Friday, May 17, 2013

Sarah Palin thinks the President is vulnerable and in response unleashes her ghostwriter on Facebook. Exaggeration, hyperbole, and Middle school name calling ensue. Update!

"Blood! I smell blood in the water!"
This from the Arizona Snowbird's ghostwritten Facebook page:  

Mr. President, when it rains it pours, but most Americans hold their own umbrellas. Today in the Rose Garden you dismissed the idea of a Special Counsel to investigate the IRS scandal. With that, your galling political hubris shined bright in the midst of today’s dark clouds. 

This, of course, is in reference to the image taken during President Obama's joint press conference alongside Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan in the Rose Garden the other day, during which he asked two Marines to hold umbrellas for them, mostly, it seemed, in deference to the needs of his guest.

Apparently that action has opened up a line of attack, because as we know EVERYTHING the President does becomes an opening for a  Right Wing attack.

Then Palin's ghostwriter goes on to group Benghazi, the IRS kerfuffle, and the obtaining of the AP phone records together in order to accuse the administration of being in violation of the Hatch Act, even though NONE of those qualifies as such.

That not being enough to smear the President, Palin then accuses him of even more outrageous activities.

For more evidence of Hatch Act violations right under your nose, simply consider DOJ’s “massive and unprecedented intrusion” into the free press. Do you think they picked up some political talk when tapping the phones in the House press gallery? 

Not happy with simply going after the President concerning the AP leak investigation which saw the DOJ accessing reporters phone records, (A situation by the way for which I feel actual outrage and not manufactured outrage), she then accuses him of  "tapping the phones in the House press gallery" which is completely ridiculous and undermines any seriousness on her part.

Your team is out of control. Those who cannot remember the past and learn from it are doomed to repeat it, and that is exactly what is happening. Look back exactly 40 years ago this week and apply that disheartening chapter of American history to the team you’ve chosen and lead today.

The ghostwriter is of course referring to Watergate, because the Republicans have determined that it was far enough back that perhaps the American people have forgotten that it was  the result of an out of control REPUBLICAN administration. Which is interesting because if RAM was looking for an example of an administration violating the Hatch Act, she need look no further back than to the LAST administration, that was, here's a shocker, ALSO a Republican administration.

However satisfied that the President has been wounded sufficiently Palin's ghostwriter has her do a victory dance over his "political corpse."

Some of us warned America; we cautioned voters in 2008 that a community organizer with no executive experience and no sense of accountability would be a very poor choice for the nation’s top management position.

Yes because having old man McCain and THIS lunatic would have been SO much better for the country. (Conveniently Palin focuses on these three "scandals." two of which are nothing of the sort, and ignores the rather impressive accomplishments of her President.)

With that Palin's ghostwriter goes in for the kill.

Most Americans see ominous dark clouds looming beyond the White House Rose Garden, Mr. President. They’ll roll away only when light is shined on the Obama administration’s antics, and America will only recover when you cease avoiding responsibility in this mission of yours to fundamentally transform America. For that to happen, the press had better learn from their experiences of being duped and provide a deserving public fairer, more intelligent coverage. 

Of course THIS is exactly the time that Palin has been so impatiently waiting to arrive. A time when the President is under assault from a variety of directions and a time where she can stumble up on her Naughty Monkey pumps and kick him while he is down.

Of course if we have learned anything these last four and a half years it should be that this President is NEVER as badly wounded as his critics would like us to believe that he is, and that ultimately he will shrug off the slings and arrows of his opponents and get right back to doing the work that will, without a doubt, see him listed among the most effective Presidents that we have ever had in this country.

Time for one last parting shot.

 Speaking of coverage, glad you finally called in the Marines... shame it was just to hold your umbrella. 

- Sarah Palin

And back to the immature attack about the umbrellas. Why we would expect anything else?

However perhaps Palin has forgotten just how effective and impressive this President can be while standing uncovered in the rain.

I don't think the man was afraid of getting a little wet, he was just worried about over shadowing his guest from Turkey, and perhaps blowing a few reporter's minds.

Charisma can be so dangerous if not carefully controlled, don'tcha know?

Update: The Washington Post cannot resist pointing out Palin's hypocrisy either:  

Former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin weighed in Thursday night, blasting Obama and tweeting: 

“Scandalous Hat Trick,” she wrote. 

“Mr. President, when it rains it pours, but most Americans hold their own umbrellas. 

Well, not always.

 She is SUCH an easy target.


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    1. Anonymous9:13 AM

      As usual the Screech has conveniently forgotten not carrying her own umbrella. I hope the MSM will post this picture whenever they publish her current FB rant. Is there anything this idiot has spouted that hasn't come back to bite her on the ass? It appears as if she doesn't have long term memory or self-realization at all?

  2. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Todd was actively pimping hookers when Sarah was running to be VP.

    Sarah will claim shortly that Jill Biden is a brothel madam.

    1. Anyone who’s been around thoroughly bitchy people knows this drill. They select a target, and at first their criticisms are tailored well enough that folks wonder “Can it be true?” That encourages them and they work up more outrage. Soon, they’re hurling unrelated charges, creating grievances out of whole cloth, and are obsessed. Everyone can see it. In the end, even their most gullible devotees slink away.

    2. And like Gabby Giffords, Sarah will not be happy until someone takes a shot at Obama. Seriously, that is what she's doing: stirring up anger and outrage.

    3. Anonymous8:15 AM


  3. Anonymous6:32 AM

    It's these unhinged, pack-of-lies posts that Palin directs her flying monkeys (RAM, I suppose) to make under her name that invalidates her constant attempts of portraying herself as a victim.

    She has brought about and deserves every bit of scrutiny and criticism she receives.

    She is a divisive, jealous, petty liar who does NOTHING towards improving this country. With every vile post and tweet she makes, she creates more friction between our citizens. And WHY does she continue to do this?

    So people will pay attention to her and she can make more money off her under-informed, conspiracy-minded, intolerant supporters.

    You reap what you sow, Sarah.

    1. Thank you.

      The stupid retarded ho thinks she is invincible, her god, oh yeah, her god.

      Well the stupid creepy bitch is about to get the weight of all shit. she is going down hard and fast and so are the few people still up her flabby white ass.

      Soon bitch soon

    2. Anonymous1:22 PM

      Game o' shit,

      You are a real tough guy behind your computer, Dude I would love one round with you in a ring!! You seriously threatening Gov. Palin? WOW.. you fucking PUSSY.. I hope you and your family get hit by a fucking truck! Wait sorry that was harsh, I know you dont have a family your still in yo mommas basement jerking off collecting her social security checks as her corps rotts in the attic...

    3. Don The Bluesman1:59 PM

      Piper, dude; threatening a palin? No one is doing that and she is not a gov. Your father is a pimp, deal with it

    4. jcinco2:10 PM

      you're pathetic bristle.

  4. Anonymous6:32 AM

    She is incredibly boring and predictable. No one really cares what she says.nits pathetic for her that she hasn't learned that yet. Will she be ranting and raving about Barack Obama until she goes to her grave? I think so. Sarah never let's go of a grudge.
    She really needs a new angle and should give RAM the boot. This annoying caustic tone of hers is just white noise at this point..
    She's one sick and disturbed person. And boring!!! Yawn!

  5. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Shut the fuck up, palin.

    You LOST, BIG TIME, lady.

    America loves winners.

    you were just a side show

    1. Bitch got her squeaky creepy no husband carrying her female purses and bags all the time. So who can't carry their own fucking shit, dippydo?

      I was once a proud member of the honor guards and there wasn't anything I wouldn't do for my commander, holding an umbrella is nothing, wonky. Nobody will do this for you except paid flunkies. So fuck off you nasty, small, silly, ignorant bitch.

      Can you tell I can't tolerate the stupid bitch? I hope it comes through.

  6. What a disgusting, hateful pig Sarah Palin has become. It's beyond time that somebody steps up and spills what they know about the evil, criminal acts of the Palins. Sarah and Todd are a danger to our country and they need to be stopped - NOW.

    1. The last positive speech made by Palin was at the RNC when she was nominated as the VP candidate.

      Since that time pure bile and hatred has been the majority of any speech. She is defined by her hatred of the blah guy - it is not doing her body or her soul any favors.

    2. Anonymous8:14 AM

      "Since that time pure bile and hatred has been the majority of any speech." This seems to be the modus operandi of anything Republican lately. The bitch is just one of the more attractive of the herd. Attractive to pole-cats and Gila lizards, that is. (No offense to pole-cats and Gila lizards, BTW.)

    3. Anonymous8:59 AM

      TS: Actually that RNC speech was not positive. She used it to demean and belittle Obama and Hillary. She used it to lie about her accomplishments in Alaska. She made jokes about pit bulls. She is a sad old ugly woman who needs the spotlight.
      Come on, Sarah, spend some time with those kids. Aren't y'all writing a book about the wonders of exercise and Christmas cookies? By the way, just when is your next tome being published? Time's awastin' and you need to get off your broomstick and behind that computer. Get busy woman. I'm sure NEWSMAX will buy a gross of books to give away to new sunscribers.

    4. Anonymous9:16 AM

      At the RNC speech, she sneered and nastily made fun of people who helped out in their community.

      She was negative and horrid from the get go.

    5. Anonymous9:29 AM

      agreed. Her RNC speech was a hateful, spiteful pile of shit.

      She mocked the "community organizer", claimed she had ALREADY STARTED BUILDING the "natural gas pipeline", and used the line about "growing good people in our small towns" - a quote from:

      Francis James Westbrook Pegler (August 2, 1894 – June 24, 1969) was an American journalist and writer.

      He was a popular columnist in the 1930s and 1940s famed for his opposition to the New Deal and labor unions.

      Pegler criticized every president from Herbert Hoover to FDR ("moosejaw") to Harry Truman ("a thin-lipped hater") to John F. Kennedy.

      He also criticized the Supreme Court, the tax system, and labor unions.

      His late writing appeared sporadically in publications that included the John Birch Society's American Opinion.[1]

      John Birch Society -

      The John Birch Society is an American political advocacy group that supports anti-communism, limited government, a constitutional republic[1][2] and personal freedom.

      It has been described as radical right-wing.[6][7]

      (from wiki)

    6. Anonymous10:08 AM

      While the Tasmanian devil has become endangered from a fungus, it seems the Alaskan Shrew is not affected. Evidently even fungi don't like to feast on that decaying carcass.

    7. Anonymous12:28 PM

      The Koch brothers' father was a vigorous supporter of the John Birch Society. Surprised?

  7. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Her lack of self awareness is incredible, but the absurd notion this pack of shit written on her FaceBook page will gain any sort of political traction is even more incredible. The stack of bucks must be getting thin and her ghostwriter has become as lame as her employer in the wordsmith aspect of the job.

  8. Anonymous6:41 AM

    The simple reply would be "Ettu, Brute?"

    Another ill-contrived diatribe and the world guffaws again, and she wonders why she is ignored. Well, $arah/RAM/ghostwriter, to use the adage you did, "those who cannot remember the past and learn from it are doomed to repeat it." Thanks for providing another example.

  9. Anonymous6:43 AM

    "With that, your galling political hubris shined bright in the midst of today’s dark clouds."

    A good attempt at descriptive writing for a fifth grader.

    1. Cracklin Charlie7:22 AM

      Becky is nowhere near as good a writer as she thinks.

    2. Should be "hubris shone bright." Still can't understand some who still believe this lying bitch. Running her next campaign on Facebook. What? No bus tour? Maybe next year.

    3. Anonymous8:22 AM

      Ha...good catch.

    4. Anonymous8:30 AM

      Yes, Cracklin Charlie. Good writers don't litter their sentences with adjectives and adverbs. Purple prose, indeed. "Omit needless words"--Strunk & White

    5. Anonymous9:17 AM

      Becky is a hack. She failed at screenwriting and is now relegated to the worst "writing" job there is. Composing toxic drivel that supposedly comes out of her mistresses gaping maw.

  10. Anonymous6:49 AM

    I hate her...and I don't use that word lightly.

    1. Anonymous8:26 AM

      She isn' worth hating, she is so irrevelant. She is the crazy old man on the corner raving about black helicopters and mind-reading drones. And aside from those of us keeping an eye on her (now more for entertainment value than anything else) no one is paying her any mind.

    2. jcinco11:10 AM

      me too.. She's going to incite another violent event by stirring up her inbred idiot followers..When she did her vp acceptance speech and spewed her vile poison regarding community organizers it made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. Keep in mind, we were used to some pretty nasty things about Barack Obama coming out of the Clinton camp.
      If someone who reads this blog has some substantiated dirt on palin that will guarantee shutting her down for good & they're not coming forward they must hate this country. By not coming forward you are personally enabling this vile bitch in her plan to have something really awful happen. Can you live with that? If so you're a sniveling coward, when you could be a national hero...

  11. lostinmn6:50 AM

    Sara is one seriously sick POS. Her ship sailed a long time ago and the only reason she is still on the national radar is that the media knows they get clicks when they post a story about her. HP take note. They get as many clicks from some Sara BS story as they do from a side boob shot story. Too bad Sara doesn't have the boobs to make a side boob story because they'd really get some clicks then

  12. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Come someone please just gag her? Pretty please?

    She is one nasty piece of work...

  13. Anonymous7:01 AM

    If we only picked Sarah Palin, we could of nationally legalized prostitution.

    1. The insufferable bitch acts like it's 2008. President Obama has been in office over 4 years, ya old coot.

      Oh yeah, fatass President Obama has been in office longer than you, has more degrees than you, is more intelligent than you, was raised better than you, has better relatives than you, in fact it's no comparison. You slimy, failed at EVERYTHING, no degree bitch. Compare yourself to halibut clubbing.

      she is delusional, stupid and a fraud. she should worry about making her big screech at that tiny High School. HAHHAHA

  14. Anita Winecooler7:02 AM

    "Speaking of coverage, glad you finally called in the Marines... shame it was just to hold your umbrella."

    says the "woman" who's t carries her purse and daughter carries her "props".

    The woman doth kvetch too much!

  15. Anonymous7:03 AM

    "...the press had better learn from their experiences of being duped and provide a deserving public fairer, more intelligent coverage."

    Lest we forget, the press were duped by Sarah Palin. Palin boasts in her autobiography of boarding a transcontinental flight after an amniotic fluid leak without a medical check for a premature Down Syndrome baby when she was high risk (over 40, 7th pregnancy, history of miscarriages), and then avoiding nearer neonatal intensive care unit equipped hospitals to birth the baby in a distant regional hospital not even rated to handle twins.

    The press ignored Sarah Palin's insane claims, and Sarah Palin enjoyed a honeymoon of a vice-presidential campaign.

    1. Anonymous9:57 AM

      History of Wite-Out Abortions. Fixed it for ya.

    2. Thank you. msm is that bitch's friend. too much shit we know and is her own words that should have and should be investigated.

      As soon as the msm allowed bush to control the media that is where journalist cred lost big time. Then insane mccain came along chose the whore who used the same trick she used in Ak to control the press.

      she only spoke to the msm that she controls. If the msm talks bad, the truth or anything palin disagreed with, she would and does refused them the right of government news. she would whine and make up a false narrative to justify not talking to the msm. faux news was invented just for this toxic fall-off of racist crackpots.

  16. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Needs new screechwriter. She's so boring I can...barely muster....a comment

  17. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Two pics of the old hooah NOT holding her own umbrella.

    1. Well found pics with the perfect introduction

      "The old hooah is drunk tweeting again…"

  18. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Speaking of coverage, glad you finally called in the Marines... shame it was just to hold your umbrella. 
    - Sarah Palin

    President Obama should of called in the Alaska National Guard Combat Vet Track Menard. Heard he is well armed since he traded in his daughter for his guns.

    1. Anonymous9:55 AM

      CAIN'T GET RIGHT needs therapy, but might be too far gone. Bristol is Borderline Retarded, Willow has Aspergers and needs constant monitoring. Their mental traits were a product of Sarah and she shows all of those traits in her Facebook Postings. What Sane woman would stay married to a Pimp? What Sane woman would post the Nonsense that she does without reviewing the facts that she has done the exact same things that she is criticizing? Sarah Palin is BATSHIT CRAZY and it shows.

    2. her immaturity and unsettled, ridiculous ongoing and progressing behavior makes me believe she sextexted Shawn Chrisy.

    3. Anonymous12:23 PM

      Just to be clear: people with Asperger's are the majority of the Silicon Valley billionaires. Borderline retarded people have a great deal to contribute to society, in their own way. Often in care-giving situations....
      Sarah's a sociopath and therapy never works for those folks, ever.
      Just wanted to emphasize that Asperger's (if that's Willow's diagnosis) and retardation do not automatically transform a person into a nasty, lazy, self-satisfied leech. Only Sarah Palin could do that.

  19. Randall7:21 AM

    The IRS agents were concerned that anyone with "Tea Party" in their name would be a political organization and thus, not eligible for tax-exempt status. Well DUHHHhhh...

    Benghazi is a non-starter and as the facts become clear so does the desperation of the Republicans.

    And the AP's emails?
    THAT is exactly the thing I was talking about wayyyy back in 2001 when EVERYone was cheering for the passage of the Patriot Act.
    Which made it LEGAL for Justice to look at the AP's emails.
    And yours.
    And mine.

    And THAT was what I was saying waayyyyyy back in 2001:

    "By passing The Patriot Act we are voluntarily giving away our liberties."

    Everyone thought it was a GREAT idea back then, but now that the Black Guy is President?
    Not so much...

    When George W. Bush said "Stop waving the Constitution in my face, it's just a piece of paper!"
    ...what do you think he was talking about?

    1. Anonymous7:36 AM

      Good comment.

      When George W. Bush said "Stop waving the Constitution in my face, it's just a piece of paper!"

      If the Black President had said that, he'd be vilified- yet again.

    2. Anonymous7:56 AM

      Rachel Maddow had Richard Engel on her show last night, and Engel explained that the CIA had sensitive information, a fact known to only a few people in the government. Someone leaked that information to the AP. This is not about freedom of the press. It was foolish of the AP to print sensitive information. What the Justice Department wants to know is the source of the leak. Who provided high security information that compromised a secret project at the CIA. This is on the order of leaking Valerie Plaume's name, which put her and anyone she had been in contact with in danger. It's too bad that the Republicans take a sensitive security breech and turn it into a cheap shot.

    3. Anonymous8:22 AM

      I'd like to explain what's going on with Sarah, her ghost writer(s), her Facebook and her tweets. The psychology is simple. Sarah was running against Obama in 2008, and she hasn't gotten over losing to him. (Neither has Mitt). That's the trouble when you think that you have been chosen by God. God does not take sides in football games or our elections. Sarah lost because she was a lousy candidate and even die-hard Republicans couldn't vote for her. Lousy candidate? Look at those interviews with Katie Couric again, any and all of them. Sarah is stupid and she keeps ringing those bells and firing those warning shots.

      Sarah loves the spotlight and she loves money. She does not intend to work hard for either. She has the perfect system going for her. She posts ghostwritten nasty comments addressed to the President, and the crowd goes wild. Well, her fans think that she is just so sassy, telling off President Obama (or Mayor Bloomberg, for that matter). They love the red meat that Sarah throws out there for them. And they hope and pray that this time, she really will run for president. They hope that by giving her money, she will run. No she won't. She is doing it for the money, and it is easier than working. Sarah will not do the hard work involved in running for public office.

      Sarah's PAC spends most of its donated money on consultants, the people writing those nasty comments on Facebook, and they probably post some comments around the internet to keep the conversation heading int the right direction. "I stand with Sarah." "Viva, Sarah!" "Sarah in 2016, 2020 and maybe 2024." Sarah is reduced to cheap tricks and cheap shots, holding a Big Gulp, and saying, "Take that, Mayor Bloomberg." (The Big Gulp was never part of the soda ban, but her crowd is too dumb to realize that. They are as dumb as Sarah is).
      Sarah said that people remember her visual messages, the Big Gulp, the tin of chewing tobacco, her tight jeans or tight, short skirts, her stripper shoes, messed up wigs, sexy clothing and her big boobs. A cheap shot that makes no sense is the comment about President Obama and the umbrella. There are photos of Sarah under an umbrella that someone else holds for her. It's a stupid joke. Sarah's idea of a joke is to eat a Twinkie while say, "Take that, Michelle Obama!" Her fans love it and they support her comedy act by donating to the PAC which will provide more clown comments. What a racket!

    4. Anonymous10:09 AM

      The "fans" that want her to run for ANYTHING must, deep in their hearts, want to see her trampled even further into the mud, because that is a sure thing if she deigns to put even a little baby toe into the political arena again.

      If her "fans" perceived the intense media scrutiny surrounding her during the McCain campaign as "picking on poor Sarah", well, that scrutiny will be brought upon her again, except this time it will be magnified. Not only will her interview gaffes from 2008 be replayed ad infinitum, the media will also have at their disposal all of the stupid things she's done SINCE 2008. People will also begin to look into Babygate, and Housegate and Dairygate again.

      It will be even more grueling for her than was 2008, and that's why she won't do it; she simply can't stand up to the scrutiny and I guarantee you she would step away from any campaign she began when the heat in the kitchen got way to high. She can't afford to be a Quitter again, much less be remembered for running what will surely be a failed campaign.

      It is amusing that her "fans", those who seem to care about her want to throw her to the wolves again, simply because they hate Obama. With friends like those who needs enemies?

    5. Anonymous10:12 AM

      and heard this a.m. that the AP tap was because the AP had leaked and exposed a double agent who was going to go back into Yemen.

    6. Randall, all good points.

      I believe the tags were "tea" and "party" I bet irs has alway pull anything affiliated with politics. So an application listed as the green party, would be pulled too. So there's that.

      Yeah I remember the gop saying if you don't have anything to hide then it shouldn't matter. Fucking hypocrites.

  20. Anonymous7:26 AM

    People are tired of her constant vomiting. The only outlet making any reference to her putrid screed is Twitchy if you check Google News.

  21. Cracklin Charlie7:30 AM

    Quixote Palin, still tilting at windmills.

  22. Anonymous7:46 AM

    If Sarah Palin was POTUS, would she fire the Marine Band and play Hail to the Chief on her flute while doing some of that fancy pageant walking?

    RJ in Brownbackistan

  23. Anonymous7:48 AM

    "Exaggeration, hyperbole, and Middle school name calling ensue."

    Anybody see the irony in that headline? That's what this blog has devolved into.

    1. Anonymous8:04 AM

      Yet you follow it as if your child's life depended upon it.

    2. Anonymous9:44 AM

      @7:48 AM Go back to Sea Of PEE PEE,clown. Only a fool would continue to follow a Blog that is offensive to him/her. You have devolved into a chronic complaining imbecile.

    3. Anonymous10:03 AM

      The difference is, of course, that Gryphen writes a blog and we comment on it. Sarah Palin was a governor and nearly an old man's weak heartbeat away from the Oval office and still pretends she might just run for president in a couple years.

    4. Anonymous12:09 PM

      Don't you mean this "defunct" blog, Ms. Troll?

    5. 748 -- Only when your ass is here.

      Go back to the swill-of-pee and dream about your insufferable bitch becoming president, ya poopyhead.


  24. Anonymous7:52 AM

    O/T but I'm sure we'll see alot of this happening as time progresses and guns proliferate. No question this woman would be alive if not for a gun.

    Anastasia Adair, a 22-year-old Colorado woman, died after she was accidentally shot with an assault rifle she had recently purchased, TV station KMGH reported on Thursday.

    Adair's husband, Shane, and other witnesses told police she was drinking with friends in her garage Tuesday night and wanted to show off the weapon. It fired twice, hitting her once in the head as she brought it to the room and passed it to Shane.

    Lt. Gary Toldness, of the Federal Heights, Colo., police department, told KMGH initial analysis appeared to be consistent with the reports of an accidental shooting, though the investigation was continuing. He also said Adair purchased the weapon at a gun show in March and described it as an AK-47-type rifle.

    KMGH identified Adair as "a new gun enthusiast." A photo posted on her Facebook page in August (left) seemed to show her and Shane using handguns on a shooting range.

    1. Anonymous8:28 AM

      Thin the herd.

      I'm just glad it wasn't a child involved.

      By the way, isn't Drinking and Guns ALWAYS a GREAT idea?

    2. Anonymous8:52 AM

      Um, how does one shoot oneself in the HEAD with a long rifle? This makes no sense.

    3. Anonymous10:11 AM


    4. Anonymous10:13 AM

      Darwin Award

    5. Anita Winecooler11:55 AM

      8:23 - It didn't say she was holding the rifle "properly" as "she passed it to Shane". The gun, apparently, was loaded and ready to go off, she probably had her hand on the muzzle when it shot her in the head.
      Drinking and guns are a bad mix, especially when you're a newbie gun fetishist with the need to show off to your friends.

  25. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Such an ignorant cow! Benghazi email scandal exposed by jake tapper! The republic took bits and pieces and added words not in the emails. Jake read the emails and broke the news and there is no there there. The IRS scandal is only scandalous if wrong to check out both dem and repub groups.

  26. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Todd Palin’s abuse and manipulation of Shailey Tripp was unforgivable. His use and manipulation of the APD and the government in Alaska for his personal benefit is reprehensible. Todd Palin is a disgusting, putrid, pustule disfiguring the face of America. Our country may bear the scars of this vile creature long after he is brought to justice, but we must recognize the evil that he represents, and utilize the strongest medicine to eradicate the injustice that he represents. Men and women around the country must stand up and proclaim “No More”. We will not tolerate abuse of children, women, and our soldiers by predators like Todd Palin. Requiring him to be publically humiliated and charged with his crimes is the only remedy that will demonstrate that our leaders are truly committed to solving the pandemic of sexual abuse of women, children, and soldiers in America.

    1. Anonymous8:03 AM

       “No More”. We will not tolerate abuse of children, women, and our soldiers by predators like Todd Palin

      Sarah Palin who says she's for our soldiers should agree with this!

    2. Anonymous8:26 AM

      Sarah Palin if you really back our soldiers then help stop military prostitution. Stop the pimps.

    3. Anonymous8:57 AM

      You cannot tell me that Sarah Palin didn't know what Todd was doing. Plus, the money trail he earned pimping Shailey and others should be followed and investigated.

      How the Palin klan has remained unscathed is beyond me. We need to get Parnell out of office when he runs again for governor as he is protecting them. Parker is gone from the Anchorage Police Department (retired) and a minister if you can friggin' believe that! Vote the Republicans out of office across the State of Alaska and eventually the Palin illegal actions will be disclosed and investigated.

    4. Anonymous9:02 AM

      Sarah? Stop the pimps you say? She's the MADAM!!

    5. Anonymous9:44 AM

      8:57 - agreed. SP is a Madame. She knows the family biz.

    6. Anonymous10:14 AM

      Sarah would let Todd off the hook for his pimpin' and screwin' around only if he donated all of the proceeds to SarahPac, through a third party of course.

    7. Anonymous10:29 AM

      wonder how many times Bristol has become a virgin again.

    8. Anita Winecooler11:57 AM

      The woman decorated her office like a bordello- I wonder where she got the inspiration?

    9. Anonymous2:06 PM

      wonder how many times Bristol has become a virgin again.


      every mornin'...

  27. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Continued-Richard engel explained last night on msnbc that the records seized by the ap is to find out how they knew we have the bomb seized and how they knew where it is- national security question. The marines holding umbrellas -men in uniform are not to carry umbrellas but holding it for the president and Turkish pm is not wrong. Obama asked for the umbrellas because the Turkish pm was there too.

    What a stupid ugly hideous wreck of a human being skank is! Do not go after my president you classless piece of uneducated meat! Not only is he way out of your league but those of us-the majority of America-I are also way out of your league!

    1. Anonymous8:51 AM

      Yes, I thought Engel was quite right about this whole thing. Bush outs a CIA agent because her HUSBAND tells the truth about weapons, and suffers nary a question, let alone hearings and ranting and the like. Obama's intell needs to know who and how people knew and leaked a state secret, and they are just evil. It is such a shame someone let this woman out of Alaska to absolutely ruin the rest of the nation. She should be ashamed of herself.

    2. Anonymous8:53 AM

      I watched Richard Engel on Rachel's show yesterday. I personally think the Obama administration had every right to try and find out who leaked the information.

      There comes a point as to freedom of speech and what things getting out can do to our national security.

      Republicans need to be voted out of office every chance you get folks - they are harming our country more than anything!

      The lie, cheat, change emails, and on and on. I'm glad President Obama released those emails to prove the point. Congress had already seen those emails, so it was obviously a set up by the Republicans. Issa needs to be hung from the rafters!

  28. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Stupid fugly bee aww ch. Such low class! Talking about umbrellas. Yeah someone ought to chew on you for pretending your retard son is a combat vet, what a big LIE! Thought christians didn't lie. sp you fil thy human. Why don't you rant on you filt hy daughters and pim p of a husband.

  29. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Did Sarah Palin have her own Umbrellagate?

    1. Anonymous8:32 AM

      Ha ha ha too funny the dumb billy shoots her gun straight up and her own bullets just falls down right back on her bumpit, wigs and hair extensions.


    2. Anonymous9:25 AM

      hahaha. what a stupid woman. Is this thing loaded? I can't tell if the safety is off or o BANG!

  30. Anonymous8:31 AM

    All these rants coming from a very ethically challenged former quitter ex-governor who will NEVER be President. Time to turn a deaf ear.

    1. Anonymous12:46 PM

      She's hoping for that exact 'ostrich' behavior from us so she can rant and rave her lies without being challenged at all. Besides, our comments serve as her viagara. She can't get her freak on as well without a seething rage.

  31. Anonymous8:34 AM


  32. Randall8:39 AM

    Furthermore, the first three words of your title are WAYYYYYyyy off:

    "Sarah Palin thinks..."

  33. Anonymous8:41 AM

    OMG did this bitch just say something about the press being duped and not covering stuff? Really? OMG somebody release the kracken on babygate. Fuck . Enough akready.

    1. Anonymous9:54 AM

      I'm begging the media to open the fake pregnancy floodgates

  34. Beldar Ski Nose Conehead8:44 AM

    Wake up and smell the coffee, Gryphen, if that's even your real name, which I highly suspect it is not! You and your little librul blog buddies just cant face the reality that your precious so-called President Barack HUSSEIN Obama has single-handedly destroyed this country MANY times over!

    Here's the brutal facts:
    1) More Americans died in Benghazi IN ONE DAY than all deaths recorded in World War I, II, III and IV COMBINED!!!! That's right, librul geniuses! Do the math: OBAMA IS WORSE THAN HITLER!!!
    2) Obama's benignly named "Summer Work Program For At-Risk Youth" is nothing more than a HALF TRILLION TAXPAYER DOLLAR BOONDOGGLE to pay for minority youth rape squads who are raping AND PILLAGING, ALSO, TOO, across this country RIGHT NOW!!!
    3) Corruption has never been worse in America: Obama's young daughters - not even out of school! - were recently quietly appointed to cushy LIFETIME government jobs - paying MILLIONS of dollars per year - as 'nautical consultants' aboard the opulent 6 megaton 3,000 foot long presidential aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Bob Hope.
    4) Obama is selling this country right out from under our noses!!! Last month, he sold the city of Chicago AND Toledo, Ohio to the Red Chinese for just FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!! READ THE NEWS, MAN!!!! IT"S ALL RIGHT THERE!! (not in the lame stream media, of course, but certain short-wave radio broadcasts and white supremacist websites that have the REAL news)
    5) Obama's recently signed "End Of Judeo-Christian Marriage Act" is now in effect and is forcing HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of god-fearing Americans to MARRY FARM ANIMALS!!! And not farm animals they know well, either!! But STRANGE FARM ANIMALS!!!!
    6) Obama's spiritual advisor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, was paid TEN BILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS for reciting the following "prayer" at a recent inter-faith breakfast and Obama vacation slide show at the White House: "Over the teeth, past the gums, look out, stomach, here it comes!"

    And it gets much worse from there....

    Don't say I didnt warn you, Mr. Fancy Pants Librul Alaska blogger! If you'd listened to me back in 2008 and elected Good Ol' Gramps McCain and The Screechy Wretch(tm) FEWER THAN HALF OF THESE CATASTROPHES WOULD HAVE OCCURRED!!!! Thank Zeus, Rep. Darrell "Dimebag" Issa is planning to impeach Obama! For what, we have no idea, but, rest assured, he'll think of something!!!!

    1. I was wondering how that chicken got into bed with me last night, wearing a gold wedding band around his ankle... Thanks. Belfast!

    2. Anonymous10:18 AM

      Thanks for that!

    3. Cracklin Charlie10:57 AM


  35. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Sarah Palin you looking for a job to supplement your SarahPac scam?

    Maybe Saturday Night Live will hire you. You're hilarious.

    "Mr. President, when it rains it pours, but most Americans hold their own umbrellas."

    That was cute, my side still aches. You're so funny.

  36. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Since Todd pimped out Shailey Tripp to the Secret Service, I wonder if Sarah's personal umbrella carrier got some of that action?

  37. Anonymous8:48 AM

    May I point out that the use of 'shined' is incorrect BOTH times RAM used it..the correct tense is SHONE. The rest of it is useless, mindless rancid raw meat thrown to her few surviving followers, most of whom cannot afford an umbrella, let alone someone to hold it over their bewigged heads (and if the GOP has their way, they won't be able to afford food, rent or health care soon either.)

    1. Anonymous9:14 AM

      Hardly surprising, since Becky is a failed writer.

    2. Anonymous9:38 AM

      I use both "shone" and "shined" but for different meanings. As in "the sun shone" and "I shined a flashlight on the bear".

  38. Anonymous8:50 AM

    That photo needs to go nation wide (Sarah's) if any newspaper publishes what she said about the President THIS TIME.

    She is the most 'full of shit' woman in our country. And, she is so, so easy to ridicule!!!

    Yea, President Obama! He'll get through this bullshit being spewed by Republicans as he always does. Plus, all they have to do is research the records of Republican presidents...pretty ugly!

  39. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Maybe daddy should of held Sarah's rifle for her when she was trying to hunt non moving caribous in Alaaaska?

    1. Anonymous10:21 AM

      He did everything BUT hold and shoot the rifle for her and in the end he may have because we never saw who fired the shot that killed the caribou.

    2. Anonymous11:03 AM

      Does it kick, Daddy? Here, load it for me, too, also, Daddy.

    3. Anita Winecooler12:17 PM

      "Ready, Shoot, and, also too, AIM!"

  40. Anonymous8:57 AM

    "Mr. President, when it rains it pours, but most Americans hold their own umbrellas. "

    Mrs. Wanna Be President, most Rill Amerkun Women carry their own purses and don't require the services of their own personal pimp to carry it for them.

    1. Anonymous9:04 AM

      Uncle Gryph can you update this post to add Todd the purse carrier?

  41. Princess Dumba$$ of the Great White North never ceases to amaze. Once again, Klondyke Kartrashian falls flat on her face.

    $arah honey, when Murdoch's own rag points out your hypocrisy - particularly in such a swift fashion - its time to question your friendships, dearie. Just sayin'

    1. Anonymous11:48 AM

      The Kardashians are a far better family than the Palins Klan ever thought of being. At least they work and earn millions and are all drop dead gorgeous!

    2. Anonymous2:07 PM

      Anonymous11:48 AM
      The Kardashians are a far better family than the Palins Klan ever thought of being. At least they work and earn millions and are all drop dead gorgeous!


  42. Anonymous9:00 AM

    S K A-N-K
    S K A-N-K
    S K A-N-K
    And palin is her name-o.

    1. Cracklin Charlie10:56 AM

      Love it!!!

    2. Dang, now I'll be humming that all day!!

  43. Anonymous9:07 AM

    What about the Kentucky Derby? Didn't the vice-president candidate have her own personal umbrella carrier there as well?

    Bless her heart

    Nothing ever goes right for Sarah.

  44. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Sarah Palin, this is the representative of the Republican High School senior class. Due to the current circumstances of you looking like an ass over this umbrella scandal, maybe we need to reconsider your invite.

  45. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Sarah Palin is there anything else you want to ridicule President Obama about you fucking asinine idiot?

    Didn't think so.

  46. Anonymous9:30 AM

    "Why the GOP thinks it could blow it

    Republicans are worried one thing could screw up the political gift of three Obama administration controversies at once: fellow Republicans.

    Top GOP leaders are privately warning members to put a sock in it when it comes to silly calls for impeachment or over-the-top comparisons to Watergate. They want members to focus on months of fact-finding investigations — not rhetorical fury.

    Why the fuss? Well…"

    Republicans like Sarah "Bendy Straws SpongeBob Squarewomb" Palin!!!

  47. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Enjoy the summer of impeachment
    Time for a the house to act
    The Muslim Socialist is finally going to be gone

    1. Anonymous9:49 AM


    2. Anonymous10:30 AM

      Even Republican political analysts, the sane ones, have categorically stated that nothing here is an impeachable offense and have encouraged the less intelligent, but more vocal contingent of the GOTeaParty to stick a sock in it so as not to further compromise GOTeaParty chances in 2016.

      A few manufactured "scandals" vs. improving jobs numbers and a decrease in the deficit. I'd have to say we win again.

      Kind of curious timing for the "scandals" though, doncha think? Perhaps the GOTeaParty is trying to take the focus away from the improving economy? Nah, they'd never do that, would they?

      Head on back to Breitbart, Twitchy, or the Blaze. Your stroke buddies must be missing you, and are growing more tumescent as each moment passes. Lend them a hand, and help them relax. You'll be glad you did.

    3. Cracklin Charlie10:55 AM

      I think someone may be going away this summer...but it probably won't be President Obama.

    4. Anonymous11:02 AM

      Sarah has to pay her consultants more money. This Muslim Socialist is getting boring and repetitious. Don't you know any other words? I am so sorry. I forgot that all you have is a GED.

    5. Anonymous11:07 AM

      You again.
      Someone forgot to flush.
      Now more of this impeachment sh*t you wingers are always wanking to.

      When it comes to office holders not fit for office,
      I raise you one car alarm salesman!

      Google Darrell Issa and suspicious fire insurance fire lawsuit. Or google Darryl Issa and Grand Theft Auto indictment.

      Meantime, I hear Joe Miller is tuning up his rusty trombone. Maybe you can give him a hand with it.

    6. Anonymous12:06 PM

      9:34 AM Your Stupid Ass doesn't even know what a Socialist is. Direct your criticism towards the Secessionist A.I.P. loving Todd and Sarah Palin. They both will soon feel the WRATH of the U.S. Government that they hate so much.
      Income Tax Evasion has taken down many Criminals who thought that they were smarter than the I.R.S. and the F.E.C. Pay your Attorneys, Sarah and Todd, they are coming for you.

    7. Anonymous2:39 PM



  48. Anonymous9:35 AM

    She must have been in a drunken stupor that past few days & missed the President & Eric Holder bitch slapped these so called scandals.

    Dumbass Palin needs to take a seat & work on her commencement speech for 27 graduates in Republic. Lol!

  49. Anonymous9:39 AM

    So, the great kite wantress strikes again.

    Our President has more intelligence in his fucking toenail clippings than this fucking moron has ever demonstrated.

    Sarah, you are a hapless fool, so stupid you have no concept of what a laughingstock you have become.

    Too bad there's no such thing as the Do Me State--you could have run for governor there and spared the people of Alaska a lot of embarrassment. You certainly know how to dress for the part.

    Oh, and fuck you McCain for unleashing this moronic plague upon the world.

    There, I feel better already.

  50. Anonymous9:46 AM

    You know. If you'd actually listen to you President's words and hear the lies, her words would actually make sense. However, you seem to be so obstinately biased that you will never see reality as it is.

    And the only name-calling happens here, with those who are equally biased.

    1. Anonymous10:00 AM

      So, "obstinately biased" isn't name calling?

      Like attracts like, as proven by the mindless people drawn to Sarah Palin.

    2. Anonymous10:20 AM

      No, we just call you out on YOUR lies, 9:46 AM. Repeating them over and over will never make it truth.

    3. Cracklin Charlie10:53 AM

      Hey, Bristol!

    4. Anonymous11:01 AM

      Sarah Palin will never make sense, no matter what she tweets, writes, posts or says. That woman is an idiot.

    5. Anonymous11:54 AM

      Troll, your blog makes no sense unless and until you can specify the "lies" you claim our President has said.
      Calling him a liar doesn't make it so without clear evidence.

      IM writers, however, can compare, contrast and analyze all of Sarah Palin's speeches, tweets and postings, and demonstrate how she veers far from the truth whenever it suits her pupose.

    6. Anonymous11:58 AM

      9:46 AM We own you. You are here very often, because you can't stay away from the truth.
      How is that Sex Trafficking of Todd's Ring doing? How are the new Babies of Willow and Bristol doing? Sarah did not teach her daughters to close their tree trunk legs to avoid pregnancy. She wanted them to be just like Sarah, and they are.If it was not for Grifting, you Wasillabillies would be in a Trailer Park.

    7. Anonymous2:37 PM




  51. Anonymous9:47 AM


    You can count on drama queen Sarah Palin showing up at the Republican High School graduation in front of 1000 cameras and she will make her dramatic acting debut in front of her 27 screaming adoring fans by pulling out her umbrella and holding it herself.

    Sorry to rain on your parade Sarah but Immoral Minority readers has read your book and we know you.

    1. Anonymous9:59 AM

      oh, great prediction. It's so "Sarah Palin." (and by that I mean stupid and childish).

    2. Anonymous10:49 AM

      I bet she will. The dumb bitch can't help herself. She's a walking political bumper sticker. Everywhere she goes, she has to make it political.

    3. Anonymous10:49 AM

      How's she going to hold her own umbrella with a Big Gulp in one hand and a can of snuff in the other?

    4. Anonymous10:59 AM

      She better remember to take all the gold mining "expense reimbursements" out before she open it! Make it rain!

    5. Anonymous12:46 PM

      ....while she's reading from the teleprompter and checking her 'hand' notes...

  52. Anonymous9:48 AM


    THIS is what Sarah Palin WANTS for GAY children! To feel isolated, hated and despised!

    Her vile words, dead heart and cruel soul continue to FEED the people who HURL HATE and TORTURE at those people who are "different".

    Please have a read.

    I cried...

  53. Anonymous9:51 AM

    " She is SUCH an easy target." (Picture caption)

    Isn't this the bitch who put her sniper crosshair on Gabby Gifford and the rest of Tucson?

  54. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Hi Gryphen, As long as you are adding pictures of Sarah where someone else holds the umbrella, here is another one: I feel so sorry for Sarah, wearing someone else's coat which is obviously much too big for her. And she really looks cold, too. It's not snowing and 20 below. It's raining and she's cold. Some tough outdoorsy gal.

    A side note, Sarah seems to come unprepared for important events, such as the time she wore someone else's shoes to an Assclown event after the Nerdprom.
    (What's with Palin always carrying her phone in her hand? Doesn't she have a purse? Do what everyone else does. Stick the phone in a pocket or clip it to the waistband of the skirt. She's like a teenager who just his/her first phone)
    No, Cinderella, if the shoe doesn't fit you can't go to the ball:

  55. Anonymous9:59 AM

    And we thought this was going to be a slow Sarah Palin Friday.

  56. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Sarah is certainly the best
    At attacking the Muslim Socialist in the WH
    Congrats to her for thst

    1. Anonymous10:18 AM

      Repeating a lie over and over will never make it the truth. Something you've never figured out.

    2. Anonymous10:48 AM

      If by "best" you mean she's the best at being a bitter, sore loser, then yes, you are correct-Sarah is certainly the "best".

      The only reason you "stand with Sarah" is because you can't stand the fact that there is a black man in the White House, and guess what, he's more Christian than either your or Mrs. Palin!

    3. Cracklin Charlie10:51 AM

      Best Liar...

      A dubious distinction.

    4. Anonymous10:59 AM

      Muslim socialist. No matter how many times you say it, it \'t make it so. When Obama was running 2008, he was attacked for sitting in the Rev.Wright's church for 20 years. That would make him a Christian. It's hard to believe that a secret Muslim sat in church for 20 years.

      As far as socialism is concerned, 10:05, I suggest that you stop taking Social Security, Medicare. Don't drive on any national or state highways. Do not fly on an airplane that uses traffic control. Do not watch the weather programs on TV because they get their information from National Weather Service. Don't take any drugs that have been approved by the FDA. And, that's just the beginning of a long list of socialist programs that you are already participating in, you socialist!

    5. Anonymous11:50 AM

      Sarah is certainly the Best at marrying a Pimp and reaping the benefits. Sarah is the Best at Faking a Pregnancy. Sarah is the best at teaching her children to use drugs and alcohol. Sarah is the Best at having Juvenile Delinquents and sending them away with 9 month Mono. Sarah is the Best at allowing her 2 Teenaged Daughters to have unprotected sex and become Pregnant. Sarah is the Best at hiding Babies from ILLEGITIMATE Births. Sarah is the Best at 'SEALING' all of her Family's Records. You, Palin Panty Sniffer, are just as STUPID as Sarah and her Brood.

    6. Anita Winecooler12:42 PM

      The only thing that Sarah ever said is this:

      "God won't let the wrong candidate win"

      Pretty hard to argue with, God's a Liberal Democrat, all Sarah has is "Rev." Muthee, voodoo witchdoctor's "Make a way for Sarah" spell... and we all see how that worked out...

    7. Anonymous1:29 PM

      That's like saying Jodi Arias is the best at committing murder.

    8. Anonymous2:34 PM

      your "sarah" said this:
      "God won't let the wrong candidate win"

      so let me fix this for you:

      sarah is certainly the best
      assclown- who lusts after the intelligent,
      gracious, charming, loyal and handsome president who resides in the wh. congrats to her for another idiotic fb post that just puts another nail in the coffin of her dead career.

      you should learn to live "vibrantly" anonymous 10:05 and to start you can stop living vicariously through the skanky ass life of sarah palin.
      should any of my words be too difficult for you to either understand or say i suggest you look at
      while you are there take a look at the definition of yourself-it is listed under the word SYCOPHANT.

  57. Anonymous10:10 AM

    If I were Sarah Palin i would sue RAM and my $5 million consultants for giving me bad advice and making me look like an ass.

    1. Anonymous10:45 AM

      But she's the Queen of the Assclowns!

  58. Anonymous10:24 AM

    stupid scarah is incapable of holding her own umbrella especially on stairs. That would require the ability to do two things at once.

  59. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Doesn't she ever find this "sore loser" persona to be a bit embarrassing?

  60. OMG the fatass old, ugly, immature, ignorant, racist, stupid insufferable bitch!

    Fucking idiot believes our government is no more than middle school government.

    ESAD granny asshole

  61. Anonymous11:09 AM


    This coming from the *woman* who can’t even carry her own handbag!

  62. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Oh here's another pic of Guess who is holding an umbrella for Lego head- Todd:

    1. Anonymous1:17 PM

      I have to wonder about Sarah Palin’s ability to dress herself. Is she on drugs? The twisted and knotted belt on that coat screams “ I am inept!"

    2. Anonymous1:42 PM

      @1.17 The coat that Sarah is wearing is much too big for her. She probably forgot to pack a coat and hard to borrow one from somebody. She can't dress herself.

  63. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Thought Todd and Sarah supported the troops by providing ummmm "special services." None of that pussified socialist, muslim stuff for Todd and Sarah. Respecting those girls working their asses off. No state provided nooky for all and no dress code for the girls. Hmmmmm, they could probably cut down on all the rapes on the bases if only they could open shops in well located strip malls. Since many of the military rapes are inflicted on males they could further expand their business with BoyToys USA. Wave the flag and ring the cash register. Capitalism for old crones and cronies.

    1. Anonymous1:41 PM

      What exactly did Track do in the service? Drive officers around? How is that different from holding the umbrella during a rain storm? I assume that Track had to run around and open the door for the officer. And, if it rained, Track would have to get the umbrella.

  64. SHE WANTS HIM..................BAD!!!

  65. And G, the ap story is bigger than what you or I know. It's a lot of rotten gop shit in it.

  66. Anonymous11:34 AM

    When you're holding a press conference outdoors with a visiting head of state -- the President of Turkey -- and unexpected rains showers begin,you have two options:

    -- call a time out, pack up the podiums, ask the Turkish gentleman to reconvene with you in the White House press room, and wait for all the reporters who were outside to trundle inside, with their cameras, recording equipment, sound engineers.

    -- You can politely ask two of your military aides, who're standing right near you, to generously and graciously provide protection from the rain for this guest of our country. Our President could have withstood the showers, but you can't make your visitor get all wet just because you don't care about a little shower. To do otherwise would show American disrespect for the Turkish President himself, and for the people of Turkey.
    (Sarah, you have five seconds to look at a map of the world and put your gnarled finger on Turkey. Only one chance. If you're wrong, you lose and go to the dunce chair. Oh, while you're at it, pick out Benghazi, on a map without any legends.)

    1. jcinco12:08 PM

      the only thing she knows about turkey is that you feed its head into the grinding machine strategically placed behind you as that may afford you some attention. She's like a 5 year old only child. You used to be friends with her parents but when ever you spend time with them that obnoxious kid is hanging around begging for attention. You can no longer have an adult conversation with the parents as the spoiled little brat is always running around screeching "look at me, look at me". You finally start making excuses so you don't have to spend time around them as you want to smack the shit out of the little brat. Soon no one wants to be around these silly parents who have created a monster. That's pretty much how America feels about you sarah, even fox and republicans are so fucking weary of your bull shit that hopefully they'll soon let the dogs loose just to get you out of their hair.

    2. Anonymous12:23 PM

      I could not have said it better, jcinco!

  67. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Oh, yeah, forgot to add: Sarah, while you're at the map, please point out Kenya for us. Start with the right hemisphere, then the right continent, then zero in (spoiler alert) on which coast it's located. Finally, show us the country itself. Bonus points for naming its capital city (also without any hints on the map.)
    Also, too, Indonesia, where our President is said to have been indoctrinated.

    Remember, this map has no labels to help you along. These are simple facts of geography and history that anyone hoping to be taken seriously in the world of ideas should know without hesitation.
    In addition, in 50 words or less, please define "Socialist" as well as "Marxist," and explain how they are different. Please tell us which Muslim cleric led Easter services at St. John's Episcopal Church, the "Church of the Presidents," when Mr. Obama and his family attended this Easter Sunday (and on several other occasions as well).
    Please contrast his attendance there by telling us where you were and in what church you were worshiping on Easter Sunday -- or any Sunday, for that matter.
    Also, while you're at it, let us know why you wished your twitter followers "Happy Good Friday!"in April
    Please explain the differences between Good Friday (an extremely sad, not Happy!, occasion) and Easter Morning (hallelujah glad, most important day of the year for those who call themselves Christian)?

    1. Anonymous12:22 PM

      for Sarah, Good Friday means another day off if she worked. She's never had a job she couldn't hire someone else to do for her.

      Madame Palin...sounds real natural.

    2. Anonymous1:40 PM

      @11:48 You are making a big assumption that Palin knows where to find Africa on a map. It is such a big country, you know.

    3. PalinsHoax3:03 PM

      Anonymous12:22 PM

      Madame Palin...sounds real natural.
      - - - -

      Well Palin certainly does bring to mind Madam, of the "Waylon and Madam" duo.

      Except Madam was much prettier, shaplier, more refined and more human-like than the disgusting degenerate Palin.

  68. LisaB259511:56 AM

    Why has Anonymous not hacked her fucking Facebook and Twitter accounts and locked her out? It would be an act of kindness, and not just for those of us who wish she'd go away. Everyone would think much more charitably of the woman if we thought she'd learned how to shut up.

    Just when you think the woman cannot become more stupid or self-unaware, she is.

    1. Anonymous1:24 PM

      F'ing excellent idea! Would be heroic for Anon!

  69. Assclown says what?

    Anyhow, my brother was a WhiteHouse honor guard during the Ford Administration and these right wing dumbasses would do well to find out exactly what that means.

    It means they are at the SERVICE of the President and his family. If that means holding an umbrella over two heads of state because's raining and they are the guys with the umbrella, then that's what they do. Give it up Sarah, Barack is just not that into you.

    1. Anonymous1:38 PM

      Sarah is seething with jealousy that she is not the one in front of the White House with a Marine guard and secret service.

  70. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Sarah, do you remember the heart-wrenching picture of Barack Obama taken on the day before the November, 2008 election? When he'd learned that his beloved grandmother had died -- the woman who raised him for many years, but who never got to see him become President of the United States.

    Remember? Mr. Obama was standing at a rally with rain pouring down his face -- no umbrella -- as it mixed with the tears he couldn't keep back.

    Sarah, have you ever cared about anyone enough to cry for them?

    1. Anonymous1:37 PM

      Sarah has not made any public statements showing sympathy for the victims of the Sandy Hook Shooting or the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings. I don't think that she knows how to express sympathy. When she went to Ted Stevens Funeral, while everyone wore black Sarah stood out in a shining silver rain coat. Sarah does not think about other people; she only thinks about herself. It's hard work.

  71. I read the comments, because many will be witty and funny, but, honestly, I don't even bother reading her tirades any more. Even here, with Gryphen's funny comments interspersed in her rant. She is so boring, and predictable, and stupid, and vicious, and at the same time so annoying.

    Every tirade is the same. Obama blah blah blah freedum blah blah blah guns blah blah blah Obama, Obama, Obama.

    Always cranked up to spittle-flecked 11 on the rage-o-meter. Always.

    Just can't even read her any more.

    1. Anonymous1:14 PM

      I had the same thought and absolutely enjoyed reading Gryphen’s comments. Baldy is an idiot through and through. She shows no uptick on the intelligence spectrum.

  72. Anita Winecooler12:54 PM

    After a long sleepless night, Sweddy Baldy tossed and turned, knowing that President Obama's in the White House (And she's NOT)... her worst nightmare... what's Miss "Runner Up" to do?

    Toss cans at fridge, cranes neck, sees tubular blue box with a girl and umbrella on the cover....

    Sarah looks at the Morton Salt container, sees a photo of a Marine obeying his Commander in Chief by holding an umbrella...and she saw the "tag line" for Morton Salt


    Mr President, "WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS"... blah blah blah.....

    A Facebook Word Salad Manifesto is Born!

    She's so predictable!

  73. PalinsHoax1:38 PM

    Oh my, all this spittle and spewing of righteous indignation from the frothy repulsive mouth of the hag who stuffed a pillow up her shirt, pretending to be pregnant!!

    Hey Ol' Hag. Where's all the spittle and spew of indignation agains the pimps in the military and sexual attacks against females in the military?

    1. Anonymous1:55 PM

      Yeah, "Madame" $arah! You support the military soooooo much! Support that, too, do you??? Boys will be boys? They were asking for it? Lay back and enjoy it?

  74. Anonymous1:52 PM

    For all you younguns too young to have been paying attention at the time, this is EXACTLY what the Repiblicans did to Clinton, in reference to whitewater, eventually leading to non-stop investigations and more and more special counsels until eventually it turned up Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky. EXACTLY the same thing!

  75. Anonymous1:58 PM

    You got nothing BITCH. If you think that you do, why go to HELL and hunt for it.

  76. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Palin’s star has crashed and burned

    ....But 18 months before the end of her first term and only nine months after she helped torpedo John McCain’s Presidential aspirations, Palin stood in her back yard and announced she was quitting her job as governor of our nation’s 49th state.

    Claiming she did not want to be part of the “political blood sport” that is Alaska and pleading for the understanding of the constituents she was abandoning, she decided she liked the spotlight of the national stage and jumped ship.

    That moment was the quintessential branding of a candidate. She was already seen as a rank amateur in the scope of national politics, a walking hair-do posing as a serious candidate and an overall dim bulb who could not keep her own foot out of her own mouth.

    Add the fact she did not want to finish out her first term in high office under the cloud of being a “lame duck,” saying “that’s not how I am wired,” she added quitter to her already featherweight resume.

    Rebranding yourself in politics is a feat as attainable as climbing Mt. Everest with only a scarf and gloves to protect you from the elements. Changing a political image is possible but is a glacial process that most do not have the patience or the fortitude for simply based on their career of choice.

    Lay back, stay out of the headlines, pick your spots carefully, make a speech or two and work behind the scenes to change a tarnished image is just the START of what you need to do to change your brand in American politics.

    Sarah Palin was the antithesis of that.

    She continued to put her foot in her mouth, go on ego driven, useless bus tours, string her supporters along about a Presidential run, all the while eagerly taking their money and jumped on every bandwagon that rolled in front of her.....

    Contd at site below......

  77. Anonymous2:28 PM

    just because the frackin republicans are TRYING to do the same thing to president obama does NOT mean it is the same thing. there is no THERE there! president obama and former president clinton are NOT the same person. all democrats are not the same.
    furthermore, your republicans are being paid by myself and everyone else in this country not to pass bills and do their jobs on the behalf of we the people but are instead fighting over camera/microphone time to see who can be the biggest assclown.
    each "scandal" they present as exposed is then exposed as a scandal involving the republican and bs lies.

    so "old timer" maybe you need to read something other than the skank's facebook blatherings and breitbart. you do know breitbart is dead right?
    move along-no one here needs any schooling from a lazy minded person like you.

  78. Anonymous2:48 PM

    I know Todd is not getting Sarah Palin any medical help. He's a pimp and pimps use their bitches.

    How come Sarah Palin's children are not doing anything to get help for their mom?

    How come Sarah Palin's parents are not doing anything to get help for their daughter?

    How come Sarah Palin's siblings are not doing anything to get help for their sister?

    Same question for all Sarah Palin's blood relatives?

    SarahPac is not going to get Sarah Palin any medical help. Sarah Palin is their meal ticket.

    Is Sarah Palin the meal ticket for Todd, her children, her parents, her siblings and blood relatives?

    Sarah Palin is in need of medical help but what does her family and relatives do? They sell her shoes on EBay, sell books with her name and pictures on it, use her last name to get on dance shows and in magazines, use her and her donors to get free family vacations to see the Statue of Liberty and other sites.

    Now Sarah Palin is doing narcissistic things that's making herself look like a damn fool but where are all the people who have lived off of her?

    Shame on everybody.

    1. Anonymous3:29 PM

      Don't lump me with all those damn fools. I never got a dime from auntie. I didn't sell her shoes or autographed pictures.

  79. Anonymous2:51 PM

    What Keith Olbermann said about her....

  80. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Sarah Palin herself is guilty of using her name to get things for her undeserving children and husband.

    Instead of putting Bristol in college, her mama's name gets her on DWTS. Palin name also got Bristol her Candies paid speaking jobs and money for the pictures of Tripp she sold to magazines.

    Instead of Willow finishing high school like a normal child. Her mama lets her drop out as a high school sophomore and puts her in hair school. You can count on the Palin name and her friend the tv producer finding a tv network job for Willow.

    If Todd Palin was not related to Sarah Palin, how much do you want to bet Todd would be in prison for pimping.

    If Bristol wasn't the daughter of the governor, would she have graduated from high school after missing a lot of school due to mono and her pregnancy?

    If Willow wasn't the daughter of the governor, would she have been convicted of breaking and entering?

    Good thing mom is Sarah Palin.

    1. Anonymous3:44 PM

      If Todd Palin wasn't married to Sarah Palin do you think Det Dave Parker of the Anchorage PD would have called the National Enquirer or the Anchorage PD would have been in a rush to get rid of Shailey Tripp's evidence against Todd?


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