Tuesday, May 07, 2013

So disappointed in you South Carolina!

Mark Sanford and his Argentinian mistress.
Courtesy of the Washington Post:  

Mark Sanford has won the South Carolina special election in a competitive race for what in normal circumstances is a safe Republican seat. 

The former governor beat Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch, the sister of comedian Stephen Colbert Busch, for the state’s 1st congressional district. 

The AP called the race for Sanford, with the Republican leading Colbert Busch 54 percent 46 percent.

I have to admit that I NEVER thought that this slimy POS could win this election.

Just goes to show that I gave much too much credit to the people of South Carolina.

Oh well, I hope that they, and the Republican party, are happy with their choice.


  1. Anonymous5:58 PM

    I give him a year before he cheats on the mistress with an aide and is sent packing...oh wait, the GOP LOVES adulterers.as long as they are white and Christian and Republican. South Carolina, really? What does on ehave to do to not get elected in your state? Be an incarcerated murderer? Doesn't honesty mean anything to you people?

    1. Anonymous7:11 PM

      You are so right. Elliot Spitzer got caught with hookers and he resigned and his political career ended. David Vitter the Republican Senator from Louisiana got caught with hookers and had to admit it, and then got re-elected. And this is the party of family values.

    2. Anonymous8:25 PM

      Sarah and Todd Palin showed all of us that Republicans have NO Family values.

    3. Anita Winecooler9:31 PM

      I guess we'll see Chris Christie eating donuts again!

    4. Anonymous10:36 PM

      Well, you know the old saying, "South Carolina, too small to be a country; too big to be an insane asylum."

      Still true.

    5. Anonymous8:55 AM

      Cheated on his wife, ruined his family, lied to his staff, was unavailable to his constituents....

      But hes better than that LIBERAL COMEDIANS SISTER!!!

      What.the.fuck, south carolina?

  2. Anonymous6:00 PM

    It would've been a Democratic seat only until 2014 mid-terms bc it is overwhelmingly a Republican district. Given that fact, the win serves no purpose other than to be another black eye for the R party, since the House is solid R right now anyway. If the R party thinks this is a morale booster, they have no morale or morals to speak of and they're playing 'small-ball'.

    Bummer bc if Colbert 's sis is half as intelligent as he is, it's SC's loss. Of course, it's the SC electorate's decision to choose a representative that shares their values and represents their interests. Good luck with that, folks in SC.

  3. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Proof that there is no hope of ever overcoming the partisanship in this country. Dems and Repubs hate each other now with such a vengeance that they don't care if the country goes to hell.

    1. I fear you are right.

    2. I think the same.

    3. Anonymous7:04 PM

      You are so correct 6:01. I have hate in my heart about politics as a senior citizen/voter where I never did before. I so dislike the Republican party and their politics. I'm non partisan as a voter and would not vote for one of them anywhere - anyhow - or anyhoo!!!! Trying to be somewhat funny vs nasty!

    4. Anonymous7:34 AM

      You can thank Reagan for getting rid of the fairness doctrine which resulted in the appearance of people like Rush and others to spew their hatred and divide this country.

    5. Anonymous9:07 AM

      You find people that love football, you talk football.
      You find people that love cooking, you talk cooking.

      You find people who fear minorities (in power, including women), you get right wing media.

      You are literally regurgitating their own thoughts back to them, and now they feel validated because "another smart person" thinks it.

      I just learned this weekend that my dad listens to Dennis Miller s "rant" on the radio, as well as Savage. Ugh.

      My dad went to Regis And Columbia Law School.

      He had a heart attack a few years ago, left the working world and now orbits his house with my SUPER PRO LIFE RIGHT WING MOM.

      I think he used to get some balance from the outside world (he used to intercept her really hideous political mail),

      But I think he just wants to get along with her and make her happy. So now he makes her happy telling her right wrong (ha! I tried to type WING twice and it kept coming back WRONG),

      Telling her right WING talking points.

      They got my brother too. :(

  4. Usual expectations - GOP slanders the opponent with LIES - and forgives the man who deserted his state to chase a woman. Obviously the only job he can get - a political position.

    The media - as usual - helped along the lies - and the forgiveness.

  5. Randall6:09 PM

    I wonder if it was that slimy push-poll that convinced the simple Carolina folk to vote for the liar and cheater?

  6. Anonymous6:10 PM

    One joke I heard was Sanford will be on the Foreign Affairs commitee.

    1. Anonymous1:37 AM

      Funny, but I see him going right to Intelligence with Bachmann. I mean, Boehner is trying to figure out how someone with no morals and no integrity got elected. They want to use the data for next year so they can recycle Foley and anyone else who got kicked out of Congress. Obviously, anything goes witht he GOP faithful...just yell "deficit" (which is falling, idiots, and "God loves white people" and they'll elect the Devil himself.

  7. Oh, he’ll cause more drama, especially if she bails. You own him SC.

    1. She won't bail. She sees a ticket to ride, and she's loving it.

    2. Anonymous9:09 AM

      How can anyone look at her up there with his MISERABLE KIDS and think, Yes! This man is our leader.

  8. Where is William Sherman when you need him?

  9. Anonymous6:37 PM

    The stupid is very strong in these people. They would rather elect a philandering POS than vote for a Democrat.

  10. Anonymous6:44 PM

    They do know he's not done f*cking up right?
    Guess not, or they don't care.

  11. He is a stupid POS as everyone knows which proves how stupid the state of South Carolina is and probably always will be. Fuck the Republicans. We will get rid of you someday.

  12. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Republicans never cease to amaze me. Good luck w/him in Congress, South Carolina!

  13. Sharon7:30 PM

    I am so disgusted with all the political news these days....even the GOP in congress are disgusted to welcome this guy back. It just goes to show where the south is, no matter what happens to this country...they hate a black man in the WH. I truly wish they would all just leave, create their Republican fantasy world full of guns and no government. It is all just so pathetic to think this man actually won...SC deserves what it votes for.

  14. Anonymous8:09 PM

    free ride number 2 for this guy.
    they pay his way a second time; amazing.

  15. Anonymous8:10 PM

    She's beautiful; he's ugly. Do the math. How long before she moves along for someone younger, stiffer, and handsomer.

    1. Anonymous9:29 PM

      Look more closely at her. She's got that wonky eye that is already wandering. She'll be fucking the cabana boy by next weekend. It won't be long before she tells Sanford to take a hike. By himself.

    2. Anonymous4:31 AM

      Wonder if she did it just for a green card and an anchor baby? That's the way a TeaTHUG would spin it if it was a democrat or a "regular person" you know.

  16. Anonymous8:16 PM

    i spent a little time in SC work related, the first question asked almost every place that I had to go was'What church do you attend?" I don't I would reply,but I was raised Baptist.This seemed to satisfy for a while,but usually before the week was over,one or two people would corner me and try to bring me back to god. Maybe some of those people feel that they got to Mark. Otherwise how could they elect an adulter?

    1. Anonymous9:38 PM

      Party over country. It's a republican party ideal since 2000 and into the foreseeable future.

      Be careful what you wish for, repugs. Just like when Sarah was giving Todd a bunch of shit for being a mini-peenee and told him, " Dammit, Toad, I sure wish you had a 9-inch dick!". So that evening, Todd went out to a gay bar and found himself one.

      That should keep Todd out of Sarah's nappy hair for a day or two. Bottoms up, Toddie!!!

  17. dlbvet8:17 PM

    Wow. Just wow. I can't think of anything else to say.
    Course, then I went on to read about that push poll...and then I really said "wow."

  18. Anonymous8:21 PM

    We sit here in AK thinking there is no way that Palin could run for Senate and win, not after quitting her job and proving herself to be so uniformed.

    But really, this Sanford win has made me realize that anything is possible.

    1. Anonymous8:24 AM

      8:21 Remember that she quit as Alaska's governor. No way in hell she'd be elected Senator. Plus, too many in Alaska know that she was never pregnant w/that 'supposed' kid of theirs living in their home. She 'fluffed/faked' the pregnancy to enhance her and McCain's race at her having a retarded child vs an abortion! Remember? Thank God they lost the race!!!

    2. Anonymous9:13 AM

      He QUIT for a week so he could bang his mistress in private!

  19. Anonymous8:27 PM

    As a JOKE I used to say that a Republican could dismember a live, screaming baby on stage, and the audience would run out and vote for him, anyway.

    Sadly, its no longer a joke, but a realistic statement.

    1. Anonymous9:15 AM

      Okay to be caught with a dead woman,

      Not a live boy...

      (if you are republican)

  20. Two things, Gryphen:

    SC voters elected Nikki Haley, even after Will Folks (@fitnews) revealed he and Haley had a liaison, and another affair surfaced AFTER she was elected.

    The other thing is that 2 days from now there will be a TV reality show...er, hearing about Jenny Sanford's complaint about Sanford's unauthorized appearances at her house. She didn't want TV coverage, but he did, so the judge is allowing cameras. Curious. What's the slimeball up to?

  21. Anonymous9:01 PM

    I was FLOORED. You want to talk Southern Strategy? Get out there and say "do you hate me? I'm a sinner JUST like you, but God forgives, I'm sure YOU'VE done worse in YOUR life, and he'll forgive YOU too." It's called guilt-tripping and they'll check the box every time.

    You were the better candidate, Elizabeth Colbert Busch. It's exactly WHY your brother does "The Colbert Report."

    You can't fix stupid -- Ron White

  22. Anonymous9:10 PM

    How the NRA crowd caters to women. Oh, Lord.



  23. Anonymous9:13 PM

    That whole rebranding thing just isn't working out for the GOP, so they're going to be going back to the reliable base in 2014, the well of teabagger hatred of Obamacare. The spokesman for the Republican Senate campaign committee promises, “It’s going to be an issue that’s front and center for voters even in a more tangible way than it was in 2010.”
    Cue Mitch McConnell, who said this on the Senate floor Tuesday, calling for—what else—repeal.


  24. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Democrats are disappointed; many saw an opportunity to snag a seat with such a damaged G.O.P. candidate winning that district’s primary; couple that with a high-profile Democratic candidate, with an even HIGHER profile celebrity brother giving his support, and you’d think this race had all the makings of a ‘statement victory” for the blue team.
    Well, it didn’t happen; and I for one, don’t think that’s necessarily such a bad thing. I know that’ll be hard to accept for the army of volunteers and campaign staffers (some I know personally) but hear me out.

    With all the publicity this race (and Sanford’s antics),it’s almost as if folks have forgotten this was a special election, with a shorter-than-normal term for the seat. Well, here I am to remind you of that, if you’d forgotten. This race would net someone an 18-month term in Congress; congrats, now announce you’re running for re-election.

    Had Elizabeth Colbert Bush won, she’d have been the 202nd Democrat in the House, compared to the 233 Republicans. And with Republicans almost in lock-step opposition to just about ANYthing President Barack Obama advocates, her one additional vote would change nothing. She’d have made enough votes to be branded an “Obama sympathizer” (because in ‘Southern Strategyland,’ siding with the Marxist-Socialist Kenyan is akin to being a “terrorist sympathizer”) and with Sanford vowing not to run again, had he lost, she’d have faced a sturdier G.O.P. opponent, meaning she’d be toast. So there really was NOTHING to gain from her winning this seat.

    The same cannot be said, however, for the G.O.P. having everything to LOSE by winning. With ‘Appalachian Mark’ in the fold, now, the Republican party can’t spew empty drivel about “values.” Now, the G.O.P. will have to defend a clearly-flawed incumbent, come 2014, in an election cycle that, if demographics hold up, could go demonstrably the Democratic party’s way for control of the House. THAT is when a Democrat winning SC-01 might matter.

    It’s okay to be upset now, Dems, but recover quickly; Congressman Mark Sanford will be just as flawed in 18 months, and chances are, he’ll do something utterly stupid, again. Be ready to pounce and net the seat when it actually WILL matter in 2014.


    1. Anonymous4:40 AM

      But that's JEST the problem. It seems there is NOTHING DEMS can do well enough, or TEATHUGS can do bad enough (y their own standards) to get beyond the partisan divide.

      Seriously, family and I are thinking "outta here" to Europe or Canada. I'm likely a few decade from grandkids, but I certainly don't want them with this anti-education, anti intellectualism to be US citizens in this climate. They will e persecuted. And if the grandkids are female? Double persecution and reproductive slavery. NO Thanks!

  25. Anonymous9:19 PM

    The Republican Party has officially embraced adultery, corruption, and hypocrisy

    In the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina, where a Republican nominee can lose some usual Republican voters and still get elected, if there's one clear message that can interpreted from the results from tonight's special election, it's that Republicans have fully embraced adultery and corruption.

    Mark Sanford fits both the "adulterer" and "crook" label, yet Republicans in the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina elected him to the U.S. House of Representatives anyways.

    He disappeared for nearly a week during his second term as Governor of South Carolina and, when he returned to the United States, revealed that he had been unfaithful to his then-wife Jenny Sanford. It was later revealed that he had flown to Argentina and had an affair with the woman that he is now engaged to.

    Sanford settled 37 ethics charges that stemmed from his affair and he paid the largest ethics fine in South Carolina history after settling the charges.

    Democrats, with the exceptions of Charlie Rangel, Alcee Hastings, and some others, tend to disown those who tarnish the Democratic brand...Jesse Jackson Jr., John Edwards, William Jefferson, Herman Talamadge, Rod Blagojevich, Dan Rostenkowski, Chuck Chvala, and others who have tarnished the Democratic brand for adultery and/or corruption are regarded as persona non grata in the Democratic Party these days, or, in the case of Talamadge, would be persona non grata in the Democratic Party if he were alive today.

    Republicans, with some exceptions, tend to admire those who tarnish their brand...Newt Gingrich, David Vitter, Spencer Bachus, and now Mark Sanford, just to name a few. As a matter of fact, Howie Klein of Down With Tyranny is reporting that Mark Foley is considering a redemption run for public office of his own, although I'm not sure if that's merely a joke by Klein or if Foley is actually considering a return to politics.

    Another observation that I've been able to make from the results in the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina is a key difference between how Democrats view the undue influence of money in politics and how Republicans view the undue influence of money in politics.

    Democrats, for the most part, tend to support measures, up to and including efforts to amend the United States Constitution, to reduce the influence of money in American politics, particularly when it comes to the unlimited amounts of money that can be raised and spent by so-called "SuperPACs" as a result of the Citizens United vs. FEC Supreme Court case. While there are some Democrats who believe that Democratic front groups shouldn't raise unlimited amounts of money or not even run campaign ads at all, there are many Democrats, such as myself, who support changing the laws in order to reduce the influence of money in politics but are willing to allow Democratic outside groups to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money on races until the rules are changed to prohibit that.

    Republicans, for the most part, tend to embrace the concept of outside groups spending unlimited amounts of money unless, of course, it's used by Democrats against Republican candidates. Additionally, Republicans are unwilling to support measures to reduce the influence of money in American politics, but few Republicans are willing to openly admit that they support the concept of outside groups being able to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money. The fact that Democratic front groups spent a large amount of money in an attempt to win the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina provoked a hostile reaction among Republican voters who were willing to either support Democratic candidate Elizabeth Colbert-Busch or not vote in protest of Sanford winning the Republican nomination but ultimately voted for Sanford.


  26. Anonymous9:22 PM

    I hereby resolve to do my small part in shoving the results of this election down the collective throat of the GOP on every future instance in which they attempt to either smear Democrats for even the slightest of transgressions, or to push their laws relating to everything they see as "traditional," "proper," or the way "God intended."

    Fucking hypocrites just couldn't find it within themselves to actually practice what they think they preach, and vote for a Democrat. You know, one that might actually do something for their district other than engage in taxpayer-funded spouse-cheating. One that could've put the country one person closer to breaking out of the national clusterfuck we've been submerged in since 2010.

    1. Anonymous10:06 PM

      New Republican Mantra: Take a fucking hike, all you assclowns.

    2. Anonymous1:30 AM

      This is the party who still slams Jimmy Carter at every opportunity, the only real Christian we have ever elected. The man lived his faith every day, and tried his best to bring peace and fairness to this unChristian world. His thanks? The faux Christian GOP calls him names.

    3. Anonymous4:45 AM

      Yeah - holy SHIT! Weiner was forced to resign for sexting ! That was a wholly virtual thing, AFAIK. But Sanford has a REAL INTERCONTINENTAL AFFAIR - that took a shitload of effort and a shitload of complicit cover-up.

      And they elect the bastard to another political office? Guess the Stepford plan has succeeded in South Carolina. No REAL woman would stand for this.

    4. Anonymous4:47 AM

      Yeah, his "adulterous sin" if I remember, was admitting that he was human and "had lusted after other women in his heart." Carter saw that as sinful though. My, my my how Southerners' views of adultery have changed in 4 decades.

  27. Anita Winecooler9:24 PM

    Hey, South Carolina wanted Mitt Romney. That should tell you all you need to know. They deserve what they got. She was a newcomer who thought the truth mattered, he was a weasel, is a weasel, and will always be a weasel.
    I hope Colbert runs again, she ran a good campaign and held her own in the debate.

    1. Anonymous10:04 PM

      Didn't Newt the Family Man of the Family Party win the South Carolina Repug Primary? I might be wrong about, that but I really don't care enough to look it up to see if I'm right.

      To have such beautiful golf courses and some really nice seaside resorts to vacation, SC must also have some really ugly people over there running the show. I feel sorry for the normal, intelligent people over there who have to live in a place where every other person is a complete fucking idiot.

    2. Anonymous4:49 AM

      The answer Dems is "we go there." campaign signs saying "CHEATER." Push polls asking if a person can't remain faithful in their personal life, how can we expect loyalty in their public persona?

    3. Anonymous9:20 AM

      Careful, 4:49, bill clinton...

    4. Anita Winecooler11:48 AM

      Yes, Bill Clinton had an affair, but he didn't buy his daughter a "Lewinsky" license plate, and kept his marriage and family intact.

      Ironically, there was a "Tripp" connection there, as well...


  28. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Hey Gryphen, have you seen this?

    “Guantanamo Bay must be closed at once, and the prisoners should be either returned to their home countries or given a fair trial in a federal court. Guantanamo Bay is an ongoing war crime. Anonymous will no longer tolerate this atrocity,” their statement said"

    Here is the video:


  29. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Mark Sanford hopes you did not #VoteColbertBusch today, as he needs the Congressional expense account for his honeymoon.

  30. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Think positive. This totally paves the way for Anthony Weiner to return to an elected office. Sure, he was a bit skeevy there, but he was a dynamo in DC, and best of all: Breitbart won't be around to whine about him.

    Poor Breitbart, his website is a bigger joke now than it's ever been. Just a bunch of nuts recycling old news that no one outside of their own little clique cares about.

    LOL, "Family Values" -- ain't seen one Conservative that has them. Wanna see REAL Family Values? Look no further than our President, First Lady and their children. Simply beautiful.

  31. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Be ready to salute Senator Palin. lol

    1. Anonymous8:20 AM

      11:27 Palin would never be elected Senator in Alaska. Remember she quit as their governor awhile back. She'd be a disaster for any state in that position! AZ can have her -

  32. Anonymous1:59 AM

    AS i said , going to hell in a hand basket. Electing someone to another position after he simply walked out on you before to go fuck his mistress.
    SO C voters: you acted like an abused woman as if she has no choice.
    Get therapy. Maybe another state can hold an intervntion for you.

  33. Anonymous2:15 AM

    There are plenty of democrats with shitty Family values. Just look at your precious Kennedy family. They are the poster children of infidelity in politics. Could it be that the idea of having another Democrat take a seat was just so awful that they would rather vote that shitbag in? Tells you liberals something dosent it? When folks would rather have some slimy piece of crap instead of a liberal...wow..THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES!

    1. Anonymous4:51 AM

      The difference is a lack of hypocrisy. Too ad you are too stupid to see it. If you are female, you are either too ugly or stoopid to be in a marriage, or you are being cheated on.

    2. Anonymous4:55 AM

      Please change that heading - she is NOT his mistress - that's a polite, archaic term, where the mistress remained out of sight, and in another world (demi-mondaine) She is his Argentinian whore.

    3. Anonymous5:57 AM

      Anon 4:51am
      Hahaha...I am "stoopid?"..."ad?", you should really spell check before you call somebody else stupid.
      BTW... not that it's any of your business, but I am very attractive and I've been married for 20 years to the same man. So there goes your assumption ass wipe.

    4. Anonymous7:22 AM


      Attractive is as attractive does. You do not sound so attractive to me.

    5. Anonymous7:43 AM


      Oh I am;)

      Judging by your post...stupid is as stupid does, you do not sound so smart to me.

    6. Anonymous7:55 AM

      Lmao... Anon 557
      Why are you arguing with these people? Im sure they all closely resemble Hillary Clinton and Bernie mac both of whom resemble Trolls. lmao, Dam pateuly oil wearing Trolls..

    7. Anonymous8:06 AM

      HEY moron at 2:15

      The difference is the Republicans call themselves the party of family values but in reality are the exact opposite.

      F off

    8. Anonymous8:28 AM


      I know but the mindless douchebags are so entertaining aren't they?
      I compare it to why people watch the Jersey Shore... mindless, ignorant, douche baggery, and let's not forget just plain stupid, BUT...yet oh soooooo entertaining"!!

    9. Anonymous9:26 AM

      Asswipes and douchebags?

      Wow. Perhaps it is your wit that has kept you married twenty years?

      Also, I hope that you have other credits to your life...

    10. Anonymous1:32 PM

      Credits? why yes.
      Mother of 5.
      2 rotations to Nicaragua assisting Doctors Without Borders.
      And too many miltary awards to mention.

      What does your resume look like my dear?

    11. Troll vs Troll2:33 PM

      @ 1:32pm

      You lie.

    12. Anonymous5:03 PM


      Sorry no lies here honey. We cant all sit on our asses collecting welfare watching The View waiting for free healthcare.

      Here is the difference ,people like myself have gone out of our way to make life for ourselves our family and our country better.
      people like you sit around bitch complain and whine that life is unfair and that government should take care of you and quite honestly never acomplish a damn thing.

      What have you done for your country?
      what have you taken from your country and the hard working tax payers?
      maybe you could volunteer at a hospital instead of critiquing Sarah Palin's boobs.

    13. Troll vs Troll5:36 PM

      @ 5:03pm

      A lot of anger, why? Are you choking on your lies? You didn't serve in the military, stop lying. Sarah Palin is a liar too, are you Sarah Palin?

  34. Anonymous3:38 AM

    The adultery is one thing -- I really don't care about that -- but he seems like he's CRAY CRAY!!!!

  35. Anonymous4:22 AM

    Good old southern Family Values: placing an ad in the Craigslist Personal column for someone to come over and feck the wife fer ya! When they get fat like that, you need to find someone different, maybe someone that still has a tooth or two. Sanford knows.

    1. Anonymous5:36 PM

      Yeah, Twitter is much more sophisticated right?

      Weiner for douchebag 2014

  36. Anonymous4:27 AM

    Let me make this VERY CLEAR and show Rush Limpaalls the appropriate use of the word - She is NOT his Argentinian mistress she is his Argentinian SLUT and homewrecker. BITCH - may you be shunned from here to eternity.

  37. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Remember Jim McGreevey?....His family values were fabulous.

    1. Anonymous5:51 AM

      Yeah, that was a mess. And if I remember correctly, he resigned. Haven't seen where he is attempting a political comeback.

  38. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Anon 429. Jim was an amazing Gov. so he had an affinity for the cock! So what , that doesnt diminish how he governed. I loves me some McGreevey. Wish I had met him in a bathroom back in the day. Dont be hating on gay peeps. Have you seen those lips?

    1. Anonymous6:06 AM

      I wasn't hating on the gays, I hold them near and dear to my heart.
      I literally love gay men:)
      I was just saying if you are going to call someone out on infidelity and say it is a conservative trait because of shitty family values, you need to look at the dems too because they have had their share.
      Yes and those lips do tell so much don't they, to bad his poor wife did not know about that little secret.

  39. Anonymous7:31 AM

    They get what they deserve.

    Fucking idiots.

  40. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Alaska is much the same. The voters up there better pay attention for whom they vote. Parnell (their present gov who is in cahoots w/Palin and the oil industry), files numerous lawsuits against the federal government and has a record of losing and spending taxpayer's money at the same time. Plus, they have a Republican majority Legislature which needs to change as they vote right along w/the gov. Turning the state 'blue' might be a damned good idea!!!

  41. Well, I am certainly not going to feel guilty for using negative generalizations regarding the voters of South Carolina. Mouth breathing, inbred, redneck, moron, ignorent, stupid teabagger idiots comes immediately to mind. (and yes, I'm being redundant. A word with too many syllables for a South Carolinian to pronounce, let alone understand the meaning of.)

    South Carolina brings a whole new level to voting against your own best interests. They are the poster state for the new Republican Stupid.

    Just remember folks. No matter how perverted or dishonest you are, just become born again and Jeebus will win that election fer ya.

  42. Anonymous6:33 PM

    I will never vote again. This man can pick up my trash or fill my car but this piece of crap can not make laws or any deal evolving money. He is a lying cheating immoral person . Who would ever vote for him.must have been Democrats that vote for him.

  43. Anonymous9:47 PM

    All the votes in this election were cast on 100% unverifiable touch-screen machines. The potential for cheating is immense, and considering that the final tally belied the polls by so much, turning a toss-up into a landslide, very possible and even probable: http://www.bradblog.com/?p=9999.

    If you have a choice of voting by touch-screen or paper ballot, choose paper! South Carolinians did not have the choice.


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