Thursday, December 10, 2015

Michigan parent exercises his 2nd Amendment rights on school grounds. School exercises their right to panic.

Courtesy of the Battle Creek Enquirer:  

A hard lockdown was ordered Monday in Homer school buildings after a parent came to school with a holstered handgun, officials said. 

Homer Community School District Superintendent Robert Wright said the parent had brought a gun to school on Friday and was armed again when he returned to the school Monday to discuss Friday's incident. 

The parent of a student at Lillian Fletcher Elementary School, who Wright declined to identify, came to school Friday to sign in his son,. The man was carrying a gun in a holster. Wright said the parent was questioned by a staff member; the parent asserted "his right to have it there" and he left the school without a confrontation, Wright said.

After that incident the school notified the authorities and the police told the man that though it was his right to have the gun, that it was best not to bring it to school.

However the man was not convinced so the school set up a meeting with him, and guess how he showed up for that meeting:

"And lo and behold, he showed up with his weapon holstered ... it was never out of the holster," Wright said. "And at that point I had to inform him that our protocol is that we go into lockdown just for pure safety of all of our students and staff, and so we went into lockdown at that point." 

"They asked him to sit in the front lobby and they went into lockdown," Saxton said. "He left when he heard them go into lockdown." 

Wright said the district went under hard lockdown -- he described it as a time when instruction is halted to focus on safety precautions -- for about 10 minutes at 2:15 p.m. A sheriff's deputy was called to the school but the parent left before the deputy arrived.

So while this idiot was walking around trying to feel like a real man, he traumatized an entire school full of children.  Good job asshole.

You know what these Ammosexuals seem incapable of understanding is that them having a weapon does NOT make the rest of us feel safe. In fact just the opposite.

The reality is that when a gun shows up on school grounds, the possibility of a child being shot goes from 0 to 100% more likely.

That may not be the intention of the gun owner, but as we know guns can fall and discharge, they can be taken from their owners and used, or the owner may have something suddenly happen which angers them to the point of recklessness.

But the simple fact is, no gun, no gun deaths.



  1. It's a pretty safe bet the parent is an exemplary church goer.
    Not a thing wrong with that, but I think it would be wonderful if all sorts of gun owners showed up at his church carrying the most ferocious weapons allowed by law. Not that his right to openly carry a weapon has a thing to do with church. The point to be made is that some places just seem inappropriate for the exercise of that right. You know, schools, churches, funerals, hospitals, weddings, etc.

    1. Anonymous11:49 AM

      Had he been black the police would have confiscated his gun, and detained him.
      White privilege is real, folks.

    2. Anonymous2:25 PM

      If he was black they would of shot him.

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Maybe this will help>

  3. Anonymous9:35 AM

    OT-But this is the kind of mindset:

    1. Anonymous11:41 AM

  4. Anonymous9:38 AM

  5. Anonymous9:56 AM

    What is the protocol if Ammosexual Sarah Palin walked into Wasilla High School's office or Ammosexual Bristol Palin walked into Tripp's elementary school office with a gun in their holdters?

    1. Anonymous10:50 AM

      I would think that lockdown would be immediate in those instances - especially - because the local school administrators must know how looney they are.

  6. Anonymous9:59 AM

    I would consider removing my child from that school. I did not go to my local shopping area when pro gun people chose to parade the street with their guns. There is no way to know if an armed person is a good guy or bad guy with intent to pull or use a gun. I assume any person with a gun has it in their mind to shoot and maybe kill people.

    1. Anonymous10:25 AM does one know if he is the good guy with a gun or a bad guy? One has to assume for the safety of the students and teachers that someone openly displaying a weapon is a safety risk.


  7. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Gryphen, thoughts on the Carter bill banning Iranians from immigrating here in crisis? Since you did just post about him.

    1. Anonymous10:44 AM

      Not Gryphen but I will answer you. This is a rightwing mem that is false. What Carter did was part of sanctions against a COUNTRY that held our hostages; it was not against a religion and it was part of a big sanctions package:

    2. I'm not Gryphen either, but certainly, here's a thought. The situations are completely different.

      With actual facts readily available, anyone who thinks that there is any moral, logistical, or practical similarity between the two is a moron.

      The link provided by 10:44 explains it clearly.

  8. Anonymous10:47 AM

    This Girl Just Destroyed Every Gun-Nut Argument in Less-Than 300 Words!

    Watch: Proof That Concealed Carry Gun Nuts are Dangerously Delusional (Video)

  9. Anonymous10:49 AM

    A Disgusted President Obama Will Act Alone And Take Executive Action On Guns

  10. Anonymous10:59 AM

    It's the school's fault for not recognizing that he was a GOOD guy with a gun. He's white. What other proof did they need?

    1. Anonymous11:04 AM

      A "Trump 2016" lapel pin would have helped....

  11. Anonymous11:00 AM

    So, carrying a holstered weapon onto the grounds of an elementary school is OK, but going to a GUN CLUB for an adult to sign a book is not, even though that adult supports all gun rights?

  12. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Thank you for posting this, Gryphen.

    I'm glad the school went into lockdown. This asshole now not only has nothing to brag about, but he probably completely embarrassed and humiliated his son.

    Maybe his son will be the one to get his Ammosexual father to see the light and stop terrorizing innocent people in an attempt to prove he's a man.

    R in NC

  13. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I saw the wackos on c4p applauding an armed citizen running towards the site of the San Bernardino shooting, to "assist" the Police. Gee, what could possibly go wrong with this type of scenario?

  14. Oh for the days when we brought guns to school to work on them in shop class in my Washington High School. Or brought them to school in our cars or trucks because we were going hunting after school, quite possibly with a teacher or even the principle who all brought their guns to school too in Cordova.

    And what ever happened to the high school shooting teams that every Anchorage high school had?

    All this in the 1970s. Now we throw kids out of school for eating their bread into the shape of a gun or pointing their finger and saying "bang".

    We also used to have hunter safety classes with real guns in the school cafeteria.

    Overreact much?

    1. Anonymous11:28 AM

      People did a lot of stupid things in the 1970s.

    2. Anonymous11:36 AM

      Alaska high schools still have rifle teams.

      Oh, look, here's an article about it!

    3. Anonymous11:52 AM

      11:17, we also smoke cigarettes at school, drank cokes and ate candy bars out of vending machines, instead of buying a cafeteria lunch. We left campus to hang out a houses, while parents were at work. We drove around without using seat belts. Yeah, every decision was a good one...

    4. Anonymous11:55 AM

      11:17, how many school shooting did we have prior to your high school graduation? Different times. My mom used to walk several blocks on the streets of NY other elementary school, but I don't think that is a good idea in today's world.

    5. Anonymous4:08 PM

      I was on my Jr High rifle team when I was 12. It was safe and fun. The shooting range was in the school. We mostly used school rifles but some people brought their own. You walked in and put it in the principals office. Late 70s/early 80s.

  15. Anonymous11:20 AM

    What a small, small mind this person must have...

    ..and by small, small mind I mean emotionally immature with a small penis...

  16. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Why can't these bottom feeders exercise their brains while they're exercising their [version of] Second Amendment "rights"? Oh wait...brains...

  17. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Here's to hoping, that the rest of the parents will put some pressure on this tiny-dick-syndromed parent and shove some reason down his throat!

  18. Anonymous12:54 PM

    This gun manufacturer/Republican/NRA-created situation (the self-licking ice cream cone treat they've organized for themselves)is that everyone is packing, hyper vigiliant, and ready to draw on each other 24-7 in this country. I can tell a little about what that does to soldiers who've been in a war zone. Not good for the head. Not one bit. What a mean way to live. And still...even with everyone packing-- nobody will know who the whackjobs are. Could have easily been the asshole in the story above. Given a semi-auto can launch 13 bullets per second--don't think the cops can get there fast enough. And this mythical beast the NRA likes to push-- "good guy with a gun" ? Riiight. We live in Colorado Springs. After the 2nd mass shooting in 1 month here (by 2 white Christian males!) I woke up and said "Nope, not doing this any longer" Will be flocking off back home to Canada thanks. Our kids deserve better. I am sad for the USA. The only way to cure this--do what Canada did recently--vote each and everyone of those right wing assholes spectacular fashion.

  19. Anonymous2:47 PM

    If he was black the cops would have shot him.

  20. Anonymous2:58 PM

    id say this dude qualifies, to bad for us.

  21. Anonymous4:25 PM

    We had a similar situation when our son was in school. It was "Take your parents to school day" so the other kids could learn what adults do to make money. Granted, this was awhile back, but long story short, one of the fathers was a peace officer, avid gun enthusiast, and left his loaded gun on the windowsill of a public rest room, then returned to the auditorium. Some kid with his head screwed on straight went to the bathroom, washed his hands, and spotted the un holstered, loaded pistol. He called over some kids and told them not to let anyone in, then contacted a teacher.
    I'm aware accidents happen, we're all human. But had someone less smart had found the gun and had a fatal "accident", there's no do overs.
    The school went into lockdown, the peace officer was handled gently, never got his chance to explain his job, and left the school in handcuffs, put on desk duty and had to put in fifty hours of training and fifty hours of community service BUT He didn't lose his job nor pay.
    We parents got letters explaining the shut down of the school, the reason, and were told there was an investigation.
    Never heard the results.
    Police station wouldn't release any information.
    And the cop kept his job. Nepotism helps a lot, he was the mayor's brother in law, but after seeing the horrors these past ten or so years and the grief parents went through, I don't care about anyone's right to carry, just not in a school, movie theater, mall, church, historical attraction, or a strangers home.

  22. He did it TWICE. And he KNEW when he showed up on Monday the school would go into lockdown.

    The police warned him.

    What needs to happen is that a dollar amount fine needs to be levied when some asshole causes a school lockdown, intentional or not.

    When we had kids pulling the fire alarms an assembly was held and the students were told it was not a joke. Every time the alarm rings the fire trucks have to roll. And every time they roll it costs $500. A "lock" (key capture) was going to be put on the fire alarms so that whoever had the stolen key, the key would be locked (and thus we would get fingerprints.) And that the parents of whoever was pulling the alarm would be billed for the $500. Well, they caught the kid, the parents were billed (I have no idea if they paid) but the false alarms stopped.

    If the only way to get it through the clueless twit's head is to serve him with a $500 bill every time a school has to go into lockdown, then do it. Wouldn't even need a change in the law. The district board of ed could simply pass it with a vote. All parents would be notified. Done.

    Then when the moron shows up and the school goes into lockdown, he gets served with the bill. If necessary the sheriff can go to his house and serve him.

    These idiots can't comprehend a lot but money leaving their bank accounts they understand. If necessary, the school district can put a lien on the moron for non-payment, have his guns seized and sold to pay the bill.


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