Monday, December 21, 2015

Donald Trump supporter found with an explosive device in his home amid charges that he planned to attack Muslims. Well, it really was only a matter of time.

Courtesy of TPM: 

Police found an explosive device Sunday in the home of a 55-year-old Richmond, California man who allegedly threatened to harm the local Muslim community, according to a local report. 

Police evacuated William Celli's neighborhood when they found a device at his home on Sunday and detonated it, Bay Area TV station KPIX reported. Celli was arrested and booked into county jail on Sunday afternoon, according to the report. 

KPIX reported a tipster told police Thursday that a man was making devices and threatening to harm Muslims. But while law enforcement said Celli's statements attracted their attention, police wouldn't elaborate on the threats, according to the report. 

"We thank law enforcement authorities for their swift action and we will monitor this alleged case of domestic terrorism closely as it moves through the legal system," said Zahra Billoo, executive director of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Celli often expressed his feelings about Donald Trump and Muslims on Facebook.

Donald trumps on again I'm happy leaders okay but this guys a great point man I'll follow this MAN to the end of the world
Posted by William Celli on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Surah 47:4 When ye encounter the infidels strike of their heads. And I' m the bad guy., And our progressive leaders want...
Posted by William Celli on Sunday, October 25, 2015

Donald Trump's on again I'm feeling good about myself
Posted by William Celli on Wednesday, October 28, 2015
So to be clear if we catch ISIS leaders spreading hateful rhetoric among American Muslims and they threaten harm against Christians in this country we arrest them right?

So what do we do with a presidential candidate who spreads hateful rhetoric among Christians that results in threats of harm against Muslims in this country?



  1. How far can he go, and still get out of it with, "Ha ha, only joking"?

    1. Anonymous6:03 PM



    2. Anonymous8:35 PM

      I haven't heard him say he's only joking. He refused to back off his praise of Putin, he said he has no proof he's killed journalists, and he said well, the US has killed a lot of people too. He's straight up insane.

    3. Anonymous4:34 AM

      He'll just say, "You see? I was right to have people snitch on their neighbors. See something funny? Call the police. The guy had a bomb."

  2. Anonymous4:58 PM

    So he was radicalized by the GoPee.

  3. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Well, Gryphen, one of the things we can do to stop this guy is to be relentless in exposing his every cliche and every fear-inducing lie, in ridiculing him and his opinions whenever appropriate.

    Which you do, daily. And I thank you for this.

  4. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Fuckin' sheep w/out a sane shepherd in sight. WTF happened to critical thinking? Fox News? When did pandering make a leader? God (?!) help America.

  5. O/T: On a more positive note, Happy Winter Solstice, everybody!!! At 8:48 pm Pacific Time this evening, the Sun (or its projection on the Earth's surface, if you wish) will have gone as far South as it's going to this year, and will start heading North again.

    Turn up the volume and enjoy: Scientific songs of praise!

    1. Anonymous7:15 PM

      When I moved here from the South I thought I'd never adjust to the short days of November-January, but it only took a few years to no longer notice it. Same applies to summer, the body just gets used to 3 months of daylight. Still, I look forward to the return on the sun.

      One of the toughest parts of winter is trying to fit a day's worth of running and dog-walking and outdoor activities into such a short window of daylight. Not matter how you cut it some things still must be accomplished using a headlamp! Gonna have a little fire outside tonight in honor of the return of Sol. You enjoy your solstice as well!

  6. Anonymous6:18 PM

    He's the leader of the lemmings, and using the same tactics a small group of radicalized murderers.
    Now he's on the warpath with Hillary, and getting a bit too personal. She "Schlonged" Obama? WTF?
    There'll be more William Cellis.

  7. The Donald Rump6:20 PM

    I'm sure he was just enthusiastic. We need that kind of enthusiasm to make our country white, I mean great, again.

  8. The chickens have come home to roost.

  9. Balzafiar6:53 PM

    One of the more delusional ones may actually take some action and if it does happen I expect it will effectively end Trumps campaign.

    1. Anonymous4:28 AM

      Are you kidding me? It will just be the rallying call for the rest of T's supporters.

  10. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Chelsea( Clinton) and Marc Mezvinksy have announced they are expecting another child.
    Imagine that, a married couple so there will be a baby daddy for the child.

    1. Anonymous7:15 PM

      A child born into a loving family is a happy child. That is all he or she needs.

      So your hate in that comment is pointless and unbecoming.

    2. Anonymous7:38 PM

      @anon 7:15pm

      What hate? I just stated facts Barstool.

    3. Jaclyn8:15 PM

      Save the holier than thou passive aggression 7:05/7:38.

    4. Anonymous8:45 PM

      @Jackoff 8:15 PM Save your fake bullying for yourself/GFY.

    5. Anonymous9:45 PM

      My, oh my. Seems 7:15/8:15pm is very jealous.

    6. Anonymous1:04 AM

      As hard as they try there is noting about Bristol that says she is from a happy family.

      @bsmp2 'It my daughter's father wanted to be a part of her life, he would @trisha.s10'

      'Honestly, I’ve been trying my hardest to keep my chin up on this one.... I know this has been, and will be, a huge disappointment to my family, to my close friends, and to many of you.' by Bristol Palin 6/25

      'This pregnancy was actually planned.' by Bristol Palin 6/28

      meth is a helluva drug

      Sarah Palin Yo, She Is Classy As Fuc

    7. Anonymous3:11 AM

      Since when is the Payme Grifter Klan a happy family?

    8. Anonymous5:22 AM

      @Anonymous 7:15 PM

      YES, Chelsea is having baby #2 with HER HUSBAND!
      A concept Bristle the MULTIPLY UNWED MOTHER knows nothing about, as she just pops them out by random men. Multiple baby daddies, she never married.

    9. Anonymous9:06 AM

      The split between catholics and protestants was over how the money was being spent and nothing more.

  11. Anonymous7:10 PM

    I have maybe a very stupid question.
    Are Catholics considered Christians?

    1. Anonymous7:49 PM

      I depends on who you ask.

    2. Anonymous8:18 PM

      There is a huge base of Catholics...Why haven't
      we heard from them?

    3. Anonymous8:44 PM

      Has anyone noticed how quiet Joe Biden has been?
      DMC secret weapon.

    4. Anonymous3:12 AM

      Catholics are the original Christians. Protestants broke off from Christianity in the 1600s when a radical priest named Martin Luther decided to start his own religion.

    5. Anonymous5:27 AM

      @Anonymous 7:10 PM

      '''I have maybe a very stupid question.
      Are Catholics considered Christians?'''
      Yes, of course, Catholics ARE Christians.

    6. Leland6:49 AM


      Sorry, no they aren't. They are the original formal christian CHURCH, but not the original christians.

  12. Janice A Soderquist7:11 PM

    OT... Did Bristol show up for court?

  13. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Just read the best statement on how to live life:

    The fact that life is basically shit stringed together only means we aren't stagnant or boring. I have noticed though that 1/3 my friends have rather conventional lives that followed the predictable 20something path: college, good job,10% down, marriage, babies. The other 2/3 actually have dared to change goals since high school, has experienced the world in a big way, and has had multiple, unconventional jobs in various states. Given how I was almost married just post high school living what I would probably call a regret-filled SAHM life, I am grateful for my nomadic travels. To each her muthafuckn own. NEVER let anyone tell you your choice is wrong. Have that baby when you're 19 if you want one. Or choose never to have kids out of pressure. Move to Denmark on a whim and never look back. Teach in Korea for 2 years. Sleep with that sexy italian. Kiss that French stranger under the Eiffel Tower. Live down under. Hike in South America. It's 2015 and there is still judgment regarding certain lifestyle choices. The happiest person looks at disapproving people and laughs while thinking, "just wait, it will get even better for me, can't wait to see how jealous you get then."

    1. And you will have a life well traveled. Kudos to you and others who live by your own path. Wish I'd had your courage when I was younger. I only had half.
      The best to you and your fellow adventurers!!

    2. Anonymous9:47 PM

      Just so you know getting married and having a family doesn't stop anyone that wants to from traveling. moving to, and living in other places. 13 states and 9 countries to date for our family.

  14. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Surprise, surprise! tRump has incited terrorism. Isn't that a crime?

    Expect many completed plots to bomb innocent people all due to the man who would be fuhrer.

  15. Anonymous7:35 PM

    OT...Chelsea Clinton just announced she is expecting her second child. No trip to Vegas, no belly shots, no remorse, no dumped fiancée, no porno BFF, no drunken brawl, no drugs, no plastic surgery, no wondering who the baby daddy is, no drama, no custody battles... She was a classy daughter when her dad was President and remains a class act. Contrast that with the train wreck known as Bristol! America really dodged a bullet when McCain wasn't elected!

    1. Anonymous5:23 AM

      @Anonymous 7:35 PM


  16. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Trump once again reveals his despicable self:

    Footage from Trump’s appearance in Grand Rapids, Michigan, shows him discussing her 2008 Democratic primary loss to then-Sen. Barack Obama and saying, “She was going to beat Obama. I don’t know who’d be worse. I don’t know. How does it get worse?

    She was favored to win and she got schlonged. She lost. She lost.”

    Trump also repeatedly called it “disgusting” that Clinton used the bathroom at one point during Saturday’s Democratic debate, causing her to miss the event’s return from a commercial break.

    “They had to start the debate without her. Phase two. Why? I know where she went,” the Republican front-runner said. “It’s disgusting.

    What a viciously nasty 7th grade foul mouth pig-ignorant swine.

    Using gutter language, and calling someone disgusting for using a bathroom?

    Trump, I hope you die of a heart attack

    1. What a viciously nasty 7th grade foul mouth pig-ignorant swine.
      What a marvelous description. It should go viral.

  17. Anonymous8:44 PM

    This afternoon, the psycho GOP front runner joked about killing reporters, to the cheers of his half wit supporters. This homegrown terrorist is not going to be the last person arrested for following Trump's lead.

  18. Anonymous8:56 PM

    It's hard to understand the attraction of Trump. This business of angry, the wrong direction, fear and loathing around the corner encapsulates
    introverted views of the world. Every citizen suspecting neighbors, truly a formula for chaos.

  19. Anonymous8:58 PM

    First, let us all recognize the The Donald is not a candidate in any presidential election campaign, so he is not a "presidential candidate". Next, let us all realize that more public space given to The Donald enhances his public space. Let us all who have access to public space not give it away to The Donald any more.

    1. Anonymous12:09 AM

      I agree with you, but lets not get blindsided by this buffoon.

    2. Now, if we could just get the media to treat him that way. Even MSNBC gives him way too much air time, including some kiss ass documentary. It's appalling.

    3. Anonymous8:33 AM

      Chris Matthews is the worst on MSNBC and he is promoting Trump and constantly discrediting Hillary Clinton. Stop watching him folks! He needs to retire - he's too old and gets flustered, talks over his guests and is awful to watch!

  20. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Tonight there is an article in the DailyNews about Obama's NPR interview where he implies that Trump has capitalized on racial issues to further turn blue-collar workers against him (Obama).

    I know DN is an on-line "rag", but it is widely read and the comments following the article completely confirm Obama's concern. The level of hatred and disrespect for this president is at lethal levels and it is hard not to feel frightened and despondent about the success of Fox and Trump to brain-wash so many of Americans.

  21. Anonymous12:41 AM

    No, a “Massive” Asteroid Passing Earth on Dec. 24 Will Not Cause Earth

  22. Anonymous7:19 AM

    So what do we do with a presidential candidate who spreads hateful rhetoric among Christians that results in threats of harm against Muslims in this country?

    So what does Sarah Palin do? Being that Trump is Sarah's last chance to get to Washington DC, Sarah kisses his old ass with her old lips hoping to ride him all the way to Washington DC.

  23. Anonymous7:27 AM

    This is just the beginning. People will die before this is over.

  24. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Palin says she hasn’t endorsed anyone yet but is leaning toward either Trump or Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

    “I’m not going to pick one right now, but what a nice problem to have if it came down to Cruz and Trump,” Palin said


    Tehe I'm not going to endorse anybody until they become the Republican Party's nominee for the Presidency of the United States. I not going to burn my only bridge to DC. Don't worry Donnie you're still my guy.
    - Lou Sarah

  25. Anonymous7:54 AM


    Trump Makes Sexually Derogatory Remark About Hillary Clinton

    In one of his most vicious attacks yet against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,Donald Trump used a sexually derogatory remark in reference to her and said that her bathroom break during the last debate was "disgusting."
    Read more at:

  26. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Donald Trump Goes Vulgar in Swipe at Hillary Clinton

    The New York Times - 2 hours ago

  27. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Trump hates the media and would kill them? Oh, no, he wouldn't kill them - but, - - - - the guy is an asshole and is doing nothing more than promoting 'someone' kill a journalist in the USA! Just watch, some idiot will probably try to do it!

    Why Trump isn't being shut up is beyond me. He's gone far and above 'freedom of speech' - he is inciting hate and fear and wants chaos on the streets of America.

    His words against Hillary Clinton are absolutely despicable! Someone should cut off his tiny schlong!

  28. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton 'got schlonged' (dicked) in 2008 - 56 mins ago

    Definition -

    USvulgar slang

    a man's penis.


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