a jerk? Anyone on Facebook or Twitter that describes themselves as a Christian, Patriot, Husband/Wife/Grandfather/Grandmother and Constitutionalist in their About.

    That is not to blanket attack on anyone that falls under any of those categories 9because that is almost everyone) but these guys are the most vile and unchecked in their missives to the public. Nasty.

  4. I would like to banish them to an Evangelical Ghetto, but my empathetic nature would not let me, so, when the time comes, I hope they choke on all their religious retorts that they will have to keep to themselves, like I have. Theism and Atheism should be a private affair but because Theists have made it so public Atheists have had to go public too just to claim equality.

  5. hauksdottir1:12 PM

    We can't.

    The Christians used to burn atheists alive. Given the air pollution problems, and the number of self-identifying Christians, it would be too much of a blow to the environment.

    1. Thank you for caring about our environment. You are a true...environmentalist. Hope that is not a blasphemous label.

  6. Anonymous8:05 PM

    thanks for share.


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