Saturday, October 24, 2015

You know I don't think that Jeb! is really enjoying himself these days.

"What part of political dynasty don't these people understand?"
So it turns out that Donald Trump smells blood in the water around the Bush campaign and has been chumming the water to help attract even more media scrutiny for Jeb!: 

"Bush now has gotta cut back," Trump said at a campaign rally in Jacksonville, Florida. "Here's a guy who wants to run our country. And he can't even run his own campaign. And you know what? He's cutting back big." 

The billionaire diagnosed Bush's campaign as "failing" and supplied with "no money." His White House bid, Trump said to wild applause, was "losing badly and embarrassing his family."

Oh man that's brutal!

In response an MSNBC reporter asked Jeb! about that whole 40% reduction in his staff, and this was his response: 

Addressing the concern that his campaign is falling apart, Bush responded, “Blah blah blah blah, that’s my answer, blah blah blah.”


Bush went on to bring up the "presidencies" of Herman Cain, Hilary Clinton, and Rudy Giuliani by way of making the point that those with good poll numbers around this time in the past did not go on to win the nomination.

“October is not when you elect people, it’s February, and then you move into March and we have a campaign that is designed to win,” said Bush.

Yeah that is a reasonable point, but Mr. "Designed to Win" also said this in South Carolina today:
Well okay then.

That does not exactly sound like somebody brimming with confidence over his chances of winning this nomination.

And you know it probably does not exactly help his self esteem to have watched Hillary essentially do this to the House Benghazi Committee.

Yep, I'm essentially devouring popcorn two fistfuls at a time these days.


  1. It seems to me if there's anyone who can damage the Rethugs at will. it's the Donald. Maybe we ought to hope he goes after the Benghazi Bunch and now the Planned Parenthood Brown Shirts.

  2. Anonymous5:36 PM

    It sounds like Jeb is going to drop out.

    1. Anonymous6:45 PM

      Yes indeed.

    2. Anonymous2:30 AM

      But - but - Jebbie is the "smart one"! Must chap his flabby arse that his dumb brother made it into the WH and he can not fool enough people to get a following! Without a brother as governor of a large state, Jebbie is doomed. Having to rely on brains, political savvy and self control just is not in the DNA of any of that Bush family. I doubt we have heard the last of the family, though. There are Jebs "boys" being groomed for the WH. From what I have read, they are as crooked as the rest of the clan, with low I.Q's also, too. Google George P. Bush, he has a government position in Texas where he is handing out well paid positions to pals with no experience.

    3. Anonymous6:50 AM

      His "oops" moments catching up... haha

  3. Anonymous5:36 PM

    The worrisome thing is, if Rubio is the last sane man standing once the last clown clears off the bus, he'll be a more formidable opponent than hapless Jeb would have been.

    1. You're right 5:36. I've always worried that Rubio will be the dark horse candidate after the thumb twiddlers get off their asses and start to panic. And you know he would be the more formidable candidate to run against Clinton or Sanders. I can only hope that the mouth breathers are as truly enamored of Trump and Carson as they seem to be.

    2. Anonymous6:10 PM

      No he won't. He can't even manage his household finances. He doesn't vote in the Senate because he's flying to Florida so much to pick up his kids from their private school. He nearly defaulted on a home loan and lost his shirt. He got a payout for something and instead of paying down debts and SAVING, he bought a yacht. The man is a spoiled brat, and Hillary would take him down in five minutes. I actually worry more about Kasich, because he is a far better liar, and even more under the thumb of ALEC and the Kochs.

    3. Anonymous6:55 PM

      I think there are still way too many right wingers who would cut off their left arm before voting for a Hispanic candidate, no matter how conservative he might be.

      Rubio is still an unknown name among low information voters, whereas everyone knows the Bush name and, as time passes and memories dim, they forget what a disaster the last Bush presidency was.

    4. When the primary is over the GOP candidate will try and swing toward the center to appeal to the more moderate voters and even though it would be a farce and a catastrophe for our country, I secretly hope that it will be Trump. If all registered Democrats actually vote then we have nothing to fear no matter who the Republican is and I don't think as it stands right now that any one of those mental midgets can win. But Rubio is young, from a big state and he's Latino and if he could sound sane and centrist enough he might be a tougher opponent than I'd feel comfortable with.

    5. emrysa8:51 PM

      " if Rubio is the last sane man standing once the last clown clears off the bus, he'll be a more formidable opponent than hapless Jeb would have been."

      there is truth in that... however, if the democrats hammer home his whole idea that all women should be forced to give birth even in the cases of rape or incest, rubio is doomed. as he should be, he's a total shit for viewing women as baby makers and nothing else.

    6. Anonymous10:34 PM

      Rubio doesn't frighten me at all. He's far too radical to win a general election, and comes off as a young punk.

      And he is Cuban, which is actually a huge liability outside of Florida. There's all the bigots who would never vote for any of 'dem furrinurs' and then there are all the OTHER Hispanics, like the Mexican Americans, who can't stand the Cubans. The hispanic vote is far from uniform and the bad blood between the Cubans and just about all the others is huge. People who think he will draw other hispanics to vote repub are sadly ignorant.

      Rubio may end up being the repub nominee, but he will never be president.

    7. Anonymous6:30 AM

      Why do people think that Rubio is a threat? Have you ever actually heard him speak? Or in an interview?

      People think that he's a threat based on arcane ideas of identity politics, as if all Latinos will vote for him because he's Latino. It's ridiculous and slightly racist, like when Republicans expected women to vote in droves for McCain because of Sarah Palin.

      Hillary will rip him to shreds. He probably won't even win Florida in a presidential election.

      To win with so little experience, he would need to be inspiring, with someone whose name rhymes with Flarack Flobama. And Rubio ain't it. The only reason why he is in the Senate is because he ran when there was very little turnout and high enthusiasm from conservatives and it was a three-man race. He's a lightweight and an idiot.

      I'm also more concerned with Kasich.

    8. For those of you, like me, who have overlooked this guy --

      Kasich has angered many conservatives with his treatment of Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. While saying he is opposed to most of the law and that he favors the “repeal and replace” goal of the Republican party, he has used increased federal funding made available by the law to strengthen Medicaid in Ohio. Tea Party activists have strongly denounced him for this, and many within the Tea Party refuse to support him because of it.

      Nevertheless, Kasich's conservative credentials are solid. He announced his candidacy for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination on July 21, 2015 and is expected to be a strong GOP contender, likely appealing to many on the political right. While he may encounter the displeasure of the Tea Party, he will be embraced by many others within his tent, and generally promises to be a strong Republican candidate.

    9. And there is this from Wiki:

      Kasich expressed opposition to medical marijuana in 2012, saying "There's better ways to help people who are in pain."[105] In a 2015 interview with radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt, Kasich said he was "totally opposed" to the legalization of recreational marijuana in Ohio and equated marijuana and heroin, stating: "In my state and across this country, if I happened to be president, I would lead a significant campaign down at the grassroots level to stomp these drugs out of our country."[106][107]

      When asked whether, if elected president, he would federally enforce marijuana laws in states which have legalized marijuana, Kasich characterized it as a states' rights issue and said that "I'd have to think about it."[107]

  4. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Jebby is a mess! His poor family members...I'll wager they are wishing he'd never stepped into this mess of trying to appear as though he is a valid candidate for POTUS.

    He's never going to be elected and he and they know it!

  5. Anonymous6:37 PM

    There he is, your next president, all because the dimbulbs wanted Hillary so bad in the contest.

  6. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Look closely at the photo at the top of this article.

    Is that Jeb! -- or -- is it -- Grumpy Cat!!!

    1. Anonymous2:57 AM

      Grumpy Jeb! Fits him perfectly.

  7. ...whereas if Trump were to ever actually win the Presidency, he'd be ecstatic if all it required was to sit around doing nothing but sending out nasty tweets to those who deride him.

    1. Anonymous8:38 PM

      I do not think it is presidential to send cutting tweets out. It is not professional.

    2. Anonymous2:52 AM

      Tell that to Palin, 8:38 PM!

  8. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Want to sit around, Jeb!? Be my guest.
    Even your own mother said that you were the last we needed.

  9. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Jeb! just put his cards on the table; he's disgusted with Trump and disgusted with those who support him and he knows that should he make it to the WH he'll face exactly that. Time to drop out Jeb and live your life and let Trump pick on someone else.


  10. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Jeb has been screwing up for a while. His brother, George, did not keep us safe-- no matter how many times Jeb rephrase his statement and said that he meant after September 11.

  11. slipstream9:59 PM

    What?? Jeb! is embarrassing his family??

    I don't think that family grasps the concept of being embarrassed.

    1. Anonymous10:32 PM

      I agree, slipstream. If the Bushes are not embarrassed by the disastrous presidency of Dumbya, they won't be embarrassed by anything. I know Texans are extremely embarrassed by these knuckleheads.

    2. Anonymous2:39 AM

      AMEN to that! I wonder why Marvin Bush or Neal Bush have not thrown their hats into the ring? Oh, right, Jeb! is the "smart one" Poor, poor Jeb! Now one of the cool things he has to do is sit on a Board of Directors somewhere for $1 million a year, doing nothing more than lending his name to the company. Why anyone thinks the name Bush adds prestige must be as smart as Jeb!. Georgie was a disaster, and Jeb! is a pouty little lardass.

    3. That exclamation mark is looking pretty stupid now -- it only defines his candidacy as absurd. A question mark should be added to mean Are you Kidding Me? Jeb?!

    4. Anonymous8:25 AM

      Barbara, that's hilarious! And perfect!

      R in NC

    5. Anonymous8:56 AM

      What's really telling is that Jeb can't campaign using his last name. My god, that's speaks volumes. Seriously, if your campaign strategy is to NOT use your last name because it reminds voters who your related to, you've got serious problems. Unbelievable.

  12. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Looks like Jeb! didn't learn a thing from the disaster of Mitt Romney.

    The repub clown car doesn't have a single person who could beat Hillary.

  13. This reminds me of when the gop begged Fred Thompson to run for president. Jeb! thought he'd be coronated king as soon as he started running and all the others would quickly drop out because he's a Bush.
    Fortunately our electorates memory of W's disasterous presidency is better than Jeb! had hoped. And Jeb! hasn't been showing us that he's the smart one. Whiny spoiled selfish YES smart NO!

  14. Anonymous2:24 AM

    Git him, Trump, git him! Send Jeb connotes excitement back to a swamp in Florida. This country does not need another Bush disaster.

    1. The swamps of Florida deserve better than jeb!

  15. Anonymous2:56 AM

    Jeb should pack it in now and save some face. The longer this drags on the worse he looks. It's almost as though he just thought the presidency would be handed to him. Kinda reminds me of 'President-elect' Romney! Remember that? The day after the 2012 election, Romney's website referred to him as 'President-elect.' Too funny.

  16. Anonymous3:26 AM

    Gee, i think that Jeb is having a temper tantrum. He's describing what HIS political party has been doing to President Obama since January 2009. Only President Obama has consistently risen above the obstreperous behavior of the opposition party and done amazing things to help the American people and the people of the world. While Jeb Bush would stamp his feet, slam doors and sulk. His mother was absolutely right: no more Bushes in the White House.
    Beagle mom

  17. Anonymous4:38 AM

    However, what he said is true. If all you want is bread and circuses - elect Trump (though I doubt you get any bread, just circuses.) Government as entertainment -some exceptionalism there, , Republithugs.

    1. The electorate get the president they deserve. VOTE!!
      We deserve the best on offer. America picked Obama twice -- gotta remember that in these darkening times.

  18. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Stop a-hollerin' at us Jeb! Go beller at mom, poppy and that nincompoop brother of yours.

    1. Anonymous7:06 AM

      I am assuming you mean George, but there are two others, Marvin and Neal. Google those two for an eye opener.

    2. Anonymous9:00 AM

      You remember that during George Dubya's reign, Marvin and Neil were never seen! Too much baggage.

  19. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I'm not in any way ever going to vote for Trump, however if he forces Jeb no excitement to bow out and quit, I'll enjoy it. I tip my hat to Trump for making Jeb no excitement squirm and show his true colors - he thinks this should just be handed to him cause, you know, he's a Bush. Not happening Jebbie! Go back to the Bush family compound in upper crust Kennebunkport. This country doesn't want you.

  20. Anonymous4:51 PM

    At this point, I doubt there's much face left to save for poor Jeb! aka "The smart one". He wears his heart on his sleeve and has no poker face whatsoever. Every time Trump is Trump, you can see Jeb take it personally. He's very low energy, ya know.
    Perhaps he should watch Hillary's speeches and learn that politics isn't for sissies. Poor Jeb thought he had this one locked up, but forgot there isn't a governor in Florida willing to give the election to him and he needs to work for it.

    I wonder if he's good at any stupid human tricks?


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