Sunday, March 03, 2013

Conversation on Over Time between Bill Maher and Steve Schmidt infuriates last few remaining Palin-bots.

Courtesy of the Daily Caller:  

On Friday night’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” during its online “Overtime” segment, Schmidt tersely responded to a viewer question about McCain’s selection of Palin to be his running mate: 

MAHER: Steve Schmidt, ‘Is it possible you picked Sarah Palin the wrong year?’ Oh, my. ‘Could she have swung the women vote in 2012 enough to have put Romney in the White House?’ 


MAHER: No? That’s your answer? 


MAHER: Never again. Your feeling is there never is a good time for Sarah Palin? 


MAHER: Well, do you think she has learned anything in the years since? 


Yeah I don't think there are very many rational people in this country that would disagree with Schmidt's potion on this.  In fact in my opinion he demonstrated remarkable restraint.

Speaking of restraint, or the lack thereof, the last life raft full of Palin worshipers over at the Sea O'Pee took great umbrage at Schmidt for stating the obvious:  

Yeah, well we feel the same way about you too, skookums. 

Maher is killing two birds with one stone with this kind of footage. First, Misogynist Maher loves any opportunity to disrespect Governor Palin so it makes sense he’d play footsie with Stevie and give him a chance to dis her. Second, he’s putting the spotlight on an even bigger self-important loudmouth buffoon than himself who he wants the public to perceive as a leading voice in the Republican party, not only because Schmidt is endlessly repulsive and thus by connection so is the GOP but also because Snakeoil Steve helps confirm that even the “leading voices” of the Republican party shudder at what a horrible mistake the Palin choice was in 2008.

They then go on to dredge up every bit of information they can (Almost exclusively from Right Wing sources of course) to attack Maher and Schmidt. And do so with such fervor and zeal that it is actually quite comical.

"Yeah Maher is a misogynist and a socialist, and Steve Schmidt is ungrateful, and bald, and probably smells funny."

All I can say is that those poor schmucks over at the Sea O'Pee can bail til their little arms fall off, and they will NEVER manage to remove enough sea water to bring the Palin political Titanic up from the seabed of irrelevancy on which it now rests.

But hey, as long as they are willing to try, we are willing to laugh at their efforts.


  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Sarah Palin begins 2013 speaking tour

    Sarah Palin Heads Roster at Leadership Forum at Southeastern University

    Southeastern University is gearing up for its annual fundraising leadership event next week, featuring former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as star attraction.

    Palin, 49, the 2008 Republican candidate for vice president, will be at the 2013 National Leadership Forum along with a list of other speakers. She will talk about leadership.

    Brian Carroll, vice president for university advancement, said ticket sales are going well, but there still are some available. The forum has changed over the years, he said, and has become an event that is talked about in the university network.

    Word has gotten out about the event, he said, and other schools have approached SEU administrators to learn more about the model.

    "We are in our seventh year doing this," he said. "It's become, well, not routine, but we have a pattern. We've made a lot of course corrections over the years."

    The forum is geared toward leaders in the business, professional and church communities.

    "The main purpose of it is the heart of our culture," Carroll said. "It is a culture to serve, and that extends from our students out into the com­munity. In the past year, we had 33,000 service hours in the community. That is unbelievable."

    Ticket information is online at Forum tickets cover both days of the event and are sold in four categories: $450 for non-reserved tickets; $650 for a reserved ticket; $1,000 for a VIP ticket and $1,500 for an executive ticket.

    Other speakers on the agenda are:

    1. jcinco9:23 AM

      lol, they asked a box of hair to make a speech, really?? what the fuck does she know about leadership??

    2. jcinco9:26 AM

      and we give a shit, why?

    3. Anonymous9:36 AM

      Southeastern is an Assemblies of Go Bible College only 2500 students. Not one on the speakers list a well-known name outside "grifting as a living using religion as cover" circles."

    4. Anonymous9:57 AM

      "University advancement" bringing in Palin to speak......tee hee hee!!

    5. Anonymous10:05 AM

      Moar Morans in training.

    6. Anonymous10:40 AM

      >>The highest-priced ticket buys premier seating, a private evening reception with Palin on Friday and the amenities included with the VIP tickets.

      So are the Palinbots putting together a 'road trip' to see their Queen? I guess a private evening reception with a withered, mannish, dog shit throwing, narcississist is their idea of VIP amenities. Wonder who she'll drag along for her entourage? Barstool for her good christian values or Todd the Pimp for his contribution to the health and wellbeing of women in Alaska? What a fucking waste of money that would be, but the PeePonders will sell their souls for a chance to sniff the backside of this pathetic witch.

    7. Anonymous10:47 AM

      I dare Sarah to tell those kids that no matter how tough it is, ya gotta keep on going. Whatever you do, don't quit.

      Examples of Sarah's leadership:
      1. Hired a city manager when she was Mayor of Wasilla
      2. Quit her job as governor
      3.Instead of leading her political party as a former VP candidate, she turned to the Tea Party, dividing the Republicans (a good thing, but not a good quality of leading)
      4. Leadership also involves listening to the advice of everyone around you in order to be well informed-- not a quality that Palin has shown
      5. Instead of accepting responsibility for anything, blame the media

    8. Anonymous9:11 AM
      Sarah Palin begins 2013 speaking tour

      Wait...what? Let me read that again...

      "Baldy Palin begins 2013 speaking tour"

      Ummm...ONE speech at some bible thumping "college" and a FREE speech at CRAPAC is NOT the beginning of a speaking tour! Now if they had said...

      "Baldy Palin beings 2013 CORPSE CHASER tour"...that would be more like it! LOL!!

    9. Anonymous10:51 AM

      I'm sorry, but you would have to pay me far more than $1,500 to sit for 2 days and listen to that lineup.

    10. Anonymous10:57 AM

      So Palin and the other "leaders" skim off money from the top, and the University, wherever it is, keeps the rest for its "development." What a scam.

    11. Grrrr!12:04 PM

      "She will talk about plea-dership."


    12. Anonymous12:22 PM

      By the way, less than 14 hours per year per student of community service is not all that much to brag about, especially when they consider politicking for RW nuts campaigns as "community service" and 2012 was a presidential election year. For comparison, Boy Scouts in our troop have to complete 20 hours per quarter to advance rank, and most of the older belong to an associated service organization that volunteers one full weekend per quarter, and none of it is passing out fliers. It's hammering nails, cleaning up nature trails, messy and hard work that contributes thousands of dollars to their communities in time and labor. And they don't brag on themselves, so I will.

      Sorry if I'm not all that impressed with Mr Carroll's pride and joy there. He sure as hell can't pick a decent person to 'teach' leadership. Grifting skills? Yes. But Leadership? LOL. Hell, No!!!

    13. Anonymous1:16 PM

      What is the sea o pee so upset about? I didn't hear Bill call Sarah a Cunt?
      what's their fucking problem?

    14. Anonymous2:15 PM

      Anon 1:16

      They get pissy at C4P because intelligent people can't help but snicker anytime they hear Sarah Palin's name. The Peebots are stupid by association because they hold Sarah up as their ideal of a leader and worship her to a sickening degree, so they get their widdle feewings hutt whever they hear the truth spoken about their dear leader, Queen Quitter.

      James Carville told someone a while back that he would work for free if every opposing candidate were as dumb as Sarah Palin.

  2. Anonymous9:13 AM

    omg, are we going to have to hear "skookums" now forever like we did "wee wee'd up" and "refudiate" ?

    1. Anonymous5:18 PM

      Just until the idiot blathers out another drunk tweet and acts the fool again.

  3. Somehow I don't think that the raucous laughter coming from the audience or the other guests made the Palin-bots very happy.

    They are literally the last people on the planet to not get that Palin is now nothing more than a joke.

    1. Anonymous12:22 PM

      Not true.

      Sarah is the most powerful weapon in the Democratic arsenal.

      (I´m just twirling my thumbs wishing for McCain to come clean and expose this idiot.)

    2. Cracklin Charlie12:39 PM

      There are none so blind, as those who will not see.

    3. Anonymous12:43 PM

      And, as Schmidt was saying "no and no", someone was in the background saying "wow and wow". Was that someone unaware of just how void of substance Sarah really is? Or were they surprised that Schimdt wasn't mincing words?

  4. But she has learned something...
    She has perfected the art of fleecing the rubes.

  5. jcinco9:25 AM

    Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace will prove to be instrumental in taking palin out if she ever thinks about running for public office again.

    1. Anonymous11:36 AM

      Plus, there are many others out there that have saved all the proof sources that show Palin to be the fraud, liar and idiot she is should she ever stick her nose out there to run for anything - anywhere in the USA!

      She wouldn't dare!!!!!

    2. Anonymous12:06 PM

      Careful, when she's more broke and desperate she will likely try.

    3. Anonymous3:42 PM

      They'd better take her out! Considering how hard they worked to get the Diabolical Shrew Bitch™ elected last time around.

    4. Gabby Giffords is why Sarah Palin will never run for public office again

  6. eclecticsandra9:38 AM

    It is good that Steve Schmidt is attempting to save the Republican party. It became so infested many others just gave up.

  7. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Somebody remind me again what Palin is governor of. Maybe one of the idiots over at SoP can tell me.

    1. Anonymous2:42 PM

      9:40 Sarah Palin was elected governor because she WAS NOT Frank Murkowski.

      It was all timing and foolishness on the part of those who voted for her.

  8. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I'm not a big fan of Schmidt, either (when he begins to speak, it looks like he is doing an IMPRESSION of a blowhard)

    ...but his being BALD does not enter into any sort of opinion formation, in my mind.

    I really wonder what kind of asshole bases their feeling about another person, by something as frivolous as their hair thickness.

    1. Anonymous12:09 PM

      Depends. I have no problem with bad - Robin Roberts or Patrick Stewart - hubba! But when someone is so uncomfortable in their own skin that they resort to the sillinesss of trying to cover it up Trump, Palin, Danson, then I don't respect them.

  9. WakeUpAmerica10:05 AM

    Truth hurts. Much as it pains me to say this about a Republican, Steve Schmidt is well-respected by both parties. More to the point, he is painfully honest. While I disagree with his politics, I have great respect for his integrity, something not often found in rethugs.

    1. Anonymous10:42 AM

      I think that in Game Change, he and Nicole Wallace realized early what a bad choice Sarah Palin was for VP. They were supposed to have hatched a plan, in case McCain won, to keep Palin as far away from the White House as possible. They knew that she was not qualified, yet they worked hard to get her and McCain elected. That was dangerous considering that McCain was 72 at the time and had a history of recurring cancer. The strain of the job could have inflicted Sarah Palin on the country for four years, some scary thought.

    2. Anonymous11:31 AM

      Thank God they came out w/the movie "Game Change" and it's been shown over and over again on HBO. Sarah Palin was shown as the person she was documented to be.

      Nicole Wallace didn't cast her vote for McCain and Palin, which was very hard for her to admit to Schmidt!

      They knew they were going to lose to Obama and Biden and thank God they did!!!

    3. Anonymous11:32 AM

      I, too, like Steve Schmidt, even if he is a Republican. He appears to me to be a straight shooter and I'm delighted he does not support Palin publically. Wish McCain would follow suit!

    4. WakeUpAmerica11:45 AM

      First, Schmidt and Wallace were VERY supportive of Game Change which seriously damaged the Alaskan Dingbat's creds. Second, I'm sure Schmidt et al had a plan to neutralize Palin if their team was elected. Remember, she was picked at the last minute. They were "all in" by the time they discovered they had a paranoid looney on the ticket. Definitely an "Oh shit! Oh dear!" moment. Cranky McShame should have been tarred, feathered, and run out of town for that fiasco.

    5. Anonymous1:20 PM

      Steve has already told of her lies and her fits and all, I'm sure he wouldn't hesitate to GO FURTHER should the need arise. And that goes for the Toad also,too!

    6. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!3:49 PM

      Wake Up,


      Schmidt the Shit admitted he ONLY cared about his JOB - which was to get John McCain Elected the President of the United States of America.

      While Nicole Wallace was UNABLE to conscientiously cast a vote FOR McCain/Palin (she opted NOT to vote - she did NOT vote for Barack Obama),

      Steve the SHIT Schmidt DID vote FOR McCAin, Palin.

      He voted FOR Sarah Fucking Palin as the VICE PRESIDENT of the USA.

      YES, of course the President is Important, but he KNEW. he KNEW. that sarah palin was INSANE!!!!

      And he voted for her anyway!!!!!!





    7. Anonymous4:30 PM

      How the fuck do you know he voted for him?
      Were YOU THERE?
      Steve is on the Record saying they would have to remove Sarah IF mcCain got voted in....
      IF, IF!!!!
      And it very telling he left the Rmoney campaign.
      Yea fuck McCain and fuck you.
      I like Stevo.

    8. Anonymous10:21 PM

      @FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!3:49 PM

      Steve Schmidt voted for John McCain in the state of California. At the time he cast his vote he already knew that McCain was going to loose the election so voting for McCain wouldn't have made a difference anyway. He spoke about this topic a while ago during an interview! Get over it already! His vote for McCain wasn't going to matter one bit and he knew it!

    9. Anonymous11:54 PM

      Schmidt and Wallace had no way to neutralize Palin if McCain had been elected. She would have been elected VP along with McCain and there would not have been a single fucking thing they could do about it. In fact I'd bet the farm that had that happened and Palin's spectacular unfitness became a problem, neither Schmidt nor Wallace would have uttered a peep. They would not have dared, for the sake of their reputations. It's a hell of a lot less risky for them to trash someone they DIDN'T manage to get elected. They are both self-serving hypocritical political whores who make me almost as sick as Palin.

  10. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Angry Ann rMONEY explains it all.

    "Ann Romney: ‘I’m happy to blame the media’ for election loss"

    1. Anonymous10:29 AM

      Gosh darn that media, for reporting on what the man said and did.
      And hosting those debates. Man, was that a low blow or what.

    2. Anonymous10:39 AM

      Good, that's something that Ann and Sarah can agree on. When you lose, instead of taking any responsibility for a poorly run campaign, it's the media's fault.

    3. Awww damn...someone body in the comments at PoliticusUsa called Ann Romney a...."spoiled house cat of a wife".


    4. WakeUpAmerica11:46 AM


    5. Maddies_Mom11:52 AM

      Someone else in the comments section called her "Ann of Clean Stables"!

    6. Anonymous11:57 AM kitty

      Actually, what a shameful thing to compare a cat to.

    7. Anonymous12:11 PM

      And then the Mittster's "What I said wasn't what I believe" about 47% quote. Really, Mitt? Most of us would call that fraud.

    8. Cracklin Charlie12:35 PM

      How about "Anne of Mean Stables"?

  11. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I think someone doesn't know the difference between 'skookum' and 'snookums'.

    'Skookum' is a Chinook jargon word, and in general use, refers to something good. If you were to say, 'That's a skookum horse', you would be telling someone that the horse in question is a good, sturdy, strong horse.

    'Snookums', on the other hand, is a term of endearment, but with a sarcastic inflection.

    I am almost positive that the word desired is 'snookums', but one never knows.

    Archie Butt

    1. Anonymous10:38 AM

      Sarah also tried to give a new meaning to other words that she used such as "shuck and jive." (Oh, yeah, we said that in basketball all the time). Go ahead and redfudiate that, Sarah.

    2. Anonymous10:44 AM

      Yeah, I think she probably meant to use SNOOKUMS as a cutesy word of snark......causing all her ditto-heads to use it like a meaningful word.

    3. Maybe she meant "spookum" media?

    4. Anonymous12:04 PM

      Sarah doesn't know herself. As a communications "major" (no degree, without a doubt), Sarah sure communicates poorly except when Brancy or RAM are ghostwriting. All of those Heath/Palin women are very slow-witted.

  12. WakeUpAmerica10:10 AM

    "Skookums doesn't mean what they think it means. Perhaps they meant "snookums."

  13. Anonymous10:10 AM

    if you really want to laugh at their efforts, and have not read it yet, try this: The top ten lies of Game Change. Had me howling...

  14. Anonymous10:12 AM

    At Raw Story a comment says it all about Ann Romney trying to make the Romney fail the fault of anyone but the asshole Romney Kolub KKKlan:

    " WJM51 • 3 hours ago

    Horse shit. Your husband lost because he's a selfish, arrogant, self important lying sack of shit whose party didn't even want him. Good God, you BIMBO, did you never notice that EVERYONE was in the lead in the primaries OTHER than your husband? Did you not put two and two together and come up with the fact that EVERYONE got to lead because they WEREN'T your husband? He was the LAST person the republican party wanted to go with, was that NOT OBVIOUS to you as well?

    Listen up, idiot. The nomination was BARELY won by Mitt, and only because everyone else in the race was a TOTAL and COMPLETE fool. Your husband was the LAST person in the field they wanted. The election was NOT a goddamned shoe in for you and the IDIOT you're sitting next to. If your fucking husband can't tell the truth any better than he did, can't make a speech without insulting damn near half the country, and can't convince anyone that he's got a freaking CLUE of how to run things, that is not the fault of the media.

    You will NEVER get it. The vast majority of the people in this country KNOW what you think of us, and you are NOT the people we want in office. GOT IT? You are a selfish, arrogant, stuck up asshole who thinks she knows what everyone else SHOULD want, and WE are the problem when we don't agree with YOU. YOU SUCK, lady. GET IT? YOU FUCKING SUCK! I'd vote for a welfare mother over your shit eating husband every freaking day of the year. They at least know how to live on a REAL budget, something you and your company destroying husband know NOTHING about. We wanted a real HUMAN in office, not your goddamned robot.

    I'll say this once and for all so that you MIGHT get it: WE DON'T LIKE YOUR HUSBAND OR YOU! We DIDN'T want YOU in the white house, LIVE WITH IT. You can blame whoever the fuck you want, but it's YOU AND YOUR SHIT EATING HUSBAND WE DON'T WANT. The media has damn near NOTHING to do with it. IT'S YOU!!!!

    1. You sum it up very well. Thank you.

    2. Yes, nicely put.

    3. WakeUpAmerica11:49 AM

      Downright awesome and totally accurate!

    4. Anonymous11:54 AM

      Yes, well said.

      And we also really, really like Mr. Obama. Because he is everything that Mr. Romney isn't.

    5. Cracklin Charlie12:34 PM


      Why doesn't Ann ever explain to us just exactly what these marvelous qualities are, that Mittens allegedly possesses, that would make us like him?

      Romneys are strange people.

    6. Anonymous2:23 PM

      You expressed my feelings better that I could have said it. +1

    7. Anonymous3:34 PM

      Oh yeah/

  15. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I hate to pile on the former governor of Alaska,... But I will anyway.

    I went to see Jack and the Giant Slayer with a friend and his young son yesterday. It was 33 degrees and snow flurries and not much else to do at 2:00 in the afternoon while my bud's wife and 16 yr old daughter were at the shooting range taking a handgun safety class. There was a murder in our quiet, little suburban area over Christmas, a home intrusion that was supposed to be a regular breaking and entering, but the son was home from college and he'd left his car at school over the holiday break. The thief stabbed him with a knife from the family's kitchen after he realized the kid was home.

    Anyway, with that being big news overnight, an entrepreneurial-minded gun dealer and range owner quickly put together a nice little package deal with a safety certification class and a .25 pistol "for the ladies", and made a small fortune in about a week's time.

    So yesterday, my best friend's wife and daughter spent 8-5 learning the do's and don'ts on gun handling, safety, cleaning, operating their weapon, sighting, etc. they were scared shitless to open the boxes at first---probably not a bad thing there---but they were pretty damn confident when they got home.

    They enjoyed shooting the targets and they are both competitive---neither could shut up about out shooting the other, blah blah blah--- it was kind of neat to see how comfortable they were versus a week ago when I asked to see one of the pistols and they just handed me the box. lol

    I always kid with his wife bc she was one of the gals who really got sucked in early with Sarah back in '08, but to her credit, she was also one who realized pretty quickly that is stupid, so I can still tease her about her 1-month crush on the Quitter. Anyeay, when the girls got home, we played the clip of fSarah hunting with Creepy Chucky Sr from SPAK on their big screen TV via Netflix/YouTube.. I told my friend that it will be interesting to hear what they say about it.

    The next thing I heard was 'Mom! Look at how she's holding the rifle! Her index finger!!!' Both of them were floored. Then the passing back and forth of the weapon from Creepy Sr to Sarah. "Mom! That weapon is loaded! You don't do that!!!" and on and on. It took 3 minutes, and a one-day gun nut gal who just turned 16, said "Who is that lady hunting there? This must be her first time to handle a gun in her life. What's she even doing on this show? Is this even real?"

    My friend and I were spitting bourbon and ice everywhere and his wife was grabbing paper towels, as she told their daughter " They think it's so funny because I though this lady was smart at first, and they probably did too, but they changed their mind a day before I did. That lady was the governor of Alaska who said she was a big hunter who grew up hunting and fishing and all that outdoor stuff."

    "Well Mom, I guess she was lying because she would've killed herself or somebody else by now."

    I told my friend, "Somebody was paying attention in her little gun class. Your daughter is now officially a REAL NRA Certified gun goonie."

    Two more witnesses have seen with their own eyes what a fraud Sarah is and always has been. Yesterday was a great day !

    1. Anonymous11:52 AM

      Great story, thanks for sharing!

    2. Anonymous11:55 AM

      Hope they don't spread the word ;-)

    3. Cracklin Charlie12:31 PM

      Cool. But, don't you just love watching you tube on the teevee???

      My daughter set it up the other day, and we watched a bunch of Jimmy Fallon clips, including the one of him "mom dancing" with Ms. Obama.

      Another very funny one was Jimmy as John Boehner watching this year's State of the Union address. If you haven't seen it, you should! Jimmy kills me!

    4. Anonymous2:28 PM

      Yes, Cracklin Charlie, it beats the heck out of my iPhone. I'm waiting on a new battery for my laptop to be shipped (back-ordered for 3 weeks!), so going from a 4 inch screen to a 60 inch screen is great for watching You Tube.

  16. It's the laughter that got to the patients at Crazies4Palin! They HATE that EVERYONE is laughing at the half dead...wonky eye...bald headed...tranny face...hillbilly that ran for VP named Baldy Louise Heath Palin!

    She's a joke and she will STAY a joke! Ain't shit they can do about it either! LOL!!!

    1. Anonymous12:00 PM

      But, they still believe she is the only one who can save our country before Obama makes himself the dictator. LOL Those people are living in a fantasy world all to themselves and use Sea4Pee to share their own fantasies with each other. They have made Sarah into a mythical creature no one else would even be able to recognize if they never mentioned her name.

      Last night at Sea4Pee was a particularly entertaining night as they fought with each other on the article Gryphon put up yesterday about 5 million pounds being contributed to "Vote for Sarah Palin 2016". One particular commenter, M Joseph Sheppard had written in one of his comments that the donation was given to SarahPAC, not Vote for Sarah Palin 2016 as was stated and what a bunch of loons we were. He proved to be the loon after the c4p commenters handed back his forever tarnished azz when some went back and read the article written by Gryphen. Appearently he is a repeat offender of making false comments.

  17. Anonymous10:28 AM

    James Carville Trashes CPAC: ‘Any Day You Have More Palin And Less Christie Is A Good Day’

    1. Anonymous11:25 AM

      I love Carville too! Has a terrific sense of humor and smiles all the time. Plus, he thinks Palin an idiot too!!!!

  18. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Sarah has been calling on the skookums media to tell the truth. When they do, it hurts. (Steve Schmidt is now media. He is appears on MSNBC).

    What is the skookums media, anyway? Sarah used that term in a twitter a day or two ago. The internet tells us that "skookum" (no s at the end) means brave, great, exceptional. There is an organization for disabled people that uses that name: Surely Sarah isn't making fun of disabled people who are looking for meaningful employment?

  19. I wouldn't call Steve Schmidt's comments terse...not the way he was grinning when he said them. That probably pissed the Palin-bots off as much as anything...the amusement around the table.

    He was just brief and to the point.

    1. WakeUpAmerica11:52 AM

      He was barely able to not burst out laughing. I'm sure that's why he didn't elaborate.

  20. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Now, if Schmidt will just come clean about covering up the faked pregnancy, he can completely absolve himself of all guilt regarding the Tundra Turd.

    1. WakeUpAmerica11:53 AM

      IF he knows, perhaps he's holding that little gem to discredit her if she ever tries to run for office again.

    2. Cracklin Charlie12:23 PM

      He knows.

    3. Anonymous2:49 PM

      Schmidt can't tell about the fake pregnancy. He would be blackballed by the money folks that run the religious right. He would be skewered as a lesson for others to respect the boundaries. Not to protect Sarah, but the Paxson Media and affiliate money that could really be hurt by the revelation. Mark Burnett & Co didn't choose Sarah. Sarah was dropped in his lap to pay her off for her going along with the plan to hijack the Republican campaign in 2008 bc Paxson had the goods on McCain with Vicki Iseman, who was lobbying for Paxson Media ( now ION NETWORKS). The religious right had McCsin by the balls and forced him to take Palin, and he knew he wouldn't have a prayer (pun intended) of winning without their money and votes from the far right. Remember, McCain was severely pissed that he couldnt run with his old neocon suck-buddy, Joe Lieberman. McCain acquiesced but he was given an anchor with Palin, not a life boat with oars.

      The media payoffs to the Palins started with Beefy before Sarah quit.

      That's the big story that no one can tell or be a source for the story. There's not enough loyalty to keep those sources anonymous. Once Sarah screws the pooch and can no longer bring anyone down by telling her story, they will either cut out her tongue, or make her go away. She's a rogue with an inflated sense of self-importance, so she will kill this golden goose, if Todd himself doesn't do it by trying to fuck the goose rather than Sarah. That's a metaphor, if you're wondering, but Todd might be the sacrificial lamb. Another metaphor. gtg

    4. Anonymous3:25 PM

      Hear hear,well said!

  21. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Even knowing what she was, Schmidt still did everything in his power to give the crooked old whore a free ride to the White House. He should be in jail not on television.

    1. Anonymous11:23 AM

      They knew the ship was sinking during the election - Schmidt was disgusted w/Palin after finding out how ignorant and off balance she was during the campaign. Plus, she put herself ABOVE McCain at the end of the campaign and was driving herself and everyone else nuts.

      Thank God American voters saw how inept she was and how awful McCain would have been as POTUS.

      Thank God, President Obama and VP Biden were elected over them and that they obtained the second term with such big numbers! The Republicans are STILL pissed off and continue looking like the messed party they have been for a number of years now!

      Sarah Palin, McCain, Romney et al just make them look and sound worse as time moves on!

    2. Anonymous3:26 PM

      Schmidt didn't 'choose Sarah'. He didn't have a say in the natter. He played the cards that were pulled out of the deck and handed to him, and wasn't happy at all. But McCain was in the same position. He didn't want Sarah either. It's a facade that was put in the Game Change narrative, because the American people would revolt if they knew how few people choose these candidates and back them based on past and future deals. I hate to say it, but both the Dem & GOP candidates are chosen by the same people behind the curtain for the most part, because they can't afford to lose. So they bet on both sides. Some more than others, but all the players hedge, and it's obvious where the differing interests are. But 60% win either way. It's only a gamble for those who bet on the longer shot for the higher payoff--- the wildcatters. Big, old money wants a guaranteed 18-20% return on tgeir assets and the tax loopholes do the rest for them, allowing them to double their net worth every 5 years or do with essentially only cyclical risk. Rogues exist, but they are boom or bust. Look at the Forbes 500 richest people in 1980, 1990, 2000, and every year since. See the movement and those "popping up". No one goes backwards in terms of net worth except a few entrepreneurs who didn't cash out quickly enough during the tech bubble (gambling, basically), or someone who was floating on air of leverage, and got too greedy. The handful of companies that own the media can shut anyone out. So you don't have much investigative reporting on themselves. Why would they? Rupert's people got sloppy and he lost control and took some lumps. When the old man dies, we may find out a few things interesting as his son gets his head in a vise. But I'm betting James cashes out and new players gain a little ground. I've said too much, but nothing that's not in plain view for those looking at the right combination of things that matter. Sorry I don't have time to edit and do paragraphs. It's a stream of consciousness thing anyway, not a chronology of events. Palin is chump change. Schmidt is a company man. McCain is an old war horse that's been put out to pasture, fighting every step of the way. But he's always done as he's been told. Theses people aren't crazy. They act very rational based on their circumstances, which are controlled by others. The theater is for attention, deflection, or deception. You can assume those who benefit politically are acting in a rational manner and doing as told. Some are better actors and stay in the game while others wash out. That's all for now.

    3. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!4:05 PM

      I agree to the OP at 10:55!

      Schmidt the Shit would have us with SARAH Palin as OUR vice president!!!!!!!!! (in 2008 - don't get pissy/technical with me)

    4. Anonymous4:33 PM

      Fuck you mcccain,
      Fuck YOU!
      Steve is on the record as He wouldn't lie for Sarah or tawdry
      He said as much she would be removed if, IF mcCain was elected.
      STFU. Your going to give yourself a stroke.

    5. Anonymous4:34 PM

      Funny only palinbots hate steve Schmidt so much?
      Palinbot at 4:05!

  22. Considering there is no way they could have shut Palin up (as even now, also, too) or kept her away from anything, and McCain is rapidly sinking into his dementia, I am even more grateful that this pair did not win the election.

    1. Anonymous5:30 PM

      Me and you both, Lynne. And another 311 million people, most of whom are aware as well.

  23. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn11:08 AM

    Oy vey in a handbasket. Someone named steveschmidtUSA and using his pic has been commenting at the Kiddie Pool and some other sites, just saying "No! No! No! and NO!" Of course, some of the inmates are trying to convince themselves that Schmidt would actually waste his time at the Sarah Palin Tiger Beat Fan Club, much less comment there. There's even a long, "concerned" diatribe from that VA guy to "Steve" as follows (these paragraphs appear at the end):

    "Steve, your reputation is now one of being a loser, a backstabber, a vainglorious king maker, but one who cannot make a king. A FAILURE.

    "Is that how you want to be remembered?

    "When you appear on tv, it is almost always on networks who are quite open in their support, and indeed, admiration, of Obama and his socialist policies. I fail to understand why you allow yourself to be used as a tool by those folks, unless of course, the reputation you have built is true and you are nothing more then a tool, and, a fool.

    "Do you want to take this opportunity to cogently have an honest dialogue with Sarah Palin supporters, factually back up your statements about her, perhaps express a change of heart?

    "Here's your chance, Steve."

    Does VA honestly think a). it's Schmidt, and 2). calling him everything short of a worthless piece of mildewed rat excrement is going coax a positive, worshipful response to the Queen and her minions? It's in today's Open Thread. Enjoy!

    1. WakeUpAmerica11:40 AM

      Thanks for sharing. Those people most have an IQ of 75(collectively).

    2. Anonymous12:14 PM

      Of course he thinks Steve Schmidt is commenting at the Pee Pond. VA "gentleman" is their philosopher-king over there. Bill Maher described these types perfectly:" These f#?king idiots are experts on every world except the real one".
      Not enough oxygen in the world to bring the VA guy's IQ above 75.

    3. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn and WUA...I am STILL cracking up over the shellacking that old horny goat MJ Sheppard took in the "Day Room" (Open Thread) yesterday!

      I would post it but it went on for so long you just need to go read it to believe it! In the end the two regulars who told the goat to "shut up the lying" ended up reporting him to the "Staff" (Moderators).

      He's also is getting told off on his OWN blog by someone from here I think! LOL!!

      Best part of all....Gryphen's "defunct blog" post set if all off! LMAO!!!

      *GinaM giving TWO middle fingers to old ass Baldy panty sniffer....MJoseph Shepard who reads these comments wishing to get at least HALF posted on his pitiful excuse of a blog*


      Happy Sunday Everyone!

    4. Anonymous12:40 PM


      The Faithful over at C4P are jumping ship and now hanging out at Palin4America, mainly because that blog still employs the old Disqus commenting software that does not allow for "up or down-arrowing" of comments. They consider this their safe haven now because no one can down arrow their comments.

      None of them realizes this is a temporary condition because Disqus is requiring all users to upgrade to their new software, the one that allows for up and down-arrowing, by mid month and the current version will become defunct at the end of the month.

      So it looks like the P People will soon have no choice but to live in a world of up and down arrows whether they like it or not! Of course, as they all state, the down arrows don't bother them one bit and they wear them as a badge of honor....yeah, sure they do :-)

    5. Anonymous1:19 PM

      GV is the second ranking High Priest Of the Cult of Esther over there(ohe old fart with the two anuses being first lol)for today's services:exthol Schmidt to repent of his sins against Queen Esther ask forgivness in front of her congretation and come into the fold.

    6. Anonymous1:27 PM

      Think I'll stroll over for a few and pelt them with a few down arrows.
      (Sticking out tongue at Drunk ole Sayrah reading here)

    7. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn1:43 PM

      Thanks, GinaM! I need a laff right now, so I'll dodge the flying crayons and lurk around to find it. Hey, it's free entertainment!

    8. Anonymous5:36 PM


      I'm doing the night shift over there around 9:00 Central, when drinks are half price. I only get the glasses half full because those ignorant Peebots make me laugh and spill so much. I might do a bendy straw tonight in honor of Queen Quitter. Leave a trail of down arrows for me so I can find my way!


  24. Anonymous11:53 AM

    The fact that she lost the women's vote is totally lost on them.

  25. Grrrr!11:54 AM

    Schmidt's not the only one speaking out right now:

    President George W. Bush’s former chief strategist Matthew Down is slamming the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) for snubbing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) while inviting former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R), who he asserts “wasn’t competent enough to keep a Fox News contract.”

    So the media -- and even members of the GOP -- are FINALLY telling the truth about Sarah Palin ???

    If only they'd started doing it back in 2008.

    1. Anonymous12:16 PM

      Damn skookums!

  26. Anonymous11:54 AM

    The PeePonders watch BILL MAHER? That shocks me, more than anything else. I'm amazed that they do, or maybe they were just reading an article about it. Pretty funny the reaction it's getting. I swear, they'd lie down and die for this skank woman.

  27. Anonymous12:00 PM

    SCHMIDT: No.

    So, Schmidt, tell us again why it's not treason to run an incompetent person for vice president alongside an elderly man with multiple health problems.

    1. Anonymous1:57 PM

      Sarah was NOT vetted and Schmidt discovered too late what a horrible mistake the GOP had made re: selecting Palin as McCant's running mate. I think he is trying to rectify a wrong by coming clean now.

    2. Cracklin Charlie3:51 PM

      Sarah Palin WAS vetted, and saying "No" to a bunch of questions is NOT coming clean.

      I might have more respect for Steve Schmidt if he DID come clean.

    3. Anonymous4:41 PM

      This guy would not have gone to the poor house if he backed away from McCain and Palin, let's be clear about that.

  28. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Dairygate update.

    Actual ADN headline:

    "Cheese war: State dumps tons of cheddar from defunct Mat-Su dairy"

    "We thought the cheese that was stored in the cooler inside, that a good portion of that would be acceptable. But after looking closer we found mouse droppings around and on the cheese, cheese where mice had burrowed into the cheese.”

    Dairy board member and investor Jake Libby calls McFarland's description of the cheese "complete and utter BS."

    More like mooseturds.

    1. Anonymous5:41 PM

      Add it to the list of 'accomplishments' for Sarah Heath Palin. She has been one major clusterfuck for the state of AK since she's had any decision-making authority. If she touched it, she fucked it up. Disgusting, but hardly surprising.

  29. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Now they are THREATENING Steve with getting shot!

    'Oh and Mr. Schmidt…take note of the links in the above OpEd, as they are just a small glimpse of the documentation we have on you. Should you attempt yet another campaign to smear Governor Palin and her record in order to cover for your own failings and disastrous management skills, please be advised that not only are we armed with facts, we are also loaded for bear and entirely trigger happy where you and your ilk are concerned.

    You’ve been warned.'

    1. jcinco12:54 PM

      has anyone forwarded this to schmidt or authorities?

    2. Anonymous1:45 PM

      I agree...this needs to be sent to law enforcement...these kinds of threats should (and usually are) taken seriously.

    3. Anonymous1:47 PM

      The threat of violence should definitely be reported. I'll see if I can post it to Rachel's blog and send the link to someone in authority. Secret Service?

      Also too---

      "...the documentation we have on you."

      "Documentation"? What a moran. She linked to a bunch of delusional rants and drivel from Breitfart and Gateway Pundit (aka, "the stupidest man on the internet") as if she's presenting solid evidence. Idiot.

    4. Anonymous1:55 PM

      That sounds like a threat of bodily harm for Schmidt and his family. I believe the suthorities should be informed.

    5. Anonymous2:47 PM

      Mary Beth Dumbhouse is just pissed that the old loons still can't find the open thread and they complain endlessly about the evil down arrows also too.

    6. jcinco3:27 PM

      something like that should really give just cause to shut that hatefest of a web site down. the fbi should be notified. Whoever sent it to Rachel, that was a wise thing to do. I honestly believe Rachel holds Steve in high regard and she has the contacts to really do something about it.

    7. Anonymous5:44 PM

      Those flies over there are going to find a turdpile somewhere and congregate. It's just what they do. They're shit-flies.

  30. Anonymous12:22 PM

    “CPAC to me has totally diminished its credibility as an organization. When you basically, Chris Christie s a national leader, and their explanation about why, the next day about why…It’s like an All Star Game, they said he didn’t have a good year,” said Matthew Dowd, a frequent This Week panelist and Republican strategist.

    “They invite Sarah Palin who wasn’t competent enough to keep a Fox News contract? But she’s invited to a CPAC meeting? I mean to me, they basically, many people, Karl and many people, decided that the voters out there don’t know what they’re doing. That the votes who like Chris Christie, and the voters who like other candidates, they’re really mixed up and we’re going to tell them what the truth is. And whatever that’s a strategy on either side, when you’re trying to tell the voters they’re wrong, it’s a bad move,” said Dowd.

    Former Utah Congressional candidate Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love halfheartedly defended CPAC saying that they’re a private organization and that Christie probably isn’t hurting for speaking events. Love did call for a “healthy debate” between Republicans.

    Carville got the last laugh, of course, saying,”Any day that you have more Sarah Palin and less Chris Christie is a good day for James Carville.”

  31. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Down arrows, down arrows :) And yes someone report this crap who the fuck do these dweebs thing they are anyway?

    1. Anonymous5:13 PM

      "The down arrows speak to us, they tell us that Governor Palin is still the one they fear the most"
      Ummhh no Palin worshiper I don't think those are down arrows you hear speaking.
      After perusing the comments I'd say ithat would be Satan whispering back and forth in their ears.
      The StLouisSioux poster especially sounds like a nightmare to have as a neighbor or acquaintance, it is also scary that they all carry guns.
      VG was boasting of carrying one strapped to his leg to a hospital visit, just a few days after the Sandy Hook shooting, he said he was pleasantly surprised that nobody said anything negative, what an abysmal idiot that old bigot is!
      I wouldn't say anything either, you never know what might set those gun fondlers off! What an arrogant evil thing to do, right after the Sandy shooting..these pieces of shit are the type of people that Palin drew out.

    2. Anonymous6:01 PM

      Exactly so. I saw that nonsense about bringing a gun into the hospital. Jesus. If that idiotic old goat is really as weak as he claims to be anybody could wrest the thing away from him and create a bloodbath before he could even croak out one of his "miladys".
      I still hope those pieces of shit that populate the Pond are all RAM and Baldy pays her a buck per moniker.
      Where is that freak Theresa from Alaska btw?

  32. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Ouch! I think Schmidt just stuck his index finger in Sarah's GOOD eye. Now she'll have TWO fucked-up wonky eyes. Todd will have to carry that sorry bag of bones he married like a sack of potatoes to keep her from doing a face plant. (Trip her Todd, come on, man. Here's 5 bucks, which is more than she pays you, I'm sure.)

  33. Anonymous2:42 AM

    Wow...I actually sent this question into the show Friday night...had no idea it would spark such outrage! JD.


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