Saturday, August 24, 2013

Greta Van Susteren interviews Never-Blink-Barbie concerning unfolding DHS "scandal." Remember kids, do NOT stare directly into her eyes!

Greta sets up the interview for Palin by addressing the website from that DHS worker I posted about yesterday, and inviting her to go all Alex Jones about it.

And Palin, eyes in never blink mode, does not disappoint:

"Oh thank you for covering this one Greta, this one is unflippinbelievable. This one is stupidity on steroids...Obama administration."

Greta, who looks like having to talk to the Wasilla Wendigo causes her physical pain, expresses disbelief that something like this can happen, and that the man's supervisors knew about it. (It should be noted that while the DHS signed off on the idea of setting up a website to sell concert tickets there is NO evidence that they knew what the website contained.) However Palin knows EXACTLY why it happened.

"We'll find out more as to whether he received approval if this or not, because evidently, thus far, it looks like he did  receive approval to have this side job of running the website. But its pretty ironic there that we hear that..uh..other officials are saying that appropriate actions will be taken if we what...form a committee and decide whether this guy has violated any kind of HR rules or not. Well it seems to be appropriate disciplinary action, with these very gnarly HR issues that we are seeing some in the Obama administration. Result in what? Sharing tea and crumpets with the offending official. (Tea and crumpets? Where in the hell did THAT come from?) Look at the scandals in the IRS, the DOJ, now DHS, and NSA. (Wow that is a lot of acrimony over acronyms!) These are HR issues.  (Does she even KNOW that HR stands for Human Relations? She throws it around like she is referring to the KKK.) It starts at the top when the Big Brother bosses decide what rules, what laws, they choose to follow, that day. (Palin follows this up with that thousand yard stare of hers that makes her look like a ventriloquist dummy whose owner just stepped out for a smoke.)

Greta then suggests that it can be difficult to get rid of government workers, but then suggest that if she were in charge she would find a way to remove the guy from his job.

This Palin's cue to make this personal. 

"What are they afraid of, getting sued? So what? I fired people in my jobs as city manager (City Manager? I thought she was the Mayor?) and as Governor. And yep, I've been sued for firing those who have been engaged in nefarious acts. (You know like Walt Monegan who would not allow her to persecute her ex-brother-in-law, or the librarian who would not allow her to ban books, or the museum worker who would not stop teaching people facts. Such nefarious people.) So what? So you get sued. You have to go through that process, unfortunate, you know this is a society that loves these lawsuits. and so often it's the innocent who have to end up paying. And in this case it's going to be the taxpayer having to pay for court costs and everything else if the guy does decide to sue, but SO WHAT! Get him out of there. Maybe he's in a union, protected by some union thug leadership, thinking that this guy I a public servant. Well he's not a public servant, He wants to kill his fellow Americans, we need to get rid of him. And by the way it's very important that the leaders in these agencies, and in this administration, can truly have servant's hearts. (Wait, what? Well this train to Crazy Town just made a pit stop ins WTF-ville!) It's got to be more than security for..uh..job security for an individual like this official. That isn't what we should be concerned about, it needs to be servant's hearts, Serving we the people." (Then she comes to a dead stop, and it's all dead eyes again.)

Greta then suggests the possibility that the man's superiors did not know about the website because the agency is too big.

Why is Palin grinning like that?

"Well I'm glad you bring that up. (Uh oh!) Because that's a fundamental problem in our government . It is so grandiose, so large, that things are out of control. This is an example of that. Where what, the agency even is so big that a supervisor, a boss, can't keep hold of one of its employees. (This might be a good place to remind everybody that Obama has been shrinking the size of government quite significantly since he has been in office.) Didn't do the right background information? Or continued information gathering? They gather information on all of us innocent Americans, why not one of their employees whose in charge of security, buying the guns and ammo? They couldn't do any surveillance, if you will, on this guy to find out what the heck his vocation, his avocation, happened to be? Trying to kill whites!"

Greta looks a little shocked and quickly moves the topic to Ashton Kutcher, acting as if it is beyond surprising that a liberal Hollywood type would advocate hard work.

Palin continues that theme and essentially infers that Kutcher must have abandoned his liberal ideals in order to embrace the conservative ones of hard work, which of course were NEVER simply conservative ideals. It is kind of humorous hearing a woman who works about once a week, and parties the other six, judging others concerning their work ethic.

After that segue Greta asks Palin about rumors that she might challenge Mark Begich for his Senate seat in 2014. (Can I answer that? She won't. Okay, fine let's hear her dance around the issue.)

"Well our present Senator, Mark Begich..'Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch' which is kind of how we refer to him up here. (No we don't.) He's being led by this bunch of Harry Reid, and President Obama...Mark Begich having been so supportive of their agenda. Ushering in Obamacare ,and incurring more and more debt. He certainly needs to be replaced. And we need someone there who understands know our country's going bankrupt ( Also not true.) and we need to rein in government, some simple 'we the people' type principles that need to be enacted. And that's not going to come from Mark Begich. He needs to be replaced, but Greta it doesn't have to be me. There are thousands of good Alaskans (Thousands?) with that servant's heart and the ability and the desire to serve we the people. Doesn't have to be me. I do think it's kind of hilarious though that Mark Begich seems to want to use my name as his fundraising tool so often with his far left friends (Translation: Alaskans who hate me.) cause every time I speak about this issue he'll fire of emails, and fundraising pleas saying 'Sarah Palin's talking about taking my job.' It's kind of in a panic there, being threatened I guess, but it doesn't have to be me, and as of this date I am not planning to run for the US Senate, but I certainly would never say never in this case." (Yeah how could she convince whose idiots to donate to SarahPAC if she stopped pretending she was going to run for office?)

Greta tries to get an actual answer out of Palin, but to no avail.

Said rather crankily, "The door is never going to be closed in terms of opportunity that could be out there to serve people who are deserving of those with common sense conservative values, but Mark Begich, and heck all those far left Senators I..err..ya know..they do need to be replaced..uh..President Obama does not need more numbers on his side of the aisle when it comes to incurring more debt and burdening Americans with more and more big brother government."

Okay did Palin actually rip Begich for using scare tactics to raise money? Seriously?

By the way though I may WISH that Mark Begich was working to push forward a progressive agenda, his recent ads on talk radio certainly do not support that. In fact most of them are very adversarial toward the President.

Damn that was quite a ride on the crazy train.

I will leave it up to all of you to discuss her wig, her thousand yard stare, and her word salad.

Me, I need some more coffee. This is MUCH too early to be listening to anything this stomach churning.

Update: Here is the official transcript, which I REALLY wish I had found before I transcribed this whole thing by hand. 


  1. angela7:00 AM

    That was some serious crazy . . . .

    Hands up if you think Sarah is losing it because her good buddies from Mat Su Maid Dairy are going down with the Feds and she's scared shitless.

    MAYBE someone should have run a check on Sarah before she hired her crook friends to fleece government money.

    1. Anonymous7:45 AM

      Two hands WAAAY up! She'll gladly let 'em take the fall for her, too, because NO one is going to come after HER.

      As I posted last night in a different thread, watch this over the weekend and tell me if, after all this time, anything has changed:

    2. Don't shoot me. I'm reaching for the sky, too!

      An Organic Word Salad served up by celebrity guest The Quitter is always the Special on the Friday Night Crazy Train Ride starring Sarah Palin riding shotgun alongside poor Greta V.

      Being in the #1 spot on Ailes' shit-list must be hell--- Ailes is a sadistic MF for getting his jollies by putting GVS through the wringer every other Friday night, after she flirted with CNN to escape his three-ring circus a few months back.

      The blank look on Greta V's face during Sarah's panicked, breathy, meandering screeches reveals Greta's mind wandering as she regrets her career decisions and pondering what her life would be like if she hadn't sold her soul to the tabloid info-tainment circus at Faux Nooz.

    3. Come on y'all haven't we all figured out that Baldy's appearance on Greta's show last night was for the amusement of Roger the Hut!

      That fat bastard was feeling lower than a snakes belly because his BFF got the boot for "financial improprieties"(whateverTF that means) and he needed a good laugh so he sent word to Baldy's pimp...umm...I mean handler and said "Get your crazy wife flat ass to the studio and hire somebody other than one of your trampy daughters to do her hair and earn the money we're paying her ass!"

      Then picture Roger holed up in his bullet proof closet...sitting on a HUGE leather throne...err...chair...sipping on a big sniffer of Cognac...puffing on a Arnold size cigar and laughing uproariously the moment Baldy "Crazy eyes" Palin appeared on the screen!

      And when she screamed out "he's wants to kill white folks"...Jabba...oohh...I mean Roger slipped out of the chair and fell on the floor from laughing so hard! Which prompted his security team to rush into the closet and hoist him back in his chair while he continued to muffle snickers and snorts as Baldy mean mugged the camera for another 5 minutes!

      Meanwhile at the Asylum last night...the patients standing around in their robes with their asses hanging out...were gathered around the wall mounted TV in the "Day Room" (Open Thread)and had this to say about the interview...

      "SusanWo4p MarkRNY • 17 hours ago −
      I think it's hilarious when the haters try so hard to pretend that botox/plastic surgery is the ONLY reason that she's so pretty....
      Her face is so animated when she talks/smiles...frozen faced Hollywood movie stars (who have had botox/plastic surgery) probably glare with envy when they see her eyebrows dancing around.
      She looks great and energized and she's real inspiration for any woman over 40 who's thinking their best days are done.

      conservativemama SusanWo4p • 16 hours ago −
      And what is it with them and the wig comments?"

      Strangely enough...that's pretty much what we talk about after her interviews...Baldy's fucked up face and bad wigs! LOL!!

    4. Anonymous12:27 PM

      She and the State of Alaska were also sued by two former Matanuska Maid Dairy executives. Palin falsely accused them of crimes they did not commit. It was her people committing the crimes and the allegations were to cover up her own. Well, the pigeons have come home to roost now, Scarah. Kristan Cole and Franci Havemeister need to go down along with Kyle Beus, Karen Olson and Sarah Palin. There was some serious money laundering happening.

    5. Anonymous1:47 PM

      I have NO sympathy for Greta. At one time she was a.decent interviewer But then she had her face butchered so that she no longer can move her jaw and took a job at Fox. She has to know that everything that comes out of her mouth is a half truth at best. Her previous interviews with.Sarah have been pitiful. Come on, Greta, dig down deep in your memory and bring back the honest woman. Quit Fox and write a book about the village idiot. Tell the world how Sarah gets a script ahead of time (and still sucks at answering) While you are at it, tell us about Bristol's obvious pregnancy in Haiti.

    6. Anonymous2:47 PM

      @ Gina - it's odd that they read us cracking on her face the way we do and somewhere in there they manage to hear us trying to explain why she's -snort- pretty! Yes, everyone in Hollywood is on the verge of suicide because they don't look like this fool who has to hang out with Greta so she looks good! BWAHAHAHA

    7. Anonymous3:58 PM

      @ Anona 7:00 AM - Everything Sarah accuses others of, she is guilty of herself, and deep down in that black little heart of hers, SHE KNOWS. She must live in absolute terror of it all coming out. That's why she's so damn crazy. I wouldn't trade places w/her for anything.

    8. Anonymous4:31 PM

      Ain't it a DAMN shame when the money goes dry. Hollywood has her figured out, DC has her figured out, GOP has her figured out, media has her figured out. They all DO know.

      "NO room at the inn." Her own doing.

  2. "Gnarly"? Guess she was inspired by the surfer dudes in the Ashton Kutcher video.

    Gryph, you've earned a shot of something bracing in your coffee after living through that hot mess.

    1. Anonymous10:41 AM

      Don't drink any coffee, G. Instead, take two ibuprophen along with about 4 or 5 shots of Rumple Minze, put your head under the covers and think about unicorns or disco music or anything else to clear your mind, and then just sleep it off until mid-afternoon. When you wake up, you'll have that fresh, peppermint Alaska-breath, and you'll forget you witnessed the train wreck that is Sarah Palin.

      Remember, it never happened, because you *never* watch GretaV's show. Just repeat that to yourself that after you knock back each shot, and click your heels together three times. It was all a bad dream.

    2. Anonymous1:00 PM

      @ 10:41 LOL

  3. Anonymous7:17 AM

    this dingbat rants on and on about the evil out of control government and it's surveillance on its citizens, and then asks WHY the govt doesn't monitor what this crackpot puts up on his website in his off time?? Uh....a little disconnect going on there, Sarah? She also wants less big government, but if she wants all these government employees monitored in there off the clock time, she's going to have to hire a slew of people to monitor all those blogs, twitter and face book accounts. Further more, she would be the one hollering the loudest if some poor tea party guy was targeted for his blog.

  4. Anonymous7:19 AM

    News article stating Sarah is only making $250,000 on FOX. C4P all upset.

    1. Anonymous8:33 AM

      Poor things. They are dumber than a pile of bricks.

    2. Anonymous10:47 AM

      Apparently they think she should be receiving millions for these psychotic rants of hers? I hear more insightful commentary at the local bus terminal from homeless guys who are already on their 5th 4 Loko at 9 AM. They look better than Sarah does these days, too.

    3. Who else thinks that Baldy was sitting there with no bottoms or panties on!

      She's a mental patient who has to have her meds adjusted on a daily basis...last nights performance had her cranked on "SUPER SONIC"!

      Next month when she's forced to earn her $20 appearance fee again...she's gonna forget to put in her "TV teefus"....instead we'll be treated to Baldy trying to talk without opening her "mouf" and sounding like Sylvester....

      "Suffering succotash Greta...why are we still paying this guys salary"!

      WOW I can't wait to see THAT show! LOL!!

    4. Anonymous5:06 PM

      Looks like she washed her toupees this time so you know she couldn't be bothered with pants, Gina! ROFL

  5. Anonymous7:22 AM

    simply cannot watch it
    will have to take your word for it.....

    1. Anonymous10:52 AM

      How does Greta do this without taking to her bed for days, just sick from the shame of having to talk to this idiot as if she has anything important to say. These Fox people are all crazy as hell...

  6. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Guess what fuckwad Sarah - this should make you feel better. My husband (ex military) reported a white National Guard PR man who was taking tickets (for concerts, nascar events, other big sports events) and selling them online for a profit. He was supposed to give those tickets to the families of your enlisted warriors. But he makes 100s of thousands of dollars of selling these tickets on ebay and other websites he created and pays no taxes. He is white. Since men ABOVE him in the NG are in on the scam, nothing was done. Nothing. Nothing.
    Why don't you get your panties in a wad over this Sarah? Huh??
    Fuck you.
    And so much for whistle blowing on the white military. You get no where fast. Kind of like HS not caring Toad is a pimp for the secret service.

    1. Anonymous10:05 AM

      Drug trafficking isn't big in the military either, white soldiers, also, too. No sexual dilly dally or hook ups either, nothing goes on with officers, especially white officers. Sarah knows, she has a son that is a combat vet in the Army.

  7. Anonymous7:22 AM

    "He wants to kill his fellow Americans, we need to get rid of him."

    yet, the goof Palin posted gun sights on photos of politicians. She wants to kill fellow Americans.

    and the 'funky' bunch refers to herself.

    1. Anonymous8:30 PM

      Wouldn't that be the skunky or skanky bunch?

  8. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Oooh, I see someone else said the same thing... I was going to say,

    Did she really say GNARLY?!!! What politician, pseudo or legitimate, uses a word like Gnarly?

    Not to mention it's completely out of date..... this is circa 1980, Fast Times at Ridgemont High!!

    R in NC

  9. Anonymous7:31 AM

    She still tries to sound "folksy".THAT is so 2008.It was annoying then and just as annoying now.Nothing is new with her.Same old cliche word salad.She's boring,offensive and uneducated.

    1. Anonymous7:59 AM

      It is Sarah who is unflippingbelievable, you betcha.

    2. Anonymous10:07 AM

      Let her try the folksy bit, she will never top Lonesome" Rhodes. He is the winner. She sounds like the word salad machine broke.

  10. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Sarah is running a cute operation. Last week, she had some posts on her facebook, about Ashton Kutcher's work ethic speech,and the guy with the racist blog, and a few more irrelevant items. There is no "there" there. With major events taking place in the US and around the world, chemical weapons in Syria, the March on Washington to relive MLK's speech (that one was about jobs, too), a woman talked a gunman out of killing kids in a school, Sarah picked trite stories-- which she pitched to Fox. "Put me in, Coach!" Sarah must have worked her thumbs silly, calling and writing to Greta to have her on the show to talk about the stories she planted. (Why does this remind me of Dick Cheney feeding Judith Miller lies about WMD, and then going on Meet the Press, holding up the New York Times and pointing to Miller's article to verify the story that he planted).

    I don't think that Sarah realized that the Homeland Security blogger had already been suspended from work and was on leave. Ashton Kutcher's backdrop was the ocean, and his props were some surfer dudes, standing with him on the stage. (Yeah, like man, cool). Staged theatrics, such as lighting a roaring fire on a summer night. (How cold does it get up there in Alaska in August?) Sarah's fans loved the image, saying that she was on fire, hence the prop. And speaking of Sarah's fans, if you want to read some hateful, racist comments, they write them. Funny that Sarah doesn't complain about the racist stuff directed at President Obama. No, she hurls it out there, with the rest of them.

    1. Anonymous8:04 AM

      Where have you been? She's been showing herself as a racist beginning in Alaska - some of the 'first people' people died because of her when she was the 'quitter' governor.

      And, then she showed herself as a racist during the campaign w/McCain which is part of the reason they lost!

      Today it just pisses her off that President Obama and VP Biden were elected AGAIN for a second term by a substantial margin. Plus, he is doing one hell of a job in spite of the problems he has faced!

      She is nothing more than an evil, unintelligent and poorly educated broad! Plus, she has zero class!

      She is an embarrassment to Alaska and our country!

    2. Anonymous8:38 AM

      President Obama won his second term with a comfortable edge of more than five million votes.
      The people have spoken, Sarah.

      In the meantime, why not work on that job creation idea with your family? None of them seems to understand the concept of taking a job and working for a living.

    3. Anonymous8:32 PM

      You forgot ugly, 8:04.

  11. Anonymous7:34 AM

    "Its starts at the top"~Sarah Palin

    Ummm, yea about Dairygate? Which is now blowing up!

    "And it has to be more than job security, it has to be a serpents heart" ~Sarah Palin
    Is that how it was Sarah, DairyGate? Oooooh can't wait to hear all the rats jumping off the sinking ship and spewing about Palin's involvement!
    *Tick Tock*

    1. Anonymous8:06 AM

      Bet you anything that's why Palin's are in AK right now...gonna try some intimidation, Todd style.

    2. Anonymous8:36 AM

      No one is afraid of little Todd anymore. Now that we know he has a two toned 4 inch dick, we just laugh at him.

    3. Anonymous11:06 AM

      And Malia has him cowered like the little dick pimp he is.

  12. Anonymous7:36 AM

    I wonder why she doesn't just say 'unfuckingbleievable'. We know she has a vile mouth, and that's what she means.

    Sarah, you are nekulturny.

    The B.

  13. Anonymous7:39 AM

    For my own sanity (thanks for the heads up, Gryph, it IS too early), I watched with the sound off. Her screed never changes, plus that gawd-awful voice, so why put myself through it?

    All I could think is WTH has she done to herself? The eyes "be buggin'," the eyebrows are indeed mountains that don't move, and the mouth in a permanent slit. She honestly has morphed into a ventriloquist dummy! It's all I could think of watching her.

    As for Greta, this is Faux. Esther knows well in advance what she's going to be asked and Greta knows exactly what she's going to say. "Well, I'm glad you brought that up?" Snort.

    Honestly, with all that head shaking, I was waiting for her to do the full 360 "Linda Blair" at any moment.

    "She's come undun."

    1. Anonymous8:37 AM

      She has crazy eyes just like Charles Manson. It is not attractive:)

    2. Anonymous9:42 AM

      The grin was unflippinbelievable ... I kept thinking, "Where have I seen that very look?" And voila! It came to me ... Jim Carrey. lol!

    3. Anonymous10:12 AM

      Seriously, why doesn't she blink? Is that the Botox or Moosepoo she injects at the scam joint they say lazy Bristol works? What's the deal with the eyebrows? Are they permanently up? Meth, Adderall, Botox or all?

  14. Anonymous7:41 AM

    I can't believe no one at Fox has told her to remove that shit in the background. One dusty dead flower arrangement might be ok, but 2, that don't match plus a flag just do not make a good background!!

    And again with the fireplace!! It's summer in most of the United States, and I know she likes to be all special and unique because she's from Allllaaaaaaassskaaaa an all, but the glowing coals in the fireplace look stupid.

    1. Anonymous8:35 AM

      I miss the globe.

    2. Anonymous9:26 AM

      It makes Sarah's fans think that she's hot.

    3. Anonymous10:12 AM

      What is the temp in Wasilly this time of the year?

    4. Anonymous10:57 AM

      same as New England - nice

  15. Anonymous7:45 AM

    "That isn't what we should be concerned about, it needs to be servant's hearts, Serving we the peopleThat isn't what we should be concerned about, it needs to be servant's hearts, Serving we the people"

    Servant"s heart?
    Serving we the people?

    Did Sarah Palin forget she quit her job 1/2 through "serving we the people" of Alaska so she can make money for "I Sarah Palin" with her failed reality show Sarah Palin's Alaska and make more money from the Alaska Film Tax Credit Fund she passed as governor? Sarah Palin has a short memory.

    1. Anonymous8:49 AM

      Servants heart = fundamentalist dog whistle. Stand by for Brian 2 Anuses at c4p to call for $$ to SarahPAC.

    2. Anonymous9:39 AM

      Correct me if I'm wrong: but shouldn't she be saying "serving us the people"?
      Of course, "We the people" comes from the Declaration, but that's when We was a pronoun that was the subject of the sentence.

      Serving "us, the people" makes that pronoun the object.

      Learned grammar many decades ago, so feel free to correct me.

    3. Anonymous8:35 PM

      You're good, nd it hasn't changed. It's just that $carah speaks english as a second language; her first is dumbfuck.

  16. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Why does FOX part time pundit Sarah Palin wants a smaller government when lazy Mayor Sarah Palin hired a town manager to manage itsy bitsy Wasilla and to do Sarah Palin's job?

    1. Anonymous8:18 AM


    2. Anonymous12:42 PM

      Same reason she screams for smaller government budgets after spending $50,000 on decorating her office.

      Same reason she screams for more government accountability after building a sports complex on land that was not legally theirs to develop.

      Same reason she accuses poor people of being takers while supporting herself by asking for donations under false pretenses.

      Same reason she accuses the President of not doing his job and taking too many vacations after the Alaska legislature wore "Where's Sarah?" buttons because she was nowhere to be found.

  17. Anonymous7:51 AM

    This woman STILL cannot communicate! What a labor to read what she said! She's nothing more than a hick, spreading things (STILL) that are not correct or true and baiting her small base for $$$ to her PAC!

    She's obviously not paid one bit of attention to the 'outstanding' job President Obama is doing in spite of the obstruction he has encountered from the House/U.S. Congress. The deficit has DECREASED Republicans! You idiots!

    Palin does appear to be on drugs and again I say, the Heath/Palin family members need to admit her to API in Anchorage and throw away the key!

    1. Anonymous9:26 AM

      There won't be an intervention. Not while they are still cashing in on the Golden Goose. Chuckie has another book that he wants to sell. I don't see it listed on Amazon, so he still needs Sarah to sell his book. Sarah is the only one who can open doors for Bristol and Willow. What talent or ability do they have to operate on their own?

  18. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Headlines I want to read ...

    Drunk Sarah Palin falls off Bristol's poontang boat and is missing.

    Grizzly bear eats Sarah Palin. Bear is tested for HIV.

    Trig finds his birth certificate and gives it to Gryphen.

    1. Anonymous9:39 AM


    2. Anonymous10:57 AM

      I will buy several copies of any one edition and have them air-dropped over Russia so those poor guys can finally relax a little, also too.

  19. Anonymous7:56 AM

    and she farted...

    1. Anonymous4:30 PM


      Ok, sorry, I was just getting to it before the troll did lol.

  20. "Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch"
    That's how people with servant's heart refer to other people?

    1. Anonymous8:22 AM

      She's sooooooo kkkristian and presidenshul.

    2. Anonymous8:38 AM

      She has NO class.

    3. Anonymous10:38 AM

      8:22 Loved your 'kkkristian' - fits her perfectly. The racist idiot! Hell awaits her!

    4. Anonymous10:55 AM

      8:38 she has some but it's all lower....

  21. Anonymous7:59 AM

    It has started, dairygate will hopefully lead to pimpgate and scarah and toad can get what they deserve..prison

    1. Anonymous8:46 AM

      Something's up, she goes into manic mode every darn time.

    2. Anonymous10:17 AM

      She needs to pull herself together or she will drive Bristol to drink and drug. No small task to keep the Golden Child under control. Who did Toad fix her up with this time? They would pay Levi to do her if it keeps her from anyone of her vices. If that pontoon could sing baby sing.

  22. Anonymous8:01 AM

    More and more a caricature of herself.

  23. Anonymous8:07 AM

    And if this racist had been white, Mrs Palin? Yeah, he'd probably be related to you.

    Oh, and please learn how to disguise your wiglets- are you flipping BLIND?

  24. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Doesn't she mean " serpent's heart"?

  25. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Yes....Ashton is from "the Heartland". As you should all know, the rest of us on the perimeter really don't count. That's where all those "commonsense conservative values" are doncha know.

    Greta cringed at the "trying to kill whites" comment. Doesnt Greta have enough seniority now at Fox to avoid the pain of these spots with the grifter?


    1. Anonymous11:19 AM

      Yes, Aston has a DEMI cup of Midwestern family values. He seems to really like Older Women....Sarah what about you?

    2. Anonymous12:36 PM

      Kutcher learned his lesson with older women. He has moved on to a younger 30 year old Mila Kunis.

  26. Anonymous8:15 AM

    I wish I could counter her, point by point, but you can't argue with a crazy person.
    Two points: First Amendment, Sarah. As revolting as the employee's opinions, if he did none of it while he was at work or with government equipment, he has a right to be as hate-filled and violent as you are. You can bet the KKK and their friends have infiltrated state, local and national government, and have for years. Ditto homophobes and theocrats. Let's fire them, too?

    Second, and of course there's so much more (Sen. Rand Paul's vile racist assistant who was forced to resign after he was outed. Before that, the Senator thought it was a-ok).
    So, second: your "servant's heart" meme is really, really old and means nothing, by now. When you repeat it over and over again, I conjure up a periwigged serf in knee buckles, holding out a silver salver with a moist, red "servant's heart" for milady to behold. Enough with all your heart imagery and metaphors, Sarah. You're becoming/have become a parody of yourself.

    Since you, Sarah, quit your job as governor, and while on the state energy panel, and have refused to hold office again, we can safely say that YOU don't have a servant's heart. You won't know one when you see one.

    Here's someone with a real servant's heart: Antoinette Tuff, who spent more than 17 minutes quietly talking down a frantic, mentally-ill man who was carrying a gun and 498 rounds of ammunition in an elementary school. She put aside her own safety to aid and comfort the man, ending a dangerous and hostile situation with her wisdom and love. She's only a school bookkeeper, but she has a real servant's heart.

    Try to mention her next time, Sarah, in a post, a tweet, or your next far-off appearance on Fox.

    P.S. "Sally's Dream" came in first at Saratoga last week, paying more than 15-1. We await your posts on all racing animals and how their names signify something mystical to the Palin klan.
    Of course, if Dance to Bristol were a nag who kept bringing up the rear on the track, I'd wager we'd never hear about her from you.

    1. Anonymous10:52 AM

      8:15 {{{clapping}}} wildly

    2. Anonymous10:54 AM

      MUST be named for Sally Heath, doncha' know, also, too

  27. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Anonymous7:59 AM

    It has started, dairygate will hopefully lead to pimpgate and scarah and toad can get what they deserve..prison

    I do believe you are correct. AND, if too many people get stuck holding the bag while Sarah and Toad roam free, well then the Palins are in dangerous territory. That will piss people off even more and the flood gates on everything will open. When people who are not millionaire start losing their livelihoods and medical insurance and shit, lips will loosen. And then the trickle will lead to a flash flood.

  28. Anonymous8:21 AM

    She needs to be taught some lessons due to her smart ass remark/reference to what Senator Mark Begich is called in Alaska. I've heard neither since he served on the Anchorage Assembly, was Mayor of Anchorage and went on to be our Senator in the U.S. Congress.

    He has ability, smarts, experience and speaks the English language. I wonder if she has a clue that he is a member of a couple of important committees in Congress? She knows she will never be able to measure up to him and it pisses her off! She won't run against him folks! She knows she would never be elected!

    Hey, Sarah, I think Alaskans should make a list of names that they can call you since you are so good at making them up about others!

    1. Anonymous9:23 AM

      I think there already is a LONG list of appropriate names already out there for Ms SP that is only getting longer.

    2. Anonymous9:31 AM

      I listened last night and did a 'huh?" when she used the word Union thugs. I thought those were her brothers and sisters?!!!??! I hope some Union folks take note. I think they were just run over by the Ms. SP bus.

    3. Anonymous10:53 AM

      the Toad was the Union rep when he had a job at BP.

  29. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Sarah is stupid and repetitive and fucking insane. Everyone at Fox knows it. She is a laughing stock. Ailes only let her back because she came crawling..

    The truth is most in this country can't stand her. And except for a few websites no one cares about her. She is a has been. Hear that Sarah? You can bash the President all you want but it has never helped your popularity or job prospects. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over when it clearly doesn't work. You need a new sctick you idiot..

    1. Anonymous9:25 AM

      You've got that right, and her "consultants" plus the 4-pee bunch pad every poll out there to make her look more liked than she is. FACT.

      "The Australian Sarah Palin" still cracks me up. She's known worldwide for being a whack job.

    2. Anonymous9:35 AM

      I don't think she's going to run or be elected for anything. But there are idiots, lots of them, who DO care about her to the point of obsession, to the point of voting her to the top of some recent idiotic Rethug straw poll, to the point of doing anything to maintain her presence and influence on the political scene. That includes mainstream media, Fux in particular but she's mentioned regularly elswhere, even if in ridicule...and her flying monkey web supporters. I will never drop my vigilance against this insane toxic bitch as long as she keeps up her schtick against the good people of this country.

    3. Anonymous10:34 AM

      9:35 She's not running for anything in Alaska as she knows damned well she'd never be elected! She's an idiot, fraud and 'quit'. Yea, the woman who has such a 'servant's heart' which we all know is pure bullshit!

      There is a very small majority on the extreme right that support her and the numbers are dropping day by day.

      Soon she'll be no bigger than a pebble on a beach!

  30. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Anonymous8:21 AM She needs to be taught some lessons due to her smart ass remark/reference to what Senator Mark Begich is called in Alaska. I've heard neither since he served on the Anchorage Assembly, was Mayor of Anchorage and went on to be our Senator in the U.S. Congress.

    Not very Christian of Sarah Palin. God will teach her several lessons. Right now he is giving her enough rope to hang herself.

    1. Anonymous8:59 AM

      God don't forget about Todd and all he did to the women in Alaska, especially to his former girlfriend/prostitute Shailey Tripp.

    2. Anonymous9:09 AM

      ...and that's what He does to FRAUDS.

    3. Anonymous12:43 PM

      A group of Alaskans who really DO live in the state, unlike $carah, should write to Greta on gretawire, and inform her that she is being lied to. Nobody calls Begich what $carah called him, plus she lives in Arizona, not Alaska. Remind Greta that when $carah was governor, people wore labels asking "Where's Sarah?"


    Stuff like this shows why I can no longer support Obama. And 35 years to Bradley/Chelsea Manning shows that Edward Snowden was not a profiteering coward but was running for his life. Manning was granted some tiny recompense in an onerous sentence for recompense for a year of torture.

    Obama is the Republican's best friend. They only hate him becuase he's black, I guess.

    But Palin is still an idiot.

    1. Anonymous9:32 AM

      8:51 I find both Manning and Snowden to be disgusting Americans and feel they are traitors to our country. They ARE criminals and jail is NOT good enough for them. We use to execute these types, remember?

    2. Anonymous10:06 AM

      If both Manning and Snowden would have kept their mouths shut they'd have no reason to be incarcerated or in hiding. Just sayin'. If they couldn't manage to keep quiet, there's this thing called the media and they could have both leaked their stories to sources and asked to remain anonymous, instead they both grandstanded and got what they deserved.

      Not taking up for Obama as one administration is much like any other in this post 911 world, however, on the surface at least Obama is trying to do some good and help the little guy, instead of simply further enriching the 1%.

    3. Anonymous11:25 AM

      Such bullshit. They only hate him because he's black? Why do they love Allan West and all the other black guys on their side who think just like them, then? Fuck you.

    4. Anonymous11:50 AM

      You libertarians really have as childlike a view of the world as Palin's supporters do. You can't understand why a person hired by our government to help protect our secrets (that we HAVE TO HAVE because a lot of people want to bring this nation down, from within AND without) can't just steal a bunch of documents and give them to foreigners to publish on the internet, or go globe-hopping, giving our secrets to other countries? You just don't see why this is bad, because you think you need to and deserve to know everything regardless of whether you're able to comprehend it or not. Yet President Obama is somehow the tyrant here and to blame for things that have been going on (out of necessity) for decades. Is that why so many people choose to do this while Obama is in office, when they supported Bush's policies on this (like Greenwald)? They didn't fuck with the Bushies because they KNEW they would be DEAD. But you want to pretend Obama's the big bad man who caused all your problems. All of a sudden the intrepid lovers of truth are so busy trying to be famous or be a hero to the people that they deliberately put them in harm's way and then cry when they get in trouble. And people like you jump right on their little wagon and pretend this is happening out of some love for truth. Whatever. You're just as bad as any teabagger.

    5. Anonymous11:52 AM

      11:25- no... FUCK YOU!!!!! Name all the black conservatives you just love? Go on,, !! Name them you stupid dumb fuck. If you try hard you can think of maybe five token ones at much.
      Yeah the right just loves lives black people!!!
      Dang you are as dumb as they come.

    6. Anonymous3:29 PM

      I'm dumb? I'm not a right-winger, stupid, very far from it. And I didn't say that the right loves black people. I said that it's false that their only problem with him is his skin color. They don't LIKE black people, that is very true, but they don't have a problem with skin color when it comes to black people who will put down and help oppress other black people or otherwise further their agenda. Their problem with President Obama is that he is a reasonable, competent guy who is popular and runs circles around their stupid asses, and none of the crap they drag their token black people out to sling at him has any effect on him. That is their biggest problem...they can't ruffle him and they can't ruin him. So why don't you smoke a bowl and calm the fuck down you fucking idiot.

  32. Anonymous8:56 AM

    ...form a committee?

    For a rogue employee?

    You either suspend him (which he has been) while you investigate or fire his@ss.

    1. Anonymous9:22 AM

      He was already on leave when Palin talked about removing him. Fire him, let him sue!

    2. Anonymous10:47 AM

      How long before she CLAIMS it was her rant that forced the President to abandon his golf foursome and personally call the head of Homeland Security and demand that the little screwball be placed on leave pending an investigation. When she does, the actual time stamps on the events wouldn't matter to a bunch of her sheeple who not only don't possess dictionaries, they don't use calendars and most of their clocks are only right twice a day.

      Rant on bitch. Just keep the evil lies and nonsense coming. And run. Run for any damn office ya' can find. Lot of folks waitin' fer that day and you must know by now they ain't all over at the pond.

      Many of us have already predicted your 2014 excuse, "you're saving your resources and building for a bigger 'non-title' in 2016 more fitting to your expertise and executive experience." yep, that should help keep the donation trickle going for at least a couple more years.

  33. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Sarah Palin uses simplistic slogans because that is the only thing that her low-information fan base can remember and relate to. Looking over the transcript of her appearance on Fox, here are some of those emotionally charged words, radical rhetoric from Palin:
    sharing tea and crumpets with the offending official
    Big Brother Bosses
    Union thug leadership
    servants' hearts
    service hearts
    we the people
    stupidity on steroids
    our government grandiose (does she mean big?)
    innocent Americans
    what the heck his vocation, his avocation happened to be, trying to kill whites?
    speaking truth to power
    Carhartts and steel toe shoes
    heartland roots
    Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
    we the people type principles
    kinda in a panic there being threatened
    far-left friends
    serving the people
    common sense conservative values
    and heck, all those far-left senators
    Big Brother government

    What they all add up to are insults, and more juvenile name calling.

  34. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Servant's heart?

    When my people were hungry and cold, Governor Sarah Palin brought us a tray of stale cookies.

    1. Anonymous9:21 AM

      and then she quit her job.

  35. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Great and hilarious analysis Gryphen, some of your best work!

  36. Anonymous9:12 AM

    She should love the guy - his rantings sound remarkably similar to Joe Miller.

    1. Anonymous11:53 AM

      So true!!!

  37. Anonymous9:18 AM

    "Well our present Senator, Mark Begich..'Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch' 

    Sarah Palin do you really want to go there and throw stones? What Alaskan governor hired her unqualified incompetent Wasilla High School buddies and gave them high paying jobs with the state and hired her son's baby's mama to be her unqualified executive secretary? Talk about funky bunch.

    1. Anonymous10:50 AM

      track and her may have a child together but it's not the girl child

    2. Anonymous11:54 AM

      10:50-- really?? How do you know this? Any proof of it?

      It's not Track and HER. It's Track and SHE. English, you know?

    3. Anonymous3:38 PM

      That makes no sense.

    4. Anonymous8:55 PM

      I think what theposter is suggesting is that Britta had another child before Kyla Grace?

  38. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Everyone needs to turn their attention to the federal matter of the MATANUSKA CREAMERY currently going on in Wasilla, AK.

    The Anchorage Daily News noted it on Page A-3 VS the front page and does not mention the involvement of quitter gov Sarah Palin!

    A high school classmate (and friend) of Sarah and Todd's - Karen B. Olson a/k/a Karen Lee - has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges she defrauded the State of Alaska and told untruths to the U.S. Department of Agriculture during the time she operated the now out-of-business creamery.

    She was the CEO, an investor and covered up the alleged criminal conduct of the former dairy manager, Kyle Beus (grand jury indictment too 12/12). Karen secured a 'loan' to keep the valley dairy going w/zero financial disclosure, which is amazing to me.

    Andrew Halcro (ran against Palin for gov, is currently President of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce and owns and operates a large business in Alaska) brought this matter to the attention of Alaskans years ago and what he wrote has come to fruition!

    This is going to be very interesting to watch and I hope IM designates coverage of this in relationship to Sarah Palin and Sean Parnell (current gov of Alaska).

    We have to remember too that the ADN, etc. have always provided coverage to Sarah Palin. We'll see if they continue to do so.

    1. Anonymous11:31 AM

      Alaska Dispatch is covering it and including Mrs. Palin in the headline and most every paragraph. Funnily enough, there is no mention in the online version of the Frontiersman and as you said it was buried in the paper edition of the ADN. Dispatch is the only local paper doing the heavy lifting these days and they are only an online presence.

  39. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Sarah, cut the bullshit. Are you running for senator or president? You know and we know the answer so why not just admit it is all a scam?

    1. Anonymous10:41 AM

      Don't make her! Sarah's entire act depends on her fans thinking that there is a chance, maybe the faint hope that she will run for some office. Her fans are already calling her "my president." The whole routine is designed for Sarah's fans to give her money so she will run. She won't run, but if they find out, they won't give money. It was a set-up, Greta asking if Sarah would run so people could beg Sarah to run. Sarah quit her job. Even Bill Kristol knows that it's hard to rehabilitate that image.

    2. Love Baldy's Bots! They are so like Baldy in every way! Racist...cowardly...retarded bullies who hide behind their computers and talk shit!

      Whenever these dum dums mention interacting with the public...the stories they tell have the same theme involved....COWARDICE!

      Like Baldy...they can't defend their positions about Baldy's "policies" or their fucked up politics without sounding deranged! Just like Baldy!

      I would LOVE to meet a BaldyBot in person! It would be Christmas...Valentine's kid's birthday...and my anniversary present all rolled up into one big pretty bow!

      *wavy...dreamy sequence begins*

      GinaM at the gas station pumping gas see's a 1989 Chrysler LeBaron pull up in front of her...McCain/Palin stickers adorn every part of the bumper leaving no visible bumper to bump!

      Out climbs a extremely...fat elderly white couple. Barking madly in the back window is a small rat(of course) tail terrier dog...wearing a "Palin 2012/2016 for President" t-shirt ordered off the internet!

      The wife(common law of course) who is morbidly obese and wearing a sun dress with ALL the fat hanging out every which way but loose...heads towards the mini mart with her cane.

      Wrapped around the handle of the cane is a picture dangling of's the pose of Baldy desecrating the flag! You know the picture...the one of Baldy in the shorts wearing pantyhose...leaning on the American Flag with that stupid grin on her face!

      Meanwhile the elderly husband is inserting 1$ dollar bills into the gas pump and humming and singing...."Oh my hand in Jesus"(don't know if this is a real song...just made it up!) looks at the price of gas and says loudly..."Damn Obummer"! He looks over at me and squints (cataracts of course) I smile and say to the old fart...."who's Obummer?"

      Fat old goat looks away and acts like he doesn't hear me! He finishes putting in his last dollar bill and hobbles back into his car! Just then the wife(common law of course) comes out of the store with both hands full of snacks and whatnots with the Baldy cane hooked on her fat wrist!

      She dumps the goodies into the windowless passenger side and opens the door from the inside! The ratty dog has never stopped barking and when he see's his fat "mama" his bark becomes a screech and sounds suspiciously like Baldy talking to Greta last night!

      The husband must have told the wife about his comment because the fat wife(common law of course) turns her triple chin head around and looks at me through the rear window!

      I grin and wave...mind you I'm still filling up my car...fat mama glares at me and the LeBaron coughs out black smoke and pulls away...mad dog jumps back into position in the rear window and Baldy's biggest(pun intended) fans peal away!

      Hey it could happen!


  40. jcinco9:33 AM

    she looks and acts deranged...

    1. Anonymous11:55 AM

      That's because she IS deranged

  41. Anonymous9:37 AM

    "Palin follows this up with that thousand yard stare of hers that makes her look like a ventriloquist dummy whose owner just stepped out for a smoke."

    Most clever description of Palin EVER.

  42. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Sarah Palin's Facebook post and picture of Bristol's pontoon party boat and Todd's airplane tied to their lakeside dock in Wasilla. That Sarah is so materialistic:

    "My pot of gold under a double rainbow."

    Sarah Palin's Photos in Timeline Photos · Yesterday at 10:22pm · View Full Size · Send as Message

    1. Anonymous10:22 AM

      Trig is wearing a jacket. I am confused, why the fire in the fireplace, it is that cold now? Trig has bare feet.

    2. Anonymous10:39 AM

      It's kind of sad that Trig doesn't care about the rainbows. Can he see without his glasses? And why is Todd wearing socks on the wet sidewalk (patio?)

    3. Anonymous10:39 AM

      Doesn't look like "Trig," but what else is new. And it looks like he has a shiner.

    4. Anonymous10:48 AM

      Todd's wearing only socks on the wet ground - so classy don't you know.

    5. Anonymous11:37 AM

      We had a huge thunderstorm yesterday evening with heavy rain and hail in some locations. It's been chilly and rainy for a week, highs and lows mostly in the 50's with some low 60's. They must to have seen the rainbows after the storm.

      Certainly Todd, with his pimping industry, and her grandson Trig could both be considered her "pots of gold"?

    6. Anonymous1:29 PM

      It is early morning and Bristol's boat is parked at Mommy's? Did she rent her house? She is living with her parents again? Isn't that the scary house in the woods, far away for any civilization?

      That would be one way to have better control of Bristol, keep her at the Parent's compound.

    7. Anonymous3:37 PM

      Wow, hows that fiction writing working for you?

    8. Anonymous4:09 PM

      What fiction are you whining about? THe fiction of Sarah birthing Tri-G on 4/18/08 at MatSu with an unqualified FPP as her high risk OB? That fiction?

    9. Anonymous4:16 PM

      Oh look everyone, it's the dumbass troll! We were wondering when you would show up to catch your daily ass-whipping! What part of which post are you claiming is fiction, dumbass? I know, I know, you won't answer because you can't.

    10. I have it on good authority(GinaM waves to her good buddy RAM) that our troll today is...

      B A L D Y!

      Guess who told me Baldy?


  43. Anonymous9:49 AM


     SO much for family values!  Party-hearty Bristol Palin has shipped off her 4-year-old son Tripp toGrandma Sarah in Ari­zona so she can go wild on the bar scene in Alaska, say sources.

    “Since her son left last month, it’s been nonstop partying and club­bing for Bristol,” a family insider told The ENQUIRER.

    “Bristol is hitting the local bars and acting like she’s a single girl without a worry in the world.”

    Disclosed an eyewit­ness: “While Tripp is away, Bristol is at play. She’s been a regular at the Mug-Shot Saloon in Wasilla and other bars in nearby Anchorage....”

    1. Anonymous12:06 PM

      Bristol is just like her Skanky Mama, hanging out at the Mugshot looking for Trial Daddies.

    2. Anonymous3:36 PM


    3. Anonymous4:19 PM

      No, stupid, libel is when you print lies that can harm someone's reputation. Everyone knows Bristol is a bar-hopping slut who doesn't give a crap about her child. So this doesn't really qualify. Sorry, you'll get it right one day...maybe.

    4. Hi Baldy @ 3:36PM!

      Damn that Greta interview was ROUGH last night! Don't ya think you should be getting that statement together or is RAM working on that for ya?


  44. Anonymous9:51 AM

    OT, but maybe the Dairy will take down Sarah yet.

    1. Anonymous2:02 PM

      I cant believe they allowed Pokeen Djibouti's comment to stay up on Sara's Facebook for an hour so far without deleting! Kind of sneaky! Haha

      Sarah Palin
      My pot of gold under a double rainbow.
      Timeline Photos · Today at 12:22am ·
      View Full Size · Report Photo

      You and 82,300 others like this.

      View previous comments…

      Pokeen Djibouti
      What a sweet picture of Todd and Tri-g! You are truly blessed, Sarah!!! Where are the ends of those rainbows? Washington, DC and Mat-Maid?
      Unlike · 1 · More · 1 hour ago

      Sandra Carbone Griffith
      Where did this pic. taken. Love rainbows
      Like · 58 minutes ago

    2. Anonymous5:47 PM

      Pokeen Djibouti, bah hah hah hah hah. Genius.

  45. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Someone on another thread here suggested something like this a few weeks ago. I actually wrote this back in June 2011 as you can tell from some of the then timely references to Sarah's bus tour, mangling history, etc. Feel free to add more if inspired.

    A H/T to Adam Mansbach’s new NYT bestseller, inspired by Sarah Palin.

    Go the F**k Away

    You have no common sense yourself,
    Yet still you harp and bray.
    We’re sick of you, your family too,
    Just go the f**k away.

    To everything Obama does,
    All you can say is “Nay.”
    ‘til you come up with real ideas,
    Please go the f**k away.

    You begged to visit Maggie T.,
    When you’re in the U.K.
    But in response her aides all said,
    Just go the f**k away.

    In your re-writes of history,
    The truth you oft’ mislay.
    Please leave the teaching to those who know,
    And go the f**k away.

    Your One Nation tour is over now,
    T'was met here with much dismay.
    So please just get back on your bus,
    And go the f**k away.

    Should I run for President?
    Over this we know you pray.
    The answer that you seek is “No,
    Just go the f**k away!”

    1. Anonymous10:22 AM

      brings a tear to my eye. This poem should have it's own thread for unlimited additions. I am working on one now.

    2. Anonymous4:12 PM

      OMG this is great! I was the one who said she should go the fuck away, like the book go the fuck to sleep.
      You should really consider expanding and publishing this. There is a parody of Goodnight Moon called GoodNight Bush that is hysterical. You could do a parody of go the fuck to sleep with go the fuck away. Seriously!!!

  46. Anonymous9:58 AM

    For Bristol Palin “Life’s a Tripp”…to the Bars

  47. Replies
    1. Anonymous11:25 AM

      She watched it live. No doubt sleeping her reaction off. Her response is in a thread below. NAILED it as ever! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  48. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Lewis Black's observation (Red, White & Screwed) that George W. Bush is fucking nuts can be perfectly applied to Palin.

    "Here's why I think there's something a little odd with" Sarah. "Because a lot of the times when she speaks, her words don't match her face! Something is askew!"

    "You can't talk about" hate, a race war, and government employees who are afraid a co-worker might kill them or others "with a smile on your face!"

  49. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I can't even look at this psychotic, hateful bitch anymore, much less listen to her. This just isn't funny anymore. She is absolutely insane at this point and if Fox put her back on the air as a joke, it isn't working. Anyone who talks to this psychotic bitch as if she has anything relevant or insightful to say at this point, on ANY subject, is only making themselves as irrelevant as she is. Sick, sick, sick. She must see Barack Obama in the clouds at this point, and blame him for making it rain just to ruin a day of her hanging out on her boat pretending she loves her family. She is a fucking crazy stupid obsessed bitch and that's all she'll ever be. She is repulsive beyond words.

    1. Anonymous10:57 AM

      Poor Greta having to interview her again on FOX. From all that is being said, it appeared that Greta was actually uncomfortable w/Palin and some of her word salad.

      But, Greta, her husband and FOX were part of the problem in bringing the fraud and idiot from Wasilla to the nation.

      So, now she and FOX are reaping what they so richly deserve - the plague of Sarah Palin and drops in viewership!!!

    2. Anonymous11:18 AM

      Ah, those witch doctor pastors. They think they're praying it out, they're praying it in.

    3. Anonymous11:26 AM

      @10:57 AM

      I have felt the same way for quite some time.
      At first I just wouldn't listen to her, now I won't even watch her speak with the sound off.
      All I see is evil hatred. It's telegraphed in her facial expressions. She is ghoulish.

    4. Anonymous11:30 AM

      "Anyone who talks to this psychotic bitch as if she has anything relevant or insightful to say at this point, on ANY subject, is only making themselves as irrelevant as she is."

      This really is the bottom line for Greta and other Fox News hosts. I've followed Sarah's punditry career with disbelief but this interview left me stunned. Greta's willingness to play to Sarah's incoherence, irrationality, and stupidity is inexplicable to me unless Van Susteren shares some or all of those dysfunctions. Stunning!

    5. Anonymous3:39 PM

      @11:30 - Exactly...I have to wonder what is going through Greta's head when she is hearing this nonsensical does she not just lose it with Palin and tell her "Jesus, bitch, give us a call when you get around to completing a thought!" She must have on hell of a mortgage payment or something!

    6. Anonymous3:51 PM

      oops, meant "A hell of a mortgage payment"

    7. Anita Winecooler6:08 PM

      Especially Greta, she even goes up there on her time off to get a whiff or two.

  50. Anonymous10:33 AM

    There is nothing behind her 100 yard stare.

  51. Anonymous10:35 AM

    EJ Stith
    Looks like y'all got a new plane. A Cessna 185?

    1. Anonymous12:07 PM

      So Sarah not only farts rainbows...she farts double rainbows. What does it mean????

    2. Anonymous4:34 PM

      She ate a whole box of lucky charms?

    3. Anita Winecooler6:06 PM

      LOL Todd's in socks on the wet slab while Trig uses his ear as a kaleidoscope. Looks like Beefy's party boat is docked safely at momma's house, or is that one of her pads?

  52. Anonymous11:15 AM

    I see a ghoul in a green surround. What speweth forth from its maw is mindless pablum.

  53. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Well, Sarah is back in her green crypt with the dead flowers and fake fire. She screeches false prophesies and stares into the back of your head. She reminds me of Medusa:

    In Greek mythology Medusa was a monster, a Gorgon, generally described as having the face of a hideous human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair. Gazing directly upon her would turn onlookers to stone.

    1. Anonymous12:13 PM

      Remember when her eyelids were always at half mast, in her previous Fox gig? Wha hoppened? I say it's a change in drugs and deepening of her insanity. How I would love to see her have to be helped from her chair LIVE on Fux News.

  54. Anonymous11:42 AM

    I keep asking myself why I pay any attention to the words of this OXYMORON of a woman!!!!

    Willow has her hair license and if Sarah's do and makeup are her work it doesn't say much for the LaDeDa Hair School from which she received her Degree. Would you local ladies want to have Willow do your hair after seeing what Sarah looks like now with a professional hair stylist in her family.

    The DairyGate thing. Scamming off State Money by friends of the former Gov. Why buy a cow if the milk is free?

    Didn't Sarah have all the black employees fired when she took office as Gov.?

    Fox has out foxed Sarah. They have her on tape and she can never run for any elected office. She figuratively screwed Roger Ailes and he has her where he wants her and for a whole lot less on the bottom line. Sarah Palin the high school class clown. (Ass-Clown if you prefer.)

    RJ in Brownbackistan

    1. Anonymous7:32 PM

      Plus, many Americans (and Alaskans) throughout the nation have her on tape w/her idiot statements, lies and racists commentary.

      She'll NEVER be elected to a damned thing in Alaska or the USA!

      She's a joke, fun to observe and a sorry mess!

  55. Anonymous11:42 AM

    It looked to me as if she blinked quite a lot in this video. Her very disconcertingly and abnormally wide-open eyes made the blinking even more obvious. Her eyelids don't really close, though - they remain stationery - but when her head nods back and forth, it forces her lids down over her eyes. Kind of like a blinking-eye doll.

  56. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn12:22 PM

    Y'know, I'll bet if they could manage to get Speedy McEyeballs to cry on cue and hold a piece of chalk in her hoof, she could be the new Glenn Beck.

  57. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Ooof. That was nasty.

    I saw it 'live' last night. Her eyes were defiantly glaring into the camera. She was angry. She is frustrated.

    How many times can a political contributor repeat, "you can take the boy out of Iowa, but can't take Iowa out of the boy"......How many times can Sarah use the terms Obama and 'big government', 'unflippingbelievable', 'union thugs', 'rein in government' and not sound like an old record? And she's stuck in the 80's: 'cool' and 'gnarly'???

    1. Anonymous7:29 PM

      And, her husband Todd was union when involved on the Slope in Alaska (oil field work) years ago)!!! She is an idiot!

  58. Sarah's Toast. CHEESE Toast.

    The "spoiled, out-of-date, rat-infested cheese on a moldy piece of bread" kind of cheese toast.

    She's Toast. Been a long time coming.

  59. Anonymous1:41 PM

    ANYTHING BEGICH makes the boil on her butt sting!

    As to looking her in the eyes? I couldn’t do it as her eyes are not right. I find myself looking from one to the other to sense some connection and it just doesn’t happen Why she hasn’t had those eyes fixed is beyond me. If it makes me uncomfortable it must make others uncomfortable as well.

    Emily Post

  60. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Don't recall seeing "SarahNet" superimposed on the screen before. Apparently the 'separation' between Palin and Faux has widened. Gives her more space to launder her consultant income and expense selling scripted content from her 'media network'.

    I doubt a doouble squadron of IRS auditors could follow the ant trails of Palin Inc, laid down in much the same way the ants do. Piss, piss, piss, piss (fart) piss, piss. If the agents are finally dispersed I hope the big bad govt gives them some very high quality face masks while they work thru the stench.

    1. Anonymous2:41 PM

      1:47 PM
      Oh, but they can and are doing so, even as you type your comment. There is a field of expertise called forensic accounting in which tiny clues are in plain sight for the trained eye. It's not as sexy as CSI, but just as interesting to us numbers people who love solving complex financial cases.

      Instead of using a magnifying glass or microscope to find trace fibers, there is always an electronic trail left behind, unless we are dealing with cash being hidden in mason jars and then buried in the backyard. Of course, then the fresh, dirt-filled holes might be a clue hard to ignore.

      The enablers who could assist someone with moving their money around, in and out of shell companies offshore in exchange for a skim, will always flip as potential witnesses in exchange for immunity. Then they can be tracked to follow their current and future clients activities. Remember, Tax avoidance is not illegal. Tax evasion is illegal. Graft with public funds is illegal.

  61. Anonymous3:35 PM

    It's good you admit that you encourage your adult readers to be nasty. It outs you for whom you really are.

    1. Anonymous4:21 PM

      Nice try 3:35. We've done our research and watched closely. The people who are nasty are the Palins. May I refer you to the YT I posted in reply to first comment here? You even get to see OUR "Uncle Jessie" for the Full House here.

    2. Anonymous3:35 PM

      Hi Baldy! Nice of you to join us! I tell ya' that bender you was on last night was a doozy!

      You know that dream you had that you were talking to Greta and screaming about black dudes are coming to kill ya?

      It was not a dream!


  62. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Yet you watch that stupid bitch spew hate whenever she gets a chance to be on camera, and can't recognize it for what it is. Like all Palin fans, your brain is wired completely "bass-ackwards." If you put nothing but hate out, you get nothing but hate back. So STFU, dumbass.

    1. Anonymous4:36 PM

      that was for Anon 3:35, btw. Time for a break I guess lol

  63. Anita Winecooler5:55 PM

    I love when the cuckoo clock is spouting her nonsense, the news tracker under her face says it's been confirmed that he's been put under administrative leave.

    I made it to three minutes, just to experience "the stare".
    Thanks, Gryph for your "ventriloquist leaving the room for a smoke" reference. With those eyes it looks like she mistakenly sat on trig's sit and spin.

    So nice of her to work in the fiftieth anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King's speech and the walk on washington. She's too busy with her servants heart...unflippinbelievable.


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