Friday, February 08, 2013

Tennessee man quits job after receiving W-2 stamped with the "number of the beast." Because you know, religion.

Courtesy of The Tennessean:  

A Clarksville man said that he quit his job last week in order to save his soul. 

Walter Slonopas, 52, resigned as a maintenance worker at Contech Casting LLC in Clarksville after his W-2 tax form was stamped with the number 666. 

The Bible calls 666 the “number of the beast,” and it’s often used as a symbol of the devil. Slonopas said that after getting the W-2, he could either go to work or go to hell. 

“If you accept that number, you sell your soul to the devil,” he said. 

Bob LaCourciere, vice president of sales and marketing for the Revstone Corp., which owns Contech Casting, said that Slonopas’ W-2 was labeled with 666 by the company that handles Contech’s payroll. It refers to the order in which the forms were mailed out, he said. 

This isn’t the first time that the Satanic number has caused Slonopas trouble at work. 

During his first day on the job in April 2011, Slonopas was supposed to be assigned the number 668 to use when he clocked in. But the human resources department gave him the wrong number — 666 — instead. 

Slonopas, who said he became a born-again Christian about 10 years ago, complained and was given a new number. 

In July 2011, the company changed time clock systems, and once again Slonopas got 666. This time he quit. The company apologized and he returned to work a few days later. 

This latest incident with the W-2 baffled company spokesman LaCourciere. He could not believe it had happened again. 

“I am completely at a loss for words,” he said.

"Either go to work, or go to hell." Choices, choices, choices.

Well I think that Mr. Slonopas needs to simply accept the fact that this CANNOT be a mere coincidence. One time perhaps, but twice? I think not!

Is the following not written in the great book of Revelations13:16-18? Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. 

Surely this man who doth hide his true visage behind the slovenly, pinkish camouflage of a common  maintenance worker has been revealed unto the masses as the spawn of Satan, the progeny of Mephistopheles, the Anti-Christ made flesh.

Burn him! Burn him with fire!
Or....perhaps instead people can simply pity him for his ignorance and make sure to keep him away from sharp objects and dangerous substances.

Religion, keeping people terrified of simple coincidences for over 2000 years.


  1. Anonymous2:27 AM

    This is more pathetic than funny.......I'm afraid too,afraid for the future of my grandchildren with so many of these mindless individuals about............

  2. Anonymous2:29 AM

    He's 52? Maybe he quit his job in time if that's what being a maintenance worker does to you. He looks older than my dad, who is 75!

  3. Anonymous2:43 AM

    666 was a mistranslation - It is 616. The people in Grand Rapids. MI need to be concerned. Area code there is 616.

  4. Anonymous3:05 AM

    A few times my grocery bill or convenience store bill has been $6.66..........maybe I"M the beast?

    1. Paul - Minnesota9:33 AM


      Early 1990s.

      I wondered about what I was eating when I often ordered Chinese/Vietnamese take out and my receipt, incl. tax, came out to $6.66.

      That $6.66 happened to me several times. I should have skipped the egg rolls.

  5. Anonymous3:36 AM

    funny video - Blasphemy Channel

    Jesus being confronted on his racist parable of the Good Samaritan

    1. Anonymous5:19 AM

      Just like Monty Python

  6. Anonymous3:51 AM

    Many years ago, I was having a conversation about the number of letters in my three names. Each had 6 so it was 6, 6, and 6. I was quickly told that those were the numbers of the "Beast". Who would have known, a little ole Southern girl. Needless to say, I never talked about the number of letters in my name again, but so far, only a couple of ex-husbands think I'm evil.

    1. Anonymous5:35 AM

      If that's the case.., count these:

      W-i- l-s-o-n
      R-e-a-g-a- n

    2. Paul - Minnesota9:35 AM

      Plus they later lived at 666 St. Cloud Road (Los Angeles) yet they had the number changed to 668.

  7. Anonymous3:57 AM

    What a moron, a five digit number and a ten digit number, but I guess zeros don't count. If given a check for 66600 or 6660000000 dollars I'm sure he would not accept it. Ya right!

  8. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Unflipp'in believable..Now hust where is Walter going to get this months $20.16 donation to SarahPAC

  9. And so now he is without a job, and since he quit his job for what rational people will think is not reasonable cause, he won't collect unemployment. But I'm sure he's a good citizen who will pick himself up by his bootstraps and so something for food and shelter. Heck, maybe he can go on a lecture tour talking about how he can't work because he has to save his soul. Or something. Sheesh.

  10. Anonymous5:02 AM

    We had a really nasty next door neighbor who basically complained to the town about everything. It was so bad, the town fathers offered to buy him out so he'd move.

    Well, one day he bought a new car and the license plate assigned by the DMV was NZI 666. Hand to God, Nazi Satan. It took him a few weeks of the neighbors laughing before he figured out what it said and had it changed.

  11. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Will taxpayers be paying for this guy to sit on unemployment? We shouldn't have to pay for his crazy religious beliefs.

    1. Anonymous8:24 AM

      Nope. He quit.

    2. Leland3:53 PM

      Quitting doesn't always lead to being refused. Hell, I caught one of my employees STEALING cash out of payment letters. Had it on video. Fired her and had her arrested. She was convicted.

      She STILL got unemployment!!!!!!!

      And before you ask, I did appeal the ruling. No change.

      Again, before you ask, this was around 25 years ago in SC! I don't know if that can still happen, but I told them to kiss my A** and closed the business. I asked them where they were going to get the money from since I refused to pay the premiums.

      Demanded a jury trial when they tried to force the issue. The jury laughed at the state, thankfully.

  12. Rover5:16 AM

    That which he has feared has come upon him. (Book of JOB) can't make this sh*t up!

    Or as the Law of Attraction teaches energy attracts like energy. The dude is attracting this number over and over. That means it is his predominant thought.

  13. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Clearly he is receiving a message from his God.

  14. Anonymous5:55 AM

    If these TN folks keep making the news, I swear I'm going to get a P O. Box in another state just to make myself feel better. Let's see, I'm closest to MIssissippi and Arkansas, but Missouri isn't that far, and I could always enjoy a nice weekend drive to Kentucky or Alabama.

    Shit, the more I look at my options, I'm stuck waist-deep in the middle of all of this pseudo-christianist territory. I hope these chest waders don't fail me. And it's a good thing I have the 2nd Amendment and a sizable cache of guns and ammo, cuz there's gonna be a lot of pissed off rednecks when they aren't picked in the first round of the apocalypse, which some good kkkristyuns think is preceded by the rapture, unless I've got different messages from different religious leaders combined and confused.

  15. In Texas, a person who receives a driver's license with 3 consecutive '6' characters is allowed to request a new one. Mine ended in '666' and sometimes when clerks asked to see it, they gave me a case of the Hairy Eyeball.

    1. Anonymous6:00 AM

      My DL# has four consecutive zeros in the middle and is easy to memorize. When I have to use it they always do a double-take and squint, and I say, "It's Oh Oh Oh Oh---4 in a row. Yes, I'm a supporter of our President."

    2. I wonder- if someone who requested a 666 license number was refused, then could they file a court case against the DMV, saying the clerks were discriminating against the church of Satan? Oh, what amusement value of watching their heads explode. (Might need sensitive instruments if their it's their very tiny little alleged Christian brains exploding.)

  16. Anonymous5:59 AM

    I live in TN I can just imagine this guy will follow so many all thse other so called christians and file for disabily, get a check and run a business for cash, never pay any kind of income tax, tax return again. He'll probably collect unemployment, while he's filed for disabily. I don't know maybe it's all over the county now, but I know it's the way here. They have no idea Congress hold the purse strings, evey penny out of their check is always Obama's fault.

    1. Anonymous6:52 AM

      I know so many people who are on SS disability who could be out working, being nutty or back aches are the newest excuses for disability. Disgusting, but one of them with a bad back can go to the gym every

  17. Anonymous6:11 AM

    I don't think he feared turning into the man of 666, I think he was just afraid the entire meaning of it, a system made up from the man of 666, was looking for candidates. I guess he didn't want the job.

    1. Locally, he's a known miscreant, and was fixin' to be fired ~ anyway.

      By quitting them, first, and this being his reason, he at least gets his fifteen minutes of dragging Tennessee down with him.

    2. Anonymous5:50 AM

      Prolly didn't get much work done, being careful to not walk under ladders or step on a crack among his other superstititions.

  18. Anonymous6:16 AM

    He sounds like the boy and his two brothers whose daddy gave the three boys $20 and told them to divide it evenly when the family stopped at a fireworks stand. The oldest boy grabbed a pencil and started to do the math long- hand on the back of an envelope. After he'd carried it out 7 or 8 digits, he told his dad, "I can't make these sixes go away!" When their mama saw the number, she wouldn't let them get out and buy anything. The oldest boy asked her why, and she said that particular firework stand was possessed by the devil, but to hold onto the pencil and paper and that they'd stop up the road at the next firework stand and try it again.

  19. Anonymous6:44 AM

    I do believe someone is trying to tell him something...

  20. I used to have a boss who had IT deliberately set his extension to 666. He said it kept the religiously superstitious people from calling him to complain.

    It worked :)

    1. Anonymous8:32 AM

      Awesome AND hilarious!

  21. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Why doesn't he just change his name to Lucifer and move on?

    Take a hint dude.

  22. Anonymous10:36 AM

    He's a witch!

    Burn him with fiery burning fire of fieriness!

  23. Anonymous10:38 AM

    And his name is an anagram of Anal Powers Lost. I don't know why I looked that up, but it made me laugh

    1. Anonymous5:47 AM

      NOW we hear the real reason for his "butt hurt". He's lost his mojo.

  24. Anonymous11:39 AM

    This superstitious peabrain doesn't deserve to have a job.

  25. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I'm a year younger than this fellow, but seeing his pic made me feel PDG about my 'boyish looks (and charm--lol).

    What a goofball. Him, not me. ;~D

  26. Anonymous1:25 PM

    That dude still has to file his tax return along with his W-2. Dumbass!

  27. Anonymous4:52 PM

    He thinks God will provide for him. He's a taker!

  28. Anita Winecooler6:53 PM

    My Aunt is a "born again christian" and went berserk off her rocker because the "Govmint" issued her license plate with the number "666". But, if she won the lottery and the prize was $6,666,666.66, I'd venture to guess she wouldn't hesitate to cash it, hike up her skirt and run to the nearest casino, after, of course, tithing ten percent to her "church".

    I don't belittle this man for what he does, but his abject stupidity is laughable!

  29. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Well, lookee here what just got off the Last Train to Clarksville. He was supposed to be coming in on the short bus. That dude ain't all there.

  30. Anonymous12:28 PM

    666 is the the number of Man and Man is the beast.


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