Thursday, October 01, 2015

The guy behind those bogus Planned Parenthood videos admits he used a stillborn fetus to portray an aborted one, and Dr. Jen Gunter has more on that video which supposedly defends Carly Fiorina.

Courtesy of AATTP:

Daleiden admits that the image is that of a stillborn baby, but insists it was only used to show what a fetus at that gestational period looks like. 

It is quite clear about halfway through the video that Cuomo’s attempts are futile because Daleiden is simply not going to agree that he sees how using the photograph out of context is misleading. Perhaps using one of the hundreds of thousands of images available of live fetuses in that same gestational period would have made your claim a little more credible. 

Daleiden responds by saying: 

“It’s the same baby, whether it’s born dead or alive, whether the organs are harvested or not.” 

To which Cuomo says, in a “don’t play dumb” tone: 

“It’s also completely irrelevant to the point you’re trying to make, which is, ‘Look at what they do to these babies.’” It was born stillborn. It was not aborted. Doesn’t that matter to you if you’re talking about abortion?” 

Daleiden repeats again that it’s the “same kind” of fetus. 

Cuomo, still trying to drill through the thickness of Daleiden’s skull, says: 

“My point is context. You’re saying, ‘what they do in abortions,’ that wasn’t an abortion. That’s my point.” 

So the guy finally admits to using false imagery as a means to manipulate the emotions of the viewer.

That's not something we didn't already know but it is nice the POS finally admitted it.

As for that video we talked about yesterday which supposedly PROVES that Carly Fiorina is not a big fat liar, well my new favorite OB/GYN Dr. Jen Gunter examined it again and discovered this: 

Today I viewed it again on a very large screen and noticed the width of the bed. It is clearly a labor and delivery bed, procedure/operating tables (used for clinic abortions and in the operating room) are much narrower. Also the part of the stirrup that is visible in the upper left is typical of a labor and delivery bed. As I was going through it frame by frame I noticed movement on the right side close to the minute mark. There is an African-American man who is sitting and moving back and forth as if he is wiping the brow of the woman on the table and comforting her. His face is clearly visible in the right upper corner at the 54 second mark. And of course that is what happens at premature deliveries, support persons come in. Partners don’t get to come back for abortions, that’s not how it works. I took a screen shot to be sure, but I feel wrong about posting it. Anyone who doesn’t believe me can look for themselves. 

As for the “poking and prodding” of the premature fetus that enraged many people on Twitter it looks as if the operator is inspecting for any grossly visible defects, but it is also possible he is describing a fetus at the 17-18 week developmental stage to the person who was illegally taping the premature delivery. Maybe the operator was asked to describe things? As there are no obvious defects this is unlikely an induction of labor for genetic reasons, also those happen at a later gestational age (around 20-22 weeks). 

Why wasn’t a blanket given to the baby? If the mother declined to hold her baby after delivery then typically nothing additional would be done and the body would go to the morgue or pathology for autopsy depending on the plans/circumstance. It is also possible no one offered the patient the option to hold and that would be sad. However, not everyone is brave to hold their baby in that situation. It took me over an hour to work up the courage when my son was born prematurely at 22 weeks and died. 

But all I can say is this is a premature delivery and it is despicable that it was held out as an abortion.

So we have the creator of the initial anti-abortion attack videos admitting that he used deceptive images to manipulate the viewer, and an actual doctor calling bullshit on the video that supposedly vindicated Carly Fiorina's  histrionic claims of seeing an aborted baby kept alive so that its brain could be harvested.

At this point I would usually simply say "We're done here." But knowing the cognitive dissonance which infects the Right Wing that is in fact very unlikely.


  1. If the focus of your life is what to fear and who to hate, the truth will always be a lie. Hate and fear addictions. For many, a life without those things would render life meaningless.

    1. Anonymous10:03 AM

      Well said!

    2. Boscoe10:43 AM

      The trick is determining if this is learned behavior or is it an orientation, like straight or gay, introvert/extrovert, left handed or right.

      I have a strong suspicion that conservative mental processes, exemplified by extreme fear reactions to just about anything you can name, black and white thinking, projection, lack of self awareness, compartmentalized thinking, and lack of empathy are genetic.

    3. Anonymous11:06 AM

      TC-- thank you so much for your post. I'm memorizing the first line to keep as a reminder to myself every day.

    4. Anonymous11:32 AM

      Great post, TC.

  2. Boscoe9:20 AM

    Yeah, unfortunately having their opinion changed by facts is not a feature of Conservative Brain Disorder...

    All they know is there's a dead baby on a video and therefore Planned Parenthood must be destroyed.

  3. … the video that supposedly vindicated Carly Fiorina's histrionic claims of seeing an aborted baby's brain harvested.

    Are you sure that Fiorina claimed that? That she claimed to have actually seen the harvesting of a brain? All I recall was her claiming to have heard someone stating that the baby was being kept alive so that the brain could be harvested.

    Where did you see/hear her make the much stronger claim that you are attributing to her?

    1. Anonymous9:51 AM

      I get that it matters, but really, the GOP will believe anything they are fed by their 'leaders.' Now they claim little miss evangelical was blessed by the Pope, when I'm sure there were many lifelong, practicing Catholics who would have given their firstborn for an opportunity for an audience with the Pope. They were denied, and Ms. Persecuted was honored? Right.

    2. Anonymous9:56 AM

      Ask her. Give her the third degree, she wants to be leader of the free world. This is just a blog with opinions and the gist of RW social disorders.

    3. Anonymous10:00 AM

      You know that was a bit of an exaggeration,but you are just trying to deflect and distract.

    4. No you guys are right.

      I typed this up really quickly while getting ready to leave the house, and my word choice was a little flawed.

      I have corrected that so it now more accurately reflects her statement.

    5. Anonymous1:28 PM

      You obviously haven't been paying attention, or your primary place to go for news is Fox.

  4. Anonymous10:08 AM


    All of this should have come out before the Congressional Hearings against Planned Parenthood and Cecile Richards.

    There was a rush to judgement and the repubs knew it.

  5. I wonder if Planned Parenthood can sue this nimrod.

  6. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Kevin McCarthy Screws Up Again By Admitting Planned Parenthood Attack Is A GOP Stunt

    ...Both the Benghazi probe and now this Planned Parenthood probe are political stunts meant to get free air time for Republican propaganda, in order to change the minds of the voters.

    It is absurd that Republicans are trying to defund the number one organization for reducing the actual abortion rate under the guise of caring about ending abortions, but that just reinforces the admission that this is all political.

    House Republicans repudiate McCarthy comments on Benghazi probe

  7. Ted, here.

    1. Ted, here. [URL]

      For whatever reason, it wouldn't play. But we recorded the actual broadcast of the debate and watched it the same evening, replaying bits where we wanted to be sure what people had said. It was on the strength of that that I queried what Gryphen had originally written in the article "really quickly while getting ready to leave the house."

      Please compare my quote from the article (which was copy/pasted to ensure accuracy) with Gryphen's corrected version … well, mostly corrected. The contraction "it's" is short for "it is"—and the phrase "so that it is brain" makes rather less sense than "so that its brain".

    2. Yeah that's one of my most common typos Ted,

      I do know the difference but my fingers seem to have a slippery memory.

    3. Yeah that's one of my most common typos Ted,

      This tells you how many times I've held my tongue … err… keyboard. But since I was commenting anyway, I yielded to temptation. :-)

    4. Anonymous2:22 PM

      Ted,you seem to be out of your element here.

  8. Even though the truth is coming out, the damage has been done. Many still believe what they first heard: Planned Parenthood encourages late term abortion so they can kill live babies and sell their body parts for profit. Not a word of that is true, but it's been repeated loudly and passionately (thanks Carly Fiorina), so it is an internalized belief that makes ANY action against PP justified.
    The loss of investigative, truth seeking journalism and critical thinking spell the end of our democracy.

    1. Anonymous6:28 AM

      I don't think women are that dumb

  9. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I think this idiot should be sued by PP, Cecile Richards and the mother if he didn't get a signed release form. I had a full term stillborn child after 14 hours of labor, knowing for weeks my baby was dead, and I'm not a doctor, but I could tell the difference between my dead child and an aborted one.
    unless either of these idiots and Carley Fiorina have "been there", all three should shut their pieholes and stop exploiting other's experiences for political points/propaganda/ ratings.

    Wanna"believe" something? Fine.

    Don't present it as fact.

  10. ibwilliamsi4:26 PM

    Why wasn't a blanket given to the baby? If it had been Rick Santorum he and the wife/ex girlfriend of the abortion doctor would have taken it home then delivered it back to the hospital the next day after letting the other kids sleep with it. /s

    That is the sickest stupidest story I've ever heard - even less believable than the wild ride. OK, maybe they could have taken the baby home, but why in the hell would they take it back to the hospital? Wouldn't they take it to a funeral home? They named it and buried it and a doctor was present at it's death, so what would they need to take it to a hospital for?


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