Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sarah Palin provides the perfect example for why John Boehner wants to get the hell out of politics.

So apparently Breitbart was looking around trying to find the most insignificant person they could locate to give their opinion on John Boehner leaving Congress and his role as House Speaker.

They settled on Sarah Palin:

Palin noted, “The silver lining for the political establishment is that with all the time John Boehner has in the next year before he can legally become a lobbyist for special interests he represented as Speaker, he can work on his golf handicap.” 

When told the news of Boehner’s resignation, Governor Palin expressed astonishment and delight, “Holy! That’s huge. Let’s thank John Boehner for his service and wish him a long and peaceful retirement.”

Palin then decided to take a victory lap:

Here’s the deal: grassroots conservatives’ commitment to adhering to the Constitution and to restoring America’s freedom and free enterprise is very real. You can only thwart the will of the people for so long. First Eric Cantor, now John Boehner. Senate leadership that’s now on notice surely takes this seriously. The conservative grassroots is calling out the permanent political class and that’s reflected in the GOP presidential polls. Bold, independent Congressmen in Washington prove they’re to be reckoned with now, and they deserve voters’ thanks for doing what we sent them to do – shake up the status quo and get the country back on track. These Congressmen are in it for the right reason, and they ought to celebrate another victory for the grassroots! Thank them! 

Yes good job to Sarah Palin and the Teabaggers.

They have now broken the government so completely that Congress is now almost completely ineffective.

But hey do you know who is still getting things done at an almost startling rate?

Yep, this guy.

So you keep right on calling for infighting among Republicans and a do nothing approach to governance, because all that does is make the President's job that much easier. 


  1. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Who gives a rat's @ss about anything that harpy has to say?

    1. Anonymous7:49 AM

      Ler's get to the important stuff. What does the brilliant political commentator Bristles think of all this?

    2. Anonymous9:40 AM

      That's what I'm waiting for, 7:49 AM, Lord knows the world can't revolve without Miss GED's take on things.

  2. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Sarah, let's stop with the "Grassroots Conservatives" bullshit and call them what they are Xian cultists. And while you are at it, stop with all your patriot nonsense! Patriotism involves every citizen, not just the ones you agree with!

    1. Anonymous7:24 AM

      Anon 6:21-- I know! Doesn't it drive you crazy? All the "patriotism" stuff, and the "I want my country back" crap.

      I consider myself a patriot (Yes, I love the United States, gasp, progressive as I am, and feel privileged to live here), and it's MY country too, you duffleheads!!!

    2. They don't want to take their country back.

      They want to take it AWAY. From people they don't agree with. From the poor, minorities, women, gays.

      They want to control it and dictate what others may and may not do.

      That is no democracy. It isn't even a republic.

      Mostly they want a fascist dictatorship with a layer of theocracy.

  3. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Wow! She is really look old and worn out as of late. Imagine how much she would've aged if McCain had won and she were the leader of the GOP. Give it up Sarah! You're a has been!

    1. Anonymous10:05 AM

      Imagine how John McCain would have aged.

      Assuming the White House wasn't burned down....

    2. Anonymous1:08 PM

      Oh honey kip kip then it will be discussed in court…and they have no sympathy for the Heaths or Palins or the Helping Hands that they spew their EVIL on…pass it on…

    3. Anonymous1:29 PM

      GO KID!!!!

  4. Anonymous6:32 AM

    "Bold, independent Congressmen in Washington prove they’re to be reckoned with now..."

    Congresswomen need not apply.

    1. hauksdottir8:32 AM

      Alan Grayson IS a force to be reckoned with. ;^)

  5. Anonymous6:39 AM

    How many begging letters can Teahag send out off the back of Boehner leaving? That's all she cares about.

    1. Anonymous1:03 PM

      Well she better tell her bots to lay off folks…the feds and locals are onto it!
      and being as a certain someone else is on a life-assurance policy and the one they “paid” to befriend that person didn’t “program to fail” and so they send him on a second round, failing to inform him the reason his brother is a quadriplegic is due to todd’s snowmobile buddies that “did a favor” when the brother wouldn’t go along with it…how am I doing sarah…

  6. Anonymous6:45 AM

    I know a government employee making plans to start a remodeling job during the very likely shutdown. Again people will be paid later for staying at home to bend government to their demands.

    Then Palin, Cruz nut cases can rant that Obama is abusing the military and caused the park closings. Maybe this time they will sell confederate flags and invite Kim Davis. Trump can ride a horse waving his bible to the masses.

    1. Anonymous8:08 AM

      The people who will be hurt are all those who DON'T work for the government, but who depend on government employees to spend their paychecks buying services and goods from them, like lunches. And there is no guarantee that government employees will get paid for the time they lost. So far they haven't been penalized that way, but every time this foolishness goes down, there are a lot of people holding their breath and crossing their fingers.
      Remember who we're dealing with up there.
      M from MD

    2. Anonymous8:42 AM

      Would that be the Bible he picked up while trysting and thrusting with Marla while cheating on his still wife at the time Ivana?

    3. Anonymous9:19 AM

      People getting food stamps can won't feel so hungry if they just concentrate on getting their remodeling done.

    4. Anonymous10:08 AM

      Also, less revenue to the government to provide future services -- including the military, Sarah, and the VA -- because no tax will be paid on the income not being paid to all these out-of-work people.

    5. Anonymous1:01 PM

      ewww…but that brings up a point…I know of someone else who “smelled the underwear” to see if the teen was having sex…then found out he was raping the girl since the age of 4…so he got the idea from Chuck Heath Sr…good to know…I will tell the Kid to enter that into court!

    6. Anonymous1:10 PM

      sounds like Cruz flipped Sarah off…oh now Sarah is going to “stump” for another bellow in my bourbon Retard I mean Republican…hey speaking of…so hows that “grand scheme plan” going? oh John Boy couldn’t do much and now “this is all you got” Sarah…gee why don’t you talk about WHO you terrorized in Alaska with all those Minions as Anonymous put it? hmmm?
      It’s HUGE is what Levi said…now the President says “Potentially Huge”…
      Gee Sarah what ever could they mean? Giggle…this is goona be goood

  7. Anonymous6:54 AM

    So she said "Holy"? when she heard the news? Holy what holy shit?

    1. Anonymous1:14 PM

      She doesn't dare say...wonder why...head tilt…when it was reported the Kid had the “anointing” the church caught fire…guess you can’t be something you are not…and when your better than the predict…the fall out is deadly…they went after the preachers sister and had guys at MEA jolt her address – hence the term used globally “you have the wrong address” that was classic…and evidently the Kid was standing there with other neighbors when Roger Purcell walked up after a photographer took pics that never were shown…not even an article about it…anyways – not is all what it seems…good thing the Kid has global satellite tracking in place..;)
      Go after her one more time Palin…or a minion…”caught on camera”

  8. Anonymous6:57 AM

    I don't need to go there to know that those frail minds at the pond have decided that nobody but Sarah Palin should be Madam Speakeress.

  9. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Does Sarah pay to have this article published too?

  10. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Are those surgical scars on her neck? Even dressed-up and made up, she looks grimy. Yuck! Also, too, she's cruel and uneducated.

  11. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Bitch has never in her life said a word about Boehner. Now she does?

  12. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Yes,and Thank You sarah! You led up to the destruction of the GOP.THANK YOU,THANK YOU, THANNNNNNK U!

  13. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Puke scarah, only stands for one thing.She will ride any horse, that will let her get on it's back. Don't matter the horse.
    At every ones expense.

    1. Anonymous8:32 AM

      If I do nothing else, I want the IM commenters to know the difference between "it's" and "its" -- it makes you look WAY more intelligent than the trolls.

      "Not it's back" which you read out as "No it is back"
      because it's is a contraction of it is --
      it should be "let her get on its back".

      "your" and "you're" are next -- so watch out. Ha-Ha!

    2. Anonymous8:36 AM

      Then there is "ones" and "one's" which seems like it SHOULD be contracted, but isn't.

      At everyone's (one word) expense.

      Comma placements for another day...

    3. Anonymous9:18 AM

      Horse?don't insult the horses. She rides Asses.cruz,boehner,two tone, anything desperate enuf to mount her..well,you know what I mean.

    4. Anonymous10:06 AM

      also judgement (British spelling).
      judgment (American spelling -- one "e")

      Also, too: "everything's all right," not "alright," which isn't a word. "Already is a word." As in:

      "All right, already."

    5. Anonymous10:25 AM

      Well anon grammar person, let me add "could of" instead of "could have". There was something to be said for the grumpy old spinsters who taught K6 in the 50s.

    6. Anonymous10:51 AM

      Thank you for the grammar and punctuation feedback.
      All I wanted to say is that Palin is a POS!

    7. Anonymous12:10 PM

      I should talk... I see a mistake in my post up there (8:32) --- the tsunami of illiteracy we all face is infectious.
      Thanks for the support (above). I thought I would be pilloried.
      Grammar Person

    8. Anonymous2:11 PM

      Nah,our resident grammer police is here and behaving herself. As long as the message is clear,don't get your panties in a wad,k? We have no control over auto correct.

  14. Smartest thing JB ever did, and when you examine this even further, this is noting for the Teabaggers to cheer, just shows how clueless they are, JB just shoved it up their asses and they don't even know it...they want their minority to have more say and more power, they just shot themselves in the foot, good.

    1. Bring in the clowns, give them center stage, let me show how ridiculous they are.

  15. Anonymous7:32 AM

    According to an old professor, all elements in a conversation must make sense, and since there is no such thing as Governor Palin, logically, the whole article is boosh-wah. Holy!
    (3 is the number of the holy hand grenade, right? "Oh lord, bless this Thy holy hand grenade, that with it, Thou mayest blow Thine enemies to tiny bit, in Thy mercy" )
    Palin is a holy hand grenade, for sure

    1. Anonymous9:22 AM

      Correct. You don't get the title,when you don't complete the term. Missy is still trying to be Cinderella going to the ball (whitehouse) ,but the wheels keep falling off her coach.

  16. Anonymous7:35 AM

    O/T If $arah seen those beautiful pictures of the White House State Dinner that fridge of hers is going to catch hell.

  17. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Sarah Palin is irrelevant these days and she will never be taken seriously again, thankfully. I'm more concerned about racist Ted Cruz claiming he will jail President Obama and murder the leader of a foreign nation. I respectfully wish that Gryphen would bring more attention to issues like this.

    1. Anonymous9:42 AM

      do you have a link for this article about cruz?

    2. Anonymous10:45 AM

      Huffington Post is carrying it this morning.

    3. Anonymous12:58 PM

      ps wanna see a palin I mean troll freak out – that stock in BP sold and shares are going to the “Birthright Owner” and then your legalities begin…
      Not sure but I heard that the owner might give it to the NATIVES…lol…
      After all what would one do with that HUGE amount of money anyways…
      What is needed the Natives can provide and might cut a check in thanks!
      Uh oh…boom boom out go the lights…

    4. Anonymous9:59 AM

      12:58. ;o) !

  18. Anonymous8:30 AM

    off topic.

    Also too, a convicted felon prohibited from owning guns, arrested for his stupidity and his gunfail.

  19. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I would agree, but democrats in congress are useless and dumb.

    1. Anonymous9:24 AM

      So what exactly does your sentence even mean? Why the use of subjunctive verb tense?

    2. Anonymous12:06 PM

      I would agree with your comment, but it's useless and dumb.

    3. Anonymous12:25 PM

      Oh boy,its sixth grade again.teacher's here. Hi 9:24.

  20. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Hey $carah the Pope's in town, how's that Star of David workin out for ya?

    1. Anonymous9:52 AM

      Funny how her stupid followers think the pope is a man of the left and communist. Seems to me they're inadvertently saying the same of Jesus?

  21. Crystal Sage9:28 AM

    Sarah has done irreparable harm to this country and to the GOP. She destroyed McCain's chances with her display of stupidity and racism. Then she quit her job; went on a phony campaign stunt; and spewed lies and invective on any media platform she could. Her most heinous act, so far, was the gun sights placed over Gabby Gifford's congressional district among others. When a massacre ensued, she went on the offensive, blaming the media.

    Now she's happy that Boehner was run out of town by her "feral children" (Charlie Pierce) who have adopted her world view. Some time in future history accounts, she will be viewed as a traitor and an evil influence. We here, know it now.

  22. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Long article about young men entering the Catholic priesthood with lots of info on their thoughts and opinions. Strangely, none of the young men mentions the exclusion of women. They appear utterly content to consign women to lesser roles.

  23. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Holy shit, I thought that was Caitlyn Jenner. They all end up looking the same after messing with their faces too much.

    1. Anonymous10:43 AM

      You are so spot on! All the folks having facial surgery these days are looking so much the same. Plus, so many are going to the long, dark hair!

    2. Anonymous9:26 PM

      Both Jenner and screech have some Fucked up looking eyes.

  24. Anonymous9:52 AM

    God hates her.


      People are spending birthdays, Thanksgivings and Christmases in prison because of her. It sucks.

    2. Anonymous1:52 PM

      Soon her chickens will come home to roost.

    3. Shawns MOM2:04 PM

      Some people have no homes because of her. We've lost ours.

  25. Anonymous9:54 AM


  26. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Wouldn't it be great if mainstream republicans align themselves with the Democrats and elect Nancy Pelosi or another Dem as Speaker of the House. That would really cause the teabagger's heads to spin.

    Sarah and her grassroots conservatives only adhere to one amendment of the constitution, the 2nd rewritten to suit their needs, the rest of the amendments they ignore, especially separation of church and state. Not a patriot in the bunch.

    1. Anonymous10:42 AM

      It would be wonderful having Nancy Pelosi back in there as the Speaker! She did such an outstanding job when she was in that position. Much better than Mr. Orange Face!

    2. Never happen.

      Sane Republicans will hold their noses and vote with the 'baggers rather than cross the aisle. They've proven it again and again. The "team" means more to them than their oath of office, serving the people or getting any work done.

  27. Anonymous10:11 AM

    O/T The Donald is at it again, interesting he is fine with that fake Christian in KY.

    Donald Trump’s Phony Christian Routine Earns Boos at Values Voter Summit

    As announced the other day, Bible in hand, Donald Trump strutted out before the crowd gathered to hear him at the Values Voter Summit and proclaimed he is a Christian.
    “Most importantly,” he said, “I brought my Bible,” and lifted it up for all to see.

    Given what followed, you can be sure he is not very familiar with its contents, as he spent the next 20 minutes on his usual spiel, showing a complete lack of humility and loads of hubris, and an utter disparagement of everyone who is not Donald Trump.

    “I’m going to be the greatest jobs president God ever created,” he boasted. You know, because boasting is so very godlike. Listening to him, you’d have thought the book he carried out was about him, and not God. Because he didn’t spend much time on God. It was a prop, pure and simple, no different than Clint Eastwood’s chair.

    In fact, he got so far off the subject of being a Christian that he felt the need to reassure the crowd that he really is:

    “People were not sure I was a nice person,” he said, “and I am. I am. I am. I am. I’m a giving person. I believe in God, I believe in the Bible. I’m a Christian. I have a lot of reasons. I love people.”

    And he showed just how much he loves people by attacking Marco Rubio, He earned the first boos of his campaign when he referred to Rubio as “this clown,” telling the crowd “I’ve been so nice to him, so nice…”

    He closed by saying the Bible (again held aloft) is “the key” but how much of a key is it if he fails to obey some of its most basic strictures, like turning the other cheek? Later, when questioned by reporters, Trump continued the attack, calling Rubio a “baby” who is simply “using me for publicity.”

    Pollster and political consultant Frank Luntz did his best to re-purpose those boos as a new species of boo, “boos of agreement,” in a tweet:

    But Red State was having none of it. Nor were any of the mainstream media outlets.

    On the other hand, he gave a not-so-ringing endorsement of Kim Davis by telling Huffington Post in an interview Friday, “I haven’t been opposed to her stand and I think it’s fine,” he said.

    Trump has claimed he is very popular with Evangelicals, but Gallup has exposed the holes in that assertion, and his new national co-chairman had recently questioned his “moral center” in emails.

    Trump is going to have a difficult time convincing many people that he is a genuine Christian. Of course, fake Christians will be more than satisfied with his bona fides (his Bible) because they have not read the book either. Simply having it, pointing to it, invoking it or holding it, has a magical power all its own.
    Without doubt, many Evangelicals are leery of Donald Trump. Progressive Christians are not fooled at all. His performance Friday will satisfy the bigots for whom the Bible is simply a weapon, but the more religious type of Evangelical will have problems with Trump, and doubts he did nothing to dispel Friday, about his sincerity.

    In the end, he did nothing at the Values Voter Summit to convince them that he is one of them. The very fact that he felt the need to wave a Bible and proclaim himself one (when have you ever seen Obama do that?) shows that Trump himself understands the extent of the gulf between them.

    1. Anonymous11:11 AM

      Oh puh-leeze, Donnie.

    2. Anonymous12:01 PM

      Which book was on his night stand again...???? Wasn't it Hitler?

  28. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Does the same concept apply to the Jerry Prevo Baptists that always bring their Bibles to the Assembly meetings in Anchorage when they are testifying against the gays, transgender, etc.?

    Suspect so folks! They act the same way as Donald Trump. Going against their own teachings!

    1. The Kid1:24 PM

      oh and I heard that church fire was because I didn’t have “some evil in me” and one gal was glowing about me saying “you have the anointing” of course I laughed and said “your confused I am annoying” and she laughed and gave me a big hug…then comes the fire…and then I heard they switched churches when it didn’t go “according to plan” so they go back and forth so much it puts a creak in my neck...

  29. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Sarah Palin has modeled her whole political career on getting rid of the "good old boy" network. She latched onto an idea years ago that made her look like a "maverick." The problem is that to many she appears to be some psycho who has spent 20+ years in a destructive, hateful cycle of trying to destroy people. She's sick & vengeful. No good person would spend so many years persuing such a hateful agenda.

    People always wonder when Sarah will fall. The Duggars were out in the media for years--and it took one truth for a swift fall. The same thing could happen to Sarah.

    1. Anonymous11:53 AM

      And since when is she any kind of expert? Look at the family she raised, and we're supposed to trust that she, and only she, knows what's good for our country? Pffft.

      I'll never forget that video of the two Jewish kids that just "happened" by the compound and knocked on the front door. Yeah right. There she sat on her director's chair "throne" receiving her subjects. Kiss The Ring.


    2. Anonymous1:18 PM

      the feds found that the State of Alaska was allowing Natives to live in Third world conditions…and on top of that “you should just move” was the story!
      Now why does that sound familiar? oh right…Ashlock told it to the Kid back in 2004…favor to Todd Palin…free designer meth…when that didn’t work…
      Sarah moved…now when that matter gets to courts…ouch on Walker…
      And ouch on the State of Alaska – already proved methods of extinction…
      Gee and some though they were alone…apparently not…time for courts to tell Walker and Palin…”you can’t do this” and internationally at that…ouch!

  30. Does anyone really believe Sarah Word Salad Palin wrote this?

    Thwart? Really? (I mean, ruelly.)

  31. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Palin and the expertise of infighting. She should know.
    Bristol grabbing her father's private parts while rolling
    on the floor while fighting him. Track, trying to choke
    his father at the" Palin Drunken Brawl". Palin and Todd
    fighting , throwing can goods at each other. Can you imagine
    the fights that have gone on in that house over the years.
    'PLENTY". That family gets an A Plus in infighting!
    Keep it up Palin. We are applauding you helping to
    destroy the GOP. My gosh, she is on our side now, and is
    too dense to realize it!

  32. Anonymous2:09 PM

    If the Tea Party pushes an extremist — meaning one of their own — as a candidate for the position, against a more moderate candidate like Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, they could split the Republican vote. A possible outcome would be that Democrat Nancy Pelosi would emerge with the most votes and resume wielding the gavel — over a Republican-dominated House.

    Wouldn't that frost their ass !

    1. Anonymous2:25 PM

      Oops, meant to say "for the position of Speaker"......

    2. Anonymous2:35 PM

      I would cow laugh.
      Pelosi has always chapped RW asses!

    3. Anonymous2:44 PM

      Needs a majority.

    4. Anonymous3:15 PM

      By the way, House rules say the Speaker does not have to be a member of Congress - has C4P put Sarah's name in the hat yet ?

  33. Anonymous3:48 PM

    This is what they've been waiting for. Sarah would be third in line to the throne. Just need a small plane crash and a fire to take out the top two.

  34. Anonymous4:16 PM

    No, Sarah. This is what happens when the clowns threaten to shut down the Government, this time trying to defund Planned Parenthood, you know, the place Bristol did;t go to to plan her unplanned planned fetus. a/k/a disappointment.

    Here's to orange weepy "I was raised bhind a bar" guy with the manly gavel, I'm sure whomever replaces him will be just as fun watching coralling cats and begging Pelosi for a "plan B"

  35. Anonymous6:07 PM

    SOS Sick of Sarah. Same old Shit.

    She is a junkyard dog, barking and growling and showing her fangs at every intruder into her tiny worldview. She gloms onto the red meat that her handlers throw to her.

    Sarah is a bitch dog constantly in heat over fame and fortune. I'm sick of her pandering.


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