Monday, January 11, 2016

And finally let's close our day with this. Because...well you know why.

Good luck with those spiders from Mars Ziggy Stardust.

P.S. Of course this is how my daughter will always remember David Bowie.


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Fly on Starman fly on and thank you

  2. Anonymous5:15 PM

    So sad. Will have to play some of his music in his honor. What brilliant artist we lost.

  3. Anonymous5:16 PM

    He. Was. AWESOME.

  4. Rest in peace, Thin White Duke . . . .

  5. Hope David found his China Girl on the other side.

  6. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Thank you for posting this. David Bowie's death has hit me hard. When you grow as a freak like me, he made me feel a little less alone.

    His latest album (only released last Friday) was his final gift when he knew he was dying.

    "The stars look very different today" :-(

  7. Anonymous6:03 PM

    The stars look very different today... I grew up with this magnificent man and am truly gutted over this great loss to humanity. The man that fell to earth was beyond reproach as a true musical genius and all around classy guy.

  8. Anonymous6:17 PM

    How strange that I was at a restaurant Sunday night, talking about his role in the movie "The Prestige" (as Nikolai Tesla), commenting on how he made you say at the end credits "Wow! That was him?" And I was also thinking how much I enjoyed the use of "Starman" in the movie "The Martian," showing the Ares Explorer ship getting ready to slingshot Earth.

    Tom, in FL

  9. Such a very sad day. Rest peacefully David Bowie.

    I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring.
    ~David Bowie~

  10. Anonymous6:23 PM

    For those of us who grew up in Bowie's prime, we enjoyed an abundance of musical artistry, and no one is more testament to that than the artistry of one David Bowie Jones.

    Maybe even better, almost everyone who knew David has described him in the same way: "he's a nice guy." We should all be so lucky to die with those words on the lips of those we knew best.

    God speed, Major Tom!

  11. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Three generations of my family have loved him and will miss him.

  12. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Bowie was one of those rare people who looked better middle aged than he did as a young person. I never cared for the glam rock phase of his appearance, even apart from all the makeup. He was just too frail and odd looking. But older he was great to look at. "Golden Years" is my favorite Bowie song.

  13. emrysa7:45 PM

    gryphen... loved your headline for this story. no need for details when everyone knows what's happening. Bowie was the Starman... we thought he'd always be here. and in some ways he will be, but this is still sad news, listening to bowie tonite,..

  14. I didn't go for the androgyny stuff, but the '75 round of Knock On Wood/ Young Americans/ Fame/ Right/ and Golden Years were irresistible and very companionable with the black and burgeoning disco I was buying then. So too was the Let's Dance/ China Girl/ and Modern Love phase of '83. Bowie wasn't a consistent singles artist and his commercial bursts were sporadic, but great when they happened.

  15. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Bowie was such a great artist;
    the size of his body of work makes it difficult to believe he's gone.

    He did SO much, sometimes terrible,
    but mostly better than average.
    I'll miss the guy.

  16. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Headlines on National Report's website today (satirical site)

    Millions of Americans are in mourning after news broke this afternoon that rocker/activist Ted Nugent was still alive.

    1. Anonymous3:58 AM

      That sub human scum isn't worthy of mentioning. A million things like him couldn't make up one speck of Mr. Bowie's DNA.

  17. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Was fortunate to see Bowie perform this track on two separate tours, one of which took place after he vowed to never perform it again.

    Cheers and thanks for all of it, Ziggy: You were--and always will be--a treasure.

    1. Anonymous3:59 AM

      As marvelous a performer as he was, he really hated it. Loved studio time but going on stage was not his thing. One needed to back when he started up, a lot.

  18. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Strange that so many atheists are talking to a dead guy as though he can hear them and wishing that he rest in peace.

    1. Caroll Thompson2:00 AM

      This is not FOX News 10:03. The IM Community is a diverse one and full of wonderful THINKING people.

      You may want to try thinking 10:03. If you did, you would not be so quick to stereotype anyone about anything.

    2. Anonymous3:59 AM


    3. Anonymous4:37 AM

      Caroll, you can barely spell your name consistently. Sometimes you spell it as "Thomspon". Search it if you don't believe me.

    4. Anonymous4:45 AM

      If you knew anything about quantum entanglement you would know that it is possible for particles to remain connected even if separated. One day we will be able to explain "god" with physics.

    5. Anonymous4:48 AM

      We know we are not really saying it to him. We are paying tribute by saying what we would say if he could hear us and the audience are those of us left behind who will miss him.

  19. Anon 10:03. God doesn't provide the only answer for what has been called the soul. Heck, just look at the popularity of Star Wars and its 'Force'.

    Atheists, the lot of 'em.

  20. Sharon1:32 AM

    David was a true original ahead of his time, there are so few....

  21. Caroll Thompson2:10 AM

    My favorite song is Changes. And it was and is more than a song to me. It is life and that song has stayed in my head for over 40 years now.

  22. Anonymous1:59 PM

    I felt tremendous sadness when I heard he died.
    I will miss him.

  23. Anita Winecooler4:47 PM

    I was a huge fan of his work. He always pushed the envelope and you never knew what his next metamorphosis was going to be artistically. I owe him a great debt of gratitude, because of him I felt good about who I was growing up. My older brother is kicking himself in the butt, he had a signed vinyl album cover and concert pamphlet somewhere in the black hole he calls his basement.
    My condolences to Iman and his family. Rest in Peace, Ziggy.

  24. What a gifted and generous spirit, and never more so than when he prayed the Our Father in tribute to Freddie Mercury--another unique talent, gone too soon.


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