Friday, August 16, 2013

Mike Huckabee suggests that Ted Nugent turn his hunting dog "loose on some Democrats."

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Courtesy of Crooks and Liars:  

Huckabee began his Tuesday interview with Nugent by asking about "Gonzo, the wonder Labrador Retriever." 

"Nobody hunts more than the Nugent family," Nugent explained. "We literally hunt anywhere between 250 and 300 days a year. And you think Gonzo is good on ducks, you should see him on squirrels and doves and rabbits and woodcock and grouse. He really is a mystical, wonderful hunting dog." 

"Well, maybe we ought to turn him loose on some Democrats and see if he can hunt them too," Huckabee suggested. 

"Well, there's a lot of varmints out there," Nugent agreed. "I think he would do good pointing to varmints and then we could vote them out of office. What do you say?" 

"I'm all about it," Huckabee replied.

Equating Democrats with "varmints" and suggesting that they be hunted by a gun toting lunatic, does not seem like the kind of language that an ex-minister should be using don't you agree?

But then again since when did any of these Right Wing Evangelicals ever let their religion interfere with their hatred of liberals?


  1. Anonymous6:41 AM

    I truly think that the hard core right wing folks are gearing up for some violence. It worries me that they are so angry, and so unrelenting.
    Rah-rah's Facebook page today is the same sort of rhetoric. Urging folks to get out the pitchforks and assemble at the White House. What's going on with this kind of attitude?

    1. Most of them are only armed with walkers and scooters, but she might stir up an animate crazy, that’s the real danger. It’s hard to believe Sarah is still doing this. She has no conscience.

  2. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Mike Huckabee, paling around with terrorists!

  3. Anonymous6:51 AM

    The repulsive is strong in this one (times 2).

  4. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Rethugs don't even know themselves - the despicable hatred, violence promotion and lack of intelligence will hopefully bring about the demise of the right wing party.

    In decades gone by, a gross display of ignorance and stupidity by a group such as is spewed forth by the rwnutjobs - including their political reps - would have brought laughter and ridicule from the masses.

    It is refreshing to see some of the Repubs shaming, calling to task the outrageous "warriors" in their party.

  5. nancy7:17 AM

    I can't beleive they still put this washed up nut on the air . The minister advocating hunting down humans is disgusting.

    1. Anonymous7:54 AM

      Huckabee has no political future. It sounds as though he is pandering just to keep himself relevant as a popular broadcast media hater. IOW: Trading his soul for the hope of future job security. I agree: it's disgusting.

  6. Anonymous7:43 AM

    No words. May I let off some steam?

    First of all, notice the pathology of these two guys. First Ted Nugent throws sweet-smelling bouquets ad nauseum at, oh, you're so wonderful, you make the best sense...we love you.....they talk for more seconds, then Ted goes on his love-on for Huckabee again with more bouquets thrown.

    How can egotistical Huckabee turn his admirer off? Of course Huckabee can only throw bouquets back at his fan; so he gets all folksy and asks about Ted's dog, Gonzo. And then gives egotistical Ted the chance to boast about his hunting prowess and his lovely dog's mystical-ness. And then, Ted says something like the Nugent family would pray for Huckabee's dog if anything happened to it. Very weird dynamic.

    From that conversation, it would seem these two know each other more than just radio acquaintances, but have been together hunting or whatnot.

    The 'turn him loose on some democrats' thing was an effort on Huckabee's part to at least pay Ted back for all the nice things Ted said about Mike. So Mikey had to reciprocate by saying something that Ted could sink his teeth into, like saying something nasty about those democrats (vermin).

    They play into each other and deserve each other. Huckabee has gone to the 'other' side, there's no doubt. He not only doesn't talk like a retired pastor, but he provokes crazies like Ted Nugent to say something controversial. Huckabee has traded in his love of Christ for a chance to carouse with wolves.

    1. Anonymous8:56 AM

      Did Jimmy Carter pardon ALL draft-dodgers, or only those who left because of religious conviction?

      The yahoos who feigned mental illness to get out of serving -- were they ever re-examined to discover that their "illness" was transitory, and lasted only as long as the draft did?

    2. fromthediagonal9:41 AM

      Anon @ 7:43... don't give wolves more of a bad reputation than they, undeservedly so, already have! I feel that way with the term "flying monkeys" as well. Other than that, you are expressing this craziness very well.

  7. Anonymous7:51 AM

    how 'bout someone cut loose with an armed drone strike on the draft dodgin' fraud nugent and his fat fuk little buddy huckabee ?

    1. Anonymous9:45 AM

      you have not elevated the conversation one iota

    2. Anonymous10:11 AM

      thanks, fuk_tard

  8. angela7:52 AM

    So old Huck wants dogs turned on democrats huh? Maybe that dog his son skinned in the woods would have like to turn on Huck's fat assed disturbed son.

    1. Anonymous9:03 AM

      That's exactly what I was thinking. This guy raised a kid that tortured a helpless animal. Isn't that a sign of a serial killer??

    2. Anonymous9:04 AM

      The fat punk, David Huckabee, 19yrs old at the time, hung the dog and then skinned him. The Huckabee lied about the situation and used his political power to essentially get him off, firing the head of AR State Police because he wouldn't play footsy with Huckabee and make it go away. Huck is a grifter, a coward, a liar and a crook. So he fits right in with the Palin-Nugent STD's on the far-right fringe.

    3. Why is it that right wing nut jobs do cruel things then wave the Bible around?

  9. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Humility? Peace? Love? Forgiveness? Did anyone find these elements in that conversation?

    This (my dog can sick squirrels, doves, etc. all the tiny animals of the animal kingdom who are defenseless/we hunt 200+ days a year/blahblahblah shtick is disgusting. And Huckabee slathering on the grease, buttering up Ted..............get a room guys.

  10. lostinmn8:00 AM

    If Ted likes hunting so much then where was this chickenshit A-hole when he was called to serve his country? That's right, crapping his pants and soiling himself because for all his love of hunting he only hunts that which can shoot back. When confronted with bullets coming at him, he'd crap those pants again. How anyone on the right who calls themselves a patriot give this guy the time of day is beyond me.

    1. Anonymous9:16 AM

      Those cocksuckers need to get a room. I'm not calling either a homosexual, but I am saying thst I'm really not interested in hearing about nor seeing the two of them french kissing while jerking one another off.

      Neither of them are worth siccing my chihuahua after because I'm sure he already knows what shit tastes like, and these idiots would be no different.

      Former baptist preacher and aging rocker have now found themselves in the gutter together, where they'll live out their days leaching on society.

  11. Anonymous8:05 AM

    There's a certain tone of voice from people who are fake christians and it's this 'pious voice'. Huckabee displays that. He puts on this 'voice' on TV and Radio. It's probably the voice he used in giving sermons. But it doesn't fool anyone. There's something nasty about Huckabee. His advocating Ted Nugent is anything but pious.

    Mike's all about the talk, not the walk.

    1. The “pious voice”; when I was a kid, I called it “fake sincerity” or “fake earnestness,” but “pious voice” is better. It’s often followed by “crocodile tears” when the user is caught in a lie and challenged. God, these people never change.

    2. Anonymous9:20 AM

      Because Huckster is all about the money. No integrity at all, just a poseur. Like Nugent.

    3. Anonymous9:34 AM

      "fake humble" is the best I can come up with as the current usage.

      "Aw, shucks! All that purty gold's for me! Thank the lord."

  12. hedgewytch8:09 AM

    As a subsistence hunter, and the wife of a dam good outdoorsman, I think Ted Nugent is full of shit....well we knew that, but fresh stuff from non-Vietnam era....

    Remember when he came up here a few years ago and got busted (after the fact) for his illegal bear "hunt"?

    I bet if I was in the bush with Nuge and a big ass bear came up, there would be a whole 'nother fresh pile of horse shit to clean up - and it wouldn't be from me.

    Nugent is a bully and a coward. Huckabee is a coward and a lying, self-centered idiot. Not too long ago Nuge would be making fun of suits like Huckabee. It was only after the black man made office that this heavy-metal looser started courting the politicals. Wonder if that was a response to everyone getting bored with Nugent's "reality" shows and a last attempt to remain in the spotlight al la Sarah?

  13. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Maybe I'll get crap for this, but if you're a fucking millionaire (worth $20 million to be exact) and you hunt every other day or more-- that's not for feeding your family or even for sport. You just like killing things.
    I have relatives that needed to hunt to feed their immediate families, and they didn't do it every other day. And they certainly never referred to their labs as "mystical." What the hell does that even mean?

    1. Anonymous9:03 AM

      The intelligence of his Labrador Retriever is so far above that of Mr. Nugent, that indeed, he probably does find his dog "mystical".

    2. Anonymous10:09 AM

      I was thinking the same thing.

      Either he's a really crappy hunter who never catches anything or he's out in the woods solely for the purpose of hurting and killing things.

      He wasn't so brave and manly when it came time to fight where the prey shot back.

    3. Not to mention Ted shit nuggets does "canned" hunts

      True hunting (sometimes referred to as “fair chase” hunting) requires no little amount of time, skill, physical exertion, and luck. True hunting is respectful of the animal victims. Their deaths are accomplished as quickly and painlessly as can be arranged. Cruelty isn’t tolerated.

      None of the above can be said of canned hunting.

      Canned hunts require no skill, and no physical exertion or stamina. They don’t require even any luck. Here’s how they work.

      You travel to Texas. (Other states offer canned hunting “excursions,” but Texas pretty much has the market cornered. There are, in fact, some 125 non-native animal species living on canned-hunting “ranches” in Texas.) You arrive at a “rustic lodge,” where you meet your “guide.” You leaf through a brochure, looking at glossy photographs of animals—sometimes ordinary animals, like deer or elk, but more often than not “exotic” animals, where “exotic” should be read as “endangered,” such as rhinos, leopards, tigers, lions, etc. You select the animal you wish to kill. You hand over your Black Amex, and sign off on charges that can, depending upon the animal you wish to kill, run upwards of $75,000. You schlep your weapon and other assorted shit out to a chauffeur-driven Hummer or Cadillac limousine, where your “guide” and his lackeys stow everything in the trunk. Your drive through the country is over in mere minutes. You roll to a gentle stop outside an enclosure. It’s a couple of hundred yards square and delineated by chain-link fencing. Two of your “guide’s” assistants scurry into the enclosure, heading for a small shed or hut. From inside the hut they drag your chosen animal. It’s wearing a muzzle if it’s a predator, and also a large leather collar, from which a thick, hefty chain dangles, leading to a stake in the ground a few yards from the hut. You climb from your air-conditioned Hummer, and a lackey passes you a gun that is loaded and ready to fire. As the beast lounges in the sun, unable to escape due to the chain and stake, you take aim and shoot. Once a lackey confirms that the animal is deceased, you trot out to its carcass and have your picture taken—you and your kill. Then you climb back into the Hummer, and are quickly delivered back to the “rustic lodge.” A few weeks later, the stuffed and mounted head of your kill arrives at your house, ready to be shown off on the wall of you rec room—proof that you are not a Middleclass Suburban Doughebag, but that you are a Hunter; proof that you are not a Buffoonish Corporate Cunt, but that you are, indeed, a Man.

    4. Anonymous1:33 PM

      Thanks for sharing this side f commercial hunting world.

  14. I hope the Democrats don't engage in this type of dialogue against Republicans. I hope we are civilized, thoughtful, intelligent, and couth enough NOT to engage in this type of hateful rhetoric. I live in MS and no Democrat would EVER speak out like Huckabee or Nugent. If we did, who knows what would happen. Hell we don't dare even put a political sticker on our cars during elections for fear of reprisals.

    1. Anonymous9:14 AM

      Why do you live there?

    2. Anonymous9:30 AM


      It's not easy pulling up roots, but move to one of the wonderful New England states, or Oregon or Washington, and you'll be welcomed with open arms.

      Never too late!

    3. I am 67 and my husband is 83. This was our final move. We have lived in NC, GA, LA, TX, AL which is almost all of the Conservative Bible belt. MS is the most extreme of all. I am originally from Montgomery, AL and my husband is from NYC. We moved here from LA, CA because MS is very affordable and CA isn't. New England is very cold and expensive, as is Oregon and Washington. My husband and I have talked about moving and we decided that we might move out of the country, somewhere affordable. (Joke alert: If TX secedes from the Union, we might move to Galveston and suck up the foreign aid they will surely ask for.) But seriously, we are considering getting out of the "crimson", bigoted south for good just as soon as we can afford to.

  15. Anonymous8:23 AM

    What is it with these neanderthal-ish 21st century clowns? Nugent and his family hunt between "250 and 300 days" a year? Is his diet nothing but rodents? Maybe so; that would explain a lot . . . .

    Just imagine if a former Democratic presidential candidate suggested that someone turn his hunting dog loose on Republicans. The outcry would be immediate, the former candidate would be taken to the nearest psychiatric unit for observation and the dog put to sleep - permanently. Somehow, in our bizarre right-wing media controlled society, it's always all right if the person spewing forth the nastiness is a Republican. We Democrats are just told to enjoy the joke. No offense intended. Just a joke. Ha ha ha. I don't think it's funny.

    And I'd never even remotely think of suggesting that my dog, or anyone else's dog, go after someone. Frankly I think that both Huckabee and Nugent were seeing this in racist terms and were imagining that Gonzo, the great hunting dog, could perhaps go after President Obama. Didn't they use dogs to chase runaway slaves back in Huckabee's "good old" days?

  16. Ratfish8:43 AM

    Who cares what draft-dodging chickenhawk Ted Nugent says?

    He was found guilty of illegal bear hunting after he shot and wounded a bear with his bow and arrow, and then was too chicken to go into the woods to finish the bear off as required by law.

    And then he whined like a little baby when pleading guilty to a federal megistrate.

  17. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Poopy Pants' dog should go after that repulsive Sex Trafficker Todd Palin, if he can stand the Smell.

  18. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Re: the President's less-than-five days on Martha's Vineyard, including a press conference, before he heads back to D.C.

    The commentson other sites are about "those monkeys" enjoying a vacation on the taxpayers' dime.

    Guess what? He pays for his family's time off -- but the taxpayer can't avoid giving him security. As you gave to all Republican presidents, even when Geo. W. was clearing brush for weeks at a time, down in Texas, or Geo. H.W. repaired to his Kennebunkport mansion for the month of August.

    The Obamas don't own a vacation villa, as have so many former presidents, so they go somewhere relaxing to have a quiet time with their families.

    So, all you green-with-envy Republicans, ask what Mitt and John McCain are doing to relax themselves this month. On land they own (or inherited) before they became president. Or in one of them many, many houses they've bought since then.
    Or are you arguing that only plutocrats should be in office?

  19. honeybabe9:34 AM

    wow! even the "religious christian preachers" want to do violence to us liberals and democrats. remember what jesus said wasn't, "i want to kill them human varmints"!

  20. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Send Ted to my ranch, well, he may be a bit too scared, since we are both Nam vets and have another 5 Nam vets employed on the ranch and another 47 vets employed in our construction business. Come on down Ted, I'll even keep my catahoula away from your golden. Come on down and be greeted by my Ret. Spec Forces sniper hubby, and don't worry about little old me, I can outshoot him any day of the week since I qualified to go to the Olympics in the biatholon but CHOSE to serve my country instead. Come on down Mr Poo Pants and bring Huckabee with ya.

    1. hedgewytch11:48 AM

      Love it! LMAO!

    2. Anonymous1:19 PM

      Oh, I would pay dearly to witness that spectacle!

      Teddy would next be found under the truck, curled in a fetal position, quivering, sucking his thumb and whimpering.

    3. Anonymous3:39 PM

      Your ranch sounds like it has a great crowd to hang around with. I promise not to feed your catahoula too many treats of you let me visit.

  21. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Hey Ted and Mike, I've got 2 ret Police K-9's, I doubt you want to send a golden after me. BTW Goldens are the most harmless dogs alive.

  22. Anonymous10:21 AM

    The thing about Huckabee is he pardoned so many prisoners.

    Two of his most notorious pardons included Maurice Clemmons (who had been sentenced to 99 years in prison; a career criminal[rape, robbery, assults, etc.) and the other was Wayne Dummond (convicted rapist).

    Maurice Clemmons is best known (after the Huckabee pardon) for walking into a Washington state restaurant and killing four policemen while the policemen were having breakfast.

    Wayne Dummond raped a couple of women in Arkansas. One happened to be a distant relative of Bill Clinton. The religious right in Arkansas made this a big deal in the news and convinced Huck that the woman had lied (even though the court found him guilty). After Huck pardoned him he went on to murder and rape two women in Missouri. The Arkansas rape victims had pleaded with Huck that Dummond would continue to rape (and eventually) to murder.
    Huck denied that he ever received this info (although a Huck assistant has come forward and stated that Huck knew about everything).

    P.S. When Huck left office he had all his files destroyed.
    Huck did more pardons then probably any Gov in the U.S. ... do some research...Huck is one sick could conclude that he HATES women.

    1. Anonymous1:21 PM

      Hmmm...a governor who had all his files destroyed when leaving office...

      Now where have I heard THAT before????

  23. Ted Nugent is the definition of the 'Tough-Talking Blowhard'. When faced with real authority, he'd cave so fast...just like he ducked out of the service during Vietnam. There are no words for the scorn I feel for people like him and Huckabee and other hatemongers.
    M from MD

  24. jcinco11:47 AM

    huck is a fat fucking hypocrite and the father of a fat fucking dog abuser. nugent is a shitty pants, cowardly pedophile who shouldn't be trusted around any child.

  25. LisaB259511:52 AM

    Damn, I hate it when you put me in the position of pointing out that your outrage is manufactured out of whole cloth. >.<

    To be fair, Ted didn't say his dog would hunt anyone so they could be shot. The dog would point them out and then they would be voted out of office.

    And after all the epithets you've used on this site, Gryphen, most are far, far worse than "varmint." Heck, that word passed the 1930s censors to appear in GWTW: Scarlett calls Rhett a varmint (in scene that is far more memorable to Star Wars audiences with the word "scoundrel" instead to modernize it.) So, please stop pretending it's a horrid insult.

    I don't like Mike or Ted any more than you do, but this is really a stretch.

    And cue the IM-bots to flame me for daring to point out you've jumped the shark--in this instance. ;)

    1. Anonymous12:47 PM

      @ LisaB

      My, you sure have the ego.


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