Thursday, December 03, 2015

San Bernardino shooting, what we have learned.

This morning's New York Daily News.
The names of the shooters:  

Chief Jarrod Burguan of the San Bernardino Police Department identified the two suspects as Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27. Mr. Farook was born in the United States. Family members say they were married and had a 6-month-old daughter.

Who else was involved?  

Chief Burguan said it was not clear if a third person taken into custody after the shootout with the police was involved. 

"We are reasonably confident that we have two shooters and we have two dead suspects,” he said.

Where did the weapons come from?

Guns used by the couple suspected of the massacre that killed 14 people and wounded 17 at a social services center in San Bernardino, California, were purchased legally in the United States, federal officials said Thursday. 

The Associated Press, citing the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said two of the weapons — two assault rifles and two handguns — were purchased by someone who is now under investigation.

Was the attack premeditated? 

The couple appeared to have planned the attack, but the motive for the deadliest U.S. mass shooting since Sandy Hook has not been determined, investigators said. At least 10 of the 17 injured were listed in critical condition early Thursday, NBC reported.

And of course, was this terrorism?

A couple who died in a hail of bullets after allegedly killing 14 people during a Christmas party at a state-run center for people with developmental disabilities left their six-month-old daughter with her grandmother before the onslaught. 

U.S.-born Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and wife Tashfeen Malik, 27, were killed in a shootout with police more than four hours after the rampage at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, on Wednesday.  

Farook had been at the party before the shooting and left "under some circumstances that were described as angry," San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan told reporters Wednesday night. Farook worked as a health inspector for the county health department for five years. 

However, authorities would not rule out terrorism as a motive. Farook and Malik were wearing tactical gear and armed with assault-style rifles when they were killed, Burguan said, adding "there had to be some degree of planning.

"Between 10 and 30 minutes passed from when Farook left the party and the shooting began, according to Burguan. 

"These people came prepared to do what they did as if they were on a mission," Burguan said. "They were armed with long guns, not with handguns."

As you may imagine the mere fact that this couple were Muslim may be all it takes for many to categorize the shooting as terrorism. Considering the actions of this couple, I am not disputing that it was terrorism at this point, however whether it is or isn't should not be determined by their religion, or ethnicity.

Whatever the motivation, or way the shooting is categorized, there is not arguing that it was an incredibly troubling and terrifying event. And the fact that it happened in a place that cares for the developmentally challenged only makes it more so.

There is also no arguing with the fact that this attack was carried out with weaponry that is easily, and legally available in the United States of America.

You know, the land of the free, the home of the brave, the nation of the terrorized?


  1. Because America is unable to satisfy the demand for human sacrifice.....A gun marketing company called The Social Responsibility Network <— Make. It. Stop….but, I digress....

    Has a TV shopping network cued up for the Bubba folk whom wake up in a cold sweat at 1:00AM for their reservations with a talking donkey.

    They can order that new gun smell while bunkered under their blanket. The Socially Responsible channel will ship from a Louisiana gun dealer to their bug-eyed boob tube watching insomniacs. Some mini-YUUUGE irritating rules apply…for now

    1. Is there a note at the bottom of the screen that says...

      Shoot Responsibly.

    2. Anonymous12:09 PM

      I read a report that they had received lots of packages by mail.... in light of recent attack in Paris and the subsequent ramping up of anti-muslim propaganda by RWpotus candidates, that THEY felt the need that they were under siege and may be targets! The guy was a gun nut himself but who knows he went to the party some RW ashole starts spewing anti-muslim hate at him, he and his wife go back home suit up and come guns a blazing! We don't know he could of be a target of bullying ever since Paris attacks?
      All I know is ASSHOLE RW were jumping for joy that it was a middle Easter "Terrorist"
      and not a RW WHITE ahole Terrorist.
      By all accounts the was quiet and nice a devout Muslim. A American Citizen.
      I just have to wonder if he just snapped with all the Right wing rhetoric!?

    3. Anonymous12:58 PM

      Let me just make sure I have your latest spin on this shooting straight 12:09...

      The true guilty party, in your minds imagination, are now the very people who got shot and killed while they were gathered for a christmas party!

      Well that makes way more sense than placing the blame on the actual shooters right? You know the radicalized muslims armed to the teeth including explosives. Lol you libs are too much.

    4. Anonymous1:01 PM

      12:09 "By all accounts the was quiet and nice a devout Muslim."

      Except for that last part where he became a jihadist, went to mecca and met his jihadist wife, and came back to America to carry out jihad...Except for that whole bit.

      He is no American.

    5. Anonymous4:55 PM

      1:01, he was born in the US, he did not renounce his citizenship... Whether you like it or not, by definition, he IS (was) an American.

    6. Anonymous7:57 PM

      Traitors are not American 4:55. Either he is a traitor or never was American at heart. Either way it is the same end. He is no American.

  2. Anonymous9:20 AM

    You managed to write that without taking shots at Sarah Palin, NRA, GOP, Republican Presidential candidates, and George Bush.

    And Christians of course.

    Oh, and Fox News.

    That must really, really suck for you.

    Now you can resume your regularly scheduled programming of hating on Bristol Palin and the air she breathes.

    1. Anonymous10:04 AM

      Oh Alicia, you didn't get the help you need. A pity. I hope YOU don't have guns...

    2. Anonymous10:24 AM

      Not Alicia. The wording reads more like c4per MJS, who perceives himself to be quite intelligent and clever. He visits here often.

    3. Anonymous10:48 AM

      Don't worry, I still hate Bristol. (but have room to forgive if she ever realizes how awful her whiny hypocrisy is)

    4. Anonymous11:10 AM

      Hard to say whom on c4p is the be all end all in their own feeble mind. MJS is one of many.

    5. "Anonymous9:20 AM
      You managed to write that without taking shots at Sarah Palin, NRA, GOP, Republican Presidential candidates, and George Bush."
      Are you really silly and stupid enough to think that if every single person who has contributed to the daily gun-related carnage in this country isn't mentioned by name, it is because that person has not contributed to the daily body count?

      You are really very simple-minded. Not surprising.

    6. Anonymous12:00 PM

      Who cares which moron it is? Luckily, neither of the two mentioned vote in the US.

    7. Anonymous12:11 PM

      Now you can resume your regularly scheduled programming of hating on Bristol Palin and the air she breathes.
      Oh STOOL is must really suck! Every time you or your ahole mother try to get attention something Big happens.
      That must suck! Suck as bad as you both do.
      Fuck off AIP palins!

    8. Anonymous3:43 PM

      Eat more fiber, drink plenty of water and make sure you wash your fingers before licking them.. I LOVE Bristol. She's independent, well read, always behaves like a lady, and I hear she does batchelor parties cheap. Just keep the lights low and drape the lampshades with red fringed polyester material. Paint some glow in the dark landing stripes on the chin...... girl can't help it, she's a natural man magnet. LMAO

  3. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Fox’s Keith Ablow: ‘If Somebody Named Syed Leaves Your Party Call the Cops’

    1. Anonymous11:57 AM

      Hasn't anyone taken away his medical license yet?

    2. Anonymous3:44 PM

      Hasn't anyone taken their right to air their bullshit entertainment?

    3. Anonymous4:45 PM

      This guy is a fucking psychiatrist!

  4. Anonymous9:41 AM

    This is such a strange case. It was a married couple that recently had a baby and left the baby with the husband's mother to go and kill a bunch of people and most likely not make it out alive themselves. The target was personal and not "public." Regardless of whether this was a personal vendetta or an act of political terrorism (or both?), hoe and why did this couple ended up perpetrating a mass killing?

    1. Anonymous9:56 AM

      Are you trying to blame their religion? 'Cos don't.

    2. Sadly....the region this occurred is a bastion of bigotry thanks to the red state refugees that populate it. No local could be surprised if Farook had been a recipient of bigoted treatment and bullying. It's SOP, as we all know. As the saying goes...a beaten dog will eventually bite back.

    3. Anonymous10:33 AM

      In my opinion, the almost daily political rhetoric against muslims doesn't do anything to prevent the radicalization of muslims who live in the United States. It is time for the GOP to allow funding for research on why we have this gun/mass murder problem in the US. Otherwise, everyone just keeps assuming they know how to deal with the problem. I personally think automated military style weapons should be banned.

    4. I really am wondering whether it was a perfect storm of work place grievances and radicalization. It kills me that this couple gave in to hate and anger when they had a little one.

    5. Anonymous12:56 PM

      At last we have some genuine terrorism...
      It's about time we had one with a funny foreign sounding name that might be mooslim or the person might have a tint of brown in their skin....

      All these lone wolves beeing good ol Murican flag waving boys like Dylan Roof or Robert Dear was getting old....

    6. Anonymous1:06 PM

      Yeah that's right begonia, this act of terrorism was ALL the victims fault... not the poor muslim terrorists that actually planned and carried out the attack.

    7. Anonymous1:59 PM

      I have to agree with Aragon64. I suspect that may be the case.

      It's not simply a disgruntled employee but someone who has also been fed hateful rhetoric about the very society in which we live. However, it looks as though the Dear case is also a case of homegrown radicalization based on hateful rhetoric. So the two things that I find in common in these seemingly disparate motives is the hate mongering that these individuals decide to ingest. Of course, it is still too soon to analyze this Muslim couples motives but it sure does look like it was some grievance about "where they fit" into Americana and feeling like they don't belong, while Dear want's to create an America that fits his world view...

    8. It has postal overtones.

      He targeted his coworkers. I'm sure there are more desirable terrorist targets, even in San Bernadino.

      He left the party angry. Whatever it was must have been festering for some time and something was said or happened at the banquet to set him off.

      Yeah, it was personal.

      Could still have been planned in advance and all that.

      But because they are Muslims and have Pakistan and Saudi Arabia connections, of course the right wing is going to scream terrorists.

      The rabid right have already made up their minds. No amount of investigating to the contrary will convince them otherwise.

  5. eclecticsandra9:43 AM

    Ironic that this was a Christmas party.

    1. How about a War on Christmas Wars?

    2. Anonymous11:19 AM

      The Cold War was rarely this HOT.

    3. Anonymous2:01 PM

      @eclecticsandra. Now, don't anybody get on me for this, I just have to ask. Maybe it wasn't ironic but an intentional FY to Christians?

    4. eclecticsandra2:28 PM

      Did you notice in the descriptions of the homes of the Farooks, there was no mention of Christmas decorations?

    5. Anonymous4:47 PM

      How is it ironic?

    6. Anonymous4:47 PM

      Why would Muslims have Christmas decorations?

  6. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Republicans are being called out on their 'un'godly statements! May I say it is waaaay past time? They are the poorest examples of Christians in the USA!

  7. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Where was Robert Lewis Dear born? Is he an American? Why has that not been reported? It only takes a name...

    1. Anonymous11:24 AM

      Robert Lewis Dear messed with Planned Parenthood. His agenda was different from the Christmas Party guy, which we have learned little so far. You know American journalism. It is time to forget Dear and move on to the Farooks. Boy ! Marriage must really be sucky if this is what goes on with married couples.

  8. Anonymous10:10 AM

    When did the authorities start using the term 'long rifle' as opposed to 'assault rifle' ?

    I mean, WTF... we know an assault rifle has a long barrel.

    Does 'long rifle' sound less threatening?

    1. Anonymous10:35 AM

      I had never heard of the term 'long rifle' before this latest shooting either.

    2. Anonymous10:51 AM

      It's amazing how 'some' are playing with English (or is it American?) words to make the impact 'softer' for those who are listening and/or reading!

    3. Anonymous12:44 PM

      Geeez Louise, There are hand guns (pistols) and long guns (rifles and shotguns). All of those can be single shot or semi-automatic....but ya get more bang for your buck with the ones that can handle those multi-bullet magazines (clips). The shooters, according to the reports, had both hand guns and long guns. And ample amount of ammo along with pipe type bombs were found in their possession and home. Not unlike the findings of the guy that shot up PP in C Springs.

      This is not a war of semantics but a war that is waged with hardware that I would not trust in the hands of this so called "well regulated militia" of citizens that have bought into the NRA's take on the second amendment.

      Remember the good old days when daddy kept a long gun behind the door to hunt for rabbits, squirrels, deer and such. And to protect their hearth and home from chicken thieves and to use in the service of shotgun weddings.

      That's the cold, hard fact.

    4. It's terminology the right wing and NRA have developed to hide the fact it was an ASSAULT rifle and really has no business being sold to civilians as it is not for hunting unless you are hunting humans.

  9. Anonymous10:11 AM

    With all the weaponry and bombs found in these assholes home, it was for sure terrorism.

    But then isn't it terrorism when one person goes into a church and blows away a number of people? Isn't it terrorism when one person has a vendetta against another person and shoots them, and bullets penetrate to the next apartment an an innocent ends up dead??

    We can thank religion, of any flavor, and drugs for the majority of terrorism in the world.

    1. Leland10:35 AM

      I'm sorry, but I think I missed something. In all the reports I have read and heard, not one word was uttered about a dwelling with weapons. The only reports I have heard, spoke of the weapons ON THEIR PERSONS.

      Can you give us a link to your weapons statement?

    2. Terrorism
      the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
      the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
      a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

      Re: No. 1 "political purposes" -- since religion has now usurped politics, this narrow def. is defunct.

      Re: No. 2 -- Fox News & their culture of fear.

      Re: No. 3 -- The GOP congress is using a terroristic method of "governing" & refusing to be a government of the people, by the people and FOR the people who have told the government (by huge majorities) in poll after poll to make laws for stricter gun control.

    3. Anonymous12:03 PM

      Did everyone see this news story from the summer? Was this white male labeled a terrorist? He had 7 tons of ammo in a CA home:

    4. Anonymous1:53 PM


      The latest from NBC:


    5. Anonymous4:26 PM

      But the cache of pipe bombs and ammunition that authorities found after the couple were killed by police suggested a single-minded and long-standing focus on violence. San Bernardino police Chief Jarrod Burguan said officers found 1,400 assault rifle rounds and another 200 handgun rounds in the couple’s rental car. Inside the pair's apartment, authorities recovered an additional 2,000 handgun rounds, 2,500 assault rifle rounds, a dozen pipe bombs and hundreds of tools for bomb-making.

    6. Leland4:28 PM

      @ 1:53

      "With all the weaponry and bombs found in these assholes home, it was for sure terrorism."

      Okay, the article agrees with you about the pipe bombs, but where is it mentioned about "all the weaponry" you mentioned? Ammunition, yes, but there is STILL no mention of "all the weaponry" you were talking about.

    7. Wonder how much they'd find in the homes of members of the Alaska Independence Party?

  10. Anonymous10:29 AM

    I wonder if the families in Colorado Springs find solace in knowing their murdered loved ones weren't killed by Muslims? Does it make then less dead?

    1. Anonymous10:51 AM

      sarah palin and daughter should be removed from social mediate their hatered has speard

    2. Anonymous10:55 AM

      sarah palin and daughter need to be removed from social media their poison has spread and people are blind to the fact

    3. Anonymous11:16 AM

      10:55 Please don't say things like "need to be removed." It sounds like an incitement to violence.

    4. Anonymous11:17 AM

      Please don't say things like 'need to be removed'. Sounds like an incitement to violence.

    5. Anonymous12:16 PM

      hmmmmmm.......Don't retreat, reload. Saint Sarah the Offended is devoted to a similar phrase.

    6. Anonymous12:24 PM

      Anonymous11:16 AM

      10:55 Please don't say things like "need to be removed." It sounds like an incitement to violence.
      Ok. We will just pain crosshairs, err surveyors symbols on their faces then.

    7. Anonymous12:31 PM

      Unfortunately its beginning to look like something triggered him and he was in contact with persons of interest.
      Doesn't mean he wasn't bullied about his religion? They still don't know motive.
      But everyone has forgotten conveniently the RW Domestic Terrorist who shoot up the Planned parenthood.
      What was his motive? "No more baby parts: he said right Carly? Amiright?

  11. Anonymous10:59 AM

    o/t so apologies for that.

    But I had no idea Palin legitimately teared up complete with crackling voice when talking about Trig and Tripp's bond. Say what you will but it's clear Trig is their best gift. No wonder the R word is the worst word in their minds.

    Words are words and most curse words really aren't even bad. But the R word is awful, really.

    I've changed my opinion of her in this way and stand by her as a mother to Trig. He's always been so happy, like Tripp has, his whole life and it's so unfair for people to make judgments on him developmentally when they don't know him personally. LIVE, LET LIVE people.

    EVERY special needs child is different.

    1. Anonymous11:15 AM

      Bullshit. Theatrics.
      I had a DS child in my family.

    2. Anonymous11:23 AM

      10:59. Go away. You only make me hate her more with your pathetic attempts to sway this site.
      Seriously, go away. You are sickening.

    3. Anonymous11:27 AM

      Don't apologize when you don't mean it. And you lie that you've changed your opinion. You are Alicia and there is stuff online that shows you have been a Sarah Palin fan since the beginning.

      Trig isn't a "gift," he's a human being. Stop acting like people with special needs are objects, especially that they are "sent here" as gifts or to teach us lessons or some such bullshit.

    4. Anonymous11:28 AM

      Phuckoff Alicia Mangledbrain from Florida.

    5. Anonymous11:34 AM

      What a bunch of crap.

      The Palin siblings have taught Trig to curse and to "twerk" (we've seen evidence of both). That's what school bullies do to kids with special needs and the kids want so much to please, they repeat the behavior over and over again. We've all seen it in our own elementary, middle, and high schools. People are supposed to protect their siblings, especially those with special needs, not make fun of them or treat them like trained animals.

      My 7th grade daughter just read Flowers for Algernon in school and was disgusted that the men who worked with Charlie Gordon made fun of him in this way. And when Charlie became "smarter" from his treatment, he finally understood that those people weren't his friends.

      I'm sure the family cares about Trig and loves him (not Sarah, but she's incapable), but they sure don't understand the damage they are doing.

      Maybe you should re-read Flowers for Algernon. Or read it for the first time.

    6. 10:59AM is Alicia. She has always been obsessed with her belief that Tripp is a 'happy little boy'.

    7. Anonymous12:05 PM

      "R" word is the worst? Then please explain, "pass me a baby...not the retarded one," and how in every video Trig is either ignoring or fighting to get away from his "mother." DS kids aren't like that without a damn good reason.

    8. Anonymous12:49 PM

      We know who it is and lets paint a crosshair on her face. She has gotten the blog off topic as usual.
      We don't give a flying fuck about sarah and her cockidile tears.
      We are talking about GUNS and Terrorism in 'merika perpetuated by the likes of Sarah fucking AIP Palin.
      Lets get back on topic shall we?

  12. Words are cheap.
    I hope the praying Repub assholes choke on their ill gotten political gains.
    Actually, maybe the answer is to encourage non-stop prayer until they die or evaporate.
    I hope the day comes in my lifetime when they don't have a preacher's prayer in hell of running this country. Or even being heard.
    We have a radical Christian jihad in this nation and I want our country back. Absolutely no religion in government.
    It is insane to expect prayers to fix Draconian gun laws and a complete avoidance of responsibility.
    It is even more insane to block regulation that would make a start in fixing our national death toll by guns.
    What would really be sweet is if "terrorists" would attack a
    place where these pansy ass prayer warriors are ALL gathered.
    That is a start.

    1. Anonymous12:17 PM

      Also let's yank the tax exempt status of ALL churches since they insist on inserting themselves and their dogma into our political process! That would be a good start.

    2. Anonymous2:15 PM

      Sorry I just have to post this.
      "Draconian gun laws..." ??? They are anything BUT Draconian!!! Get a thesaurus!

    3. 2:15
      You are correct.
      I meant to say "implement Draconian laws which would enforce complete responsibility." So steamed that I had it bass ackwards.
      My bad.
      But still steamed.
      And 12:17
      Churches and like entities should be taxed. Period.
      Why not?

  13. Anonymous12:54 PM

    “Just Another Day In America”

    Scary map of all Islamic terror attacks in US.

    Just kidding, its just all mass shootings since Sandy Hook

  14. 66gardeners1:48 PM

    Here's a detailed article about this case thus far. It features the driver's license photo of Farook. It is shocking how much he looks like Ben Carson. Same eyes half closed.

  15. 66gardeners1:53 PM

    I heard that Farook was involved with someone the FBI was watching.

  16. 66gardeners2:15 PM

    I imagine this Farook character is a registered republican

  17. I understand the right wing fundies are having a hissy over this and declare it is disrespectful and a war on their religion. They are especially incensed over the one about prayer and says it belittles prayer and insults Christians.

    They're calling it "prayer shaming".

    Yeah, same old same old.

    And it's not like the Republicans are trying to Pray the guns away. Because we all know they're not. They're just big fat ol' Pharisees putting on a show of condolence.

    Whereas the Demcrats what do something, the Republican just seem to be praying for the next news cycle.

  18. Anonymous5:11 AM

    Sending love to families who were so badly affected. I'm so sorry for your loss.


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