Thursday, November 05, 2015

The Republican presidential candidates right now.

Found on Reddit
Oh yeah, that's dead on.


  1. Leland2:09 AM

    Hhhmmm. Does anyone else remember when the so-called gotcha questions were considered a challenge and not a problem?

    Talk about the "dumbing down of America"!

  2. Anonymous2:27 AM

    The debates have always been, in my lifetime, a forum to really see what the candidates were made of. What they know. How they react. How they lead and how they would handle the world stage.

    This is the first time in my fifty four years that we actually have to change diapers...

  3. Anonymous3:50 AM

    It's my party, and I will cry if I want to!

  4. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Except that the moderators have not been "liberally biased." Maybe some of them have been more "reality" biased than the GOP candidates but I wouldn't say that they were liberal.

    1. "reality" is the key word there, Beaglemom. When politics and religion are intertwined, reality is the first causality.

    2. Anonymous8:23 AM

      Carly's on theView. Says clinton should run on record,like carly. Claims clinton is only running on being a woman. That's why we won't vote for you,carly! Now shes whining about dumpster's comments about her looks.

  5. Cracklin Charlie11:20 AM

    Hey! That meme looks like my boss!

    I had no idea she was a republican.

  6. Anonymous3:22 PM

    I love it, everything's a gotcha question, when you don't have an answer ready nor know of what you speak. Draw a mustache and a swastika uniform on that kid, and you've got Donald Trump.

  7. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Any question that the Repubs don't want to answer, or don't know the answer to, is a gotcha question.

  8. Anonymous7:08 AM

    President Obama has never whined, nor has he ever claimed to have been asked any gotcha questions. He is a very mature politician, and this is one of the reasons I like him so much.

  9. Anonymous8:41 AM

    The people resort to pettiness because they have nothing to bring to the table. Like toddlers,they cry foul. Favoritism. They jump up and down with rediculous ideas,like huckafuk today. Defund the white house. Its a distraction from actual issues candidates should be hashing over. They do it cause they're out of gas with no solutions.


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