Thursday, December 03, 2015

New poll shows Ben Carson dropping, Marco Rubio rising, and Donald Trump leading the pack as always.

Courtesy of ABC News:  

A new national poll out today shows 2016 presidential candidate Ben Carson falling from the top of the race for the Republican nomination amidst voters' doubts about his experience and the strength of his leadership. 

The neurosurgeon garners 16 percent support in a new Quinnipiac University poll released today, dropping 7 percentage points in the last month to trail frontrunner Donald Trump by double-digits. 

Trump garnered 27 percent support, while Sen. Marco Rubio took 17 percent and Sen. Ted Cruz earned 16 percent. All other GOP candidates earned 5 percent or less. Carson had been neck-and-neck for the lead with the real estate mogul in early November. 

But now, he's locked in a battle with Rubio and Cruz, both of whom are seeing their highest support in months.

I think we all knew this Ben Carson thing had a shelf life, but the fact that Trump still manages to retain his hold on the lead position seems to indicate that arrogance, name recognition, and the ability to lie with a straight face are the most important qualities to the GOP base.


  1. 66gardeners2:34 PM

    Wise words from tRump on 12/3/2015

    tRump tweeted in regard to the San Bernadino mass shooting, my "poll numbers jump every time instances like this occur". Sick

    1. Anonymous3:06 PM

      He retweeted it, but who's counting. Sick either way.

  2. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Everyone keeps saying Trump is lying. I think it may be more a matter of being so ignorant as to know nothing while thinking he knows everything.

    Add to that his arrogance in thinking that what he believes are actual facts simply because he believes them

    And, then you throw in his gigantic ego and his refusal to even consider that his "facts" are just not factual and so he rejects anyone who questions or challenges his "facts".

    To me what he is doing is even worse than lying.

    And, his followers just reject all charges that he is lying because they share the same beliefs and so just accept his statements as truth. And, the way he is treated by the truth seekers just makes them more supportive in their defense of him.

    Very scary, all of this.

  3. Anonymous3:22 PM

    this too:

  4. 66gardeners3:24 PM

    A former congressional staffer pleaded guilty Wednesday to receiving child pornography, the Department of Justice said.

    James Maines Jr. of Mesquite, Texas, also admitted that he tried to forward "five child exploitation images from his email account to his U.S. House of Representatives email account."

    Maines worked for Republican Rep. Joe Barton as a deputy district director until December 2014. Maines also ran for the 11th congressional seat in Texas in 2002.

    Maines will be sentenced on March 16 by U.S. District Court Judge Ed Kinkeade.

    The Department of Justice said in a release Thursday that an analysis of Maines' computer found "a number" of images of children — some of which were downloaded as early as 2004.

    "James Maines Jr. has pled guilty to a federal criminal charge. I and my office have cooperated with law enforcement officials investigating the matter," Barton said in a statement. "Mr. Maines is no longer a member of my staff."

    Read more:

  5. Anonymous3:54 PM

    OT-Lisa M. tried to do something:

    1. Anonymous4:53 PM

      Whatever, Lisa Murkowski is just a twit who doesn't support women in the least. She is changing her tune now because we're going to replace her with a more reasonable Senator...your time is short Lisa, just sit down and shut up.

  6. Carson and the others met with a group of Jewish leaders today. This is the group that is affiliated with Adelson (sp?). Trump was his usual asswipe self and was booed several times. Caron, bless his heart, read from a notecard, head down, never looking up or making eye contact, and pronounced Hamas as hummus. It was reported that he looked like a nervous 8th grader giving his book report by reading from his notecards instead of having his speech memorized.

    I think Carson is in for a rude awakening come Iowa and NH. Rumor has it that Trump is going to crash and burn in Iowa, too. Who knows. The GOP is in for a royal bloodbath in regards to Trump. He will go Independent if he doesn't get the nod to lead the party into the elections.

    Popcorn, anyone??

    1. Anonymous4:57 PM

      I gotta admit, I don't know hummus from hamas? I'm an American and I don't give two shits what happens over there.

    2. Anonymous7:29 PM

      You should. We give Israel of our tax dollars than any other country. Those bombs they use on Palestinian kids come from the US. Ditto their planes and guns and everything else they use to try to wipe out an entire people.

    3. Anonymous8:57 PM

      Anyone who doesn't know the difference between Hamas and hummus is appallingly ignorant, but unless you are running for president, it's your business.

      Carson is unfit for ANY public office, let alone the highest in the nation.

    4. The problem with Trump and Carson crashing and burning is...that leaves Cruz and Rubio.

  7. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Just saw Trump on the CBS nightly news. He just blatantly implied the POTUS is a Muslim.
    I actually hope "el chapo'" settles his beef with Trump. I really do.
    "Our president doesn’t want to use the term…’Radical Islamic Terorrism,'” Trump said. “There is something wrong with him that we don’t know about"

  8. Anonymous4:01 PM

    This year, in honor of the Christmas season, right-wingers bought enough guns to equip an entire branch of the US military, with some leftover. The US government conducted more than 185,000 background checks on Black Friday, smashing the single day gun sales record.

    According to the website “APR Freedom Messenger,” the number of guns sold on Black Friday could equip an entire branch of the US military.

    Numbers don’t lie. Sometimes we wish they did.

    Here’s a fact for you: more Americans have been killed by guns over the last 50 years, than every war the U.S. has ever engaged in since its founding. Yes, including the Civil War.

    1. Anonymous5:43 PM

      Yes, 4:01, Gryphen covered this story earlier today with a separate post. Never hurts to reiterate. The numbers are rather mind bending.

  9. Anonymous4:03 PM


    1. I hope it is vandalized frequently.

  10. Anonymous4:11 PM

    the ability to lie with a straight face
    It's not only that, it's the ability to lie to people who know you're lying and still keep their loyalty. They just don't care. In fact they applaud him for "giving it to the establishment".


    1. Anonymous4:43 PM

      Doesn't hurt,also too, that the rest of the pack is so totally pathetic.

  11. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Can you saw RACIST PIG?

  12. Crystal Sage4:22 PM

    Trump has insulted members of the Republican Jewish Coalition. In a speech, he bragged that Jews love him: "They look at my wall and it's loaded up" with awards from Jewish groups.

    Add that to his boast about his numbers going up when there's a mass shooting. Oy Veh.

  13. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Rubio, the guy who says he hates being a senator and doesn't vote because voting isn't an important role for a senator. This is the guy who is getting more popular.

    The GOP is fucked up.

  14. Anonymous5:57 PM

    I wonder where's de Jeb!

  15. Anonymous6:54 PM


  16. This is pretty entertaining...
    Ted Cruz Campaign Posted Hours of Raw, Awkward Ad Footage on YouTube


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