Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Alabama Klu Klux Klan brags about having members who are teachers, politicians, and military members. Has agenda strikingly similar to that of today's Republican party.

Okay that was a little troubling.

What is even more troubling is that their agenda items look kind of familiar: 
  1. “The recognition that America was founded as a Christian nation.” 
  2. “The recognition that America was founded as a white nation.” 
  3. “Abolish all affirmative action programs.” 
  4. “Put American Troops on the Borders and Stop the Flood of Illegals.” 
  5. “Abolish all anti-gun laws and encourage every adult to own a weapon.” 
  6. “Drug testing all welfare recipients.” 
  7. “Privatization of the public school system.” 
  8. “Restoring individual freedom to Christian America.” 
  9. “Sovereignty of the states.” 
  10. Outlaw abortion. 
  11. Outlaw homosexuality.
 Gee where have I heard almost all of those before? 

This documentary actually premieres tonight on the BBC.

If I were you I would probably watch it with all of the lights on, because this is the kind of thing which can certainly cause nightmares. Especially when you consider just how mainstream some of their ideas are now becoming.


  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Number 8 says it all. The freedom to hate...religion was born, and the devil danced.

  2. Anonymous3:31 PM

    When are you going to get over yourselves kkk? ,Let go already!
    I know, you are scared. But you have put a lot of folks through hell. Get to know someone different then you.Then you might actually value their difference.We are in this together. Let's works together to solve real issues. Come on.

    1. Leland5:45 PM

      Having grown up with some of those bastards, I can tell you that what you are trying to convince them of is a complete waste of your time.

      These people are fanatical enough to willingly become the armed wing of the american christian taliban. And they will happily murder anyone in their sleep if they publicly disagree with their desires and goals.

  3. Boscoe4:23 PM

    I'm not convinced ANY of these items are "mainstream". I think they get media attention because they're controversial but somehow I think if there were a nation wide referendum, they wouldn't have a prayer. Not even close.

    I also think the whole "sovereign states" thing is amazing... don't these idiots realize that if that had been the way the country was run, we would've ended up being exactly like Europe? You know, that area that they like to mock?

    These people have the intellectual depth of second graders.

    1. Leland5:57 PM

      Boscoe, I suggest you actually read all the Republican Party Platform. It's couched in highfalutin terms and language, but a huge portion of the above list is in black and white there. Just Google it, choose one of the sties and read.

    2. If they push that sovereign states thing, the blue states are going to keep their tax money and stop subsidizing the red states that literally run in the red. So those red states are going to have to implement state income tax just like the rest of us. No more free rides.

  4. Anonymous5:19 PM

    'Ceptional Murica Yea!

    Good gawd, how embarrassing!

  5. Anonymous5:28 PM

    I saw this documentary yesterday. Halfway through it I emailed friends to make sure they see it too.

  6. I think the forgot revoking the right to vote to women, non-whites and anyone who wasn't born in the U.S. That eliminates naturalized citizens, because, you know, immigrants.

    Oh and they'll make sure that anchor baby amendment is revoked too. So if your parents aren't U.S. Citizens, you're out of luck.

    I imagine they will allow women to continue to own property as no way the Waltons are giving up their property.

  7. Anonymous6:45 PM

    If you had not stated the agenda items were from the KKK, I would have bet anyone that they were a plank of some state republican party or official.

    1. Occams razor8:01 PM

      How about the possibility that the KKK writes the planks?


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