Saturday, December 14, 2013

That awkward moment when the reviewer, who was specifically invited to review the book by co-author Nancy French, trashes Sarah Palin's newest book.

So the story is that Nancy French reached out to Jason Mankey, a fellow blogger on Patheos and a self described Pagan, to review "Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas."

Jason is a very kindly fellow, and I think he really tried to approach the task with an open mind.

Did not last long.

Here is a smattering of his observations:

After a quick one and a half page history of Christmas Governor Palin writes: 

” . . So fast forward a few years and jump over to a different continent. ‘Christmas’ became an American federal holiday in 1870 when President Ulysses S. Grant signed a bill the House and Senate had already overwhelmingly passed. In this country, our federal holiday does not honor the agricultural gods of Rome or the pagan rituals of the winter solstice. Here in America, Christmas marks Christ’s birth, a moment of unquestioned historical, cultural, and religious significance. (This is revealed in the actual name of the holiday: Christmas.)” 

There are several problems here, and the biggest is a complete lack of context detailing why Christmas became a national holiday in 1870. As a holiday, Christmas slowly grew in importance throughout the 19th Century, and its growth had nothing to do with Jesus. Christmas exploded in popularity due to secular influences. One of those influences was literary. The popularity of both Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and Clement Moore’s A Visit From St. Nicholas played a large role in spreading the holiday, but neither work makes a mention of Jesus’s birthday. The impulse to “sell stuff” also played a huge role in creating our Modern Christmas. If Christmas had always been this hugely important thing about Jesus, wouldn’t it have been a holiday long before 1870? Don’t tell me that my boozy great-great-great-great-uncle was the first Christian with the willpower to proclaim Christmas a national holiday.

Jason is also stunned to find that not only does Palin attack gay marriage, she also attacks anyone who does not agree with her viewpoints.

 ” . . .This is frequently where liberals and conservatives part ways . . . . Liberals tend to believe people are good, and institutions like the church or the traditional family are actually oppressive . . . By contrast, conservatives tend to believe that people aren’t that great to start with. And without faith and family to guide us and reinforce values that often go against our selfish desires, we’ll drift towards our own destruction.” 

I have never met a liberal who argued that families are “oppressive.” Some of the people I know most dedicated to family are politically liberal. There’s also the innuendo that liberals can’t be Christian.

All in all the book serves as a crash course in Palin's venomous character, that Jason apparently had not been completely aware of before reading the book.

In another section of the book Palin makes the assertion that “there’s a relationship between Christianity and a healthy civilization” that almost resulted in me spitting coffee all over myself. Was civilization “healthy” when the majority of Europeans worked as serfs? How about Christian Europe before the Renaissance when science and reason were dirty words? (Come to think of it, we seem to be headed back to that era.) How about when people were being burnt at the stake for witchcraft in the name of Christ? Slavery was healthy? All of that happened in an era when nearly everyone in Europe was a Christian. I’m not going to blame all of those problems on Christianity, but if those are healthy societies I’d like to see the sick ones! 

Palin’s scorn for atheists almost feels like blood-boiling rage on occasion, and the idea that a person might do good just for the sake of doing good seems alien to her. At one point she states that “”The logical result of atheism is severe moral decay,” an assertion not supported by anything I’ve ever read or come across. I’m confused as to what she thinks these atheists are going to do to society. 

Confusion and bewilderment plagued me throughout Good Tidings, especially during the bits about “The War on Christmas.” There is no war on Christmas, and the only wars on Christmas have generally involved Christians going after Christians. Christmas is bigger than ever, it’s practically inescapable, and if someone says “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” they aren’t secretly honoring Satan under their breath. Christmas is one of the “Holidays” being referred to, I don’t think anyone believes it’s being left out. Perhaps the Palin family doesn’t celebrate the New Year?

At this point Jason is fairly seething, and in the end he does a really good job of summarizing just how Palin gets the entire point of Christmas wrong.

I’ve always liked to believe that The Holidays are a time to celebrate our commonalities instead of our differences. This is where Mrs. Palin and I disagree most on the subject of Christmas. For her it can only be a celebration about the birth of Jesus, and anything else diminishes the holiday. What Palin fails to understand is that the “reason for the season” varies from person to person. If Christmas is just about Jesus for you, that’s fine, and I think that’s beautiful. But I don’t understand why anyone needs what’s in their hearts to be affirmed by Target or Wal-Mart. Aren’t those the last places a Christian wants to see Jesus? Did I miss something in the Beatitudes about Jesus endorsing cheap plastic junk from China? It seems as if Palin wants society to fill some sort of role as religious teacher. If she truly cared about the family and the home, wouldn’t she want those institutions to teach those values?

Of course for all of us here at IM none of this comes as any surprise. After all we know the darkness and hatred that hides in the heart of Sarah Palin.

However it is interesting that the book she is currently marketing to soften her image with anecdotes and family recipes, is in fact serving to inform previously uninformed people as to just how hateful and divisive of a person she really is.

Only Sarah Palin could write a book about Christmas that makes people want to protect the holiday....from her.

To read more of Jason Mankey's review just click here.


  1. Chenagrrl6:23 AM

    Holiday outing! Time to get to the the remainder stack and start burying this book under how-to carve butter statues and cookbooks on obscure foodstuffs. Primal Scream!

    ” . . .This is frequently where liberals and conservatives part ways . . . . Liberals tend to believe people are good, and institutions like the church or the traditional family are actually oppressive . . . By contrast, conservatives tend to believe that people aren’t that great to start with. And without faith and family to guide us and reinforce values that often go against our selfish desires, we’ll drift towards our own destruction.”

    1. Anonymous7:16 AM

      "Faith and family" were obviously lacking in the Palin compound. Who guided Bristles to the tent to get pregnant, Track to slash the bus tires and Willing to vandalize houses?? Where were these strong family Christian beliefs and guidance while all this was going on? PLEASE someone with the goods, spill it. Make yourself a fortune by telling the truth about this grifting family. Pretty soon, it will be too late, nobody will give a flying poop about $carah.

    2. Anonymous7:24 AM

      Yes, spill the beans.

    3. Anonymous8:03 AM

      Isn't it just pathetic and sad that "conservatives tend to believe that people aren't that great to begin with"?

      Every one of us are born with a huge capacity for love and kindness and when nurtured it grows and spreads. Most of us have had many heartbreaks and trials and tribulations thrown our way and we still reach out into the world with kindness.

      The fact that this book has not sold well only reinforces the idea that there are more of us who are loving and compassionate than angry and bitter-liberal and conservative both.

      Some of us may not belong to an organized religion but celebrate Christmas with wishes for peace on earth and goodwill towards all. We don't celebrate our differences, we gather together and celebrate our love.

      Happy holidays to all and may your heart be filled with joy and love.

    4. Anonymous11:01 AM

      anon 8:03

      yes. I completely agree with you. Her belief that "that people aren't that great to begin with" speaks volumes and is such a sad way to live your life and such a horrific message to teach your children. No wonder all the Palin kids have proven to be cruel or jaded or both.....certainly ignorant.

      Happy Holidays to you too and everyone else!

    5. Anonymous11:38 AM

      This woman simply doesn't understand the concept of projection. She has written her own epitaph.
      As a Conservative, Sarah believes that people, including herself, I presume, "aren't that good to begin with." Without "faith and family" to reinforce values, "we’ll drift towards our own destruction.” Sarah has no faith. She uses her family for her own ends. Ergo, by her own logic, values are not being reinforced for her, and she is drifting toward her own destruction. And we can all see that -- she's an anorexic 90 pounds perhaps, and dropping. Anyone with a positive opinion of this fuckwit after all this time is either too stupid or too lazy to examine what has actually come out of her mouth. Most of us were on to her when she sneered nastily about "community organizers" back at the 2008 Republican convention. Come on, Palinbots: You've had FIVE years to figure her out.

  2. Anonymous6:38 AM

    I do believe Nancy French's fridge needs to be on the "let's try and save it from dings" list - pronto. Beware the incoming cans!


  3. fuck you McCain6:46 AM

    The more you know Sarah Palin,

    The more you hate her.


    Shriveled old bitch.

    1. Anonymous11:14 AM

      She looks SO uncomfortable in that couch shot. Look at how relaxed the other bimbo is compared to Baldy. She looks like she's forcing her legs together, holding her body in a stiff fashion. By comparison, Liz is at ease and has her legs crossed, and isn't forcing a smile the way Baldy is. Damn, she is SUCH a fraud in every way, isn't she? ANd good lord, that wig makes her look 70 years old.

    2. Anonymous11:51 AM

      @anon 11:14am
      Well it IS hard for those Heath/Palin women to keep their legs closed, that is the only way they know how to get anything in life.

    3. Anonymous1:22 PM

      Her arms look deformed they are so skinny. I hope it's an optical illusion.

    4. she was probably asked to keep her legs closed because of the funk.

      If the stupid skank knew what an atom is she would call it "liberal."

  4. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Sarah Palin's latest book makes history as the first book to be printed on recycled paper from prior books from the same author that the 99 Cents stores and others failed to sell..

  5. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Great review. Very thoughtful and well reasoned. My favorite segment:

    "Palin's tendency to paint with broad strokes allows no room for understanding. She just can't comprehend why a plastic nativity scene on public property might upset somebody. THERE IS NO WALKING IN SOMEONE ELSE'S SHOES IN PALIN'S WORLD. SHE DEMANDS THAT WE ONLY WALK IN HER'S.'

    Ain't that the truth. What a conceited, narrow minded, naive, illiterate, incurious waste of a person.

    A Fan From Chicago

    1. Anonymous7:06 AM

      Best review I've read yet. I agree it's thoughtful and well-reasoned and brings up important points at the outset concerning the actual history of Christmas as a holiday.


    2. Anonymous7:18 AM

      She has problems walking in her own (hooker) shoes. Most of us with any sense of style or taste would not be caught dead wearing those trashy shoes.

    3. Anonymous8:38 AM

      You said it! Is it too much to hope that this stupid little book pushes Palin over the edge, to a point where that uneasy feeling about her becomes outright disgust even for those who claim to luvz her?

    4. Anonymous9:12 AM

      Love the body language in the Fox pic - she turned away from Haselface and had to get her shoulder in front of her. At least she kept her knees together so we don't see up a skirt that is too short for a woman her age to be wearing. (when was the last time you heard Palin and knees together in the same sentence?)

    5. email insider10:22 AM

      I look forward to jamming a rilly big iceberg into Lou Sarah's stocking. A real iceberg would melt fast in the Arizona heat, but this is the kind of iceberg that doesn't melt.

      Happy Holidays Bitch!

    6. Anonymous11:17 AM

      Hey email insider 10:22 AM, can you give us a hint of the sort of subject matter that 'iceberg' is covering? And it's hitting at Christmas? Can't wait! Perfect way to end the year with Palin in handcuffs, or at least exposed for her fraudulencies.

    7. Anonymous3:40 PM

      I don't think she'll ever be seen in handcuffs, less'n she loses her phone and some of those private pictures show up at Gawker or The Dirty.

  6. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Time to head over to Patheos and look for the libel and slander troll.

    1. Anonymous7:23 AM

      and the "grow up" troll will be here soon enough. HAHAHAHAHAHA

      The best part of watching Megyn Kelly show HER true colors? She sat there with her WTF dumbfounded stare listening to Esther in their last encounter. That's a HELLA LOTTA stupid when even Megyn thinks you're an idiot.

      Happy Holidays, Tundra Twat! Or is that "Cactus C***?"

    2. Anonymous7:25 AM

      I almost feel sorry for Mr Mankey, the palin flying money patrol will should be there in 3 2 1...

    3. Anonymous8:52 AM

      Sorry for the C-word, my dear-departed mom would be horrified, but sometimes there's no sugar-coating what need to be said. Jesus in ANY of that tribe's heart is a crock!

    4. Anonymous4:04 PM

      Happy Holidays, Tundra Twat! Or is that "Cactus C***?"
      Cactus cunt! I love it! Perfect! Thanks!

  7. Anonymous7:07 AM

    I’ve always liked to believe that The Holidays are a time to celebrate our commonalities instead of our differences. 

    I agree with the reviewer. Sarah Palin's ignorant rhetoric in her Christmas bashing book is what caused John McCain's presidential campaign downfall. So thankful this Christmas that John McCain and his ignorant imbecilic beauty pageant running mate lost.

  8. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Boy she really attacks Cali and "godless" liberals...I wonder does that include Scientologists?
    Huh stoopid?
    Are they "Godless" too? B/c TCOS won't like that...
    I love how she made it sound like the guy jumping off the bridge was encouraged by "godless liberal" when it was most likely the xtians who won't get out of their SUV to help and the Firemen are all "godless libs" too?
    Fuck her and fuck her, just die bitch!
    from a godless lib!

    1. Anita Winecooler5:19 PM

      Jump, Sarah, Jump!!!

  9. Anonymous7:24 AM

    "I bet Mrs. Palin’s living room looks (and even feels) a lot like mine does this time of year: Christmas Trees, twinkling lights, maybe the scent of bayberry from a Yankee Candle, mugs of hot chocolate near the fireplace — those are the kind of things I can respect and understand." Jason Mankey

    I do not recall seeing anything of Palin's living room like... Christmas Trees, twinkling lights, maybe the scent of bayberry from a Yankee Candle, mugs of hot chocolate near the fireplace — those are the kind of things.

    The Governors mansion was decorated but how much of that had to do with Palin? Chuckie the Adulterer revealed how she actually "is in charge of the turkey every year".

    Where are the links to the pictures of Christmas Trees, twinkling lights, maybe the scent of bayberry from a Yankee Candle, mugs of hot chocolate near the fireplace — those are the kind of things ???? She approves of Plastic Jewish Family but does she have any proof of her kitchen menorah?

    1. Anonymous8:42 AM

      But, but but... Don'tcha remember the picture of TriG standing in front of a fake tree, wondering just WHAT he is seeing, since he had no glasses on (again...)?! THAT is the tree she has in her PAC-paid mansion where she is hiding!

    2. Anonymous9:52 AM

      One year didn't they pose Tripp in front of a tree at the Best Western? What was Grannies tree like that year?

      Bristol loves motel trees, Krusty Patullo can't wait to see it decorated.

    3. Anonymous10:05 AM

      Photos will be posted on FB in 3..2..1…..

    4. Anonymous10:53 AM

      You mean the the menorah that she supposedly has on display front and center for the entire month of December?

      I guess none of her Jewish friends (like she has any) clued her into the fact that this year the 1st candle was lit the night before Thanksgiving Day.

      Hmmm, sounds like she is trying to hijack a holiday she most likely learned more about only in the past few years.

      She plasters a Star of David on when the situation politically suits her. Can we say "photo-op"?

      Maybe we should refer to her as "Plastic Shiksa"? (no offense to shiksas or the plastic industry)

    5. Anita Winecooler5:18 PM

      Any candle of Sarah's is a "Yankee" candle.

    6. The only mugs the Palin family knows from are mug shots.

  10. Anonymous7:38 AM

    It will be a good thing when Nancy French is exposed for the fraud she is turning out to be. She is doing great harm to others while using the half wit Palin kid.

    Kristy Patullo • an hour ago −
    Trump wrote The Art of the Deal. He knows how to negotiate. Obama is clueless.

    Go Krusty!! What a brain fart. Trump has shown his dealings to be a political bust.

    1. hedgewytch8:05 AM

      It is a clear indication of the depth of stupidity and lack of research skills to say Donald Trump, who has declared bankruptcy how many times?, has been divorced how many times?, has lost how many businesses? (yeah Trump the Chump Tower) as someone who has any kind of validity.

    2. Anonymous10:27 AM

      Palin love of Trump goes back to Ivana. Ivana failed her. What happened? Alaskans "desperate for glamor and culture"

    3. Anonymous11:05 AM

      I think it dates back even further to Maryline Blackburn who beat her hands down for Miss Alaska and went on to be an accomplished politician. To this DAY she can't deal with it.

      Remember, it wasn't McCain that was running against President Obama in '08. She was and the sharpied-out visor in Hawaii before she had to go fix Willow's mess. She of the "concession speech" that got the lights and mic turned off.

    4. Anonymous4:08 PM

      McCain has AA in his family just saying....
      and remember how he wouldn't let HER give HER concession screech?
      Oh I bet that burns her flat ass!

  11. Anonymous7:44 AM

    ... insufferable mean spirited middle school twit hawking a book written by someone else. Phony to the core.

  12. Anonymous7:44 AM

    O/T but NOT to be missed!

    Obama’s shutdown critics look like morons after budget deal

    Guess what, tired Beltway pundits: Obama's successful leadership from October brought an end to GOP hostage-taking

    ...The budget agreement Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash. struck this week — mutually agreeable to many Democrats and many Republicans — badly discredits both arguments.

    “We’ve got to find a way to make divided government work,” Ryan told reporters Wednesday.

    It’s very hard to look back at the events of the past couple months and not credit Obama with provoking this volte-face. Ryan never really cast his lot with the Obamacare defunders. But back in the summer, he was a leading advocate of the view that Republicans should use the debt limit to force Obama to agree to a budget on GOP terms.

    “I think it will fold into the debt ceiling fight. I think that’s inevitable. And preferable in my opinion. I like combining all of our leverage, which is sequester and the debt limit,” Ryan told National Review. “Nobody believes [Obama won't negotiate].”

    The deal he struck with Murray, by contrast, wasn’t negotiated under threat of default. As such, it contain no fruits of the right’s extortion fantasies. No cuts to big social insurance programs. No pound of Obamacare flesh. But it doesn’t bear any of the hallmarks of a GOP cave either. No tax increase on rich people. No unemployment extension. Nothing about this deal suggests Obama destroyed the GOP and is now running roughshod over them for sport....

    ...In that sense his refusal to negotiate in October wasn’t a failure of leadership, but precisely the tough-minded act of leadership Republicans needed to reach an understanding of the limits of their power....

  13. Anonymous7:51 AM

    That review was a thing of beauty. I bet Nancypants is regretting her request. I can't imagine why she asked him to review it in the first place; did she think it would make his godless pagan ass see the light? Or maybe she just wanted to give Palin some anti-pagan ammunition? Either way, epic fail, because this review manages to be both negative and respectful.

    1. Well, since publicly it is written by Palin and not French, could be she was looking for a way to trash it and get some payback while staying innocent and lily white.

    2. Anonymous9:26 AM

      I can't imagine that Nancy read that long article before posting it. It is not complimentary towards Palin at all.

    3. Anonymous6:20 PM

      She seems like a complete moron

  14. Anonymous8:00 AM

    I wish I could get past Jason's respect for Palin's job as AK governor and link to Joshua Green's woefully deficient 'research' which surfaced at the height of the 'will she or won't she run in 2012' media frenzy.

    Some snippets from Green's article:
    "As governor, Palin demonstrated many of the qualities we expect in our best leaders. She set aside private concerns for the greater good, forgoing a focus on social issues to confront the great problem plaguing Alaska, its corrupt oil-and-gas politics."

    "Four years later, Palin’s gas line hasn’t gotten going, but it’s not really her fault."

    "Bailey was cast aside after years of loyal service and has an ax to grind."

    "What if history had written a different ending? What if she had tried to do for the nation what she did for Alaska?"

    1. Anonymous8:41 AM

      Lat paragraph: She'd starve and freeze the lesser than. Just as she's suggesting now. EFF the world, got MINE! And the minions bow.

  15. Anonymous8:38 AM

    It seems to me that there are so few of these thorough analyses of Palin's blathering. Serious people don't take her seriously. Comedians mine the humor. Thoughtful reviewers don't waste their time in this idiot spewing ignorance and venom. She's so toxic and irredeemable that no one bothers to lay it all out this clearly. This review is remarkable and that it come by invitation is icing on the cake.

  16. The word Christmas isn't about Christ's birth.

    The origins are Christ's Mass. It's CATHOLIC!

    But it's useless to point out Palin's ignorance (or stupidity). There is so many more egregious examples on the list.

    1. Anonymous9:25 AM

      Leave it to the foreigners to cal Christmas by its right name (or as Palin would say, The Reason for the Season). Navidad (or Natal or Noel) means nativity. Christmas = Christ's mass. Which one says, "Birth of Christ?"

  17. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Nancy French was probably clueless as to what type of review Jason Markey would write. How funny. I will never believe that Sarah Palin has one bit of reverence for Jesus or for any church. Her "belief" is all part of her scam. She bashes "godless libruls" and the "War on Christmas" not because of her beliefs or principles but to make money. She's greedy, dishonest, immoral, cruel, crude, is obsessively jealous, incapable of forgiving anyone for anything, wasn't faithful to her husband, is a negligent mother, etc., etc. Christians don't act the way that Sarah has acted all of her life. Watching her actions, I'm convinced that she isn't a Christian. Sarah is only for herself and she even fails miserably at that. Sarah is a fraud.

    1. Anonymous10:16 AM

      Betcha Nancy French had it in mind to set up a devil (Pagan). She thought she could work the heartless beast over for victimizing her saint.

    2. Anonymous10:34 AM

      "In the beginning," this started out as an exercise book, but the drug use nixed that. "Hey, let's do JESUS," and the sheep followed their golden calf. Darn straight, 9:01 AM.

  18. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Hey, Grypen, Please post this photo again as a reminder of who important Christmas was to the Heath-Palin Family before Sarah wrote her book.

    1. Anonymous10:41 AM

      That wasn't even Sarah's MacMansion.

    2. Anonymous10:53 AM

      Oh I forgot to mention that Diana Palin is back in Hiland Mountain Correctional Center again.
      I have an inside source that says she showed up a few days ago (Not my ONLY source either), and I also understand that this is not her first return visit since her initial incarceration.
      In some ways I kind of feel sorry for Diana______2012

      Where is she now? Are her children safe or exposed to more child abuse?

      Why did Todd drop the ball with his sister? No way would he allow that to happen to Willow or Bristol.

    3. Anonymous11:47 AM

      Very,very ruffled ear on the 2012/12 palin family christmas photo. Ran through the comments and finally near the end a couple of detail oriented readers noticed it.

      Time to cue up my favorite holiday tune by Montgomery Gentry. " Merry Christmas from the Family." According,to Sarah's little book, her tune is "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer."

      RJ in Brownbackistan

    4. Anonymous1:35 PM

      could she be TriG's mother? I've always wondered because the first reports when she was caught in an B&E stated she had a young girl and an infant boy with her.

  19. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Sarah Palin is an intolerant, verbal terrorist who thinks the voice in her head is god telling her to jihad this country into a seven mountains dominionist dictatorship.

    Cue the Trolls......

    1. Anonymous10:42 AM

      You got it!

    2. AJ Billings11:58 AM

      I'm sure that $arah still thinks she's an Esther, in spite of being defeated, quitting, and pimping herself out on TV in short skirts and fake boobs.

      The dominionists have to be irrational beyond belief to think that $arah the bobblehead has any chance in politics at this point.

      If anyone has any current info on the so called "prayer warriors" that promoted the idiocy of Palin, please post links

  20. I just "followed" the "ADHD Pundit" on Facebook. This is one of the graphics posted there, which you might enjoy.

    1. Anonymous10:58 AM

      Yep, that's exactly what she's doing! GREAT graphic!

  21. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Well done post! Watch out Sarah err Scar-uh and Tawd Shailey's back!!

    1. Anonymous11:01 AM

      ...Sarah and Todd Palin have a well established pattern to those they don't like or feel should not be on this earth and now Martin Bashir has joined these ranks. It is not pretty and it is a terrible place to be in. First once you have publicly said something negative about Todd or Sarah Palin the hundreds sometimes thousands of threatening, nasty, hate-filled emails start to arrive, then and often times in sympatico the phone calls start again spewing negative and hate filled words. Then the emails to your employer starts based in pure ignorance and no bearing on reality but nonetheless they do their job and result in either you being attacked, fired, both. Then the news media starts in on you and you do not get a say back. You are blocked. And if you are lucky that is all that happens.

      ...There is good news in all of this. Not every news outlet agrees with Ms. Palin anymore. They do not all adhere to her whims and report from her point of view. Some have even started calling her a traitor to her own country and many have dropped the title Governor and Ex-governor. In the past three weeks I have seen more accurate portrayals of the Palins and I think we will see more and more of that. Slowly with time, patience, and all of us rallying together we will see the Palins truths unfold before the public they have all deceived.

    2. Anonymous3:22 PM

      Thanks for the link 10:18. I just visited Shay's blog...I'm so glad she's back!

    3. Anonymous7:08 PM

      ++++ 10,000,000 ++++

  22. Super Fan In Atlanta10:51 AM

    Well damn! I guess he told her.

  23. Anonymous10:56 AM

    The Screwy Scammer of Scottsdale Is Already Full of Shit, What's a Little More?

    ...Remember, psychopaths and bullies are good at playing the victim when anyone gives back to them what they dish out. We know Sarah Palin is ever the victim and has a team of blog comment writers who market her victimhood for her along with a lot of other bullshit. There I go again, "attacking millions of people" and "insulting millions of people" as those Palin Flying Monkeys say. Sarah Palin is very good at setting up situations that get reactions from people they can use to show everyone how victimized they are. Sarah says something vile, gets an angry response and now she has turned it around to benefit herself.

  24. Anonymous10:58 AM

    hedgewytch8:05 AM
    Trump woman with child
    Palin woman with pillow

    1. Anonymous1:13 PM

      Even Donald Trump would know the difference if he would look.

  25. Anonymous11:19 AM

    slightly o/t -- there's a story about paying
    Alaska public pensions out of general funds -- did Sarah time her resignation so she'd qualify for the 2 1/2 year minimum of service as Gov. so she could collect a lifetime pension? Is that a matter of public record?
    Is this one reason for her abrupt resignation? How much is she getting in pension benefits? Should the legislature put a cap on such largesse for those who never served a full term?

    1. Anonymous2:21 PM

      How do we find out what Sarah Palin actually took and will take from the State of Alaska? Will she have a pension paid to her? If so, at what age does it begin? Does she have insurance (life and/or medical) through the State of Alaska? Are any members of her family currently covered by any types of insurance through the State of Alaska?

      I think as long as Parnell is Gov we won't see the information easily if even properly requested. He'll block the request somehow is my guess. But, once he is out of office (and, I sincerely hope he is not reelected by the Alaskan voters!) perhaps the information can be obtained more easily?

      Curious to see if anyone knows the answers?

    2. If I were an Alaskan, and found out that SP gets a lifetime pension for far less than one term as Governor, I would be very angry. After all, she did not quit due to illness or family emergency, she quit because she could and to get $$$ from others. If she gets a pension also, that is gross negligence on the Legislature's part!

      In this case, if you don't do your time, you don't get your dime!

  26. Anonymous11:58 AM

    But But not so long ago elisabeth was done with $arah, cause she snubbed her, oh what some people would do for a paycheck from faux news

  27. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Source Publishers Weekly. Sarah's little book of holiday hate has been selling about 9,000 copies per week and is 21 in hard cover non-fiction though 12/08/13.

    The Duck Dude Family have 4 books in the top 25 currently. Also, too, The Pioneer Woman's cookbook is out selling Sarah's. Now, that's a real American, well, bred and BEEF now that's what's for dinner.....


  28. Anita Winecooler4:59 PM

    I understand that "Patheos" is a site that includes views from ALL religions and non-believers. My first question while reading Jason's excellent and non biased review was, A) What the hell was Nancy French (the ghostwriter of Sarah's Holiday Book AND mini-me's blog) thinking? and B) How many "Are You Farking kidding me? You want me to review WHAT?" 's did she get from other Patheos bloggers?
    What Jason did well was show the Consumerism driven reason for Celebrating "Christmas" in the first place and show Sarah's black, hate filled heart toward all who choose to think for themselves and not believe in Judeo/Christian beliefs.

    Epic Fail, Mrs, French, you clearly don't know the character of who signs your checks.

    I guess Brancy won't have the cajones to link to Jason's review,

  29. OMG! That insufferable witchass is sick beyond belief. It's her insane belief that the "Religion of palin/heath" is what her and her racist, pitiful, sexist, cheating, homophobic, idiot followers believe. Her tiny senseless booklet with a big "O" on its cover is their " Bible."

    It's sorta like a cat giving its feeder a much tortured mouse as a present.

    Ode to President Obama.

    she is sick, cocoa. Puffs crazy.

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  31. Do you have rights for all those images you're putting on those t-shirts? I'm sensing both copyright infringement and a post that is mostly designed to advertise your online store.


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