Thursday, November 05, 2015

Remember that "hero" cop that was supposedly shot and killed in the line of duty in Illinois? Well as it turns out he was not a hero, and he took his own life.

Lt. "GI Joe" Gliniewicz
So I am sure that many of you remember this story of the cop who was found shot to death with his own weapon after radioing into his precinct that he was supposedly getting ready to confront three "suspects," two white, one black.

There were some questions even at the beginning of the investigation that some things simply did not add up.

And as it turns out that was an understatement.

Courtesy of the Daily Beast:  

Investigators never found the men suspected of killing Lt. “GI Joe” Gliniewicz. Not for lack of effort, not for lack of evidence, and not for enough tips. 

The men didn’t exist. 

The three vaguely described suspects, “two male white, one male black,” were apparently a product of Gliniewicz’s imagination, ginned up to make himself go out like a hero. 

Fox Lake police on Wednesday said Gliniewicz’s death was a “carefully staged suicide.” Gliniewicz had been stealing and laundering thousands of dollars from the police department’s youth auxiliary program for personal purchases, the department said. The purchases included gym memberships, porn websites, and mortgage payments. 

Perhaps Gliniewicz believed his alleged theft was in danger of being uncovered. If he was caught, his life as he knew it—gung ho cop, patriotic Army veteran, spectacular father, loving husband—would be over.

Now while it is important to note that this one guy faking his own murder does not mean that there are not police officers out there who are in actual danger of being killed in the line of duty, it is interesting to note that many in the conservative media used the death of Lt. Gliniewicz to illustrate what has being called the "war on cops" that they were blaming on President Obama and the protest group "Black Live Matter."

Even though statistics prove that this narrative is false, it is still being promoted all across the internet.

So what does this one faked death tell us?

Well nothing really, except that one should always wait for the evidence before jumping on the "Blame Obama" bandwagon.

But honestly, is there any chance of THAT ever happening?


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    1. Anonymous8:22 AM

      That photo makes him look like a thug. Do you think the right wing will complain that the "Lamestream Media" was trying to make him look like a nice guy instead? they sure tried with Trayvon Martin

    2. Anonymous10:24 AM

      Trayvon Martin was a punk. He had it coming. Then again, so does George Zimmerman.

    3. Anonymous4:55 PM

      10:24, you are loathsome

  2. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Nice tee. UGH.

  3. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Latest news says his wife and son are being investigated and may have been involved in the embezzling of the funds also.

    Why do I think these folks are Sarah supporters?

  4. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Gee, I wonder what faux noos thinks of this?

  5. Anonymous6:00 AM

    He jumped out of his car and killed himself.

    This guy's "murder" was used endlessly by Fox "News" as a springboard for attacking gun control, Black Lives Matters, etc, etc.

    Not. One. Retraction.

    1. Anonymous6:32 AM

      Looks like he liked to jump out of planes and KILL people too.

  6. Anonymous6:04 AM

    But it IS Obama's fault, because the fact that he was elected twice put this guy into such a fury and tailspin that he had no choice but to embezzle all that money (you know, before the government comes and takes it all away from us.)

  7. Balzafiar6:25 AM

    So this man steals from his own people and is too gutless to stick around to face the music. Real hero, he was, to let his surviving family take the hit for his misdeeds. And make no mistake about it, they will take a hit because there will always be the gossip that "they knew" or "were part of it". That is just the way things are, unfortunately. People can be so damned vicious even when there is no proof.

  8. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Sad story. The guy didn't want help, he just wanted out, and he left his family to hold the bag, having to deal with his mess that re refused to face up to himself.

    This is the underlying problem of those who are overly proud and patriotic, those who keep using military and vets for their own selfish reasons, a la Palin, whooping it up, rah-rah-rah, in her simple brain.

    These vets come home with thoughts and feelings that they can't express, hide it, allow the 'users' to make them feel temporarily like great heroes. But, if they are human, and we know they are, they come home and reflect on it all and need people to lay off the 'hero, hero, hero" crap that people like Palin and presidential campaign hucksters use to make the nation feel good. They make themselves feel good on the behalf of the fresh returnees. Some of these returnees need the air to breathe and focus and don't need groupees swarming over them like flies trying to get a chunk of flesh from them, exploiting them for personal gain.

    I get so tired of the hooah hooah of the Palin types who damnably capitalize on veterans who, some, who come home and pretend everything is great, while, underneath, are emotionally/psychologically despondent.

    The Gliniewicz story is tragic; yet it's his family and friends that now have to pick up the pieces, not the patriotic tea party brand and flag-wavers; and Sarah Palin? Nowhere to be seen or heard. She uses them, and when they can't deal anymore and they turn on themselves, she just doesn't care.

    1. Anonymous9:25 AM

      Brilliant, 6:32, just brilliant.

    2. Anonymous6:28 PM

      This happened an hour from where I live, and people around here were quick to jump on the bandwagon that the guy was a hero, whether they knew him or not. As it turns out, even those who thought they knew him really didn't. My reaction was skeptical, exactly in the same way that I know that all military personnel are not heroes. Not a very popular view these days.

  9. I followed this story pretty closely as it happened not too far from me.
    This town was immediately locked down and had law enforcement units going door to door carrying assault rifles.
    Hundreds of dna samples were taken from innocent citizens that the crime lab will most likely not destroy without a court order.
    And the 2 white 1 black men description that this pillar of the community gave before faking his murder did actually exist and were it not for a time stamped receipt from a nearby diner they would most likely be fighting for their lives.
    And the cop being described as a loving husband doesn't pass the smell test after reading about a work place sexual harassment suit filed in 2000 where it was revealed that he forced a female coworker to perform oral sex on him several times in exchange for him protecting her job. He received a 30 day suspension for that.
    And as to whether wife knew and was involved all you need to do is read the text messages to see that its pretty apparent she was deep into this theft too.
    The texts also reveal this great cop thought about putting a hit on the city admin who was bringing the theft to light. Also texted about planting evidence on her to get her to stop the audit.

    1. Anonymous7:31 AM

      He wanted a blow job from her too. It all blew up on him. FUCK that Prick PIG.

    2. Live right across the border from IL just north of Fox Lake. The day after the suicide I was driving on IL 173, went around a bend and there were four law enforcement vehicles from four different jurisdictions on the shoulder. Not enforcing traffic, just showing their colors like any gang banger would.

    3. Anonymous12:04 PM

      Wisco gal ~ Wauconda area here, would like to chat with another Immoral-ite.


  10. Someone tells me that the wives of cops who kill themselves can't keep the pension. That might be part of the reason for this staged suicide.

    It might also be one of the reasons so many cops kill themselves.

    1. Anonymous12:02 PM

      It is my understanding that the police pension board blocks widows from collecting on suicides. There is also an 'agency' that is called the blue lite or something along those lines. I think they gave the good widow abt 15 grand.....they want their money back. This guy was a pig, not one ounce of sympathy for him. Live dirty, die dirty.

      LouAnne/NW burbs of Chicago (*where this happened)

  11. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Yup..he tried to arrange a hit. Unfucking believable

  12. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Are people supposed to be impressed by a shirt like that? Or is it just an ego thing, like the guys who strut around with their weapons?

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      He's just overcompensating. All cock and no crow.

    2. Anonymous5:49 PM

      You need to know the area. Not all but a lot of it is big big toy contractor types. You know big truck, huge tires, teenytiny engine. Same with their boats, crappily built pseudo mcmansions, etc. All on borrowed or stolen cash.

  13. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Shouldn't that shirt read "I jump out of planes and kill people, and I kill myself when it's inevitable that I'm gonna get caught stealing, put in jail with people I helped put there and I vote"

    He's not a hero, he's a bozo. Hope he donated what's left of his brain to science.

  14. Anonymous8:12 AM

  15. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Since you hate cops, I hope they'll never help you if someone assaults or rapes you.


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