Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Okay Air Force, you KNOW you have a serious, and possibly epidemic, problem when the guy in charge of investigating sexual assaults is arrested for sexual assault.

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinsk, looking pretty damn rapey in my opinion.
Courtesy of USA Today:  

The Air Force, which has been rocked by a sexual abuse scandal at its major training base, suffered another embarrassment Monday with the revelation that its chief sexual assault prevention officer was arrested over the weekend for allegedly groping a woman. 

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski, 41, was arrested and charged with sexual battery Sunday after he allegedly grabbed the woman's breasts and buttocks. When he attempted to grope her again, she fought him off and called police, according to the police report. The victim did not know Krusinski, said Dustin Sternbeck, an Arlington County Police spokesman. 

Krusinski is the chief of the Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response branch at the Pentagon. 

Krusinski has been removed from his job while his case is being investigated, said Lt. Col. John Dorrian, an Air Force spokesman. He took the post in February.

Damn! I can only imagine how this guy treated the responsibilities of his job, if he  had so little respect for women that he felt it was okay to put his hands on one that clearly was not welcoming that kind of attention.

It makes me wonder just how many legitimate complaints were passed over due to this man's lack of empathy and understanding.

And don't be fooled into thinking this is not a systemic problem, even the brochure on preventing sexual assault in the Air Force places the sole reswponbility on the victim: 

An Air Force brochure on sexual assault advises potential victims not to fight off their attackers. 

“It may be advisable to submit [rather] than resist,” reads the brochure (.pdf), issued to airmen at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina, where nearly 10,000 military and civilian personnel are assigned. “You have to make this decision based on circumstances. Be especially careful if the attacker has a weapon.” 

The brochure, acquired by Danger Room, issues a series of guidances on “risk reduction” for sexual assault. Among others, it advises people under sexual attack in parking lots to “consider rolling underneath a nearby auto and scream loud. It is difficult to force anyone out from under a car.” A public affairs officer at Shaw, Sgt. Alexandria Mosness, says she believes the brochure is current. 

While the brochure also explains that sexual assault is not always committed by people who “don’t look like a rapist” — attackers “tend to have hyper-masculine attitudes,” it advises — it does not offer instruction to servicemembers on not committing sexual assault. Prevention is treated as the responsibility of potential victims. 

Yeah ladies, if you cannot get away, or are in fear of injury, better just lie back and enjoy the assault.

You know that is EXACTLY the kind of advice that rapists really want their victims to receive. 

Just makes their job of raping you that much easier.

Jesus, I swear some of these organizations seem to be run by knuckle dragging Neanderthals who still think of women as toys or possessions and simply have little, if any, respect for them as human beings.


  1. Anonymous5:40 PM

    This man is a slime bag in sheep’s clothing thanks to the U.S. Air Force.

  2. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Hope this fuckwad is just shy of collecting any military retirement.

    He will be kicked out of Air Force.

  3. Anonymous6:10 PM

    What a moron. This guy, better than anyone else, should know that you can only get away with sexual assault on base against a service woman.

  4. Randall6:13 PM

    I wonder how long the military would put up with it if it were young MEN being raped by older men?
    (Think: Deliverance)

    1. Anonymous9:43 PM

      Now you've done it, Randall. Our lurking trolls like the old horny goat himself (MJ Shepard) will get a stiffie just imagining that scenario.

  5. Actually, getting under a car is sound practice in some circumstances... but what is omitted is, there's one word to yell and that is “Fire!" because it gets the attention of even the disinterested (fire can harm them too).

    Sure don't get the advice to “submit" however, ESPECIALLY to a service member no less.

    1. Anonymous3:38 AM

      The submit thing gives the military the option to not pursue the case since, in their misogynistic world view, if you don't resist you must want it. Get that? Their advice means the women compromise the case against the man. Easy way to not have to mess with the whole thing and further taint the AF.

  6. Anonymous7:07 PM

    This guy is scum, and its no surprise the military isn't getting it right. You don't give authority over a sexual assault program to someone that does not have special expertise in that area, and few men do.Clearly he didn't. But please don't fault the advise that submitting may be an option. Only the person in the situation can make the choice to try what they think might work to keep them from getting severely injured or killed. Fighting isn't going to work in all situations.

    1. Leland3:09 AM

      Unfortunately, almost invariably, if the woman chooses not to resist, the defense will ask, "If it was rape, why didn't you FIGHT?"

      And PLEASE don't try to tell me that the defense can't use that question since the pamphlet advises it! They shouldn't be able to smear the victim, either, but they do generally.

      I just wish that the military would put a female officer (and I mean an honest one, not like the crappy females the Repubes have in their ranks. You know, the ones who don't see the "war on women?) in charge.

      Actually, I think the JAG should have complete control over this problem. (Of course, if the JAG has fallen under the same delusions as apparently the military itself seems to have, then we may as well get rid of the entire military because the next step is Coupe!)

  7. Tonight I heard this alarming statement on CBS news: "The new Pentagon report says the incidence of sexual assault against women in the military is just over 6 percent. CBS News research found the incidence in the general population is 2 percent."

    How about that? The people who are supposedly our protectors are 3 times more likely to commit sexual assault than the population at large. Shouldn't they be LESS likely? This is horrid news.

  8. Anita Winecooler9:01 PM

    I'm not a big fan of war, but having conditions like this in the military is unacceptable. I can't believe the wording in that brochure!

    Rape isn't just about "sexual satisfaction" nor gender, it's about power and violence. Men, gay and straight, also get raped, but due to the "macho man card" "hypermasculine" myth, MORE go unreported than male/female rape in civilian population, I don't know the statistics, and wouldn't trust them anyway, but I can imagine it's higher in certain other populations (like prison and the military).
    I hope he practices what he preached, victims should "enjoy the assault" as you stated in your post. Poetic Justice might meet Karma for this POS.

  9. Anonymous4:25 AM

    This is amazing because in high school as a kid he was so smart, so handsome and won King of Hearts. It's sad when young promising kids we teach grow into bad people. What happens to them? Is it the culture of the military?

    1. Anonymous6:43 AM

      Even smart, handsome, Kings of Hearts can be sexual predators.

  10. chella6:05 AM

    i taught womens self defense classes for years. my number one rule? dont be a fucking hero.

    i have been a victim of an attempted mugging on the streets, and i was nearly assaulted in high school. i was able to not just defend myself, but i was able to fight off and disable my attackers because i have YEARS of martial arts training, so i dont think. i react.

    the mugger had a knife, but to me, a knife is nothing but a pointy punch.

    i always taught dont be a hero. run, if you can. stomp on that instep, knee the groin as hard as you can. but? if someone is holding a gun to your head? as horrible as rape is, its better than being dead.

    ive taught what to do if someone has a gun to your head. and unfortunately, it is to make the assailant think hes going to get what they want, because once they think they won, its easier to knock then gun out of someones hand AND RUN.

  11. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Well, we know how the people of South Carolina feel about women's issues. This guy would be seen as a hero there and elected to office.

  12. Anonymous7:29 AM

    "Jesus..." ?

  13. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Check out last night's Rachel Maddow Show. She had a very interesting segment on rape in the military. Also Senator McCaskill spoke with her about the issue.


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