Tuesday, July 02, 2013

After making her wait 45 minutes, and sending the Palin-bots into hysterics, Greta Van Susteren finally lets Sarah Palin spew word salad, with a light "foaming at the mouth" vinaigrette, all over her show.

Well it is nice that Todd paid the electric bill so that this time people can see the lunacy emanating from the Grizzled Mama's giant pupils. (Seriously how much meth does it take to give somebody that "forever surprised" look?)

And the fire is a nice touch. I mean it's only the middle of summer, and at the tail end of a huge heat wave, so hell why WOULDN'T you build a roaring fire in a fake living room in a television studio? Duh!

Palin's first volley in her war on reality  is aimed at the conservative's newest target. Lois Lerner, the IRS agent who plead the fifth during her last appearance before Darrell Issa and his "hang'em high" posse.

Susteren asks if Issa should call her back.

"They should absolutely call her back, and charge her with contempt if she continuous to refuse to answer questions though she has prefaced her testimony with a claim of innocence, saying she has nothing to do with this IRS corruption. ("Corruption?" When did anybody accuse the IRS of corruption over this?) And then has refused to answer the people's representatives about what bolsters her claim of innocence? Yes they need to call her back. It's amazing she is still being paid in her position though she's not doing a lick of work. (What? She's still being paid?) She's on leave without pay. (Wait, didn't you just say...) It's amazing that those who have been involved in this IRS corruption haven't been fired or been held accountable."

After this Palin closes her mouth and adopts a maniacal stare which appears both incredibly unhinged and self satisfied at the very same time. 

(By the way for those of us in the reality based world, documents which Issa was purposefully withholding from the American people in order to cry "scandal" have already proven that there was no "corruption" and no unfair "targeting" of the Tea Party.)

Greta then asks the Wasilla Wendigo if she thinks that it is time for a Special Prosecutor to be brought in. You know because Palin is such an expert on legal matters.

"Well I would say that it is if Lois is going to return, if she is going to be called back, and with her counsel decide she is going to plead the fifth yet again. Um we need to make sure we're getting to the bottom of this. And if it's not Congress able to get to the bottom of it, via questioning her in front of a panel or committee, then yeah a special investigation needs to ensue. But look this is such a circus. and the ringleader of this circus is (Darrell Issa.) our President Barack Obama (Wait, what?), has opportunity to do something about IRS corruption. He had promised that he would, and yet we haven't heard word one from him since that promise of getting to the bottom of corruption. We haven't heard from Nancy Pelosi who had promised that she would 'drain the swamp,' if she, and some of her colleagues, got reelected. Uh wanting to clean up the corruption in Washington D.C.. All those broken promises just give us fewer and fewer reasons to trust our government." 

Back to that hundred yard meth stare.

Susteren then pulls Palin off of the meatless IRS bone and throws her the fresh meat of Fourth of July fireworks on Army bases being cancelled, due to military spending cutbacks.

Palin eagerly latches on: "Should we do something patriotic like allow our military personnel, who are willing to sacrifice their lives to defend our Republic, should we reward them with something as simple as fireworks on the Fourth of July?  It's a matter of priorities, here Barack Obama is on a hundred million dollar trip to Africa with his family, and extended family, and whomever else he chooses to bring on these trips. And yet wants to pull the rug out from under traditional events, that perhaps would bring some inspiration and some thanks to our military personnel, this is ALL a matter of priorities Greta, and our government has their priorities all screwed up." 

Yes, how could our government possibly choose to keep military personnel, who have spent years ducking enemy fire and having things blow up all around them, from having the opportunity to suffer an episode of PTSD during a completely unnecessary fireworks display? Fucking Obama!

Greta then eggs Palin on further saying it is "beyond" her as to why the soldiers are not getting to see the fireworks. At this Palin "releases the Kraken."

"It's bigger than that though Greta, it's bigger than that. And there are more significant examples than just this fireworks, I mean look at some of our troops with their equipment, some left over surplus equipment that they're using from back in the Vietnam War. We're not equipping them with the tools that they need to, as  I say defend our Republic and do their jobs. And yet we spend money left and right on the most ridiculous things. And you know that's that's for another show because you could go on all day long about the expenditures of our governemtn that make absolutely no sense."

Annnd now we're back to the hundred yard stare. (Okay that is freaking me out!)

Okay so is Palin actually suggesting that our soldiers are currently using 40 year old equipment in Afghanistan? Equipment that has been gathering dust since the end of the Vietnam War?

Now when the wars first started there was an embarrassing lack of adequate armor for the vehicles and the soldiers were creating what they called "hillbilly armor" to compensate, but that was the fault of Donald Rumsfeld and the Bush Administration and has long since been resolved, so I have NO idea what Palin is referring to here.

However I must say that the better lighting did her NO favors.  She looked extremely fucked up and her pupils could not have been larger if you jumped out of one her closets wearing a Rachel Maddow mask,

I think that it is Roger Ailes plan to have her give these short, carefully structured interviews, in the hopes that it will keep her from saying anything TOO stupid.

Unfortunately for Ailes he failed to take into account just how fast the stupid bubbles out of Palin's gaping maw of miserable misinformation.

You know I wonder how much Greta drinks after one of these shows?


  1. Anonymous6:31 AM

    You weren't kidding... she does looked fucked up! Did she have a stroke? Her top lip looked really crooked.

    I had to LOL at the "deadly wildfire raging" caption under her, with those mini-pit of hell flames beside her. Maybe the tongues of flame are meant to echo and reinforce her oh-so- compelling fiery rhetoric. Snort.

    Just as that hooker top from Grizzled Mama's extensive wardrobe of cheap, tacky clothing is obviously mean to remind the susceptible that if she's even wearing a bra, it's a *strapless* one, boys. Oooh.

    What a cheap date she is.

    1. Anonymous7:31 AM

      Flames of hell?

    2. Anonymous7:54 AM

      You sound like you're on PCP. Actually, most of the commenters here, in their hateful glory, write like theyre on pcp. So angry at everything you all are.

      I hope you find love one day. And get a life.

    3. Anonymous7:54 AM

      STFU Krusty and go back to bed....your shift doesn't start until noon ya lazy bitch!


    4. Anonymous8:13 AM

      7:54--- LOL!!!!!!!

      Hysterical!! You are writing here and calling others hateful? YOU are a hypocrite AND clearly mentally ill. WHY are you here if you have such a wonderful fulfilled life???? Your comments are ridiculous. Get help!

    5. Anonymous8:27 AM

      7:54 Is that you, Bristles? We have lives, free of illegitimate babies. We have children who can see their birth certificates when they are old enough, who can actually celebrate their birthday on the correct day! Nobody here is constantly trying to become a "celebrity" with no talent, looks or charisama like you do. We have lives and REAL jobs, doncha know?

    6. Anonymous8:28 AM

      "via," "ensue," "prefaced," "bolster," etc.

      She had Track and Bristol Google cool words for her again. Good lord, she's a stupid man's idea of what a smart person sounds like. Thing is, for all she spends on her 'consultants,' with her PAC money, she still can't improve her message without the filter of the MSM cleaning it up for her, and deliver concise and reasoned punditry. The toothless, racist gradmama that Charlie Tosh has on his show is more wise and salient than this bag of bones.

    7. Anonymous8:37 AM


      "Angry"? "Get a life"?

      We are having a blast!! Thank your queen for us!! She provides never ending laughs!! YOU on the other hand, sound like the angry one who needs a life ....

    8. Anonymous10:07 AM

      I'm just a bit perplexed, which one of these dumb asses is Krusty, or is it a generic reference to all of them?

    9. Anonymous10:28 AM

      7:54 "So angry at everything you all are. "

      Yoda, is that you?

    10. Anonymous11:12 AM

      People on PCP jump off bridges - they don't sit down and respond to blogs!

      You are so fucking stupid. Do you read anything else besides blogs?

  2. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Greta, she has a fire going on in the back-round.Do some investigative journalism and ask her WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT FIRE DOING IN THE BACK-GROUND! Oh and Sarah,you REALLY suck at this interview stuff.

    1. Anonymous7:04 AM

      And ask Sarah if she still has a "fire in my belly", which may have been symptoms of gonorrhea.

    2. Anonymous9:14 AM

      Sharp elbows, still spine, thin skin, glass jaw, fire in her belly and unable to blink, it rilly sounds like she needs access to full, unencumbered women's health care.

  3. Anonymous6:32 AM

    What is it with the weird grin? She looks like she is at a job interview and she hit one out of the park. And the comment about how the IRS official is collecting her pay check during the investigation and then she says the woman is on leave without pay? No explanation! Palin is a bag of extremely hot air flying off in a south wind. She doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about. And the use of “via” instead of “by” is bizarre. I still think she sounds like she spent a lot of time as a teenager in a pew listening to a pretentious fundy pastor.

    1. Anonymous11:38 AM

      The one who is REALLY not doing her job is Greta Van Sucksalot. aren't journalists supposed to follo up question contradictions of the interviewee. Gooooofie Greta and Stoooooopid $carah..

    2. Anonymous1:45 PM

      Greta is a Scientologist. That's all that needs to be said.

  4. Clearly Greta has a HUGE crush on her and Palin takes full advantage of that. She needs to come out of the closet already. She's fooling NOBODY.

    1. Anonymous7:30 AM

      I agree with your assessment. I always thought that these two were doing each other. That means RAM, you are getting sloppy seconds.

    2. Anonymous7:52 AM

      Grow up

    3. Anonymous7:52 AM

      Uh oh....I think Krusty's J E A L O U S! What's up Krust...the thought of RAM and Greta with "YOUR" woMAN is making you mad! Haven't you figured out the Palin family motto...

      "What's in it for me?"....you ain't got shit for Baldy so beat it stalker! LOL!!!

    4. Anonymous8:14 AM

      Grow up?? Your comment 7:52 is far more immature than the the others.. You are ridiculous.

    5. Anonymous8:50 AM

      Greta and Palin both have extremely mannish faces. Weird.

    6. Anonymous9:26 AM

      Greta has a thing for the First Dude, her interview salivating over the pip-squeak voiced thug (that say's Heelicopter) was embarrassing.

      In her defense, she had to manufacture her own word salad in their interview. The taciturn bully isn't worth a 'full' interview as he doesn't talk - which is why he got Sarah to run for public office in the first place, for her to be his purdy mouth-piece with all her superior verbiage. (That is snark people.)

      Those Valley men like to make their Wasilla Wimen do their bidding, like Bev Masek, in her ninth year as an elected Alaska State Representative, the defendant approached long-time VECO CEO Bill Allen in April of 2003 to discuss her financial difficulties. Masek then “accepted a cash payment of several thousand dollars from a relative of Allen’s” in an Anchorage restaurant, “knowing that there were matters pending before the Alaska State Legislature that were important to Allen and VECO’s business interests.”

      Wonder if she put on her best push-up bra for the grift?

  5. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Why give Greta a pass, like she needs a drink to handle Palin? Greta's a disgusting useless Fox whore talking to the whore of babble-on-and-on.

    1. Anonymous1:44 PM

      Exactly. Fuck Greta and her pandering.

  6. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Palin doing the "Manson stare" is quite eerie. I can almost hear the Beatles' "Helter Skelter" playing in the background.

    I'm still laughing at her statement that Lerner is still being paid in her position while she's on leave without pay. (Lerner is on administrative leave which typically includes pay & benefits, but I don't expect someone as dimwitted as Palin to know that).

    I think the peepond should do a series of "Palin Manson Stares" like they did with the fabulously hilarious "Big Gulp Liberty Pose". It shouldn't be difficult, as I imagine that's how they look most of the time.

  7. Randall6:44 AM

    THE most effective way to make Sarah Palin irrelevant is: let her talk.

    The more Sarah Palin voices her opinion - the more people walk away from her. (Some run)

    1. Anonymous8:01 AM

      I think you hit the nail on the head! Fox news may have taken her back so she could fall deep down the rabbit hole without any interference from them. I am sure they don't care for her slamming the GOP.

    2. I said this last night after watching that crazy ass interview!

      Baldy is acting like the girl who broke up with her boyfriend and then begged him to take her back and he's now making her life a living hell...in her dumbass mind she thought he was going to treat her the way he did before...but he learned his lesson...and now she's coming to the realization that he took her back only to fuck with her!


  8. Anonymous6:50 AM

    In her Lois Lerner rant, claiming one's 5th Amendment right does not mean you are in contempt of court, 'cause it's your right, right?

    Nice detail on the neckline, Sarah! It's how Marie Antoinette dressed....

    Wild Tortoise Agog

    1. Anonymous9:44 AM

      Sara hasn't figured out that, according to her own voiced standards, a republican (Lois Lerner) civil servant who has never been proven guilty of wrong-doing, should nevertheless have her job and pension benefits stripped, and reputation trashed, just because a power-hungry politician with an agenda has made an accusation.

    2. Anonymous11:15 AM

      Sarah and Todd sure didn't give a shit when THEY were subpoenaed for TROOPERGATE!!!

      Such shit faces.

  9. It’s like a bunch of cats cooperating on tormenting a mouse, with Palin as the mouse. They can’t make too much noise, because then a person (Bagger or Palinbot) will hear and rescue the poor victim mouse, so one takes a small nip, another swats her on her back, and on and on. This model appears all over the animal world.

  10. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Didn't the dumb bitch get the memo? There is no IRS scandal. Period.

    1. Anonymous7:52 AM

      Said by an ignorant democrat who drinks koolaid. I watched the IRS squirm at that hearing. You're gullible.

    2. Yeah you ignorant Democrat who drinks Koolaid, what do you know?

      BTW I think you meant "the Koolaid."

    3. Anonymous8:08 AM

      The memo was with the weather forecast (low 60's) *right in front of her*. She STILL doesn't read jack shit. And it shows.

    4. Anonymous7:52 AM

      "I watched the IRS squirm at that hearing."

      WHAT??? You mean you watched something other than Beefy's boring ass....OOOOOOH Krusty....I'm telling! LOL!!!

    5. Anonymous8:15 AM

      7:52-- are you nuts???

    6. Anonymous9:27 AM

      Anon 7:52 - don't you mean "Squirmish?"

  11. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Did the interview take place in Wasilla or her summer home in Hell?

    1. Anonymous7:52 AM


    2. Anonymous7:52 AM

      Hey dummy....6:57AM asked a QUESTION...would you like to answer...no...okay I will then....Baldy was at her "summer home in Hell"......LOL!!!

  12. Pat in MA7:04 AM

    Oh right, there goes the President flitting off to Africa for no apparent reason, yup just a silly time and money wasting field trip. Not too mention all those icky dark skinned people. History, diplomacy, economic opportunity, these are concepts that escape the pea-brained one. And the plunge to nowhere top she's wearing? the fire, the GLOBE, the flag and dried flowers - RIDICULOUS

    1. And always the dig to Obama, this time "vacationing with his EXTENDED FAMILY...".

      That is Classic Palin-style Cognitive Dissonance.

      The ONLY way Palin used to travel was with her entire family being dragged along. For years. She billed the taxpayers of Alaska for her childrens airfare - then had to pay back the State of Alaska for their unnecessary travel expenses because a court TOLD HER TO. Fiscally responsible? Oh, HELL NO.

      When it wasn't the entire family, it had to be one or two of them. Piper. Todd. Her dad. Someone. Always.

      Has Palin EVER showed up ANYWHERE without a family member / human shield with her? Anywhere? Any time? NOPE.

    2. Anonymous8:31 AM

      Taxpayers are most likely picking up the tab for W and Laura's trip, also too. Surrounded by Secret Service, flying on private jet, all paid for by the people W screwed over for 8 long, miserable years, and STILL ongoing.

    3. Katie, I think the dig was even deeper than that. I think Palin was referring to his "extended family in Africa". You know, those black people...

    4. Anonymous9:53 AM

      One of the underlying reasons for the trip is that the US (and its investors) wants to double the usage of electricity in Africa, currently the fastest-growing economy in the world, over the next few years. Savvy investors will make tons of money as a result, and most will be republicans. I am confident that the right wingers know nothing, absolutely nothing, about this. But to address their stupidity, I ask them a question: do you actually prefer that China, rather than America, be the principal beneficiary of Africa's success? If so, please check your hate at the door before commenting here.

      The secondary purpose of the trip was to commemorate the victims of the horrible embassy bombing in Tanzania several years ago, and to follow up on America's funding for AIDS work in Africa. At the Tanzania ceremony, President Obama and his wife were joined by former President George W. Bush (who also helped make the AIDS money possible) and his wife. IOW, this trip was not political, but bi-partisan, and for the benefit of both the American and African people. Got that, righties??? (of course not; they'd rather hate than learn)

    5. Anonymous9:59 AM

      Since when did former President Bush(R) and Laura Bush become an extended member of current President Obama's and First Lady Michelle Obama's family? You are the ultimate dumb ass. Someone, bring me my can of Black Flag, because the Bitch gnat is out again.

    6. Anonymous10:37 AM

      Palin is a sociopath; too bad for us and for her.

      Our President is an educated empathetic genius. I will always support him.

      A sociopath? Not so much.

    7. Anonymous10:49 AM

      Indeed and well said 9:53. He's so well spoken and so informed on every issue, I'm proud of my president.

    8. Anonymous11:45 AM

      And I'm embarrassed by $carah and the rest of the Heath-Palin tribe. even though they hold no power, just having someone else think of them as my fellow citizens is humiliating.

  13. Anonymous7:07 AM

    I would pay to watch a debate between Sarah and Wendy Davis.

    1. Anonymous7:42 AM

      Wendy certainly has much more important things to do than babbling with this moronic woman.
      Just by talking to her, one can kill off millions of brain cells.
      Totally not worth it. Meg

    2. Anonymous7:43 AM


    3. Anonymous8:06 AM

      Sarah will never be in a real open debate. But for PPV, it could be a payday like the Wrestlemania franchise.

    4. Anonymous10:44 AM

      Victoria Jackson would be Palin's equal in a debate. Both shrill harpies, with questionable mental states. At least Jackson toutes herself as a "comeienne" Palin thinks she is actually relevant.

    5. Anonymous11:45 AM

      You can't debate a crazy person - and $carah is certifiable.

  14. Well, here is Brianus's take on Palin's appearance (in both meanings):



    Our President spoke again tonight, my friends.

    Eloquent in word; eloquent in mien, eloquent in countenance, eloquent in her just and righteous anger at what obama and his thugs are doing to our beloved country, she defended the ideals that we hold most dear.


    That face, with the great heart that it expresses and reveals, is the one that is today confronting America's internal, domestic foes, and will someday soon confront our external, foreign foes too, when she is our POTUS.

    Here are some highlights from and observations on the interview.

    Re IRS, obamunist thug Lois Lerner, yes "charge her with contempt" if she continues to refuse to answer questions.

    It is amazing that Lerner is still being paid without doing "a lick of work."

    Re a special prosecutor for the IRS scandal: Yes, if Lerner claims the Fifth again.

    This is "such a circus," and obama is "the ringleader of the circus."

    Note well that, with the CIRCUS imagery, she IMPLICITY brings back to our minds her ASSCLOWNS description of these people from some weeks ago!!!


    Re the cutback on fireworks for our troops for the Fourth of July …

    This is where SARAH BARRACUDA, our CUDA, really got ANGRY.

    HER FACE said more than her words.

    ... but those words were DAMN powerful enough, so strong that the members of the obama "administration" should be very afraid of PROSECUTION and PRISON right now!!

    Yes, indeed, the words were quite puissant and powerful in themselves; "barack obama is on a one-hundred-million-dollar trip to Africa,"
    and "yet wants to pull the rug out from under a traditional event that perhaps would bring some inspiration and some thanks to our military personnel."

    BUT IT'S BIGGER THAN THAT, she so rightly and royally asserts!!!

    There are more significant examples ...

    .. and she censures the OBSOLETE, VIETNAM-ERA equipment that
    some of our military have to use VERSUS THE RIDICULOUS EXPENDITURES of this "government."

    You could go on ALL DAY, she says, about this subject of government expenditures that make absolutely NO SENSE!!

    She suggests at the very end that maybe the private sector could step up so that the troops can have, e.g., their fireworks, etc.

    Guys, I saw in her FACE, her MIEN, her COUNTENANCE the Face and Heart of Outraged America ..

    … an America that has had it UP TO HERE with these Washington DC criminals.

    In effect, she spoke for tens of millions of us tonight:


    She is the Biblical STRONG WOMAN (Proverbs, 31).

    She is Our Heroine;

    She is Our Esther;

    She is Our St. Jeanne d'Arc;

    She is Our Voice;

    She is Our President.

    God bless, guys!!!



    1. Anonymous7:37 AM

      OK, that does it. Brianus is the Beldar Conehead of the Pee Pond! The guy is a genius, scamming the Bots for years on end and they are too stupid to know it. His recap of her appearance took longer to read than the time she spent on camera.

      Come to think of it,I've never seen Beldar and Brianus in the same room......Hum....just sayin'

      A Fan From Chicago

    2. Anonymous7:49 AM

      Our President? Sarah hasn't been elected to any office since she quit.....wow, the anniversary of Sarah's quitting her last elected office is coming up, tomorrow.

    3. Anonymous7:55 AM

      OMG....This CRAZY SOB makes $arah look sane and I thought that was Impossible!

    4. Anonymous8:03 AM

      Bree Anus is such a drama queen. That has to be one of the characters that RAM has created as sock accounts to keep the PeePond crowd in line. There has been a huge turnover in the 'loyal supporters' there as even the slow folks eventually catch on (once they're broke and they notice that Sarah is the only on getting rich). Interesting business model for fraudsters, grifters, con men and crooks: you know, the Palins & Heaths just doing their thing.

    5. Anonymous8:09 AM

      Yes, @7:37 AM. I have always suspected Brianus of being a talented spoofer. His over-the-top posts are pure gold. It astounds me that someone from the sea of pee has not caught on by now that his love & adoration for the grifter is bogus.

    6. Anonymous8:12 AM

      7:49 --

      If I had some fireworks, I'd set them off on July 3rd, the glorious day of Alaskan emancipation, rather than waiting for the 4th. Anybody can have a Fourth of July display. Alaskans have their very own Independence Day! Hooray!

    7. Anonymous8:38 AM

      7:09 Dear God, are these people STUPID or what? People in psychiatric institutions should not be allowed internet access. How much does she PAY these fools to post this unmitigated CRAP, I wonder. Sounds like she writes it herself.

    8. Anonymous8:40 AM

      Remember the blog written by "Bree Palin" making a mockery of her pregnancy? Maybe THIS is that same Bree, getting back at $carah?

    9. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn8:56 AM

      Oy. Vey. If dear ol' Bri isn't a highly paid sock, RAM or even our own Beldarus Coneheadium, I'd be terrified to look inside his double wide. Sacrificial Shrine to Sarah, anyone?

    10. Beldar Claus Conehead9:06 AM

      "I've never seen Beldar and Brianus in the same room......"

      Point taken, Fan, yet it's also likely you've never seen Beldar or Brianus in separate rooms either. Just sayin'.

      Tho, funnily enough, I was standing next to the Batcolumn when you drove by that one time, but I don't think you saw me.

    11. BrianDoubleAnus....is REAL y'all! Pictures have been posted of the fella...he has yellow teeth and looks like ALL the other OLD...horny goat male followers of hers!

      Double Anus is just as crazy as our Krusty...the only difference...he doesn't stalk Baldy, Beefy and the rest of the family of hillbillies! LOL!!!

    12. Anonymous9:50 AM

      I'd never heard of this guy and read the above and kept envisioning an overweight, sweaty, smelling-like-cheap-aftershave older kind of guy and then read GinaM's comment here and bingo, those were the words I was looking for, CLASSIC HORNY OLD GOAT!!! The Horny Old Goats just love Sarah. Eeewww.

    13. Anonymous9:59 AM

      GinaM@9:23 AM
      Would love to see a picture of this looney toon if you have a link, Gina.

    14. Anonymous9:50 AM

      HOT DAMN! You just came up with the name of Baldy's new party!

      HORNY OLD GOAT...aka HOG!


    15. AKinPA10:02 AM

      Fan from Chicago,
      You're definitely onto something. Beldar and Brianus both begin with "B." And as LoveandKnishes demonstrates with the Latinization of Beldar, the 2 names each have 3 syllables. And Beldarus doesn't comment here often enough because he's too busy writing those paeans for the pees about the pathetic Palin under his pseudonym. I think we have enough evidence to put Izza on the job to investigate. Who needs Benghazi, when we have Brianusbeldarusghazi!?!?!?!

    16. We need to check the time stamps of comments by our very own Beldar and C4Ps Two Anuses. Have they ever commented at the same time?

    17. I agree with you, Anon 7:37. This guy has to be the best pee-bot scammer ever created. Yes, it could very well be our own Beldar Whomsoever Conehead. It definitely has the Conehead standards of perfection.

    18. Sadly, I think Brian and his Anus are real. Someone on another website did some sleuthing and unearthed his identity, family background and even a picture taken at a Palin event. I won't post the details because I believe that the man has very serious mental health issues and desperately needs help.

    19. Anonymous11:01 AM

      Are you sure Gina??? Maybe they were fake photos. How could any real person (except a a schizophrenic) be so delusional!? And funny! And his name????? Come on!!

    20. Anonymous11:48 AM

      She's a fucking asshole, just like YOU , BriANUS.

    21. Anonymous12:45 PM

      Yeah, 3 possibilities: comedic genius, highly paid sock, or totally looney tunes.

      Now a question: of the three, which one is most likely to accurately punctuate a sentence such as,
      This is "such a circus," and obama is "the ringleader of the circus."

      C'mon, who wants to play? Here's a hint: I sometimes edit technical writing by individuals who are very well educated, geeks but hardly illiterate, and I practically fall over when I get something from an author who knows that periods and commas go inside the quotation marks.

    22. No way that is real, seriously? That HAS to be someone poking fun at them! Hilarious!

    23. Yes Mathgeek, my husband is brilliant and a computer geek (systems analyst) lol and I ALWAYS get emails where "there" becomes "their" and the punctuation is almost nonexistent. Not that I can criticize, I had an excellent education (Berkeley) but for some reason never picked up on grammar/punctuation. ;-) So are you saying you're leaning toward #1?

    24. Anonymous2:04 PM

      Raging over the fact that there is no money for fireworks in many cities and military bases, but conveniently forgetting that it was the REPUBS who insisted on the SEQUESTER that cut all that money...


    25. Beldar J Conehead2:16 PM

      Lynne, Knish, Nefer, AKinPA, Winski, et al: Your collective speculation that Beldar = Brianus is marginally plausible but in reality, quite impossible, also too.

      You see, that S.O.B. Gryphen - whose real name is almost certainly NOT Gryphen, tho I have no way to prove that - tricked me into signing a 100 year exclusive contract whereby I can't post comments anywhere but here.

      Just you wait!!! As Zeus is my witness, on October 21 2108, the TRUE STORY of Beldar J Conehead's exploitation will be revealed and I can start posting on MySpace again!

      Anyway, writing this stoopid crap for Palinistas wouldnt be any fun as it would all - ziiinnngggg! - go right over their pointy little heads.

      If you have any remaining doubts about the identity, authenticity and exclusivity of Beldar's comments, read the following disclaimer that accompanies EVERY official BJC comment (or at least it should)

      "This comment is for entertainment purposes only. Opinions expressed here may not reflect the actual opinion of any real person, living, dead or otherwise. This comment is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, syndrome, condition or injury. If an erection lasts for more than 4 hours, seek medical attention immediately."

    26. Anonymous3:09 PM

      Why bother voting at all, when we can just pretend real hard, and then whoever we wanted to be President, IS President! I think the bots are on to something, here! They should look at every future election this way so maybe we can finally fix this country and get it going in the right direction for good!

    27. Anonymous3:48 PM

      I love you Beldar. Even if you are BriAnus..... :)

    28. He might want to re-think the whole Joan of Arc reference...unless he does want to see Sarah go to trial and be burned at the stake as a 'witch'.

  15. Anonymous7:11 AM

    I saw the interview to the end, and while Greta was thanking Sarah, Sarah spoke again, saying something about how the public should supply whatever is needed for the military, or the July 4th parades or fireworks. Then Greta responded positively. I wonder if they now have edited that part out. It wasn't in the above clip.

    Goes to show that Sarah IS all about small government and IS for the little people opening their wallets over and over again. When will the little people get fed up with her constantly expecting them to give out of their lack, when she sits there living in her abundance. Why doesn't she support and mention a veteran or military foundation that welcomes donations for these causes? How come she can't name them off the cuff when she has the microphone? Does she really care?

    1. Anonymous7:57 AM

      Of course not. Sarah is for Sarah. Sitting in front of the camera and ranting and complaining is how she earns a living. She's not really going to spend *her own* money and time helping others. It's free for her to talk about, and the only thing she give for free is dumb.

      Sarah---> Star of The FreeDumb Party. It don't cost *her* a penny.

    2. hedgewytch9:06 AM

      Did she? And then she pledged to purchase some herself and make sure the brave soldiers at JBER, or Elmendorf would get the show they deserve, right?

      I'm sure that Gorilla Fireworks would give her a bulk discount.

    3. Anonymous9:22 AM

      LOL! Gorilla Fireworks should do it for free as thanks for excellent product placement on DWTS!

      Wild Tortoise

    4. Anonymous10:01 AM

      For the gazillionth time, righties: Congress, and not the President, are in control of America's purse strings/budget. And Congress decided to cut those purse strings even further via (you love that word) the sequester. Obama has asked Congress for months to pass a real budget, and the tea-party wing of the republican wing of Congress has adamantly refused. If this standoff continues, the military will not be complaining about the lack of fireworks next year: it will be complaining that it has no more ammo for its combat missions.

    5. Anonymous12:32 PM

      She should stick a roman candle up her scrawny ass and set it off on the 4th of July. She could circle the planet a couple of times, with all of the gas and hot air coming out of her butt.

  16. The whole thing was extremely weird with the sound off (the only way I can do it). I wanted to simply watch Palin's face/body language, but I was totally distracted by everything else going on...the captions running at the bottom, the inserted footage, the fire, the fireworks, all of it. It all just seemed really off. (I even thought about how nice Greta's hair looked.)

  17. Anonymous7:18 AM

    A couple of reviews courtesy of cforp

    juju341 • 11 hours ago
    No one keeps Sarah on a short leach.

    john norton • 10 hours ago (who LOVED her 'plain jane' look)
    No Necklace,no frill just your every day mom at the end of her day,liked it...

    1. Egad! These people need other hobbies. She’s not going to bring on the rapture, fools. I do suspect some of this is Heath Jr. keeping the faithful stirred up and donating to the family welfare PAC.

    2. Anonymous8:43 AM

      Right. "your everyday mom who has had Botox, cosmetic surgerry, tons of makeup and wears a wig" We ALL know everyday moms like that, don't we? What, we don't?

    3. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn8:49 AM

      "juju341 • 11 hours ago--
      No one keeps Sarah on a short leach."

      Sarah IS a short leech.

    4. Anonymous9:01 AM

      They're quite sexist over at the asylum.

      Have you ever seen a liberal or progressive absolutely GUSH over President Obama's shoes??? Of course not.

      I especially love the irony in a post they have over there about RedState using a photoshopped pic of Palin w/Santa. Oh yeah, like the peepond has NEVER used a photoshop or altered image of Obama on anything. They're so above reproach.

      Not to mention the fact that they regularly recycle old pics of "teh guv" from the 2008 campaign when she had handlers that kept her from looking like a hot meth mess.

      Would they have preferred RedState to run that photo of Palin in the "Naughty Sandy" outfit from Grease?


      Be careful what you wish for, peeponders.

    5. hedgewytch9:08 AM

      Gotta watch those leeches.....

      Especially that regular Mom one in front of the camera there.


    6. Anonymous10:04 AM

      I have long suspected that all of the commenters there are Palin family and RAM posing as Brianus, and that there is no longer an outside commenting Palin fan base.

    7. Anonymous2:09 PM

      9:01 : UGHHHHH!!!! Give me a warning next time!!! I almost spewed the contents of my mouth all over my keyboard!!! YUCKKKKK!!!

  18. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Wow, that Lerner woman isn't doing a "lick of work" while she's not getting paid and isn't in the office? Shameful.

    "The government" should be spending money on fireworks, while our troops are using Vietnam-era equipment? Yeah, Fourth of July celebrations trump real military equipment. Sarah, would you sacrifice fireworks for better care at VA hospitals for wounded soldiers?

    Sarah needs to identify exactly what old materiel is being employed by the military that's charged with defending our "Republic." I'll bet it's some old memo pads. Why haven't we heard about this from the GOP House committees charged with oversight of the military, and military budgets?

    Barack Obama may well be doing something about looking in to the IRS situation, but he just hasn't trumpeted what it is yet. He hasn't told Sarah his plans. Plus, is there an Inspector General already at work on all of this? And don't we now know that political groups of all kinds, that were trying to sneak in with a 501 (c) 4 designation, were being looked at closely? No scandal. The tax law should be changed.

    Greta says that the Republicans have been in charge of the House "only since 2010" -- which is plenty of time for them to have established mechanisms to "clean out the swamp." It's not within Nancy Pelosi's power to do so. If Sarah's not happy with "government," then look at John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, and their "ilk."

    George W. Bush was in Tanzania yesterday with our President. (That's an African country, Sarah.) Clearly, he feels strongly about maintaining the U.S. aid to Africa for which he can be justifiably proud. BTW, Sarah, George Bush made TWO trips during his presidency to Africa, and brought his family along. And went on a safari.
    The costs of travel are huge because of the need for so much security, wherever the President may be, and whoever he is.

    It would "take a whole show" to describe all of Palin's errors and nasty, inaccurate accusations.

    As for her studio, the fire in the fireplace -- well even we down here in the Lower 48 don't expect you Alaskan frontier types to have to heat yourselves with wood in the middle of summer. But, with the fire crackling over her right shoulder, and her co-star, the big green branches over her left (so lovingly lit), our attention keeps getting taken away from the dingbat in the middle, who seems to be saying something. Her off-the-shoulder dress
    looks foolish next to a roaring fire, as well. Isn't she cold, if it's so freezing out that she needs a fire? Why isn't she wearing her indoor parka, like the one Bristol wore inside Joan Rivers' house in LA?

    As someone noted, her friendly globe is back. I'll try a close-up, to see if it still has the Soviet Union on it. And, finally, why does she have an American flag, folded as if it had been on a serviceman's coffin, peeking out from behind her left elbow? She doesn't have the right to have one, much less display it.

    1. Anonymous7:50 AM

      +1 x 100!

    2. Anonymous7:51 AM

      I sincerely hope Obama paid for his vacation out of his pocket. And remember, Sarah paid back money. So your argument is null and void.

    3. Anonymous8:07 AM

      It wasn't a vacation, any more than Geo. W. Bushes TWO trips to Africa with his family were vacations. These are ways to cement our ties to African nations that are being inundated with Chinese building projects and Chinese labor, which will supply raw materials to Chinese manufacturers. There's no spot on the globe that America can simply ignore.
      Please educate yourself about the Chinese takeover of Africa before posting your silly opinions. There's no equivalency between the President traveling with a huge security detail, and Sarah Palin's trying to pilfer money from your state coffers until she got caught.

    4. Anonymous7:51 AM

      "Sarah paid back money".

      WRONG dummy! Baldy didn't pay back SHIT! YOU...her Bots "paid back money"...that cheap bitch don't pay for shit! You got played troll...you got played! LOL!!!

    5. Anonymous2:14 PM

      So... In SUMMER, when it is quite warm outside, $he decides to put on a roaring (gas)fire. In WINTER, when it REALLY is cold outside, she does not. Hmmm... Methinks $he has some meth issues there. Aren't meth users in the end stages always cold?

  19. Sally in MI7:20 AM

    The sad thing is that all her lies are what her base lives for..they repeat them, they nod, they say "Oh, that Sarah. She tells the truth. She's the real deal." So she just regurgitates whatever lie her mouthtrap mind throws up at her, smiles smugly, and bats her eyelashes. Next. Disgusting. Hateful . Ugly.

    1. Anonymous7:50 AM

      Whats a lie? Are you saying you dont have the ability to hear proven lies told by democrats?

      The only hateI see is in these blog comments written by people like you.

    2. Anonymous8:04 AM

      Dear 7:50,
      Please supply five "proven lies" told by Democrats.
      Start off with a couple, if five is too many.
      We await your response.
      Sincerely yours,
      A Proud Democrat

    3. Anonymous7:50 AM

      You mad?


    4. Anonymous8:20 AM

      7:50- I don't see ANY hatel here. WTF are you talking about?
      Please respond to 8:04 with proof of "said lies" or grow up and get a life you hatel.

    5. Anonymous9:35 AM

      7:30 AM Why do you come here? You post the S.O.S. each time that Babble about all things unknown to you.

  20. Boscoe7:20 AM

    Anyone else noticing that Greta's hair makes her head look like a giant penis?

    1. Anonymous7:30 AM

      That is a stupid and ignorant remark.

    2. Anonymous7:47 AM

      That 70's style parted in middle and feathered definitely adds a phallic look. And her smooth, shiny, bulbous, plasticized face completes the look as *just another dickhead* on Fox, just like most of the others from Bolling & crew on through prime time.

    3. Anonymous7:56 AM

      Greta Is a giant penis.

    4. Anonymous7:30 AM

      You still mad?


    5. Anonymous9:29 AM

      I have missed you bulbous fetish troll! Sarah is bulbous, Bristol and Willow are bulbous, and now Greta is bulbous, too! How many bulbous people do you have in your bulbous collection? Is there enough bulbous in the world to ease your fetish? Please make some more comments using the word bulbous!! I love it!!!

    6. Anonymous10:17 AM

      Im sorry, I couldn't hear you, did you say Greta has a giant penis?

  21. Maple7:26 AM

    It's way past time that Faux News kept up-to-date with the real news. The story here really isn't about palin's word salad answers, it's really about greta's stupid questions. She doesn't seem to realize that the IRS "scandal" has been proven NOT to be a scandal at all, and her question about Issa is nothing short of extreme partisanship.
    As for palin -- well, what can you expect? Stupid is as stupid does.

    1. Anonymous8:29 AM

      Supposedly the questions were sent in from the public. HER public. Not hard to see the similarity in IQs, she talks like one of them!

    2. Anonymous3:45 PM

      You got that right, 829 AM, listening to those two wharrrgarrbbling at each other is detrimental to any thinking person's brain cell count! Sadly Greta is supposed to be one of the "smart" Fox people!

  22. Anonymous7:28 AM

    If you believe George Zimmerman ...

    Trayvon spoke in more correct and complete sentences (after being shot through the heart with a "hollow point" 9mm bullet) than Sarah does in this interview.

    1. Anonymous8:17 AM

      As does Gabby Giffords with her diminished and recovering brain activity.

  23. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Godzilla from Wasilla was clearly sedated.
    What?! NO BLING!! She hates America!

  24. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Is this the proposed cover photo for Palin's upcoming book?


    She could change the title from:
    Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas

    New title:
    Good Tidings, Happy Endings and Great Joy: Erecting the Head of Christmas

    1. Anonymous8:15 AM

      Comes with a complimentary sample of Viagra for good Patriot Americans.

    2. Anonymous3:52 PM

      Damn, Jesus needs Sarah to "protect" his fake Birthday? Truly she is mighty! lol

  25. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Looks like she's wearing two different eyeballs.

    And isn't that her inauguration dress from 2006?

    Finally, is it part of her new contract that she never wear a visible bra?

  26. Her off-the-shoulder idiotic looking top would be more suited to a casino cigarette girl (especially compared to Greta's nice, simple, blazer/blouse combo), but then Palin has never shown any sense of professionalism in her dress.

    The hair was stylish in about 1966. Maybe she thinks she can be a Bond girl.

    She is really looking quite matronly these days. There is a mid-1970s middle-aged woman air to her appearance lately. And that was not a flattering time for women as fashion goes.

    It doesn't matter what she said politically, it was as empty as her head, so pfft to that.

    1. AKinPA10:12 AM

      When we had our high school graduation pictures taken for the year book, we had a set of photos taken in a cap and gown and a set taken in a drape just like Palin's except ours was black. We looked like fools then just as Palin does today.

    2. Yes, I remember it well. In Anchorage of course. 1972/1973. The female high school graduates had to go to some sleezy photographer's home (shack), take off our blouses and bras, slip into a off-the-shoulders, V-neck black drape, and then sit on a bar stool for the guy to take our graduate pictures. This was done on an individual basis so anything could have happened to us if we went alone which most of us did.

      Talk about creepy and totally unnecessary. I was extremely uncomfortable as were my friends. Seeing Sarah of late with off-the-shoulders clothing makes me think of my above story. She's too old for that type of dress, not to mention incredibly unprofessional. But then again, it's Fox News. ALL the female anchors dress like high-class whores except Greta. I suppose their audience is suppose to take Greta seriously. Clever marketing.

      OTOH, I have a relative who is running for the Alaska governorship next year and who ran against Sarah in 2006. They were 'buddies', held hands, prayed and all that crap. He said I could meet her when he got elected. I told him forget it, I don't want to get within 1000 yards of her. People mysteriously die around her for one reason and I don't want to tainted in the presence of Wicked Witch of the North. Seriously.

      Which only goes to prove, ANYBODY can run for governor - no brains needed, no experience, but just be good-looking, have some charisma, and you too can be elected. Because here in America, looks is what it's ALL about. My relative is bald with no public office experience whatsoever. Of course, he doesn't have a chance in hell. But it's Alaska....too funny.

      Also, too (ha), I gave 'Boys Will Be Boys' to my Oby-Gyn and asked her to give me her opinion as to whether Sarah had Trig or not. My good doctor does not live or practice in Alaska and she isn't prejudiced with the Sarah Drama. I also mentioned to the doctor that I had similar experiences as Shailey and have been asked by several people to write of my trials and tribulations. It will be a start on the journey of much-needed healing but also I plan to be an advocate of some venue for the prevention of sexual abuse for women along with domestic violence. It's real and I would have to say Alaska, per capital, is ground zero for such abuse.

  27. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Too many crazy things to mention here for less than 5 minutes of nonsense, but I think you nailed them all in your commentary along with the transcript. Great job, Gryphen.

    Even though they have Sarah sedated to keep her more calm, there's still that large disconnect between her brain and her mouth than run independent of one another. I prefer the *wired out* version of Sarah most times for comedic effect, but the subtle humor of reading the captions about wildfires while Sarah sits in front of the towering inferno talking her word salad while it's an extremely frigid 61 degrees outside... I can't help but think about the turkeys getting de-headed and blood drained in the background of her Happy Thanksgiving interview and photo op just a few years back.

    Greta drew the short straw, and once again Sarah had to get dressed and makeup troweled on for 4.5 minutes of commentary outside of prime time, this time on *fireworks*, certainly one of the most pressing matters of the day.

    Ailes is still a company man for the Republican party, but he has a sense of humor, too. Reckon Sarah is fuming today for being made the clown again? Poor Todd and poor fridge. You know she takes out all her anger on both of them.

    As cans fly by, "But Juicy, I thought you did real good in that spot, mentioning that the IRS Lady was getting paid for doing nothing while on unpaid leave. You told it like it is!"

  28. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Still providing slander are we blog man? I hope you don't believe in karma because falsely accusing people of drug use is greatly immoral. But i'd expect nothing less from you, man who never admits he has told lies.

    1. Anonymous7:59 AM

      Die troll!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Anonymous8:00 AM

      Dear 7:49:

      Please, once again, we ask you to make sure you understand the difference between slander and libel.
      What's the difference between "greatly immoral" and just plain "immoral? "
      Please go back to living vibrantly and allow the "man" and his followers to live ours.
      And here's a query: if Miss Palin isn't using drugs, then why does she appear to be living in her own universe? Why is her body deteriorating right before our eyes, from one year to the next?
      Is she just hopped up on Diet Dr. Pepper and s'mores? If you don't like the speculation about her bizarre behavior, then you must provide alternative facts.
      Wishing you a mature and loving day,
      A reader

    3. Anonymous8:06 AM

      Nice try. Anyone who has dealt with someone addicted to drugs recognizes she is showing classic symptom of drug dependency.

    4. Anonymous7:49 AM

      Yep...you're still mad!


    5. Anonymous8:22 AM

      "Greatly immoral?" Really?? ROFL. You really show your home schooled GED education off in your comments here.
      Grow up. Get a life. Stop slandering,

    6. "Blog-Man" worst Marvel superhero ever!

    7. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn8:46 AM

      She's a public figure, and most of the time her behavior just screams for remarks. Unfortunately, that's the price Lucy Hollywood must pay for fame. Isn't that what you dimbulbs love about her--she's purdy and everyone recognizes her? And I won't even go into what you trolls say about our President, eh? Wanna talk "immoral"? Can you wrap your eensy mind around all that?

      BTW, it's great to see the roaring maw of hell behind her again! What's she roasting in there--old wigs?

    8. Anonymous8:59 AM

      7:49 If YOU believe in karma, be prepared, Bristles. Lying about being raped by Levi will come back to haunt you when your son hears from his schoolmates about how you said he was conceived. Also, too, the lies you told under oath that ended with that young man being jailed for hacking your mother's e-mail. She was stupid then using an easily accessed account and she has not wised up since then, either.

    9. Anonymous9:09 AM

      fuck *off* loser..

    10. Anonymous9:23 AM

      7:49 AM You comment on so called slander, but you never respond to questions about Todd Palin's Sex Trafficking. July 1, 2013 is the start of the new Alaska Sex Trafficking Law that changes the Statute of Limitations for Pimps like Todd Palin. Live your life vibrantly and answer the questions about Todd Palin's Pimping. While you are pondering any response, TAKE YOUR MEDS!!!

    11. Anonymous9:25 AM

      If Gryphen has Lied about Sarah Palin's Drug use and Todd Palin's Pimping, why haven't they filed a lawsuit? Because they have no defense, it is all TRUE.

    12. Anonymous4:04 PM

      If you believe in karma then you have GOT to be frightened for Sarah with all the bad shit coming her way!

  29. Anonymous7:51 AM

    After each statement, Palin closed her mouth is a smug smile, as if to say, "Hey, Roger, I kept it short like you said." She clearly did not like being limited to a few minutes, and she didn't like be limited to some tired old talking points. Most of all, it was that dumb smile each time Sarah finished talking.

    1. Anonymous9:24 AM

      Between Greta's and her plastic surgery, it's a wonder either of them can "smile" period!

  30. A. J. Billings8:11 AM

    I think someone finally got the message through to the idiot from Wasilla that licking lips and flicking tongues was a dead give away of drug use.

    The thousand yard zombie stare is just so strange, also too.

    Please notice the globe in the background. I'm wondering if in her addle-pated delusional state that Paylin actually thinks that gives her, you know, world policy credentials, and makes her smart?

    Cuz havin' a globe in yer house means you care about world issues an' you can find Russia on there, and Africa, what was not a mistake she made, no sireee.

    1. Anonymous4:49 PM

      @ My Sew Imperfect Life 1:13 PM

      Any of 'em, all of 'em, that have been put in front of her over the years, of course!

  31. Anonymous8:13 AM

    I love it when Sarah says, "Lookit," as in, "Lookit, we need to do something about this problem." She uses that slang term on national television!

    Also, she says Lerner will "CLAIM the fifth amendment." Egad, Sarah, when, in the history of grammar and government, has anyone ever, EVER "claimed" a constitutional amendment?! Learn to use appropriate verbs.

    She truly has no idea how unprofessional she is. Too stupid to know she's stupid.

    1. Anonymous8:48 AM

      She is a drug addicted retard...nothing more or nothing less!

  32. Anonymous8:14 AM

    "They should absolutely call her back, and charge her with contempt if she continuous to refuse to answer questions though she has prefaced her testimony with a claim of innocence, saying she has nothing to do with this IRS corruption. And then has refused to answer the people's representatives about what bolsters her claim of innocence? Yes they need to call her back. It's amazing she is still being paid in her position though she's not doing a lick of work. She's on leave without pay. It's amazing that those who have been involved in this IRS corruption haven't been fired or been held accountable."

    Ummm, even though there was the taped proof of her hatchet-man's attempt to co-erce a State Trooper to fire their hated ex-brother-in-law Wooten from the Department, she put Frank Bailey on PAID LEAVE where he didn't do a lick of work (except maybe bully other Palin critics) and wasn't held accountable.

    And didn't she and her ilk ignore a subpoena by the State Legislature and refuse to answer questions to be held accountable for their bad behavior?

    Sarah, when you say people should be open and transparent, held accountable and suffer consequences for bad behavior? Who do you mean? Anyone but you and your ilk and whatnot also too?

  33. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Not only was she pushed out of prime time and forced to spend time commenting on fireworks, but she was buried late in the program when the viewership in Fox News' older demo (avg age=64) tails off drastically as they retire for the evening. Ailes knows what he is doing, and he should start a PAC so I can contribute to it. He is toying with her just as I would.

    Thanks for the laughs, Roger.

    1. Anonymous9:22 AM

      After 45 minutes of the Zimmerman trial, I think that the Fox viewers needed a bathroom breath.

    2. Anonymous4:42 PM

      Yep, loving the smell of Sarah.

      Wild Tortoise

  34. The trolls are here; the trolls are here. All hail the gang .. the trolls are here. This means Gryphen you've hit raw nerves with this one because they see the truth about Sarah, they hear the false information she spews forth (badly, I might add) but they don't accept it; they have to continue to fight, fight, fight for their damsel in distress. And she IS in distress!

  35. Anonymous8:38 AM

    O/T. They are fighting over the Belmonts!!! you will NOT believe this thread:


    1. Anonymous8:38 AM

      And I am LOVING IT! My favorite comment so far....

      "Tom Ferriday • 33 minutes ago −
      It's amazing that Sarah cannot get any respect...anywhere. I've never liked Eric Erickson of Red State anyways. He's a fat, smarmy jerk. However, I never knew they'd sink so low."

      WhoTF knew that Baldy was the Rodney"I's get no respect" Dangerfield of politics....who knew!


    2. Anonymous11:29 AM

      Well Tom Ferriday, it's no coincidence- or conspiracy- that everyone disrespects her. She is a dangerous, blithering idiot. Really. We do not fear her for the reasons you think.

      No jealousy- just anger and amazement that she could fool so many people, and still does. If she wanted to be a celeb, we could just laugh.

      But when she tries to stir up the people of this country against each other, it becomes our duty to make sure she never holds another position of power. If we can laugh while doing that, all the better.

      Trust that we're not going away till she is rendered politically harmless.

    3. Anonymous4:15 PM

      They seem to forget that if you refuse to show ANY respect to ANYONE, you can't demand others respect you. Bunch of hypocrites.

  36. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Think this is our troll? From a discussion of trolls (coincidentally!) at the pee pond:

    KatieDyd • 8 hours ago

    "Does it matter? It's disqus. They're ace internet stalkers with no lives. Just keep being happy and living your life. Make em jealous with how content you are and how many adventures you have due to you NOT trolling the net doing pointless things."

    Are you content Katie? Or just jealous?

    1. Anonymous9:16 AM

      Over in the Open Thread (where they get more up and down arrows on the comments), some of their "trolls" have invented some quite hilarious disqus handles.

      GrannyGrifter, NoMoreMoose, Palin is a Crook, FapFap4Palin, MrsMysticCordChordYouIdiot, Brian's Anus, Mrs. TripleDStrapon, Krustypants, Sarah's Ghostwrter, sarahisstillanidiot... and more. I probably misspelled a couple, but you get the idea.

      These "trolls" never post (they can't; they would immediately be banned), and it's driving the cult members crazy! And for that alone, I say "well done, little trolls". :D

    2. Anonymous9:21 AM

      Adventures? The people at that website do nothing but post love notes about Their President. They have already taken to calling Sarah, "My President." They regularly proclaim that they stand with her. That IS their life. They thought that she would run for president in 2012, and now they think that she will run for president in 2016. When someone posted a comment, telling them that Sarah will not run for any elected office, they were offended and banished that person. They live in a dream world.

    3. Anonymous8:39 AM

      Hell Yeah that's Krusty's Krazy fucking ass! She can only recite the same shit over and over...it's how we know it's her dumbass!

      Right Krust?


    4. Anonymous10:21 AM

      "Make em jealous with how content you are and how many adventures you have due to you NOT trolling the net doing pointless things.""

      Uhhhhh, ummmmm,,,,,,,,
      KatieDyd, read that sentence to yourself slowly. Sloooowly.

    5. Anonymous10:34 AM

      That is definitely Kristy, whose only adventures at this point, I'm guessing, are taking the bus by herself to see her therapist.

    6. Anonymous4:20 PM

      How fucking sad are you if you only seek happiness to piss off people you hate, as if anyone gives a shit anyway.

  37. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Love the schoolhouse world globe in the background. What? Did she borrow that from Tripp????? Seriously.

    1. Anonymous9:24 AM

      Having a globe as a prop makes as much sense as having the complete encyclopedia books on a shelf. That stuff was supposed to make her look smart, in the 20th century.

    2. Anonymous4:49 PM

      Same goes for the naughty librarian glasses. They don't make her any smarter than Barstool's glasses make her look any less retarded.

  38. Anonymous9:27 AM

    She'll definitely go down in history as a moron. As it should be.

    1. Anonymous4:44 PM

      She went down in all her other classes too, as the class slut. That's the only way the Re-tard could pass. As skanky as she looks today, that wouldn't be and option.

  39. Anonymous9:30 AM

    I thought that the IRS "scandal" was so yesterday. They profiled groups with words that made it sound as if they were a political group, not a charitable group. Not even Daryl Issa can find any sniff of scandal, and he has been leading the inquiry. Issa had to admit that there was no connection to be made where the White House was telling the IRS to target people or groups.

    As for our soldiers not being able to watch fireworks, well, that's really an outrage. Never mind that at any moment they might be part of a real live fireworks explosion. Setting off fireworks in Afghanistan sounds like an invitation for a riot.

  40. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Of all the programming on FOX News , Palin's segments are always pure fluff.
    Palin is never asked a detailed and serious question requiring a serious and detailed answer.
    I wonder if she knows that she is treated like a 2nd grader
    by the FOX hosts ?
    The Palin segments remind me of the old Stuart Smalley bits on SNL .
    Except that instead of Daily Affirmation, her bits should be titled
    My Daily Grievances by Sarah Palin.
    It's like an on air therapy session where the FOX host is the psychiatrist allowing Palin to vent her daily rage.
    Instead of a couch, there's a fireplace , desiccated flowers and a cheap metal globe.
    Whatever silliness Palin says is never, ever challenged which makes the hosts look as dumb as Palin.
    I wonder if they get a bonus for every time they allow themselves to be used as a prop by Palin ?
    The winter fire roaring over Palin's right shoulder was bizarre.
    But, it as made even more bizarre when someone at the FOX HQ decided to have a screen promo for the next segment on the deaths of the 19 firefighters.
    Because , they put a box over Palin's left shoulder with images of the Arizona forest fire .
    So, at one point she had fires burning over both shoulders and I have to believe someone back in NYC did that on purpose.
    It was a horrific , horrific optic.
    The ladies in my world observed that the shoulder baring , low cut winter sweater meant Palin was braless.
    She's a step away from " accidentally " appearing nude .
    " Oops Sean ,you caught me before I was ready ..wink, wink ".
    No woman consultant or commentator of any political persuasion on any cable channel constantly appears on air in the inappropriate attire Palin always sports.
    The Braless Babbler .

  41. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Her nose looks like a makeup covered caterpillar. She needs to back off the botox and fix that snozzle ASAP!

  42. Chenagrrl9:38 AM

    Is that the deadly wildfire blazing in the background? Snark! Snark! With Fox you never know.

  43. Anonymous9:52 AM

    O/T. This story sound like anyone we know up there in Wasilla?


  44. ...to slow up especially by preventing or hindering advance or accomplishment : impede. 2. : to delay academic progress by failure to promote. intransitive verb...
    Simple Sarah hasn't learned anything in 5 years. She IS nothing more than a Political Retard.

  45. PalinsHoax10:11 AM

    Hey, I see the "Grapeful Dead" was on Greta's show last night. Or was that Barney the Dinosaur? Couldn't tell for all that purple on the T.V. screen.

    What's this with the complaint that President Obama is in Africa?! That would be the COUNTRY of Africa to you, Miss Fruit of the Loom.

    "It's amazing she is still being paid in her position though she's not doing a lick of work." - says Greta's guest.

    Gosh, you know, that sure reminds me of someone who missed so much time from work that the employees started wearing "Where's Sarah?" buttons. Now who was that? Let me think. Oh Yea. It was the Quitter from Wasiller - the pretend governor !!

    Well, Greta your guest looks like a giant eggplant just waiting to be roasted in that roaring fire right behind her.

    By the way, Greta, why is your guest wearing a purple bathrobe on your show? Don't your have a dress code?

  46. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I hate to tell you that wasn't vinnaigrette dressing flying out of her mouth. Some say that it was Rice pudding. She should finish her Big Gulp before she begins spewing her screech. I'll bet that burns her herpes sores on her lips and inside her mouth and throat.

  47. My former husband was a career Marine and a Vietnam vet with two Purple Hearts. He hates fireworks! Any situation with noise and explosions freaks him out and understandably so.

    So screw you and your asinine whining about fireworks, Palin. People who have actually served in combat do not need colorful, pretty explosions to be able to imagine "the bombs bursting in air."

    They know what serving their country means.
    They know what the Fourth of July means.
    They know what war is like.
    They do not need noise and explosions to feel patriotic.

    1. Cracklin Charlie12:57 PM

      I go to a big parade every Fourth of July. The parade, and my getting choked up, begins with hundreds of service veterans marching behind the American flag. I am fully expecting to lose it again this year.

      Unlike Sarah, I think those veterans are the best part of our celebration...not the fireworks.

      Please extend my appreciation to your husband, Nefer. Have a great holiday, however you decide to celebrate!

    2. "I think those veterans are the best part of our celebration...not the fireworks."

      So very true, Cracklin Charlie.

    3. Anonymous3:11 PM

      I understand.

  48. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Free beauty tip for you Sarah.

    These glasses are not for you. The bridge is too high and they make your nose look really long and bony.

    There's nothing wrong with your (long) nose, so don't go MJ on it, but you might want to ditch those glasses for more flattering ones with a lower bridge. Just trying to help.

  49. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Palin is tying to pull off a Helter Skelter. But she expects the teabaggers to do it instead of Blacks. Then her as Queen Ester will be carried to the White House(throne). Her first act is to abolish all schools, they just get in the way.

  50. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Anon 7:51 (aka Krusty)How bad is your comprehension? The Point is $arah STOLE from the Alaskan people.She was Forced to payback the $$ as what she did was illegal. It was tens of thousands of $$$. She didn't do it out of the goodness of her heart.She used the Alaskan treasury like her own personal piggybank. Just like she does her PAC.How can you breathe with your head so far up your ass?

  51. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Sarah Palin May Have Accidentally Endorsed Racial Supremacy Group (VIDEO)


  52. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Hypocrisy, again and again and again.

    Troopergate Hearings: Todd Palin and five other witnesses who had been subpoenaed by the Alaska Senate Judiciary Committee's hearing into the Troopergate scandal refused to appear.

    Hmmmm....did then Governor Palin call for action to right this wrong? Yeah, no she didn't.

  53. I haven't watched the vid. I'm waiting for hell to freeze over.

    she is so lost and out of it she thinks its 2003 instead of 2013. Did she say her "warrior" son fought without proper armor? Thought not.

    she talks like she didn't get run out of office because of ethics violations. she also ran wasilla and ak into the ground.

    the insufferable ignorant wreck wants to run USA like her dysfunctional klan family.

    Let's see she lies to be lying. she begs when the gig is up. she gets high before any event. she doesn't have the good sense to stfu.

  54. I watched it, and can't see the eyes on my computer screen. She looks more put together and coherent than normal, maybe the drugs help? I remember that she was supposedly on ketamine and Red Bull, maybe she found a new drug of choice? lol
    (formerly elliegrl)

    1. Anonymous1:48 PM

      That skank... AGAIN she blames it on our President, but in reality, it is the SEQUESTER that is the reason for no fireworks at many bases and cities all over the country. (And GUESS WHO insisted not the Sequester???)


  55. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Are they putting makeup on her chest? She is a fair skinned girl with freckles that got too much sun and her age spots were everywhere including her chest.

  56. Anonymous3:09 PM

    If Wasilla is the Meth cap of the world, does that mean that Sarah is the meth queen? Tweak on Sarah, tweak on.

  57. Anonymous4:24 PM

    What's with the brides maid dress?????

    and she REALLY thinks we should be LITERALLY burning up money on FIREWORKS??? WTF.

    she is one cold hearted beyotch if she thinks our military folks are missing out on the sound of EXPLOSIONS.

    one sicko too many on FOE NOOZE. The sickest of all is the pig who wears lipstick.


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