Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shooting target company fashions bleeding zombie target to look like actual shooting victim. Classy.

Courtesy of TPM:

A gun control advocate and Virginia Tech shooting survivor is not amused that he appears in an image created by Zombie Industries, the maker of “life-sized tactical mannequin” targets painted to look like “zombies.” 

“Hey @ZombieInd would u remove pic w/me off your ad 4 ‘Gun Control Lobbyist’ shooing (sic) targets pls? Already been shot…,” Colin Goddard wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. 

Goddard was shot four times during the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007, and currently works at Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. The image he referred to on Twitter appears on Zombie Industries’ Facebook page. He appears in an image set behind the company’s new “Gun Control Lobbyist” target, which, as the company likes to brag, “bleeds when shot.” 

“While I advocate for criminal background checks on all gun sales (which +90% of America supports), I really don’t appreciate this marketing strategy by a few seeking to profit off our efforts to reduce a public health crisis that affects all of us,” Goddard wrote. “‘Bleeds when shot’… been there already, no thanks assholes.”

Isn't this what voodoo is based on? Making images of certain people and then doing terrible things to them, or casting spells on them, in the hopes that it will affect them in some way?

How Christian of them.

You may remember that this same company also makes Zombie Obama shooting targets as well.

You know I wonder what happens when somebody actually gets shot and the police find a target in the killer's home that looks exactly like the person they eventually murdered?

It is exactly this kind of sick shit that makes most of us want to limit the number of firearms that unhinged or people prone to violence can purchase for themselves.


  1. Leland4:27 AM

    I wonder if the company got a signed release from Mr. Goddard.

  2. Anonymous5:56 AM

    This company is sick. Sick sick sick. And I bet the NRA just LOVES them. What's next? Baby targets to go along with the baby with guns Texas ads.."we teach our daughters to kill?" I mean, baby needs target practice too. Makes me want to scream.

  3. Anonymous7:18 AM


    I love my daughter, so I taught her how to use a non-lethal taser C2 (taser C2s must be registered in order to activate.) She carries the pink one. Nothing is fail safe. Not guns. Or tasers. So I taught my daughter how to slice the tendons in the back of your knees. She carries a Spyderco Matriarch in her waistband (it's modified to open as soon as she pulls it out) as a back-up to the taser C2. She also carries a FourSevens Pro Quark that is programed (280 blinding lumens first, strobe to disorient second.) in her left hand when she is walking alone. All three are so light weight you forget you have them on you.

    The most important self-defense tools are alertness and physical fitness. My daughter and I run trails. She runs marathons. Flashlight, run away, taser, knife in that order. Always, always report any incident to the police and obtain a copy of the report.

    Purchasing a gun for my daughter has never crossed my mind. Not once. Too fucking risky - I love my daughter.

  4. Anita Winecooler8:36 PM

    While I find this idea vulgar, insensitive, ignorant and a wee bit creepy to say the least, I wonder if one was made in the image of a random woman, in this case let's use Sarah Palin, for example.
    Oh wait, THAT won't happen - she's been victimized as well when Gabby Gifford got a bullet in her head, Christina Green and others were killed and injured.

  5. Why don't these Zombie Target CEOs just make them look like themselves and their own family members? Then they won't have anyone suing their asses.

  6. Anonymous5:52 AM

    For all you anti gun lovers, maybe they should make a bleeding fetus with a hanger/vaccum attachment so you can have fun. Doesn't take a gun to be a killer.


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