Monday, January 11, 2016

Before leaving office President Obama WILL close Guantanamo Bay.

Courtesy of Daily News Bin:

Obama has faced a number of hurdles when it comes to closing Guantanamo. The republican congress unilaterally banned any prisoners at the facility from being transferred to super-max prisons within the United States out of pure political spite, forcing the Obama administration to find other nations willing to house them instead. That’s resulted in a slow drip of outbound detainees over the years, with a mere hundred prisoners now remaining. More recently, the Pentagon has played the role of obstructionist, sabotaging Obama’s efforts to move the remaining detainees. But now the President is launching a definitive plan to shutter Guantanamo for good. 

President Obama’s chief of staff says that the plan will soon be presented to congress for approval. When the republican-held congress predictably refuses to allow the measure to be voted on for obstructionist reasons, Obama will then move forward with executive action. So while it’ll have taken him nearly eight years it turns out the President will be able to fulfill his original campaign promise.

Like I said before " One thing that can be said about President Obama, when he makes a promise he does everything in his power to keep it."

It is not the supposed ineffectiveness of this President that really upsets the Right Wing, it is his ability to accomplish things despite every obstacle they throw in his path.


  1. Caroll Thompson2:26 PM

    Say what you will about President Obama, he is no lame duck. He will be working harder than ever now that he is in his last year.

    As to a certain quitter Governor who quit two years early to avoid being a lame duck, I would suggest that the Quitter Governor was always a lame duck. And one of the dumbest ducks I ever saw coming down the pike.

  2. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Like I said before " One thing that can be said about President Obama, when he makes a promise he does everything in his power to keep it."

    And what do you make of his promise while he was campaigning in '08 that he would close it within a year of his Presidency?

    1. That is partially explained in the article, and if you use the Google you can learn for yourself just how hard the Republicans fought to stop him from keeping that promise.

      By the way you need to start trying to find your way back to your village. It's always a tragedy when they lose their idiot.

    2. Anonymous3:29 PM


    3. Anonymous3:48 PM



      (tee hee just funnin' about the @2:51, Uncle Gryph)

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I love watching President Obama circle around those idiotic Republicans in Congress and nail their butts to the wall!

    He will go down in history for being one of the better POTUS America has ever had! It's going to be tough following in his footsteps!

  4. Anonymous3:37 PM

    You GO, My President! Show 'em how it's done.

    O/T I was watching Ellen today, my happy hour when I get home, and she gave Matt Lauer a big blue Ellen pencil to strategically place in his interview with him tomorrow at the White House.

    Knowing our President's wonderful sense of humor, I am sure it will be there somewhere. Eat your heart out, LGBT haters.

  5. A very large part of the reason the GOPers hate Obama is just that -- he runs circles around them -- and has caused no scandals. They can't stop him improving the economy, reducing the deficit, getting healthcare for millions etc., etc. An uppity black man who is better at governing/getting things done than they are. It's gotta hurt their pride.

  6. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Love, love President Obama. The man knows how to stick it to the GOP with

  7. Please read and pass along: Dear America, Please Don’t Make Donald Trump Your President via @sharethis

  8. Please read and pass along: Dear America, Please Don’t Make Donald Trump Your President via @sharethis

  9. Anonymous6:07 PM

    If he didn't know he could do it, he would never have said so. He is flat out a brilliant man...and president.

  10. Anonymous6:21 PM

    OT-I HOPE SO..

  11. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Yes, He Did: Why Obama Is the Most Consequential Second-Term President Since FDR

    Obama's policies and actions since his second inauguration have reshaped or initiated new developments of enormous consequence for the U.S. domestic and foreign policy.


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