Thursday, January 16, 2014

Don Imus of Fox News apologizes to the Satanic Temple for comments suggesting their members "should be shot." Wait, is this a trick?

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Radio personality Don Imus and his program's executive producer emphatically apologized to a group of Satanists on Imus' show Tuesday morning for the producer advocating the group "should be shot" during an on-air segment last Thursday. 

The apologies by Imus and producer Bernard McGuirk came one day after and other news websites reported that a group called The Satanic Temple, which has proposed erecting a statue of Satan outside the Oklahoma Statehouse, demanded an apology from McGuirk. 

"They should be able to put the statue up and then they should be shot right next to it," the commentator, Bernard McGuirk, said on the Imus in the Morning show that aired last Thursday. "And then we take it down." 

The group also demanded a response from Fox Business, which airs the show on the television channel each morning. 

McGuirk, who made the initial remarks during a segment with Imus called "Mensa Meeting," also retracted his comments that attributed Satanism to evil. 

"My comments were rooted in ignorance. Satanists, they do not promote evil, a la Charles Manson or Hitler," McGuirk said. "Regardless, I don’t want to see anyone shot. That’s the truth of the matter. So I do apologize unequivocally." 

If I were a member of the Satanic Temple (And I'm not despite what others might think) I would not hold my breath waiting for Fox Business to apologize to them. 

However having said that I am pretty impressed that Imus and this McGuirk guy did so.

Of course in the case of Imus he has already been burned once by comments he made back in 2007, when he referred to the Rutgers Women's Basketball Team as "nappy-headed hos."

Well good for the Satanic Temple for standing up for themselves and getting an actual apology from somebody associated With Fox. And you thought simply walking on water was miraculous.


  1. Anonymous3:42 AM

    I call BULLSHIT to McGuirk's feigned apology. He meant every word.

  2. Leland5:48 AM


    I'm sorry, but that's just confusing. Why are you calling BS on a statement you say he meant?

    That just doesn't make sense. Want to edit?

  3. Imus remains among us? Still the ugliest woman in the world.

  4. @3:42am

    Maybe he did or maybe he didn't. McGuirk plays 2nd banana to a shock jock, so he's nothing more than Imus' flunky. Sure he's the producer and booker, but BFD.

    Hearing these assholes being forced to humble themselves in an earnest attempt to sound "contrite" in order to placate their bosses, thus saving their asses is pretty damn entertaining.

    It's like watching a third-grade bully having to apologize "like he means it" to his sister after he's pulled her hair and then had his britches dusted by his mom with a switch.

    It ain't like "the old days" when they could say anything and laugh it off as a joke, and they can thank their whiny, poutrageous faux Tea-Con fans. A rap on the knuckles won't shut 'em up, but we can laugh at them being humiliated until the next time they pop off.

  5. Donal6:58 AM

    The words these two uttered on air could have had some major repercussions if allowed to stand. We know there is no shortage of gun-toting righty-tighty nuts ready to use their 2nd amendment "rights" and follow through on Imus' and McGuirk's threat. The Satanic Temple people probably would have been (or maybe, will be) murdered on the spot if they, even playfully, started erecting, or pretending to erect, their statue. It's all about covering their asses against legal action if or when the nuts violently take out a group of people at their suggestion. Faux Snooze has learned a lesson from $arah, don't put crosshairs on someone unless you're prepared to own the consequences.

  6. OverMountainMan7:11 AM

    If you'll remember it was McGuirk who actually made the comment " Hardcore Ho's " that got Imus to say nappy headed hos about the Rutgers womens basketball team which got him in so much trouble a few years ago, McGuik is just another winger POS

    1. Anonymous7:56 AM

      I also remember their sponsors on MSNBC pulled the plug on the Imus show in short order. There were apologies and former New Jersey Gov Corizine (sp?) was involved in a serious car accident driving to one of the make amends events.

      Now "What Will the FOX Say?"

  7. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Imus is senile and would probably deny any act of contrition once pressed by FOX for an explanation of his sudden onset of morality.

  8. Anonymous8:23 AM

    For whatever reason, somebody feels that suggesting anyone be shot is going to piss off the wrong people. They feel it strongly enough that they force an apology. For him to say his comments are rooted in ignorance? Somebody's really worried.

    I wonder if they're worried that the Satanists might go after them- which they won't- or whether they see the changing demographics of this country and decided maybe they shouldn't piss off progressives too much. Personally, I think it's the second. They're circling the drain and somebody knows it.


  9. Anonymous10:49 AM

    He's probably afraid he'd lose his job...again.

  10. Anonymous11:57 AM

    He's a contemptible old prick living off of his "charity" ranch that ensures he pays no taxes. Contemptible old prick.

    1. Anonymous4:06 PM

      Anon: 11:57: You go that entirely right! He's disgusting and his mealy-mouthed wife "DeeDee Coleman" is just as disgusting.

    2. Anonymous4:12 PM

      Don Imus ripped off his 'shock jock' persona from Howard Stern years and years ago when they both worked at the same radio station in New York.
      Imus knows which way his paycheck blows, too. He's down with the whole 'Benghazi is worse than Watergate' crap that Faux News has been perpetuating for well over a year now. When he was on MSNBC, he'd make rude comments about many of the 'hosts' on Faux News, whom are now his best friends. He's hideous and I look forward to the day I can turn on the TV in the morning and see a video montage of 'the late Don Imus' career'.
      Mean? Yeah, but not near as mean, hateful, spiteful, bigoted and down right cruel as the things that have come out of that man's ass. I mean mouth. It's the same thing.

  11. Anonymous4:37 PM

    The only 'good' thing about Imus? He's not a Palin fan! I've heard him on air call her stupid, over and over. Now, his smear-kick, McGuirk? He loves him his Sarah! Drools on air over the bitch. But not Imus. However, if the producers of his so-called 'program' were to have Palin on his show, he'd back-track, back-pedal, and do a back flip while singing her praises. That's the person Don Imus is.

  12. Anita Winecooler5:08 PM

    It's NOT the apology that surprises me, it's the fact that they actually suggested shooting people then burying them under a monument to their religion on the airwaves.

    Why is the first solution ALWAYS the easiest? Kill people you don't agree with because you feel you're right and they're wrong. Whatever happened to discourse? The right for all sides to be represented?
    Yes, Imus should have known better after what he said before, but so should McGurk. This behavior is part of the reason people get shot for texting in a movie theater, get run off the road because they have an "Obama" sticker, or killed because they're walking home, in the rain, with a hoodie on and a higher level of melanin than the douchebag with the gun.


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