Thursday, July 04, 2013

Hah! I knew it!

I'm just saying.


  1. Anonymous3:27 AM

    I will file that image under "Things I Learned the Hard Way.

    BTW Gryphen, this morning I was searching on Amazon for a horror movie called INBRED (don't ask.) When I scrolled down the page to the arbitrary "Looking for '(fill-in-the-blank)' products," in this case "inbred," there was a listing of related items, and there, wedged between the thumbnails of the Wrong Turn movies and a couple of trashy back-woods maniac horror novels, was, I kid you not, Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue."

    Happy camping.

  2. Anonymous6:32 AM

    The picture of irony.

  3. BlueDragon8:14 AM

    I lived in Towson, MD for a few years. My kids and I would drive past a certain street: Normal Terrace. It was marked with the same sign. We knew we would never live there!
    Happy 4th!

  4. Anonymous9:54 AM

    I'm a deist, I see nothing wrong with faith, it's the monetizing and capitalizing on it by organized institutions that upsets me.

  5. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Russia increasingly impatient over Snowden's airport stay

    Edward Snowden should find another country to seek refuge, a Russian official said on Thursday, signaling Moscow's growing impatience over the former U.S. agency spy contractor's lengthening stay at a Moscow airport.

    Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Russia had received no request for political asylum from Snowden and he had to solve his problems himself after 11 days in the transit area of Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport.

    President Vladimir Putin has refused to extradite the American and Russian officials have delighted in his success in staying out of the United States' clutches since revealing details of secret U.S. government surveillance programs.

    But Moscow has also made clear that Snowden is an increasingly unwelcome guest because the longer he stays, the greater the risk of the diplomatic standoff over his fate causing lasting damage to relations with Washington.

    "He needs to choose a place to go," Ryabkov told Reuters. "As of this moment, we do not have a formal application from Mr Snowden asking for asylum in the Russian Federation."

    Ryabkov told Itar-Tass news agency separately that Russia "cannot solve anything for him" and the situation should now be resolved "one way or the other".

    His remarks echoed comments by President Vladimir Putin, who has urged Snowden, 30, to leave as soon as he can.

    France and Italy, both U.S. allies, said they had rejected asylum requests from Snowden.

    "Like many countries France has received, via its ambassador in Moscow, an asylum request from Edward Snowden. For legal reasons and given the applicant's situation, it will not be processed," Interior Minister Manuel Valls said in a statement.

    Valls said earlier on Thursday that France's relations with the United States would not allow it to harbor Snowden.

    Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino said any asylum request would have to be presented in person at the border or in Italian territory which Snowden had not done.

    "As a result there do not exist the legal conditions to accept such a request, which in the government's view would not be acceptable on a political level either," she told parliament.

    Relations between Snowden and the Russian authorities appear to have soured when Putin said on Monday that he could only be granted asylum by Moscow if he agreed to stop actions that could harm the United States.

    Putin's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said on Tuesday that Snowden had withdrawn his interest in asylum in Russia after Putin spelled out the terms. His options have narrowed further since then as no country has agreed to grant him asylum.


  6. Randall11:26 AM

    "Faith is believing in something you know damn well isn't true."
    --- Archie Bunker

    1. Mark Twain said it first, in almost the same words. However, he was not an atheist. His thoughts about God were complicated and at times self-contradictory. It's the same with many of us.


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