Sunday, November 01, 2015

Christians are all for religious tolerance right up until you open a Church of Lucifer in their neighborhood.

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

Christians in Spring, Texas, appear to be trying to run the Church of Lucifer out of town, ABC13 reports. 

The Luciferians officially opened their doors on Friday, with their first meeting scheduled for Saturday. But they were greeted by a vocal group of Christians after having their building vandalized this week. Video taken by ABC13 Friday evening shows protesters upset with the organization’s presence gathered outside, with a law enforcement presence needed to keep the peace. 

“This is what we get when we have freedom of religion,” protester Christine Weick told ABC13 angrily. “We ought to be filling up the whole street here, that they have to pass through us to get into that church.” 

Weick continued to say that God loves the Luciferians “enough to say, ‘you either bow now, or you will be forced to bow later,’ and then it’s too late.”

You may remember Christine Wieck as the  lunatic who thinks that "Monster" energy drinks are the work of Satan. So of course she's somewhat of an "expert" on the devil.

Of course much like the Church of Satan this "church" has really nothing to do with devil worship and really exists more to troll Christians than for any other reason: 

We have an absolute right to be here, legally,” Greater Church of Lucifer co-president Michael Ford told RT. “I always feel sorry for so-called Christians who feel so insecure in their belief that they have to come out here and waste their time when they’re not going to change our mind, and we’re not going to change theirs.”

I would imagine that the main objective here was to demonstrate the intolerance many Christians feel toward other religions, and to highlight their deep seated insecurities about their own faith.

And it seems that the "Church of Lucifer" has managed to reach both of those objectives in record time.


  1. ibwilliamsi12:03 PM

    "You either bow now or you bow later" said the woman trying to force them to bow now. Why do they have so little trust in their deity to take care of things in this "eternity" that they're so all-fired up about?

  2. Many christians, particularly the fundamental variety, do indeed feel threatened. I'm getting a real kick out of seeing their insecurities played out on the national stage. They're always so self-righteous and smug until some other group expects the same rights and privileges that christians believe is theirs exclusively. These fanatics claim to care about all the lost souls condemned to burn in hell but it's really all about them being special, important and god's right-hand man/woman. There are very few fanatical christians I've known who didn't have some kind of little god complex.

    1. Anonymous3:06 AM

      Right, the whole, "See where freedom of religion has gotten us?" question. Imagine the whining and carrying on if *Weick's* freedom to worship as she pleased was being interfered with.

  3. Boscoe1:07 PM

    "This is what we get when we have freedom of religion"

    WHy do Christians hate America so much? Maybe they should just leave and make room for those who'd honor the Constitution.

  4. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Stupid people are so easy to bait.

    1. Anonymous1:54 PM

      Yup. You just identified Christian conservatives in seven words.

    2. Anonymous4:20 PM

      'Cause thinking's hard. ;)

  5. Anonymous1:13 PM

    that's funny as hell.

  6. Where can I sign up? :-)

  7. Sgt. Preston of the Yukon1:40 PM

    About 25 years ago, in godless Seattle, I won a garlic-guessing contest with an informed estimate of 666 cloves in a big jar.
    It earned me a nice basket of Italian food and wine.
    Maybe I should have started my own church right then and there.

  8. Anonymous1:53 PM

    O/T but is anyone following Jeb? today and his strategy for getting back in the race? It's pathetic.

  9. Do you know where we would send donations?

  10. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Did anything catastrophic happen? Locusts? Floods? Burning Bushes? No? Was "Christian God" busy today? I can go on my knees and pray to Lucifergod just like they can pray to Jesus Christgod. No need to push anyone down on their knees, unless you're a moron or a masochist

  11. Anonymous7:42 PM

    I live very close to Spring, TX and the way these so called Christians are behaving is shameful and embarrassing. I believe they're only calling attention to how close minded and bigoted they really are. I applaud the Luciferians for having the guts to open in such a hotbed of conservative Christianity and I hope that they do well.

  12. Randall7:44 AM

    Many if not most Christians in the United States of America really do not understand the concept of religious freedom.

    They simply can not grasp the concept.


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