Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sarah Palin not being paid to speak at high school commencement, and "doesn't want a frenzy." Are they sure this is THE Sarah Palin? Update!

Courtesy of the Spokesman -Review:

On April 18, Weyer and school officials had the phone call with Palin’s representative and learned that Palin would be coming to graduation. 

(RHS principal Shawn) Anderson’s priority is to preserve the event as a commencement ceremony – something focused on the students and their families. 

“This isn’t going to be a circus, and this isn’t going to be a political statement,” he said. 

Weyer says that Palin, who is not being paid and is traveling on her own dime, has expressed similar wishes. “She doesn’t want a frenzy,” he said. 

Still, certain frenzylike elements are bound to accompany the appearance of a figure like Palin. Each graduate gets 20 tickets to distribute for the 1 p.m. commencement ceremony on June 1, and then admission to the small gym will be first-come, first-served. There’s room for around 700 people; Anderson expects he’ll be turning people away. 

Weyer said the event is the talk of the 1,000-resident town. 

“Everyone’s asking for tickets,” he said. “Everyone’s very ecstatic.”

"Not going to be a circus?"

Has this guy never seen a circus? THAT is the very definition of a Sarah Palin appearance.

Sometimes she dresses like a clown.

Sometimes she appears as the incredible shrinking woman.

Sometimes she plays the part of the big cat.

Or reminds us of her skill as a sword swallower.

And sometimes she appears as the scary thing that goes bump in the night.

But yes it will ALWAYS be a circus.

And if the simple, somewhat ignorant, folk of Republic think otherwise they are about to experience a rather rude awakening.

If Palin is not being paid to attend this event then she must have another reason for flying there on her own dime, and rest assured it is NOT out of the goodness of her heart.

"This isn't going to be a circus. We don't want a frenzy." Please, these people have NO idea of the forces they have unleashed.

(H/T to Seattle PI)

Update: Well it appears that if this IS going to be a "frenzy" it might prove to be one that nobody bothers to notice.  This from Seattle Weekly:

Still, to a large extent, Palin’s visit has drawn a rather ho-hum reaction from the 1,073 folks who populate this old gold mining town in Ferry County. 

“I haven’t heard much about it all, or anyone really talking about it” says Alice Barnes, bartender at Madonna’s, a bar and grill on Main Street. 

“I don’t think there’s that much going on, other than her going to talk at the school. We’ve been left completely out of the loop of this,” sniffs Jim Milner, director of the town’s chamber of commerce. “We’ve been working on our annual Prospector Days celebration next weekend. That will be a lot bigger deal than this.” 

Palin’s star-power is barely a glimmer these a days. “We’ve had no requests from anyone in the national media,” notes Republic High principal Shawn Anderson, who’s coordinating the event. Indeed, it’s been a long, strange journey for the one-time governor Alaska who John McCain recklessly plucked out of obscurity to jump-start his moribund campaign in 2008.

Yeah well you certainly could not expect Palin to compete with the white knuckle excitement associated with the Prospector Days celebration, now could you?

Well THAT certainly paints a different picture than that first article did. Hmm perhaps Palin will actually get her completely disingenuous wish of being ignored by the media.

Update: Well this is more than a little disturbing;

The closest Tyler Weyer has been to Sarah Palin was dressing as her — red blouse, auburn wig, rimless glasses and all. 

About a month ago, before his classmates, teachers, principal and mother, the 17-year-old senior wobbled on high heels, purchased from the “11 plus” shelf at Value Village in Spokane. He towered over a blonde eighth-grade girl in a pantsuit on the Republic High School stage as they discussed the role of sexism in the 2008 presidential campaign. 

“So please,” implored Tyler to the audience, “Stop photoshopping my head on sexy bikini photos.” 

“Stop saying I have cankles,” the eighth-grader deadpanned. 

Their spoof was a hit, even though everyone knew Tyler would do Sarah Palin. Last year, for the debate team’s annual “Interp Night,” he read the first paragraph of Palin’s book Going Rogue and nailed her distinctive Wasilla accent. He can still recite the opening lines — “It was the Alaska State Fair, August 2008. With the gray Talkeetna Mountains in the distance...” — from memory.

"Cankles?" Now on which site have I consistently read about Palin having cankles? 

Interesting to see that Palin's supporters continue to be these disturbed stalker types with unhealthy fixations and bizarre methods for demonstrating their reverence.

Palin may need more than old "Two Tone Todd" to protect her from THIS group of admirers.


  1. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Bots to the rescue!!!

    Come on, you pathetic idol-worshipers, get ye to Republic and get the guv's back!

    Show the world who Sarah Palin really is! Attack! Attack! Attack!

    1. Anonymous2:13 PM

      Republic is a nice little town. I have been there many times, even thought about moving there when it's time to retire. They have moose close by, too. Perhaps Mrs. Palin will feel at home there? Stonerose Interpretive Center also allows people to search for Eocene era fossils. I hope she doesn't go there as she might get mistaken for one of the fossils.

      Archie Butt

    2. Anonymous2:39 PM

      so Sarah was invited to speak on little Trigger's birthday. Surprised she even took the call, because she spends so much time with the poor baby. Did you know he has DS? Did you know everyone told Sarah to abort the child nobody knew she was carrying?

      Sarah has tight 6 pac abs, so she never showed at all when pregnant with little Trigger even though she looked pregnant with twins with every other pregnancy, even her wite-outs (abortions).

  2. Anonymous2:04 PM

    'Yeah well you certainly could not expect Palin to compete with the white knuckle excitement associated with the Prospector Days celebration, now could you?'


  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    More like a traveling carnival than a circus.

    Btw, if they're not getting paid, what's in it for them? You know there has to be something in it for them. This isn't something they'd do out of the kindness of their hearts. ...."hearts" hahahahaha, right.

    1. Anonymous6:55 PM

      Facebook page and c4p posting. Everyone will see, she did this out of the goodness of her heart. And please send $$$$$$$$$$.
      She lives a facebook life. She does stuff to post. She hates the media but needs it.

    2. I guess that means the event won't be immortalized in photos ranging in price from $10 for a 4x6 to $30 for a 11x14 by Shealah Craighead, Palin's professional photographer.

      Todd: "What ELSE is in for us?"

  4. Anonymous2:33 PM

    The secret to Sarah appearing in Republic has to be one of some personal gain. She doesn't do anything without getting something in return After all, "What's in it for me?" - straight from the Toad's mouth...

    1. Anonymous3:54 PM

      Every time that Sarah strikes smiles and poses with a fan, that fan posts her photo on the internet. It is tweeted and facebooked and emailed. To Sarah's fans, the more hits on a photo, the more sure they are that she will be the presidential candidate in 2016. No, it means that people click on her photo because sometimes Palin's wig slips, her plastic surgery scars show, and sometimes, she wears something so outlandish (like a superman t-shirt and those bondage sandals) that people can't believe that woman and the word "president" end up in the same sentence. The other benefit in having fans post those posed photos (no google glasses, please), Sarah must get some donations. She needs to be out there. She only exists in the media.

      Articles about the Republic High School gig talk about how little interest there is in the town, the Chamber of Commerce hasn't made any plans and no major media has made arrangements to come. The nearest airport is Spokane, 2 and a half hours away. Sarah exists in the media because of this silly kid's worship of her. (Oh, and please read the articles about how he dresses up like Sarah Palin and worships her). Now, that's a story!

    2. Anonymous4:23 PM

      Much more interesting if HE were the graduation speaker, dressed in wig, red blouse, etc.
      You can be sure he'd give a much better speech than the impostor flying in from Alaska. It would be a hoot if she were wearing a red blouse.

    3. Anonymous6:13 AM

      His wig is better than Sarah's!

  5. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I counted 26 students in the picture. At 20 tickets each, that's 520 tickets right there. So they need another 180 people to attend to fill the gym.

    They will not be "turning people away". No, they will have to desperately round up 180 people off the streets to come and listen to Sarah's screech.

    How sad for these students to have a quitter as their speaker. But apparently they asked for it.
    Freedumb and whatnot.

    1. Anonymous3:48 PM

      So much for those high school math classes. Ooops, maybe they will fill the seats with the rest of the high school students, the teachers, the janitor, the school bus driver and maybe even the elementary school kids and teachers. That should add up to .....who cares.

    2. There will be faculty. They'll probably get 20 each too for family and friends.

      1,000 people in the town? Well, they won't get 100% attendance from the town. Probably not even 70%. That would be those 700 tickets.

      If I was a graduate, I'd be scalping those tickets to out of towners after my family was taken care of. When I graduated high school I sure didn't need 20 tickets. Four was plenty.

    3. Anonymous2:40 PM

      hopefully all the students will ask about Trig's birth certificate and the wild ride.

  6. Anonymous2:41 PM

    If "Republic" is the name of the town, it may be that SP wants to work in it's name in one of her grandiose fantasies - like the time she fake-ran (in a race) in 2012 in Iowa so she could claim to the idiots at C4P that she was "running".

  7. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Ms Palin's next appointment:

  8. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Oh, it's not "at her own expense." SARAHPAC will be paying for it, as, legally, they are allowed to. That is what is fucking crazy about our laws.

  9. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Talk about not giving a crap about Sarah Palin, you should see Palin when she visits Wasilla. Nobody gives a crap and we even laugh at her.

    1. Anonymous4:23 PM

      They spend very little time here. My summer job involves meeting tourists and many of them ask about the Palins and finally I'm able to tell them that they no longer live full time in Alaska but spend most of their time traveling or in their Arizona home. I'm always amazed at how many people ask about the Palins and I have to remind them that there is a whole big beautiful state to be explored and that we Alaskans find that family more of an embarrassment than a virtue.

      It seems that visitors to Alaska have much more of an interest in the Palins than do Alaskans.

    2. Anonymous12:50 AM

      It must be just Wasilla where the Palins are asked about as tourists to Anchorage and Juneau are no longer doing much of it.

    3. Anonymous4:16 AM

      The palins are a shit stain on the great state of Alaska!

      With all the mountains and trees who would give a crap about them?

  10. Anonymous2:48 PM

    So good folks of NE Washington will get to experience the half-term governor's shocking lack of personal hygiene first hand. It would be wise to check the Grand Coulee for cracks after she departs.

  11. Dang..out of the thousands of commencement addresses going on, the pathetic ignorant fatass old goat manages to eek out one dinky unpopular high school. her begging and browbeating didn't work. Even wallow's hair school didn't want the insufferable bitch to speak at her graduation.

    I wonder what kind of robe she will wear while sitting on the dinky stage?

    HAHAHAHAHAHA the simple gets simpler. The big dummy

    1. Anonymous3:47 PM

      As a top-flight hair school, you hardly want an endorsement from the Bald-headed Grifter who, despite living with a recent hair school alum, still manages to have a bad wig day every day.

    2. Anonymous3:53 PM

      What kind of robe will Madame Grifty wear? How about the bath robe she stole from the hotel in Kentucky and then wore to the Derby? She might as well. She's shown that she's not above doing that kind of thing, wearing inappropriate attire everywhere else she's gone the past 4 years because she never learned any better. Bless her heart.

    3. 353
      Thats true. I'm talking about the robes worn with the caps. How does that work for ms stupidly?

    4. Anonymous10:04 PM

      Let's start making wagers on how big her boobs will be and which wig $he'll wear also too!!

      Let's see, what might $creech say to the graduates as the parent of three high school dropouts, two of whom are single parents, and all are unemployed and have no apparent interest in furthering their educations or traveling, nada .... Might the half term, half wit talk about never giving up??? .... Ohhhh, this is gonna be good, you betcha!

  12. Anonymous2:53 PM

    What's in it for Sarah? it's a given that there is something in this latest circus appearance for Sarah. We will find out soon enough.

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      What else is there for her? Supermarket openings? Auto dealer sell-o-rama?

    2. Anonymous4:30 PM

      a tax write off?

  13. Anonymous2:57 PM

    I can't imagine that she will not make her comments political. Will she bring along Pimp Daddy Todd? her fancy dancin mini me? She one who went to Hair School? Little Piper to show her what she will miss by getting her GED?

    Last but not least, what will she wear?

    Sarah is incapable of talking about anything but herself. I feel sorry for those kids.

    1. Anonymous3:30 PM

      Will Sarah wear Bristol's white assclown party dress Bristol wore to the Washington DC dinner which Sarah wore on DWTS and I believe to a function in Kentucky?

    2. Anonymous4:05 PM

      She will wear it at the prom after the graduation. yech...

  14. You just know that Piggly Wiggly grand openings are not far off.

    1. Anonymous3:55 PM

      She ain't good enough for The Pig. Piggly Wiggly has standards. I stand with The Pig.

    2. Anonymous4:24 PM

      We don't have Piggly WIggly's in AK so she'll have to hang down in the bible belt to do those. No Food Lion's either, but Sarah would definitely feel at home both in a PigWig or a Food Lion, also too WalMart. These are her people.

    3. Anonymous10:06 PM

      People who $he will NEVER mingle or talk with. Only staged appearances with handlers to keep the 'folk'away for ol' Adderal addled $creech.

  15. Anonymous2:59 PM

    The Palins should take their kids along, I'm sure there is enough in her Pac to pay for them. Let them see how a REAL graduation ceremony is., with proud graduates looking ahead to college.

  16. Anonymous3:00 PM

    What kind of message is she going to give to graduates?? Quit halfway through to chase $$? Have other people write your books and then claim their words as your own? Hold grudges and spew hatred? She is a walking, talking example of what NOT to do. Unless that's why she was invited to speak at this graduation- as a warning: stay in school, never stop learning, be kind to others or you'll end up like this bitter meth queen in a wig.

    1. Anonymous4:02 PM

      Sign inside building at Republic High Graduation:
      "Don't do THIS
      (With arrow pointed towards podium ----> Sarah Palin reading her speech).

    2. Anonymous4:06 PM

      Congratulations to the Republic High School Graduating Class!
      Be proud of your accomplishment--- you've now done something that none of the adult children of your commencement ceremony's speaker ever did---you've actually graduated from high school!

  17. Palin not being paid does not equal Palin attending on her own dime. She will make their commencement horrible by screeching about how they have to reclaim the rill Murka by voting for common sense conservatives in 2014. Tada! Sarah PAC foots the bill once again.

  18. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Off topic but,
    This site is a fraud. It claims to care about corruptio but only prints DNC talking points. No criticism of Obama or objective reporting. It's bash Tea Party anti-GOP site that hates patriots.

    1. Anonymous3:32 PM

      Okay Sarah, now go back to your Facebook and leave this site for grown folks.

    2. This site is not a fraud. You obviously don't know the difference between a personal blog and a news site. More of that good old moronic republican thinking.

      The GOP is not a party of patriots.
      The Tea Party is not a party of patriots.

      Teabaggers and republicans are not patriotic Americans. They have contempt for the constitution and parade their bigotry, hatred, and ignorance proudly. Those in congress are doing their utmost to destroy the government and therefore, the country.

      This is one person's blog. It is not a news site. The author is not required or obligated to spout teaparty nonsense, especially considering its vicious, hateful stupidity.

      If you want a site that ignores the traitorous republican members of congress, and their deliberate refusal to do the job the people elected them and pay them to do, get off your lazy bitter racist loser un-American tea party ass and start one of your own.

    3. Anonymous3:48 PM

      You would know, 3:14 PM. c4p wrote the manual.

    4. It's a personal blog, not Fox News.

    5. jcinco3:58 PM

      So if that's how you feel why not fuck off? I'm sure britefart or drudge would love to have you.

    6. Anonymous4:11 PM

      Don't walk around with a chip on your shoulder, Todd. We Democrats support your ex-wife for any office she runs for on the republican ticket. Palin/West 2012, er, sorry, I meant Palin/Gingrich 2016. Take it easy, Shorty.

    7. Anonymous4:28 PM


      Why don't you share with us some of the criticism of Obama that you think we should hear? What, you don't think we read national news, from both sides of the political aisle?

      There are quite a few of us here that aren't 100% happy with everything that Obama has done (or not done) during his two terms as President. Just because many of us dislike Mrs. Palin and the TeaParty and the far right GOP doesn't mean that we don't participate in other news sources.

      It is you that seems to have blinders on and only want to visit websites that provide positive reinforcement for your political views, instead of being more like the readers here and look at both sides of the argument.

    8. Anonymous5:39 PM

      Listen BITCH,
      I am a patriot, so you baggas quit stealing that word.
      I served in the jungles of Nam sewing and patching our boys up in a jungle field hospital and I did it without being armed.
      But this is a private site and Gryphen can choose to write about whatever he wants to. And as for this BLOG(maybe you can find the definition yourself) it has never claimed to be a news site, though he has broken a few stories.
      As for readers here, many are republicans, but the smart ones, not the tin foil teabagging kind.
      And just one more thing, if you don't like this site, don't open the page. Now Brisket, run along and go have a wine cooler and make another miracle "baby" for your Mom and your Pimp Dad Tawd.

    9. STFU. 314

      Too bad you are too ignorant to understand that the "DNC" talking points are the damn truth.

    10. Anita Winecooler7:06 PM

      LOL Where have you been? This blog is "now defunct", according to the tea party talking points.

    11. Anonymous7:23 PM

      Exactly, Game Of Life, and, why at 3:48 PM, I pointed out that c4p wrote the manual on one opinion and one opinion only. Even her Facebook doesn't allow critique, and "it" is calling out Gryph?!?!? He totally allows dissenting opinion! The stupid BURNS.

      Transference and projection ARE the Palins AND their idgit followers.

    12. WakeUpAmerica10:31 PM

      It's a blog, dimwit. Buy a clue.

    13. Anonymous4:22 AM

      Here's the real fraud: Sarah Palin, you betcha

    14. Beldar BJ Conehead9:31 AM


      Tell it, sister!!! When are these zip dang fool libruls gonna wake up and realize that Gryphen's defunct blog is only read by you and me and no more than maybe 3 other people of questionable intellect, am I right?

      But rest assured, Beldar J Conehead cares about corruptio!


      Do you think corruptio means what I think you think I think you think it means???

  19. Anonymous3:15 PM

    The closest Tyler Weyer has been to Sarah Palin was dressing as her — red blouse, auburn wig, rimless glasses and all.

    About a month ago, before his classmates, teachers, principal and mother, the 17-year-old senior wobbled on high heels, purchased from the “11 plus” shelf at Value Village in Spokane. He towered over a blonde eighth-grade girl in a pantsuit on the Republic High School stage as they discussed the role of sexism in the 2008 presidential campaign.

    “So please,” implored Tyler to the audience, “Stop photoshopping my head on sexy bikini photos.”

    “Stop saying I have cankles,” the eighth-grader deadpanned.

    Their spoof was a hit, even though everyone knew Tyler would do Sarah Palin. Last year, for the debate team’s annual “Interp Night,” he read the first paragraph of Palin’s book Going Rogue and nailed her distinctive Wasilla accent. He can still recite the opening lines — “It was the Alaska State Fair, August 2008. With the gray Talkeetna Mountains in the distance...” — from memory.

    Tyler, the senior class president, is known around school for his fascination with the former Alaskan governor, but for the first time this year, he says, “I wasn’t the only one talking about Sarah Palin.” This Saturday, Palin will deliver the commencement address to Republic’s 27 graduating seniors after the class of 2013 bombarded Palin and her political action committee through Facebook, Twitter and email for several months.

    The idea, of course, was Tyler’s.

    Tyler distinctly remembers the day in August 2008 that Republican presidential nominee John McCain announced Palin as his running mate. He was watching TV at his grandparents’ house when Palin addressed the country.

    “I know this is common and a lot of people feel this way, but I felt she was speaking to me and to me alone,” Tyler says in fourth period on Friday, the last day of classes for seniors. “I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, I like her!’ She has common sense. She’s a very level-headed woman. I mean, obviously, you couldn’t rise to that position if you weren’t.”

    “I don’t feel that she’s a normal politician.”


    1. The eighth-grader in the pantsuit was supposed to be parodying Hillary Clinton -- whom the RW has derided as having "cankles".

  20. Anonymous3:15 PM

    He’s been following the rising Tea Party star ever since. He reads her books, knows her stance on all the issues and checks her Facebook page for regular updates. He has a framed autographed photo of Palin hanging on a wall in his bedroom. Even when he’s not impersonating Palin for drama productions, he’ll occasionally slip into her lexicon. His speech is peppered with the catchphrase queen’s folksy sound bites: “Oh gosh!” “Oh my goodness!” and “Aw shucks!”

    In the years since her VP nomination, of course, Palin has charted an unconventional course. Amid major criticism, she quit her job as governor of Alaska and was all but fired by FOX News as a right-wing pundit. She became both a Tea Party kingmaker for anti-establishment candidates and the butt of countless late-night talk show jokes. RHS Principal Shawn Anderson receives two to three emails a week from outsiders criticizing the class’s decision. But Tyler dismisses his trolls. “We don’t pay attention to them,” he says.

    And when Tyler wrote to Palin’s political action committee in January, he had the full support of his class. Part of her appeal, Tyler says, is the fact that she shares their small-town roots.

    Republic, a 1.6-square-mile enclave in a sea of coniferous trees, is the only incorporated town in Ferry County, with a population of roughly 1,100 people, two-thirds of whom could easily fit inside the RHS gym. There’s one main street lined with all the necessities: grocer, pharmacist, post office, a couple motels and a Mexican restaurant. You’d have to drive an hour to go to the mall or see a movie.

    “We’re lucky and also unlucky that [our kids] are pretty sheltered,” says Liz Bremner, an RHS teacher and debate coach. “But to see someone that has come from a small town, gotten an education and has gone out and become somebody who is nationally influential? I think it’s really important. We don’t have enough role models like that from small communities.”

    Palin will be the biggest public figure to pass through Republic, according to many residents.


    1. Anonymous4:26 PM

      WHOA! That borders on demented. This kid is worshiping Baldy like a crazed stalker. OBSESSED and infatuated, this kid is.

    2. Anonymous2:42 PM

      maybe she'll start sexting him.

  21. Anonymous3:17 PM

    She's just covering for the fact that no prestigious university asked her. If there's anything she seeks, it's the limelight. Nice martyr-playing, $arah! Not buying it.

  22. eclecticsandra3:18 PM

    Maybe Shawn's Mom is right about the fixation with high school boys.

    1. Anonymous4:32 PM

      The kid became enamored with the Grizzled One FIVE years ago when he was what---thirteen years old? You'd think he might have learned a thing or two since then. When I was thirteen, Charlie's Angels were hot, especially Farrah in that fishnet top with the perky nipples on the poster that every kid my age had on the inside of his closet door. That lasted less than a year until I got to high school. and then senior girls were really hot. No make-believe needed, but then again, I didn't grow up in the middle of the woods, sheltered from the real world. When the kid sees Sarah in person and gets a whiff of her malodorous condition, it will be a moment of reality he will remember. "But she doesn't look anything like she used to look... Why are they still using old pictures of the 2nd runner-up to the beauty queen?"

      Welcome to reality, kid. Good luck with that.

    2. Anonymous4:42 PM

      I had that exact same thought. I wouldn't be at all surprised, since that's the emotional age that she's stuck at.

  23. Anonymous3:24 PM

    'A very persistent Republic High School senior with an odd fascination for Sarah Palin managed to convince the sassy caribou-skinning gal from Wasilla to bring her show – or what little is left of it – to the tiny Eastern Washington town of Republic.

    If you haven’t heard, Palin, whose boundless anti-intellectualism can still leave one breathless, will deliver the commencement address to the school’s graduating class of 26 on Saturday afternoon. '

    '...“She’ll probably fly into Spokane and then driver here (a two-and-a-half hour drive). I know she’s not going to stay overnight. I am hoping, though, that she’ll have a little time to address all the (113 Republic High School) students before the speech, but I don’t know.”

    Asked if this was the biggest thing he’s ever seen during his ten years in Republic, Anderson replies, “No, probably the biggest thing was when the Tigers won the state championship in 2003-2004. We were state champs in the 2B Division.”

    From the article...pretty funny that a sports event trumps Baldy!

    Love how this writer writes about her...LOL!

  24. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Ha-ha-ha!! If the bartender at the bar and grill on MAIN street hasn't heard anyone talking about it, then no one's talking about it!!

    Hey Sarah, to quote one of your kids, "Suck it!"


  25. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Okay, so Republic High School is not paying for her travel.

    Be more specific, is Sarah Palin traveling on her dime or SarahPac's dime?

    Can't believe Sarah Palin is paying her way.

    Remember the lies Governor Sarah Palin said that her family was requested to travel with her and that was a lie so the state would pay for her kids?

    Didn't pay her cabin property taxes upfront.

    Gov Sarah Palin resigned and was supposed to open her mail and gifts so the state can document it but she took them unopened to Wasilla and nobody knows what she got or took.

    Some of VP candidate Sarah Palin's clothes and shoes which were paid for by the Republican Party were sold on EBay.

    The questionable two story red house in Wasilla that was built during the hockey rink debacle which can't be traced because Mayor Sarah Palin changed the laws that requires documenting how the house was built.

    Gov Sarah Palin created the Alaska Film Tax Credit which Sarah and Bristol went hog wild taking advantage of.

    Gov Sarah Palin shows up at the Iron Dog race looking like a walking billboard for her husband's snowmobile team sponsor. On top of that, she acts dumb claiming she's just wearing something warm. THE WOMAN LIVES IN ALASKA AND THAT LOOK AT ME SPONSOR'S JACKET IS THE ONLY WARM THING SHE HAS?

    So don't tell us Sarah Palin is doing it for free. One way or another somebody is paying for that trip and everything else she does. That's the Palin's "What's In It For Us" way.

    Like they say, a leopard doesn't change its spots.

    1. Anonymous12:35 AM

      No wonder Alaskans can't stand the Palins and their family!

  26. Did y'all see that the Asylum put up a post about the Tyler kid "dressing up" as Baldy?? Here's the picture they posted of the kid getting a wig (it looks clean too!) put on his head!

    1. Anonymous3:59 PM

      MILF fantasy ( not that there's anything wrong with that usually )

      only this fetid limburger texture/scented skank MILF's ( $carah ) over the top

      fukin' ass-backwards jr dumbass knuckle draggin' mouth breather

  27. Anonymous3:28 PM

    OMG! This kid is OBSESSED with Baldy to the point that he DRESSES like her, complete with wig and glasses. He's like a long- time stalker of sorts.

    1. Anonymous3:59 PM

      Remember all the boys who lined up at the book signings? Basically the Glee fanclub.

    2. Anonymous4:01 PM

      Oh dear. Dressing up in women's clothes, hair and make up, walking and talking like a woman.... Look, my best friend, RIP, was a classic and classy queen back in the old days in San Francisco, so don't take this to mean I disapprove.

      However, this young man may have talent in this regard and maybe he should consider RuPaul's show. Maybe Sarah would pull some strings in Hollywood. And he wouldn't waste his time and money on college.

      It is rather liberating to see that this community does not condemn this cross dressing. I am sure there was a time not too distant that this kid would be institutionalized. That's what happened to my friend. He left that family at age 17 and went on to live his dream.

    3. Anonymous5:03 PM

      I had a band in high school and went through a serious Bowie/Brian Ferry influenced androgynous phase. Dressing up as Sarah Palin seems like something else all together.

    4. Anonymous6:06 PM

      She is the Anita Bryant this century.

  28. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Right off the bat we know Sarah Palin is a lying bitch. Somebody is paying for a speech writer because Sarah Palin is incapable of writing her own speeches. That somebody is SarahPac which means her donors are paying for it.

    Not today Sarah. We are onto your scams.

  29. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Hope RHS has a plan B for that (planned) scheduling conflict.. dotcha know.

    1. Anonymous5:40 PM

      You just wait... She will be 2 hours late, because she does not know Republic is a 2 1/2 hour drive (if you have good directions...) away from Spokane. She'll blame it on the driver.

  30. They better have an alternate speaker on speed dial in case the lunatic decides at the last minute there isn't anything in it for her to show up and speak. Since she's not getting paid she'll have no qualms about backing out at the last minute.

  31. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Whoa, she actually looked attractive in the leopard photo. But compare it to the Big Gulp pic from 4 years later- EWWWW she has aged terribly.

    1. Anonymous4:43 PM

      She's been rode hard and put up wet so doggone many times, she ain't fit to breed anymore. Anyway, based on the brood she's hatched, she never was fit to breed in the first place, just to ride hard and fast and often until she breaks down. Then send her to the slaughterhouse. Glen says, "No shit. That's a fact."

    2. PalinsHoax7:30 PM

      Welllll, Ol' Spotty doesn't look too bad, if you like a manly square jaw on a woman, that is.

  32. Irishgirl3:49 PM

    anonymous says:
    May 13, 2013 at 8:33 am (Edit)

    Could someone else be interested in having Sarah give a graduation speech in Republic Washington? Possibly interested enough to pay her speaker fees and expenses? Are these coincidences or not?

    1. Kinross Gold Corporation owns and operates the Buckhorn Mountain Gold Mine near Chesaw Washington. That is about 25 miles NW of Republic Washington.
    Kinross Gold’s Buckhorn Mine Is Now Operational

    2. Ore from the Buckhorn mine is transported to the Kettle River Mill (also owned by Kinross Gold) located just a few miles NE of Republic Washington.

    3. Kinross Gold Corporation also owns and operates Fort Knox Gold Mine near Fairbanks Alaska.
    Fort Knox Mine

    4. Kinross Gold and Sarah Palin go back to her Dairygate days. Before she and Todd quit as governors.

    1. Anonymous4:13 PM

      Crony capitalism!

    2. Anonymous4:52 PM


  33. Bristols Real Chin3:53 PM

    She must want to go somewhere near there for her own reasons, so she's having SarahPAC pick up the expense for the "speech." What does she have to say to students who are really graduating from high school, and not just getting GED's like her kids (the fact that the school district allowed themselves to be pressured into letting Bristol "graduate" notwithstanding).

    What advice can she give them? "You should all use your reality show money to pay for beauty school?"

  34. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Sarah's own dime = SarahPAC

    Great opportunity to get the Palin family to Washington and pay for the plane ticket home for the aunt who's been helping Chuck Sr.. Chuck Jr. may want to tag along to scope out the gold mines.

    Plus the graduation speech is good P.R.. After her last three speaking gigs suffered poor ticket sales and with no lucrative job offers, Sarah's doing everything she can right now to get publicity and photo ops. You can bet the Kentucky Derby and Indianapolis 500 visits were planned by her book/media manager and/or Washington Speakers Bureau.

    1. Anonymous4:09 PM

      Her family is very close too, just a bit south of Republic. Nice one, sarah.

  35. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I live in Washington, but I hardly want to drive that far to listen to a screech that even online I'd not make it through more than a few seconds of.

  36. Anonymous4:01 PM

    The 'stop photoshopping' 'cankles' bit is from SNL with Tina Fey as SP and Amy Poehler as HRC.

  37. Anonymous4:19 PM

    So basically SP's ever shrinking fan base now consists of horny old rich white men and repressed gay teenage boys.

    1. Anonymous5:45 PM

      Hey, just because he is a cross dresser doesn't mean he is gay. He could be straight, gay, or trans, so please don't try and label anyone without knowing.

  38. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Does she really not know how ugly and dirty her hair is, or doesn't she care?

    No matter what his fantasies, even the most brain-addled bot would hesitate to get close to someone so clearly lacking in personal hygiene. It would be a real downer.

    1. Anonymous5:43 PM

      No she doesn't care, it's a sign of mental illness.

    2. Anonymous12:28 AM

      They say she is not clean about herself. No wonder Todd goes elsewhere for sex! Who in the hell would want her?

  39. Anonymous4:32 PM

    The bikini/cankles thing is a spoof of the Saturday Night Live skit...

  40. Sarah Palin
    3 minutes ago ·
    Small town America is the soul of our country, despite the opinion of the Seattle Weekly’s Ellis Conklin and the lamestream media. Todd and I are on our way to congratulate the graduating class in Republic, Washington, this Saturday and I’m honored and touched by their ingenuity, tenacity, and invitation to speak to these young Americans about to begin their futures.

    Small town America is our heart; it may not be the Ivy Leagues or what Ellis and the media deem acceptable, but these students and this town represent what is good and right about America and the small towns where most of us grew our own roots and values.

    Too often the media forgets its own humble roots and plays the elitist card. Not so this weekend. We are going to congratulate the Tigers of 2013 and have something special for each and every one. They will grow to defend our country, manage our economy, build our families, and work to achieve each of their own personal dreams.

    Sorry, Seattle Weekly, you, as usual, miss the point.

    - Sarah Palin

    1. Anonymous5:50 PM

      " 'We' will have something something special for each and 'every one' "???
      So... Either $he is coming with an entourage, or $he considers her$elf royalty, speaking of her$elf as 'we', and also, too... Just WHAT will be the 'something special' she will be giving for 'every one' (mind you: 'every ONE, not everyone'...)

      Will it be an empty Big Gulp cup from the closest 7 11?

    2. Anonymous5:52 PM

      haha, it rears its head. No slight too small...

    3. Anonymous5:54 PM

      That "something special for each and every one" will be a copy of Going Rogue.

    4. Anonymous7:07 PM

      Translated: "Media, PLEASE show up!" Talk about passive aggressive on 'roids. She's SUCH a martyr. NOT.

    5. Anonymous7:07 PM

      Autographed 8x10.....

    6. I knew she was going to play this high school graduation address thing as if it were a college or university commencement. hahahaha

      Where does she admit she is speaking at a backwoods dinky high school? Aint nothing wrong with being a dinky school but for this over-inflated clown this is embarrassing.

      the stupid bitch is so petty and full of herself.

      That bitch has nothing to offer a kid graduating especially since her own education is sketchy at best.

      What good words can she tell this class? What flop around on the government dime from school to school to school and still don't graduate? Or maybe tell them that "choosing life" is the way to go. More babies, more babies? Maybe cheating at elections and throwing racist bombs during campaigning is a way to go? Maybe hightail to a beauty contest so women can be judge for their brains?

    7. Anonymous7:10 PM

      Her secret has finally been revealed!

      When Katie Couric asked Palin what she read, Sarah should have told her the answer that she revealed right her in tonight's fb post:
      The Seattle Weekly!!!

      "Sorry, Seattle Weekly, you, as usual, miss the point."

      "As usual" -- she must pore over it regularly, to find examples of how the lamestream media, even a weekly with articles by "Ellis" --- so consistently miss the important stories, i.e. heartwarming articles about small towns and their cross dressing students who sometimes go on to hair school and other important contributions to society.

    8. Anonymous8:48 PM

      Ram or one of her numerous other paid consultants (such as the moderators at the pee pond) called her attention to the article at Seattle Weekly. It is so
      on-target her mean-girl mind reacted immediately and she ordered one of her paid consultants to write a rebuttal for her facebook page.

      Her 'small town' argument is revealing. She is as good as admitting that where she herself lives in her 2 million dollar mansion in Scotsdale AZ - an elite suburb of the 8th largest city in America (Phoenix)is NOT the heart and soul of America. What about all them city folk, $carah? They aint 'rill' Americans? They aint gunna grow up to defend our country, manage our economy, and build our families? Jeeze, you're cutting off an awful lot of your fan base, you lying bitch!
      As for the 'something special' she has for each and every graduate, I'll bet it is a copy of her book, like someone else here said.

    9. Anonymous12:27 AM

      She is such a bitch AS USUAL. The woman cannot take one thing negative that is written about her. The visit to the small town graduation is very interesting in that Wasilla, AK would never ask her to speak at any of their graduations. She and Todd have kids that earned GEDs for crying out loud.

    10. Anonymous4:29 AM

      Baldy wrote that crap herself. Even RAM has some standards.

    11. Anonymous4:37 AM

      Todd had to pay his own way last week. This is a way for SarahPac to cover his way home.

      Remember "What's in it for us"?

    12. You can tell RAM didn't write this rambling, run-on mess, that's fer sher.

      "Too often the media forgets its own humble roots and plays the elitist card. Not so this weekend." So Sarah is the media now?

      "...small towns where most of us grew our own roots and values." I first read this as "grew our own roots and vegetables." Makes about as much sense!

  41. Anonymous4:54 PM

    The teacher in that article made an interesting point about small town kids needing role models who "make it" out of Small Town America onto a national stage. It's too bad that she's a soulless pig, but I can see how the kids would be inpired by her story. Also the "Stop Photoshopping my head onto bikini bodies" and "cankles" reference are from the SNL Tina Fey as Hilary, Amy Poehler as Hillary debate skit.

  42. Since the crazy woman never has been to a high school graduation...this will be her first. It's not one of her 3 dropout kids but with complete strangers.

    Now she can brag that she went to a high school graduation...albeit not one of her kids' but nevertheless..

  43. Anonymous5:35 PM

    sarah palin really hates us city folk. maybe because we see right through the bullshit.

    1. Anonymous6:57 PM

      Is she at home with the moonshine fellas?

  44. Anonymous5:41 PM

    I think it's nice that this small town in a red part of that state has embraced this high school cross-dresser.

    1. Anonymous5:57 PM

      They are very fond and supportive of Tyler. As Sarah will be if she shows up. There was a picture of Track in high school where her was a girl, it may be a Palin thing that they haven't really talked about.

  45. Anonymous6:03 PM

    oh this is just such a great day for skank news.
    the fox news mole who has the new book out “An Atheist in the FOXhole: A Liberal’s 8-year Odyssey Inside the Heart of the Right-Wing Media,” has some goodies about the skankasaurus rex.

    here is a snippet:
    "“She is every bit as good-looking, and is also every bit as dumb, as they say,” he says. “We knew immediately it was not working out with her.”
    Palin exhibited “the worst type of diva behavior” while collecting $2 million a year from Fox, and “could not be bothered,” Muto said.
    “We had to track her down and beg her to be on the show, and she was under contract.”

    1. Anonymous6:53 PM

      We Immoral Minority readers told the people who knows Sarah Palin to write their books or contact the right people about Sarah and Todd Palin. So now look at what's happening. The books are coming out.

      When will Meg Stapleton write her book?

    2. Anonymous12:18 AM

      I think 'Staplemouth' was paid off by Sarah never to write a thing about her when they split.

  46. Anonymous6:22 PM

    The Heraldic Palin clan shield's motto: "What's in it for us"?

    Icons: Guns, Germs & Steel*

    *Author Jared Diamond lifted his book title from the Palins shield.

  47. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Um...I'm pretty sure that if he is dressing up as her and doing the accent he's not really a fan of hers...who he really wants at graduation is TINA FEY!

    1. Anonymous7:34 PM

      Wouldn't it be great if she is being punked, and they really want her there to mock her and throw her 'small town values' right back in her face. Not likely, but a nice phantasy all the same.

  48. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Hey Tawd you going to Republic High School? Who knows, you may run into some trannies you can recruit into the business?

  49. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Ding-Bat has posted on her FB saying "Small Town America Is the Soul of Our Country" and takes a dig @ Seattle Weekly.

  50. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Corner store in that town better stock up on condoms and facecloths.


    No pun intended.

    1. Anonymous7:44 PM

      Find out if Bristol is coming too. You may want to stock up on cramp pills.

  51. Anonymous7:14 PM

    A nice present for Tyler would be Toad's used silk panties he got from the infamous 2008 Wasilla Hillbillies Saks Fifth Ave shopping spree.

  52. Anonymous7:19 PM


  53. Anita Winecooler7:21 PM

    I think it's a liberal trap, and Sarah's going to step in it big time! This Tyler guy's a smooth operator. He schmoozed everyone into enticing Baldy to speak at their graduation.

    I hope someone films the "flash mob" on you tube in it's entirety.

    And I thought the school was a bunch of dweebs!

    What will she wear? Imagine the possibilities! Will she do her Big Gulp skit? Read off her palms? Teach them a history lesson?

    1. PalinsHoax3:57 AM

      At the Republic graduation, maybe Ol' Puffy Face will stuff a pillow up her shirt and pretend that she is pregnant !!!

      Oh wouldn't that be unusual ?!?! Oh wait. She already did that a few years ago.

      Oh well. Maybe she'll do it again.

      By the way, Ol' Puffy Face, the secret password to get into Republic's High School is: Boooo!

  54. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Ashley Layman > Sarah Palin · I didn't think you'd answer my post, but figured it was worth a shot. Im going on an Alaskan cruise the 16th of June. What's the weather up there like at that time of year? I live in Oklahoma, Im use to really Hotttt summer weather

    What's with these retards? Sarah Palin is too busy betting at the horse track, going to car races and NBA playoff games. Stop asking Sarah what's the weather in Wasilla, can I stop for some coffee and cake, where should I eat and bullshit like that.

  55. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Betty Ann Sherretta > Sarah Palin · My husband and I are going to be in Seward for four days after a week long cruise with my sister and some friends......any suggestions on what to see in or near Seward? Thanks...Betty Ann Sherretta

    WTF? Another retard request.

    1. Anonymous4:26 AM

      Sarah do they have toilets in Alaska?
      Sarah do they sell food in Wasilla?
      Sarah should I bring my own toilet paper?

      What's with the retard questions? Why don't you ask the important questions liike:

      How come Todd refuses to admit or deny he's a pimp?
      How come you refuse to show Trig's birth certificate?
      Was your red house in Wasilla a payoff to you for giving the hockey rink contract to a certain company?
      Is SarahPac a scam?
      How come you can't produce a college diploma?
      Does your entire family approve of Todd's pimping business?

  56. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Barbara Gilson > Sarah Palin · Do you anything to say about the furlough?

    Yes Barbie, go enroll in a adult education class.

    "Do you anything to say about the furlough?"

    Did you get your journalism degree from the University of Idaho like Sarah did?

  57. Anonymous7:50 PM


    The Alaska Film Tax Credit.
    Jobs for unqualified high school friends.
    Protection from the Anchorage Police Department.
    No breaking and entering charges.
    Special favors from Dr Cathy Baldwin-Johnson.
    Interstate sex trafficking.
    Free house.
    Per diem.

    1. Anonymous9:19 PM

      The usual

  58. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Russ Bray > Sarah Palin near Laurel, MT · Sarah, What happened to John McCain? He's not the same guy he was. Has he gone turncoat on us?

    Yes Russ he has never been the same after being so humiliated for picking that dumb fuck no nothing trailer park "What's in it for me?" don't know shit fake energy expert doesn't want to work quitter vp candidate from Wasilly.

  59. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Angela Dublin > Sarah Palin · Hi Sarah, I don't know if you got my message, but hope you can make it to the Founders Day Rodeo on Sat. June 1st. That's in Tonasket, WA. and it's only about 35 minutes from Republic. It's a huge event that draws people from everywhere. Hope you can make it. I am definitely inviting you. Let me know if you can make it and I will let our Mayor know that you will be there. It starts at 7pm but the entire day will be filled with a Parade, street vendors, art show and so much 

    Angela that's so sweet. You folks are organizing a Sarah Palin's Founders Day Rodeo on Sat. June 1st just for me. Will my tranny look a like from Republica High School be in the parade and the rodeo? Maybe I can get my SarahPac bus and shrinkwrap my face all over it and bring it to my parade?

  60. Anonymous9:54 PM

    $creech never shows her face anywhere in AK ever. Unless it's some phony, staged family photo opp that they sneak off to the wilderness to get 'er done. The AK media pay no attention to her, unless it's repeating an occasional buffoon piece from elsewhere. I can't wait to see if $he mixes with the small towners or whisks off out the back door. It's all for our amusement!

    1. Anonymous4:38 AM

      That's where you're wrong. Sarah Palin loves Alaska and Alaska loves Sarah Palin and her family.

      Who am I trying to kid? To be honest with you, Sarah Palin hates Alaska because we figured out what she's about and stopped kissing her ass. That's why she does things in other states and nothing for Alaska. The only reason she comes back to Alaska is to visit her kids from her many fun trips to the lower 48 and then Sarah heads back out.

  61. So Palin was invited to speak at the commencement at this high school because the senior class president likes to dress up like her in drag?

    I wonder if he'll dress like her for graduation.

    I was hoping for video of him doing his interpretation.

    Typical Palin supporter?

  62. Anonymous11:12 PM

    I was camping near the town of Republic, years ago. While watching TV is NOT something I want to do when engaged in enjoying the great outdoors, it was the day of the MLB All Star Game.

    So I drove into that sleepy burg, hoping to find something like a "sports bar" where the locals would be cheering at the television.

    There was indeed a bar, alright, but everyone in it was slouching over their beers, looking depressed...and the television was tuned to Fox News.

    I'm thinking, "This CANNOT be AMERICA! I've slipped into some weird Twilight Zone type place, where baseball is ignored by the male population!"

    (So: ANYthing that happens in that freaking town, would not surprise me!)

  63. Anonymous4:44 AM

    Will Sarah bring Caint Get Right to the big graduation ceremony or will he be okay at home by himself with all his guns?

    1. Anonymous5:00 AM

      Will Caint Get Right be okay?
      What about Piper? Sarah has been gone a lot and is taking off again, who is going to make sure Piper doesn't go camping in Bristol's canvas tent, get plastered on wine coolers and rape her boyfriend?

    2. Anonymous5:21 AM

      Will Wasilla be okay with CGR and all his guns?

  64. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Here's a great idea for Wasilla to make some money and get rid of an eyesore we have covered up in some storage some where.

    Since Republic High School is in love with the Palins, how about we sell Republic High School the realistic statue of the Palin's Warrior Within giant vagina so they can display it in front of their school?

    It would be a Win/Win situation for everybody?

  65. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Small town America is the soul of our country, 
    -Sarah Palin

    I wonder if small town Republic:

    Has a mayor who doesn't pay his property taxes.
    Has an incompetent mayor who had to hire a town manager besides having his or her spouse as a co-mayor?
    Does the women and girls have to pay for their own rape kits?
    If the mayor has the I can do anything I want until the court says I can't attitude?
    If the mayor has the what's in for me attitude?
    Does the mayor has kids who runs wild in their town with no worries about getting into trouble by the law?
    Does the town librarian have to worry about his or her job if the mayor doesn't approve of the reading materials?
    Do they have a witch doctor to bless the mayor?
    Is pimping legal there as long as it's the mayor's spouse who runs the business?
    Do they have unexplained deaths and mysterious fires?

    Gotta love Small Town America and their self serving incompetent mayors.

  66. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Being that Republic is a small town in nowhere off the highway and probably hasn't seen fake boobs before, will Sarah bring he big uns to the graduation?

  67. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Will Republic HS class president Tyler Weyer serve popcorn and pop when he has his Sarah Palin's Alaska reality show marathon night shown on his father's garage door for the graduation after party?

  68. jcinco8:00 AM

    folks need to go to the seattle weekly link and comment back to sarah's band of merry idiots defending her..the regulars, founder, krusty, matthew shepherd, they're all there with their sarah pin ups & bottles of jergens lotion.

  69. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Hahahahaha!!! SP probably pissed right about now and telling her pimp of a husband "get me out of this NOW!!". Hahahaha! WEll, it's her kind of people.

    1. Anonymous3:50 PM

      Grow up. I love how she agrees to speak at a graduation, something IVE done and she's done before, and you still attack her.

      I feel bad for you. So hateful.

  70. Anonymous3:45 PM

    She does do things for no money. Funny how you think you can claim the opposite when you dont personally know her.


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