Monday, May 27, 2013

Politico knows NOTHING about Sarah Palin!

"Hey, I hear voices in my head! And not the usual ones telling me to kill Todd either."
This was written about Sarah Palin since leaving Fox News by reporter Mackenzie Weinger, over at Politico: 

Sarah Palin With a passionate fan base and a powerful social media presence that can launch hundreds of thousands of clicks, Palin’s life after Fox has been just as influential - and divisive - as during her tenure on the network, observers say. 

She joined Fox News as a paid contributor in 2009, after she had resigned as Alaska governor. This January, Fox News confirmed the three-year run with the former Republican vice presidential nominee was over. 

Even without a formal arrangement, Palin still gets her name out there often on Fox News, with 135 mentions in the last 90 days on the network, according to TVEyes. And Fox News has hardly blacklisted her as a news subject - Palin’s comments on social media and her speeches at CPAC and the recent NRA convention in Texas have been clipped and discussed on the network. 

And even without her gig as a regular on Fox News, Palin still garnered much of the same coverage in the first four months of this year as she did in 2012, according to the Nexis database. From January 2012 to May 2012, Palin received 223 mentions in newspapers; 69 in Web-based publications, such as,, POLITICO and; 563 in blogs; and her name appeared in 46 news transcripts, for a total of 901 mentions. During the same period this year, in her post-Fox News life, Palin’s still very much in the conversation, with 118 mentions in newspapers, 55 in Web-based publications, 726 in blogs and 12 in news transcripts, for a total of 911 mentions, and she also wrote an op-ed for the conservative website Breitbart. 

Okay somebody needs to explain to this ninny that generating clicks or having her name mentioned in articles is NOT the same thing as having a "powerful media presence" ESPECIALLY since much of those articles are making fun of her and the majority of the clicks are driven by a macabre desire to see just how far she will fall, whilst handfuls of popcorn are devoured during the spectacle.

Palin has the same positive impact on the news as a fleeing bank robbers does during an episode of COPS. Sure we all enjoy the chase, but in the end most viewers are hoping the getaway car will flip in the air and the fugitives will burn up in a fiery crash.

This part is a little more realistic.

Fox News was never “the foundation of her public personality at all,” Mair said. “If somebody took Facebook or Twitter away from Sarah Palin, then that would have a significant impact on her media profile.” 

Actually that would be the end of her "media profile," as without Facebook and twitter for all intents and purposes Sarah Palin would cease to exist altogether. Only showing up occasionally for the opening of a carpet store, spotted once in awhile stumbling around race tracks or car shoes, and having her name pop up as a $200 question on Jeopardy about has beens and losers.

 But perhaps the most telling part of the article is this:

Palin did not respond to POLITICO’s requests for comment. 

Yes because Palin is SO incredibly paranoid about being asked a question that she cannot answer she will ONLY respond to media that she KNOWS will treat her with kid gloves, like Breitbart and the occasional local news outlet in some back water town that is just excited that somebody they once saw on TV is right there in that ashen flesh and barely circulating blood.

No Palin has no actual "media presence," any more than Hitler has a "media presence," or flesh eating diseases have a "media presence." Sure we will click on links that mention them, but NOT because we are impressed by them or fascinated with their story, but rather because they disgust us and we want to make sure they are not making a comeback.


  1. Anonymous4:14 AM

    Miami is hoping Sarah stays in Indianapolis for Tuesday's Game #4. The Palin curse lives on...

    Sunday's victory was Miami's first at Indiana this season. The Heat lost both regular-season games in Indy.

  2. Anonymous4:22 AM

    Once again, warped statistics. Just because she was mentioned does NOT mean it was in a positive light. I'd venture that "can you believe what came out of her mouth NOW?" is more indicative. She was soundly booed at the Pacers/Heat game yesterday, as she should be everywhere she goes.

    1. Anonymous5:17 AM

      Yep LOUDLY Boo'd!!!

    2. Anonymous5:35 AM

      And she was sporting her fluctuating bust there also too.

      It says she played in college. WRONG. She wasn't good enough to get a college scholarship or even attempted a walk-on, she just quit. But with such a flipping weak resume, it's hilarious the way media, she herself and her flying monkey's seized on her forgettable HS bball history and made it lore. Old HS football stars at Applebee's must appreciate that Herculean effort to make her something more than she was (story of her life.)

      Only person that lives basketball, (every day) is the man she makes a living off H8ing.

    3. Anonymous5:48 AM

      "President Obama's shuck and jive shtick with these Benghazi lies must end."

      America remembers, 5:17.

    4. Anonymous6:10 AM

      @5:48 -- I completely agree! America will always remember Sarah Palin's blatant racism and hatred. It's a slap in the face of ALL Americans when she calls herself and people like her "Patriots". Sarah Palin is an anti-American zealot, out to fleece the most vulnerable among us.

      America will never forget (or forgive) her.

    5. Anonymous6:39 AM

      Oh, I'm sure her supporters will have a very unreasonable and illogical explanation for the loud boo-like, derisive noises that were made after Sarah's image was displayed for the crowd.

    6. Anonymous7:43 AM

      Sarah Palin played in college? What?

      She barely played in high school, not even starting as a senior.

    7. Anonymous7:45 AM

      They were yelling "Boo-urns."*

      *Simpsons reference

    8. Anonymous9:04 AM

      Sarah Palin didn't play basketball in college (any of the five she attended) and assuredly was not a 'star' in Wasilla High School - that was played up and made into a lie when she ran w/McCain.

      Everything about Sarah Palin is a friggin lie - they have a crappy marriage, Todd is a proven 'pimp', their kids have been poorly educated in the fact they earned GEDs and have no college education and on and on.

      Their family is a mess!! They don't even have friends - you never see them w/other couples, people don't want their kids associating w/the Palin/Heath kids and on and on. Sorry bunch!!!

  3. fromthediagonal4:24 AM

    Agreed on all of your counterpoints, Gryphen.

  4. Anonymous4:31 AM

    Why is Sarah holding on to that pole?

    1. Anonymous5:11 AM

      Reminds her of the one in her bedroom?

  5. True that. I certainly click on articles about her even if I don’t comment, and then I grin at the scathing remarks.

    I’d feel guilty, except she’s a shameless grifter of the old and weak-minded, and it’s the only thing she doesn’t quit.

    I’ve been fighting hypocritical and intolerant Christianity all my life, and if she’s the current poster child for such nonsense, let her fall into ignominy.

    1. Anonymous5:37 AM

      I do the same thing, Darlene, and I DO comment to remind people just what an ignoramus she is. We will NOT forget, and she plus her ghostwriters show they are in every twitter/Facebook comment. Keep it up, $arah!

      Her political prick tease of focusing on "supporting candidates in 2014" is just to keep her grifting going as long as she can. The PAC money she gives is next to nothing. It's always been ALL about narcisstic $arah and always will be.

      "That woman is a idiot!"

    2. I go to just about every article I can to remind people that she FAKED a pregnancy for political reasons. Its amazing how many people had No idea what a fraud she truly is!

  6. Anonymous4:40 AM

    What do you expect, it's Politico, the right wing rag. I just think its hilarious that Sarah brought her curse to Indiana last night, where the Pacers got demolished at home, and even folks in red state Indiana booed her ugly ass. Who'd she have to blow to get those tickets ?

    Virginia Voter

  7. Anonymous5:06 AM

    "At least she can see her political future is in the hands of the American people and they already told her to get lost. And continue to tell her we don't want her running anything. So smug though to think that if we don't choose her we must be going down the wrong road. What an arrogant idiot."

  8. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Notice Sarah's baby in her lap.

    1. Anonymous5:57 AM

      I was trying to figure out what it said!

    2. Anonymous6:13 AM

      Sarah's eyes... she looks stoned.

  9. Anonymous5:17 AM

    You should do a post about how Sarah is having fun playing and traveling around the country while her father just got released from the hospital after major heart surgery. Some of Sally's sisters flew in to help them out cause Sarah is no where to be found. What a bitch.
    Check Chuck jr's facebook

    1. Anonymous6:21 AM

      After your post, I went and wasted ten minutes reading Chuck Heath Jr.'s facebook page, going back to February. I'd never waded into his fantasy posts before.
      Ignoring his snide and ignorant political comments, I was struck by his pictures of his parents, both of whom are recovering from surgery. There are no mentions that Sarah was within shouting distance of her parents when they are needing her assistance. No photo opportunities, I suppose.
      The least she could do would be to spend some of her millions of ill-gotten dollars to pay for home nursing care for them.

      Chuckie didn't show much respect for his father, either, when he posted a picture of the man hooked up to machinery in his hospital bed, unable to defend himself from the intrusion of his son's camera.
      Also, CH Jr. shows pictures of his son graduating from elementary school, and performing in some concert. Again, no pix of Aunt Sarah making an appearance to support her extended family. She can fly to Washington State to talk to 27 benighted high school students, but can't bother to sit on the sidelines to applaud her nephew.

      Family values, Sarah? Wow, she's so transparent and so dishonorable. Her brother is, too, but needs many years of practice to equal his sister's ignorant, blasphemous, infamous ways.

    2. Anonymous7:30 AM

      For a while, we didn't hear much from Chuck Jr.. Then he opened his mouth and showed himself to be a grifting half-wit, just like his sister.

    3. Anonymous8:59 AM

      The Palins have zero family responsibilities...look how they have and are continuing to raise their poor kids. So far we have seen GEDs w/no college educations. The kids have records although they've been buried if you try to obtain them. Track is NOT a combat soldier as Sarah has continually said - he drives cars for mucky mucks is what has been said.

      Chuck Sr. and Jr. are weird as can be!!! Family values started w/the Heaths and Palins (of whom we never hear of or from - Todd's parents). They truly don't have family connections w/their extended. Weird, weird people who also appear to be not very bright!

    4. I find it so odd that Sarah is not with her parents during this time. It's not like she (or Todd) has a regular work schedule to keep, like most "Rill Merikans" who may need to take unpaid leave to help care for a sick parent.

      There's just no excuse for her not to be there - and for her 'devoted' fans not to question her obvious lack of care & concern. Can you just imagine if Michelle Obama's Mother had major surgery and even while Mrs. Robinson was still in the hospital , Michelle was flitting around the country, without her daughters, looking for photo ops at every stop? The wingnuts would lose their collective mind!

      The other thing that I find increasingly strange about the Palins and their 'devoted' fans is the lack of any mention of any of Todd's family. Why is that?

      The Palins & the Heaths, totally dysfunctional, all of 'em, any of 'em!!

    5. I'm sure she'll have RAM write some glowing tribute to Chuckie Sr. for Father's Day to convince her cult she's a devout daughter with bonafide "family value" credentials..

    6. Anonymous8:10 PM

      9:18 AM When Sarah 'termed' out as Mayor of Wasilla, Todd's Step-Mother ran for Mayor as a Democrat and Pro-Choice. Sarah endorsed her opponent a Republican who won. That might be one of the reasons that they don't interact with Todd's Family.

  10. She mentioned at Indy that she wished "our children were here." This sounded odd to me as she is not in the position of an elected or employed official who is required to make appearances at local events. She did not need to be there. In other words, she could have been home with her kids, or she could have brought them along for a family vacation.

    Which brings me to a comment I saw on a previous thread, that lately it seems as though she and Todd are hangers-on to quite elderly people who may not spend much time on the Internet.

    The Palins are not seen with middle-aged couples like themselves, with kids of similar ages. I wonder if decent, solid republican families who could be expected to be in the same social set do not want their kids around the Palin kids? (Or themselves around the Palins, for that matter?)

    Do the Palins avoid such couples because those people have their kids with them on a nice family vacation, which raises the question of why the Palin kids aren't there? If those couples are not at such events, is it because they are home with their kids? Leaving the Palins to hang out with any wealthy octogenarians who happen to be around? Their supposed happy happy close close family was put on display during her idiotic bus trip and it was not a pretty sight.

    There is something odd and desperate about Palin's non-stop jetting around the country. She is photographed getting out of cars, posing with Rich People or Fans. She does still get some small-scale speaking engagements, but these other events where she just yammers nonsense into whatever microphone is in front of her is just strange.

    According to the Washington Speaker's Bureau, she is not listed with the $40,000 and up group of speakers (I think she used to be), or any of the other fee ranges (<15, 15-25, 25-40). For Palin, the fee is listed as "*Fees vary based on event location." Which sure sounds like she was told she better take whatever was offered.

    As the mid-term campaign season comes around, I think she will sound increasingly shrill and desperate for attention, and her attacks on the President will become increasingly bizarre. People are already noticing that she has no idea that there are three separate *alleged* scandals, and is conflating them into one.

    She is increasingly desperate for attention, and money. I think her antics in search of both will be interesting over the next year or two.

    1. Anonymous5:51 AM

      Remember way back in Paris Hilton's early "career" (heh heh) she was paid to show up at events and parties just for the pure spectacle of it. Publicity for her, publicity for the event. It's whoring, Hollywood style. Sounds like Palin's found a new career.

      Paid for being famous. Only in America!

    2. Anonymous5:54 AM

      Astute observations!

    3. Anonymous6:24 AM

      a new career that is the same as her old career. Prostitution.

    4. Anonymous8:51 AM

      5:51 Yea, but Paris Hilton was not booed...Sarah Palin was and will continue to be. She is such an idiot that lack of applause doesn't bother her. She sees it as attention - albeit positive or negative.

      Sorry ass woman is all she is. And, her husband, Todd, is the pimp!!! Shailey Tripp - "Boys Will be Boys".

    5. Anonymous8:55 AM

      In Alaska, being around the Palin kids/young adults, is not a priority. The entire family is looked upon w/disgust. Their parents project a fraud for a marriage, are horrible parents (look at the records of the 'kids' - if you can find them!!!), Todd is a proven 'pimp', Sarah was proven to be unethical by the Alaska Legislature (although she denied it on the campaign trail w/McCain), did't birth that last kid that supposedly lives in their home, and on and on.

      Alaska is embarrassed by the Palin and Heath clan.

    6. Anonymous8:57 AM

      I agree about the "odd and desperate . . . jetting around" by Sarah Palin. It's a lot like Kim Kardashian, dashing around showing off her pregnancy. About the same level of maturity too.

    7. fromthediagonal4:14 PM

      ... does the word "Carnival Barker" come to mind?

  11. Anonymous5:35 AM

    Oy vey, Mackenzie Wenger (you KNOW she was called Mackenzie Wanker at some point) graduated college in 2010. She may not even have been able to vote in the 2008 election. IOW, wet behind the ears, works cheap kid. This is pretty much her first paying job.

  12. Anonymous5:39 AM

    I'm sorry to admit just how much it delights me that basketball fans in conservative Indiana were bold and brash enough to boo Sarah Palin. Perhaps it was her first brush with reality in quite some time -- they really, really DON'T like you, Sarah.

    A normal person who was humiliated so soundly in public would slink away and stay out of the spotlight for a while, to heal her wounds and try to think up a new strategy for her grifting. But that's what a normal person would do.
    She and her posse will allege that a Marxist Socialist Muslim cabal invaded the Pacers stadium with the sole intent of embarrassing her. Wait for it to show up on C4P.

    Booing Sarah Palin with all the power of our lungs is what we all wish we could do, but aren't in the right place at the right time. The Pacers fans are now honorary IMers, even if they don't know we exist.

    Gryphen, you write beautifully about our fascination with this deadly creature, and why we keep track of her, just so we can move into defensive position if she ever tried to do anything again, besides spouting off incendiary lies to gin up the racist backwater rednecks who call themselves Christian, and are as Christian as the KKK was and is.

    1. fromthediagonal4:16 PM

      ... fanned and faved...Anon@5:39!

  13. Anonymous6:03 AM

    "Groups Targeted by I.R.S. Tested Rules on Politics"

    Sorry to OT, but you have to read the above article at:

    It's what I've been saying ever since the IRS story broke.

    1. Anonymous8:58 AM

      The New York Times should have published this article two weeks ago when they were all excited about the "scandal.:

  14. Anonymous6:04 AM

    "Sarah Palin With a passionate fan base and a powerful social media presence that can launch hundreds of thousands of clicks, "

    Ha, who knew the same few fans and anti-fans who fly from blog to blog to do never-ending verbal battle with each other day after day, year after year, would become a media phenomenon.

  15. Anonymous6:14 AM


    1. jcinco7:23 AM

      ??? page not found...

    2. Anonymous9:40 AM

      all you missed was the pointing out of Palin's usual hypocrisy and flip/flop on big issues (from an anti-choice site no less). Apparently there is much in her past opting for 'choice' if one engages the way-back machine far enough but we all know the stance she took in an attempt to make her bones in 2008.

      With Palin it's always what day is it and which way the wind is blowing except for her opposition to the President. That is genetic, born-again, learned at the knee bigotry.

    3. 6:14am
      Wonderful! Many thanks for the link!

  16. Anonymous6:16 AM

    'Take away her Facebook and Twitter and she'd be nothing?' What is she, a teenager? Oh, wait...

    1. Never progressed beyond middle school mean girl.

  17. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Based on pictures of Sally Heath, compared to the one at the top of this post, Sarah will start to look exactly like her mother as soon as her implants start to droop. It's only a matter of time, and probably not that long from now.
    The only difference I see is that Sally Heath seems to wash her hair.

  18. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Comments about her appearance are harsh. I almost felt sorry for her but thought of how most people chose to look their best when they know photos are going to be taken and choose to dress for the occasion. Palin, from the height of being professionally coifed, styled and groomed in 2008 chose to dress from Peg Bundy's closet on a near skeleton frame.

    It is one more thing that validates concerns I had that Palin be near the White House or any office again. IMO she has some screws loose.

    1. Anonymous12:52 PM

      I can't see the pics of her very well on my iPhone. Was she wearing another one-size-too-small, gay-hater t-shirt with her elbows pulled back sticking her titties as far out as she could (with the D's stuffed in---her largest set of fakes)?

      Nice seats. I guess all of the PeePonders sit on Gucci row at an NBA playoff game since Sarah's "one of them". Good for them. All of them.

  19. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Donald Trump Reportedly Spends $1 Million Exploring 2016 Presidential Bid

    1. Anonymous7:27 AM

      Donald Trump reportedly flushes $1 Million down the toilet.

    2. Helohair & Grifter in 2016

      The ones to beat!

  20. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Donald Trump and Sarah Palin - laughing stocks of the USA! Both are ego maniacs and nothing more!

  21. Can someone revisit the Trig story and provide us with the real facts ? If Palin is really not the bio mom, this would be interesting news, and show how desperate she was in her bid for VP.

  22. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Where in the Alaska Court View is Todd Palin’s DUI? Gone. Curiously, there also is no sign of their marriage being dissolved. Maybe somebody needs to make a trip to the courthouse and determine why this DUI was scrubbed from the record.

  23. Anonymous3:20 PM

    That's new. Usually Sarah likes to wrap her fingers around the black poles.

  24. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Sarah played college basketball like Track is a combat vet.

    It's all in her imagination.

    Bless her heart.

  25. Anita Winecooler6:23 PM

    So Mackenzie basically admits she wrote about Sarah Palin because Sarah Palin is good for "clicks"? Take away her Facebook and Twitter.... why? Did Sarah get bad grades or get caught sexting, again?

    Too bad the photographer didn't catch the next frame, where Sarah's tongue is stuck to the pole.


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