Sunday, September 01, 2013

Sometimes the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good...ass whooping.

Not that this is the optimum way to respond to an armed robbery, but hey at least nobody had to die.

By the way I would just like to point out that the two men were well within their rights to use deadly force.  That is an appropriate response when somebody pulls a gun on you. The fact that they did not shows restraint. The kind of restraint not available when you use a gun.


  1. Anonymous7:05 AM


    "Adding to the surprise of the federal investigators was that there was no legal way Schmidt should have been able to purchase any of the guns — he had served time for voluntary manslaughter for shooting a man in 1989. As part of his conviction, he had lost the legal right to buy weapons...
    Schmidt most likely bought his weapons from second-hand firearm dealers, whose sales, by law, cannot be traced. While a possible massacre was avoided through some lucky policing, the loopholes that Schmidt used to arm himself, a convicted killer, still exist. As Think Progress points out, "straw purchasers" can simply sell the gun they just bought legally to someone who should never have a gun — and the federal government is not allowed to keep track of just how many guns these "straw purchasers" are buying."

  2. Balzafiar8:14 AM

    That is just fantastic! Bad guys needed to get their asses handed to them for a change. I am so glad the victims were able to stand up to them.

  3. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Gryphen, this guy is really funny! Check it out!

    ...Wallace is REALLY unhappy about all of this "America working precisely as it is supposed to work." "Mr. Kerry, this isn't CSI," he says, for some reason? Maybe they flout Constitutional norms at Las Vegas crime labs? "This isn't a civics lesson, lives are at stake," he says. He is really struggling with the concept of Obama having an opinion on what should be done, and yet asking Congress to grant him approval. This is all VERY funny to watch. "This is not a civics lesson," whines Wallace, who'd actually like to chuck everything that's known about civics in this instance.

    Wallace wants to know what kind of message we are sending to our enemies, and the Syrian rebels. Kerry says that North Korea and Iran should take note that America is a confident democracy. "The President believes we are stronger when the Congress of the United States joins with us."

    And the first brickbat of the day from Kerry, "Congress can't have it both ways." That is, Congress can't sit around mewling and whining about not having a say, and then sit around mewling and whining when they get their wish.

    But this is the important takeaway here. Remember, very few people in Congress wanted a stake in this. They didn't want their skin in this game. But they wanted to reserve the right to complain and second-guess and imply that the process should have included them. Well, now it's including them, and you can sense a bit of a panic setting in. I don't know if Congress actually has the votes for the Missile Strike That Won't Save Lives But Make Us Feel Good About Ourselves, but I am overjoyed that for once, no one on Capitol Hill is getting away cleanly.

    Wallace is just freaking out, trying to interrupt. He points out all the presidents who didn't seek Congressional approval, Kerry is all "IDGAF." "I'm amazed that you are arguing against Congress weighing in," says Kerry. He points out that if the Assad regime is stupid enough to try any thing in the meantime, the President maintains that right to act without Congress. Assad will also just be making a stronger case to pass the Missile Strike That Won't Save Lives But Make Us Feel Good About Ourselves.

    Wallace asks what happens if Congress refuses to vote for the Missile Strike That Won't Save Lives But Make Us Feel Good About Ourselves. Kerry says that this won't happen, and then lays a major guilt trip on Congress: "I can't believe that Congress would turn its back on Syria."

    Wallace says that Kerry was making a "powerful call for quick action." Kerry says that he never called for action that went around a Congressional debate. Wallace complains that Obama didn't take Kerry's advice, and Kerry says that the President followed it to the letter.

    Finally, Wallace is reduced to, "But nothing's going to happen for ten days!" WAAAAH, me wanty my Missile Strike That Won't Save Lives But Make Us Feel Good About Ourselves.

    Kerry, cold as ice, "Well, Chris, it will happen with the consent of the United States." And, "The President is not trying to create an imperial presidency."

    Wallace is really like a six year old who's had his new toy taken away. "But this is not the plan!" Kerry disagrees, and says that he and POTUS talked on the phone about this and he hadn't made up his mind about anything. That is to say, there was no "this is the plan" moment, that got reversed when he opted to put Congress on the hook.

  4. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Fox News Uses Propaganda From The Syrian Government to Attack Obama


    WALLACE: You talk about this is going to make it worse for Assad. After the president announced his decision, officials in Damascus were saying that the president had flinched. Had made a joke of the American administration. A newspaper out in the streets of Damascus calls this, “the start of the historic American retreat.” Haven’t you handed Syria and Iran at least a temporary victory?

    KERRY: I don’t believe so at all and that is in the hands of the Congress of the U.S. The president has made his decision. The president wants to stand up and make certain that we uphold the international norm. That we do not grant impunity to a ruthless dictator to gas his own people. Anybody who saw those images. Anybody who now focuses on the evidence that I just gave you about signatures of saran in the hair and blood samples of first responds. I mean first responders died. People who went to help the people who were hurt died in this case. This is a man who has committed a crime against humanity, and I can’t imagine the Congress of the United States will not recognize our interests with respect to Iran, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, our friends in the region, the Syrian people, the opposition. America’s credibility is on the line here. And I expect the Congress of the United States to do what is right, to stand up and be counted, and I think the Assad regime needs to recognize that they have refocused the energy of the American people on him, on his regime.

    What Wallace left out of his question is the fact that the source of his quote was the Assad regime’s official state run newspaper. Fox News would rather side with a regime that is gassing its own people than agree with President Obama on anything. It is ironic, but not surprising in the least, that the Republican Party’s propaganda outlet would have no problem with passing off propaganda from a dictatorship as a source of journalistic credibility.

    Obama’s Decision to Get Congressional Approval Gives Sanity a Chance

    ...This president is unafraid of doing what is demanded of him by his office. He is doing what is right by opening Syrian intervention to debate. He is unafraid of doing what is right regardless of the criticism. We may not always agree with the decisions he makes, but we can trust that he does not make them without due consideration for the consequences, and that, ultimately, is the job of the president – and the Congress of the United States.

    Whatever ultimately comes out of congressional debate, we will have at least had that debate that common sense – and human decency – require.

  5. Anonymous10:22 AM

    That may be the best thing to ever happens to those boys; hopefully it was life changing and will make them think twice before EVER trying that again! If I were their parents I'd probably write the other guys a thank you letter.

  6. Anita Winecooler5:42 PM

    I just love it when bad things happen to people who deserve it most. There were no "victims", just two dufussses with a gun. If there was any poetic justice, would have been even funnier if it was a car load of Avon Ladies or a grade school tae quan do class.

  7. I want more details.

    Were these martial arts students these thugs attempted to rob?

    They say they picked the wrong students to rob but don't explain why except to say the tables were turned the the punks got beaten up.

    Kudos. But I'd still like more details.


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