Thursday, July 18, 2013

Karl Rove takes his cues from the ScyFy network in newest attack on Obamacare.

Courtesy of Political Ticker: 

Karl Rove-backed Crossroads GPS has a new online attack video criticizing Obamacare in a howling, chomping mass of fury and destruction that shall forever terrify the shark/tornado/health care-phobics of the world. 

Parodying the SyFy network's phenomenon "Sharknado," the anti-Obamacare version is called "ObamaCareNado." 

"Just when you thought it was safe to go to the doctor," the schlock-stick narrator tells viewers, "a rising tide of health care costs." 

Tornadoes rip through scenery and people in the 47-second 'trailer,' bearing the faces of prime Crossroads targets like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, and of course the president. 

"Nobody is safe from its wrath," the video says of "ObamaCareNado." "Leaving a path of destruction through our economy."

Sharknado for those of you who had the good taste to hear nothing about it was a ridiculously over the top low. budget cable, film that took advantage of the Discovery Channel's Shark Week by combining a natural disaster with sharks.

References to it exploded all over Twitter and other social media outlets, and apparently that was all it took to get Karl Rove's attention.

After all combining actual problems with the imaginary ones inside of his own head is a Karl Rove point of pride.

Interestingly enough this comes while news of the incredible savings enjoyed in New York due to the Affordable Care Act are all over the news, and on the same day that President Obama gave a speech touting its many positive impacts on the lives of the American people.

You know at this point it is becoming almost impossible to miss the fact that the Republicans are living in abject fear that Obamacare will be a huge success and they will forever be the party of obstructionism that did everything in their power to keep the American people from receiving better healthcare and lower insurance premiums.

At some point you would think that some GOP politicians might start jumping off from this Republican version of the Titanic and start swimming to safety before the waters of public opinion pull the party into the inky blackness of obscurity and irrelevance.

But instead they simply keep steaming ahead as if completely oblivious to the monstrous icebergs rising up out of the fog before them. And yet no such clarity seems to be asserting itself.

Well as a Democrat I do not feel compelled to point out the obvious, however once all the dust has settled I do plan to dance on a couple of partisan graves. Just letting everybody know.


  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Obamacare will be worse than this ad shows
    Biggest job killer in American History

    1. Who let Karl Rove on the blog?

    2. Anonymous3:04 PM

      care to add some facts to support your talking point?

    3. Oh, the illiterate idiot that actually thinks Shriekerella is hot is here to voice his equally stupid and false opinion of Obamacare.

      What a treat.

    4. Anonymous3:54 PM

      Proof with links, please. Otherwise, STFU. Moron.

    5. kimosabe4:49 PM

      ^5 anon 2:37! Got 'em again!

    6. Anonymous6:43 PM

      I concur, some IMers rise to the bait every.single.time.

  2. @2:37 - why not leave this blog since you obviously disagree strongly with the best thing that has happened to health care in this country. It will only get better for Americans as it expands into single payer over time.

    1. Anonymous6:42 PM

      Many of the provisions that are really going to have an impact on the general public don't go into effect until next year. The plan will continue to increase in popularity as more and more people realize how much if helps them.

  3. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Another epic fail for Karl...poorly produced, disjointed message, and completely irrelevant. Please proceed, Turdblossom .

    Virginia Voter

  4. Anonymous3:00 PM

    I again urge anyone who can log onto amazon and watch a streaming version of "Boogie Man," about Lee Atwater, one of the original dark knights of the Republican juggernaut. Karl Rove is featured -- he learned on Atwater's knee about dirty tricks. The documentary will confirm what you already knew or feared, but it still is very instructive. They don't care what they say or do, they care nothing about the truth, they care nothing about the country. They only want to win.

    1. Anonymous3:53 PM

      They don't even care about the win. They care about lining their pockets no matter what it takes or who they take down.

    2. Anonymous7:23 PM

      Anonymous 3:53PM: You nailed it.

      Lining their pockets comes before everything else, which explains why the party is not only dysfunctional, but full-steam ahead in dumbing down its conned-stituents. God forbid that these folks who 'think' only with their emotions should wake up, become rational, and see the extreme extent to which they've been fleeced over the years.

      The Boogie Man film nails this fact as well. A true documentary, it has no written plot provided by an 'outsider': everything in it is merely years and years of video clips of the GOP 'leaders' and pocket-liners, speaking their own words. ANY GOPer or Tea Partyer who saw this documentary could not help but be alarmed at witnessing this shocking exposè of true evil.

  5. Pat in MA3:06 PM

    O/T - related to earlier post about Rolling Stone cover:

    "The Bomber" doesn't look quite as glamorous with a laser sight on his forehead, does he?

  6. Dumbass Romney said that the uninsured can go to the ER for care. That's how clueless the GOP is. I just had surgery 2 months ago and my hospital bill alone was over $30,000. Because of insurance, I paid $2,000. WE; the taxpayers, foot the bill for the uninsured.

    1. Dumbass Romney is also inexcusably ignorant because he thinks that ERs are required to treat people for free.

      They can and do hound and bill people into collections and bankruptcy.

    2. Exactly. ER's have to stabilize people, but that doesn't mean that they necessarily do a lot of treatment. If a dirt poor person shows up at the ER, the hospital will stabilize him/her and send him/her on his/her way. If the person has no assets or income, the hospital will wind up passing his/her costs to insured patients through higher fees and ultimately higher insurance premiums.

      Now if you show up at the ER without insurance and if you are a person who has worked all of his/her life, if you have a home, and do not currently have health insurance because you lost your job, can't find another one with health insurance, have pre-existing conditions, and/or are just a few years away from Medicare, well.... You are simply NOT going to show up at the ER without insurance. For one thing, it's embarrassing, for another, it's expensive and a financial burden to your family.

      You probably would not show up at the ER unless you keeled over and someone called 911 over your protests.

      If you have any assets or income, the hospital will come after you to pay. They can garnish your wages, put a lien on your home, and destroy your credit rating.

      The Republicans are too pinheaded to understand what is happening out in the real world. It's not just the "dirt poor lazy riff raff takers" (as the Republicans would characterize them) who don't have health insurance these days; it is also people who have worked their entire lives who have been seriously harmed by this Recession. These are people struggling to hang on to whatever they managed to keep after the recession.

    3. Anonymous6:47 PM

      What about people with cancer, diabetes, cardiac problems, etc? Hospitals don't help people manage their chronic health issues for free. Just try showing up in an ER and asking for chemo or your regular dose of insulin and see how far you get.

  7. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Need a partner in that dance, Gryph. I rumba a helluvalot better than Beefy can even imagine. Better yet, let's make it a line dance and all IM'ers can join in.

  8. "ObamaCareNado"

    Sure. That's real snappy. It'll catch on for sure. (rolls eyes)

  9. Beldar J Conehead3:31 PM


    Say, Gryphen, I'm hearing crazy rumors that now that long-term NY GOP congressman Peter "Peter" King and a reliable conservative blowhard, has indicated that he may run for president in 2016, President Obama - less than one year into his second term - is planning to resign, as early as tomorrow, and turn over the U.S. presidency to King!!

    If this is true, it will be only the second time in US history that a sitting president has resigned and the first time the successor was simply appointed by the resigning president.

    Is it possible this Obama character - someone I know you think highly of, Gryphen - who claims to be a constitutional scholar has discovered some loophole that permits him to ignore the explicit succession provisions of our founding documents? If so, it's surely going to piss off Joe Biden something fierce!

    Can you check with your sources to confirm or refudiate this rumor?

    I can't reveal the exact source of the rumors I'm hearing at this moment, but it does appear - at least initially - that some - and possibly all - of these rumors may be coming from Rep King's own fevered imagination.


    1. Anita Winecooler8:05 PM

      I think your rumor source is onto something! Look at that Pope Benny to Pope Frank switcharoni! Who saw THAT coming?

  10. Beldar J Conehead3:42 PM

    "Parodying the SyFy network's phenomenon "Sharknado," the anti-Obamacare version is called "ObamaCareNado."

    Gryphen, can't you at least be a good sport and admit that "ObamaCareNado" is literally one of the funniest things you've ever heard in your life? I literally havent stopped laughing since I read it.

    It's not just funny, it's clever, it's sophisticated, it's urbane, it's refined, it's whimsical, it's sharp, it's witty, it's humorous, it's worldly, it's mature, it's.... it's....

    Sorry. I can't do this. I gotta be honest with you. "ObamaCareNado" is actually one of the stupidest things I've seen in a political ad in a very long time. In fact, it's HIGHLY insulting to the intelligence of the people to which it's targ.....

    OOHHHHHHHhhhhhhh!!!! I get it now!!

    Never mind.

  11. Anonymous3:50 PM

    That ad is truly horribly done. Rove is desperate.

    1. Anonymous7:30 PM

      "Rove is desperate." Desperate to give free material to every late night comic on TV. This will be the laughing stock of the internet tomorrow.

      And as for the serious people, they will know that the GOP HAS no facts whatsoever to support its position because, if it did, it would be cogently presenting those facts instead of relying on horrible movies and manipulating emotions in an effort to herd its own followers off the cliff of paranoia.

  12. He, Rove, would actually strangle a shark...No wonder they call him 'Turd blossom'... So I guess he's conned more suckers out of their cash and he's back smoking big ole stoggies, sippin $ 500 a glass brandy and congering new ways to fu** old, rich white guys/gals out of their savings...

    Would you give that rolli-polli a dime ??? I think not.....

  13. So that's what that was.

    I was channel surfing one night and ended up on the SyFy channel with this movie about a hurricane off the coast of So.Cal. Sharks coming ashore. Then there was flooding and sharks were swimming in the streets. I finally turned it off when there was a tornado and sharks were falling from the skies.

    Stupidest movie I've ever seen. (Of course I haven't seen Gigli, but I have seen Grey Eagle. Sharknadoe was worse, if that is possible. Which apparently it is.)

  14. Anita Winecooler8:26 PM

    Someone actually spent money to make this ad?
    Wait till Rove sees the counter ads. "What Rhymes with Turdblossomnado?"

    I was so pleased with the President's speech and the way he poked fun at the GOP's pedantic repeated bringing the ACA up on the floor to vote for repeal. The more people realize the real benefits and savings, the GOP will implode. Once something becomes accepted/expected, it's pretty difficult to destroy it.

  15. Cracklin Charlie7:28 AM

    That was about the stupidest ad I've ever seen.

    Rather than try to hide the fact that all they've done for all these years is to scare people into supporting them, they've almost made a parody of their hair-on-fire reactions to any progressive ideas. I don't think showing people how crazy you can be, is a good way to gain support.

    Not a real smart move at this point in time, Ham Rove. Is he even trying anymore?


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