Thursday, March 07, 2013

When CPAC needs star power to help sell tickets who do they turn to...Donald Trump! Seriously?

Courtesy of the National Review:  

Donald Trump is bringing one crucial component to CPAC: commercial starpower. 

Trump, who has publicly raised doubts about President Obama’s birthplace, is already a controversial choice of speaker for the conservative conference, thanks to his history of not-so-conservative positions and donations to Democrats. 

But the Donald has his fans — and they’re willing to pay up to be in the same room with him. 

According to one source close to CPAC, ticket sales had a sharp upward spike after Trump’s speech was announced. He’s not the only crowd-generator slated to speak: sales also increased when it was announced that Sarah Palin would speak. 

So to be clear this Right Wing love fest could not drum up enough ticket sales with the appearances of Jeb Bush, Eric Cantor, Kelly Ayotte, Mitt Romney, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Bobby Jindall. And it wasn't until they added a media whoring, birther blowhard and an ex-half term Governor from Alaska, who was recently fired from her job on Fox news, that they noticed an uptick in ticket sales?

You know I think that just about tells me EVERYTHING I need to know about the conservative party in this country.

Oh where is that meteorite from outer space when you really need it?


  1. Just for shits and giggles, play along here with me. Click on the pic of Sarah Palin to enlarge it, and look at her features. Head size to neck, leather, wiry, neck, teeth, mouth, and lines in her face. It just looks different. Photoshopped? Or did I just not look close before? Just doesn't look right, but it might be time for new reading glasses, or maybe my eyesight improved? I doubt that.

    I can tell she was about to have a heat stroke, but all I remember about the pic was her unstickIng her sweaty shirt that was clinging to her, but I never remembered looking at her face in the pic. I'm just blown away that I didn't notice or don't remember her looking this gaunt until her little K-Mart excursion when she couldn't wait to get to the car to dive into Nat Enquirer.

    When was this pic made? GOP primaries in 2012?

    1. Anonymous4:56 PM

      July 19: Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin spoke at a 'Patriots in the Park' Tea Party rally in Belleville, Michigan.

      I wanted to know more about the Wonder Woman sparkle-red-white-and-blue bracelet band that Sarah wore, and it didn't take long to find it on Etsy:

      You, too, can order one (only three left) at $850. Sarah wears hers everywhere, formal wear, picnics, rallies. You do have to read the blurb at Etsy, another example of devotional fan worship.

    2. Anonymous6:39 PM

      I enlarged the picture and seen all that loose turkey neck skin. If it was a windy day her skin would of been flapping. I also noticed her bird like claws and fingers.

  2. Anonymous3:26 PM

    They obviously will be there for the entertainment. Except that this isn't Branson, it's a political function.

    Could be why the gop is losing it's way? Or maybe they have all reached senility and totally forgot what politics is about..... could be that's all that is left in the party.

    1. I wonder, too, if they're not just trying to crater the party to the point where it forces a split. They're making money, but losing elections.

      When you're on a roll with a winning streak, you can tweak your game a little, but mostly you want to continue to do the basics--- blockIng and tackling. But the GOP is getting its ass kicked, but the only changes they are making are short-sighted and in the wrong direction. They seem to be happily really tone deaf to what the American electorate wants, ie., Universal Background Checks for gun purchases, a real no-brainer, overwhelmingly in favor by ALL segments of the people, even the NRA members favor it, and the President would let them put a bow on it and make it look like that's what they wanted all along, just like Obama let Boehner "win" and save face last year with "getting 98% of what the GOP wanted". Obama didnt grandstand nor rub their nose in the fact that they had to give a little ground.

      But the GOP doesn't seem to feel like they've done what they're supposed to do if anything gets done at all. I hate to see the National GOP split because it won't keep the upcoming Democratic administrations sharp. There will just be wars and stalemates in the House still until the Dems finally get a 60 seat filibuster-proof majority, and then something might get done, because money for those 25 or 30 house seats the Dems will need to win the House wiill roll in by the truckload.

      But until then, the GOP looks like they're happy to be stuck on stupid.

    2. Anonymous6:08 PM

      I agree Boney. We need a counterbalance. Intelligent, healthy debate. If we keep this up we will have a govt that plays more games than it does now, if that's even possible.

      Between the war of the parties and the wealthy lobbyists, they have all but forgotten the public. You know, the people that elected them to represent them.

  3. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Why didn't CPAC ask Bristol to speak? Bristol is a seasoned motivational speaker and she needs an easy gig. Bristol can do that laying on her back its so easy.

    1. Anonymous4:39 PM

      Heck, why not Toad? He's signed on for 'motivational' speeches, too hasn't he with some fly-by-night company? Make them a package deal...three losing idiots for
      the price of one.

      Sarah: As a beauty contestant, didn't win the big prize. As mayor of Wasilla, had to hire additional help to run the 'enormous' city. Quit her elected position as governor of Alaska mid-term to pursue more economically interesting venues.

      Todd: Quit his job on the slope to help prop up his wife and carry her purse and fetch his wife her Adderall and Redbulls at all her appearances, while steadfastly telling adoring C4P neanderthals that "he'll always work."

      Bristol: Got knocked up at 17 but clings to the belief she can still convince people it was a 'rape' and it was God's will she birth a small, homophobic boy. Barely received her GED and went straight to Hollywood to cash in on her mother's so-called name and fame.

      Yeah, three losers for the price of one.

    2. Anonymous5:18 PM

      Not fair anon 3:28. If you don't put a little sarcasm or snarky alert, I'm wondering the same as you - Beefy can't be as bad as a couple right off the top of my head. She doesn't know enough to sound as out of touch as half of the but cases on the platform. Beefy's just ignorant. Probably has a slight learning disability.

      But at least some of those baggers know better than the crap they're pretending to believe and support. They're bad actors and hired guns to hold the. GOP hostsge until they relent and otally sell out to the dark money that Citizens United allowed to hijack our democratic republic.

      CPAC is a clown show extravaganza. I'll bet Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney fly in and out on the same day, and don't do a lot of glad-handing and pics.

  4. There isn't a "conservative" party in this country. The one that starts with an R is much more crazy than conservative.

  5. Anonymous3:31 PM

    So basically, a bunch of assholes talking to a bunch of morons.

    1. Anonymous4:31 PM

      Hahaha! Perfect.

    2. Anonymous7:54 PM

      Or is it the other way around?

  6. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Is Todd Palin available to speak if he doesn't get imprisoned for pimping before CPAC start?

    1. Anonymous4:18 PM

      Todd Palin will be too busy to speak. Prostitution is one of the more popular fun sports at CPAC.

    2. Anonymous5:23 PM

      Can Todd afford to risk flying? He'd better pack a little heavier than normal. The Marshall that approaches him and says, "Are you Todd Palin?" won't be asking for an autograph until a while after Air-Con arrives wherever the appropriate Federal Judge be continued.

    3. Anonymous8:14 PM

      Anonymous4:18 PM

      Todd Palin will be too busy to speak. Prostitution is one of the more popular fun sports at CPAC
      All the "Pretty Con Boi's" go to CPAC looking for betcha Tawdry will be busy, maybe someone will catch him on video and You tube it!

  7. Well, that was my knee slapper/belly laugh for the afternoon.

  8. Every time I look at that picture of The Donald, I start laughing again. You sure know how to pick'em, Jesse!

  9. Can you see what he was like as a kid? A toddler who didn't want to eat his peas?

    (Oh, I have to stop now.)

    1. Lynne at 4:22

      That is a funny look. Eyebrows raised. Pouty look. Eyes say he's not there in the moment. I'm gonna say its a petulant look. Final Answer, Regis

      Looks like I didn't post this in right place.

  10. majii4:23 PM

    Thanks, Gryphen,
    This is further confirmation of my personal belief that many republicans will embrace the flashy before they will the substantive.

  11. Maybe CPAC just said that they sold more tickets with Donald Trump. Now Palin I can see, because there are so many men there that think with their dick. Know what I mean?

  12. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Meteorite? How about a drone?

  13. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Well, am I just being too darn optimistic or does this not bode well for the chances of real GOP candidates in 2014 and 2016?

    1. Anonymous8:17 PM

      Hillary trumps all of them, even Christie, who the 'mainstream' GOP doesn't even like. So yes, things are looking down for the GOP. What a shame. Oh, and Palin is there because she now works on the more $100,000 shriek fests for her.

    2. Anonymous6:58 AM

      It's all just for show. The RNC has already decided that Jeb Bush will be their nominee. They will be easing him into the American consciousness over the next few years. It sounds far-fetched now because Jeb Bush is not even doing anything at the moment, but by 2015 RWNJs will be convinced he is the Savior of our Country and our last Hope for Freedom and American Exceptionalism In The WORLD!

      Common sense would conclude that Hilary Clinton would win the race, but that's only if you think that the President is elected by actual voting. With all the gerrymandering and voter restriction that went on in the last election, the Republicans were pretty sure they had Romney in the White House. Look how surprised everyone was when he lost - they thought for sure they had stolen the election. And look how close they came even with a candidate no one liked.

      Well, they have tightened up the cracks in the plan and won't let it happen again. Hilary Clinton may well win the race, but Jeb Bush will be in the White House. Republican dirty tricks will see to it.

    3. Anonymous10:16 AM

      My biggest worry about our politics are the dirty tricks up the GOP's sleeves. They are not even coy about their efforts to take away the people's choice.

  14. Anonymous6:19 PM

    CPAC attracts the fringiest of the far-right fringe; the all important "base" that the moneyed Republicans have to hold their nose and court for their votes.

  15. Anonymous7:20 PM

    That picture of the Donald? I never noticed the wonky eye before. Do you spose...? Naaa...that's crazy, right?

  16. CPAC has long lost any sense of reality - a place for the Palin lovers to scream and for men of sanity to bypass

    1. Anonymous7:55 AM

      CPAC "Where are they now"
      Remember from last years CPAC? Breitbart screaming at the Occupy "Stop raping, Stop raping" in a drunken meth/booze filled rant?

      Where will Sarah and Tawdry be in a year? Just saying....!

  17. Anonymous7:56 PM

    O.M.F.G.! WHERE did you find that butt-ugly picture of that eighty-year old wanna-be stripper-granny???

  18. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Is CPAC Hosting a Gay Rights Panel?

    ...But does this mean CPAC is officially hosting a gay rights panel? No.

    Instead, one of CPAC’s sponsors, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a libertarian think tank, is using its conference room and 2-hour time slot, allotted to it as a sponsor, in order to host the panel. Sources say CEI disagreed with CPAC’s ban on GOProud but, rather than pull out as a sponsor and forego participating altogether, it found a clever way to take part while also ensuring gay rights were discussed at the event.

    The panel, entitled “A Rainbow on the Right: Growing the Coalition, Bringing Tolerance Out of The Closet,” moderated by Fred L. Smith, Jr. (CEI’s chief) and Rubin, will feature National Review’s Jonah Goldberg, consultant Liz Mair, commentator and gay rights activist Margaret Hoover, and yes, GOProud’s own Jimmy LaSalvia. The panel will take place on CPAC’s first day, Thursday, at 6 pm in the Chesapeake A-B conference room.

    1. Anonymous7:56 AM

      And WTF is that? Another Money laundering scheme?

  19. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Todd Palin will be attending 'A Rainbow on the Right'.

  20. Randall6:58 AM

    Frankly I love the lineup. Every one of those people on the CPAC ticket represent the lunatic fringe of the Republican party.

    I live in red-state South Dakota. Nearly everyone around me is a dyed-in-the-wool conservative redneck Republican.

    And even those folks often say, "you know, I'm a conservative Republican. But did you hear what that God-damned idiot said the other day?" (Referring to either Sarah or Jindal or Rand Paul or Gohmert or Limbaugh or half-a-dozen others on that side of the political divide.)

    I kid you not.

  21. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Pamela Geller: CPAC is “enforcing the Shariah”

    Add “CPAC vs. Islamophobes” to the growing list of internal conservative squabbles.

    “What are they doing at CPAC? Essentially, they are enforcing the Shariah,” said anti-Islam blogger Pamela Geller. “Under the Shariah, the blasphemy laws, you cannot say, you cannot offend, you cannot criticize and you cannot insult Islam. That is effectively what they’re doing, they are enforcing the Shariah.”

    Right Wing Watch reports that Geller was speaking on “The Janet Mefferd Show” about her recent snub from this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, at which she usually holds an unofficial panel. “This year I could not get an event, I was banned,” she said, though also noted that in the past, “I wasn’t warmly welcomed because of the influence of what can only be described as Muslim Brotherhood facilitators or operatives like [ex-Bush staffer and Muslim] Suhail Khan and [anti-tax conservative ] Grover Norquist.”

    Robert Spencer, the Anti-Islam blogger behind Jihad Watch and a Geller cohort, also says that he was closed out of the conference, and claims it was because he wouldn’t agree not to trash Norquist and Khan. According to Spencer, Jihad Watch won CPAC’s People’s Choice Award, which is sponsored by Right Wing News and But, he writes, when no announcement was made that he had won, he contacted the organizer:

    He told me that there was a slight problem: the Tea Party group, which co-sponsored this People’s Choice Blog Award, didn’t want to allow me to receive it at CPAC next week unless I promised not to criticize Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan as I accepted the award.

    I told the organizer that I couldn’t agree to that. He asked me if I had planned to talk about Grover and Suhail. I said no, I hadn’t, but I had to now.

    If you are scratching your head at the Norquist-Khan connection, it’s not out of the blue for the anti-Islam set to attack the two as Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers.

    1. Anonymous7:58 AM

      That is so funny! Pamala "Atlas Mugged" banned from CPAC so now its enforcing Sharia law?
      Sarah Palin is enforcing Sharia law!
      The right is fracturing more than a cracked marble in a fry pan!
      And that's a good thing! :)


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