Friday, August 23, 2013

Sarah Palin brags about a horse that shares the same name as her daughter. Yeah THAT might not be the best idea.

Dance to Bristol. Photo copyright The Racing Biz LLC
Courtesy of the attention whore's Facebook page:

Congratulations to Dance to Bristol for winning the Ballerina Stakes today! This amazing horse is on a great winning streak. It's wonderful to have something more fun to write about at a time when so many troubling things are in the news. I'll be on Greta Van Susteren's show tonight on Fox at 10pm ET to discuss the government official in charge of "hoarding" guns and the millions of rounds of ammo for DHS who happens to be the operator of a hate website advocating the murder of fellow Americans. Unflippingbelievable.

I am not sure what the name "Dance to Bristol" means exactly, and I see no articles attributing the name to Palin's useless offspring, but IF the horse is named in honor of Bristol's dancing it is a wonder the poor thing can even walk much less run. 

So Palin managed to kiss Greta's ass enough to get invited back onto her show huh?

This Homeland Security guy that Palin is talking about is apparently a lunatic who is preparing for a race war and advocating for anti-gay causes.

I assume that since the guy is black that Palin will be trying to link him to the President and inferring that he is working with him to target white people. However that may prove difficult as President Obama is listed on the guy's batshit crazy website as "a treasonous mulatto scum dweller," and lists him among the movement's enemies (also on the list? Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, and Condoleezza Rice, among others.)

Yeah kind of hard to connect him to the President if he refers to him in such derogatory terms, but hey leave it to Palin to try.


  1. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Was Dance to Bristol on his back with his legs spread looking for a Trial Daddy?

    1. Anonymous6:25 PM

      That would be her back legs and uhm, not the way horsies "do it" it's all doggie style. But mares do "wink"

    2. Anonymous11:05 PM

      Lol only Sarah Lou would compare her daughter to a horse like this. Its all passive aggressive jealousy. Sarah hates Bristol.

  2. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Sarah spent more time on $650,000 horse than the courages black woman whom prevented a mass shooting;double standard shows Sarah Palin's true colors & desire to exploit

    1. Nancy5:02 PM

      Good one there!

    2. Anonymous5:49 PM

      Well done, 4:39. Well done!

  3. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Hey, that guy was just a small business person at ICE. Yes, he's a crazy racist.

    But Alaskan voters actually elected a crazy racist as their governor in 2006. Much more dangerous and damning. And now she's spreading her lunacy on social media and Fox.

    1. Anonymous7:23 PM

      She got her "Ivana" fame all right. Just what she always wanted, just not the brain nor the class.

    2. Anonymous11:04 PM

      Nor could Pimp Daddy Todd....provide her with the Ivana what happened to the profits, Todd? You supposed to keep you woman in Style.

    3. Anonymous1:20 PM

      How sad for Sarah that she can't match the brains of a shitty romance novelist who married and bred with Donald friggin' Trump. LOL

  4. Best way to get the Palins of the world to support gun control - give a black guy a gun.

    Amazing that she rants against guns - where was she when a white guy at Sandy Hook used the hoarded family guns and ammo to kill 26 people.

    1. She's been RANTING and yapping like crazy all this week because KAREN OLSON of DAIRYGATE infamy has now been INDICTED:


      Olson is looking at 30 years in a federal prison and a $2 million dollar fine. I think she should give up a bigger fish for a lighter sentence - don't you?

      SING, Karen - SING for your life!!

  5. Anonymous4:45 PM

    So the horse Dance to Bristol did a lot better that Sarah Palin's dancing gorilla daughter on DWTS?

    Why would Sarah bring this shame up again? Sarah I'm sure your daughter would want to forget that part of her miserable grifting sorry life.

    What a great (not) mother you are.

    1. Anonymous3:29 AM

      Punishment for the boozy National Enquirer article. Does someone in the Palin/Heath family have a gambling problem? Who ever heard about the Ballerina Stakes? Someone must be perusing the race track report. Maybe THAT is why Toad does not have time for a real J-O-B.

  6. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Hmmm rilly Sarah? According to you, you named Bristol after Bristol, CT, in the hopes of getting a jerb at ESPN to get you some more Rice. . .named her after an obscure town on the other side of the country, the 'elite' coast that hates fly-over 'Merica over the very obvious Bristol Bay that Todd's people are from.

    So why would a dancing horse mean anything in relation to your DWTS loser?

    Seriously. And about your hate speech appearance on Greta tonight, get real, you are a loser.

    1. WakeUpAmerica5:54 PM

      She has also said she named Bristol after Bristol Bay.

    2. Anonymous6:38 PM

      Who will ever know what was really going through her mind?

      Bristol Cream Sherry?
      Bristol Cream Polish?
      Bristol, Rhode Island?
      Bristol, Connecticut?
      Bristol Skiing Mountain in Bristol, NY?
      Bristol Speedway in Tennessee?
      Bristol Pub in Louisville, KY?
      The Bristol Scale for calibrating human feces?

      The possibilities are endless. She'll use them all, at one time or another.

      That's the trouble with made-up names. They have other associations for whoever hears them, and not always flattering ones.

    3. Anonymous6:42 PM

      Bristol, England?
      University of Bristol?
      Bristol-Myers Corporation?

      But, then again, who would name a beautiful baby daughter after an airplane manufacturer? And then add "Indy" as a middle name -- from the iconic Indianapolis Speedway? Odd to name children after inanimate objects, no? None of them has a human association.

    4. Anonymous1:10 AM

      The Bristol Stomp.

    5. Anonymous5:32 AM

      There is a Bristol PA too, north of PHilly, old decrepit post industrial town by the DE River, full of crack and meth and low middle class disillusioned Americans.

    6. Anonymous1:25 PM

      I lived in Bristol, FL for a short time when I was a teen...all 35 people there would have fit right in with the Palins lol

  7. Anonymous4:49 PM

    That proves it to me. Sarah has consultants who are well paid with her PAC donations. All that they do is search the media for the mention of anything remotely connected to the Palins-- last year's quote by Noam Chomsky, or a horse named Bristol. Wasn't there a horse with Piper or Willow in its name? Oooh, the race took place at a race Track. That woman is starved for attention. How sad.

    1. Anonymous6:51 PM


    2. Anonymous10:04 PM


    3. Anonymous2:06 AM

      About that Chomsky quote. I believe she read it hear at IM and decided to use it. There ain't no coincidences. And we all know she wouldn't have come up with the exact same quote that Griffin had just a few days later if she had not seen it here first.

      We own you Sarah, what we say you do...or you respond right to it.

  8. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Poor ol Bristol, rode hard and put away wet.

    1. Anonymous11:22 PM

      And Bristol gets paid for popping out kids just like a stud mare does !

    2. Anonymous3:33 AM

      Too many times to mention. What happened to Dylan Kolvig, Ben Barber and Gino to name a few? Oh, Joey Junker also, too.

    3. Anonymous5:30 AM

      And Johnny Chandler

  9. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Hmmm? Is Sarah talking about DHS because the Toad is being investigated by DHS for being the pimp who provides prostitutes for David Chaney and other DC secret service agents and is about to be indicted and convicted?

    1. Anonymous5:00 PM

      Link please. We want to enjoy this story too.

  10. Anonymous4:51 PM

    What's the difference between a rooster and Bristol Palin??

    A rooster says cock a doodle doo, Bristol Palin says any cock will do.

    1. Anonymous4:56 PM


    2. Anita Winecooler7:12 PM

      That's just plain mean!

      Do it again! LOL

    3. abbafan8:48 PM

      Anon @ 4:51 P.M. - Fuckin' A Bubba! I can't stop laughing!!!

  11. Anonymous4:52 PM

    That poor horse.
    M from MD

    1. Anonymous4:59 PM

      Poor Bristol Palin. So sad she has no education, no husband, can't parent or cook or has a life.

    2. Anonymous6:16 PM

      No horse deserves the Palin jinx.
      M from MD

    3. Anonymous10:49 PM

      Anon@ 4:59pm

      But one thing Bristol *does* have is an imaginary job. And those are not all that easy for adults to procure and even harder to keep.

      I took off a couple of hours early today as a reward for having wrapped up a phase of an ongoing project where I had already clocked 60 billable hours this week by Thursday evening. I went in at 6:00 am this morning to try to knock it out before lunch and then start my weekend, but right away received some new specs so we had to redesign placement of some water lines and power boxes, so I worked through lunch and got the plans FEDXED at 3 and then I was free. Free to breathe and think. Free to ponder what type of imaginary job I wanted to take on in order to pick up a little extra pretend cash while beefing up my résumé. I made a couple of calls and now there's a least two close associates that think I've finally lost it. Anyway, no progress on the imaginary job. Can someone give me some advice? I'm afraid to mention it at work again because I'm hearing rumblings about my working too hard and too many hours and that maybe I need to *talk* to someone in our EAP through HR. Maybe I will do that since hopefully they can direct me to an imaginary job that won't take up any of my time except whever I talk to people about all the great things I accomplish in my pretend job.

  12. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Anonymous4:11 PM said
    It can never be said enough...that woman is a effing idiot! Who googled that tidbit for her? Does she have answers and solutions to "many troubling things"....never! All that bullshit just to say she'll be on Greta's show.

    I agree, look at me on Greta's show.

    What about Sarah Palin appearing on the Sarah Palin Show?

    Sarah, 3 minutes a month on FOX is not enough hard work to advance and get your own show. Ashton Kutcher worked a lot harder.

    1. Anonymous5:47 PM

      And Megyn Kelley, younger, prettier, and far more able to construct a sentence, is making 6 MILLION, Sarah! Six MILLION, and she gets Hannity's choice slot as well. Boo Hoo. Foiled again.

    2. Anonymous3:38 AM

      5:47 Not to mention EDUCATED at a REAL university. Megyn births her own babies, also too, does not fake a pregnancy. Superior in every department

    3. Anonymous1:39 PM

      Meg's husband obviously likes her a lot more than Sarah's likes her, as well. Loser just can't get anything right lol

  13. Nice horse, let’s hope it stays healthy.

  14. jcinco5:00 PM

    lol, on greta's show tonight? haha, roger is making you work for your $250 grand isn't he? Wow, your day in the sun is over sarah-poo, go ahead & jump sarah, jump, jump...we're so over you. loser.

  15. Anonymous5:06 PM

    I heard she also put this on her FB

    Congratulations to Piper Plumbing of Hilton Head
    They will repair your sewer , unclog your toilets and drain your pipes !

    Congratulations to ToddSeptic Cleaning of Indiana !
    Need a Flush, Call Us !

    Congratulations to On Track Septic Systems of Rhode Island !

    Congratulations to SarahCalvertSeptic of Austin Tx !

    Congratulations to BristolSeptic and Sewer of CT !
    Septic pumping, snaking and sewer line cleaning !

    1. Anonymous5:28 PM

      Must be embarrassing for her to have her kids associated w/poop throughout the USA.

      Sarah, look what you have brought on to your children and you have no one to blame but yourself!

    2. Anita Winecooler7:16 PM

      Can a line of perfume and toilet water be far behind?

    3. Anonymous10:53 PM

      Eau de Commode Water by Serror

  16. Anonymous5:11 PM

    So, with a little bit of research, we can learn that Dance to Bristol was "out of" Dance to Dawn. She was bred in Kentucky. Nearby, in Tennessee, is the Bristol Speedway, where, when NASCAR racers were really beat up, it was said they were "Bristol Stomped."
    Here are the lyrics to the classic "Bristol Stomp," which baby boomers will well remember:
    "The kids in Bristol are sharp as a pistol
    When they do the Bristol Stomp
    Really somethin' when the joint is jumpin'
    When they do the Bristol Stomp"

    So, Dance to Bristol, out of Dance to Dawn, is just one of those horse names that get twisted around with each generation. She's one great horse, but it's doubtful her Kentucky breeders were thinking much of Bristol Palin, since the horse was foaled in March, 2009, many months before BP made her infamous TV dancing debut.

    Anyway, why wasn't Sarah Palin at the iconic Saratoga Raceway today to see the race? Surely her great pal Mary Lou Whitney, who invited her to the iconic Kentucky Derby, and who is the queen of Saratoga, could have sent her an invite. Maybe Mrs. Whitney's had enough of Sarah for the year?

    This is like shooting fish in a barrel, really.

    1. Anita Winecooler7:20 PM

      "So, Dance to Bristol, out of Dance to Dawn, is just one of those horse names that get twisted around with each generation"
      Something like Palin DNA?

      So very true!

      Then there's the Bristol Stool Chart

    2. Anonymous11:16 PM

      Wonder if the horse owners will embrace or reject the Bristol connection.....

  17. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Does Sarah mean that Bristol is a horse?

    1. Anonymous6:29 PM

      Evidently, she counts the sameway - stomp the hooves.

  18. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Again, in case it got lost in my report, Dance to Bristol was foaled in March, 2009, a half-year before the world learned that Bristol Palin was a "dancer." At the time the horse appeared, Bristol was still recovering from having foaled Tripp Johnston.

    Thus, there is no connection whatsoever between the name of the horse and the sad appearance of Bristol Palin stomping around on DWTS.

    Mother Palin would have been wise to leave the whole thing alone, rather than to embarrass her daughter yet again.

    1. Anonymous5:44 PM

      Gee, I hope the horse doesn't start losing now that Sarah is rooting for it. Or break a leg or something...

    2. Anonymous6:00 PM

      Bristol was dancing with the stars in the fall 2010. That filly would have been named and registered long before that.


    3. Anonymous6:36 PM

      The horse is four years old, named before Bristol became a dancing star.

    4. Anonymous7:25 PM

      Bristol is a British city. Dance to the British city. Unless you are a narcissist. In that case it is all about the narcissist.

  19. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Sarah never has any reason to congratulate Bristol for anything so the closest she's ever going to get to praising Bristol is to congratulate a horse that shares the same name as her loser of a daughter!! LMAO!! Oh Bristol you're such a hopeless sack of crap!!

    1. Anita Winecooler7:22 PM

      Congratulations, Bristol!

      You won by a chin!

    2. OMG, Anita, I just snorted coffee through my nose!!!

    3. Anonymous5:26 AM

      Anita, bst comment of the htread!!

  20. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Bristol posted about the horse quite awhile ago. "Dance TO Bristol", means to a place - not "Dance with Bristol" or "Dance like Bristol", or Dance to Bristol Bay (a place)
    They are getting hard up for material, and Sarah appears to have taken over Bristol's blog & PR.

  21. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Does Dance to Bristol like to horizontal folkdance in tents with boys and booze like non-Dancing Bristol does?

  22. Anonymous5:26 PM

    The idiot Sarah researches nothing before putting some ridiculous comment on her Facebook page. The horse is in no way affiliated w/the 'non dancing chick' that her daughter proved herself to be!
    She totally amazes me how friggin' stupid and attention getting she is.

    And, being on Greta at 10 p.m. is probably the worst time for viewing - FOX is putting her on when folks are NOT watching. Sarah, you are a 'has been'!

    1. Anonymous12:32 AM

      Uh, Friday night? I was asleep.

    2. Anonymous3:44 AM

      Greta is being punished for applying for a job at CNN. Roger put her in the worst timeslot, and she gets to interview the rapidly fading $carah.

  23. WakeUpAmerica5:52 PM

    Unlike Bristol Palin, Dance to Bristol is a well-bred filly with Secretariat, Bold Ruler, Riva Ridge, and Native Dancer (both sides) in her background. The name "Dance" comes from Native Dancer on both sides. Palin is a shameless opportunist and an idiot.

  24. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Bristol the Non Dancing Horse

    Piper the P.I.G. Palin

    Tri-G Palin

    Sarah needs to stop this right now.
    Don't get mad at me for calling Piper a P.I.G.

    I didn't name Piper Indy Grace Palin. Sarah did and I don't agree with her sense of humor or sickness.

    1. Anonymous6:15 PM

      I'm upset that Sarah Palin named a DS child Tri-G and don't think it was right for Bristol to name her bastard son after her pimp father's girlfriend and prostitute.

    2. Anonymous6:34 PM

      But that shows exactly who they are down deep. Why more people do not see this is beyond me.

    3. Anonymous3:34 PM

      You all need a life.

    4. Anonymous7:35 PM

      No YOU do, 3:34.

  25. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Difference between Dance To Bristol horse and Sarah's Bristol.

    Dance To Bristol horse is a champion and has great work ethics.

    Sarah's Bristol is a breeder and has no work ethics.

  26. Anonymous6:01 PM

    That horse has a smaller ass than Bristol Palin.

    1. Anonymous6:54 PM

      And better legs!

    2. Anonymous5:25 AM

      And is way more graceful in it's movements.

  27. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Better keep that horse out of Wasilla. Todd may want to mount it.

  28. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Anonymous11:03 AM
    "BELIEVED to be in $250K range."

    Could this mean Fox News is only paying her a nominal 'per appearance' fee that someone estimated would total $250K/year? Her segments on FN don't bump up ratings so she doesn't warrant being paid much. The hilarious part is that she's incapable of 'contributing' anything on her own and needs PAC $$$ for expensive consultants to prep her for 5 minutes worth of dribble.

    Sarah has to announce that she's on Greta because
    Sarah has to pump up her appearance on her own on FOX News on somebody else's show. FOX doesn't do it so Sarah has to do herself. Maybe Sarah thinks by doing this she can renegotiate her FOX News contract next year to $250,000.01?

  29. Anonymous6:13 PM

    That horse is brown like Glenn Rice's skin. No wonder Sarah Palin is getting all wet and sticky over that horse.

    1. Anonymous5:24 AM

      ohhh.....that's where the expression "hung like a horse comes from"
      got it!

  30. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Dance to Bristol has nothing to do with Bitchtol. The horse's daddy was Speightstown a.k.a "Little Bristol" in Barbados and her damn (mama) was Dance to Dawn. Breeders often use this type of naming convention to let other owners know the parentage (pedigree). It increases the value of breeding stock they may own. Hence Man o' War's son, Hard Tack (the indestructible early granola bar used by sailors) sired Seabiscuit. Another offspring was called War Admiral.

    1. Anonymous5:24 AM

      Right. Sarah does that pedigree naming thing too, sort of.
      Track C.J. Palin (Curtis Menard Junior, who liked to run track)
      P.I.G Palin (Sarah was a cheating pig whore when she got pregnant by Hanson with Piper)
      Tri-G - Trisomy G = Down Syndrome=Trisomy 21, for the retarded child she is "birthed".

      It's redneck Alaska version of Elite Esat Coast pedigree.

    2. Anonymous3:34 PM

      wow, libel at its finest. I can recommend a good therapist for you. You just slandered innocent people to attack one.

    3. Anonymous4:30 PM

      I see you still can't figure out what libel and slander mean.

      Track Curtis Junior Menard
      PIG Palin

      Did I say this out loud or write it? So which is it in your little deranged mind, besides being the truth??

  31. Palin was just on with Greta, unfiltered and completely off her meds. I don't think she blinked more than three times the entire segment.

    If somebody stumbles across the YouTube of that I would greatly appreciate you sending it my way.

    I will post something tomorrow.

    1. Anonymous6:34 PM

      Wacko, unhinged, and not worth the money that they are paying her. For someone who claims to have a journalism degree, she cannot speak in simple sentences.

    2. Anonymous7:11 PM

      well, of course it is up at C4P already...over 11 mins long...I could not get through more than 45 secs...she is SO WIRED...

      love this comment from Mark RNY:
      "Man, whatever she's been doing lately she looks like she can run 3 marathons and lap the field in each! Had those Eyes on Fire thing going on big tonight!"

    3. I'm getting ready to watch it...but first...I need to finish eating my dinner!


      Here's the link....courtesy of the Asylum

    4. Anonymous7:47 PM

    5. Anonymous8:02 PM

      Be sure to mention that Kutcher is giving his work ethic speech with some surfer dudes on the stage with him, and the surf rolling on the screen behind him. Why don't those images work with "work hard"?

    6. Anonymous8:14 PM

      Well, we just don't CARE about ANYTHING you have to say, GinaM, just look at your avatar! What do YOU know, ugly puss?

      There. Now maybe the trolls are happy.


    7. Anonymous9:26 PM

      Lord...she was hopped up on something! Did anyone get the impression that Greta was less than thrilled to get stuck interviewing her? She seemed to have a hard time keeping the quitter queen on track. She played the clip from Ashton Kutcher about always having a job to go to when you quit a job. Or as SP might say...make sure you have a cash cow at hand before you quit.


    8. Whew! Just finished watching Baldy and all I can say....

      OH LAWD!

      The crazy "crackers" are SCARED of the DHS black dude!

      Seriously...the little time that Baldy is being allowed on Fake News is really for BaldyPAC fundraising at this point! That interview wasn't for us...except for the laugh factor and boy did she throw out some laughs!

      Looks like the Toad earned some serious pocket book money tonight! Baldy looked like she had been deloused and that mannequin wig head that Wallow's been working on for the last month made it's debut tonight!

      Good job have mastered the art of hair spray and shellacking! Baldy's wig didn't move an inch! Not even when Baldy's motor mouth joined with her bobbing head got super duper excited talking about the black fella who "wants to kill whites"...Baldy screeched at a high volume!

      Now...on to that FACE! She looked like a wax figure that was going to start melting under the hot lights! Loved the eyebrows shaped like matching mini mountains! They didn't move ONCE! Not even when she shook that giant head of hers and certainly they didn't go up or down when she was making those bizarre ass facial expressions!

      Speaking of facial expressions! The nostrils contracting and flaring was really disturbing and at one point when Greta was babbling about nothing...the split screen of Baldy was hilarious...her face froze...along with that phony ass grin...and then Greta kept on going which was too much for Baldy and the drugs she ingested 5 minutes before the interview...because the dummy caught herself from dozing off!

      She blinked so slow she looked like an ugly iguana nodding in the desert sun! She also looked like she caught a whiff of her own funk...poor thing looked like she wanted to pass out from the smell! LOL!!

      Quick thanks to Baldy for wearing her good "teefus" tonight! Ya did good tonight grifter...that stripper dance should get you some dollar bills thrown at BaldyPAC for sure!

      Cause you know the days of getting the 50's and 100 dollar bills are OVAH! Yes...I know the nickels and rusty dimes you have been receiving these last few weeks hasn't been's better than nothing....Amirite RAM or amirite! LOL!!!

      How hard was it for Baldy not to scream out when Greta asked her about running for Senator...."God damnit...just send money you stupid bots! I need....MONEY!" LOL!!

      PS...Baldy is still tweaking from her interview...she posted a pic of one of the Trig's with her purse carrier on her Fecesbook a little while ago along with something about "a pot of gold"....code for the bots...which means...

      "I need...MONEY....NOWWWWW!"

      Link to her Fecesbook picture....

    9. Anonymous11:05 PM

      Good luck, Gryphen! This is as annoying and wacked-out as she's ever been. You could go to town on the crazy if you're so inclined. I hope you'll enjoy deflating her puffed-up self with a good dose of reality.

      This is only one of many things that stood out:
      "I-I fired people in my job as a city manager and as a governor. And, yep, I’ve been sued for firing those who have been engaged in uhm nefarious acts. And uh so what? So you get sued."

    10. Anonymous5:47 AM

      8:14 PM to GinaM: Thanks, girl, you never diaappoint!

  32. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Stupid got her job back as a FOX expert on politics at a fraction of her former salary.

  33. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Anonymous5:47 PM said
    And Megyn Kelley, younger, prettier, and far more able to construct a sentence, is making 6 MILLION, Sarah! Six MILLION, and she gets Hannity's choice slot as well. Boo Hoo. Foiled again.Reply


    NO WAY!

    Sarah Palin worked hard on her facebook having her ghost writer post for her plus Sarah has been promoting her FOX appearances on her facebook for free. Sarah deserved that $6 million, that time slot and her own show.

  34. Anonymous6:58 PM

    I am of the worst detractors here, but one just has to wonder WHAT down deep is the root cause of the Heath/Palin cluster* that they are. We all have skeletons in our closets but this is nothing but reality TV at its worst. No wonder Mark Burnett came after them.

  35. Anonymous7:15 PM

    The shit is hitting the fan in the valley regarding the dairy. Check ADN.

    1. Anonymous8:11 PM

      A 57-year-old Wasilla woman has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges she defrauded the state of Alaska and lied to the U.S. Department of Agriculture during the operation of the now-defunct Matanuska Creamery.

      The indictment also charges Valley Dairy CEO and investor Karen B. Olson with concealing the alleged criminal conduct of the former dairy manager, Kyle Beus.

    2. Anonymous8:48 PM

      Former Palin appointee charged with fraud, cover-up of dairy's public cash cow

    3. Anonymous9:05 PM

      no link?

    4. Grrrr !9:22 PM

      Thanks the heads up.

      The indictment claims Karen Olson "fraudulently obtained a $430,000 state agriculture department loan to keep the Valley Dairy afloat by concealing its finances. The indictment also said she submitted false documents to convince the USDA in 2008 to waive its prohibition on using dairy and ice cream-making equipment at Valley Dairy as collateral on state loans."

      Some background info from Andrew Halcro on 2/2/09 includes this tidbit ("Beus" is Kyle Beus, co-owner of Valley Dairy who was indicated in December 2012 on three counts of wire fraud and another three counts of making false statements in order to influence the U.S. Department of Agriculture):

      "This past fall, after discovering that Beus had made a draw of $15,000 from the dairy's account, Olson was heard by her former office administrator saying, 'we're all F--ked...probably doing some jail time,' as she paced the floor."

    5. Only one woman was up for charges...really only one woman? Something tells me Sarah better get her orange jumpsuit from the cleaners.

    6. Anonymous10:26 PM

      Can one of you Alaskans explain why the Anchorage Daily News does not mention Palin's name, while the Dispatch is rather 'free' with it?

      What is the politics happening here?

    7. Anonymous12:57 PM

      I am an Alaskan and the ADN has always provided cover for Palin. And, they are still doing so today w/regard to the creamery scandal that was just announced yesterday.

      This just doesn't involve Sarah, but includes our current governor (Parnell) - second in command in her administration - who also extended Alaskan funds w/cheese as the collateral!

      Oh, the webs we weave!

  36. Anonymous7:58 PM

    News crawl on Greta's show: DHS confirms it has placed Kimathi on administrative leave

    while Palin is bitchin' to Greta about DHS doing something about their employee

  37. Anonymous8:20 PM

    skank's cronies are goin' down - hope like hell they drag the worthless snatch down with 'em

    1. Anonymous11:34 PM

      Andrew Halcro's extensive background on the whole sorry mess:

    2. Anonymous12:39 AM

      Been digging the vaults...
      this story gives a good flavor, at least to my 'outside' eye of how things were going in the early days of the governorship...

      perhaps this is where she peaked. Beyond here, she was out of her comfort zone and unable to stretch without coming apart at the seams...

  38. Anonymous8:41 PM

    O/T - the newest Nicholas Cage movie is set in Anchorage in the 1980s. In it, they refer to the red-light district as "The Track." Is this really true? Please tell me that Palin wasn't so clueless as to name her first-born after the local red-light district.

    1. Anonymous12:57 AM

      She would.

    2. Anonymous5:14 AM

      Please tell me that Palin wasn't so clueless as to name

      The child she took with Down Syndrome another name for DS -Trisomy G - Tri-G.

      Yes, clueless, ill, cutesy, crazy, any of them, all of them

    3. Anonymous8:36 AM

      Sarah Palin does no research before naming any of her babies from her adulterous affairs. P.I.G. Hanson Palin, Track Menard Palin, Tri-g Willow Palin.

  39. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Sarah was really angry that some guy who worked for Homeland Security also ran an racist blog. Never mind that he is already on leave, Sarah demanded action. (Fire him, let him sue you.) The problem with the racist blog was that he is a black guy raging against white people.

    I wonder if Palin would have been as outraged about a racist blog if it was a white racist blog against blacks. If she cares so much about hate speech on the internet, why hasn't Palin attacked skinheads, neo-Nazi's and the KKK? Sarah's fan website is filled with racist conversation, and Palin, herself, has used insulting language to refer to The President of the United States (shuckin' and jivin', for example). That's racist, too, it's demeaning and insulting both to the man and the office. She is so bitter that she lost that she doesn't realize how racist she sounds, and that she inspires it in her fans. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander.

  40. So Palin, while you were sitting so uncomfortably on the fox and friends couch with your stupid pile of paper (poor man's laptop?), were you comforting yourself with the rumor going around fox that big shakeups were coming?

    Did you tell yourself how you were going to put Megyn Kelly in her place once Roger gave you the prime time slot that was opening up?

    Did you tell yourself that the pittance Roger offered you that could add up to $250K was because he knew that he was going to offer you bazillions to pretty please take over Sean of the Dead's slot?

    Is that why you're combing the intertubes for anything with a Palin name, no matter how old or unrelated to anything you or your family actually are, do, say, or believe?

    Just keep proving to everyone what a narcissistic, desperate, dunce you are.

  41. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Ever since Sarah has returned to Fox, she has been the first guest on each show. She used to come on sometime during the middle of the show. I wonder if Sarah demanded being first, rather than have to sit around and wait until it was her turn. Or, is it Fox who puts her on first? When she came on in the middle of a show, they would run promotions to be sure to stay tuned because Sarah Palin would be coming soon--maybe generating interest and keeping viewers watching. When Sarah goes first, her fans may not stay tuned to the rest of the show if they don't like the host. (They don't like all of the Fox hosts).

    These days, most people don't watch the show when it's happening. There are options. There's the DVR, live streaming through a computer, watching the video on the computer when it is convenient, watching the taped show when it is convenient. But, I don't give her fans credit for too many complicated electronic options.

    1. Anonymous5:11 AM

      Maybe they were losing viewers when told to stay tuned for Sarah Palin!

  42. I'm surprised.

    She didn't mention that the horsey was a capitalist shoring up Obama's failed economy with its work ethic, and uh, it has to be all about job creation.

    And, uh, so there too also, Megyn Kelly, your $6,000,000 is not also whereof we speak thereto because your child is not named after a horse I mean your a horse was not named after your daughter's reality show appearance years before it happened so there also we have, uh, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, fuck you, Megyn Kelly for taking my prime time spot that Roger was planning to give me before you sabotaged my fox and friends appearance by uh, uh, oh yeah, being there... I, huh.

    Well, fuck you anyway, Megyn, and I am too the fairest in the land. Have an apple, deary?

  43. Anonymous1:00 AM

    Bristol, when are you going to stand up for yourself? Your mother is comparing you to a horse!

    1. Anonymous8:00 AM

      When I was growing up horses were better than people any day. You didn't want to be a horses ass.

      Sarah is ridiculous, deranged and desperate. The name Bristol has been used over and over, nothing to do with her daughter. What hard working person would have time for this silliness? All she has is a daughter that again tarnished the brand name with another drunken stupor. Sarah has clean up on aisle 9. The best she can do is latch on to a horse that won. Magical crap to Sarah.

    2. Anonymous3:32 PM

      You're ridic

  44. Wonder how much Ailes has to pay Greta to have Sarah on her show?

    1. Anonymous8:20 AM

      The balance of Sarah's old contract?

  45. Anonymous5:08 AM

    I wonder if this is some sort of psychological weapon being used on Bristol. Is Bristol not doing what mommy wants so she getsd compared or referenced to a horse?

    1. Anonymous3:32 PM

      grow up

    2. Anonymous8:26 AM

      Hey Grow up Troll, what happened to your Libel spew? Briscow is not as slim and muscular as a horse. And she is not a Dancer. Baby-Making is her most prevalent attribute, and Trial Daddy screwing comes in second.

  46. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Word salad transcript:

  47. PalinsHoax3:01 PM

    Hey Madam Gag Gag, when are you going to write about Pimp Dadyy's music? You know, in honour of Tawdries proclivities.


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