Tuesday, September 29, 2015

So this is a picture which was making the rounds on cable news and social media yesterday.

I think we all know that President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin are not exactly chummy.

However somebody on Twitter reminded us that there has been at least one American President that Putin was quite chummy with.

Yeah, you know I actually feel a lot better having a President in office who is repelled by a man who has invaded neighboring countries at will and mistreated his own people.

So I have no problem with President Obama giving Putin the stink eye.

Especially since he seems to be getting along so well with so many others.

President Obama with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

President Obama with Raul Castro


  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    How about posting a picture of W. holding hands with a Saudi 'prince.' ??? Throw that picture at Jeb connotes excitement. (He who cannot campaign using his last name!)

    1. Anonymous5:08 PM

      Have at it everyone!




    2. Anonymous5:30 PM

      Or kissing him on the lips?

  2. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Our president, the one legally elected twice by a majority of Americans, doesn't back down. Proud of him.

  3. Anonymous5:39 PM

    This is an excellent visual presentation, Gryphen. For those times when you have nothing to post, post these pictures of the president doing his job at the stratospheric level he works at.

    We have an educated, intelligent, personable, well-presented man as POTUS, looking more distinguished every day. Dyed hair should be left to the Trumps and Reagans of the world, those wanting to fool the American people.

    1. Anonymous6:12 PM

      I don't really care if a person dyes their hair or not.
      But like the old saying goes, you can definitely know a person by the company they keep.

    2. Anonymous7:14 PM

      Women will always be judged by their looks no matter how wrong.

      What does it say when a man dyes his hair?

  4. Anonymous6:39 PM

    And lest we forget......Bush stated that Putin was an OK guy, and that when he looked into his eyes he "saw his soul".

    Yes, Bush was so wise and savvy about people. What an idiot and not the savant kind.

    1. Anonymous6:06 AM

      Georgie had nicknames for everyone, like Turdblossom for his brain, Rove. Wasn't it reported that he called Putin "Pooty Poo"? Now we have an ADULT in the WH.

  5. Anonymous6:43 PM

    I like the montage showing Putin acting like a man and Obama Bowing like a pansy in front of everyone.

    1. Anonymous7:10 PM

      If you're as tall as President Obama then you pretty much have to bend down to shake hands with most people.
      This is something a little man like Putin would not know about.

    2. Anonymous7:20 PM

      Yeah, Putin "acts" like a man. We've all seen the bare-chested horseback-riding and working-out propaganda pics over-compensating for his tiny stature, not to mention his over-Botoxed face.

      Yep, a real man has cosmetic surgery, that's why Donald Trump is universally respected.

    3. Anonymous7:23 PM

      I like the montage of Bush kissing Arab royalty on the lips in front of the world media. Soooo not pansy, that.

    4. Anonymous7:30 PM

      President Obama doesn't have to ACT like a man. He IS one. He is bowing out of respect for other world leaders. You know, the biblical "do unto others..." If you have problems with that you have many other problems too.


    5. Anonymous7:48 PM

      Hey, 6:43, you might find this illuminating about your macho man Putin: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/kathleen-parker-the-great-granddaughter-of-khrushchev-analyzes-vladimir-putin/2014/03/18/eaf8b1f2-aed9-11e3-9627-c65021d6d572_story.html

    6. Anonymous7:49 PM

      His nickname was Moth, and there is little worse than a mediocrity gaining the sort of power that Putin has.
      Khrushcheva, an associate professor of international affairs at the New School in New York, is no fan of Putin, as one might have guessed. A woman who prefers simplicity, she is direct, blunt and, at times, wickedly funny. Would that President Obama had a foreign policy, she says, adding that she is a loyal Democrat. Would that Americans understood Putin for what he is — no mere bully, he is “an old KGB chinovnik ,” a petty clerk.

      Although Putin enjoys the popular image of the terrifying KGB agent, Khrushcheva says he was really a clerk whose nickname was “Moth.” More Miss Moneypenny than James Bond.

    7. Anonymous9:36 PM


      chuck_tard jr,

      what has your weight ballooned to these days ?
      you incestuous useless fuk ..

    8. Anonymous6:14 AM

      It's so funny that you think this tall, confident, brilliant and handsome man who's the most powerful person on Earth and has a huge list of diplomatic successes, is some kind of timid girly man just because he has manners and class. Nobody's buying it ok. Look at the picture again, dickhole. Does that look like a pansy to you? Does he look afraid to you? Trust me, if you're getting the eye-daggers from this President, you know you fucked up. Ask Osama, you fucking traitorous shitbag.

      Deep down, you know you love him, troll.

    9. Anonymous6:37 AM

      If you admire Putin so much, why not move to Russia?

      I understand the weather is similar to AK and they might have an opening as Sec. of Energy.

  6. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Best Asian president, EVER.

    1. Anonymous7:22 PM

      It was Bush who pawned America to the Chinese.

      The Chinese think Bush is the "Best Asian president, EVER". And they ought to know.

  7. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Trump Crashes and Burns By Offering To Give Putin Syria In Disastrous Fox Interview


  8. Anonymous8:20 PM

    The chinese president doesn't exactly have a stellar human rights record either but we have to suck up to China. We have no reason to suck up to Russia, none whatsoever.

  9. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Poor job on this column G...your missing a key thing...RELEVANCE...You got none...lol

    1. Anonymous6:15 AM

      Well, the resident troll know nothing is active this morning. Why are you on this blog if you think Gryphen is irelevant? Waiting for news of Bristles impending "mistake" to arrive?

    2. Anonymous11:06 AM

      Its knickers do seem to be perpetually in a knot these days. What's the matter, troll, are the postage payments dropping off as the SarahPAC kitty runs dry?
      Poor, sad troll.

  10. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Poor job on this comment 9:04...you're missing 3 key things...RELEVANCE, INTELLIGENCE AND EDUCATION...You got none...lol

  11. OT:

    My local news reported that Kim Davis and her husband Jethro Jim Bob Billy Joe Dufus met with the Pope at HIS invitation. In private and no word on the content of the meeting but they both received rosaries.

    Man, her right wing fundie church's heads must be collectively spinning she met with a heretic (in their eyes) but I'll bet she keeps that rosary.

    I have to wonder if he talked to her about rendering to Caesar what is Caesar's, love and not hate and basically shut the fuck up and do your job. But I suspect not. Whatever was discussed I'm sure she had her fundie filter in place and only heard what supports and justifies her hate.

    Congressman Brady is apparently starting a collection of glassware of world leaders as he stole the Pope's glass and had previously taken a glass Obama drank out of. He's having the Philly police dust it for prints. I guess we should all keep our eyes on eBay should that glass turn up.

    1. Anonymous6:21 AM

      Yeah, the pope and 100,000 praying Peruvians.

      Like the pope would get into that RW bullshit.

  12. Anonymous1:21 AM

    Obummer can go f*** himself.

    1. Anonymous5:59 AM

      And so can you.

    2. Anonymous6:19 AM

      Hi, Chuckles. PRESIDENT Obama worked his brains to get where he is. He never rode anyone's grifting coat tails onto the stage like your entire family has done. No wonder you could not make it as a teacher, with language skills that are stictly PayMe like.

    3. Anonymous7:26 AM

      Doesn't need to fuck himself. Has a beautiful wife.

    4. Anonymous5:25 PM

      The beautiful wife? You mean cute little Abby, who was not only knocked up before marriage, but before Chuckie's first marriage was legally dissolved? That beautiful wife? Or is there a new Mrs Chuckles waiting in the wings?

  13. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Of course Bush and Putin got along, they have so much in common like endorsing torture and invading foreign countries.


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