Thursday, July 04, 2013

A reminder as to why Sarah Palin does not want Bill O'Reilly to interview her anymore. (Wilted word salad from 2010.)

I rarely really enjoy watching these but this one is an exception.

You can literally see her becoming more and more angry.

If she could have reached her arms from Wasilla to Fox studios she would have choked him out.

And he would have gladly beaten her into submission with his falafel. (Look it up.)

(Okay I fixed my misspelling of "falafel." Happy now?)


  1. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Are you talking about falafel?

    1. Anonymous8:37 AM

      Do you really need to correct Gryph's spelling?? We all knew what he meant.

      It is so annoying when people correct spelling and grammer.

    2. Anonymous9:44 AM

      Not is it annoying when supposedly bright people misuse spelling and grammar (the basic building blocks of language), but it's just as annoying to have a holier-than-thou (possibly spelling-challenged) poster complain when a correction is made. Time to cool your jets.

    3. Anonymous10:10 AM

      Have you noticed that when someone corrects Gryphen's spelling, grammar or facts, he not only approves the comment for publication, but will update or correct his post. When someone posts anything of that sort on Sarah's Facebook page or at the Sea of Pee, they are banned and their post removed.

    4. Anonymous12:03 PM

      Sarah's fans are still trying to prove that when she said that Paul Revere "warned the British" Sarah was right. Revere may have warned the British many times about many things, but on the 18th of April, 1775, he was riding to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock, who were meeting in a tavern in Concord, MA. There were also two other riders who took different routes, just in case one of them got caught.

      Think about it for a minute. If you are on a secret mission that involves warning the Sons of Liberty that the British are coming to get them, you can either go in firing your guns and ringing bells, or more likely, ride in fast and quiet, so they are warned-- quietly, and have a chance to get away. There were British around and about, too, and firing warning shots would have tipped off the British. Paul Revere never rang the bells, either.

      No, Sarah never makes a mistake, ringing those bells and firing those warning shots, and her fans still hunt through the pages of history to defend her utterly stupid remark. The reason that story is important is because Palin had just heard (probably for the first time in her life) the story of Paul Revere's famous Midnight Ride. She had just heard the lecture, and she couldn't get it straight. She couldn't remember anyting. Or, she had either slept through the lecture, or more likely, she was busy on her phone texting people and wasn't paying attention. That was at a time when Sarah was a possible presidential candidate. Imagine a president who can't remember anything. Oh, yeah, we had one, GWB. Fool me once, shame on you....

    5. Anonymous6:40 PM

      12:03 Thanks for this reminder. It has always confused me as most kids learn the Paul Revere story in what, 3rd or 4th grade?

      Did Alaska schools not teach about Paul's famous ride? Did they not have Sesame Street in Alaska; maybe it was too soon for Sarah, but didn't her kids watch it?

      I just don't get how an adult in this country with any level of education doesn't know the basics of Paul Revere's story.

      And then she had just heard it repeated.

      Mind boggling, but I think maybe you are right about the cell phone and not listening. Though I think her inability to answer the question is a bigger issue.

      Remember, she wasn't asked to tell the story--it was a given that everyone knows the story. (Big mistake on the part of Boston reporters that Sarah knows anything.)

      They asked for her response given what she had learned and experienced that morning.

      She could have gone into one of her "...fill in the blank Town N ame... is one of my favorite towns. We eat beans and love Boston and drink tea from Taco Bell, also, too."

    6. Our Lad11:51 AM

      Also,too remember when she launched into her loony explanation of the midnight ride her voice went into her patented high register along with that singsong cadence which is her "tell". That's when you know that SHE knows that she is utterly full of shit and is acutely aware that she has no idea what the fuck she's talking about. She almost never knows what the fuck is going on but she's generally blissfully ignorant. This is one of those deals where she was shoveling the horseshit high and deep and knew it. You can see the difference. She's fuckin great,ain't she? What a character.

  2. Anonymous5:20 AM

    You're so negative. It's the 4th of July. We live in the greatest country where any one can do anything and achieve financial greatness, while giving back. Holla Republicans in govt for proving one can have a career THEN go into public service.

    1. AJ Billings6:10 AM

      Gryph is not being negative, he is exposing a woman who is not only a criminal, but who represents the very heart of dark ignorance and feckless stupidity.

      Palin came very close to one heartbeat from being President, and the last thing we need is another Christian supremacist cowboy like George W Bush in high office in the USA.

      Why don't you use your opportunity to do anything, and get on Google, or Bing and find out why the USA ranks so poorly in infant mortality.

      Or why we rank so poorly in preventing teen pregnancy

      Why is it we have more gun crime than countries in Europe, and Canada, India and Australia?

      Why is it that of all the developed countries in the world, the USA spends the most on health care, and has some of the worst statistics on preventative measures, and some of the world's most unhealthy, and overweight citizens?

      The dog whistle statements you make about the "Greatest country" are just empty words.

      Each country on this planet has good and bad aspects, and until you get out of your ultra right wing Fox news, Red state bubble, and travel, learn another language, and experience cultures from other places, you will remain a sadly ignorant troll

    2. What a useless, mindless comment that serves only to undermine our status as "the greatest country."

      Also, did you mean to write "hola" or are you ridiculous enough to use the outdated "urban" slang "holla" like some kind of rapping granny?

    3. Anonymous6:29 AM

      I'll put Gryph up against you ANY day in the patriotism department, 5:20 AM, and gleefully watch him wipe the floor with you.

      As far as "your" Republicans in office, just exactly what HAVE they done to better this country as opposed to tear it down? Cite examples, or you're just another babbling bobblehead like the false idol above that you worship.

    4. Anonymous6:40 AM

      Well said A J Billings!

    5. Anonymous7:14 AM

      I'm with jk... that "Holla" puzzles me. Are you trying to incorporate "rap" words into your vocabulary, was it a typo, or is it there simply to invalidate whatever point you were trying to make?

      Oh well. Troll in the hizzouse!

    6. Anonymous7:28 AM

      Huh? Anyone can achieve financial greatness? You don't live in the US, do ya? or did you mean, you can achieve financial greatness if you have no integrity, no soul and no brain, but at one point had some looks and were willing to sell them to the highest bidder, a la $caarah Paylin?

    7. Anonymous8:02 AM

      The 'Up All Night' Troll can't wait to try to be the first to post her Drivel. 'Holla' Republicans' prior careers must have been Sex Trafficking, since they are Todd Palin's best customers. How much Blackmail Material do the Palins have on some of those prominent Republicans?

    8. Anonymous8:38 AM

      A friend posted this on Facebook this morning. It has some very good questions that you and your Republican government friends might have trouble answering:

    9. Anonymous8:49 AM

      "where anyone can do anything"

      Then why are the republicans trying to take away our freedoms?

    10. Anonymous9:07 AM

      As AJ Billings pointed out, we aren't the greatest in everything. We are great in many things, mediocre in some, and downright shameful in others. If you whitewash the total picture, we are doomed to complete mediocrity in the future. It is by truthful and careful analysis that America can be the greatest.

    11. Anonymous10:29 AM

      Because of the emotional immaturity of the Palin fans, any correction, question or refutation of anything she says is "hate."
      Because if you love Sarah you have to believe every words out of her mouth. She can't take criticism and neither can her fans. Truth gives them a sad.

    12. Anonymous12:11 PM

      The 4th of July is also the 4th anniversary of Sarah Palin's famous "I Quit!" speech. Instead of serving out her term of office as governor, she quit to cash in with her book and TV deal. She did not do anything to "progress" Alaska, as she claimed she was going to do. Since then, the only thing that Palin has done is to make a career out of hating the President of the United States.

      Actually, Sarah has a long hate-list. She hates Michelle Obama for proposing a program of healthy eating and exercise. Sarah uses dog whistle terms to fan the flames of hatred, referring to the President as shuckin' and jivin' (a term once used to describe slaves). Sarah Palin did it the other way around, using public service as a stepping stone to her "career" as a celebrity spokesperson. She uses politics as a cheesy way to collect donations to a PAC because our election laws regulating PAC's are so lame. She teases her devoted fans that she is still thinking about considering the chance of maybe running for public As long as they donate, Sarah doesn't have to do the hard work of running for anything.

      I don't think that we can say it more clearly. This is the anniversary of Sarah's quitting her public office in order to cash in.

    13. Anonymous2:43 PM

      Holla? Is that you Midget Pimp?

  3. Anonymous5:25 AM

    I'll bet he hates her more. She made his show look as stupid as Hannity.

    BTW where is Hannity these days? Still not returning her calls....?

    Enjoy your summer, Sarah.

  4. Anonymous5:35 AM

    Her true ignorance indeed. As Bill spoon fed her solutions she continued answering in sound bytes. She had no in-depth solution to a serious issue. Also too, as always, absolutely very negative. Awesome.

    1. Anonymous11:15 AM

      As another anon says, he was way more cat & mouse than that, tossing out ideas for her to latch onto (why, yes, that's the solution, that's what we'll do!), only to turn around and pick them apart. What a moran.

    2. Crystal Sage2:27 PM

      Poor Sarah. Getting all those "gotch questions" from some librul media person. Huh? Billo is from the right?

      Never mind. (Said in my best Emily Lutella voice.)

  5. Bill beats up a retarded child. They are all mean spirited bigots even to their own.

    1. Anonymous6:34 AM

      I would only add "self-serving."

    2. Anonymous9:09 AM

      In which place? Before "retarded" or before "mean-spirited"? LOL

    3. Anonymous3:20 PM

      Mean-spirited hypocritical self-serving bigots. I swear the hypocrisy ("keep your stinking government hands off my Medicare") gene is the #1 requirement for party membership.
      The most right-leaning person I know is one of the physically laziest people I've ever met and has had a long comfy career as a not-terribly-productive civil servant -- but man will she rail against them evil entitlement programs, you know, the ones that benefit deadbeat darkies. I really do think there's an underlying pathology at work here: these nitwits are as interchangeable as widgets.

  6. Anonymous6:25 AM

    I don't know Gryph, her incredibly large man hands (though attached to scrawny, malnourished arms) may latch on like the proverbial pit bull, and cause some damage.

  7. Chenagrrl6:25 AM

    So Mama Grizzly would fight for the rights of her children to pick apples, peaches, cherries, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes.

    She didn't get to the children of undocumented workers who were born here. Wonder what she would do with them. Wonder how many generations she would go back. As second gen, I could find myself on a boat back to Finland.

    1. Anonymous7:02 AM

      The only thing the Heath/Palins pick is their nose.

    2. Anonymous7:34 AM

      Look up the United Farm Workers, "take our jobs, please" program. Then look up Georgia and how Americans are smart enough to see that picking veg is a way to lose money. Until the American consumer (and thus the grower) are willing to pay living AMERICAN wages via much higher veg prices($5/# broccoli), not happening. Jail is preferable

    3. Anonymous9:43 AM

      Stephen Colbert, in all seriousness, spent time picking with illegals harvesting in bad and poorly rewarded conditions. He uses his megaphone to bring justice to the issue, instead of chucking unsupported, superficial claims out like Red Meat to uncharitable, lazy and racist pigs like Sarah and her 'ilk.'

    4. Anonymous10:20 AM

      It's so astonishing that she talks about immigants taking jobs from Americans, when none of her kids do ANY work at all. Nor does she, frankly, although it is work for someone to make her look presentable for TV I guess. Despite her claims of being a fisherwoman and a huntsman, she is lazy, ignorant and boring. I think Bill lost her at 'look inward" in that interview. Did you catch her little smirk when he called "President Palin?"

  8. Anonymous6:30 AM

    That was entertaining. Bill O' plays with her like a cat with a mouse. She's such an easy target because she never things beyond her bitterness.

  9. Anonymous7:16 AM

    She must have been livid after that smackdown. I'd seen that interview before but I enjoyed it even more this time around.

    AJ Billings6:10 AM - Great post! Doubt if any of it will sink in with Anonymous5:20 AM, though.

  10. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Oh, it's from 2010 (almost missed that in the headline). I'd forgotten what her hair looked like before that family of ferrets took refuge in there.

    1. Anonymous7:39 AM

      The coil of snakes 'do was always my favorite. I darn near died laughing at that hot mess.

    2. Anonymous11:48 AM

      Remember how far she had fallen in 2010? Looking at that picture now, it's miles above the wretched wreck she's become.

  11. jcinco7:25 AM

    lol, what a fuckwit. You need to update with the clip of when he corners the hissing little vermin regarding the BP spill. Another epic smackdown by Bill-O. I love the smug grin on his face when she's bobbing her head, sputtering and shooting daggersat him. Her attempt to not sound like a fifth grader trying to debate her father with her limited knowledge is beyond amusing. Oh please roger, make it part of her contract that she has to appear on the Factor monthly for a dressing will do wonders for ratings. all her little rabid rube fan club will tune in to rag about his treatment of their queen "B"..there could be death threats levied at Bill-o, you know what they say no such thing as bad publicity..

    1. Anonymous7:51 AM

      ....if they (the rabid rubes) can stop long enough from their "down arrow troll" obsession that they swear they don't have. Hee Hee Hee

    2. Anonymous7:51 AM

      "can stop long enough from their "down arrow troll" obsession" are so right! Check out this exchange from this morning...our resident troll Krusty the Krazy aka "KatieDumb" posted this admonishment to the kooks over there and boy they were not happy with her either!

      " KatieDyd • 4 hours ago −
      This talk of arrows over here is ridiculously annoying. Please stop :) You're starting to sound as obsessive as liberals are when someone took a picture of Michelle Obama wear nasty spandex riding a bike or defend Obama lies.

      The more they stalk and waste their lives, the more I know they're not out inflicting hate on impressionable minds, souring humanity.

      So please discuss actual important things and not pointless meanderings of unhappy people. You have more going for you than that talk, they obvi do not.

      John_Frank KatieDyd • 13 minutes ago
      What do you care? If you do not like the post, don't read it.
      AZStandingBy KatieDyd • an hour ago −
      Your avatar message is interesting. "Tolerance does not equal acceptance. I hate no one and nothing. I believe in second chances"

      I do hate some people. I hate child rapists and child abusers and animal abusers. I do hate those who abuse their power and enslave the weak. They are sub human and evil and if they do get a second chance, it will be in heaven out of my hands. As for a second chance on Earth, not so much.

      Having said that, I think the discussions about the arrows get annoying too.

      Guest KatieDyd • 3 hours ago
      Sorry, your reprimanding is ridiculously annoying. You have some severe "control issues" which means you are probable a Democrat.

      Live and let live or get lost!

      stlouisix KatieDyd • 3 hours ago −
      Why don't you go back to the Huffington Compost where you belong. And who are you to have the unmitigated gall to be dictating to anyone what they can say on this site? You can go pound sand on that one!This site is concerned with the most important thing there can be on this Independence Day, the survival of The Republic that many fought and died for to secure our unalienable (God-given) rights of The Declaration of Independence. In particular, opposing the tyrannical dictates from Comrade Obama that are destroying a free America from within.

      You sound just like him, as he's on record of wanting to shut up all opposition to his tyranny rendering the deaths of the fallen in all of America's wars to have been in vain.

      We don't have to shut up for anyone. We will speak out because we love a free America founded under God, and we're not going to take any prisoners in regard to speaking out toward that end. If that bothers you, that's just tough!

      Happy Independence Day, Patriots ALL, and may we vow that no communist masquerading as president will ever be allowed to turn it into a "dependence day" upon his totalitarian state as long as there is a breath left in us. We owe that to the fallen!

      hrandym KatieDyd • 4 hours ago
      Say what?

      Did y'all see it? The word...the one that Krazy Krusty unleashed in the Paula Deen thread.....

      "obvi"...'re busted Krusty and you're thisclose to getting the boot at the Asylum! Ain't that some shit...Krusty is TOO crazy for the Asylum!


      PS...yes RAM is honor of Independence Day...the Day RAM lost hers...Amirite RAM or amirite! LOL!!!

    3. Anonymous9:07 AM

      Sarah Palin on Oil Spill 06 15 2010

    4. Anonymous9:48 AM

      Did Obama ever give her that call she's been wanting all these years to prove her worth as an active citizen and whatnot? She would have been a great Ambassador to the Dutch, employing their expertise in dykes. . .

    5. Anonymous12:15 PM

      @ GinaM I must have missed it. What did you say or write to that poor old guy over there in the Urinal to make him go bats**t crazy??? Did you threaten to come to his house and throttle him? Please! All that he does is write about how sick he is. I wonder how much of his medical care is paid for by the U.S.Government that he and his pals hate so much.(Probably all of it). If he really did serve in the Navy, we are all paying for his expensive ticker and breathing apparatus, not to mention his wife's medical care, too. Yes, we are paying for that guy's medical care, and he hates us.

    6. Anonymous12:15 PM

      Hehehehe....hahahahahaha...are you talking about my "favorite" HOG** over there "VirginiaHe'sNoGentleman"?

      Welllllll...see what happened was....I posted this comment on another blog...

      GinaM said...Looks like the old racist half dead horny goat Virginia "He'sNoGentleman" has been a courtin us women folks over here...he had this wonderful message for us!
      "virginiagentleman1 • a minute ago−
      Hi JCos, GinaM, Raina76, Annes_123!
      Getting enough of what you refer to as C4Pee? Why not check on your 'UP YOUR's' arrows? So nice peein' ya! I mean seein' ya!
      So, you're saying you didn't visit with all the silly names and ya just plain don't know who did? Well dang!

      GinaM said...He is one of the stupidest...dumbest...racist over there! You know his wife must be embarrassed that the old half dead horny goat lust after a Tranny Man who USED to be a politician! That poor woman probably can't even show her face in the grocery store because of his....OBSESSION! LOL!

      *GinaM giving the middle finger to the Head Klansman AKA Virginia"He'sNoGentleman1"*

      Well....Mr HOG was not happy with that comment so he hit the "Like" button on my comment so I wrote this to the old fart...

      Gina M said....I see you "MrOneHeartAttackAwayFromDeath"! You so want to hit that "down arrow" dontcha!

      I guess he stewed on this exchange for a bit because last night he wrote this whiny...pitiful...woe is me...LYING ass comment at the Asylum....

      "virginiagentleman1 • 2 hours ago −
      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! It is so good to be able to breathe! We have these little vials of medicine that are mixed with an inhalant solution and it is misted into my lungs. Takes about a half hour. So good!
      To our lefty visitors, your death wishes for me, or your wish that the next heart attack kills me (Gina m) didn't work! Better luck next time! When you pray to Satan, pray harder! OH! Thats right, Satan is the great deceiver, he just hangs YOU out to suffer scorn!" I love laughing at those nuts!

      Happy 4th of July Everyone!

      **Note: H O G stands for HORNY OLD GOATs...LOL!!

    7. Beldar J Conehead2:38 PM


      "Such a pretty, pretty lady", he said shyly, kicking absentmindedly at the dirt with the toe of his boot.

    8. Anonymous3:39 PM

      Thank you Gina M and happy Fourth to you.You made my day. V He's no G is the biggest dolt over there and that is saying something. Keep it up. I am sick of paying for his medical care while he sits at home fapping over Baldy and writing his sanctimonious crap about Gods Great Green Cathedral and trashing the government that is keeping him alive. I'll miss the laughs I get from him but time for him to clear out and make room for younger "warriors" as he and Baldy call them. Of course despite his constant whining about being old he's a spring chicken for one of Baldy's HOGS. He's only 64. With the advances in heart treatment funded by government research and his taxpayer-funded insurance coverage he's probably good for another 20.

    9. Anonymous4:17 PM

      Oh, Beldar! GRIN.
      Give 'em hell, GinaM!

    10. Anonymous5:52 PM

      @Gina M and everyone else, Thanks for your comments. That guy keeps posting about his health issues, and I think that we are all paying for his medical care. Maybe if he stopped reading all of that hateful crap and mellowed out a little....Those people feed on hate and lies.

    11. Beldar J Conehead2:38 PM

      *GinaM speaking in a girlish tone*

      TeeHee...oh Beldar you sure know how to talk to the Penguin...ummm....I mean a girl!


    12. Anonymous5:52 PM

      Yeah I don't get why he's always going on about his ticker! Do you remember that one crazy ass chick "speppers69"?

      She use to post all about her health issues and was in and out of the hospital all the time....she even had her husband posting on her behalf...well she left the site because one of the "regulars" (nobody knows who it was...I have my suspicions) was sending her nasty ass email wishing she would die!

      I have the post she left...reading it was horrifying and amusing at the same time! That bunch is straight up...buckwild...low down....CRAZY!

      Let me know if you want me to post's pretty long...but my goodness it's chock full of hilarity! LOL!!!

    13. Anonymous4:00 AM

      Yes please. I suspect Theresa from AK btw.

    14. Anonymous4:00 AM

      Per your request...maybe in two parts....

      "speppers69 Today 06:04 PM

      To Sandra's "true" friends on C4P,

      I'm sorry but I will not be doing any more updates on her condition. One of her so-called "friends" here has decided that it would be funny to send several disgusting and repulsive emails to her. No, it is not someone from another site that is doing this. This "person" is a regular poster here and has actually written her rather friendly emails in the past but is obviously stupid enough to not realize that just because you write mail from a different email address that it can't be traced back to the same person. I know exactly who this person is and if one more of their "Thanksgiving Wishes" is received then I will be sending the whole package to the FBI.

      This is just a tiny fraction of what she received in the last 2 days that this "person" actually titled in the subject line as "Thanksgiving Wishes".

      "Its God's Will that you are sick because you are such a hateful b***h" and
      "Shouldn't you be out of your 9 lives by now" and
      "Maybe you will get the same drugs from that pharmacy that was killing people" and
      "No updates today? Could my Thanksgiving Wish have really come true? Maybe by christmas we can talk about funerals instead of listening to your relentless whining about how rough you have it" and
      "But everyone here knows that you make up all htese things just to get sympathy and attention just like $arah Paylin does. You are even worse liar than your idull $arah Paylin. $arah Paylin has partly done something with her life even if she always quits half way through it. She at least make millions from stupid people like you sending her and her family money. Your even so stupid that you think her brother is your friend. Now that is funny! $arah Paylin is smarter than you! LOL!!! Here's a clue. He's only nice to you because he wants to sell you books or whatever reality show these grifters are going to try to pedal next. Duh!!!"

      No, I will not name the person that sent these messages to Sandra and I will not reply to "is it this person?" comments. I know who they are. Sandra knows who they are. This "person" knows who they are. And if they don't stop, then the authorities will know who they are.

      Sandra is one of the most kind and generous and forgiving and intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Life is too short and this "person" doesn't deserve to have one more second of our time or thoughts. She is still in the hospital and I have asked her to stay away from here for a while when she does come home. But she is an independent person and a stubborn one at that and will make up her own decisions on whether or not to return when she's able. I do thank her true friends here for their real thoughts and prayers. Part 2

    15. Part 2....

      "speppers69 Today 06:30 PM
      In regards to my post yesterday, please do not try to guess or accuse anyone of being "the one". More than likely you will be wrong in your assumption and someone innocent could be hurt unnecessarily. Innocent until proven guilty and no direct evidence to their identity has been presented nor will it be unless Sandra decides to out them herself which I doubt that she will as she is not that kind of person.

      The only objective was to ask the person to stop before they go further. Several people said they should be reported to this site's administrators so they can be banned from C4P but the site administrators are not the police of the entire internet. If these messages had been posted on this site then they would have standing to ban them but this person doesn't have the courage to post things like that out in the open. The admins of this site do an excellent job of keeping out the wolves that don't hide in sheep's clothing. It is up to Sandra if she wishes to disclose to the site admins the identity of this person when/if she gets out of the hospital.

      People that live double lives more often than not get caught eventually. Someone that is as vile and vindictive as this person is will get their comeuppance in due time whether it be on Earth or someplace else. Sarah Palin gets this kind of treatment daily from unfortunately millions of cruel and heartless people whose own families would be appalled at the things these people say under the cloak of anonymity of the internet. The greatest thing we can all do is not allow them to turn us into what they are. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Please be good to each other.
      Thank you,


      Yes there's more....

    16. Part 3....

      "speppers69 30 minutes ago
      I will ask again that no one reply to this post or continue to make posts asking if anyone has heard from me.

      I have spent the last couple of days deleting every post I have made for a reason as this person has developed some kind of strange obsession with me....not anyone else here. If anyone else would have something to be concerned with...then I would say who this woman is. This woman has either copied or read every post I have made over the last 3 years on Disqus and decided to put together posts to get my address and other things based on little bits of information that have been mentioned from time to time....not just from C4P but Greta-Wire and Fox and other places. It's really creepy to say the least.

      I know that a few are upet that I haven't named this person but maybe you should consider the possibility that if I did....with all this information she has collected....that either someone in my family or I could be in danger. Or that even guessing who she might be would be a signal to her that I DID tell someone. Hypothetically speaking....and I DO mean HYPOTHETICALLY.....what if this woman figured out where my brother worked and happened to work for the same place and something happened and he lost his job....because someone here just HAD to assume that they knew who this person was and posted it. Your curiousity is not worth either me or someone in my family being hurt. This woman has an obsession with me and me alone. Why? I have no idea. So far she hasn't done anything the authorities would consider illegal but they have all of the information and if something were to happen then they will be dealt with. This woman is sick to say the least.

      Other questions were posed like if this person was following me on Facebook or something like that and the answer is no. I haven't even logged in or posted on my Facebook pages for over a year and this woman is NOT following me on Twitter or Facebook. The email that was used was my PUBLIC email that was handed out to thousands of people through O4P. It's my O4P email and has been posted here and other places MANY times. And the reason why I don't open that email very often is because I use a trash laptop computer with virtually NO personal information on it because as we all know.....anything associated with the name Palin is a troll magnet and it is too risky to use my personal computer to open up an email with a virus. The emails that I received were from 15 different email addresses but they ALL came from the same woman and the same hidden email identification like IP address and "other" identifiers which I will NOT name here.

      As for me personally.....for the time being.....I am a closed book and I ask that you please no longer discuss me in any way....shape....or form. I have email addresses for a few of you and I'm sure I will speak to you guys from time to time. I will send a personal email to you guys maybe tomorrow if I am able to. But this site is NOT the place to discuss me. I know that at least one of the moderators doesn't appreciate it and I know of a few posters here that are tired of this site being C4Peppers instead of C4Palin....and yes....I got 2 emails the other day that said it would be a good idea to make that point more clear because they were tired of hearing about me when "there are more important things going on in the world than (my) your whining". IF Sarah Palin decideds to run than it may be worth jumping back in the fight but right now....there's not a whole lot to fight for that is worth my personal risk. And I'm not going anywhere don't ask where to find me. I'm going completely off the grid.'s time for me to say good-bye. I have met some wonderful people here and will miss your friendship and knowing that so many of you care about me. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Be good to each other. :-*"

      Nuts....all of them! LOL!!!

    17. Anonymous2:28 PM

      Thanks dear. The poor thing. Palin really attracts the nuts.

  12. Maple7:33 AM

    O'Reilly enjoys trying to make his guests look stupid (in contrast to his sagacity, I suppose...) With Palin he knew he didn't have to try. Other than the written speeches she made during the 2008 campaign (the ones written FOR her) I've never heard her demonstrate any knowledge whatsoever about the real world. She's truly clueless, as are those who worship her. And yes, I know a couple of them, and they really ARE clueless (a much nicer word than DUMB).

  13. Did you see the look on her rotten squarebob face when oliely corrected her on reagan's failed immigration laws? ROTFLMAO If he hadn't over-talked her to make the correction she would had, once again, made a fool of herself. her expression is priceless.

    she sounded like an uneducated ignoramus. Really both of them do.l

  14. Anonymous7:54 AM

    As usual, the dim bulb can only say what she wouldn’t do (nothing President Obama would). She has nothing when asked, “Now you have 12 million people looking at you – what are you going to do with them, deport them?” She says she’s “NOT going to give them a free pass.”

    She has no ideas. She has no plan. She is a feeble-minded hate-mongering Republican. that. is. all.

    1. Anonymous8:01 AM

      One other piece of business for the hate-hearted Palin – you want fireworks for the 4th – pony up Ms. multimillionaire. You’re the ones (Republicans) screaming “the USA is broke.” Sequester dearie: no PELL grants, no school lunches, no fireworks – thank a Republican.

    2. Anonymous9:14 AM

      "She has no ideas. She has no plan. She is a feeble-minded hate-mongering Republican. that. is. all. "

      And there it is in a nutshell.

  15. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Palin and other rabid rightwingnuts should be forced to learn how to play chess...or, a bit easier, simple checkers.

    Everything we hear them say, is fraught with the obvious inability to think one move ahead.

    BAN ABORTIONS! -- and have women go back to the coathanger method.

    BAN the IRS!-- and watch the nation go bankrupt within weeks.

    REPEAL OBAMACARE!-- and return to insurance companies ripping off the public for 50% of the premiums they take in, while denying claims and dropping clients who try to make claims.

    TAKE AWAY REGULATIONS!-- and watch as corporate America pollutes the bejeeziz out of the environment, making it so we cannot breath or drink any water within a few years.

    Everything has consequences, you fools...learn to predict the outcome of your ridiculous notions.

    1. Anonymous10:00 AM

      Regarding consequences:

    2. Anonymous11:10 AM

      Not to worry.

      The Rapture is coming any day now so we really don't have to worry about long-term financial stability, pollution, climate change, economic equality, civil rights or ejimucashun of our children. The l'il baby Jeebus will come back and swoop all the good folks away to paradise and leave the librul commies here to suffer like they deserve.

      Waiting...waiting...any moment now...

    3. Anonymous4:23 PM

      Thought of another one: don't let Mexicans become citizens, because its so much better to have ELEVEN FREAKING MILLION people without social security cards, so not paying any taxes into the system...which allows the hateful to bitch about how such people are nothing but TAKERS.

      That is only a very small step in thinking ahead to what happens--I bet a kindergartner could make the connection....but not a Republican, conditioned to hate, hate, hate.

  16. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Did you mean "falafel" or "luffa"? There is no felafel according to Google.

  17. I looked it up. As I suspected, it's "falafel" - you are sentenced to 30 meals on the streets of NYC.

  18. A. J. Billings9:26 AM

    News FLASH!

    Homeland Security Has Agreed to Produce Portions of Statement of Chaney re Todd Palin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tawd and $arah, you better hope he didn't admit to the deed with Shailey, because you are going to have a truly rotten summer if there's hard evidence from sworn testimony.


    1. Anonymous11:57 AM

      Just the fact that homeland security asked Chaney about Todd and shailey proves they something right? Or am I missing something? Why would they ask Chaney about Todd introducing him to shailey unless they know Todd is involved with prostitution?
      Unless I am indeed missing a piece of info then I would assume they asked because they know.

    2. Anonymous1:23 PM

      Of course they do!

  19. Anonymous9:54 AM

    O/T from this post, but totally on track for today:

  20. Anonymous10:54 AM

    I wonder how many Mexicans have worked (yard work, building work, etc.) at Sarah's mansion in Arizona???

  21. Anonymous10:55 AM

    'Willing to run for office" but she's not one of them...Classic Palin..

  22. Randall11:37 AM

    Bill cuffed her around a little bit - but he let her off easier than he should have.

    For example; fine - you're going to deport the illegals that are already here.

    What about their children that were born here?

    A strict, constitutional conservative should know that those children are legal citizens right now.

    Article XIV: All persons born in the United States... are citizens...

    So, 1/2 Governor, what do you DO with those children?
    What DO you do?

    And the logical follow-up:
    HOW are you going to PAY for it?

    1. Anonymous1:27 PM

      "Common sense solutions" is her pat answer. Ask her specifically, "name ONE!" and watch that head bobble onto the floor. She is SUCH a dolt.

    2. Anonymous7:01 PM

      11:37 That was my question and I wondered why he didn't ask her.

      Could someone help me here as I've never heard: What do the conservatives say we should do with the American Citizens who happen to be children of illegal aliens?

      My guess is that Right Wingers avoid that entirely so they don't have to answer and let people know their plan. Do they export the kids who are Americans? Or are they among the non-'rill Americans?

      Do they export the parents and leave all those kids here parentless?

      This awkward answer may be why the question wasn't asked. (And seems not to be addressed when discussing immigration issues.)

    3. Anonymous5:12 PM

      Michelle Malkin-Anchor Baby might not like the response.

  23. Anonymous12:22 PM

    This woman is so beyond stupid and incompetent its frightening. But not of course, to her ardent followers..
    And thank you, Randall, 11:37 for making the obvious clear to all of us. Please keep up the good posts, and keep posting!

  24. Anonymous12:24 PM

    There is an earlier comment where someone complained about a negative post on such an important holiday. This is the anniversary of Sarah quitting her job as governor. Part of what has happened is that she has attracted a following of some of the most hateful people in this country. Here is an example of the writing of one of her devoted fans. (And, it really does ramble along exactly the way that Palin talks).

    I will not listen or read the rants of a Godless sociopathic liar willfully destroying a free America from within masquerading as president on the 4th of July because I choose to be happy in celebrating Independence Day with my family and friends to especially include the best pets ever in our cockapoo Pumpkin, Persian Cat Sammy, Doberman Clyde, and peekapoo Ginger who, as a quartet, are worth more than Obama ever will be by an order-of-magnitude!

    1. jcinco1:54 PM

      You sound like some sort of pathetic shut in who sits around in your barcolounger watching faux from the moment you get up until someone wheels you off to bed. We all love our pets but your comment is just stupid. Go put your milk money in an envelope, address it to money boo boo, hop on your rascal & take it down to the trailer park mailbox kiosk, k?

    2. Anonymous2:17 PM


      Are you trying hard to sound stupid, or is that really the way you think?

      You should read your post and see just how dumb you sound.

    3. Anonymous2:23 PM

      jcinco, the poster was giving an example. I think you skipped to the second paragraph and assumed it was their own opinion. Re-read it.

      Happy 4th! :)

    4. Anonymous6:18 PM


      That sounds like the typical C4P commenter, all full of shit and hate just like their queen over there. Thankfully, I don't encounter people that void of intelligence or common sense except online at a handful of racist hate sites like the PeePond. That's plenty and then some, although we all know that most of those ate dock puppets and a few hired hands courtesy of Sarah PAC. There are only a couple of dozen who are actually dumb enough not to realize the ruse that Sarah is running. Bless their hearts.

  25. Anonymous12:32 PM

    OMG! She is such a fraud. Nothing has changed and why she thinks she isn’t a media slut is still the ultimate expression of her inability to see herself as others do. Maybe, just maybe, this is Ailes’ last laugh at her expense. I can see him sitting around with Joe McGinnis and splitting a gut over “her return.”

  26. Anonymous1:16 PM

    That's a keeper, that interview. Absolute delight.

  27. Anonymous1:51 PM

    The quickly diminishing few Fox News hosts who continue to lob softball questions at this ninny from the north are going to severely damage their remaining credibility if they continue to have her on their shows.

  28. Anonymous2:41 PM

    What the hell happened to her looks? She was still sort of attractive a few years ago. Now she looks like that last year's apple you sweep out of the corner of the cellar.

    1. Hey, there's a new craft kit that $arahPAC can sell: Granny $arah Apple-Head Doll!

  29. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Sarah Palin is proof that you cannot put poison into your body day after day for several years without suffering the effects. She has lost her looks, which is all she ever had going for herself. She has never been a competent speaker nor able to articulate ideas with the written word either. It is sad that she has ruined her looks with unhealthy eating and crash dieting.

    1. Anonymous4:59 PM

      It's not only what she puts IN her body, it's the seething hate, anger, jealousy and resentment that is causing damage.

      You can't feel all those negative emotions 24/7 without them affecting your face and your overall health.

  30. Anita Winecooler6:29 PM

    So she agrees with Mellissa Harris Perry with "Momma Grizzlies, in a Political sense...take care of ALL our cubs"?

    Notice how she kept using the lip action as Bill kept pressing her for real ideas? And her wig must have been brand spanking new! It almost looked real! Five years of stupidity have taken it's toll.


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