Saturday, October 05, 2013

Bill Maher's "Wal-Mart shoppers" New Rule from last night.

As you know I have my own issues with Wal-Mart and the people who go there, so I found this especially entertaining and painfully accurate.

By the way there were a number of good segments on the show, including this one from Alexandra Pelosi asking New Yorkers what they knew about Obamacare.

I love the medical chip lady, "I don't know how you don't know about it, but it's in the news."


  1. Anonymous5:52 PM

    I am minutes from Washington DC, and the amount of misinformation and outright lies I hear spewed about the ACA by people you'd think would be politically's just jaw-dropping how willfully stupid some people are.

    P.S. I also don't think it's asking too much of a country that put people on the wear some d*** pants. A couple of weeks ago I celebrated an anniversary dinner at an upscale restaurant next to a woman in a tube top.

    1. BabyRaptor7:53 PM

      So? What right do you have to demand that other people meet your clothing expectations? Did that lady in a tubetop actually harm you in any way?

    2. Anita Winecooler7:54 PM

      Happy Anniversary! I know the feeling- seems like they're everywhere!

    3. Yes, Baby Raptor, fine dining carries with it an expectation that patrons won't be dressed for the beach or the ball game.

  2. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Bill's direction on his show last night, w/regard to some shoppers at Wal-Mart, is the lack of pride Americans seem to have these day. It can be observed in the individual, dress and weight issues. I thought he made a good point especially with showing proof.

    Compare how folks dressed twenty to thirty years ago - in business, casual or play time attire Quite a difference! I think we have gone downhill. Many are WAY too casual in all forms of attire!

    Love his show!!! Don't miss it folks - on HBO every Friday night.

  3. Anita Winecooler7:50 PM

    It's true about the chip! "I don't know how you don't know aboudit but it's in da news!" Bwaaaahhha! The sheer amount of willful ignorance in that one short clip scares the shit out of me. That many "random people" ARE that dumb, and most of them probably vote.

    Bill was spot on with the broken windows segment. I'm 53 and by no means a "prude", I wear sweat pants when I jog, Jeans and tees around the house, a bathing suit if I'm near water, PJ's if I'm going to bed. My point is, all clothes can be appropriate, depending on the activity.

    There's the other end of the spectrum as well, I have a neighbor who fixes her hair, makes sure her make up and nails are perfect, wears a tight dress and high heels just to sashay to the mailbox, and she isn't even sleeping with the mailman. I've yet to see her in jeans or casual wear of any kind.

    I loathe Walmart. Their stores sell crap, they treat their employees like shit and they suck up small businesses who can't possible compete with their leverage to buy in bulk for lower prices. I'd rather buy quality goods and pay a little more. It wears well and lasts much longer.

    I went to a cocktail party once, and the hostess had napkins that said:

    "If I drop dead in Walmart, would someone please drag me to Lord and Taylor before calling 911?"

    1. Your Lord and Taylor quote reminds me of Oscar's Wilde's (putative) last words, uttered on his deathbed:

      "Either that wallpaper goes, or I do."

      My great grandmother, in her 90's, putting on a dress and white gloves to go to the grocery store (in the 50’s) said, "You never know whom you might meet."

    2. Anonymous7:45 AM

      I remember my mother always being in a dress - home cooked meals - we always sat together at the dinner table for breakfast and dinner - the table always properly set.

      I graduated in 1960 - things were assuredly different in those days when compared to today. We were not allowed to wear pants to school back then - even in high school. Different times and different ways!!!

    3. Anonymous4:42 PM

      @Anita Winecooler "That many "random people" ARE that dumb, and most of them probably vote." Those are not "random people" being interviewed, those are stupid people wondering around the streets during normal business hours because they are unemployed and have nothing else to do. Most New Yorkers know better than to stop and answer ridiculous questions for a person holding a video camera. Normal people don't have time to stop for random BS like this!! These people aren't "random"... only idiots stop for these interviews.

  4. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Gryphen -
    This was posted to my news feed on FB - iy evidently is the source of people thinking we're all getting chips implanted:

    Needless to say I came unglued and slammed the poster for buying into this tripe.


  5. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Despite how I already had a good idea of just how ignorant people can be, I felt physically ILL after watching that painful was like a science fiction movie where people have had the aliens remove their brains...only it wasn't a movie.

    Add to it the facepalm I had to do next morning, over a Facebook posting of some Texas moron who was not only elected to the House of Reprehensibles, but put in charge of the SCIENCE committee...he apparently thinks that wind energy attempts, will cause the wind to slow down, and make the earth much hotter.

    God help us!


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