Thursday, November 26, 2015

Is somebody getting a little hormonal?

Courtesy of the Whiny Bristol Palin's Pikore account:

... the last person you should complain to is someone 9 months pregnant, just sayinnnnnnnnnnn #nosympathy

Oh boy, another game of "Who is Bristol bitching about now?"

Not that she does not have a lot to be pissy about.

After all she is carrying the illegitimate child of a man who she is too afraid to name publicly.

Drinking your sorrows away is verboten during pregnancy.

And her mother's book sales are in the dumps, which means that any potential windfall she might have hoped was coming her family's way are dashed to the rocks along with their reputations.

But hey, once you hit rock bottom the only way to go is up, right?

Well, unless you're a Palin of course, and then it's just more rocky bottoms.

And for those wondering, NO I have not heard that Bristol has had the baby already. 


  1. Anonymous7:21 AM

    If Bristol wants to birth that baby of hers, maybe a long flight to Texas and back would do?

    1. Anonymous8:11 AM

      If Bristol meant "9 months" the baby can come any minute. Not the 45 days from November 16, Sarah's end of December 'mistake.'

    2. Anonymous8:33 AM

      were all pictures of Dakota scrubbed from Bristol's pikore account?

    3. Anonymous8:51 AM


      I think so.

      'After all she is carrying the illegitimate child of a man who she is too afraid to name publicly'

      I can't see why she would be afraid of naming Dakota or Joey. Sailor Palin
      The Palins intend this to be a mystery game. All bets are on to guess Sailor daddy.

      Some can be eliminated or go down a few notches on the list.
      THANKSGIVING dakotameyer0317

      Joey "Never want to leave such a good trip and thankful we could be here congrats"

    4. Anonymous9:46 AM


      It does not make sense that Bristol would become engaged to someone and not post pictures of him, considering how prolific she is at posting personal, intimate pictures in a public platform

      I don't see Dakota as being the babby-daddy. Remember, according to Bristol this pregnancy was actually planned. LOL If this is Dakota's child, why would he not express something, anything, about his own flesh and blood. If this were his child (and a planned child), why would he not be a stand up guy? Nope, Dakota is NOT the father. They probably did not have sex until further into their relationship; either that or Dakota used condoms, doing his part in engaging in responsible birth control while Bristol engaged in unprotected sex with any strange who came along.

      Bristol may never learn, it is not the crime, it is the coverup. One day the daddy will be revealed. It'll be a hoot! Youbetcha!

    5. Anonymous10:01 AM

      Only if Dr. Cathy Baldwin Johnson is available to deliver the 'puppy' at Matsu Regional/Anchorage. No Photos allowed.

    6. Anonymous10:39 AM

      A top contender for Babby Daddy is Ted Nugent. Strange that they have the same nose, could they possibly be related? In the Valley inbreeding is a strong possibility.

      What are the Las Vegas odds this is Bristol with Babby Daddy?

      Are they celebrating this holiday together in secret?

      It appears Bristol, or whoever posts for her, wants her public to think she is having company. There is a staged setting, no food or humanity in sight. Bristol could be in Las Vegas for all she lets her public know.

    7. Anonymous12:03 PM

      Anonymous8:51 AM
      "The Palins intend this to be a mystery game. All bets are on to guess Sailor daddy."

      Maybe that's why she is naming the baby Sailor, Bristol is also guessing who the daddy is, and it could be anyone in the navy.

    8. Anonymous3:50 PM

      Yes, Bri$$y scrubbed all pics right after she came back from Kinfucky and cancelled her wedding and instead went on the camping trip with by now out-of-vavors BFF, Marina.

    9. ChasingLilFuckups5:05 PM

      When a man calls a heavily pregnant woman "hormonal", he may be called sexist. Why? Because he is.

  2. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Hmmm, doesn't sound like she is thankful for her little blessing. What a bitch. I've known women who would give anything to be able to carry a baby to term. How dare anyone complain about anything to someone who is at the holy grail of misery, AKA 9 months pregnant? Big fucking deal, Barstool. Maybe Granny Grifter was whining to her about her shitty book sales and event turnout. Ha ha ha!

    1. Anonymous8:09 AM

      Bingo. Bristol is telling $arah to stop complaining

    2. Anonymous8:30 AM

      Happy thanksgiving!!! I am thankful the skank's book tanked-hmmm is that bad?:)

      Oh and Bristol nine months pregnant is not stage four cancer-get the feck over yourself!!! I have a lovely friend ready to pop any day and she is over the moon with happiness!

    3. Anonymous8:59 AM

      Happy thanksgiving!!! I am thankful she could be on the teevee with Mr. Meyers

      Seth Meyers Reveals the Secret ’Alternative’ Thanksgiving Day Parade

      Seth does Sarah

    4. Anonymous9:58 AM

      Ok, maybe we should give Bristol a break. She may only be pregnant, and that is not the worst thing in the world, but she is going to have to name the babydaddy sooner, rather than later. Even Bristol is not so ignorant that she doesn't see how bad this looks for her.

    5. Anonymous10:15 AM

      "..should give Bristol a break" Bristol is a big girl and perfectly able to give herself a break as she has demonstrated to her public.

      bsmp2 #7 months pregnant but still the best time with my boys Post date: 10-05-15, 16:55

      #7 months pregnant

      Bristol has numerous breaks. Have you seen all the vacations she posts? She has been having a good time, a lot of fun and she wants the world to know.

    6. Anonymous12:54 PM

      There are plenty of crooks and creeps that may deserve a break. Bristol Palin is not one. Even Charlie Manson has served time, he may have no remorse like a Palin, but he has served time for his mistakes.

      Not Bristol. She deserves no breaks.

      I am thankful more people are realizing that about her and her family.

    7. Anonymous6:48 PM

      You are comparing Bristol Palin to Charles Fucking Manson? Seriously? Absolutely unreal!

    8. Anonymous10:20 PM

      NO. NOT comparing. Even, as in adverb, used to emphasize.

      “She's even more intelligent than her sister”
      “Even a child can understand it”
      “It was cold there even in summer”

    9. Anonymous4:14 AM

      Maybe Willow is the person who complained? Dragged all over the country, to be faced with a handful of "fans" after getting 1,000 wristbands prepared. What a laugh! The house of cards is finally collapsing, not a moment too soon. Cpould not happen to a more deserving family of grifter, lazy assess.

  3. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Dear Bristol,
    Stop complaining. You made your bed; now lie in it. As a former abstinence spokesperson, you should know that this is the consequence of unprotected sex. You're lucky that you didn't catch AIDS or an STD.

    Also too, look at wounded veterans and tell them to stop complaining because you are going to have a baby-- if the little sailor hasn't already arrived. Your discomfort will soon be over. They live with a lifetime of pain and disability.

    Stop complaining while you post photos of your long curtains. There are homeless people who would love a warm place to live even if it wasn't overly decorated with empty picture frames. For someone who is 25 years old, dear Bristol, you are nothing but an immature spoiled brat with a sense of entitlement. Now that you have a couple of kids, it is time to grow up and take some responsibility for your actions. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving. You should be giving thanks to the slush fund that does provide the long curtains and empty frames.

    1. Anonymous7:54 AM

      excellent 7:35!
      Also, her decorating skills rival that of an elderly woman who still has the 80s stuck in her head! Dang, that room is horrendous! And very BEIGE!

    2. Anonymous8:08 AM

      It's thanksgiving. Today isn't the day for attacks or lies on blogs.

    3. Anonymous8:11 AM

      She's never come across as an unhappy person though.

      I did notice she and her friend Britta have the same taste in clothing and home decor. Makes sense they were once roommates as someone else stated recently.

    4. Anonymous8:12 AM

      And besides,how could you be 9 months pg when granny grifter said 45 days away not even a week ago? You grifters need to get your story straight.

    5. Anonymous8:19 AM

      Alicia, talking about Bristol and Britta's taste in clothing and decor makes you a very sad woman.

      Have you been trying to dress like them and decorate your bedroom the same way? Sad.

    6. Anonymous8:25 AM

      It's Thanksgiving. Go help your mom cook.
      You can't afford to pay for dinner. The least you can do is help out in the kitchen.

    7. Anonymous8:26 AM

      8:08 then why are you here on thanksgiving day?

    8. Her "decor" looks like she just orders page 600-something out of the JC Penney Big Book.

      Nothing personal or creative.

    9. Anonymous9:21 AM

      8:08 AM According to Sarah Palin her son Track Palin fights for our freedoms. You would think that would include celebrating our freedom of expression and speech everyday.

      Who needs to be thankful and be suppressed by any fascists (authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization)?

      The early history of Thanksgiving seems to raise some troubling questions. It was not only all about celebrating harvest and peace. Attacks also are indeed very much part of the early life of the pilgrims coming to a land where the natives were already doing fine.

    10. Anonymous9:52 AM

      @8:08/8:11/Alicia 'MOOCHER' Mangelsdorf: Britta and Bristol have the same taste in 'bastard' daughters, DWTS=Kyla Grace/ Godchild. Sarah must have paid Track and Britta very well to have them claim Bristol's baby. In the Palin family, ABSTINENCE is a joke. Why isn't Willow seen with her 7 year old son?

    11. Anonymous11:02 AM

      7:54, you're right on. The decor is modern neoclassical, which is fine (though so safe and often the choice of people who want to look wealthy), but the problem is that her rooms are already looking dated. The wide striped walls in monochromatic paint, for example, harken back to Christopher Lowell on the early days of HGTV in the '90s. Her sense if scale is better than that of most, although the table and chairs in one room looks too small for the space and the room needs something more to make it work, and in that hall the antlers are a couple inches too high. Also, the bleached (and otherwise) antler craze of several years back is now passé and many lists of decorator pet peeves mention that some people are still doing the antler thing. I get that in some parts antlers show up and I have nothing against them in general. I’m talking about the trendy (but now passé) type of antlers.

    12. Anonymous11:55 AM

      One look at the decor in "Tripp's room" tells you Bristol has no clue. Six year old boys want superheroes and sports stars and Disney characters, they don't want birch trees and snow!

      But of course with Bristol it's always all about how shit looks to other people. Please be envious, deadbeat Palin cousins, we all know you can't have a new home whenever you feel like it.

      And why is there a giant TV on the wall over the bed? Is that how Bristol plans to parent Tripp while she is playing dress-ups with the new baby?

      Poor Tripp.

      But at least HE has a father.

    13. Anonymous12:03 PM

      11:02: The antlers are just a case of 'me too'. Bar$tool got them because Sunny, Levi's wife, bagged herself a HUGE moose earlier this year and she let the HUGE antlers be bleached professionally.
      Bar$tool is super- jealous of Sunny and is trying to do anything and everything in her power to make Sunny as miserable as possible.
      Doesn't work, though.

    14. Anonymous12:05 PM

      What a load of BULLSHIT, Alicia @11.02 AM.

      What a load of horse shit. If you knew anything about interior design you'd know Bristol's new place resembles a department store catalog set, nothing more.

      And those chairs are going to be horrible in use.

      Just go away. Give everyone a break from you on Thanksgiving, why don't you? Make your parents put up with you, they're the ones keeping you on the internet..

    15. Anonymous12:47 PM

      To each their own decorating taste. I say it is late Walmart shopper style.

      Since Bristol is never seen in public when not posing for a photo op, I don't think she did anything. I think mommy dearest, the cult or someone else did this for her. She may have approved of what they did. I doubt she lifted a finger much.

      Whenever I did any remodeling, decorating you could not have missed me out shopping and doing things. When the kids were small I would also be seen regarding their school.

      I can't hear the sound on this.
      Can you hear Bristol's voice?

      That looks more like Willow's kid, not Trig. Who is she talking about?

    16. Anonymous1:02 PM

      And those chairs are going to be horrible in use.

      That would be true if they were to be used. This looks like a place to take pictures for a pretend life.

      They don't even know how to fake their staged scenes that well. Like the empty of food dinner scene. Stupid and lacks originality.

      With Bristol's background it comes off as more of her sad and lonely life. Fantasy world dress up. Are we to imagine a sailor is coming for dinner? May be it is John CCain and Meghan? Or a Lumbersexual will show up with is parents to meet his new baby.

      Wtf is she, Sarah and her cult stylist thinking?

    17. Anonymous4:22 PM

      Dear Three Dots...nobody gives a fuck what Sunny Johnston did.

    18. Anonymous5:27 PM

      Is that Willow's son? Is Andy his father? How old is he?

    19. Anonymous5:53 PM

      4:22PM, clearly you do give a fuck, since everything about Sunny enrages you.

    20. Anonymous6:51 PM

      There's another due to be knocked up again soon. Idiots just making more idiots.

    21. Anonymous10:09 PM

      12:47 That kid with the b-ball has dark hair. Tripp's is blonde. Another Palin switcheroo?

      Life would be easier if we just all played along with the Palin Mythology. Darn, this critical thinking ability and need to question discrepancies is a drag.

      If only I could be dumb as a rock....

  4. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Palin clan! Enjoy your hoe down and hose down! Try not to get too inebriated (drunk, Palins), but remember, vomit, pee and amniotic fluid all wash down the drain, but memories and police audio are forever!

    1. Anonymous11:46 AM

      What a shame that's too long for a tweet. :D

    2. Anonymous1:12 PM


  5. " You're lucky that you didn't catch AIDS or an STD."

    We don't know that she hasn't.

    1. Anonymous8:51 AM

      Catch it? We don't know that she didn't spread it....

    2. Anonymous9:42 AM


      A STD could easily be the reason Dumbkota dumped her.

    3. Anonymous10:01 AM

      Can't you see it. Bristol arrives in Kentucky days before their wedding and they telle ach other they have big news for the other. Bristol tells Dakota they are pregnant. Dakota tells Bristol he has clap.

  6. BTW, Gryph, happy Thanksgiving! Wishing you the deliciousness of turkey and wayyy too much pie!

    1. 66gardeners8:32 AM

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We are thankful for Gryphen's due diligence in identifying and exposing all things immoral

    2. Anonymous12:35 PM



      Behind all the masks and games Palins and Bristol distribute to the public is a crime family. One of the worst to abuse politics, the entertainment world, religion, motherhood and all the other scams one associates with the Heath/Palin clan.

      After Sarah and the Sponge Bob as Trig pregnancy, they give the world another disrespectful pregnancy mess and try to gussy it up with weird pictures and messages on social media. Any press they can get, also too.

      Bristol and her mistakes are just a deflection from bigger crimes. Now they are dragging an innocent baby into the crimes and cover up.

      I am thankful for all that tell the truth and will expose the immoral felonious family of deviltry.

    3. Anonymous3:06 PM

      Happy TG day, Grif. And a big thanks for all you've done and continue to do.

      Yeah, poor Bristol is all whormonal as the blessed day comes, and all she thinks about is how she's going to raise a baby, buy diapers, etc. She hounded and still hounds Levi over support, but some tom, dick or harry, maybe all three get off the hook because she won't name them by name. I guess she'll be a food stamp and WIC Diva while planning her next unplanned pregnancy.
      See where "Pause before you play" gets you? Pregnant, possible std, aids, syphilis, gonorrhea and a host of other possible diseases. What a shame she didn't go to planned parenthood while planning her unplanned disappointment.

      Instead of making it a "teachable moment", she whines and cheeses because mama's book is tanking and her allowance might get cut. Poor Precious.
      I'm sure some guy is having a great thanksgiving day!!!!!!!

    4. Anonymous4:59 PM

      I'm sure some guy is having a great thanksgiving day!!!!!!!

      If he is homeless you would think they would invite him to Todd's shop for some grub.

      It could be one of Track's buddies that Sarah mentioned living in their shelter area for Track and the vets.

  7. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Bristol loves being pregnant because, as demonstrated here, she wants to pick and whine and demands special treatment while she's pregnant. She feels like a queen who must be delicately handled, while she grinds her blog targets to the ground.

    Delicate Bristol had no problems spitting out attacks on people who don't agree with her idealogies. She doesn't know that many of them are fighting personal battles, like cancer, suicide, hopelessness, delibitating conditions, veterans without limbs, financial struggles, victims of hurricanes and tornadoes and floods, who are out of homes now during the Thanksgiving season.

    Poor little Bristol, at home, 9 months pregnant, whining about whiners. Meanwhile, the national security is tightened, people feel insecure, tensions rising with Russia and Turkey (no Bristol, not your mom's turkey), and rumors that these might be the beginning of WW3.

    People are very thankful for little things, like food and shelter. Too bad Bristol's mom's book didn't do the job for her.

    1. Anonymous11:45 AM

      Hear, hear.

      Happy Thanksgiving.

    2. Anonymous1:12 PM

      8:02 AM Excellent. I hear, hear you. You make my Thanksgiving happy. I am thankful. It is positive.

  8. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Rhetorical. Why would her moms book affect her?
    ??? ??? ???

    1. Anonymous8:32 AM

      Because it means that her allowance from ScamPAC is shrinking. It could be mommy whining that Bristol effed up the family "reputation".

    2. Anonymous8:47 AM

      Sorry but the family rep has always been in the toilet.

    3. Anonymous3:08 PM

      It'll cut her allowance. She might have to pay for stuff mama gave her for nothing before.

  9. Anonymous8:07 AM

    With respect, why write pointless posts?

    1. Anonymous8:13 AM

      But you felt the need to respond to a "pointless post"

    2. Anonymous8:19 AM

      Shouldn't you be asking Bristol?

    3. Anonymous8:29 AM

      Me thinks she already had the baby, and this is to perpetuate the lie.

    4. Anonymous8:34 AM

      Why ask a pointless question 8:07?

    5. Anonymous8:51 AM

      Pointless? HAH!
      Gryph for the win.

    6. Anonymous9:39 AM

      @8:07 With respect, if it is pointless, why respond to it? You are not smart enough to change any opinions here.

    7. Anonymous11:43 AM

      Why pop out useless unwanted redundant babies?

    8. Anonymous3:10 PM

      11:43 AM Why, O WHY?

      Here is a peek from a similar cult.

      Josh Duggar is another bet for baby daddy to little Sailor of semen from large (cess) pool of contenders.

      Josh is a hands on kind of guy. He is also close to Willow Palin, thanks to Sarah who continually exposes her kids to pedophiles, charlatans and losers.

    9. Anonymous3:10 PM

      I thought this was a pointful post. What Bristol posted was pointless, another "oy, why meee" I'm pregnant and no one cares nor offers a reality show.

    10. Anonymous10:15 PM

      Far from pointless.

      It gives us all a place to vent our frustrations about how the grifter family just keeps getting away with it.

      Gives us a chance to compare notes on things we've seen, read or heard.

      Gives us plenty of laughs, which is good for one's health.

      There's more, but that's enough.

  10. Anonymous8:08 AM

    on Bristol's pikore account maureengoode wrote: "Good luck with your new baby Sailor"

    Is the baby here?

    1. Anonymous11:01 AM

      The way the Palins behave and handle their public and public relations they want to have a mystery which makes for speculations and their endless games.

      They do nothing to be upfront or clear up any thing.

      We can say how it appears to us, what our guess is.

      I don't know if the baby is here.

      They don't have their story straight. You will never get straight talk from a Palin. That makes it more obvious there are lies about the timing of the birth.

      Sarah's end of 'Dec 45 days' is giving her a relationship to MOH Dakota Meyer.

      Bristol indicates she is 9 months pregnant NOW. That is not the Medal of Honor.

      Since they want to be that way and conflict one another, tease and trick their public... the Las Vegas odds, bets and games is more where it is at.

      I don't know I would bet the baby is here. I bet more fraud is involved (take into consideration Bristol's mother's baby con job she did on the public). Like mother like daughter.

      I would bet on the baby daddy saga they want surrounding this baby. Who's your daddy, Sailor?

      Will Sailor ever know? Does the bio baby daddy know he is Sailor's daddy?

      I would not bet Dakoka as the baby daddy. Joey has more possibility. Josh Duggar may be a good bet.

      The best bet may be UNKNOWN. Unknown to Bristol as she is challenged in the moral department and all.
      Her brother refers to that as a slut and she has said the same.

    2. Anonymous3:13 PM

      Nah. There's gotta be an obligatory Todd waiting with a catchers mitt and swears that he saw it with his own eyes post. Maybe a photo of Marina with blonde streaks holding the sailor in her arms, against her ample bosom. As Sarah gnaws the umbilical chord.........

    3. Anonymous3:54 PM


      Actually it was Sarah's Dad Chuck Heath that famously said "I saw him pop out" regarding Trig's appearance.

    4. Anonymous5:25 PM

      They are a close family values family. Bristol has no baby daddy.

      Todd Palin with see Sailor pop out. Too messy for Sarah. Marina is a good nurse maid.

  11. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Bristol should be poppin any day now.


    Valentines day weekend: "Just ruined my life."
    Monday after Valentines day weekend: Gift of Valentines day bear on desk with caption: Tripp's face says it all. Who is KJ?
    Marina Exotica comments: Lollll
    Dakota Meyer in Florida on that weekend

    My conclusion: Pregnant by someone named KJ after a Vegas one nighter. Which makes her 40 weeks.

    1. Exactly.

      Full term is 9 months and three weeks.

      They are trying to imply the birthday will be around Christmas Day so people will assume it is Dakota Meyer's.

      But the Valentine Oops puts the due date close to today, give or take a few days.

      My guess is Sarah Canceled her signings because the baby is already here and she has to do damage control and make sure their plan to shift the birth date is on schedule with no leaks or hitches.

      The Sailor has hit the dock and has come ashore.

  12. Anonymous8:18 AM

    O/T Is Wasilla the meth capital or homophobic capital of Alaska?

    Sarah Palin’s hometown is trying to ban a book for being too gay

    1. Anonymous9:31 AM

      Pimp daddy is from the incest capitol.

      You can trace the off-springs and see there are many with mixed up and questionable parentage. The very odd culture of having to cover up so much and lies that go on and on. A culture that raises children to breed excessively from very early ages, like 13- 14- 15- 16.

      Like Bristol Palin, deceptive Christians with their own brand of 'religion'. Single mothers and/or serial marriages that make for many children born with half siblings. Not all parents mature enough to handle that well.

    2. Anonymous10:05 AM

      8:18 Is the book about Bristol and Marina?

    3. Anonymous1:42 PM

      9:31, you nailed it.

    4. It can't be both?

  13. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  14. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Who's doing the whining, Brissy? YOU.
    Grow up.

  15. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Isn't KJ Dakota's ex?

  16. Anonymous10:06 AM

    On Thanksgiving, Bristol says nada about being thankful.

    She just tells anonymous to stop whining and complaining to her cause she is about to pop a kid and don't know who's the daddy. I wonder what kinds of questions Tripp asks her about the baby daddy.

  17. Anonymous10:06 AM

    You think Bristol will send a photo Christmas card to Sailor's father?

    1. Anonymous11:03 AM

      I'm wondering if her girlfriend will be in her Xmas photo.

    2. Anonymous12:19 PM

      The dictator shuttered Track's pharmacy distributor, she also has taken care of Marina the sexful Russian exotic.

      She can't have Bristol living any kind of an honest life.

    3. Anonymous2:23 PM

      Isn't that spelled dicktater.

    4. Anonymous2:26 PM

      Bristol isnt completely stupid, she can take dictation. As in: hey Bristol, how did my dick tate last night.

    5. Anonymous4:33 PM

      That could get awfully expensive sending Xmas cards to the whole Seventh Fleet.

  18. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Bristol is thankful she has a mother that controls her whole life. She can be lazy and wine whine after Thankful Day. She has been so happy for the day Pimp Daddy brings his little hose and cleans up his hangar. This is a yuge EVENT with balloons and the family. How many do they need to hide and cover for this year?

    #flashbackfriday Thanksgiving in my dad's shop!! #repeat this year

    As always Bristol is thankful she learned to lie from the best of liars. And although books sales tanked for Mama she had already paid for someone to do all the staging and decorating for her. Thankful the 9 month empathy belly arrived?

    Bristol is thankful Sailor can be born into a lie and have that to go through life with. Because that is the big thing she is giving her baby with a no name baby daddy.

    November 25, 2015 12:26pm 9 months pregnant
    ... the last person you should complain to is someone 9 months pregnant, just sayinnnnnnnnnnn #nosympathy

    9 months pregnant ? Not what Mama says.

  19. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Brissy has posted a new photo with Tripp and a Christmas tree. Nine months? Really?

    1. Anonymous2:10 PM

      Take your pick. Bristol is going for 9 months.

      Sarah is at 8 months.

      Which is it?

      One of the many semen or the Marine, Dakota Meyer. Medal of Honor.

      Dakota Meyer receives the Medal of Honor

      Meyer on Guns

      Father material?
      What would SP do?

      'That's just how we roll'

      Just like a Palin

      What would SP do?

    2. Anonymous2:44 PM

      Sarah picks this.

  20. Anonymous1:52 PM

    When I saw the guy in the cheese wine post, I thought Bristol was revealing baby daddy and it would be another celebration like an engagement.

  21. Anonymous1:57 PM

    I had the day off yesterday and saw a show called PATERNITY COURT. Where people can get a DNA test to see who they baby daddy is.

    I am quite sure we will see her on this show after the first of the year. Why? Because it is the only chance left she has to appear on television in any way at all.

    Either that, or she is trying to shop around to various magazines the exclusive story as to who her baby daddy is. Problem is, these magazines know they're readers don't give a damn. She'll be lucky if the offer $75 and a free one year subscription

    1. Anonymous2:42 PM

      She probably won't dna test the baby. Its not the moh. As far as the other possibilities..well,you can't get blood out of a turnip. There probably won't be child support ordered because that would mean it was another of brizzles hit and runs.

    2. Anonymous6:27 PM

      Any man who has legitimate reason to believe he is the father can demand a DNA test.

    3. Her mother would never let her near a show like that.

      Cannot have any Palin DNA out and about. One never knows what may come down the line once that camel's nose has entered the tent.

  22. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Bristol boo boo who who is your baby daddy???
    What, are you so ashamed you don't want to name him; or you're so ashamed that you don't know whom it could possibly be???
    What ever the reality is, quite telling others how to live their lives; quit judging others; quit pretending that you know and give a twat about current events - Smart people know you don't. You and your grizzled out maw maw aren't fooling anyone!

    1. Anonymous2:50 PM

      Palin garage family prayer:

    2. Anonymous4:43 PM

      That is Willow's lover. Will he be performing at the garage, Todd's shop?

  23. Anonymous2:51 PM

    So who will help support The Dullard's fatherless baby? $he made a chunk o' change on DWTS and as and "abstinence" spokesperson -- but that was a few years back, and she likely blew through that $$ with such wise purchases as a pontoon boat, new truck, furniture, houses, etc. Will little Sailor be born to the grift tit also too??

    1. Anonymous6:26 PM

      Don't forget plastic surgery and all those shoes!

    2. Anonymous10:14 PM

      The same people that support Bristle, those idiots that donate to SarahPac.

  24. Check out Bristol's Instagram page. New pic cheap garish white pre- decorated tree. Check out her abdomen. Baby has dropped. Any day now. Trailer park decor.

    1. Anonymous3:29 PM

      No thanks, Old Redneck.
      Wannabe Kardashians that never will be.
      You sure did call it!

    2. Anonymous4:49 PM

      I can't see the pic enough to see that Sailor dropped.

      It looks like a bright blur.

      How do you know how long the tree has been up or when that was shot?

      There is still time for the baby showers? That is the part I don't understand at all.

      Announce name, have baby showers then give birth? Is that how they do it up north in Alaska?

  25. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Happy Thanksgiving to Gryphen and family.

  26. I don't know or care when this seemingly immaculate conception occurred but for all you fellas out there who may not know any better: 40 weeks is considered full term. If she's nine months along (36 weeks) then she really does have a few more weeks to go.

    1. Anonymous3:54 PM

      I call bullshit to all of it. The Palin tribe was never good at math or any schooling, Rather dense; some of us are.

    2. Anonymous4:18 PM

      My neighbor had a liter of cats once and that is about the summation of my pregnancy/birth experience and knowledge. Thank you for the heads up!

      I can't tell what is going on regarding Bristol's communications. She is not consistent to me. Some times it is months, Sometimes weeks. I like the Duggar (latest mother that bled and had to go to hospital). She did better pics and poses. She would also write like 5 months 2 weeks. It was more clear, since I don't have the experience for all this.

      For me it is as if Bristol is always throwing curveballs.

      Being she is a political pundit and a Republican she reminds me of ...Fell Under the Spell of 'Curveball'

      Look where that took the world

      Bristol is free to be who she is but for some of us her system isn't working.

      When people are ineffective communicators there is bound to be mistakes and confusions. It has happened to me, I have to try hard to be more clear.

      I think her mother was disturbed recently with getting confused, too.

      Someone once told me words to the effect if you think (or complain) about being confused, that people don't love you, they are haters or whatever. You can't change others.

      What you can do is work on being less confusing, you show more love and fighting hate with hate every one will lose.

    3. Anonymous5:21 PM

      5 positives of working until 36 - that be 9 months -weeks pregnant…

      In the womb

      36 weeks ago - Doesn't matter how many days months or years tick by, I know I had the best for that I'm lucky..

      The uterus expands making up a larger and larger portion of the woman's abdomen. At left anterior view with months labeled, at right lateral view labeling the last 4 weeks. During the final stages of gestation before childbirth the fetus and uterus will drop to a lower position.

    4. B.S.

      She's been fudging the numbers a month for quite some time.

      This is the Valentine's Ooops and that puts touchdown this week.

      I'll wager it's why Sarah cut her book signing short.

      It's also why no one has seen Bristol in public and the only photos are ones she has released. Probably held on to them for a month before release to try to support her story and fudged numbers.

      Yeah, she's at 40 weeks already. If the Sailor hasn't docked already she'll be hitting shore very soon. Any day now.

  27. Anonymous4:57 PM

    No body likes me everybody hates me, guess I will go eat
    worms. Great big fuzzy ones, little tine squishy ones ......
    I cannot remember the rest of it, but years and years ago
    when one of us five kids pouted, this is what we got from the
    other four! She needs an attitude adjustment!

    1. Anonymous5:41 PM

      Barstool don't feel bad, everybody hates your mom too

  28. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Poor Sailor. Bristol is already hiding behind her latest prop. "You can't criticize me! I am with child!"

  29. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Has anybody stepped up to take responsibility for the little fetus? Joey, Gino, Dylan, Ben, Lumbersexual, somebody? Don't look at me, I've haven't stepped foot in Alaska since the Alaska Shootout Basketball Tournament some years back, maybe 25 years or so

    1. Are you Bristol's Father?

  30. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time we reflect and are thankful. Don't mean to bring up so sad feelings but did Todd make an appearance for the KFCgiving dinner?

    1. Anonymous6:09 PM

      Piper did your mother make it home or do you expect her by Christmas some time?

  31. Anonymous5:56 PM

    You guys act like Bristol is a hermit with no friends because no one gave her a baby shower yet. I'm sure Bristol 's Bible study group is planning something as well as Sarah's Bible study group. There's still time.

    1. Anonymous9:35 PM

      Announce name, have baby showers then give birth?

  32. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Forrest Gump: Now when I was a baby, Mama named me after the great Civil War hero General Nathan Bedford Forrest. She said we was related to him in some way. 

    Sailor: Forrest when I was a baby my mama thought the name Saylor was cute but the dumb bitch couldn't spell Saylor.

  33. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Bristol totally had that baby. Right now, right this minute, she just carried out the garage because poop leaked out its outfit leg. It has brown hair, Bristol's unfortunate lack of chin, and that soft spot thing babies have is right on the top of its head and there's a noticeable flat spot.
    Sorry, I keep calling it "it", instead of "her". It's just a really plain looking baby. No offense meant to it. Sadly for her she just looks a lot like her mom. Also it's old enough that the cord piece on the belly has already fallen off. (But young enough to still seem realllly really small. Like tiny tiny, she seemed so.....well hell, small. I'm not used to babies obviously) and I don't think they are worried about people knowing, because Bristol was just holding the child in here plain as day with over 30 people in attendance. Including meeee, haha. I see Sarah looking at her phone constantly, I hope she's checking here and flips out wondering who the infidel is;)
    Ps, this turkey is dry as shit.

    1. Anonymous6:36 PM

      Sarah you just got home. Do you think Donny will be calling you to return to New York so soon

    2. Anonymous8:00 PM

      More details, please, dear Infidelle?

    3. Anonymous9:02 PM

      So, who did the cooking? We all know $arah is as lazy as they come. Welcome, baby've got one tough road ahead just being in that family, let alone life itself.

    4. Anonymous9:30 PM


    5. Baby born last week maybe?

      I think last Saturday was the end of week 40, so we may have confirmation of Valentine's Day drunken one night stand.

    6. Anonymous11:05 AM

      Can anyone explain this picture? All the comments without back up is confusing. Confusion is Sarah and Bristol's friend.

    7. Anonymous2:24 PM

      The baby with probably get a hockey puck chin implant for xmas. Valentine's day concieved.

  34. Anonymous6:29 PM

    It's good that Palin failed as VP candidate because if she was POTUS Bristol would be called the First Breeder.

  35. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Ok, which cast member of Deadliest Catch did Barstool drop her crab pot for?

    1. Anonymous6:39 PM

      All of them, any of them


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