Wednesday, March 06, 2013

CNN host grills Daily Caller editor over allegations from Dominican prostitute that she was paid to lie about Senator Menendez.

Courtesy of Mediaite:

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar interrogated The Daily Caller Executive Editor David Martosko on Monday over his publication’s willingness to stand by their claim that Menendez patronized prostitutes in the Dominican Republic and that the Washington Post’s story debunking that report was inaccurate. 

“You have to understand that all of this was ginned up by a Washington Post report yesterday that basically uncritically reported this affidavit from the Dominican Republic,” Martosko said. He went on to list the reasons why the Post’s report was flawed. 

“Even if you say her claims are false, what is the proof she is not – that she is not on this video that she says she is?” Keilar asked. Martosko listed a number of reasons why the subject quoted in the Dominican affidavit was not the same person that The Daily Caller interviewed. 

“Someone could obviously fib about their name or they could fib about their age,” Keilar said. 

“And they could fib about an affidavit as well,” Martosko shot back, “and the Washington Post could take it and run with it in a very irresponsible way.” 

Keilar cited an ABC News report which has alleged that the interview the Daily Caller conducted was set up by a Republican operative. “Is it possible that you were duped?” Keilar asked. 

Martosko and Keilar engaged in a heated back and forth over the credibility of the sources The Daily Caller used in their original report on Menendez’s Dominican liaisons. Martosko confirmed that his website is going back and checking with their original sources.

You can't help but notice that every single time Brianna Keilar tries to get this douchebag to admit that he has no proof that this is not the same woman on the Daily Caller video, he obfuscates and tries to distract by claiming that it was the Washington Post that engaged in shoddy journalism.

Yes right, the same Washington Post that broke the Watergate story in the 1970's, and is one of the most respected newspapers in the world, does not match the journalistic high standards of a blog run by an often ridiculed occasional Fox News contributor.

Clearly these guys are in panic mode and worried that when this thing finishes blowing up in their faces they will be left with no credibility whatsoever.

But what am I saying? Since when do these Right Wing outlets care about credibility?


  1. WakeUpAmerica7:09 AM

    With all due respect, The Washington Post is not necessarily the same paper it was 40 years ago. Certainly, Bob "I was threatened" Woodward isn't the same man.

    1. Wakeup@7:09

      Yeah, I agree with you. There are still a few good journalists at WaPo, but there are some that are just hacks, paid to present view or talking points for either side. I appreciate thoughtful commentary with consistent supporting facts that are counter to as well as supportive of my position, because that's how I grow and learn. But I hate to read an unpersuasive editorial that is void of facts and reason, supporting a different opinion than my own, and I ignore it even if it arrives st my own opinion if it takes a faulty path. I understand that WaPo has been pulled to the right since Wasington Times came out in the 80's, and that's not really a bad thing necessarily, but it shouldn't be an excuse for poor fact-checking and failure to dig deeper than status quo.

      IMO, WaPo hasn't dropped quite as much as WSJ has under Murdoch, but due to time constraints, I haven't read WaPo regularly for a few years other than 5 or 6 writers, other than during election season when I read it daily. WSJ, on the other hand, while still a necessity, is no longer THE source, but just A source for business news.

      NYTimes is still good but I have developed a jaded eye toward them after they served as the PR office for W in the run-up to Iraq. NYT not only played the cheerleader role that almost all of the commercial mass media has done (to my witness since the first Gulf War), but NYT actually helped manufacture the disinfo which shaped public opinion, pushing aside any meaningful pushback by the Democrats to invade the Middle East. Nothing really new there historically, but it was a real eye-opener about the role and complicity of the media in general.

      The end result is that I find I have to read 5 times as much to get the necessary facts to form a thoughtful, intelligent opinion. And if it's an international matter, I have to do the same except that it has to come primarily a foreign medis, because there are only a couple of sources in the US that actually do REPORTING in other countries, each with their own agendas.

      In general, mass media has been adding trash and noise to compete for eyeballs. I understand the phenomena, but it stinks to gave seen it better in an age where there was less technology to support it. Nowadays, with the media consolidations and bottom-line pressure from the markets restricting the amount of investigative journalism that is feasible, it's no shock that much of our news is transcribed right off the press releases from a company's PR office or from a government agency. There doesn't seem to be enough in the budget to ask pertinent questions.

      Daily Caller is a piece of shit just as Tucker Carlson is. I have no interest in anything they do except for once in a blue moon when they stumble over something, and I go check it out.

      Rant off. My sandwich is getting cold. Somebody call me a waaaahmbulance.

    2. Anonymous5:04 PM

      I wished the far right "Constitutionalist" would "read 5 times as much to get the necessary facts to form a thoughtful, intelligent opinion". If they relied on other sources beside just listening to what they want to hear from the far right talking heads and FOX, they would be much better informed even if the other sources didn't persuade them to be more towards the left.

    3. Anonymous6:45 PM

      Yes just like McCain and Darryl Issa (car thief) in a feeding frenzy about Cartagena until it was revealed that Todd Palin brought David Chaney to "See" Shay Tripp for uh, "Services"!

      Then McCain-Issa drop it like a HOT, hot potato!
      Well Malia is the pit bull and has received a answer to her FOIA. She has not shared it yet but it seems to indicate good news. Bad news for the Two tone dickless Bi-sexual pimp.
      Also Media Insider has verified about the video with the guy with the toad. Can't wait until THAT makes the rounds.
      So Daily Caller will grill like a greasy hamburger until the palin paw prints show up on this then boom. Nothing.
      And this certainly sounds like a palin Clusterfuck. Also we know now that Palin's lawyer Tiemissin(sp) is also bisexual and most likely the judge they have in their pocket Burgess, is most likely being blackmailed, to do their bidding like turn down the guy in Juneau case, find no merit. Keeping the Christies in ALaskan jails, that sort of thing.
      Yes Sarah, its is coming out. Start modeling the pink handcuffs and maybe your Joey boi can give you a nice padded cell instead of a midnight snowmachine ride?

  2. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Gryphen, apologies for the OT, but granny grifter must be hoping for a diversion after the last few disastrous tweets. She's posted a few newish photos of mommy's little prop, er Trig, on facebook.

    1. Anonymous8:25 AM

      What? No People magazine spreads? No payments for Bristol's breakup trial marriage? No pics of big wedding for Track?

      Just saying Facebook pics to the general public, strangers, is an odd way to protect one's cubs:)

    2. Interesting; we saw that one on the book tour sometimes, but I don’t think he’s Ruffles. There are so many mysteries.

      Good on Tripp for helping teach him. I know from my own experience of mentoring that everyone benefits, even the teacher.

    3. Anonymous9:00 AM

      Which Tri-G?

    4. Simple but profound statement, Darlene, in your last sentence.

      And it applies to almost everything we do as parents or mentors at work. It's a great way to reintroduce us to "the basics" of what we do with proficiency as well as to force ourselves to do a self-examination to identify areas to improve in our own lives.

      Thanks for the reminder. My lesson of the day.

  3. angela8:29 AM

    Tucker Carlson's blog rag wouldn't know the truth if it came up and pissed on him. He's just glad someone is mentioning his stupid site's name.

  4. Unfortunately these right-wing blogs have huge credibility with a large number of republicans. The blogs tell them what they want to hear and facts be damned. Don't you remember Rand Paul and Ted Cruz quoting right-wing blogs in their questioning of Chuck Hagel? Friends of Hamas? They make up their own reality...and their own facts and don't let anyone rain on their ignorance parade.

  5. Leland8:59 AM

    Okay, I do NOT normally do this, but Yahoo! is reporting that Carly Rae Jepson has canceled her appearance at the National Scouting Jamboree in July due to their stance against the LGBT community.

    It is further reported that Train, the other headliner, has stated they will cancel also if the BSA stance against gays is not refuted in the May meeting concerning that question.

    How 'bout THEM apples?!

    1. Change is uncomfortable for some, painful for others, and impossible for those who refuse to grow.

      Leland, I can support the performers' decisions100% if their agent(s) signed them onto the gig without the performers knowing all of the policies of BSA. If they signed the contracts.and committed up front and knew the policies, I'd be less supportive, and it might make their cancellations appear to be less principled and more self-serving. But either way, if their stance helps force change, I'm supportive. It cannot hurt the situation other than ruffling some feathers or causing inconvenience.

      We have gay kids in our Troop right now. One is on pace to make Eagle Rank in the Fall or early 2014. The other one is about a year and a half behind him in age, so we'll see what happens. We're assuming it's going to be successful--- the policy change, I mean. If not, we don't have a plan B but we all have to make a stand and do the right thing at some point.

      As a really good guy and our current VP once said, "This is a big fucking deal."

    2. Leland3:54 PM

      Boney, give the two of them a big GO FOR IT! from me, please?

      I was an assistant Scout Master for quite a few years and even instituted a spring whitewater canoe trip for the troop which I think they are still doing. We had a great bunch of boys and fantastic parental participation. Unfortunately, I found out about their anti-gay policy and sent in a written letter of resignation stating my reasons. (That I found the exclusion of gays from the scouts to be unconscionable.) Naturally, in those days, they didn't even bother responding the anti-gay sentiment being so strong.

      I sincerely wish the boys all the luck in the world knowing the amount of work it takes to achieve their goal.

      I just hope they aren't disappointed.

      If they are, tell them for me that they will always know they succeeded in QUALIFYING and they can carry that with them all their lives. ACHIEVEMENT IN SPITE!


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