Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why I don't think that Bristol Palin will EVER identify her new baby daddy.

Like I told you in an earlier post I spent the afternoon with some friends that live in Wasilla this weekend, and the subject of the identity of Bristol Palin's sperm donor came up in conversation.

These friends do have some connections close to the Palin family, but were at a loss as to who the father might be.

However one of them suggested that once the baby was born she would have yet another source of income in the form of child support payments.

After they left I thought about that for awhile and I have to say I disagree. I don't think that Bristol WILL pursue child support from this as yet unnamed father.

The reason I say that is because I don't think that the Grizzled Mama wants the kind of publicity that would surely occur if Bristol named a father who did not believe it was his child.

As we already know, Dakota Meyer, who Bristol was living with at the supposed time of conception, has said NOTHING about impending fatherhood, nor has Bristol publicly named him as the poppa, which indicates to me at least that it is very unlikely that he is willing to be named as the baby daddy.

So that means if Bristol wants to be paid, like Levi is already paying her for popping out his kid, she is going to have to identify the father on the birth certificate and then start proceedings with CSSD to get her money.

However since Bristol is a "Z" list celebrity that means the man she targets could make a shit ton of money by going to the tabloids and denying paternity, which is EXACTLY what they are likely do.

And that is certainly something that Palin absolutely does NOT want to have happen.

Hell, so far she is refusing to even acknowledge that Bristol is knocked up again. If Bristol's greed turns this into fodder for the tabloids Palin's head is likely to explode.

So no, I do NOT think that Bristol is first, going to ever even name the father, and second, try to squeeze any money out of him.

Having said that let me also add that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope I am wrong about all of that because it would be endlessly entertaining to blog about the tabloid war that would result from Bristol reaching out to some random dude and saying "Bitch better have my money."


  1. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Hardly surprising given Sarah's duplicity when it comes to the true identity of her children.

    1. Anonymous12:27 PM

      Are you sad a stranger you'll never know won't fill you in on her life? What happened to haters saying "just go live in private ."

      Dakota and Bristol didn't exploit anything about their relationship. Both are famous and neither made money off anything. These are facts. She could've sold her announcement in June to a legit magazine even before tabloids got wind. She did not.

      Why would she tell random people things that don't concern them? Liberals have already proven they're immoral just in the way they harassed and slandered Dakotas ex girlfriends.

      Time to stop giving these people attention. We're just victimizing them which makes our whole party look bad.

    2. Anonymous12:39 PM

      12:27: Give it a rest.

    3. Anonymous12:45 PM

      "Our whole party"? I sincerely doubt that you belong to anything left of the Christian conservatives, who attack the POTUS regularly.

    4. Anonymous12:49 PM

      You are a sad delusional parasite. Try the truth sometime and maybe we'll try to listen to you, although I don't think that will happen. Just curious, how much money have you sent to palin so she could jet hop all over the lower 48. Be honest now.

    5. Anonymous12:51 PM

      You do know "liberal" isn't a party, don't you? It's a philosophy "founded on the ideas of liberty and equality". What's wrong with that?

    6. Anonymous12:57 PM

      @12:27 - a random hi to Alicia! IM rules Alicia's life.

    7. Anonymous1:12 PM

      A person in Bristol's situation that wants to live private would not do anything to create a mystery. A mystery like this gives more of the public something to bite it's teeth into and not let go until solved.

      Bristol could simply make a clear statement (aligned with the man she planned to have this baby). They could ask for privacy and it would be more likely they would be left alone. Bristol is not that popular, maybe the baby daddy is, doubtful. Unless like Ted Nugent or Dr. Jack MeOff.

      Why is there any mystery surrounding the birth of another Palin baby?

      They are asking for inquiry and to be watched.

      Inquiring minds will want to know. Especially from a family of misfits and mistakes. Miscreants and criminals do not deserve privacy. Palins have a long way to go if they want to earn the respect to be shown privacy.

    8. Anonymous1:21 PM

      It's pretty clear that Alicia is probably on disability, lives with her parents, and can't hold down a job. She's not sending money anywhere.

    9. Anonymous2:17 PM

      12:27 you keep using that word: Random.
      I do not think it means what you think it means.
      RANDOM would be me opening up a MatSu old time phone book, pointing to any person and commenting on things I know nothing about.
      However, Palin was picked as VP and she has been in our faces since. All her lies are open season for us to question and comment on.
      Im sick of explaining this to you.
      Please explain how a family practice physician with a practice focus of sexually abused children could act as a high risk obstetrician and INDUCE a high risk pregnancy in a hospital not licensed insured or accredited to do so.
      Answer this before you post another fucking random annoying stooopid comment.

    10. Anonymous2:59 PM

      @12:27 PM Your parents are both Democrats, do you hate them? You live off of them like a parasite, yet you troll the internet ranting against everything that they are for. Do they have a clue that you are an insane internet stalker?

    11. Anonymous3:04 PM

      Like mom,like daughter. The town tramps.

    12. Anonymous3:15 PM

      Wow. Today is National Pink Out Day. Gryphen, did you go out to march for and support Planned Parenthood or will you be busy writing a dumb post and monitoring hundreds of comments that are meaningless? Oh wait, we know the answer.

      Go ahead and slam me people. You slut shaming Bristol haters are just as misogynistic. Losers.

    13. Anonymous3:39 PM

      3:15, why are you here? What is your agenda?

    14. Anonymous3:45 PM

      Bristol slut shames herself with he abstinence speech income. And her mother slutshames her by not mentioning the impending birthh and new grandchild.

    15. Anonymous3:56 PM

      Bristol deserves a medal if she can be both a good mother and a slut. It is a worse shame to be a bad mother.

      The baby must know who their father is. It is no way to raise a child having to keep secrets from day one and on. Or tell the kid to lie and keep secrets as they grow older if they are allowed to know who they are.

    16. Anonymous4:10 PM

      Today is National Pink Out Day.

      Today is the day Bristol lost a best friend.

      RIP Autumn Marie Browning who tragically passed away on Monday, Sept. 29, 2014, in Anchorage, Alaska.


      It has been one year and her death is a mystery.

      Who wants to keep it that way?

      You know the Palins have influence and could do something to see to it her family and friends are not left in limbo wanting a determination of her death.

  2. Anonymous12:15 PM

    I fail to see the point of this post. Sorry man. It kind of invites a bunch of people to continue batting around ramblings inside their heads and further add to the lie pile. That is one thing many of us here hate about some of your posts. And why we go to other liberal oriented sites.

    I will say that without an unscrupulous "sister in law" type there will be no drama from Bristol here.

    I hate that there are people who obsess over creating drama and weird scenarios to satisfy themselves. And I would doubt anyone you talk to know bristols actual friends closely. Just a hunch. Whatever floats ones boat though.

    1. Anonymous12:40 PM

      Again, give it a rest. Bristol has already created drama about this pregnancy.

    2. Anonymous12:46 PM

      Sorry, man, but I think you are a troll.

    3. Time for these people to stop begging for attention.


    4. Anonymous12:52 PM

      Gryphen getting too close to the truth? Two trolls in 12 minutes, or the same troll trying out a new voice, dude.

    5. Anonymous12:56 PM

      Ohhhhh great the 'gryphen is getting too close to the truth" crowd is here too. Lol.


    6. Anonymous12:57 PM

      No drama from Bristol? She posts a searing, hate filled post on her blog practically every day. Or are you insinuating she doesn't write them herself. Can't have it both ways daddio. You're full of shit. Nice try trollie.

    7. Anonymous1:14 PM

      Schitzophrentic troll is in the house. Many personalities,too much time on her hands.

    8. Anonymous1:20 PM

      Sorry, man, but we still know it's you, Alicia.

      Do you have to be careful about using certain people's names (Sunny Johnston, Levi Johnston, Mercede Johnston) lest the police pay another visit to your parents' front door?

    9. Anonymous2:23 PM

      I'd say there are several possibilities of who the father is. If she has a DNA test on the baby and she has to demand several men get swabbed to eliminate them as the father it won't look good at all. All it will say is that she was shacking up with one guy and having sex with several others right around the same time. The illusion of sweet little Bristol who made a mistake as a teen but who finally found her soul mate will be blown out of the water. Then even her die-hard defenders will know she's nothing more than a whore who fucks anything with a dick.

    10. Anonymous2:54 PM

      Trolling and Palin ass-kissing float your boat at 1050 Bella Vista #208. Are you prepared for another series of Court Restraining Orders?

  3. Anonymous12:17 PM

    People want girl to live privately.
    Girl lives privately.
    People continue talking about her and baselessly speculating about stupid shit.


    1. Anonymous12:47 PM

      "Girl lives privately". Now, that is hilarious! Fucking hilarious.

    2. Anonymous12:58 PM

      12:17 - Hi, Alicia!

    3. Anonymous1:18 PM

      Nothing says "living privately" like posting lots of public pictures of yourself, your pregnant belly, and you poor innocent son.

    4. Anonymous1:19 PM

      Precious,the day you live privately will never come as long as you continue to grift,whine and lash out at people who could give a shit less about your perpetual nastiness,then victimhood.

    5. Anonymous2:28 PM

      If the idiot wants to live privately she needs to shut her pie hole & stop her constant attacks on the president and his family. Here's this slut who doesn't even know who the father of her latest mistake is and she thinks she has the right to pass judgement on anyone? Please bitch you should be hanging your head in shame and staying out of the public eye. Is everyone in that family certifiable?

    6. Anonymous3:08 PM


  4. Anonymous12:18 PM

    I really doubt barstool knows who the daddy is.

    1. Hugh G. Rection3:41 PM

      Actually what I am thinking, she will wait to see what race it is, before she starts swabbing folks.

    2. She's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't.

      If she puts "UNKNOWN" for the father on the birth certificate her mother is going to shit kittens and the media will have a field day with the born again virgin abstinence spokesperson who doesn't even know who she fucked in the weeks before her wedding to her medal of honor fiancee.

      If she names someone, they could deny and demand a paternity test. That's DNA for Father, Mother and Baby. Again, Palin would shit kittens.

      And if that test proves said named BabyDaddy is NOT the Father, it's Jerry Springer time and the media once again has a field day.

      Any which way it goes, we've got kittens galore, covered in excrement.

      And yes, I don't think Brisket knows who the sperm donor is either. Except that it's not the man she was engaged to.


  5. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Why do we think she'd name someone random as the father? That's unprecedented an an arbitrary statement. I don't see where you arrived at this opinion? She's doing what she's always done, keeping private matters private. And since there's no playboy bunny to see lies that landed said bunny in isolation from everyone, Bristol is mature in keeping her life private. Especially since there was that Michael guy.

    1. Anonymous12:42 PM

      Seriously, give it a rest. Bristol is far from "mature." And since her mother pushed her, while pregnant, onto the stage she has never kept her life private. See e.g. "Life's a Tripp" and "Celebrity Wife Swap" and "her" blog.

    2. Anonymous12:48 PM

      Private, as in posting the news and photos on Instagram? THAT kind of private?

    3. Anonymous12:59 PM

      12: 21 - "random" is one of Alicia's lexical "tells."

    4. Anonymous1:02 PM

      "And since there's no playboy bunny to see lies that landed said bunny in isolation from everyone"

      What the fuck do these words mean?

    5. Anonymous1:03 PM

      Nice deflection try W/Michael. Tell the whore of Wasilla to stop attacking people on her blog and then she will be considered "private" , you dumbass.

    6. Bristol is mature? What has she ever done that showed she was mature? She creates the drama herself and tries to draw attention to herself by posting pictures of herself and what she (Nancy French) write in her blog.

      Two children out of wedlock, never graduated from high school, no job skills to support herself and especially for her life style, drinks too much according to many which also obvious from actions at family birthday party brawl. Poor parental skill as demonstrated from her reality show, has to have someone else write for her since she doesn’t have the intelligence todo so, narcissistic, selfish, poor manager of her finances, lets her child travel in a car or truck without being in a child seat, and a miserable person overall.

      Does that sound like a mature person? If you like I will even back each one up with facts to prove my point

    7. Anonymous2:32 PM

      12:21, what the fuck are you babbling about? You sound drunk. just go lay down with your picture of bristles and fantasize about your nonexistent relationship with her.

    8. Anonymous2:43 PM


    9. Anonymous2:45 PM

      Methinks 1:02 should consider stopping his/hers intake of LSD.

    10. Anonymous2:48 PM

      Alicia Mangelsdorf Your parents, James and Linda, have done a terrible job trying to raise you. Their failures are apparent from your actions.

    11. SallyinMI3:04 PM

      Private?You mean leaving her 'job' to live in LA with Willow, who hadn't finished high school, to pretend she was a celebrity, steal swag bags on Oscar afternoon, parade her son around in beauty parlors, dance on her back on TV, or in a gorilla suit, or in a military outfit that soured her rounded belly, whine about 'haters' while rigging the vote, getting into battle with the Massey Brothers over a TV show, putting her preschool son on display not once, but three times, for TV money, posting every little thing on her social media accounts, faking having a job with 'the best boss ever,' who let her take months off to pursue her men, her shows, her persona. Yeah, Bristol really loves living the private life all right.

    12. Anonymous5:03 PM


    13. Brisket can't spell private let alone define it.

      She is a media whore, just like her Mother.

      She craves attention and then when she gets it for something she doesn't like, she plays the victim card and screams privacy, like her mother.

      Well, you know the downside of being a pseudo celebrity as she's worked so hard to become? It means you don't get the same privacy as other people. You're a public figure and the law treats you differently.

  6. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I really doubt barstool knows who the daddy is.

    1. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ and more.
      Agree with you wholeheartedly!!!!

    2. Anonymous4:33 PM

      She would clearly go after support if she could, so, yeah, either she doesn't know, or she knows but it's someone who could never pay support, or she knows and the story is too d@mned mortifying to admit.

  7. Just the fact that there's more than one possibility, necessitating DNA testing is bad enough publicity, and proof that even Bristol is not sure, which is hardly an image for any abstinence spokesperson. No wonder Sarah wants to pretend it's not happening.

    1. Anonymous1:16 PM

      Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who will forgive her, especially if she (once again) pays lip service to her so-called Christianity and the fact that she didn't have an abortion.

    2. Anonymous1:44 PM

      Nah,no excuse this many times. The mentally challenged are normally Spayed to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Use of birth control is obviously beyond her mental comprehention and No child should be left in her care.

    3. Bristol is the opposite of a whore.

      Whores are paid to have sex.

      Bristol was paid NOT to have sex.

      When the money stopped, she spread her legs. Is it any wonder she has no clue who the BabyDaddy is?

    4. Anonymous5:18 PM

      Sarah to this day has not acknowledged this newest grandchild. Instead, she has Nancy write crap about current events and post it in Bristol's 'blog,' as if Bristol is reading, paying attention and knows anything that's going on. I believe it's an attempt to deflect attention away from the abstinence spokeswoman's latest mistake.

  8. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I agree with you about Bristol not naming the father, Gryphen, but for a different reason. If the father is not Dakota, that shows Bristol to be not only promiscuous, but deceptive (she was in a hurry to start a family with Dakota) and shows Palin's die hard supporters that Bristol was willing to let Dakota think he fathered a child that wasn't his. This is not a tabloid issue over DNA, as much as it is undeniable proof that Bristol Palin is not a good Christian woman.
    If Sarah and Bristol have their way, I don't believe we will ever know who the father is or the true birth date.

    1. Anonymous1:15 PM

      And trying to trick an actual medal of honor recipient will make her look like an even bigger pile crap than she already does.

    2. Anonymous1:19 PM

      We have no idea what all goes on in that family. If the baby has DNA of another family member, Bristol will never tell. Sarah and the others will be glad to ignore this baby.

      Has Willow made any public statements about her joy that her sister is happy to have another baby? I have heard about behind the scene talk of Willow and this latest situation.

    3. Anonymous3:06 PM

      I predict a "miscarriage" sometime this week.

    4. Anonymous4:27 PM

      I hope she pops another DS!

    5. I think she already had a "miscarriage" and that is why she hasn't been seen for months. It's so we can't see she is no longer pregnant.

      If not miscarriage she'll have a "still birth", play the victim and we still won't see any pregnant picks. Nor know the date of conception.

    6. Anonymous5:46 PM

      It would not be a surprise if there is a "miscarriage". I think one has been planned for a long time. They are just concerned about things like timing and how to get their story out so it can be believed. Their freaktoids will believe anything but they would like a few others to go along with their bullshit stories.

  9. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Ah, the plot thickens. How stupid can one person be to screw around with whomever without protection, and not expect to get prego. Fertile myrtle gets knocked up just thinking about sex. I'll bet mama grisly is PISSED off. And that makes me happy. Oh, by the way, Fuck. You. Sarah. Palin. Tee hee.

    1. Anonymous12:47 PM

      Popular opinion :)

    2. A lot of men think birth control is the woman's responsibility so if she gets pregnant, it's all her fault.

  10. Anonymous12:32 PM

    I think that Dakota is the father and she has some major dirt over him that she will go public with if he tries to assert any parental rights.

    1. Anonymous1:13 PM

      You may be right, but why wouldn't she want everyone to know he's the father? Him being the father is her ONLY chance of looking halfway decent in this whole mess.

      She could hold something over his head to get sole custody and still tell everyone her ex-fiance, MOH, is the daddy.

    2. Anonymous2:41 PM

      12:32 Hogwash.

    3. Anonymous4:28 PM

      If he was the father Bristol would go after him tooth and nail for child support because she can't live on her own without "baby daddy" money which she gets from her mother (don't ask) and Levi and now needs it from whomever popped the spawn in her this time.

    4. If she had that kind of dirt and if he was the Father, she could simply have forced the marriage to go through.

  11. Anonymous12:33 PM

    But I thought this was a planned pregnancy? When you plan a pregnancy there are usually two people involved, so I will chalk that up to another Palin lie.
    But too bad Bristle can't be enough of an adult to set aside any gossip and do what would be right for the baby involved and that would be to know who it's father is. But I sure don't put it past Bristle to intentionally try to keep the child from having a chance at a relationship with it's other parent, the whole Palin kkklan crucified Levi for trying to stay in Tripp's life.

    1. Anonymous12:49 PM

      No, in one of her apologies, Bristol said that she got ahead of herself. I always thought that Bristol was already pregnant at the end of January when she went with Sarah to the Shot Show in Las Vegas. Bristol was already decked out with designer purses (bribes). That's when Sarah and Dakota held up the FU Michael Moore sign, signaling another great friendship being established. I just assumed that Bristol was brought along to meet Dakota and....well they were supposed to live happily ever after.

    2. Anonymous1:12 PM

      You don't need two people to plan a pregnancy. You only need one person who tells lies about whether or not she's using birth control.

    3. Anonymous1:15 PM

      That's how I saw it too. I expect the child is already born or will be very soon.

      Sarah and Todd connived the whole thing thinking they'd be able to attach themselves to a MOH and get Bristol off their hands--and the new kid who's father no one knew then or now.

      Except MOH was not as dumb about these things as they'd hoped. The military warns about women like Bristol starting in boot camp, so you know they double-down the message on a MOH winner.

      I think D was gentleman enough to let Bristol pretend to be the offended party and was thankful to high heaven that he didn't get caught up with those grifters.

      I have no explanation for why he went along with the bbq, except maybe to see if he couldn't cozy up with Sarah for possible future political purposes.

    4. Anonymous1:32 PM

      Who would risk the emotional crap this child would go through being born as a public figure, one that does not know who their father is. And/or it is a public secret.

      Clearly there is nothing "family values" about Bristol Palin.

      If 2 people planned a baby and the relationship went wrong, one of them would have some honor when it comes to what is best and right for the child.

      We are to believe there are 2 people who are bad parents?

      Decent people, even ones that make awful mistakes, will come around and do right for the child in spite of their stupidity.

      What kind of life are they giving this baby if it is to live a lie right after conception and for life?

      Who wants to have a child that is shrouded in secrets?

    5. Anonymous2:39 PM

      1:32 PM All of Bristol's pregnancies since 2007 have been shrouded in secrecy.




    6. Anonymous2:41 PM

      The BBQ was already paid for and too late to cancel. They would have still had to pay for it. Sarah pushed the celebration of life angle. She needed a face-to-face with Dakota and how better to front the occasion.

    7. SallyinMI3:07 PM

      Anyone else noticed the total lack of publicity about DaKOHta since the breakup? He was everywhere, and now you never hear about him at all (which is fine by me..him and his guns and booze and PTSD.)

    8. Hugh G. Rection3:48 PM

      As a veteran myself, I am glad Dakota is out of the media, possibly he can heal.

    9. Anonymous3:59 PM

      Nah, $carah just wanted to rub Bristol's face in the pile. Nasty and vi dictive. It's why Sarah wore/wears the engagement ring

    10. Anonymous5:09 PM

      2:39 Funny you should include that first link of yours.

      Scroll down a bit and you'll see a photo of Bristol at Sarah's Half-Term Governor Inauguration where she lied about duty, honor, Alaska, etc. (It should be easy to tell that I am an Alaskan and unlike Sarah believe in duty, honor, Alaska, etc.)

      But, I digressed....here is the point of this post. The inauguration photo shows Todd wearing the Alaska-colors tie that Shailey Tripp says she gave to him (blue and gold, and white also, too).

      What a hoot! Todd wears his prostitute's gift tie to his wife's Big Day Event.

      If only Alaskans had known then (or a month prior which was election time) what we know now.

  12. Anonymous12:43 PM

    LOL, I see the "living privately" crowd is here.
    Well Bristol is not living privately, she has a public blog and many other forms of public social media.
    So, as a public abstinence speaker ( yes Bristol is still listed as such even though she is knocked up with her second bastard) is completely fair game to the public.

    But I think the only reason the money grubbing grifter Palin won't go after the baby daddy for support just comes down to she has no clue who it is and what would go public is the amont of men that would have to take paternity tests.

    1. Anonymous1:06 PM

      If she wants to remain private,why is she on the net every day like the neighbor's barking mutt dog.

    2. Anonymous2:33 PM

      3rd Bastard, get it right.

    3. Anonymous3:29 PM

      This will be #5

  13. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Bristol and Marina posed for an Instagram photo in front of a bathroom mirror (in Las Vegas?) and Bristol wrote that the next night she made the worst mistake of her life. The Instagram was Valentines Day 2015, and that would make the Worst Mistake or Huge Embarrassment due in November. Bristol and Marina may not even know who they hooked up with the night that Bristol made the biggest mistake of her life. As for a mistake that would ruin her life, yes, that might be what broke up what should have been the match made in Heaven, or at least the love match made by Sarah Palin-- Bristol & Dakota. One more week and Bristol would have been Mrs. Dakota Meyers, legit and legal, with a father for Huge Mistake.

    If Bristol names Dakota, then he will ask for a DNA test. If the test is negative, it will be another Huge Embarrassment for Bristol, who has had enough embarrassments and mistakes in her life already.

    1. Anonymous2:31 PM

      Bristol has never revealed the Daddy of the 2010 DWTS baby. Did some family member 'adopt' that baby? That December, 2010 Samaritan's purse trip to Haiti must have really opened Franklin Graham's eyes to the Palin scandals. If he did not notice that Bristol was pregnant, then he is either a part of the scandal or he did not want to see it.

    2. Anonymous4:06 PM

      BINGO!!! You got it right. Bristol's selfie of herself and Marina in the Vegas ladies' room and her "worst mistake of my life" makes it clear that she was knocked up by one of Marina's johns in Vegas.

      Which my explain why Marina has not said a word on her Twitter page since 8 July -- before then, she tweeted almost every day.

    3. Anonymous5:09 PM

      Maybe the worse mistake of her life was agreeing to marry Duhkota? What is the timeline? Maybe sge was already pregnant and agreed with Sarah on that trip to bag and snag Duhkota. But she felt he was really a total dud... Babies out of wedlock aren't a mistake to Bristle but almost narrying fat boring guys could be a mistake to her.....

  14. I'm beginning to feel sorry for Bristol.

    1. Anonymous1:08 PM

      I think it's ok to feel sorry for her and also think she's an asshole and a shitty mother.

    2. Anonymous1:56 PM

      When you start to feel sorry for Bristol, read some of the ghost written Nancy French posts posts on Bristol's blog, under Bristol's name. That is what is keeping Bristol as a "public figure," a manufactured image. Then look at the way she puts Tripp in those Instagram photos, while complaining about her latest stalker. There is a very appropriate expression for Bristol. She made her bed and now she gets to lie in it. It might not have been a bed, but you get the idea.

    3. I am too, in a way.

      Bristol has become proof personified of the uselessness of abstinence-only 'education,' and the ridiculous folly, time and again, of religion's utter ineffectiveness at blunting human nature. (Josh Duggar is star example too.)

      Had this girl been taught that once she came of age her sexuality was hers to enjoy responsibly, not only regarding effective means of birth control, but sensible judgment in the intimate associations she makes, she'd likely be a better educated, productively employed and happy 24 year old.

      A sensible goal made an impossible one when your mother won't give up her own dream of being queen of the Republican base.

    4. Anonymous4:42 PM

      I feel sorry for her because money can fix that broke-ass face she was born with but money can never fix that broke-ass brain that she was born with.

    5. Anonymous5:15 PM

      The problem is that that philosophy only goes so far. It's one thing for a teenager to get knocked up in an abstinence only, seriously dysfunctional family.

      It's a whole 'nother kettle of Bristol Bay salmon to continue getting pregnant.

      There is virtually no reason for an adult woman to get pregnant in this day and age.

      If she can't figure out pills or doesn't want to be bothered there are a number of implants that take away the worry and hassle for any number of years.

      Bristol keeps getting pregnant because Bristol WANTS to keep getting pregnant

      I do not feel sorry for her, I feel sorry for the kids, any of them, all of them. Who suffer alcohol and drug abuse in the womb. Tripp was lucky and I'm glad for him. But what about the others?

    6. Anonymous5:18 PM

      An update to my thoughts about Bristol and birth control.....If she is special needs as some have said, then she likely has someone assigned as her guardian or care-taker.

      If that is the case then the care-taker is responsible and should steer her to safe, EFFECTIVE birth control that doesn't require any thought on her part.

  15. Anonymous12:59 PM

    OT Really OT here, but I think that September 30 is the filing deadline for some of the early primaries. That would be a big sign to Sarah's fans that she's not going to run again in this election cycle, although a few of them still think that she could jump in anytime or run as an Independent. Will Sarah break the news to her fans or just let the truth slowly wash over them like a cold wave of reality?

    There is another interesting coincidence brewing where Sarah's fans like to write nasty comments about President Obama and the liberals. A guy with heart-and-lung problems is running 9 to 10 on the pain chart, barely breathing and his heart is barely beating. He is dying. Some people wonder if his story and his persona are real or the figments of a screen writer's imagination. If he is a convenient plot device, then what better time for both him and Sarah to bid their fans a fond farewell, or better yet, ask for their prayers (and money) in order for each of them to rise and rally again. If we made the movie, no one would believe the characters, but on a blog, we are led to believe that Bristol is a literate Christian woman who can write pages and paragraphs that make sense. And, all of Sarah's fans are real, and she really will run, in 2020. Just donate generously and your favorite characters and lead actress will be back for another election cycle to fill your heart with hopes and dreams. Fans of the Chicago Cubs are used to saying, "Wait until next year," while Sarah's fans hope for another 4 year miracle. At least this year, the Cubs might be the Wild Card favorite in the playoffs. As for Sarah, you gotta be in it to win it.

    1. Anonymous1:48 PM

      If vg is real, I am in the "die, already" camp. He has been singing his swan song on c4p for ages, blames 'Obama Care' for his health problems and is a racist, hateful phony Christian. He promotes himself shamelessly, is pompous and aa windbag. If he is playing a part, I suspect Chuck Jr is his alter ego.

    2. Anonymous2:05 PM

      That's what ive thought all along. Freaky chuckles Jr.

    3. Anonymous2:20 PM

      There's a photo of vg meeting Sarah when she was in VA (last year when she spoke at Liberty U?). He was in a wheel chair.

    4. Anonymous2:21 PM

      My vote is for for Rebecca A. Mansur, the failed screen writer who might be the one dreaming up characters and the things that they say. Characters come and go, sometimes they change their talking points. I don't think that Chuckie can write very well or that he has a good imagination for writing characters like that.

    5. Anonymous2:42 PM

      Barstool lives privately? PRICELESS!!!!

    6. Anonymous3:20 PM

      2:20, a photo doesn't definitively prove anything. A c4per told me some of them suspect that tk and pbp are the Heaths. They are supporting Cruz, because they know Sarah isn't running.

    7. Anonymous5:01 PM

      We know who TheresaAK is and she works for the State of Alaska. Polar Bear Papa is her husband.

    8. Anonymous5:40 PM

      5:01, anything worth sharing?

  16. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Interesting. Bristol has chosen to continue to live as a celebrity. She allows her mother to use her name to publish nasty, mean spirited posts on her ghost written blog. I would expect there is some form of payment B receives from Sarah for this 'service'. Often, in my opinion, Sarah uses Bristol's blog as a test for certain hateful positions. If there is enough enthusiasm for the hate, then Sarah steps in and tries to gain some of the attention for herself and her PAC. If the hate flubs, well then Sarah leaves it alone.

    Also have wondered for some time where the DWTS baby disappeared to and if there is any child support being paid to support this child. If the child is not living in the Palin world, then are the mother and father both supporting the child.....or was the child legally adopted by other parents?

  17. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Why feel sorry for barstool? Ya play,ya pay. Shes thrown plenty of people under the bus. Shes to dense to use birth control and shes a crappy mom. Yup,no child support on this one.married man?

  18. Anonymous1:06 PM

    I figured it out ..... Marina is a transvestite and is Bristol's baby daddy.

    1. Anonymous1:40 PM

      I...I...I....oh my!

    2. Anonymous2:31 PM

      The turkey baster has been discussed before.
      It is Marina that has always been the ONE.
      Dakota always looked like a performance

  19. Janice A Soderquist1:07 PM

    If she cannot identify the daddy, is she eligible for child support, ADC, through the government? If the house is in Sarah's name, Bristol can claim to be broke..... Most states demand to know the daddy as not to have to pay.

    1. Anonymous1:54 PM

      Nope. They will take the list of names and test them.

    2. I believe most states require the mother to identify the father as it is the responsibility of the parents to support the child; the state only steps if both parents are unable to support the child.

    3. Anonymous2:29 PM

      I would think naming the father is paramount to the child. There are so many situations that could get sticky and there are those that intentionally lie on documents.

      At some point a child may need information about health and heredity, something important and life saving. How nice to know who your father and family is.

      The Palins could pull an adoption switch and the child could end up knowing nothing about them self. How tragic.

    4. Anonymous4:40 PM

      I don't know the legalities of it, but a state couldn't possibly demand to know who a baby's father is: all the mother would have to say is "I don't know," and how would anyone prove otherwise?

    5. Anonymous4:56 PM

      If she had sex with strangers how would the father ever be identified? What a fuckingly stupid fucking woman, to have anonymous sex without protection.

  20. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Does Sarah know who the father of Bristol's baby is?

    1. SallyinMI3:11 PM

      Does Sarah kn ow Bristol is pregnant? She's been gone for months at a time, and she never ever mentions her kids except when she needs Trig at a Christian conference.

    2. Anonymous4:40 PM

      Remember how much she did publicly with Bristol leading up to the called off wedding? They were all over the place together. Now, nothing.

  21. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Wouldn't it be amusing if several men came forward claiming to be the father and demanding paternity tests because they truly want to be a part of their child's life OR because they believe that Bristol would be (& already is) an unfit parent.

    The very sad part of all of this is that there is a totally innocent baby involved that Bristol has already started to exploit with her very PUBLIC baby bump pics, her (*cough, cough*) blog and her vast, PUBLIC social media accounts.

    1. You ware so very right! How sad for the child, who has NOTHING to do with all this hoopla and who will have to live all it's life in the shadow of greedy unscrupulous people. What on earth chance does he/she have to possible have a good life? I so hope I am wrong and someone will come forward and take care of the baby. It would be best, I think, if this could be done in real private so that the child is not hurt. I could not care less if Bristol and Sarah are hurt. In fact they both deserve it.
      Is there a CPS program in AK that could take the baby totally away from this horrible family? Or are they totally paralyzed by SP?
      This is such a sad story and unfortunately it is true.
      End rant. I would love to be able to somehow help this innocent child but know that is not possible.
      Thanks G for all you do.

    2. Anonymous4:44 PM

      I would take little trig off their hands in a heartbeat . Poor little guy.

    3. Anonymous4:47 PM

      I'm pretty sure that many of the guys who've had sex with Bristol are too concerned with treating their various STDs to worry about whether or not they are the baby daddy or being too concerned about how their possible spawn are raised.

  22. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Bristle may want to consider that Mommy Dearest may not have the funds to pay her to be quiet for a full 18 years. Hell, she may not even make it two. Come on Bristle! 18 years times ??? or a short, quick pay off from Mommy? Think it thru.

  23. Okay so NOW I 'm hearing from certain sources that Bristol really doesn't even know who the baby daddy is for sure.

    I would not find that at all surprising.

    1. Anonymous1:52 PM

      How many guys could possibly be the father? Just how much unprotected sex did/does that girl have? Isn't she just a little bit concerned about STD's?

    2. Anonymous1:57 PM

      I believe it 100%.
      I wonder what rationalization Goody French uses in her pea brain to keep pretending Bristol is a good Christian woman.

    3. Anonymous1:59 PM

      Way to go, Bristol!
      Abstinence is unrealistic. I guess, for Bristol, so is monogamy and birth control.

    4. TwoBlueJays2:17 PM

      Haha Goody French. Please tell me you are doing a literary nod to The Scarlet Letter. If so +1.

      Signed Goody Cakebread

    5. Anonymous2:18 PM

      @1:57 The one claim to Christian Fame for Bristol, the Public Figure, is that she "chose" to have her various babies instead of aborting them. It's just my opinion, but I think that Bristol made sure not to tell anyone about her pregnancy (pregnancies) until after 20 weeks, when no one would perform an abortion. That way she was sure to have it. Why? We can do major psychology on Bristol, starting from a time when she was a teen calling out for attention (and probably affection). Some of her friends were getting pregnant and/or married. Having a baby means having someone to love and someone who loves you. What else could she do? Get a job? Work? Get an education? Are you kidding!

    6. Anonymous2:25 PM

      This is why I think the baby is due between now and mid-Nov. The pregnancy probably dates back to her break-up with the snowmachine guy. Either he knew it wasn't his because he had used protection and broke up with her or he broke up with her for some other reason and she engaged in serial revenge sex. Or a million other possible scenarios...but she likely knew she was pregnant before she met MOH.

    7. Anonymous2:32 PM

      Future text to Serror from a barstool?

      Don't worry mama- it might only take 5 or 6 DMA tests b4 we now who daddy is. You can blame it on obamma.

    8. Anonymous3:18 PM

      Given Dakota Meyer did not claim to be the father I suspect she lied when she insinuated he is the father
      by claiming she "got ahead of her self".

      Bristol will regret that lie because it makes her reputation worse to lie to make her out of wed lock pregnancy seem acceptable her fiancée knocked her up. Whatever she does moving forward she damned her self by lying. Exponentially she compounded her first mistake.

      Eventually truth comes out. Given history it is possible Sarah ordered Bristol to back peddle she planned on having more children and thought she was getting married so darn she is blessed.

      If Dakota is not the baby daddy he lacks self respect to allow her to imply he fathered her child.

    9. Anonymous3:49 PM

      I think even Bristol is intelligent enough to know the candidates. A little collection of DNA on the sly should be happening right now. Bristol can determine the DNA match after the birth IF she's got DNA samples from all the candidates.

      If I was one of the candidates I'd be guarding my DNA like crazy.... maybe move to the Australian outback for a year. Because being the "guilty" sperm producer is going to be hell for the next 18 years. Bristol's track record is to put the screws to the guy that WON'T marry her.

    10. Anonymous3:51 PM

      Once she births this latest "mistake" sarah sycophants will start harassing Dakota to step up to the plate. He'll have no choice but to say he's not the father. Then the good Christians will not only know bristles is a slut they'll also know she tried to set Dakota up. He is a MOH holder, folks won't like that at all. That's why sarah is keeping her fat mouth shut she knows shit is going to hit the fan soon enough. She's living her last hurrah between now & the birth. Unless of course they claim the baby died, which wouldn't surprise me in the least.

    11. It would really be awkward to not know who the father is. How exactly does one "plan" a pregnancy without knowing who the father is? She must have had guys lined up outside of her bedroom, legs up in the air, and couldn't see their faces.

    12. Anonymous4:40 PM

      must be some Random guy's kid.

    13. Anonymous4:52 PM

      If she really was pro life, she would give up the baby for adoption. That said, who would want to adopt a baby whose mother most certainly drank and used drugs in the early part of the pregnancy?

    14. Anonymous4:57 PM

      I'm the winner!! I called that back when she made the announcement and was all can't hold her chin up, let down her family bullshit. I said then she doesn't even know who the baby daddy is. Why else would Sarah be mum on the subject when she could milk that for mega donations? Her makes-her- so-proud Bristol is a whore who doesn't even know who to blame the paternity on. She just may have to go on the Maury Povich show to find out Who the father is! Too bad, so sad. Enjoy your Karma, Palin bitches. I do feel sorry for the innocent life being brought into that whole Palin cabal, however.

  24. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Can't imagine when all these kids of Bristol's turn 18 and start to talk about their past. The adopted children will be speaking out about who their biological mom is, Tripp will certainly reveal what it was like living with mom, with her varied boyfriends, break-ups, and living on and off with the Palins. Certainly this new child will be the child of single Bristol Palin, without a father figure to lean on. How many trial dads does Bristol think she'll have to try out before she falls in love with a guy who doesn't want her baggage?

    She has ruined her life, and set herself up for failure for a happy marriage and life, unless she cuts off cold turkey her need for being a celebrity.

  25. Anonymous1:51 PM

    In Alaska is everything done in the dark and they have no regard for accurate documents and records? What are the laws in Alaska?

    If a child is born and the mother sincerely doesn't know who the father is, they must be able to say that on the birth certificate. If they do know the identity, I would think it would be a lie to say the father is nameless or unknown.

    This chart shows how little Republicans care about accurately portraying Planned Parenthood


    Rep. Jason Chaffetz Refuses To Let Planned Parenthood's President Answer Questions

  26. Anonymous1:56 PM

    The outcome will be the "HUEge"!!! Dark, get it.

  27. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Bristol, Marina, the Cusacks know as much as anyone how far along Bristol actaully is in this pregnancy. Bristol and her close besties would know if she had sex with one man or whatever during the time she would get pregnant.

    It is possible Bristol, along with the keepers of her dark side secrets, know the names of several of the potential daddy material.

    They may not have one exact name, they would have several names.

    Unless the only time she had sex was with a stranger and she didn't bother to get his name.

    1. Anonymous3:02 PM

      Too many people know the situation to keep it under wraps much longer. There's bound to be someone who won't pull the usual "I'm so scared of the palins they're threatening me and/or my kid" or whatever bullshit we've been fed. Seriously, someone threatens you or your kid and you just sit there on your thumb instead of going to the police? Not for a minute do I believe the palins wield that kind of power any longer.

  28. Anonymous2:20 PM

    I find it hard to believe that no one in Wasilla/Anchorage area gives a damn about the dead Bristol Palin #BFF. What a cold heartless place, I don't mean the winter weather.

    Autumn Browning (39)

    An undetermined death is a big deal. YUGE! Especially in Alaska.

    Alaska is a state with few undetermined deaths.

    Alaska has a medical examiner with a questionable past, Dr. Gary Zientek. It may be coincidence that Sean Parnell would appoint Zientek. It is possible he will do the bidding for the right people. Much like the APD.

    If something happens to the baby that Bristol is expecting to birth in November or December it would be good to know there was a medical examiner that would not fudge a death certificate.
    Either a determined death or an undetermined one.

    People would care about the death of Bristol's baby. It is shocking no one at all cares about Bristol's #BFF.

    1. Anonymous2:50 PM

      The Cusack team is a close knit family like unit. They celebrate and commemorate everything with gusto!

      I am sure they are all showing their support for their friend that died one year ago today.

      Check their accounts. Especially Bristol.

      Bristol is the nice one and the one they say is so sweet. Bristol is not going to ignore someone so dear to her.

    2. Anonymous3:01 PM

      Yep, they don't miss any reason to celebrate.

      Celebrate the living!


      Celebrating that infamous time in Las Vegas

    3. Anonymous4:48 PM

      This was Bristol's BFF? She was quite a bit older than Bristol.
      She also doesn't sound like a person with suicidal tendencies.

    4. Anonymous4:51 PM

      Didn't she die after a botched surgery at Cusack's place? That's what I heard. Pulled a Joan Rivers on the OR table?

    5. Anonymous5:33 PM

      Marina is no spring chicken.

      Who did the botched surgery?

      You know Bristol, her best friends and others do work like that on each other?

      Amateurs can kill each other just with the wrong injection. It doesn't have to be surgery.

      It is certain there is a cover up for something.

      You can read about people from that area. They say over and over that they don't care.

      They don't care about bad medical practices, dead bodies, fatherless children.

      If a Palin is involved, they don't dare. They rather be complicit then caring.

  29. TwoBlueJays2:23 PM

    Who knows. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I don't care who the father of this one is. My 'give a fuck' meter is almost broken when it comes to this pathetic girl. How many girls/women find out they have an accidental pregnancy and never bother to ask the internet to care? Or not care, in Bristol's case. She seems to always lose sight of the fact that she is going to have a baby, a child, a person. I've never seen such a classic example of 'pro-birth but not pro-child'. Oh wait I have. Grendel's mother. They eat their young up there in Wasilla. Or sell them. Whatever suits their narrative and makes them the most money.

    1. Anonymous3:07 PM

      Actually she does care about her spawn after birth. In that same twisted way she cares about Tripp, treating him like he's the parent or her lover. She's really mentally off, Levi should try to get that kid away from her before she really starts to treat him inappropriately if it hasn't already happened.

  30. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I don't think she knows either. But, obviously Duhkota broke up with her because there's a possiblity it's someone else's. They didn't break up because of the previous wife story. My bet is still on some guy in Vegas on the Valentine's day weekend spent with the Russian exotic model. Too much to drink and sex in a bar washroom with some stranger.

    1. Anonymous4:17 PM

      What's all this talk about that one night stand may have been with a black man, not that there is anything wrong with that?

  31. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I suspect that bristle was impregnated by a supernatural demon.
    Bristles baby if you will. She is a leg spreader.
    Take that to the tabloids eh!

  32. Anonymous3:12 PM

    multiple partners on the same night? When Bristol said the pregnancy was planned, maybe she planned the sex with multiple partners event.

  33. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Late to the party here, but again.
    Hard to hold her chin up over this one.
    Disappointed family and friends.
    Changed to "blessing."

    There's a reason $arah is quiet.
    I'll bet she had plans, and in comes the monkey wrench that destroyed it all.

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      Sarah had plans all right. She'd campaign for Dakota who wanted to run for congress. She could appear with him in support of veterans because Sarah doesn't have many speaking opportunities any more. Dakota was after Sarah's support, her PAC could get him rolling, and she would attract publicity. What could go wrong?

    2. Anonymous5:02 PM

      That would be a great name for the the next (un) fortunate boy, Monkey Wrench.

  34. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Does Gryph know anyone in Wasilla or Anchorage that knows why no one up there is able to take a photo of Bristol as she is in the moment?

    What is with that? How is it no one sees her going to work, at work or anything to do with work? Only what she wants to post.

    Does Bristol take Tripp to school? Pick him up? After school sports? Does she go shopping? Does she do anything that is not a Palin photo op?

    1. Anonymous3:43 PM

      There's a good question. Who takes care of Tripp if Bristol really LOL works at the doctor's office all day?

    2. Anonymous4:12 PM

      You should head up there and find out for yourself. Tough Talk is just that, tough talk. Not as easy as you think.

    3. Anonymous4:23 PM

      Does he even Attend school? Or is he following the family tradition to be dumb as a bag of hammers?

    4. Anonymous4:24 PM

      No photos? Because nobody cares.

    5. Anonymous4:25 PM

      A different daddies baby.

    6. Anonymous4:54 PM

      No one cares here in AK. I've seen the rest of the Palin kids a few times in the last month but not Bristol and even if I did I'm not about to bother taking a photo of her! It would be different if she was a famous person and the photo would be worth money but with a person such as Bristol Palin why bother?

    7. Anonymous4:59 PM

      Tripp and Trig go to school together at Cottonwood Creek Elementary. I have to assume that someone takes them to school and picks them up if Bristol is truly working in Anchorage.

    8. Anonymous5:26 PM

      4:54 PM

      No wonder out of control criminals do so well in parts of Alaska.

      There is so much no one up there cares about.

  35. Anonymous4:03 PM

    I'm buying stock in Orville Redenbacher

  36. Anonymous4:06 PM

    I thought liberals always stood behind and supported single mothers?

    1. Anonymous4:22 PM

      We don't stand behind hypocritical liars whether they be man, woman or a green alien. Pregnant or not.

    2. And, I thought conservative pretend Christians thinks that single mothers are whores?

    3. Anonymous4:32 PM

      Why would you think that?

      Being a hypocritical asshole trumps being a single mom every time.

      To throw it back at you, I though Christians shunned unwed mothers.

    4. Anonymous4:35 PM

      4:06 - Hi, Alicia!

    5. Anonymous4:54 PM

      The thing that is fake about Bristol is that she does not write those Christian anti-abortion posts on her blog. They are ghost written by Nancy French, and they get more attention on Bristol's blog than on Nancy's. Nancy also writes the anit-Obama and the War on Christianity stuff that appears under Bristol's name. So, it's hard to be sympathetic to someone who is such a fake.

    6. Anonymous5:01 PM

      So you think "liberals" stand behind and support single mothers?

      You're right, we do. And we support Bristol in her efforts to raise her child, soon to be children.

      HOWEVER, what we don't support is her constant posting of selfies and posting blog comments in which she attacks others while, at the same time, complaining about people attacking her for her comments. If she wants to be a private person, she needs to be a private person and stop pushing herself all over the 'net.

      Then there's the part where she took over $250,000 "salary" to promote teen abstinence.

  37. Anonymous4:16 PM

    "You are not the father", next................

  38. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Yes,when they don't continue to drive hatred towards others while making a world class fool of themselves.

  39. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I feel sorry for the little baby girl who will be born one or two months from now. She's going to feel really bad when she's old enough to realize that her lucky big brother gets to leave every week or so and spend time with Levi and Sunny while she has to stay home with boring, manipulative, insecure Bristol.

    Maybe if Bristol plays nice, the little girl can spend weekends with Levi and Sunny, too.

    1. Anonymous4:57 PM

      Perhaps this little girl will be as dumb and daft as her mother and have no realization of anything that happens to her, or around her. I myself foresee the little gal being schooled in the art of makeup and mani/pedis from her brother Tripp and Tripp becoming even more girly after getting a sister to play barbies with.

    2. Janice A Soderquist4:58 PM

      She will probably grow up like Bristol, spoiled and in control. She will make it tho. Sally, Sarah and all the other Palin women have survived, but have not contributed anything to anyone or society but themselves. The little girl will be ok, maybe Tripp can guide her as her big brother. He has wonderful parents on the Levi side who will teach him well.

    3. Janice A Soderquist5:02 PM

      Bristol is hiding out, doesn't want to be seen. She has nannies or help to drive Tripp where he needs to go. If she is large in the belly, she won't come out. No one will see her till the big announcement and then no will know when this baby was born or anything. I bet she ends up leaving Alaska in shame and moves to Arizona full time.

  40. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Sarah wanted to be queen of the military, but now she's back in the small-time anti-choice ghetto.

    Yup, she's royally pissed at her eldest daughter. Bristol's over-active uterus has screwed Sarah once again.

  41. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Even if Bristol never names the father (if she even has a clue) what's she going to do, keep that child in hiding for it's entire life?

    This could still backfire on her BIG time down the road. What if the kid ends up looking exactly like the sperm donor? Look at Mia Farrow's son, Ronan Farrow, who is obviously the son of Frank Sinatra, not to mention other high profile cases.

    The sperm donor may at some point want to establish paternity for whatever reason, hopefully to have a relationship with the child and not for wanting the publicity of it all thought that scenario would be fun to watch too.

    In Alaska the father has a right to establish his paternity rights. There are times, as provided in statute, when CSSD may not establish paternity in which case I'm sure mommy's lawyers are already searching the angles to make sure any forthcoming possible sperm donor will be screwed.

    If Bristol chooses to become uncooperative about establishing paternity this could really come back and bite her in the butt down the road. She might even make up a baby-daddy or borrow one. One day however, the child is going to want to know the TRUTH.

    1. Anonymous5:28 PM

      Just curious- does Alaskan paternity law apply when the father is not from Alaska?

    2. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Don't have to go as far back as Sinatra/Mia/Ronan. Take a good long look at a photo of Track Palin and then take a look at a photo of the late Curtis Menard Jr. When one factors in the long-term 'friendship' that palin had with Curtis, it becomes obvious they were far more than 'friends'.

  42. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Sarah and Todd, take a good look at your messed up daughter, Bristol . You are both responsible .
    Acknowledge your little grandchild no matter who the
    daddy is.

    1. Olivia5:28 PM

      They are both so fucked up, they would have no idea or even care how bad their kids and grandkids are messed up

  43. Anonymous5:11 PM

    I have this take on that: no, Dakota isn't the father and what he does know, he can't tell on account the Grizzled Grifter had him sign a non-disclosure contract - probably not long after he and Bristol hooked up. That's why he hasn't uttered a word about Bristol, the failed engagement, the baby to be - nothing. Zip, nada, nothing. Don't you think it rather strange Dakota has been silent??

    1. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Is it strange that Dakota has been silent about his short-lived engagement to Bristol? Dakota failed to include his marriage when he was 19, especially since his grandfather conducted by his grandfather, and witnessed by both his grandmother and his mother. After his mother left him with Mike Meyers, who adopted Dakota, Dakota never mentioned his mother again in his biography. Neither the marriage nor his divorce were included in Dakota's biography.

  44. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Dead men tell no tales.

    That can also mean dead women tell no tales.


  45. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Thanks Gryph, I watched the video again with this post. Bitch better have my money in my head alllll day! It's good. -sjp

  46. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I posted this once, but I'll post it again. How many people here will agree with me that Bristol would never have let an "accidental" pregnancy occur if she knew in advance that she'd have to work 8 hours a day at Walmart to support the second child? Birth control is not hard to learn about or use. I have heard Bristol speak on television interviews. OK,she is no intellectual. But she can't possibly "forget" about birth control when she knows she'll be having sex. At some level, she knew a pregnancy was likely and she must have been careless because she WANTED it to happen.

    As to her supposed horniness, there are ways to deal with sexual tension that can't result in pregnancy - her hand, a vibrator, anal, oral. With all the money she spends on sunglasses and designer shoes and bags, Bristol could buy enough dildos to fill a whole closet.

    I conclude that Bristol likes being a single mother and views marriage as a possibility, but not a necessity. I honestly don't believe that she has ANY shame about being single and pregnant a second time. Why else would she be showing off her bump?

  47. Anonymous5:37 PM

    IF IF IF Bristol thinks Dakota is the sperm donor she's certainly NOT going to name him because she hates him and hates Kentucky. "Can't have a fish-picker from Kentucky!" and Bristol isn't about to let the baby go live half it's life with Dakota in Kentucky. It's not worth the child support to her because for the very first time she will this child all to herself! No sharing!

    However, IF IF IF a paternity test is ordered AND Dakota is the father, you can betcha mommy's lawyers will do everything possible to $crew him for the largest possible dollar amount for next 18 years along with the usual covert Palin revenge campaign.

  48. Anonymous5:41 PM

    As a social conservative I never thought I'd be saying this, but I am. I'm so fed up with young girls having babies outside of marriage that I want Planned Parenthood funding INCREASED. Yes, you heard it right. I'm also tired of seeing conservatives excuse single motherhood with the "at least she chose life" line. With knowledge about birth control being available to everyone immediately through the internet and contraceptives being cheap and easy to use (and reliable) there is no excuse for "accidental" pregnancies. Our sympathies should go to the fatherless child, not the careless young girl who thought only of herself. We should not be praising young girls who were careless when engaging in sex or use the "I forgot about contraceptives" excuse just because they want a baby to love.

    And I agree that "abstinence only" education is not realistic. Contraception methods should also be discussed. But it is also wrong to pretend that no one can practice abstinence unless they have the constitution of a saint. Sex education should present all options.

    My position is now more liberal than it once was regarding sex education. And I have the Palins to thank for this.


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